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  • Gone Home sells 50,000 copies

  • danielgowen 12/09/2013

    @Stranded87 I made sure to explore every nook and cranny to get the story (even resorting to googling spoilers once I'd finished the game to make sure I didn't miss something) but I just didn't feel it was as spectacular as is being made out.

    I appreciate it's a very well written piece, but I don't find the story that groundbreaking, and, funnily, the gameplay that drew you in is what turned me off.

    I felt like I was virtually gathering the pages of a ripped up book, not playing a game. But I suppose that's where the problem lies - this isn't a game and I don't think it should be treat as such, to do so does the genre a disservice and doesn't portray what this is.
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  • danielgowen 12/09/2013

    After reading rave reviews, I felt this was worth a go for Ł15. I'd be curious to hear other people's thoughts on the game having played it.

    I bought it as a venture into the gaming world for my book-worm girlfriend. It was the first game she was excited to play. The problem is the story is given so much attention, it's detriment to the gameplay. Cheap tactics build suspense, raiding every cabinet becomes a little tedious, but essential if you want to flesh out the story and the short play-time can't compare to a book. People use the movie/cost argument, but for the same cost I can go to the cinema to watch a much more engaging film. I, and my other half, just couldn't understand this game's reviews.

    I often feel the gaming community are too eager to prove that games have matured. The result is we've glorified an interactive short-story, claiming it to be something it isn't. It's certainly a step in the right direction, but it feels like a short story from high-school, filled with nostalgia to garner better reviews.

    The story-telling is good, the characters feel real, but the scenery, the pacing and the gameplay made for a disappointing overall experience. As a gamer, I thought it was lacking gameplay, as a book-worm, she thought it too shallow.

    Maybe we're the wrong demographics?
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