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  • Bloodborne: The Old Hunters review

  • darc 23/11/2015

    So who's going in with their NG+ character or are most going to re-roll a new hunter?
    I guess it's a blessing that I was getting bored by the time I approached the endgame and never actually killed Gehrman. I have that character leveled up and sitting outside the gate, ready to backtrack and run this DLC. Maybe by the time I'm done it will have rekindled my interest to complete the game proper.

    Bloodborne had some great moments, but it never got its hooks in me like the Souls games. Too much was lost in the streamlining IMO - magic, armor, etc.

    Re: GOTY, it's Fallout 4 for me. Best game since the first Dark Souls IMO. I'm as surprised as anyone that I didn't like Bloodborne more than I did.
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  • How Rise of the Tomb Raider's microtransactions work

  • darc 08/10/2015

    I've had nothing but good things to say about this game, and the last one. Until now. Benefit of the doubt: maybe this can be completely ignored without impacting on gameplay. But it's still ugly and unnecessary. Reply +1
  • Witcher 3 patch 1.10 is a monster, full notes revealed

  • darc 08/10/2015

    Honestly, the only fix I would like to see is a font size option. When did every games developer in the world start assuming we all had 65" TV's and/or sat 5" away from said TV's.

    Wonderful for PC gamers, but for the console guy in his living room: absurd.
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  • Here's what the Angry Birds movie looks like

  • darc 23/09/2015

    Blech. Obviousness. Reply +3
  • Forza Motorsport 6 review

  • darc 23/09/2015

    Once more with fuelling.
    Good stuff. :)
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  • Single-screen two-player platformer Penarium is due next week

  • darc 18/09/2015

    Can someone explain what's meant by "single screen" in this context? I see lots of scrolling so... single screen vs. what? Multiple TV's? Reply 0
  • Dark Souls 3 is a surprisingly different beast

  • darc 17/09/2015

    Can't wait. The completist in me will insist I play the Bloodborne DLC, but honestly I found the game relatively (i.e. relative to Souls) boring by the end. Just seeing proper armor and magic again makes me a very, very happy boy. Reply +1
  • Bloodborne: The Old Hunters expansion revealed, coming November

  • darc 15/09/2015

    My least favorite Souls game... but that still makes it, what, the 4th greatest game of all time? I'm in. Reply +1
  • Surprise! Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen headed to PC next year

  • darc 09/09/2015

    @ImpericalLegion You were making some strong points re: different classes; I actually suspected as much. But you end on something of a low note with the "edgy" dig. Sometimes I'll play a game to completion because I'm already invested and I want to see what the game really has to offer, i.e. so I can be sure my opinion is valid. (Emphasis on opinion.) If that's what you call "edgy", whatever. Reply 0
  • darc 08/09/2015

    I played the original to completion, and still don't understand the love. IMO it was sluggish, repetitive, and never got around to making much of a point. Looked good, ticked a lot of boxes, but somehow not much fun. IMO. Maybe I was in a bad mood... for the three or four months I played it LOL. Reply -1
  • Video: Video game vehicles that are so rubbish we'd rather walk

  • darc 08/09/2015

    Vehicles so bad you'd rather walk... Am I the only way who feels this way about horses in Witcher 3? They're beautiful to look at, but actually riding them doesn't seem to help much. Reply 0
  • Forza Motorsport 6 takes us back to the series' heyday

  • darc 08/09/2015

    I'll never tire of being able to peek under the bonnet of a 1989 Toyota MR2, or to discover the wholesome clunk its doors make as they're gently pulled to.
    My first car. I'll never forget it. :)
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  • PS4 gets its own preview program

  • darc 20/08/2015

    Sony is letting people test PlayStation 4 firmware updates before they come out.
    How about letting people test games before they shell out. Anyone remember the ubiquitous AAA demos of last gen? Innocent times...
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  • The Witcher 3 patch 1.08 boosts console performance

  • darc 12/08/2015

    @SheatheThyBlade Agreed. In fact, I played both Witcher 1 and Witcher 2 and, despite all the critical praise, I HATED both of them. Still, couldn't resist and took a chance on Witcher 3. Third time's a charm, as they say. This one is amazing. Reply 0
  • Submerged review

  • darc 06/08/2015

    Beautiful in screenshots...
    Good lord, seriously? I'm looking at the screenshots right now. You're telling me this is the game in a good light?

    Graphics aside, this is one of those times when I miss the old numbered review score system, as this looks like one of those rare 7's I might personally love.
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  • Dark Souls 3 debuts gameplay in new trailer

  • darc 05/08/2015

    @ghostgate2001 Thanks! I thought maybe there'd be a couple of kids playing checkers next to the tele. ;) Reply +1
  • darc 05/08/2015

    @kraajkase Agreed. I am beginning to worry this will be more Bloodborne 2 than Dark Souls 3. Seeing a lot of reused Bloodborne art assets, too. Reply +1
  • darc 05/08/2015

    Sat through un-skippable adverts just to see what "off-screen gameplay" might possibly mean. I still have no idea. :P Reply 0
  • darc 04/08/2015

    @myms1ps3 Agree 100% (with both of your posts.) Reply 0
  • darc 04/08/2015

    @HELLOFELLOWGAMERS Someone must have assumed you preferred or were otherwise endorsing the faster combat - which is neither here nor there, really - and disagreed. (Just as an aside, I'm in the camp that thinks a slower pace fits better with the heavy weapons, armor, and overall vibe of the Souls games.) But either way, you start to get used to the completely random downvotes here. I figure if someone can't be bothered to follow up with a comment explaining their point of view, you ignore them. Reply +1
  • darc 04/08/2015

    @JensWeissflog "I feel like they are releasing a new game before the fans even ask for one."

    Let's be clear on two points: 1. It's not like they're releasing it NOW. 2. I am asking for it NOW. :)
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  • Angry Birds 2 review

  • darc 04/08/2015

    I remember about 5 years ago, buying my first smartphone and assuming that - someday - mobile gaming would amount to something. Sigh. Reply +2
  • Nvidia Shield tablet recall due to "fire hazard"

  • darc 31/07/2015

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  • PlayStation 4's stunning sales success continues

  • darc 30/07/2015

    @TheDarkSide Good advice, thanks. It just stings that much more when a dry spell comes right after the release of a next gen console, and you feel like you spent that money for nothing.

    But you're right - this will pass.

    Meanwhile, all the 12-year old PS4 owners on EG can proceed with assuming this was all a dig on Sony, and somehow personal, and downvote generously. ;)
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  • darc 30/07/2015

    @XbDf Thanks for the upvote (I expect plenty of negs to counter shortly LOL) but I don't really mean what I wrote as a PS vs. XBox thing. (Though I will concede that Microsoft has seriously stepped up their game in the last month or two.) Honestly, it may just be me - starting to wonder if I haven't finally gotten bored with video games. Obsessed with Souls games almost exclusively for what, 5 years now - and then Bloodborne actually managed to bore me. Now THAT is cause for despair.

    Perhaps Fallout 4 will save the day, then of course Dark Souls 3, but that leaves me with some time on my hands. I do wish they hadn't pulled this timed exclusive s*** with Tomb Raider; have been very much looking forward to that one. Not sure it's quite enough to justify a 2nd $400 console, though.
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  • darc 30/07/2015

    And yet I still sit in front of mine at a complete loss as to what to play, and think about plugging my PS3 back in. Reply -5
  • August PlayStation Plus games revealed

  • darc 29/07/2015

    @OnlyJoeKing Unfortunately we played through the whole thing (Diablo 3) on PC the week it was released. It was - at the time - a very mediocre game. I understand it's improved considerably and I'm told the PS4 version is great, but I just can't see us playing it again now (much less paying for it LOL.)

    We had a lot of fun with Guardian of Light, though, so Osiris should be perfect. And you can't beat the price! :)
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  • darc 29/07/2015

    Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris (PS4)
    Awesome! Finally a decent co-op title to play with my wife (and to justify the purchase of that 2nd controller.)
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  • Dark Souls 3 is familiar, and that's fine

  • darc 24/07/2015

    @Kili102 That is a really weird way to judge which games are best and which are worst. Reply 0
  • darc 23/07/2015

    Also troubling: I got all the way to the final boss, realized that I'd accidentally cornered myself into one of the "lesser" endings, realized he was going to be a right PITA, and never got around to defeating him. In absence of more exploration to do after the fact, the boss battle just didn't seem worth the RSI risk. :) Imagine: me not finishing a Miyazaki game! Something must be amiss... Reply +1
  • darc 23/07/2015

    @mdeneuve Ultimately Bloodborne's just a different game that suits a different niche, I suppose. Different strokes and all that. I personally found it worrying that I put half as many hours into it as any of the Souls games, and yet was bored. Much of this came down to the weapon diversity thing, which I'll stand by if only on account of the absence of shields and bows - entire play styles gone with a stroke of the designer's pen! Then magic...

    Ultimately it just felt like hour upon hour of the *same* game, not unlike playing an FPS or whatever, where the mechanics don't evolve much. (Contrast with your example of the Tomb of Giants where an entirely new challenge is suddenly introduced: I'm blind!) The first indication that this was becoming a problem was when I would level and find that attributing the points wasn't very interesting: strength and dex had much the same effect, hit points are nice, ho-hum. No holding out for that helpful miracle, no building up for that shiny new weapon... in short not much in the way of tactics.
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  • darc 23/07/2015

    I suspect this world will only really begin to present itself when players are allowed to go hands-on later this year.
    I thought this was a 2016 title. Does anyone have a release date yet? 2015 would make me very happy indeed. :)
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  • darc 23/07/2015

    @CharlieBigBollox "BloodBorne lacked something......"

    And it's nothing subtle or mysterious, either. It lacked spells, miracles, armor of any consequence, weapon diversity, and therefore - most importantly - character build progression.

    Most boring game of the lot IMO, despite all the things it got right. I'd sooner play DS2 again, and I had so many negative things to say about that game at the time.

    Agree with previous posters: Demon's Souls and DS1 are just about perfect.
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  • H1Z1, PlanetSide boss steps down following online harassment

  • darc 23/07/2015

    Changing lives by being a d***. Nice.

    One can only hope that this kid is skirting justice primarily by way of being 17, and that within a year or two he'll find his way into plenty of trouble elsewhere. No matter where you go, there you are, and thus he will never be in very good company.
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  • Former BioWare devs preparing new RPG Mooncrest for Kickstarter

  • darc 22/07/2015

    @Luciferous Yes, this *sounds* like the perfect game. Actually executing on all of this is a pretty tall ask. I hope they make the KickStarter goal, and I hope they make their game, but I'll be waiting for reviews. Reply +1
  • darc 22/07/2015

    @Cjail It works. Reply +4
  • You wore Fallout 3's Presidential Metro train on your head

  • darc 22/07/2015

    Headlines in the second person - more confused than ever. Reply +4
  • AMD Radeon R9 390 8GB review

  • darc 20/07/2015

    Crikey I've yet to put 8G of system RAM in a PC! Reply 0
  • Journey PS4 out later this month

  • darc 07/07/2015

    Journey supports Cross-Buy, so if you've already bought the download version for PS3, you can download the PS4 version free.
    Awesome! Never finished it on PS3, and I know I should have. Will definitely give it a run on PS4.
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  • Gothic/Risen dev reveals "edgy" new post-apoc open-world RPG ELEX

  • darc 02/07/2015

    @Jose_Snake I agree the premature bashing is a little suspect. But on the other hand, naming your game an acronym of all the great things it is? Equally suspect. :) Reply +1
  • darc 02/07/2015

    There's a spruced-up version of Risen 3 coming to PS4 in August.
    THIS August?? I am so all over that.
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  • darc 02/07/2015

    There was a Risen 3?? Man, I never even got around to playing Risen 2. (I was hugely into Risen 1 and Gothic 3.)

    I'll keep an eye out for Elex. In the meantime, time to check the used sales on Amazon (what we used to call the bargain bin LOL) for all the games I missed.
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  • The World Ends With You is back on iOS

  • darc 29/06/2015

    This game is in my "I just don't get it" file. One of those cult classics I tried really hard to enjoy, and walked away scratching my head. (To be fair, that file is pretty extensive.) Reply +4
  • Batman: Arkham Knight review

  • darc 23/06/2015

    This isn't a game to play if you haven't played the previous two in the series.
    Can you elaborate on this, please? I finished Arkham Asylum, but got bored with City. Now I'm curious about Knight, why is it so important I invest the time in Asylum first?
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  • Hands-on with Microsoft's ridiculous $149 Elite Xbox controller

  • darc 17/06/2015

    One difference between these controllers and e.g. SCUF and other specialty "pro" accessories is that MS will manufacture these in large quantities and distribute them to mainstream retail channels, and sooner or later, inevitably they will drop in price. Maybe a little, maybe a lot. If a lot, then I'll be paying attention. Reply +3
  • Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam announced for 2016

  • darc 17/06/2015

    @Mister-Wario Sounds like I'll have to get ahold of a copy of Bowser's Inside Story, then. TYD is probably in my top 10 all time faves, maybe even top 5. Reply 0
  • darc 16/06/2015

    @Mister-Wario Fair enough. I guess it's truer to say that it wasn't what I was expecting (i.e. I heard Paper Mario and assumed "RPG" should follow.) Reply 0
  • darc 16/06/2015

    @Noxia Yes, Sticker Star was awful, and so was Super Paper Mario for Wii. Hopefully this will have a little more of the Paper Mario RPG/ Thousand Year Door DNA. Those were amazing games! Reply +4
  • Microsoft announces native Xbox One-360 back compatibility

  • darc 15/06/2015

    Wow. XBone is on a serious roll. I'm scrolling down EG and I just see tons of games, the Tomb Raider exclusive, Fallout 4 mods shareable from PC to Xbone, and now this.

    PS4 was a sealed deal for me because of Bloodborne (which, truth told, wasn't as epic as I'd hoped or expected). 360 compatibility will actually help justify adding an XBone to the pile. (I've got two 360's to trade in - that'll help, too.)
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  • Gears of War 4 announced, gameplay footage revealed

  • darc 15/06/2015

    Officially the darkest video game I've ever (not quite) seen. Reply +34