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  • Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor review

  • darc 26/09/2014

    I'd like to see a sidebar, or even a full article, comparing the 360/PS3 version with the XBone/PS4 version. I definitely want to play this game sooner or later, question is whether to run out and buy it now, or whether to wait until I've purchased my next console - which probably won't happen for a few months yet. Reply 0
  • Forza Horizon 2 review

  • darc 25/09/2014

    backdrop of sanitised, corporate youth culture (despite the authentically hip Rob da Bank-curated soundtrack). Horizon 2 wisely ditches much of that
    There is hope for me and this game, then. FH1 turned me off instantly.

    And having read the rest of the review, FH2 might just sell me an XBone!
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  • Video: Watch us play Gauntlet from 4pm BST

  • darc 25/09/2014

    Slow down, Arrowhead, I'm not done not caring about Diablo III yet. Reply 0
  • Dark Souls 2 DLC Crown of the Ivory King delayed

  • darc 22/09/2014

    Kind of spoils the timing for me, since I'll be traveling in October. But that's alright, it'll be something to look forward to when I get back. Better they take their time and get it right.

    Old Iron King was really great stuff.
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  • Bloodborne release date confirmed

  • darc 18/09/2014

    @Atropos Dark Souls 2 *is* worse than its predecessors in many ways. I could go on and on, but I already have elsewhere. So the good news is: you're not crazy. (More good news: some of the DLC is actually very good.)

    By the same token @Alex_Star, I don't think the formula is getting tired per se, I just think the content (specifically the level design) in Dark Souls 2 was poorly thought out. The core Souls gameplay is still fantastic, to the point that I have trouble playing anything else now.

    FWIW, I find that I can play Souls games in brief intervals if I have to; you just have to remember to save properly.
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  • darc 18/09/2014

    OMG freeze me in a snow-drift, Cartman-style. Reply +7
  • Torment: Tides of Numenera debuts its first gameplay footage

  • darc 18/09/2014

    Wow, this look amazing.

    Presently trying - and failing - to get into Divinity: Original Sin, but this looks a little more my speed.
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  • Listen to Paul McCartney's theme song for Destiny

  • darc 11/09/2014

    @RSX901 - I can't speak for Americans in general (and you might consider a similar policy) but I don't generally tolerate farts in my face. Especially literal ones. I still think McCartney is great (God might be pushing it) because he is an EPIC performer to this day. I agree his writing has been uneven over the years, but his early achievements stand tall, and his wide-ranging skills as a performer are simply remarkable. Reply +1
  • Ambitious cult horror adventure Pathologic is getting a remake

  • darc 05/09/2014

    Same. Bought the original, saw something interesting in it, but couldn't quite get a hold. I'll keep on eye on the remake for sure. Reply +4
  • Darwin and Dark Souls: evolving the tactical RPG with Natural Doctrine

  • darc 03/09/2014

    Agreed on the Dark Souls connection being tenuous at best. I don't see any connection, gameplay-wise, whatsoever.

    It's been going on ever since Dark Souls became a hit. Dragon Souls in Skyrim, Hollowborn in Pillars of eternity, and on and on. Everyone wants everything to be a little Dark Souls.
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  • The worst games I've ever played, by Ellie Gibson

  • darc 28/08/2014

    The Best Eurogamer Article I've Ever Read

    Thank you, and best of luck!
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  • Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Old Iron King review

  • darc 28/08/2014

    You are gifted just six smelter wedges at the start of the chapter, but there are more than six Ashen Idols to eliminate.
    So is there any inherent benefit in destroying the Ashen Idols, or should I be running past them without destroying them (to save wedges) when I can?
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  • darc 28/08/2014

    I've been pretty vocal with my opinion that DS2 is a seriously flawed game - and yes, this despite the fact that I can't stop playing it. I find the level design, NPC behaviors, and on and on seriously arbitrary and obtuse. After promising/threatening (depending on your POV) to make DS2 more accessible than DS1, they actually delivered a heaping pile of near-random stuff you can only hope to unravel by studying Wiki's, etc. Which is unacceptable IMO.

    That said, I'm loving Crown of the Old Iron King so far, and I think I'll be sorry to see it end. The level design has more of the focused elegance I remember from Demon's Souls and DS1. It just reinforces the point that DS2 made in the negative: quantity is no substitute for quality. I'll take a short game (or add-on), that has been properly refined, over a 150-hr sprawl any day.

    Unfortunately, I spent more time getting the damned DLC working than I did playing. The automatic download killed my night with CoSK on Tuesday, then last night I decided to buy CoOIK. Between From's clever "figure out how to get there" policy with DLC, and Sony's INSANE "search/ add to cart/ checkout/ buy/ download/ activate/ install/ possibly go postal" Playstation Store routine... I actually launched DS2 3 or 4 times and ran around in circles before I realized that I hadn't *quite* finish installing the add-on.

    I hate DS2 loading screens, they are long and plentiful. And I STILL hate the Playstation Store.
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  • darc 27/08/2014

    @akmass The automatic download really ticked me off last night. I finally had a couple of hours to myself, to get in some good DS2 time. I get everything else out of the way, sit down, boot the game, and ... look at a download screen for an hour. If there was an option to skip, I missed it. So much for my night off. :/ Reply +1
  • darc 27/08/2014

    @Sussudio Agreed on all counts.

    And re: Varg & Co, yes I have limited patience for these 30 minute wars of attrition.
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  • darc 27/08/2014

    Its final boss, the Fume Knight, is arguably tougher
    Tougher than the 1st DLC's "final" boss (Sihn), or tougher than the optional Varg/GraveRobber/Whats-her-name battle? I don't need anything harder than that, thank you. Still haven't beaten them. (Sihn, on the other hand was a cakewalk - like a bait and switch to make you foolishly complacent walking into Varg and Co.)
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  • Video: Ten minutes of Hellraid in action

  • darc 27/08/2014

    God it's beautiful to look at, but first-person melee is rarely much fun to play.

    This looks so much like a next-gen Skyrim it's kind of embarrassing. Even the skill tree is vaguely reminiscent.

    I will keep an eye on it, though. So pretty...
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  • Face-Off: Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition

  • darc 25/08/2014

    The final reckoning.
    Promises, promises. I feel like I've been reading about Diablo 3 for 30 years or so.
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  • Bloodborne is a Souls successor with serious bite

  • darc 22/08/2014

    @OnlyJoeKing Yes, I've only just recently started to see that. L1 "shields up" is so ingrained in my muscle memory after 100's of hours of Demon's/ Dark - but I'm working on it! Reply +3
  • darc 22/08/2014

    From Software tosses the shield off the castle bridge, and instead allots the L1 button a new role
    I am, admittedly, in big trouble here. But everything else sounds perfect!
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  • darc 22/08/2014

    @ol - 10m and 1. ;) Reply +2
  • Dex Early Access review

  • darc 21/08/2014

    Zebedee jumping
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  • Forza Horizon 2 proves the driving genre is back at its best

  • darc 20/08/2014

    I hate admitting when I'm just too old for something, but the whole "music festival" thing being central to a racing game just seemed goofy and contrived and vaguely embarrassing to me. I don't doubt it was a great game as everyone agrees, but that thematic shift - which reviewers all described as "a breath of fresh air" - just kind of put me off.

    Give me a straight-up "po-faced" racing sim, as they say; all I need in the way of a plot is, "Racecar driver tries to win races."
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  • Cliff Bleszinski undertakes Ice Bucket Challenge

  • darc 20/08/2014

    When I saw the goggles I just assumed he was going put his own stamp on it, and have an employee shoot a few thousand ice cubes at him out of a rifle with a chainsaw under the barrel, or whatever. I'm not impressed. ;) Reply +2
  • Hohokum review

  • darc 18/08/2014

    This looks awesome - and I'd never heard of it before this review! Will be sure to check it out.

    Agree with Zebula about the aesthetic similarities with LocoRoco (one of my faves).
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  • Risen 3: Titan Lords review

  • darc 15/08/2014

    @UncleLou Ha - I suppose you make a good point there. I guess I should be realistic about the fact that I've only *really* played two of them, G3 and R1, and I agree they were largely similar. G3 was like the sprawling rough draft and R1 was the final edit. :)

    Maybe what I mean is that PB's work (the gameplay) gets *my* imagination going, whereas Diablo 3 felt like running on a treadmill, basically.
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  • darc 15/08/2014

    I still can't imagine its being bad enough to warrant a 6 in the same universe where Diablo 3 variations keep cashing in 9's. The latter are completely devoid of imagination IMO. I'd be tempted to say EG is more sympathetic to glossy AAA titles, but then they jump on the hype bandwagon every time some new indie darling hits the scene. Maybe if Piranha Bytes changed Risen's name and sold the IP to a couple of Portland scenesters or whatever, Risen 4 would score an 8 or a 9. ;) Reply +1
  • darc 14/08/2014

    @Jyden Then I am totally confused at the back and forth between apoc_reg and Vasenor. :/ Reply +4
  • darc 14/08/2014

    @apoc_reg "the 'i told you so' risen 1 PC re-review."

    I think I'd enjoy reading that. Can you post a link? (All I find is the original 6/10 from 2009.)
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  • darc 14/08/2014

    Loving the unexpected Peppa Pig content all over this page. :) My 2 year old would also approve.

    @mkreku - She's also a fan of high-fives!
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  • darc 14/08/2014

    Well this catches me completely off-guard! If I knew a Risen 3 was in the works, then I've since forgotten.

    I never know how to take reviews of Gothic/Risen games, because I've always been the odd man out as the only person in the world who liked (loved, actually) Gothic 3. (Where even the Gothic fans will hold up G1 and G2 as superior games, I couldn't stand their respective pacing or UIs.) Risen 1 was basically a shorter, sweeter rehash of Gothic 3, and not surprisingly it became one of my all time favorite games.

    Since critics, and most everyone else, hated both Gothic 3 and Risen 1, I never know what to think when Piranha Bytes gets stuck with a 6/10 or whatever. But then again, I couldn't get through more than a couple of hours of Risen 2 (which felt to me like doing the chores) so criticisms leveled at Risen 3 could go either way: points I disagree with/ don't care about, a la Risen 1, or issues I've seen for myself, a la Risen 2.
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  • It's time for your latest update on The Last Guardian - again

  • darc 14/08/2014

    Last Guardian Forever. Reply 0
  • Native Alaskan tribe's folklore-based adventure Never Alone gets a release date

  • darc 14/08/2014

    That is lovely. Reply +1
  • Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil edition review

  • darc 12/08/2014

    9/10. The name "Diablo" inspires mass hysteria - it's the only explanation. Reply -4
  • Diablo 3 download/install sizes are much higher on PS4

  • darc 11/08/2014

    So is Diablo 3 going to be news, like, forever? Reply -1
  • Godus is out now for free on iOS

  • darc 07/08/2014

    Guess I crossed in the mail with CarpetFluff and Rob_of_the_Robots LOL. Reply +1
  • darc 07/08/2014

    This version will be receiving a "spectacular, bonkers & undeniably amazing PC-exclusive feature,"
    Is this guy just making fun of himself now? Wait, is this guy Andy Kaufman??

    EDIT: Ah, that was George Kelion speaking. I just assumed it was Molyneux . I wonder if "penchant for hyperbole" is a job requirement at 22 Cans.
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  • The Power Glove documentary launches a Kickstarter

  • darc 06/08/2014

    @Bander But marketing for what/whom? I see it more as a Kickstarter for someone who is desperately trying to avoid getting a real job. :) Not that I blame him! Reply +3
  • Metrico review

  • darc 06/08/2014

    @Arwin Glad you asked. I would have them farther from the edge, so that one isn't given the sense that they're hanging onto the weight of the device with the same thumbs with which they're trying to play games. I recognize that there are tradeoffs here, in terms of sacrificing screen size and portability against ergonomics, but I think ergonomics too often take a backseat. I get distracted and enjoy the software less if the hardware feels uncomfortable in my hands.

    Granted, this is largely down to personal preference, and if the Vita design works for you, all good.
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  • darc 06/08/2014

    While the rear touchpad has been maligned quite often before...
    The Vita: some of the best controller hardware ever seen on a handheld, but in all the wrong places.
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  • Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Sunken King review

  • darc 05/08/2014

    Finally finished DS2 last night. It all hinged on the same design flaw that had frustrated me throughout the rest of the game: you must kill X in order for Y to appear unannounced in random place Z, so that you may proceed. If you don't happen to revisit that place at random, enjoy wasting the rest of your life.

    Worst. Signposting. Ever. If you completed this game without ever turning to Google or the DS2 Wiki, hooray, you have special powers.
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  • darc 25/07/2014

    When one area concludes by opening up a shortcut to your starting location, you have the 'a-ha!' moment that was, for many, largely missing in the main game.
    OK, now you have my attention...
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  • darc 25/07/2014

    I still haven't finished Dark Souls 2 itself. I considered myself pretty adept at Demon's Souls and Dark Souls 1, but some of the difficulty spikes in DS2 were just over the top. I got to the first of the memories of the fallen giants - with a ticking clock and limited summoning - and basically hit a brick wall. Not having much fun anymore, and have no idea what I've done wrong.

    Loved Demon's and Dark 1 so much, but Dark 2 was a huge pile of frustration for me as often as not... and lord if it's possible for a game to be too long, this one is.
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  • Sacred 3 review

  • darc 01/08/2014

    @bemaniac Glad to hear it. I'll have to get back to that one. But yeah, talk about a slow start. When you finally get off the boat and disembark on that island, all of the walking back and forth kind of sucks all the wind out of the game's (ha) sails. Reply 0
  • darc 01/08/2014

    @bemaniac Did you like Risen 2? I am a HUGE fan of Risen 1, but I just couldn't get into the sequel. Does it come together after a few hours? Reply +3
  • darc 01/08/2014

    So in other words, Diablo 3, except not a 9/10?

    Oh, and to be fair, less loot.
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  • Strong PS4 sales help Sony to profit

  • darc 31/07/2014

    @ziggy_played_guitar "I just don't buy a PS4 because its users seem very fanatic."

    I'm the same way. Whenever I see that a product's owners are consistently happy with their purchase, I make a point to steer clear. :P
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  • Doom 4 is an oldschool reboot, just called Doom

  • darc 18/07/2014

    That "reveal" video is absurd. Could have been an advertisement for just about anything. Yes, we all know what an FPS looks like by now, but has id simply decided to make fun of themselves for it? Reply -2
  • Sony: PS4 targeting Wii owners who skipped PS3 and Xbox 360

  • darc 17/07/2014

    Sony: PS4 targeting Wii owners who skipped PS3 and Xbox 360
    Dear Sony,

    Please get around to targeting PS3 and Xbox 360 owners who have thus far skipped PS4 and Xbox One. I.e. more new games, fewer remasters, etc.

    I know, I know - it's early days. But that headline is an easy target.

    EDIT: And now skimming previous comments, I see I'm late to the party. :)
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  • Pinball FX2 Xbox One release date set

  • darc 16/07/2014

    But, disappointingly, there's no option to import the tables you've already bought for the game's Xbox 360 version.

    The PlayStation 4 version - named Zen Pinball 2 - did offer this feature. All DLC for that is cross-platform between PS4, PS3 and PlayStation Vita.
    One of my favorite games on Xbox 360, and frankly, good enough on that technology. All of these caveats and Catch-22's re: backwards compatibility and cross-buys... I begin to wonder if I'll ever own a PS4 or XBone.

    ...and then I remember Bloodborne. :)
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