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  • Batman: Arkham Knight launch sales beat Arkham City

  • danger.to.others 29/06/2015

    I'm more impressed that Grand Theft Auto 5 is still in the top ten! Reply 0
  • Apple is removing games with the Confederate flag from the App Store

  • danger.to.others 25/06/2015

    @snoox Or another perspective could be the intention of showing this shooter and other vile racists how much we as a society don't support or respect them or their views.
    Apple will come around. But their motives are motivated by the heart more than the head at the moment.
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  • danger.to.others 25/06/2015

    I know you're looking at this from the outside in, being Europe based.
    I'm in Texas over here in America. That "cultural heritage" shield they hide behind is a lie.
    While true that there is a meaning in the flag beyond slavery, that's not what it's used for.
    It's only being used for racists. I've not seen a single non-racist ever fly or support that flag. Racism is horrible here and that flag is nothing more than a swastika.
    Keep the war in history books and museums. Never forget the past.
    But it's unneeded among day to day public places. It simply empowers the bigots.

    That said, taking down the game that is teaching history is overreach. That was a bit silly. But make no mistake, the South was about slavery far more than any other smokescreen ideal.
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  • Bulletstorm dev People Can Fly regains independence

  • danger.to.others 24/06/2015

    Shouldn't the header read announces work on untitled game?
    Because if they announced they're working on a game, it's no longer an unannounced game.

    Or maybe I haven't fully woke up yet. When I first awake, my brain is like a pothead.
    Thoughts like "Do I control the AI or is the AI controlling me?"

    Anyway, People Can Fly games have a strange problem.
    While their gameplay tends to be well done, the storytelling and characters need a lot of work.
    Good luck to them. They are only a couple good dialogue writers away from greatness.
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  • Hitman's new features outlined in video

  • danger.to.others 16/06/2015

    @Paul_Denton Some think, and I think those people are likely right, they made 47 look younger and closer to the actor for the new Hitman movie.
    Other than that weird part, (it's not just being younger, the look on his face lacks that detatched, jaded feel of someone who's killed many people I thought they had down great with Absolution's character model)
    His face just feels off. Innocent. Maybe it's just me.
    Face aside, so far what I'm seeing as far as graphics and gameplay ideas, I know I'm in.
    Pre-order, here I come.
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  • Don't expect to see Crackdown, Quantum Break or Scalebound at E3

  • danger.to.others 12/06/2015

    I'm still confused why Crackdown is some highly anticipated title.
    The first game is perfectly average, not bad but not a classic, that was popular for coming with a Halo beta.
    Crackdown 2 was a flop.
    Somebody enlighten me. How did that become some exciting future title?
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  • Could this be the last year 'For the Players' is enough for PlayStation?

  • danger.to.others 12/06/2015

    Majority of gamers have always loved Playstation.
    Playstation One came out, took over. Playstation 2 is still the best selling console overall.
    It was Playstation 3's price tag that got others going over to 360 in particular. That and that year head start where there was no competition.
    Now PS4 is back on track and the gamers are back.
    And as far as the media trying to make it into a big deal about Xmas first party games, that's Sony. It's not new. Look back over the years, Sony has never bothered to hit Xmas with it's first parties.
    Sure, once and while a title might have hit, but it's pretty common for them to wait and come out in the Spring.
    That's part of why I favor them for my console needs these days. Like Nintendo, they will push a game back until it's ready, not rush it out buggy to make a deadline. They should be commended and encouraged for that, not skeptically questioned as if no games are coming.

    As far as the mystery of why a console maker would remain popular, the question is better aimed at Microsoft (and I'm sure it will be in another article in a few days).
    First, a console that came out and had only Halo as it's selling point until very late, when Fable arrived. (talking the first console, obviously. Which had some of the worst first party games in console history back then.)
    Then they rush out the 360 to get that year head start over Sony (who would close the gap and surpass them by the end of those consoles, after price cuts).
    In that rush, they shut off all support to the original console overnight. As well as the fact 360's were poorly made, ventilation-wise and we all suffered through the red ring years.
    To this day I don't know why In kept replacing my broken consoles instead of moving on.

    While the Xbox One is by far their best console of the three they've released, even it came out with the terrible idea of the Kinect led interface, all those rules they got backlash for AND having it's third parties all play at a lesser qulaity than the same game over on PS4.

    I used to buy all the consoles over the years. But you get older and have less time to play and only need one console as far as the hours allow.
    When making the choice between Xbox and Playstation, it was easy for me. Sony has been very consistent in it's level of quality and how it treats it's customers, while Microsoft is all over the map.
    Sometimes they do something right, but just as often they screw things up.
    My loyalty, if you want to call it that, to Sony simply stems from, in my experience, they've always been the company with the best working hardware console-wise and had the most first party games I want to play. Simple as that.
    And anyone who thinks there's no difference in 720p and 1080p....my condolences on your not yet upgrading to decent, modern TV.
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  • Oculus Touch is the Oculus Rift's future controller

  • danger.to.others 11/06/2015

    Controls are interesting. I could see how they could work well.
    But until any of the headsets can overcome people getting nausea or headaches and unable to comfortably play for longer than an hour or so, it won't matter how good the controller is.
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  • PS4 Ratchet & Clank's impressive new trailer

  • danger.to.others 10/06/2015

    Xmas comes in Spring. I'm going to be a happy gamer with Ratchet and Uncharted hitting early in the new year. Reply +1
  • Uwe Boll quits crowdfunding with expletive-laden tirade after third project fails

  • danger.to.others 08/06/2015

    I know Boll has plenty of terrible movies in his past, but he also has some pretty good ones.
    Personally, I thought Rampage 1 and 2 were great.

    Far as his tirades, hey, cut him some slack. Guy is frustrated and trying to work outside the industry. So he's going off. It's an interesting mixture of angry paranoia and some kernals of truth.
    His mistake has always been listening to self imposed movie snobs tear him apart.

    Like I said, his early movies are easy to be vicious about, but the guy is pretty good when he stays away from movies based on games.
    If nothing else, life is more fun with Boll in it than without. Cut the dude some slack.
    You don't like his movies, don't watch them. But I'll always respect that this is a guy who started off bad, had everyone telling him to stop, and he did it anyway, doing what he believed in.
    I admire his fighting spirit.

    Now let us commence with the rest of the people tearing him apart.
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  • Looks like Sony is readying a 1TB PlayStation 4

  • danger.to.others 02/06/2015

    @LordDemigod Luckily you can use an external drive for your saves, which I trust far more than cloud anyway. Reply 0
  • Video: Hands-on with Arkham Knight, Splatoon hype and cats - The Eurogamer Show

  • danger.to.others 30/05/2015

    @Foolish_Monkey There is no next one.
    I'm sure someone will make Batman, but this is Rocksteady's last one.
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  • Video: LGBTI characters in games are important

  • danger.to.others 30/05/2015

    @MattEvansC3 I was with you until you said Link was straight.
    If you think Link is straight, you are obviously insane.
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  • Need for Speed reboot requires online connection

  • danger.to.others 29/05/2015

    @Foolish_Monkey ...having kids.
    I'm still laughing as I tip my hat to you.
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight is another step away from the intimacy of Arkham Asylum

  • danger.to.others 28/05/2015

    Asylum is a great game. But so is City. I like that Rocksteady didn't just repeat themselves each sequel.
    We all know if they did a game just like Asylum (but with a different villian) most would complain why they haven't put more in and call it Asylum 1.5 and other nonsense. Some people can never be happy.

    Everything I've seen for Knight looks to take advantage of the new consoles (a game this big and detailed would never have been on PS3/360 wthout severe cuts) and each game is looking more and more like it'll be distinct enough from the other that all remain worth playing in the future.
    Unless Knight ends up fumbling in story or technically, Rocksteady still seem to be the best there is at Batman (and possibly anyone at third person action games).

    As a comic fan, I couldn't be more psyched for this. You can always replay Asylum, this is a new adventure on a grander scale, thanks to not being shackled by the old technology.
    Besides, none of the Batman's, including Asylum, were really what I'd call adventure games. Both Asylum and City had quiet spots for a puzzle that led into combat. A lot of combat.
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  • Assassin's Creed Syndicate will not have companion app, Ubisoft confirms

  • danger.to.others 28/05/2015

    I'm still sad to see the co-op go. Otherwise, sounds like all good choices in what's being omitted. Reply 0
  • The Mad Max game takes a different path to Fury Road

  • danger.to.others 27/05/2015

    Aoife Wilson seems obsessed with Furiosa. She's not in it, leave the poor Warner Brothers guy alone. Reply +1
  • Beneath Assassin's Creed Unity's bugs lurks a surprisingly human game

  • danger.to.others 25/05/2015

    I've always been really impressed with the AI in Ubisoft open world games.
    Just as the article has been impressed upon noticing the ridiculous level of detail in AI's dialogue and habits that most won't see with Unity, they do the same level of detail and script in Watch_Dogs and the last two Far Cry's.
    Sometimes I just hang out with unimportant background AI and get constantly surprised with the things they'll do and say.
    It really is incredible and something I never see them get credit for. Nice to see an article that let's me know I'm not the only one experiencing the amount of work script writers put into random conversations in these games.
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  • Lizard Squad teen pleads guilty to 23 charges of harassment

  • danger.to.others 22/05/2015

    @lone_wolf_uk Your wrong about it not being socio or psychos faults.
    They lack feeling empathy. But they absolutely comprehend right from wrong and are aware if their actions hurt people.
    Just because they don't care, it doesn't mean they can't control themselves.
    Unless you meant being in the middle of a complete psychotic break, which then you could argue they aren't in control.
    But truly in a break and commiting a crime is rare. Most know what they're doing is wrong.
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  • Microsoft's June Xbox update targets Windows app

  • danger.to.others 22/05/2015

    They put their importance on Kinect, texting while gaming and avatars. There is no mystery here why so many who had 360's went to PS4.
    It's just strange the way they dig in and embrace features most gamers make very clear they don't want.
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  • Dead Island dev dumps Hellraid development

  • danger.to.others 21/05/2015

    Dying Light is one of the glitchiest and poor framerate games on PS4.
    So I shudder to think how bad Hellraid was if even Techland managed to see lack of quality.
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  • Rockstar launches BBC lawsuit over Grand Theft Auto drama

  • danger.to.others 21/05/2015

    Lawsuits aside....Harry Potter as Sam Houser? Bill Paxton as Jack Thomson?
    Who the hell is casting this thing? Neither actor looks like who they're playing in the slightest.
    This whole thing sounds like a horrible movie. I can see why Rockstar don't want anything to do with it.
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  • Forget the fantasy, Life is Strange finds its soul in the real world

  • danger.to.others 21/05/2015

    Eurogamer is really showing it's lack of American knowledge in thinking it's inaccurate that kids in America are saying an "avalanche of hellas and biatches".
    They are. There are huge numbers who can't go three sentences without using one or the other of these words.

    Not that Eurogamer should know that, being based in, well, Europe. It simply struck me as unfair to knock DontNod for the dialogue when they have it right and you are wrong.
    Credit where it's do, it's common to find kids who speak like the kids in the game in America. They really do use all the slang and pop cuture references.
    Sure, not EVERYONE does it. But in my experience here in America, the majority do.

    Other than that, good article.

    Great game, especially for the price!
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  • Watch 10 minutes of God of War 3 Remastered's 1080p/60fps gameplay

  • danger.to.others 19/05/2015

    @KanevilPS It's not a complicated story. And if memory serves, I believe they recap in the beginning.
    I could be wrong though. It's been 5 years.
    Either way, even without a recap you'll catch up fine. Kratos wants to kill all the Gods. So that's what you do.
    GoW3 is one of the best hack and slash games ever made, so if you like that style, buy it. You'll love it.
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  • Oculus Rift won't block virtual reality porn

  • danger.to.others 19/05/2015

    Well...I suppose it's a good thing if the kind of people who would use this for porn will be using this instead of breeding.

    Ingenious method at population control.
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  • 3D Realms may reclaim the rights to Duke Nukem - report

  • danger.to.others 19/05/2015

    It's funny watching these company fight over a brand that no longer sells. Reply -3
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt review

  • danger.to.others 18/05/2015

    There are a lot of women wearing ludicrously revealing necklines in the game, you say?
    So then, it's just like how women dress now? You know the ones, with the push up bras and nipples barely covered who walk around moaning why men keep staring at their chests.
    Glad to see those types make a Witcher appearance.

    Also, if a guy beats his wife upon finding out she's cheating on him, yes, that does make me sympathetic for him.
    I don't condone it. But I have sympathy as to why he did it.

    Women aside, glad to see critics are saying the game is as good as I hoped it would be. I'll buy it....as soon as I finish Batman.
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  • Assassin's Creed: Syndicate launches 23rd October on PS4, Xbox One

  • danger.to.others 13/05/2015

    @Unholy_Witchcraft In Assassin's Creed you can turn off EVERYTHING.
    You can have only the things you want, including no maps or pop ups. It's right in the pause menu of every game, which makes your complaints meritless.
    The only thing you can't turn off is the abiltiy of eagle vision. But if tagging people bothers you so much, you do realize the missions work without you using it?
    Ubisoft's games give you more choice in whether you have your hand held or play with zero help more than any others.
    They even let you choose between a large amount of different dialects! The options are great.

    It's incredible how confused so many get, just like the ridiculous amount of people who complained about microtransactions in Unity, when the entire game could be played with purchasing nothing.
    (The target of the DLC was renters and the impatient.)
    I didn't spend a single cent on DLC in Unity, yet unlocked everything with millions of points to spare in the regular amount of playing.

    Ubisofts biggest fault within it's gaming systems (I'm not talking bugs or framerate, but the system of gameplay itself) is assuming the gamer is intelligent enough to understand this.
    The irony being people like you seem to need it dumbed down more, not less.
    Apparently, given the confused and invalid compliants (Why are they in such and such place but speaking English...that's so stupid! Um, no. You're the dummy that didn't go to the options and choose the language of that part of the world with subtitles, if that's your preference...etc.) the series recieves every year.

    Complaining about game freezes or glitches: legitimate.
    Complaining about optional help you turn off in the pause menu: nonsense.
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  • danger.to.others 13/05/2015

    @ubiquitousuk There's likely two reasons they haven't gone to London with Grand Theft Auto in the modern era.
    One being there is much more stupidity and anarchy ripe for satire within American culture, since it's so many of the world's cultures thrown in a blender and then thrown up into it's own unique mess.
    Which I don't mean to imply London doesn't have it's own interesting things to satire. More, I think they aren't done, constantly seeing more to ridicule in the states.

    Of course, the second and likely biggest reason is Rockstar knows which side of it's toast the butter is on. They stick to America so far (other than the one early England game) because that's where the largest amount of their sales come from.
    Personally, speaking as an American, I'd love for them to go to London with how they make games now. I wouldn't be surprised if Rockstar were scared of how many Americans not like me (which is roughly 90% of them) they'd lose.

    Anyway, this article-wise, I like Assassin's Creed and look forward to climbing up and jumping off of Big Ben.
    No sarcasm, I really do look forward to that.
    Really happy they're hitting that part of the world. Always been a big fan of the English way (be it vocabulary and politeness) that I'm sure to enjoy spending hours around.
    Again, to clarify, I'm not being sarcastic. I mean it. And the game shown within the trailer looks good so far.
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  • Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition gets a June release date

  • danger.to.others 13/05/2015

    People will bitch about anything.
    It's not as though new games aren't releasing. Hell, my upcoming list of things to get just for me on my PS4 is Witcher 3, then Batman, then Metal Gear, Deues Ex, Mad Max, Assassin's Creed, Just Cause 3 and others I'm probably forgetting off the top of my head.
    My gaming time is filled to the brim with new games. So what is the valid complaint to remakes?
    Key word being valid, as opposed to the sheep who like to hop on board whatever trendy train is going to join in hating things without legitimate reason.

    Remakes hurt no one, as companies aren't making them instead of new games. Rather, they are letting a small team put some love to it while the main part of the developers are making new stuff. You're simply getting more game choice.
    If you played it before, then don't buy it. Those who missed it or are new to gaming get a better running version.
    It's sad so many single digit IQ's exist that this needs to be explained. I'm surprised some of you can actually play a videogame, the unintelligence you demonstrate. You can figure out all these buttons to press and lack basic reasoning. Boggles the mind.

    You especially have no valid reason to complain about Devil May Cry 4, as it has been priced fairly.
    You get the game spruced up, new trophies and a chance to record yourself doing incredible things. If that's npot fun for you, skip it.
    Complaining creativity is dead and they're taking advantage of you somehow, that is the dialogue of an idiot.
    And why you morons are so desperate for attention you need to go to threads of games you obviously have no interest in for no other reason to complain without merit (don't get me wrong, valid complaints are important to be voiced) are pathetic.
    Spoiled brats desperate for love.

    For me, 25 dollars for this game is pretty good. If I'm inbetween games, I've always got room to go back to replay a good one.
    Maybe I will, maybe I won't (Witcher and Batman are going to have me pretty busy). But it's great to live in a time when we have so many choices in our entertainment.
    Capcom is doing a nice thing here. Do you really believe they'll make such a large profit off an old gasme like this? Sure, they likely won't lose money, but this is for the fans.
    They could easily have not bothered putting this out and be just fine with annual earnings. This won't be a boost that matters.

    Attack companies when they truly do wrong. But how about acknowledging when they do something right, as well? This is a quality release for those that don't mind slightly dated older games.
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  • Assassin's Creed: Syndicate will let you play as a woman - report

  • danger.to.others 12/05/2015

    I never liked multiplayer....until Unity. Me and the wife loved the co-op angle.
    So naturally, that's dying after only one game.
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  • Wolfenstein: The Old Blood review

  • danger.to.others 08/05/2015

    @agent55 It's a pre-quel, so you'll have no problem storywise.
    I'm about halfway through Old Blood and if you like Doom style shooters, buy this. It's old school style fun.
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  • Probably the bloodiest Witcher 3 trailer yet

  • danger.to.others 08/05/2015

    This beheaded to the top of my want list.

    Forgive me....I'll cut the cheese.
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  • Nintendo records first annual profit in four years

  • danger.to.others 07/05/2015

    @MccyMcFlinn If you worked marketing at Nintendo they'd be in much better shape. Reply 0
  • Metal Gear stylin': Konami is launching an MGS clothing line

  • danger.to.others 06/05/2015

    @seanscottuk Why would you need to understand why Quiet is wearing hardly anything?
    It's like when women wear yoga pants or take stripper pole classes for exercise and think they're empowered by doing it. You don't fight it.
    You sit back and smile and let them do it.

    Now quiet....before you get women realizing things.
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight season pass lets you play as Batgirl

  • danger.to.others 05/05/2015

    @fabio78 Whiny.

    Couldn't resist.
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  • Watch Dogs 2 spotted on Ubisoft programmer's LinkedIn

  • danger.to.others 01/05/2015

    @makeamazing I think they let it out on purpose. Instead of a teaser trailer, let it look like people stumbled onto a secret and they'll talk about it more.
    No way it's an accident as often as it is for a variety of big games.

    Their viral manipulation aside, I liked Watch_Dogs and likely would buy the sequel.
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  • Far Cry 4 developer is donating up to $100K to aid Nepal

  • danger.to.others 30/04/2015

    @visionary Considering their depiction of Nepal is that the people are smart enough to see through and not support a dictator and strong enough in spirit to fight back when outgunned while the gameworld being beautiful looking, I think they'd likely be good with it. Reply +6
  • Ouya seeks quick sale as debts mount

  • danger.to.others 29/04/2015

    Hells ya?
    Sounds like a real professional.
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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 teaser goes all Deus Ex on us

  • danger.to.others 23/04/2015

    They may try to steal Deus Ex's plots or settings, but they'll never do it as well.
    I am curious how the devs putting out a new Deus Ex this year feel about not only having the much shallower CoD not only take from them, but having the bad luck of it happening the same year they release.
    Don't worry, Eidos. Yours is the game I'm buying day one.
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  • Overlord: Fellowship of Evil announced via gameplay trailer

  • danger.to.others 23/04/2015

    @Dorlingus Average? She's a great game writer. Any flaws Overlord games had, the dialogue and humor were not one of them.
    She wrote the Tomb Raider reboot. Show some respect!
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  • New Mad Max screenshots surface

  • danger.to.others 21/04/2015

    If you do the math, four months after the movie means the game will likely match or be right next to the release of Mad Max to Blu-ray.
    Which is smarter than releasing to the movie because if the movie is out for a bit, more people will have seen and liked it. (hopefully)
    As well as the fact it doesn't need to come out alongside the movie because it's not related to the movie in plot whatsoever.

    Also, Just Cause 3 and Mad Max are being made by completely seperate teams, it's not the same individuals trying to make 2 games at once.
    Mad Max is being made by the core team that made Just Cause 2, while Just Cause 3's core team are actually new to the franchise.

    As well, looking at not handing out previews months early, in this day and age it's smarter not to. You have a lot of people (usually kids) that will rip apart early previews as if they're finished product.
    In fact, they did show an extremely early snippet of gameplay last year for Mad Max and everyone complained because it was rough.
    It's not worth giving out previews till you have a finished product, given how so many judge inaccurately (inaccurate if it's early and they treat it as if it's not, I'm not talking about being critical in general) and loudly.

    I have no idea if the game will end up good or not. But I am a fan of accurate information and things presented how they are, not with tinges of unwarranted hinted paranoia towards it.
    While it's minor in this particular article, I always laugh when anywhere in the media use the subtle word manipulation of things such as "some folks say..."
    Some folks, eh? That could be two uninformed guys sitting in a room and blurting out that thought and the sentence is technically true. Though the sentence is formed in a way to make it sound as if it's a wideheld belief.
    It's like when you read a review and a reviewer keeps saying we think this and we experienced that instead of saying I.
    It's a first semester psychology trick to make the reader subconciously start feeling like it's the opinon of more than one person to give it more weight towards being universally true.

    Anyway, back to Mad Max, I've seen nothing to make the game seem rushed and in trouble. In fact, in the Game Informer article they came off as incredibly excited and proud and will be showing it off this E3.
    Of course, everything going fine, yet not handing out freebies to the game sites doesn't make for an exciting day working at a game site.
    I didn't mean to hammer so hard at this one article, it was more the symptom of seeing this type of thing quite regularly which set me off.
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  • Assassin's Creed's move to two dimensions doesn't quite convince

  • danger.to.others 21/04/2015

    @Underseven You say you want the series to come with new ideas.
    But that's exactly what Chronicles is.

    @Vorflynn This isn't discarded ideas for full blown AC games, it's the opposite.
    Ubi already stated in the recent past (sorry, no link) that they are testing which of these games sells best to determine which will be an eventual future full length AC game.
    Their somewhat flawed logic being the biggest seller is the location most are intrested in. (Not sure what they plan if the same amount of people end up buying all three. I guess they'll do them all!)
    So if you like China, your buying it was a vote towards it.
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  • Star Wars: Battlefront has 40-player cap, no campaign

  • danger.to.others 18/04/2015

    Fellow gamers, proceed with caution.
    Remember that those fond memories you have of either Star Wars Battlefront or even Battlefield 2 or 1942 weren't made by the same people.
    The developer name might be DICE, but employees come and go and the people working there today that are bringing you this Star Wars are the people who brought you Battlefield 4, not those classics.
    And Battlefield 4 didn''t handle lag well at all with it's big maps, at least not on my PS4.

    Don't be blinded by short memories of how truly terrible BF4 was on a technical level or simply because a game has a Star Wars skin over it.
    This might end up great....but the wise gamer will be skeptical and wary of hype.

    I don't want it to be bad. I simply won't assume it will be good. Not after that last mess. This is not the DICE of yesteryear.
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  • Wolfenstein: The Old Blood physical editions out the week after download versions

  • danger.to.others 17/04/2015

    @General_Spiller You might not be able to resell a digital copy, but the true intent of pushing digital is you can't pirate it. Reply 0
  • Video: What's happened to Silent Hills?

  • danger.to.others 15/04/2015

    When all the staff change at once in a shop it's not exactly a Shelock Holmes level of difficulty to figure out.
    When they do clean sweeps, the staff were all stealing and working together at doing it. Happens a lot, especially at low paying jobs.

    Hey, I know you weren't seriously looking an answer. But I had one. So here you go.
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  • Guitar Hero Live skips backwards compatibility as it reboots series

  • danger.to.others 14/04/2015

    Wait....it's guitar hero and it includes......Skrillex?
    What next? Eminem?
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  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided gets a debut trailer

  • danger.to.others 08/04/2015

    Funny to see us reach the point where it's no big deal to encourage pre-ordering now when you haven't even set a release date yet. Reply +3
  • Microsoft discontinues Kinect for Windows

  • danger.to.others 04/04/2015

    Unprecedented demand from developers. Does that mean the number is up to 3 or 4 ? Reply +2
  • Gaming convention threatens to abandon Indiana if anti-gay bill passes

  • danger.to.others 27/03/2015

    In my experience, the people who are offended by homosexuality are closeted homosexuals themselves that are ashamed of it because the fairy tales (uh, no pun intended) they were raised on told them to, who then go overboard about it when trying to hide something everyone can already see about them.
    To hate something requires a lot of passion involved about it!
    The one thing I appreciate about a loudmouth bigot is they make it easy for me to not give them any money or support.
    I'm not gay, but I have no problem with it. Gay people never ring my doorbell to ask if I'd like to join a cult.
    Now those people I have a problem with! If I wanted saving, I'm perfectly capable of finding a church. Don't come to my home.
    This law is a joke. But then, so is believing in the Bible as facts.
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