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  • Assassin's Creed Unity reveals new female character

  • danger.to.others 29/07/2014

    I'm really surprised the media (because the only ones who had an "issue" with no female assassin in this year's Creed was the so-called journalists of the various mainstream game sites) didn't let this go quietly after embarrassing themselves trying to pick on this one game over such a petty, manufactured problem.
    Yet here we are, Eurogamer still poking the hornet's nest to see if they can rile up any last bit of "outrage" about no playable woman in this one particular game any time they can, even when reporting on how one of the characters in the game is a female getting her own statue and a novel written on her.
    Though just by my commenting got you a click and helped build ad revenue prices. So your only true goal was achieved, Eurogamer.

    Keep on ignoring them, Ubisoft. Most the public know what an idiotic attempt at controversy this was, particularly attacking one of the most diverse companies both in employees and games in the industry.
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  • Dragon Age: Inquisition's release date pushed back over a month

  • danger.to.others 23/07/2014

    It's not for a month of polishing. It's being the one who backed down over the same day release of Dragon's Age and Shadows Of Mordor. Reply +4
  • Battlefield turned Payday 2 designer starts new indie studio

  • danger.to.others 15/07/2014

    Maybe he was just in a mood, but....not his actions but his attitude, he sounds like an egomaniac.
    Prove me wrong with future games, my man. I could be wrong, it's just an initial impression.
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  • Former Valve contributor and VR specialist warns against the tech's future

  • danger.to.others 15/07/2014

    The amount of people who play MMORPG's is large enough for corporations to make millions off of, but they certainly don't make up any meaningful number of people overall.
    They are still a small, hardcore group as far as how many other people are in the world. Even if every one of them took to VR (which I don't see happening), it won't change the world in general. They're already hooked to the Matrix, happily wasting away their hours and getting developers paid.

    Gieson tries the old reverse psychology trick of claiming to not be something when he is when he said "[it's not some] scary vague futuristic concept that I decided to be scared about after reading too much cyberpunk books."
    Yes, it is. You are being paranoid over how large an impact it will have. Your heart is in the right place, but your head is a bit off. (Which I have sympathy for, I've spent much of my own life that way.)

    It always amuses me how often people will panic and cry doom and gloom over non-issues, while be perfectly fine with economic collapse, invasions and global warming.
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  • Watch Dogs has shipped over 8 million units

  • danger.to.others 11/07/2014

    They didn't even need to use the manipulation of saying shipped totals. It's sold just barely shy of 5 million so far and that's impressive on it's own.

    I wasn't that impressed in the first hour or so of playing. But as I got deeper, (playing the PS4 version), it's all the little things I like.
    Some of the crazy, random conversations the public have. The AI, which is always fun in an Ubisoft game when they're unscripted, did some surprising and smart reactions beyond what I see in other open worlds.
    When racing in cars, noticing how few the pop up or framerate problems are. That when the explosions are going off everywhere, the game doesn't chug. (Well, sometimes it did, but much more rare than nearly all open world games up to this point.)
    Story could use some help, be made a bit more in depth next time, but the missions are fun.
    It's basically Splinter Cell in an open world with car chases added.

    I only post this in a counter to the trendy "this game sucks" comments that always seem to sound like they come from the super jaded. I think it's great.
    Like I said, give it a better story, up those graphics a tad and you have something really special.
    So I'm happy at the thought of a sequel. You don't like it, don't buy it. But I'll buy 2 going off how much I like this first one.
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  • Sniper Elite 3 blasts through second week as UK number one

  • danger.to.others 07/07/2014

    Good for Sniper! 3 is by far the best in the series by a longshot....pun not intended.
    I liked them all, but they were more rentals. This one's a buy.
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  • Cliff Bleszinski starts studio with Guerrilla Games co-founder

  • danger.to.others 05/07/2014

    If you're taking a poll, put me down as thinking that's a stupid company name. Reply -1
  • Suda 51 defends Killer is Dead's controversial "Gigolo Mode"

  • danger.to.others 05/07/2014

    Other than a couple mainstream game sites, I don't recall anyone having any bigger a reaction to Gigolo mode than either a roll of the eyes or a bit of a laugh and moving on.
    It was a media created controversy and a minimal one at that. The public wasn't outraged. (Which usually how it goes with entertainment)

    What is amusing to me is anyone pretending to be shocked or offended at the idea that if you buy things for some women, they'll sleep with you.
    Are we all pretending that's not true?
    Also, both men and women, are we trying to pretend we don't try to sneak a look at those we find to have attractive bodies without them catching us? Like we don't all do that at certain points with certain people?
    The game was kidding around, but it was a joke about something with a layer of truth taken over the top.

    But I guess by the Eurogamer staff's standards, I'm a sexist for seeing the world for how they really are (as well as I said both men AND women do it).

    My wife thought it was a hilarious mini-game. But then she thinks the Eurogamer sexist brigade have their heads up their @$$.
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  • Advanced Warfare is COD's biggest technological leap since Call of Duty 2

  • danger.to.others 03/07/2014

    This is exactly why developers don't want to release trailers or demos anymore until a game is finished.
    Because if they show anything early, people like Digital Foundry tear it apart, giving the impression people should expect bad things in the final product despite this being an early look.
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  • Suda 51 details his upcoming "survival action" brawler Let it Die

  • danger.to.others 03/07/2014

    If I can't brutally beat a woman to death, then that's simply not right....? Reply +2
  • Report: Murdered: Soul Suspect dev Airtight closes down

  • danger.to.others 03/07/2014

    They made Dark Void. Maybe they deserved to lose their job. Reply -15
  • Lindsay Lohan sues Rockstar over allegedly using her likeness

  • danger.to.others 03/07/2014

    Yeah, that'll help her with her career comeback. Saying that a spoiled brat with out of control ego must be her.
    I'll agree, she's a bitch. But this case will be thrown out faster than I threw this girl out of my car in the game.
    No, this isn't Lohan. This is a bunch of those airhead bimbo singers and actresses of Hollywood. Lohan falls into the group though.
    All this genius has accomplished with this dead lawsuit will be even more people laughing at her than would have.
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  • Face-Off: Outlast

  • danger.to.others 29/06/2014

    This seems a strange choice in facing off.
    The game is no visual stunner. It looks like a last gen game in higher resolution. Doesn't seem too challenging to get it equal across the board when the quality was only adequate to begin with.
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  • Sniper Elite 3 has a 10GB day one patch on Xbox One

  • danger.to.others 23/06/2014

    Interesting to see so many in the thread blame the developer as opposed to what's going on in Microsoft's console for the patch, given that their version is the only one requiring such a size.
    But it's not like we're in the 90's on dial up. This is a lot of crying over nothing. Boo hoo, you can't play your game THIS VERY SECOND.
    Not like it's giving you this size patch every time you boot up. For f**k's sake, take a Ritalin and go make yourself a sandwich. Come back when you're done and play.
    Me, I'm grateful to live in a time when my games can be improved instead of stuck with any bugs it may have had.

    Everyone else may complain, I'd like to throw my arm around Rebellion and say, "Thanks, buddy. Thank you for caring to make your game better instead of just throwing it out there."
    Because they aren't required to fix anything. They could just take the money and leave us to our glitches and compatibility problems.
    Eurogamer tried to make an issue out of nothing and it worked.

    And I still saw a handful of people so concerned over hard drive space. *roll eyes*
    Unless you play without an internet connection, but I'll assume those talking about it in an online thread do, you simply delete an old game and if you ever return to it, simply reinstall.
    At 500 gigs, you'll still keep roughly 15 to 16 retail sized games at a time on the drive. And you're a liar if you tell me you play more than 15 full sized retail games at the same time.
    But hey, if you're so paranoid you feel if it's not sitting on your drive it'll somehow vanish and not be owned, there's always PC gaming for you.
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  • Editor's blog: I am sexist

  • danger.to.others 20/06/2014

    Saying women you date in GTAIV nag isn't sexist. It's accurate.
    You aren't proclaiming all the female species everywhere are nags. And within the the game world, the way it's programed, yes, they nag.
    Taken further, saying there are women who nag isn't sexist. They are out there. I've met quite a few! Rockstar is just laughing at how some are.

    Looking at the Red Dead achievement, don't you think it was laying a woman on the tracks as a nod to countless old Western movies where the villion did that? And always to a women?
    That doesn't make it sexist. It's a tribute with a smirk, as Rockstar does, in this case to old movies that this particular game is based off of.

    I don't know what this hyper guilt over sexism is that's bouncing around in your head, Mr. Bramwell, but it does seem like you're searching for it and just seeing it everywhere.
    There's nothing wrong in wanting to fight sexism where it truly exists, but you're seeing things that aren't there.

    Just like that other article on Assassin's Creed, thinking it sexist to not play choosing any sex in the new game from a company who's games have supported more diverse characters, both in race and sex, than nearly anyone else in the game industry.
    As well as the game you chose to pick on is being headed by Jade Raymond, a strong minded successful woman, makes it seem all the sillier.
    Really, and I mean this in the nicest way possible, it comes across more like you have some serious hang ups ... [a few words removed -Bertie] more than how much actual sexism is going on in games, especially these days.
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  • E3 2014: the relaunch of brand Xbox One

  • danger.to.others 18/06/2014

    Seems Microsoft wants to go the Nintendo route of just taking a few titles and endlessly making sequels to them. (Halo, Forza, Fable).
    Sequels are fine, everyone does them, but what I've always appreciated with Sony's first parties were that, yes, they make sequels to all the big stuff, but they also constantly come out with new IP.
    And Microsoft....if they don't go for new IP, does anyone believe Fable, Forza or even Halo can have the endurance of Nintendo's titles?

    I've always owned all the consoles all my life and keep looking for a reason to get XB1. Still not finding one. PS4 has me covered.
    And I would get an XB1 in a heartbeat if there was reason. I've got the money, time and I love games.

    And Spencer, I know I'm not alone in rolling my eyes with this guy. He is the stereotype car salesman, doesn't come off sincere whatsoever. They seem to just clone executives over at Microsoft.

    To each their own. And I know plenty would argue there aren't as many exclusives on PS4 this holiday. But that's shortsighted, as a few will arrive within a month or two into 2015. They are coming, and they are much more interesting titles to me than another Halo.

    Give me something, Xbox. I'm sitting here, wanting to give you my money.
    But not for free. You have to earn it.
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  • Sleeping Dogs HD spotted for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

  • danger.to.others 17/06/2014

    Is this the new form of advertising, listing a game at a site, then lifting it and getting other sites to talk about that happening?
    Because it seems to happen far too often in the last couple years to really be slip ups.
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  • Face-Off: Murdered: Soul Suspect

  • danger.to.others 15/06/2014

    While I agree locked framerates are better, but I only agree if you can lock them somewhat high (30 is too low, but locking in at 45 or 50 would work instead of wavering between 45 and 60) in this case I think I'd rather have tearing in cutscenes and higher frames in gameplay, than to lock the whole thing much lower.

    It's funny, this is a case where each preference, unlocked with screen tear in cutscenes or locked 30 and no/little tears both have merit, but no matter which one a person says they'd prefer, you know most of the opposite preference will call the other fanboys and call it a day depending which console had which set up.
    Meanwhile many PC players will come in, nose in the air and scoff at the entire discussion, apparently showing up to reinforce their superiority complex.

    But I stand by, for me, in a video game it's better to have a higher framerate if any performance irregularities hit only during cutscenes.
    It is interesting to watch different game threads switch between gameplay being most important to needing even the movies to be consistant to the gameplay.
    Must drive developers nuts.
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  • "See those mountains?"

  • danger.to.others 14/06/2014

    Sounds like someone's burned themselves out on Ubisoft.
    One second the article comments the importance for there to be things to do in that open world, not have it be just space, but then knocks Ubi by questioning "fixated with controlling the map, section by section - screwing around with guard towers and then cleaning up all the nearby quest icons. Are you exploring these spaces, or are you just lawnmowing them?"
    Knocked for giving you activities.
    For me, Ubi fills up the map with more than enough stuff to do outside of the main story. Some complain they offer too much, but that's an invalid complaint, seeing as how they are side activities not required that you can choose to ignore.
    Sure, there's a structure, such as taking out towers, but what are you asking? A game that is unstructured and free for all, yet filled with activities? That makes no sense. Unless you want all games to be Minecraft.
    Every game has a structure to it (except Minecraft). Even Skyrim, the most open of open worlds, is structured.

    And then Watch_Dogs. What you call blandness I call impressively lifelike. I don't want every game to be like that, the same as I don't want every game to be as goofy as Saints or medieval as Skyrim or Van Damme B movie-like as Just Cause.
    But for this game it works and I get a bigger rush of driving against traffic on the freeway or shooting down some cops than I do in, say GTA (a game I love), because it feels more real.
    GTA still has that sort of hyper violent comic book feel (not a knock, again, I love it, but it's a different feel).
    When I go on a spree and the cops respond, Watch_Dogs feels much closer to real (yes, I know not completely, but more than other games) and I like that. I like that release.
    Any open world will be bland if the gamer is unimaginative. The thing with open worlds is the main stories are linear, the open world is what you do on your way to starting that next mission and the ways you choose to rile things up or explore what you can do.
    If you're someone who needs either more hand holding or is easily overwhelmed without a set list, any open world will likely bore you. Not because of the game itself, but because you couldn't figure out what you wanted to do, so you just drove to the next story mission.
    All that means is open worlds aren't for every type of gamer. It does not mean open world games themselves are the problem.

    It's even more bizarre, the anti-Ubisoft theme going on, where you knocked not just Watch_Dogs, but then threw a little jab at Assassin's Creed, insinuating they use the size of the city as the main grunt work for themselves, yet say it's okay to do that with Far Cry, since it's more fun and with explosions everywhere.
    What's strange about that is I would argue Far Cry, Watch_Dogs and Assassin's Creed are all the same structure, the only difference is in the stories told and weapons used and a couple moves individual to each series.
    Sure, you hop on an elephant in Far Cry, but you're still going in, taking out fortresses and unleashing havoc in between missions.
    If you don't like any of it, that's understood. It's not your preference. But liking one and not the others, while faulting them for things that are a part of the game you favor, that's inconsistant.

    I'm all for all types of games. I like my open worlds, I like my corridor, I like my puzzles. It's so trendy right now for the web to try to bad mouth the popular guy beyond legitimate reason, and Ubi is one of the popular guys right now, I thought I'd offer my support over what they're doing.
    Because no game is perfect, but all these open world series Ubi are doing, I buy them all and while some are better than others, all (except AC3) have been fun and taken dozens of hours of my life with each.
    Personally, I think they improve each time, none are a simple copy of the one before it. Give credit where it's do. We may have to wait another five years between Elder Scrolls or GTA releases. Ubi has amassed such a slick loadout spread among different developers they manage to consistently give great open world games.
    Even the much derided Watch_Dogs, I think it's excellent. Sure, I wish the graphics were a bit more in resolution since I have a great HDTV so the blurriness is noticable, but I could list complaints about any game ever released. What's there still controls well, has great gameplay, little to no pop up or screen tearing even when I'm being chased at five stars (I'm on the PS4 version) and well above average acting and personalities for it's characters.

    So after that anti-Ubi article, I've given a pro-Ubi response. For balance in the universe.
    Don't like it, don't play it. But I am grateful and impressed with how well Ubi's games keep coming out.

    My breakfast is done, gotta eat and go play some more Watch_Dogs.
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  • Battlefield Hardline beta performance analysis

  • danger.to.others 13/06/2014

    Some people warned of it, now I feel like it's coming true.
    Going by what developers are saying, more and more future releases seem to be matching in quality between PS4 and XB1....only it's matching by being a little lesser on PS4 to equal it out.

    I hope I'm wrong. This is not an attack on Hardline alone (which EA has always been in bed with Microsoft for years, so it figures if they would do it), I've seen this talk happening with a few future releases.
    I'll be happy if the quality is matched because XB1 catches up. But not if you're dragging the other down.
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  • Assassin's Creed Unity is a backward step for progressive games

  • danger.to.others 12/06/2014

    This is ridiculous. Talk about a witch hunt.
    Ubisoft, who has given you your precious female choices in all the multi AC has had in the past, who gave you a star in Aveline (not just a a female, but a mixed race one confronting the days of slavery!) and even women who were side players to the story have been strong fighters when in real history most were not, THEY are who you're going to use to tentpole your sudden female obsession in all that's wrong with the representation of women in games?
    The biggest irony being Unity is coming primarily from the development wing led by Jade Raymond, who doesn't appeared flustered by this choice, as far as I'm aware.
    Hell, she might be the one who made the choice to cut it.

    I understand your heart might be in the right place, the equality argument, but you need to pick your battles, particularly where there is actually one.
    Just like it's great when women are stars of games or how some games let you choose the sex and mold the character, not EVERY game needs to do that. Just because a game like Unity doesn't have the sex choice, it's not some anti-woman statement representing the industry.

    This might just be a way to get clicks at your site for your ad revenue, but remember the amount of stupid people in the world who will be riled up without fully knowing why but convinced Ubisoft did something, somehow wrong and they lose sales not for the game itself, but because media made it sound like there was some moral issue that they should take a stand on.
    This is sensationalist headlines at it's worst, these female avatar option missing articles. If anything, it undermines the real conversation of equality in this industry.
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  • Female character option cut from Assassin's Creed: Unity co-op

  • danger.to.others 11/06/2014

    When I read having a woman character was double the resources, was I the only one who instantly thought boobs? Reply 0
  • Managing Mother Base in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

  • danger.to.others 11/06/2014

    Seems the only thing missing from this game is a release date. Reply 0
  • The Hardline beta: it's Battlefield, but it works

  • danger.to.others 11/06/2014

    "...after months of tussling with DICE's rarely functioning Battlefield 4. Those struggles had started to feel like features."

    Hahaha. True.
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  • Your first look at Homefront: The Revolution gameplay footage

  • danger.to.others 11/06/2014

    "a good showcase for Homefront: The Revolution's post-invasion Philadelphia, now a derelict and slum-ridden city"

    Being here in America that made me laugh. I was thinking, "So Philadelphia looks the same post-war as it does now?"

    What's with the graphics? Looks like a 360/PS3 game. And not in it's later years.
    I realize this isn't a finished game, but this gives the impression of another last gen game that'll simply bump the resolution up for the new ones.

    Launch was one thing, but this whole drag-down-the-game-to-fit-the-old-consoles doesn't fly for me at this point.
    Fire looks good, though. Gameplay looks....absolutely typical, yet on the slow side. I don't know how good an idea it was to show this off at this point and time.
    I know it did more harm than good for me and my wanting it.
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  • Sony had more wow moments, but Microsoft has closed the competence gap

  • danger.to.others 10/06/2014

    I saw that headline and thought for sure Richard Leadbetter was going to be the writer of the article.
    In terms of "winning" E3, it wasn't even close. Microsoft did nothing bad, but they didn't do anything necessarily good. Well, Platinum exclusive...that was a good, smart move.
    Otherwise, there was what? All games that are coming to PS4 as well, which by now we all know will run better on PS4, or Insomniac's generic looking retread of their past games (the creatures were EXACTLY Resistance monsters and the railing and personality were a straight Ratchet rip. It wasn't influence, it was copy and paste) and a Halo collection of old games?
    Again, not horrible. But certainly not anything that'll bring this former Xbox and Xbox 360 regular back over.

    Eh, whatever. Blind love is still love. I'm not trying to take anyone away from Microsoft, just letting my counter opinion known. But in terms of exclusives and features, to put Microsoft's conference anywhere near the quality of Sony's is silly.
    But keep on pushing that MS brand, Eurogamer! I'm sure you're fooling them all you're not in Microsoft's pocket. They must give you some nice kickbacks to try to pump them up the best possible in any situation.

    As far as saying there's no real titles left coming this year, as though everything is pushed to 2015....I'm getting Dragon's Age, Far Cry 4, Assassin's Creed, Shadow Of Mordor and Call Of Duty this Fall.
    I don't know exactly how much free time you have, but mine will be filled with some great games.
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  • Nathan Drake returns in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

  • danger.to.others 10/06/2014

    The release date isn't that hard to guess.
    November 2015.

    No, they didn't officially announce it. But anyone who follows gaming and release schedules of the last decade could figure it out.
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  • Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata won't attend E3 for health-related reasons

  • danger.to.others 05/06/2014

    Health reasons? I didn't realize embarrassment over poor sales was an illness.

    No, no, I'm sure he just so happened to have a doctor's note to not come to E3 when both Sony AND Microsoft are sure to have much stronger showings and drive the nail in the coffin for the coming year for WiiU.
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  • Murdered: Soul Suspect review

  • danger.to.others 03/06/2014

    A split second of translation confusion. When I read this line:
    Indeed, with its stylised detective hero, puffing away on ghost fags even in the afterlife,
    It created a very different image in my head, being an American.
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  • Assassin's Creed 4 character crosses over to Watch Dogs

  • danger.to.others 02/06/2014

    you said:
    I think hating on games makes people feel better about themselves in some way. As if hating on a game is cool, or putting something down makes them feel good. And it's not just games, just anything that has a fair amount of HYPE to it. Like the Transformers Movies. They are VERY entertaining and sell really well. Very good movies I think. But they get SO much hate because they are such big blockbusters.
    I'm with you halfway. I do think some people will attack a game unjustly or blow up flaws beyond their importance because trashing makes them feel better...BUT....sometimes it's legitimate critique over a bad product. It's a fine line.
    Case in point, I don't hate things because they are popular, but I do think Transformers (the entire trilogy) was horrible. Bad script, bad acting. Only good were the effects, but then I don't care about the effects if the plot is bad.
    That's not hating to hate. That's simply my opinion based on the product, uninfluenced by what others take was or any type of bashing bandwagon.
    There is the dangerous slope of where more and more out there are taking that term hater, which originally meant someone who was a troll, just trashing things to get a rise, to a form of attempted censorship where some try to simply shout down and get dismissed any differing opinion by labeling anyone opposite a hater. A twisted interpretation of the slang's origins.
    So I was half with you. You have a good point, but man....Transformers was a bad movie series to hold up as an example, since it deserves it's belittling.
    To each their own. My breakfast is done, so I'll shut up now.
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  • danger.to.others 02/06/2014

    If you like open world third person, this is a fun game. I know it's hard with forums to find opinons that aren't snobs or burnouts to the hobby. (No, I'm not calling everyone snobs, just there as many as those who aren't)
    For me, the graphics are the only letdown. Even then, the graphics are functional. There's nothing out and out bad about them...just a bit dated from a couple years back.
    But one thing I notice is the AI is really good compared to other open world games. Which is something I wish more games would concentrate on.
    I like the story, the acting is really good and there's always lots to do with good controls.
    It was a full price buy that I don't regret at all.
    Every game has flaws here and there, the perfect game has yet to exist, and it's flaws are much more minor than most, especially open world.
    If what you've seen in previews looks like your thing, then go ahead and dive in.
    At least....I'm judging it on my PS4 version. Can't speak for the quality elsewhere.

    Hope it helps. There are a lot of jaded people out there. Try your best not to become one.
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  • Watch Dogs: stuck in the unfunny valley

  • danger.to.others 31/05/2014

    If you want goofy, there's Saints Row.
    Off the top of my head, I can think of the tone in Grand Theft Auto, Saints, Just Cause, Skyrim, Assassin's Creed and now Watch_Dogs all being different from each other.
    This article sounds like Mr. Bramwell would like all games to be like Saints Row. But you know, if all games were the same then none would be special and all would be boring because of so much sameness.
    All those games I just mentioned, I've played and really enjoyed every one of them. I don't want everyone to try and be goofy any more than I want every movie to be a comedy.
    I like variety. And I like Watch_Dogs more subtle, once in a while jokes, like the texts. The story isn't ruined by trying to be serious. It's ruined by the player who isn't playing the right game for the mood they're in.
    If you want goofy and choose to play it that way in a game with more drama in it's plot, that's like going to see a romantic comedy and complaining they failed to bring decapitations and explosions. You should have seen a different movie if that's what you wanted right now.
    Me, I chose to play the game in the same tone as the story and am loving it. I hope developers always try to stretch and cover more types of emotions and tones, not just dildo bats and chasing after crashing planes on a motorcycle. (Though I love that stuff too)
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  • Face-Off: Watch Dogs

  • danger.to.others 30/05/2014

    Going by my naked eye as just a gamer, not an engineer with machines hooked up for technical facts in numbers, all that talk about Watch_Dogs graphics only being equal to GTA IV (Not V, but IV) that were rumored around the web were accurate to me.
    I had just been playing GTAIV again on PS3 about a week or two ago, so my memory was fresh. And these graphics on PS4 look the same. Identical actually, aside from better animations to body movement. Again, to my naked eye.

    On the plus side, everything else about the game has run smooth. No freezes, if there's been pop up I haven't noticed it, don't recall any screen tearing, stuff like that.
    Really, the only big flaw on my PS4 version seems to be those low res graphics (which I'm sure XB1 owners would insist they can't see any difference).
    But the fact ACIV came out 6 months ago by the same company and looked world's better, not just when they bumped up to a patch to 1080p, but even without that it had incredible detail and textures in the whole world. All that detail is dulled and lacking in everything in Watch_Dogs. It looks very much like a PS3 game from around 2007 or 2008.
    If you can accept that though and want to play an otherwise fun stealth game (you can go all out with the guns, but it's obvious the developers built the missions around stealth....sort of like Splinter Cell, in that regard.
    Sure, go on a shooting rampage. But it's a much stronger game as stealth.
    It is a fun game and the AI is pretty decent and the levels fun. As much as I like a good looking game, there's still enough good here that I don't regret buying and I'm going to spend a lot of time with it. Good story so far and great acting.

    I'll hammer it home one more time, though. They deserve it. No two ways about it, the graphics are OLD, just barely above PS3 launch quality and many places in the world are simply an eyesore.
    They were out of their minds trying to emphasize the graphics back in 2012.
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  • Metro Redux is brighter, shinier, with "far fewer compromises" on console

  • danger.to.others 30/05/2014

    I'm not topping leaderboards or anything, but I'm better than average at shooters simply from playing so many of them.
    I play basically every big name shooter that's come out in the last ten years.
    Point being, am I the only one who found these games to be way too hard? I finish all other shooters, be they a Battlefield, a Call Of Duty, a Half-Life or the Bioshocks,etc. But Metro, both of them, I could only finish about 3/4 of the game (I'm guessing, time-wise and the way the story was going).
    It's frustrating in that I liked the atmosphere, the acting is pretty good and it has fun ideas. Yet each game threw some ridiculous creatures towards the end (ridiculous in the difficulty level).
    I simply could not do it. And I had it on easy! Isn't the point of the easy level for those lacking the skill to still be able to progress?

    Because that's the only thing that keeps these games from greatness for me. I can't believe it's only me. I'm not playing it like Call Of Duty. I know how to be sneaky and strategic. I play all types of games, i'm not a one note gung ho Rambo type player simply trying to blow everything up head on. I really don't think the problem is me. But I could never finish either game.
    Some towards-the-end creatures have such a spike in difficulty, I wouldn't recommend this to anyone I know. And it's a shame, because the games do a lot of other things well. But being able to play the thing is a pretty critical part to get right.
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  • Watch Dogs PR stunt goes awry, summons bomb squad

  • danger.to.others 29/05/2014

    Actually, this sounds like a huge success from a promotion perspective.

    Jeez, people are paranoid. She's not exactly living in Iraq.
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  • uPlay issues affect Watch Dogs on PS4 and Xbox One, too

  • danger.to.others 29/05/2014

    I can attest for myself that Uplay was down on Tuesday (launch day here in America), but by Wednesday afternoon it's worked fine on my PS4. Reply 0
  • Drakengard 3 review

  • danger.to.others 29/05/2014

    @Pandy You say: I'd rather play a unique 5/10 than a by-the-numbers 7/10 any day of the week.
    Words to live by. I tip my hat to you.
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  • What does Fallout: New Vegas' lead designer want from Fallout 4?

  • danger.to.others 23/05/2014

    I love playing Elder Scrolls, but hated Fallout 3 (whole keeping check on radiation levels was a nuisance to me).
    But I guess I'm alone. I'll just be happy if Bethesda can release a playable game the day it's on shelves. I still get flashbacks/nightmares to my PS3 day one Skyrim.
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  • Forza 5 is getting two more DLC packs

  • danger.to.others 23/05/2014

    You guys (media in general) need to really stop saying future DLC in any game is "free" with the season pass.
    Are you trying to help sell them? Because it's inaccurate. Say it's a part of the season pass.
    It's in no way free. You paid for it. You know, with that season pass. Don't try to make it sound like some great deal.

    Again, not picking on Forza. I mean any game, any company.
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  • "Approximately half" of PlayStation 4 users now have a Plus subscription

  • danger.to.others 23/05/2014

    I feel sorry for people, any console, who don't have it hooked to the internet.
    I think I'd have given up gaming, at least anything made later than 2010, since all the developers patch their games after release.

    Imagine the poor sucker with a PS3 Skyrim and no updates.
    I'm playing Wolfenstein right now on PS4 and it had a day one patch that was 4.9 gigs in size! To fix glitches, sound problems and checkpoints! (I guess I have too high of expectations to dare think that sounds like finishing making the game that should have been done before release)
    I'd be pissed if I was offline suffering the game.

    Just a thought, since I assume anyone who has an Xbox or Playstation and no Plus/Live must not have internet.
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  • Video: Far Cry 4's first story details leak

  • danger.to.others 20/05/2014

    American is a race?
    Man, I hope not. Otherwise, I'm more than a bit ashamed of my race.
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  • Why THQ canned Bulletstorm dev's LA Noire-like game, Come Midnight

  • danger.to.others 19/05/2014

    Sounds like People Can Fly are as mature as ever.
    Moody as f**k? Is he 13 years old? That's his best description?

    Personally, when I'm moody, I tend to not f**k. Which....I suppose is more accurate a description towards what this game would have been than I first realized.
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  • Ubisoft "to continue supporting" Assassin's Creed games on PS3 and Xbox 360

  • danger.to.others 16/05/2014

    I loved AC 1, 2, Brotherhood and 4. as long as they tread carefully to keep the quality up they'll have a sale in me.
    2 different AC's to me only sounds like a good thing.
    I understand if someone doesn't like a particular individual title's quality, I don't understand people who are so fatigued at a game coming out once a year.
    A year is a long time, as far as life itself goes, and Ubi has a system in place where it's not the same one team making them, so I say bring them on.
    Life's short and we all never know when we'll die. so if it can be avoided then, no, I don't want to wait 2 or 3 years for another title. As long as the quality is there (good lord, 3 gameplay was terrible) I'd play a title every 6 months.
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  • Killzone PS4 Intercept DLC adds four-player co-op

  • danger.to.others 16/05/2014

    I really like the single player. And just like how some felt the level design didn't tell them where to go clear enough for them, I liked that it didn't hold my hand and trusted me to figure it out, particularly since the levels were all laid out logically.
    I did think KZ3's solo was better, but Shadow was fun and the story was more intresting than Ghosts. (Though that's admittedly pretty slight praise.)
    I guess I'm the opposite of most. I have a lot of fun with the solo, but don't like the multi. To each their own.

    I wonder how much of KZ:SZ's letdown to many was expectations over the launch of a new console and unrealistic expectations in innovation over what the actual game was. I went in wanting a well made FPS and I felt I got that.
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  • Confirmed: Watch Dogs PS4 900p, Xbox One 792p, both 30fps

  • danger.to.others 14/05/2014

    Correct me if I'm wrong....but wasn't Assassin's Creed 4 also at 900p when it came out, but about 3 weeks later than did an update to 1080p?
    ACIV had a ton of things going on, engine-wise. Developers just needed a bit more time, but they got it running at 1080p and 30 frames with no screen tearing or stutters. (on PS4, anyway. But that's my only interest this generation. I'm not a PC gamer.)

    Which has me wondering if, because they got that engine running on PS4 6 months ago is Watch_Dogs not at 1080p simply because they didn't want to put in the effort?
    That's always been my fear how lately so many threads have people saying resolution doesn't matter and the developers smile knowing they won't have to bother. Less work for them, people will buy it no matter what, so why make it the best it can be? Just make it good enough that it functions.
    You don't demand quality, no one's going to go the extra mile to deliver it.

    For all this bullsh*t about resolution is just a number, framerate is just a number....this game better not have any pop up and some incredible AI with those kind of numbers.
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  • Microsoft to sell Xbox One without Kinect for 349

  • danger.to.others 13/05/2014

    The beginning of the end of Kinect. About time Microsoft woke up to that.
    Next, it'll be interesting how people feel about the menu system built around Kinect feel about it with a controller and, of course, having all it's titles that are also on PS4 come out weaker.
    Stil, Kinect-less is a huge step in the right direction. Won't bring me back, but I want them to succeed. The closer the sales between XB1 and PS4, the greater the sales deals pop up for all of us gamers as they battle.
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  • Nintendo won't launch Wii U successor until it has "satisfied" current owners

  • danger.to.others 13/05/2014

    This article made me flash back to when America invaded Iraq (again) to grab Saddam Hussein.
    They'd already destroyed their army and tanks were rolling through Bahgdad, yet the TV still had them telling people everything was fine and that anyone saying they're army was demolished and surrendering in droves or that American forces had even entered their land at all were pure lies and everything was fine and they would be victorious. They said this up to the second they ran out the door and the US took over the television studio.

    Quality of life....keep aboard that Titanic you named Wii U and it'll become ghetto life. They need a new console sooner rather than later, before they eat through the stored up profits from a couple years back. Commendable to not want to abandon their Wii U customers, but this console sold SO BAD, I think most of even them would forgive them for moving on in this case.

    I still think the smartest business decision they could make is admitting their time is up in hardware and go software only. No one wants them to stop making the games they make.
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  • The Witcher 3 may run slightly better on PS4 than Xbox One

  • danger.to.others 13/05/2014

    I don't understand so many gamers who claim it doesn't matter if the game comes in at a lower resolution.
    Why would you not push a developer to make a game to it's highest quality? It's one thing if a game can't hit a certain level, it's another if it was possible but they don't bother to put in the extra work because they figure they'll make the same amount of money and apparently they're reading no one cares.
    It will be 2015 when Witcher arrives. And in 2015 I expect all my PS4 games to be 1080p. I understand compromises in frames per second, but not resolution. People who are cool with whatever they give you....you deserve Xbox One's. If you tell developers they can do whatever and you'll just buy it anyway, nine out of ten companies will go cheap.
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  • Watch Dogs runs at 1080p 60fps on PlayStation 4, Sony says

  • danger.to.others 12/05/2014

    @Bickle2 This argument of resolution that comes up regularly from XB1 owners proves their customers are made up of people who either have terrible TV's or are badly in need of glasses.
    If you can't clearly see the difference in sharpness over 900p and 1080p there IS something wrong with your vision.
    It's not an opinion that 1080p is clearer. It's fact.
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  • Nintendo refuses to allow same-sex relationships in Tomodachi Life

  • danger.to.others 10/05/2014

    Its fascinating to have watched an otherwise fun little nonsense of a game open up a can of worms and shining a spotlight on different bigots through the comments they offer on the topic.
    As always with this type of stuff, always interesting to see how many bigots think they aren't bigots.

    It couldn't have been easy for Nintendo to apologize over this, as being a Japanese company Japan is a strongly ingrained homophobic society overall. The gay choice being absent was surely no accident.
    But on the positive side, they are taking another look at themselves and trying to be more openminded.

    We live in a world going through a major shift right now about being gay, same as the sixties were a major shift in acknowledging black people were in no way inferior to white people over here in America.
    While surely Nintendo wanted to make no statement of the world, they are a public company and games, just like books and movies, are statements to the times we live in and what is accepted whether you like it or not.
    It shouldn't be censored when people put their views, even poor ones, in their products, but you choose to be a bigot expect to be ridiculed for it.

    I can guarantee any of the people who dismissed having a gay choice in the game didn't matter never lost a job or got beat up for simply being who they are and had broader society acting as if they either didn't exist or should be shunned or shamed.
    Let them patch the thing and everyone move forward with our lives. But again, my point is good on you, Nintendo. You're doing the right thing looking to correct the slight in the future.
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