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  • The pre-patch Evil Within we hope you'll never play

  • danger.to.others 21/10/2014

    This won't become the norm. The more games do this, unfinished on disc, the more people without internet will (or should) return it for a refund. They'll lose money. And losing money is the greatest motivation to not get sloppy.
    Gamers have a long memory when you abuse them. As pointed out, look at Microsoft still struggling with it's reputation.

    As always, vote with your wallet and, such as this article, call out those who are unprofessional to continue to rush out buggy games. Let us never become like the people who unwisely think you should be silent and just accept it, though. Time has proven if you make enough noise, they will change their ways. Or in this case, do their job, rather than be incompetent hacks.

    Far as an online future, I thought we were already there. I also didn't think it was being always online that got so many people sick of Microsoft. I believed it to be the mandatory 24 hour check in, the inability to share a game you bought, the forced Kinect use and useless, stupid nuisances such as watching TV and skyping while gaming.
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  • Two discs "wasn't practical" for Halo: Master Chief Collection

  • danger.to.others 21/10/2014

    "The Xbox One platform continues to improve and mature, arguably faster and more meaningfully than others and maybe...."

    Microsoft walks over and pats his head. "Who's a good doggie? Who's a good boy? Here's a cookie, my pet."

    Speaking pf improving and maturing, nothing is moreso than to throw a dig at another console when backed into a corner over what you're doing and had nothing to do with bringing them up at all.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with COD: Advanced Warfare multiplayer

  • danger.to.others 18/10/2014

    @TheIce Are you one of those same types who 3D doesn't work with your eyes either?
    Because even in the screenshots in the article you linked I can still see the difference in clarity, let alone I've always seen it myself on my own TVs.

    It's funny how you would state that people who can see a difference must have a "crappy entertainment system."
    Never occurred to you that perhaps you have the poor set up, did it? In fact, I can't wrap my head around the logic of poor set ups seeing the difference.
    I've often wondered if the people who can't see resolution differences are the same people who have the sharpness and other image altering features cranked on their TV's and think it looks fantastic that way.

    While 900p is perfectly playable, it's not so much about number crunching as it is the principle.
    For a company to gimp the quality on any level so it's equal to a lesser quality competitor is a slap in the face to every consumer who smartly bought the superior product only to have it dumbed down.
    It doesn't matter if it's slight. It's still being held back. And if you're going to hold back, then expect your more informed consumers to cry foul and let it be known they are aware and unhappy about it.
    I promise you, whenever consumers are vocally unhappy, the corporations are listening and it's the only thing that effects change in the future.
    If you just sit back and take whatever people will give you, they'll never give their all. Why should they if everyone silently laps it up?
    Justified dissent is always a good thing, no matter what the subject, big or small.
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  • Shadow of Mordor is wise to focus on the baddies

  • danger.to.others 09/10/2014

    @Dreamw4lk3r You got negged into oblivion for it, but I agree.
    I like Shadow a lot, it's good fun....but it's true everything it apes from the AC series ACIV did better and all previews suggest Unity will also do better.
    The personality and humor are the strongest points to Mordor, and it's gameplay is good....but not quite as good.

    I have to wonder if any of the developers of Burnout Revenge get a tiny surge of irritation when Shadow Of Mordor gets so much praise of the Nemesis system when it's lifted right from that Burnout game and applied to Orcs instead of other racers.
    Which there's nothing wrong with taking it and using it. All games take. I'm more curious how people who came up with it beforehand and see all credit go to someone else feel about it that credit being placed where it is.
    Or, hey, for all I know people who worked on Burnout: Revenge might have worked on this game, the way developers play musical chairs with what company they work at game to game.

    But yes, Shadows is a fine game and worth owning.
    But it is inferior to it's influences. Though I have a lot of faith a sequel could really be something special.
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  • Halo 2: Anniversary campaign isn't quite 1080p, Microsoft confirms

  • danger.to.others 07/10/2014

    @Deckard1 Your balls have literally imploded? For your sake, I hope you don't know what the word literally means. Reply +4
  • Assassin's Creed: Unity takes a daring leap back to the series' origins

  • danger.to.others 06/10/2014

    That is going to mess with my mind.
    Playing Shadows Of Mordor constantly right now and the crouch/stealth button on my PS4 is the right trigger held down. AC Unity that same function....is on the left trigger.

    I see some funny whoops-wrong-button gameplay videos coming in my future.
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  • Face-Off: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

  • danger.to.others 04/10/2014

    I'm curious if the pop in is as bad on other versions as it is on PS4. It's pretty excessive. Easily the most pop in (of entire castles and trees) I've seen on any PS4 game.
    Yet I've seen no mention of it interviews or now a tech piece. Curious, since it isn't slight. Not gamebreaking and something we're all used to seeing on PS3/360, but odd to not be given any mention when it's so much moreso than any other titles on the new gen.
    That and all the sites who say the AI is impressive (I don't believe Eurogamer was one, but not certain). No, it's not. Like the pop in, it's hands down the worst AI seen on PS4 and harkens back to the PS2/Xbox days. Playable, but a huge step back from coming off Watch_Dogs and their AI.
    Alas, AI is like pop in bearing no mentioned in this tech article. Am I wrong in thinking it should be, especially when it's so noticeably poor?

    The game is still fun, but for the people who read the articles because money's tight and they want to evaluate if it's a game worth getting now or later, these seem important details they would like to be aware of. This is not the next gen higher bar of quality some reviews have suspiciously overhyped it to be.
    Feels like PS3/360 was it's primary target and the game is then boosted here and there visually. Still nowhere near as good looking in it's details as ACIV and that was a launch game with an even more open world (with far superior AI and minimal pop in, as well).
    For similar gameplay, all signs point to AC Unity being the far more advanced title coming. I'm lucky enough to afford both and in those cases of having the money to burn Mordor is absolutely worth playing.
    But if income is tighter and it's one or the other.....wait. They'd have to drop the ball in AC3 proportions for Unity to not beat Mordor in every type of way.
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  • Video: Why there's no Lord of the Rings in Shadow of Mordor's title

  • danger.to.others 03/10/2014

    I didn't have the game during the review, so I'll just throw out my quick opinion (no spoilers) on the game here, to help out any on the fence and tight on money people. Why not?

    I'm playing it on PS4. It has a decent amount of pop in, enough to stay noticeable even while concentrating on what you're doing.
    So far, about 7 hours in, the story is pretty minimal. Typical videogame plot of just a reason why you're doing what you're doing, yet nothing to invest you like a Dragon's Age or Mass Effect would.
    The wasteland is pretty boring looking. Every base looks the same and the respawn on enemies is immediate. By immediate, I mean clearing out the area around you, walking forward maybe five steps and if you turn around the base is refilled again.
    5 steps! Not even rounding a corner!
    It's got a sort of old style feel to it in it's layout as a whole.
    Toppin it off, the AI is pretty bad. Like Ork is 20 feet away from me with a clear view and he gives up looking for me after his friend next to him died 10 seconds ago bad. Very Xbox/PS2 era Splinter Cell intellect on those bad guys.
    The acting and personalities are well done and the gameplay and controls are excellent (though the camera is bad at times, just like an Assassin's Creed game) and many of the forts are well laid out for stalking. It's brutal and plenty of animations and....most important....it's simply fun to kill.
    While they are braindead, they make up for it in both sheer numbers and variety of enemy that you need to use different techniques to take out, so you can't mindlessly hack them all.
    And there are tons of leveling up unlocks that keep the game improving and the farther you go into it the more fun it gets.
    This is one of those few games where I'd do something so cool looking it makes me laugh and call someone in to watch me so we can both cheer.
    Despite the negatives, this is the most fun I've had massacring people since GTA5.
    The graphics aren't bad, but they aren't great either. They get the job done. (the one thing that is outstanding are the Orks. They look like those bad guys from Fifth Element.)
    Again, don't get it for the story, this is all about the gameplay and the gameplay alone. And if you had to choose, I'd wait and get Assassin's Creed Unity over this, as it looks like it'll be a tad deeper and definitely more varied in it's world.
    But if you have the money, this is a good game worth playing if you like AC and Batman style games.

    Though it isn't quite as good as either of those two.

    Hope that helps any people on the fence trying to gather honest experiences to evaluate by. I know I am off topic putting it here....but I don't care.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain reveals adorable pet dog

  • danger.to.others 22/09/2014

    I'm impressed. I expected a big backlash and mocking of the game in the thread over the dog.
    Of course, we had a monkey in a diaper with a cigarette and caffeine addiction last real go around, so the MGS fan can roll with it.
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  • Watch Dogs: Bad Blood shows off its new tricks

  • danger.to.others 15/09/2014

    Everybody always pounces on this game.
    I understand if these types of games aren't your thing (though if they aren't, why'd you buy/rent it?) and everyone is entitled to their opinion, but here's mine.
    I love it. Was it the best open world game ever created? No. But that doesn't make it bad. Every game that comes out can't be the new greatest it's type has ever seen before and Watch_Dogs seems to get unfairly held up to it should be of a second-coming of gaming that other games aren't held up to.
    I don't know if it was hype and overactive imaginations, but it's all a bit silly. Judged on what it is, not some vague idea some people think it should be, this was a great, high quality game (at least on my PS4).
    People in threads for Watch_Dogs articles tend to sound more like they're personally burned out in general as opposed to the quality of the game itself.
    While the graphics might not have been those in that long ago trailer, they are still good.
    Story itself was weak, but the gameplay, controls, animations were all pretty great and on my PS4 the AI seemed like the best I've ever seen in an open world game.
    If you don't like it, you don't like it. But calling it horrible or one of the worst games to come out in a while is extreme and unjustified. This is fun for stealth lovers. (maybe the people who hate it all played it like Grand Theft Auto?)
    I had a lot of fun with it and I'm definitely on board for a sequel.
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  • Teens react to the NES

  • danger.to.others 08/09/2014

    I'm so old. Reply +2
  • PlayStation 4 themes coming in next system update

  • danger.to.others 02/09/2014

    Only thing left missing for me is MP3 playback. Reply 0
  • Saints Row 4 gets standalone expansion Gat out of Hell

  • danger.to.others 30/08/2014

    They'll have their work cut out for them making it up to PS4/XB1 standards.
    I waited and got SR4 late, about three months ago. But I was a big fan of the old Saints.
    I heard all the praise and I don't fear change, I understood going in it was like Crackdown with some Prototype on acid and was excited.

    Now I'm confused by the praise.

    The game is funny here and there, but nowhere near as funny as Saints 2 and 3. (especially 2)
    And the game was a glitchy mess, with crashing framerates, pop up galore beyond any other game and tons of clipping.
    The story, while not too important in a Saints game, was a complete mess tone-wise.
    And you become so invincible so early, there is zero challenge. Trying to play co-op is a nightmare to stay in the same area as your friend when you can run faster than any car and jump the distance of a few buildings.

    For the Saints series, this was a low point quality wise, I'm not putting down the superhero angle (although I did prefer the GTA on steroids of the past games).
    This was a ton of gameplay mechanics tossed in and seemingly not bug tested. Yet going in I only saw praise of this being one of the best games of the year.
    No. No, it's not.

    What the hell happened to Volition?
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  • Assassin's Creed: Unity delayed by two weeks

  • danger.to.others 28/08/2014

    Whew. Gives me a bit longer with Shadows Of Mordor. Reply 0
  • PlayStation Network returns online following DDOS attack

  • danger.to.others 26/08/2014

    Anonymous, where nearly all who use it's name are political activists, must really love when these teenage punks claim to be a part of it to disrupt video games.
    Yes, yes. I know. Technically there is no Anonymous, so anyone can say they're a part of it. Of course....a part of what? It's an idea, not a group. And I don't recall the idea ever being stopping online gaming.

    Who are these inbreds who think Sony is so greedy when their competitor is Microsoft? I stopped supporting Microsoft because they nickel and dime everything to death, while Sony has outstanding sales and treat people well, as far as corporations to consumers go.

    Let alone the fact there are so many more serious corruptions going on in the world, that a person with a talent for hacking could tackle.
    Leave Sony alone. Let us play. If we don't like it, we can decide for ourselves and stop using it, you egotistical brat hackers.
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  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare not coming to Wii U

  • danger.to.others 21/08/2014

    Once you've lost Call Of Duty, you have truly lost all hope in third party support. Reply +3
  • Performance Analysis: Diablo 3 at 1080p on Xbox One

  • danger.to.others 19/08/2014

    It's fairly obvious why Microsoft is gung-ho on 1080p or bust. They think the average gamer is stupid and all they know is resolution (and maybe they are stupid, I have no idea), so they need those numbers to read the same in articles that are less detailed than a Digital Foundry type deal.

    While 720p and 1080p are significant differences, once you're talking 900p it's not really a big deal, at least not to me. It's so slight on the eyes, that's just nitpicking to start a fight.
    But a message I hope any console would hear, and I'm sure others said this (I didn't read the thread), but while I do want you to shoot for as high a resolution as you can, always choose a locked as-high-as-possible frame rate first.
    Hell, even on my PS4, if you need to go down to 720p, but it gives a locked 60 frames....go 720p! Every time.
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  • Xbox boss Phil Spencer makes case for Tomb Raider exclusivity deal

  • danger.to.others 18/08/2014

    Phil Spencer is so full of shit, it's boggling.
    Even by corporate people and salesmen, he's a whole other level.
    And he dodged the question. Lots of double speak politician talk without ever actually saying how taking a game that was coming to his system already and could still have promoted it anyway he wanted (Ads, console bundle, etc.) without blocking it from other systems was a good thing for the industry and gamers.
    Which, correct me if I'm wrong, that was why it was seen as such a bad move by many, to take a multi-release title and simply pay it off to block it. That's the whole part people took issue with, did they not?

    Not that it matters. I'll just buy it in the spring/summer on my PS4.
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  • Ninja Theory: Don't call Hellblade Heavenly Sword 2

  • danger.to.others 18/08/2014

    I find it hard to believe it'll be shorter than Heavenly Sword. That was a three and a half hour game.

    And you can keep pushing them about it being a spiritual successor to Heavenly Sword (I agree it probably is), but they can never say so for legal reasons.
    The Heavenly Sword name is owned by Sony, not Ninja Theory. They can't make anything related to it, not actually saying so, without getting stopped in their development tracks.
    So it's deny, deny, deny. But with a wink to it's audience, of course.
    I have no problem with that. It's like how that Megaman sequel isn't a Megaman sequel.
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  • Why Silent Hill 2 is still the most disturbing game ever made

  • danger.to.others 17/08/2014

    This article hits the nail on the head. Like you read my mind, I agree with you, Mr. Whitehead, 100%.

    Also, Konami would likely make a tidy profit doing a remake of Silent Hill 1 with today's graphics.
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  • Snake moves with the times, Lara doesn't

  • danger.to.others 16/08/2014

    Given the backlash of how many people screamed bloody murder and declared how snatching up Tomb Raider made many of them want an Xbox One even less and even some declaring they'll skip Tomb Raider now even when it does release elsewhere....I would think that would be the thing that would make any developer/publisher think twice about just taking the money for that exclusive deal.
    I realize the internet doesn't represent all consumers in gaming, but it does represent it's most dedicated ones. And from at least what I saw in reaction all over the place, the Tomb Raider deal seemed to have backfired in reaction.
    Microsoft wanted excitement and incentive to buy their console. But the consensus I saw was it turned off even a large amount of people who were on the fence and thinking about getting one eventually.

    It'll be interesting to see how Tomb Raider sells on PS4. Whether it was all talk or truly taking a stance against these deals.
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  • Performance Analysis: Metro Redux

  • danger.to.others 16/08/2014

    Good news for all on Metro.

    Thought it was interesting how it's said in the article that 60fps is a game changer.
    Is my memory wrong? Wasn't it Mr. Leadbetter, I think it was during the Tomb Raider Definitive time and the debate over PS4 and XB1 versions, that he went on about how 60 isn't necessarily that great, that 30 frames is the ideal?

    Apologies if I've got the facts wrong. But if I've got them right.....interesting how the mind of Mr. Leadbetter suddenly changed when a game came along where Xbox could finally join the 60fps party.
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  • P.T. is more than a teaser - it's a great game in its own right

  • danger.to.others 15/08/2014

    I love horror, games and movies, all types, and am a big fan of Kojima. Always liked Silent Hill (and likely I'm in a minority thinking Downpour was great)....yet this PT.....man, did I have a different experience than the article.

    Not knowing what to do or where to go wasn't fascinating in any capacity. It was annoying. For a while it started with just re-walking through the hall over and over with some slight shift happening. I like the vibe, but not the layout.
    The cockroaches and crying baby and creepy lady....all good stuff. But the walking through the hall over and over with no interaction and then the door not opening sometimes and I'm stuck standing around with nowhere to go and nothing to see until it magically decides to open....not fun.
    But the pinnacle was when I reached a point and no doors would open and there was nowhere to go for good. I was just stuck in the hall. After about 15 minutes of thinking I must be missing something and looking over everything, I finally deleted it.

    I have faith in a Silent Hill game by Kojima and Del Toro, but this viral thing was a waste of time. Anyone who hasn't downloaded yet, save yourself the bother. I'm sure someone will have a video on youtube showing you any creepy parts and save you the tedious walking through the same hall over and over and over....and then locked in it!
    Maybe I'm too old, not cool enough to understand viral stuff.....because this was stupid to me.
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  • Ubisoft: only "vocal minority" complains about number of Assassin's Creed games

  • danger.to.others 15/08/2014

    I understand and encourage complaining long and loud when games come out shoddy, like Skyrim PS3 or even AC3, which was a mess at launch on a technical level.
    But people who complain about a game coming out annually.....especially given that both AC and Call Of Duty are made up in way that different developers work on different things in such a schedule that no game is rushed out in a year, the titles simply finish in a pattern that gets one a year on shelves...unless the game is broken, what's the complaint?
    You're burned out? Well, that sounds like your own fault. Just skip the title and get something else. Me, I play both those series, but not only those series. I play a wide variety of games and once a year is still a FULL YEAR apart.
    Life is short, as long as the quality is there (and for the most part other than some bits and pieces here and there, it has been) I am more than happy to get more games sooner rather than later.

    As long as you don't make a rushed mess like AC3, Ubi, I'm there. If they're well made, I'm not tired of them at all. I love them. Play them all start to finish and plan on getting both Unity and Rogue...though I'll hold off because like many I believe Rogue will come to PS4 next year around spring or summer.

    But sales prove Ubi is right that those that complain about annual games are a vocal minority not having any impact on sales.
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  • Assassin's Creed Unity is more than meets the Eagle's eye

  • danger.to.others 13/08/2014

    @jabberwocky They did. It's called Assassin's Creed: Rogue. Reply +1
  • Microsoft confirms Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox exclusivity deal "has a duration"

  • danger.to.others 13/08/2014

    So, six months and then free to unleash the PS4 version. Though I predict they'll hold off till xmas time of 2016. Let's see how psychic I end up to be. Reply +4
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider exclusive to Xbox One

  • danger.to.others 12/08/2014

    Good job, Crystal and Square. I'm a big fan of Tomb, bought them all the day they came out.....I even bought a full priced PS4 TR double dip, despite buying a PS3 TR on day one.
    I was a guaranteed sale. Guess no Tomb for me then, because nothing will ever get me to buy an Xbox.
    But it's more your loss than mine. You had my money on this coming game and future ones. But who knows, having to skip this next one I might lose interest in future ones. Time will tell. Hope Microsoft paid you enough.
    You likely got a huge payday for this title, but will it be worth it if there are more like me, loyal paying customers you could potentially lose in the future?
    Though I will say this to Microsoft: Smart. A smart choice in exclusives. If you weren't everything I despise in a corporation I would have gotten an XB1.

    Yes, yes, if it sounds like I'm hurt, I am! I was really looking forward to this game. I think this might be the only time I could actually say a game not coming hurt.
    Oh well, it's a business, I'll play other things.

    That said, I still wonder if it doesn't eventually come to PS4 eventually, even if it takes a while, ala Mass Effect.
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  • Sleeping Dogs for PS4 and Xbox One spotted on Amazon

  • danger.to.others 08/08/2014

    What's the big deal about the price? If it's too high, you just wait for it to drop. Nobody is forcing you to pay day one prices.
    I guess I'm the only one who is glad they're doing this. I thought Sleeping Dogs was great. I'll gladly play it again running better.
    I don't want to see every game get "remastered", but Sleeping Dogs is worthy of the treatment. Just as Last Of Us and Tomb Raider were. So far, it's been good choices to do this with.
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  • Bayonetta 2 is a sequel to savour

  • danger.to.others 08/08/2014

    I give it a year or less till it's ported over to PS4/XB1. Maybe 360/PS3. No way it can sell well enough on only WiiU. Reply -19
  • Twitch vows: we won't bring audio recognition to live streams

  • danger.to.others 08/08/2014

    Am I the only one who thinks it's strange and funny to hear the the head of a multi-million dollar operation speaking on the record say "That is our bad."
    Not the apology, but the words used. Is this a professional....or a spring breaker?
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  • Sony is being sued for Killzone failing to deliver "native 1080p" multiplayer

  • danger.to.others 07/08/2014

    "Everything's blurry!" screams the ambulance chaser.
    The Aliens game deserved a case for false advertising. Battlefield deserved a case. But this....this is an overreach.
    A greedy, greedy overreach.
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  • Assassin's Creed Unity reveals new female character

  • danger.to.others 29/07/2014

    I'm really surprised the media (because the only ones who had an "issue" with no female assassin in this year's Creed was the so-called journalists of the various mainstream game sites) didn't let this go quietly after embarrassing themselves trying to pick on this one game over such a petty, manufactured problem.
    Yet here we are, Eurogamer still poking the hornet's nest to see if they can rile up any last bit of "outrage" about no playable woman in this one particular game any time they can, even when reporting on how one of the characters in the game is a female getting her own statue and a novel written on her.
    Though just by my commenting got you a click and helped build ad revenue prices. So your only true goal was achieved, Eurogamer.

    Keep on ignoring them, Ubisoft. Most the public know what an idiotic attempt at controversy this was, particularly attacking one of the most diverse companies both in employees and games in the industry.
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  • Dragon Age: Inquisition's release date pushed back over a month

  • danger.to.others 23/07/2014

    It's not for a month of polishing. It's being the one who backed down over the same day release of Dragon's Age and Shadows Of Mordor. Reply +4
  • Battlefield turned Payday 2 designer starts new indie studio

  • danger.to.others 15/07/2014

    Maybe he was just in a mood, but....not his actions but his attitude, he sounds like an egomaniac.
    Prove me wrong with future games, my man. I could be wrong, it's just an initial impression.
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  • Former Valve contributor and VR specialist warns against the tech's future

  • danger.to.others 15/07/2014

    The amount of people who play MMORPG's is large enough for corporations to make millions off of, but they certainly don't make up any meaningful number of people overall.
    They are still a small, hardcore group as far as how many other people are in the world. Even if every one of them took to VR (which I don't see happening), it won't change the world in general. They're already hooked to the Matrix, happily wasting away their hours and getting developers paid.

    Gieson tries the old reverse psychology trick of claiming to not be something when he is when he said "[it's not some] scary vague futuristic concept that I decided to be scared about after reading too much cyberpunk books."
    Yes, it is. You are being paranoid over how large an impact it will have. Your heart is in the right place, but your head is a bit off. (Which I have sympathy for, I've spent much of my own life that way.)

    It always amuses me how often people will panic and cry doom and gloom over non-issues, while be perfectly fine with economic collapse, invasions and global warming.
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  • Watch Dogs has shipped over 8 million units

  • danger.to.others 11/07/2014

    They didn't even need to use the manipulation of saying shipped totals. It's sold just barely shy of 5 million so far and that's impressive on it's own.

    I wasn't that impressed in the first hour or so of playing. But as I got deeper, (playing the PS4 version), it's all the little things I like.
    Some of the crazy, random conversations the public have. The AI, which is always fun in an Ubisoft game when they're unscripted, did some surprising and smart reactions beyond what I see in other open worlds.
    When racing in cars, noticing how few the pop up or framerate problems are. That when the explosions are going off everywhere, the game doesn't chug. (Well, sometimes it did, but much more rare than nearly all open world games up to this point.)
    Story could use some help, be made a bit more in depth next time, but the missions are fun.
    It's basically Splinter Cell in an open world with car chases added.

    I only post this in a counter to the trendy "this game sucks" comments that always seem to sound like they come from the super jaded. I think it's great.
    Like I said, give it a better story, up those graphics a tad and you have something really special.
    So I'm happy at the thought of a sequel. You don't like it, don't buy it. But I'll buy 2 going off how much I like this first one.
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  • Sniper Elite 3 blasts through second week as UK number one

  • danger.to.others 07/07/2014

    Good for Sniper! 3 is by far the best in the series by a longshot....pun not intended.
    I liked them all, but they were more rentals. This one's a buy.
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  • Cliff Bleszinski starts studio with Guerrilla Games co-founder

  • danger.to.others 05/07/2014

    If you're taking a poll, put me down as thinking that's a stupid company name. Reply -1
  • Suda 51 defends Killer is Dead's controversial "Gigolo Mode"

  • danger.to.others 05/07/2014

    Other than a couple mainstream game sites, I don't recall anyone having any bigger a reaction to Gigolo mode than either a roll of the eyes or a bit of a laugh and moving on.
    It was a media created controversy and a minimal one at that. The public wasn't outraged. (Which usually how it goes with entertainment)

    What is amusing to me is anyone pretending to be shocked or offended at the idea that if you buy things for some women, they'll sleep with you.
    Are we all pretending that's not true?
    Also, both men and women, are we trying to pretend we don't try to sneak a look at those we find to have attractive bodies without them catching us? Like we don't all do that at certain points with certain people?
    The game was kidding around, but it was a joke about something with a layer of truth taken over the top.

    But I guess by the Eurogamer staff's standards, I'm a sexist for seeing the world for how they really are (as well as I said both men AND women do it).

    My wife thought it was a hilarious mini-game. But then she thinks the Eurogamer sexist brigade have their heads up their @$$.
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  • Advanced Warfare is COD's biggest technological leap since Call of Duty 2

  • danger.to.others 03/07/2014

    This is exactly why developers don't want to release trailers or demos anymore until a game is finished.
    Because if they show anything early, people like Digital Foundry tear it apart, giving the impression people should expect bad things in the final product despite this being an early look.
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  • Suda 51 details his upcoming "survival action" brawler Let it Die

  • danger.to.others 03/07/2014

    If I can't brutally beat a woman to death, then that's simply not right....? Reply +2
  • Report: Murdered: Soul Suspect dev Airtight closes down

  • danger.to.others 03/07/2014

    They made Dark Void. Maybe they deserved to lose their job. Reply -15
  • Lindsay Lohan sues Rockstar over allegedly using her likeness

  • danger.to.others 03/07/2014

    Yeah, that'll help her with her career comeback. Saying that a spoiled brat with out of control ego must be her.
    I'll agree, she's a bitch. But this case will be thrown out faster than I threw this girl out of my car in the game.
    No, this isn't Lohan. This is a bunch of those airhead bimbo singers and actresses of Hollywood. Lohan falls into the group though.
    All this genius has accomplished with this dead lawsuit will be even more people laughing at her than would have.
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  • Face-Off: Outlast

  • danger.to.others 29/06/2014

    This seems a strange choice in facing off.
    The game is no visual stunner. It looks like a last gen game in higher resolution. Doesn't seem too challenging to get it equal across the board when the quality was only adequate to begin with.
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  • Sniper Elite 3 has a 10GB day one patch on Xbox One

  • danger.to.others 23/06/2014

    Interesting to see so many in the thread blame the developer as opposed to what's going on in Microsoft's console for the patch, given that their version is the only one requiring such a size.
    But it's not like we're in the 90's on dial up. This is a lot of crying over nothing. Boo hoo, you can't play your game THIS VERY SECOND.
    Not like it's giving you this size patch every time you boot up. For f**k's sake, take a Ritalin and go make yourself a sandwich. Come back when you're done and play.
    Me, I'm grateful to live in a time when my games can be improved instead of stuck with any bugs it may have had.

    Everyone else may complain, I'd like to throw my arm around Rebellion and say, "Thanks, buddy. Thank you for caring to make your game better instead of just throwing it out there."
    Because they aren't required to fix anything. They could just take the money and leave us to our glitches and compatibility problems.
    Eurogamer tried to make an issue out of nothing and it worked.

    And I still saw a handful of people so concerned over hard drive space. *roll eyes*
    Unless you play without an internet connection, but I'll assume those talking about it in an online thread do, you simply delete an old game and if you ever return to it, simply reinstall.
    At 500 gigs, you'll still keep roughly 15 to 16 retail sized games at a time on the drive. And you're a liar if you tell me you play more than 15 full sized retail games at the same time.
    But hey, if you're so paranoid you feel if it's not sitting on your drive it'll somehow vanish and not be owned, there's always PC gaming for you.
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  • Editor's blog: I am sexist

  • danger.to.others 20/06/2014

    Saying women you date in GTAIV nag isn't sexist. It's accurate.
    You aren't proclaiming all the female species everywhere are nags. And within the the game world, the way it's programed, yes, they nag.
    Taken further, saying there are women who nag isn't sexist. They are out there. I've met quite a few! Rockstar is just laughing at how some are.

    Looking at the Red Dead achievement, don't you think it was laying a woman on the tracks as a nod to countless old Western movies where the villion did that? And always to a women?
    That doesn't make it sexist. It's a tribute with a smirk, as Rockstar does, in this case to old movies that this particular game is based off of.

    I don't know what this hyper guilt over sexism is that's bouncing around in your head, Mr. Bramwell, but it does seem like you're searching for it and just seeing it everywhere.
    There's nothing wrong in wanting to fight sexism where it truly exists, but you're seeing things that aren't there.

    Just like that other article on Assassin's Creed, thinking it sexist to not play choosing any sex in the new game from a company who's games have supported more diverse characters, both in race and sex, than nearly anyone else in the game industry.
    As well as the game you chose to pick on is being headed by Jade Raymond, a strong minded successful woman, makes it seem all the sillier.
    Really, and I mean this in the nicest way possible, it comes across more like you have some serious hang ups ... [a few words removed -Bertie] more than how much actual sexism is going on in games, especially these days.
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  • E3 2014: the relaunch of brand Xbox One

  • danger.to.others 18/06/2014

    Seems Microsoft wants to go the Nintendo route of just taking a few titles and endlessly making sequels to them. (Halo, Forza, Fable).
    Sequels are fine, everyone does them, but what I've always appreciated with Sony's first parties were that, yes, they make sequels to all the big stuff, but they also constantly come out with new IP.
    And Microsoft....if they don't go for new IP, does anyone believe Fable, Forza or even Halo can have the endurance of Nintendo's titles?

    I've always owned all the consoles all my life and keep looking for a reason to get XB1. Still not finding one. PS4 has me covered.
    And I would get an XB1 in a heartbeat if there was reason. I've got the money, time and I love games.

    And Spencer, I know I'm not alone in rolling my eyes with this guy. He is the stereotype car salesman, doesn't come off sincere whatsoever. They seem to just clone executives over at Microsoft.

    To each their own. And I know plenty would argue there aren't as many exclusives on PS4 this holiday. But that's shortsighted, as a few will arrive within a month or two into 2015. They are coming, and they are much more interesting titles to me than another Halo.

    Give me something, Xbox. I'm sitting here, wanting to give you my money.
    But not for free. You have to earn it.
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  • Sleeping Dogs HD spotted for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

  • danger.to.others 17/06/2014

    Is this the new form of advertising, listing a game at a site, then lifting it and getting other sites to talk about that happening?
    Because it seems to happen far too often in the last couple years to really be slip ups.
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  • Face-Off: Murdered: Soul Suspect

  • danger.to.others 15/06/2014

    While I agree locked framerates are better, but I only agree if you can lock them somewhat high (30 is too low, but locking in at 45 or 50 would work instead of wavering between 45 and 60) in this case I think I'd rather have tearing in cutscenes and higher frames in gameplay, than to lock the whole thing much lower.

    It's funny, this is a case where each preference, unlocked with screen tear in cutscenes or locked 30 and no/little tears both have merit, but no matter which one a person says they'd prefer, you know most of the opposite preference will call the other fanboys and call it a day depending which console had which set up.
    Meanwhile many PC players will come in, nose in the air and scoff at the entire discussion, apparently showing up to reinforce their superiority complex.

    But I stand by, for me, in a video game it's better to have a higher framerate if any performance irregularities hit only during cutscenes.
    It is interesting to watch different game threads switch between gameplay being most important to needing even the movies to be consistant to the gameplay.
    Must drive developers nuts.
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  • "See those mountains?"

  • danger.to.others 14/06/2014

    Sounds like someone's burned themselves out on Ubisoft.
    One second the article comments the importance for there to be things to do in that open world, not have it be just space, but then knocks Ubi by questioning "fixated with controlling the map, section by section - screwing around with guard towers and then cleaning up all the nearby quest icons. Are you exploring these spaces, or are you just lawnmowing them?"
    Knocked for giving you activities.
    For me, Ubi fills up the map with more than enough stuff to do outside of the main story. Some complain they offer too much, but that's an invalid complaint, seeing as how they are side activities not required that you can choose to ignore.
    Sure, there's a structure, such as taking out towers, but what are you asking? A game that is unstructured and free for all, yet filled with activities? That makes no sense. Unless you want all games to be Minecraft.
    Every game has a structure to it (except Minecraft). Even Skyrim, the most open of open worlds, is structured.

    And then Watch_Dogs. What you call blandness I call impressively lifelike. I don't want every game to be like that, the same as I don't want every game to be as goofy as Saints or medieval as Skyrim or Van Damme B movie-like as Just Cause.
    But for this game it works and I get a bigger rush of driving against traffic on the freeway or shooting down some cops than I do in, say GTA (a game I love), because it feels more real.
    GTA still has that sort of hyper violent comic book feel (not a knock, again, I love it, but it's a different feel).
    When I go on a spree and the cops respond, Watch_Dogs feels much closer to real (yes, I know not completely, but more than other games) and I like that. I like that release.
    Any open world will be bland if the gamer is unimaginative. The thing with open worlds is the main stories are linear, the open world is what you do on your way to starting that next mission and the ways you choose to rile things up or explore what you can do.
    If you're someone who needs either more hand holding or is easily overwhelmed without a set list, any open world will likely bore you. Not because of the game itself, but because you couldn't figure out what you wanted to do, so you just drove to the next story mission.
    All that means is open worlds aren't for every type of gamer. It does not mean open world games themselves are the problem.

    It's even more bizarre, the anti-Ubisoft theme going on, where you knocked not just Watch_Dogs, but then threw a little jab at Assassin's Creed, insinuating they use the size of the city as the main grunt work for themselves, yet say it's okay to do that with Far Cry, since it's more fun and with explosions everywhere.
    What's strange about that is I would argue Far Cry, Watch_Dogs and Assassin's Creed are all the same structure, the only difference is in the stories told and weapons used and a couple moves individual to each series.
    Sure, you hop on an elephant in Far Cry, but you're still going in, taking out fortresses and unleashing havoc in between missions.
    If you don't like any of it, that's understood. It's not your preference. But liking one and not the others, while faulting them for things that are a part of the game you favor, that's inconsistant.

    I'm all for all types of games. I like my open worlds, I like my corridor, I like my puzzles. It's so trendy right now for the web to try to bad mouth the popular guy beyond legitimate reason, and Ubi is one of the popular guys right now, I thought I'd offer my support over what they're doing.
    Because no game is perfect, but all these open world series Ubi are doing, I buy them all and while some are better than others, all (except AC3) have been fun and taken dozens of hours of my life with each.
    Personally, I think they improve each time, none are a simple copy of the one before it. Give credit where it's do. We may have to wait another five years between Elder Scrolls or GTA releases. Ubi has amassed such a slick loadout spread among different developers they manage to consistently give great open world games.
    Even the much derided Watch_Dogs, I think it's excellent. Sure, I wish the graphics were a bit more in resolution since I have a great HDTV so the blurriness is noticable, but I could list complaints about any game ever released. What's there still controls well, has great gameplay, little to no pop up or screen tearing even when I'm being chased at five stars (I'm on the PS4 version) and well above average acting and personalities for it's characters.

    So after that anti-Ubi article, I've given a pro-Ubi response. For balance in the universe.
    Don't like it, don't play it. But I am grateful and impressed with how well Ubi's games keep coming out.

    My breakfast is done, gotta eat and go play some more Watch_Dogs.
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