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  • Escape Dead Island review

  • danger.to.others 28/11/2014

    My favorite sentence in the review: A triple whammy of nope. Reply 0
  • Assassin's Creed Unity patch analysed

  • danger.to.others 28/11/2014

    @Syrette I'm with you. While I don't want to encourage developers/publishers that we'll except games in any condition, for all the bugs there was to fix, the game is playable.
    This has been my favorite AC in the series (I'm an elite officer while having barely touched the co-op to give you an idea how many hours I've been playing).
    I do not feel robbed of my money at all. But that might be partly because I don't feel like the game is buggy from laziness.
    I think they are being more ambitious than any other series out there with all that's included and with that ambition they ran into problems. So many interacting codes and things crossing each other and well....it's got bugs.
    I can't imagine what a nightmare it must be to try to figure out every single thing or place a player might go to check for bugs.
    But they do seem to be working as fast as they can to fix things.

    I'm one of those people who bought it gold in digital, meaning with a season pass and do appreciate the gesture of giving me Far Cry 4 as an apology)
    So as a paying consumer I'm somewhere in the middle of each extreme reaction.
    I understand the people who would like the game to be bug free and stable, but they lose me when they think it's rushed for xmas (they had 3 years with a known deadline) and buggy because they figured they'd get sales anyway. Or the broader "Ubi is a shit company!"
    And I understand the people who are saying just shut up and enjoy it, as well. I'm assuming they're coming from the perspective of they are trying to tell fans who haven't bought the game that, hey, even with the rough edges, this is a fun and (most important) completely playable game that I think is great.
    Though, as I started with. I agree it's great fun, I also don't want them to become that which the other extreme thinks they already are of just putting out and not caring about it's condition.

    So I agree it's a great game and it needs a lot of fixing. Hell, even after this brand new patch, I went through a wall and got trapped in the level on a co-op map.
    Still, I think Ubi is trying it's best to fix up a game they obviously were TOO ambitious with for their first attempt at the new consoles.
    I do feel they care and they are trying their damnedest to fix things.
    Shame too, since this was the best story, best ending, in the whole series and I think a lot of people won't play it after reading about the bugs.

    In the end, other than exaggeration, everyone pro and con about Unity seem to have valid points.
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  • Xbox Japan boss resigns amid dismal Xbox One sales

  • danger.to.others 28/11/2014

    At this point they should just save their money and not bother releasing in Japan. These aren't simply bad sales. I'd imagine they pay more money for stocking it and advertising than they'll ever get in sales. Reply -1
  • Looks like Sony has snapped up David Jaffe's new game

  • danger.to.others 26/11/2014

    So Jaffe left Sony to start a new company, which he then left after only one game and started another company...working with Sony. Reply -2
  • Activision clamps down on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare "exploit" videos

  • danger.to.others 24/11/2014

    Wait....if you get accused of breaking copyright, then YouTube will diable the ability to be unlisted or private on a video?
    That makes absolutely zero sense. If they think someone is putting up copyrighted stuff, shouldn't they prefer it were set to private, since the public seeing it is what the copyright holder has an issue with?
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  • Face-Off: Assassin's Creed Unity

  • danger.to.others 18/11/2014

    It's interesting the two extremes when it comes to Unity.
    On the one hand, you have the exaggerators (Not Digital Foundry, this seems an accurate article, I mean gamers in general in threads) who claim the game is an unplayable mess and anyone who who buy it is an idiot.
    These tend to be the same people who can't understand the concept of the micro-transactions and the fact EVERY single item that can be shortcut bought you can get in the game without spending a dime in the store.
    I'm around 50-60 hours into my PS4 version. I have most (all that I want) of the most expensive items. I bought nothing. Its a non-issue decried by the ignorant.

    Far as the games structure, in those 50 or so hours I've fallen through the level twice and have seen NPC's stuck on things maybe six or seven times.
    But broken? Hardly. Every single open world game has bugs. Yes, Unity has more than Grand Theft Auto 5, but it also has less than most other open world games.
    Really, it seems to be attacked harsher because console gamers seemed to have this idea that the new consoles were going to suddenly create perfect games, something that always makes PC gamers chuckle.
    I don't think Ubisoft gets the credit it deserves often enough that the reason it strains with things like framerate is because, as noted in the DF article, the sheer scope and ambitions they have.
    There is more going on here and they try to push individual reacting AI harder than any other game out there. The strain is from them wanting to give us too much, yet you'd hear the exaggerators claim it's a lazy money grab that they put no effort into. Which is not true in the slightest. They're the most complex open world game out there.

    Of course, there's that other extreme, where I've seen plenty of diehard Assassin's Creed fans swear they play the game and don't see any bugs or framerate problems. Which is either an absurd level of denial or they are flat out lying.
    It is not opinion that the glitches and clipping and framerate flucuation are there. These are not slight things you only see if you're looking for it. They are impossible to not know they are happening. It's the equivalent of saying you played all of Skyrim and never noticed there were snow covered places.
    And by saying everything is great, you do yourself a disservice. Because while I have pity on where the problems are coming from and don't believe it's from being rushed (I can't wrap my head around how difficult it must be weaving through codes this complex to find every possible bug of every possible spot and scenario), you do want them hear the demand for better quality so they keep pushing to improve them and not make it a reality what the exaggerators claim and become people who do just enough and no more because they'll get paid all the same.

    So in a nutshell: Game is buggy, but no more than 90% of open world games and perfectly playable.
    And those worked up by micro-transactions the way they're instituted in Unity is like an IQ test. Those that think Ubi is taking their money, those are the kind who finish in the double digits.
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  • Who needs games: PlayStation 4's first year

  • danger.to.others 16/11/2014

    There are two things I've never understood.
    I was on Xbox (as in the original black box) and 360 from the beginning. Did all my online gaming on 360. Well, I hit up Halo 2 back on the original.
    Had a PS3, but only played it for single player.
    This gen I ditched Microsoft and went PS4 only for a console instead of both.
    I play a lot of online and have never had a problem with dropped games or trouble connecting to a room with any game (other than BF4, which I would blame on EA, not Sony).
    I've never understood where the talk of Xbox Live's superior online came from. It's fine, but not better. In fact, it's Live that I have memories of waiting 10-15 minutes to find a room once in a while with games like Halo 3 and Gears Of War.
    But overall, Live is pretty good. Still, it has lag as much as Sony ever has. They seem identical in quality to me. Have any of the people who claim Sony's online is so terrible compared to Live ever consistently gamed over both to honestly come to that conclusion? I can't see how. I see no difference.

    Other thing that confused me this last year was the complaints of the rubber coming off of dualshock 4 controllers. What the heck are people doing to their controllers?
    I play a lot. I'd say I usually play 5 or 6 hours a day Monday through Friday (I'm at the lucky point in life I don't have to clock in to a job and have no kids) and maybe 8 or so hours on the weekend.
    I know, I probably game too much.
    And my wife plays less, but still plenty. Probably somewhere from 20-25 hours a week. We both have day one launch PS4's (two different ones in different rooms) hooked to two different TV's so we can game together online with our own full screens. So our dualshock 4's get a lot of use.
    And my wife, she's an angry gamer, swearing away and gripping that controller way too tight.
    Yet a year later, neither of our controllers have wear on the thumbsticks. Still you see threads across the internet of people swearing their controllers rubber was wearing out after like a month or two.
    It's all very suspicious to me. I'm not gentle with my controller either. Absolutely no wear on the thumbsticks. (if it matters, never wore down the 360 controller's rubber either).

    I'm just curious if it's the user who's defective and not the actual controller. I'm jamming on the sticks hard with a lot of games and no problems.
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  • Far Cry 4 review

  • danger.to.others 14/11/2014

    Couple mistakes in the review when talking about Far Cry 3. It says once you defeated an enemy outpost, it was then a Ghost Town.
    Go to the options, you could turn captured outposts back to hostile.
    Also, it was said in Far Cry 3 you couldn't drag and hide bodies. Yes, you can. But it was a skill you had to unlock.

    I know it's not too important, being the review is about Far Cry 4, not 3. But I can't help myself with correcting things that are out and out wrong.
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  • How Assassin's Creed: Unity's micro-transactions work

  • danger.to.others 14/11/2014

    Though explained in the article, here is proof people don't understand before they complain.
    These micro-transactions are aimed at the casual gamer or a renter who likes to just speed through a game. Or perhaps an achievement or trophy collector. If they choose, you can spend money to avoid playing the game proper.
    But the important detail here, again stated in the article but I can only assume by many comments not understood, is NO PURCHASE IS REQUIRED.
    This is not complicated. If you buy nothing with real money, you will make the in-game money and be able to purchase every single thing offered. It just takes actually playing the game.

    I don't understand people who buy a game and then shortcut their way through it (I like to actually play my games), but just because I don't understand them doesn't change that they exist.
    If they want to spend money to have the best toys faster, so be it. It's their choice.
    There is absolutely no harm in offering choice when it doesn't affect your game if you buy nothing.

    Further proof how much people are sheep. Herd them over in the direction of whoever it's trendy to hate at the moment, in this case Ubisoft, and baaa baaa baaa, off they'll go even about non-issues such as this.

    I'm all for calling out companies when they do wrong. But I'm also about fairness and attacking accurately. Punishment fit the crime sort of thinking.
    Just like how the internet at various game sites seems to be trying to present Unity as some buggy beta level travesty, a barely playable mess is not true at all. It has the flaws you hear about, but they are few and far between and Unity actually plays better than nearly all (not all, but nearly) open world games before it.
    It's a good game in need of some touch up, like most games, but it's no disaster. People acting like they got an Assassin's Creed 3 quality game (that was a launch deserving of it's condemnation) are exaggerating and dumping on Ubisoft like it's a personal vendetta.

    Game is great, yet rough around the edges. Mini-transactions can be completely ignored. They're working to patch up those bugs (again, bugs nowhere near the level of a Skyrim).
    Don't listen to the burnouts and jaded. They're just trolls. All embellishments of minor problems that pop up.
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  • Assassin's Creed: Unity launch debacle sparks Ubisoft rethink

  • danger.to.others 14/11/2014

    Tom might not have experienced them, but I'm only at the beginning of sequence 5 and have had both the textureless NPC as well as falling through the level.

    Though it should be noted both only happened once so far. Just as low framerates never hit me at critical gameplay moments and pop in was always minimal and way off in the distance.
    Only point this out because the game is completely playable. This is not the mess that was AC3.
    When you look at it like a list the problems make it sound much worse than it is.
    It can be a nuisance you prefer not having, but it's still a lot of fun and on the overall it's working fine (on my PS4 version.)

    Any gamer who has played any open world game has played through a lot worse glitches than how often they happen in Unity. People around the web, most of than embellish and make it sound like the game crashes all the time (so far I've never crashed) and glitches are constant and interfering.
    Not true at all. Game still has a degree of polish and controls fine and looks incredible, despite all the fixes coming.
    Yes, falling through the level isn't a little fix....but again it only happened once at one building that I happened to land in a funky part of a roof most would never hit. It's there, but it's likely you won't hit it. Not gamebreaking.

    I've played all the AC since the beginning, so I am a fan, and even before future patches, this is my favorite AC in the series.
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  • Performance Analysis: Assassin's Creed Unity

  • danger.to.others 14/11/2014

    I haven't tried it with Unity, but it's true all the past AC games ran better when you cut the online. So a better framerate is possible. All their background data collecting has always messed up and caused occasional chugs in the past. Reply 0
  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection moves to limited playlist in bid to improve matchmaking

  • danger.to.others 14/11/2014

    I make this comment about mutiplayer on any console, not picking on Halo, but this year really has been the finally nail in the coffin for me to stop buying ANY multiplayer game at launch. (till now it was only EA I did that)
    It's always been bumpy and needing a patch with any console in the past, but this year it's been more like playable half the time, any multi at launch on console.

    They always fix them within a month, unless you're BF4, but still....lesson finally learned. I join the ranks of those that wait. No money for you till a sale. If you really irritated me, I'll buy it used.
    All companies, stop being so cheap with your servers and adding them later to keep them at the bare minimum to maximize your already substancial profits. You know you need more servers than you use when you come out, gamers might be loyal, but only to a certain point. You're all past that point.

    Or I suppose I could have went with the shorter, less elegant, reply:

    Industry: Get your shit together.
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  • Xbox One has sold in almost 10m units to retailers

  • danger.to.others 13/11/2014

    If your true sales numbers are good, the ones sold to consumers, you wouldn't need to use the manipulation of sales in to retailers to boast.
    And I'm sure XB1 is doing great compared to how 360 sold in the same time, so it's not like the console is a bust. It's just trailing in comparison.

    All the companies do this, the sales in numbers, when they're losing. Though I do hope Xbox One sells a ton. I won't buy one, but I prefer a tight competition to get better games and sales while the corporations fight. All the gamers win when sales are close.
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  • Assassin's Creed Unity review

  • danger.to.others 12/11/2014

    I've got the PS4 version. Far as performance, framerate does drop a lot to where you see it, but not to where it sabotaged my actual gameplay. It was poor in spots, but not terrible.
    And while there is certainly more pop in and clipping than I've seen on any other PS4 game...like with framerate it's still not so excessive that it interferes with the game.
    More like you sigh, wishing it wasn't there. But it's still less of it than past AC games (except framerate. That was better in AC4)

    Despite the flaws, it still looks incredible and has a good main character and I thought it controlled better. Not by a huge leap, but I felt more of a smoothness to combat and parrying myself.
    So it's a little bumpy on the tech side, but nowhere near the unplayable mess of launch day AC3. None of the flaws stop the fun and if you played past AC games you shouldn't have much problem playing.

    But again, I'm only telling you about the PS4 version. I'm just a regular guy playing, not in the game industry. I haven't seen any other version.
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  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare review

  • danger.to.others 11/11/2014

    The graphics are good for games coming out now, but if you think any of the cutscenes have people who look almost movie or life like, you really need to unplug for a bit. No normal person would confuse the game people with movies. They still look plastic and vacant.
    In fact, The Last Of Us has people who look more alive. And they still look nowhere like a movie.

    Multiplayer is great, single player is....passable. So yeah, another year, another CoD. But I still really like that multiplayer.
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  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare outsells COD: Ghosts in UK

  • danger.to.others 11/11/2014

    Count me as one of those digital buyers.
    I could care less about popularity. I play private matches with the wife, leveling up be damned.
    And it's still a great, fast game.

    Though I was bored with most the single player and am left scratching my head why so many reviews said it was so great.
    I can see how people could be getting burned out. Even the advanced changes aren't that big, it's still very much another CoD game.
    But not me! No burn out here. I like it. It's not all that new, but it still does what it does well better than anyone else.
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  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Call of Duty: Ghosts block PS4 Share Play

  • danger.to.others 07/11/2014

    I know everyone likes to hate the big bad corporations, usually with good reason, but in fairness isn't it possible that certain games, such as Call Of Duty, where the bulk of the game is about multiplayer, Shareplay could be abused to help others level up?
    That maybe they wanted to keep it to where the person leveling up actually played the rounds, to keep it as fair as is in their control?
    I know anyone could give the controller to someone else at home to play. Or they find any manner of cheats or hacks till they're plugged up. But those are things out of Activision's control.
    With Shareware, maybe they're cautious that it could open the floodgates and make it really easy to abuse the system.
    And yes, I know the person sharing is handicapped with the resolution and especially the 30 fps....but if they get leveled up from some elite player, they can play at 30 and still wipe the battlefield. Some of the regulars are ridiculously good.

    Or maybe not. I'm simply looking at one angle that might be how they're looking at their game not getting quite as broken quite as fast. Nothing nefarious.
    Could be they really are somehow scared people will just play the solo through share and be done instead of buying, but that doesn't make any sense since less than half the people who buy a CoD actually play the single player, according to trophy and achievement stats.
    CoD, like Halo and Battlefield, is a consistant multiplayer game. That's what people buy them for. This isn't a beginning and an end story driven purchase. Given that type of game, I don't think it's all that unreasonable to not use Shareplay.
    Shareplay makes more sense to me with games like Mordor or Assassin's Creed or any number of RPG's, with set missions that you might have gotten stuck at one point and a friend helps you out on that one extra hard spot.
    But a mainly multiplayer online shooter.....IF that was where they were skeptical, it's ultimately a good decision.

    It's also why Sony was wise to allow the developer the discretion on whether to use the feature. In the end, why would you care if the feature got blocked by everyone other than Sony first party? You never had or cared about the feature to begin with. Just go back to playing without it.
    When it's needed and allowed, you'll have that extra crutch. If not, ignore it. Not a big deal, it was a free extra feature to begin with.
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  • PS Plus is getting Injustice: Gods Among Us and Secret Ponchos in December

  • danger.to.others 05/11/2014

    Now we're back on track with the level I expect of Plus.
    They needed to unveil early and show they knew how terrible November's stuff was and ease fears this would become the norm.
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  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare pre-loaded on PS4 is experiencing issues

  • danger.to.others 04/11/2014

    Just go to the options and you can play multi with all enhancements like high jumps and extra strength turned off and play traditional CoD.
    See? They even thought of those who fear anything different!
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  • Advanced Warfare is the finest Call of Duty in years

  • danger.to.others 03/11/2014

    @Negotiator If you're looking for the longer, single player shooter, your go to game of 2014 should be Wolfenstein.
    Rough around the edges, as I'm sure you've heard, but a lot of fun. If memory serves, that was around 20 hours long with old fashioned boss battles to boot.
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  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Xbox One resolution at least 1360x1080

  • danger.to.others 03/11/2014

    Why would they say "at least 1360x1080"?
    At least? Are they saying they, the makers of the game, don't know exactly? Are they saying the resolution fluctuates (which would be truly strange)?

    That at least wording is very odd.
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  • The seven year shadow left by Modern Warfare

  • danger.to.others 03/11/2014

    Good article. Well written. Reply +1
  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Halo: The Master Chief Collection

  • danger.to.others 03/11/2014

    @Bagpuss You said:
    .there is something rotten in the state of next gen consoles when the 2 biggest releases hoping to drive sales at Christmas are re-releases from previous generations, this and GTA V.

    12mths into a new generation of hardware and I can't think of a similar situation in the history of console gaming, ever.

    That would have been a good point, if it were true. We should change your name to Chicken Little.
    Industry isn't falling apart because there are a couple remasters that people want.
    Most anticipated? Uh, no. I guarantee Assassin's Creed Unity, Call Of Duty and possibly Far Cry 4 will outsell them.
    But perhaps you'll turn that into moaning they're all sequels?
    Doesn't matter. Sequels have made up the majority of releases in games since the days of Atari 2600, something media like to downplay so they can turn it into a story every year like sequels being the most popular are new.
    Long running series they may be, but they are all new and taking advantage of the PS4/XB1 gen.
    Or Maybe Lords Of The Fallen, Shadows Of Mordor or Dragon's Age are more your thing?
    Regardless, plenty of games that are not reissues. Stop your paranoia and simply don't buy remasters if they don't suit you.
    But the industry itself is doing fine (at least for people who make good games).
    In fact, if anything the biggest problem of 2015 might be too many good games coming.
    Now if you insist on playing ONLY first party games, which would make you an extreme minority, then yes, there's an argument to be made for XB1's only mainstream title being Halo collection and PS4 only having LittleBigPlanet 3.
    But it's not as though there are no new games.
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  • Death to the mini-map

  • danger.to.others 02/11/2014

    Assassin's Creed has had the option to do away with the mini map since the beginning of the series.
    I always turn that stuff off every game that offers the option when I'm done with the main game. BUT...I'd be lost without it during main missions. I support it being an on off option, but not doing away with it entirely.
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  • Shadow of Mordor Lord of the Hunt DLC details

  • danger.to.others 31/10/2014

    I agree with the people disappointed in the ending.
    Did they run out of time? Story wasn't great, not even good, but that was one of the worst endings gameplay-wise I can remember.
    That said, the rest of the game out on my own was a lot of fun. Taking out war chief's was always a good time and worth playing.
    Shame about the plot, seeing as the actors were all quite good. They simply weren't given much to do.
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  • Watch Dogs has shifted 9 million copies

  • danger.to.others 31/10/2014

    It seemed more trendy to bash this game than any lists of legitimate reasons for not liking it, at least from the majority of people I would see talk bad of it.
    Forgetting promising early trailers that you had to be new to games to not know it was a target video that it wouldn't reach, or some people who thought the game should be more, without actually knowing how or what was supposed to be more, it was just supposed to be, taking the game for what it is, I had a great time.
    Of course, I'm a big Splinter Cell fan and this was basically an open world Splinter Cell with car chases added, so it makes sense I'd be a fan.

    I would agree the story was weak and just a reason to be doing things. Most characters had lots of personality, but then you didn't get to do much with them or have them around long.
    But the gameplay was great. Lots of variety, everything controlled well, on my PS4 version there was little to no pop in even in car chases.
    At least, I didn't see any...but that's not to say there isn't any since I was busy trying to stay alive and may have simply not noticed, but it feels and looks much smoother than open world games before it, especially during hectic scenes.
    And that free form AI UBi uses and improves each open world game was really good in this one. Some of the best AI I've seen. Not perfect every time, but I saw AI do a lot of clever flanking and searches.

    Deeper story, stick to characters with more personality for longer stretches of time and then you'd have a masterpiece.

    We all have our opinions. Mine being this is one of the best games to come out since the PS4/XB1 launches and deserves those sales. I had a lot of fun and would happily go for a Watch_Dogs 2.
    Just please, Ubi....keep it more stealth based like this first one is. Don't do what you did with Assassin's Creed 2 and tone down the stealth and make it button mashing brawling.
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  • Dying Light no longer a PS3 and 360 game

  • danger.to.others 30/10/2014

    Dead Island couldn't really run on last gen. Those still released. Reply 0
  • PlayStation Plus' free November offerings revealed

  • danger.to.others 30/10/2014

    Ouch. Worst free games month yet. Hovering into Xbox level of quality giveaways. Reply +1
  • Battlefield Hardline release date announced

  • danger.to.others 29/10/2014

    And now you get your annual reminder why EA doesn't give a shit if their games come out buggy or not.
    Profits are up anyway. You have only yourselves to blame.
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  • Digital Foundry vs Sunset Overdrive

  • danger.to.others 29/10/2014

    You said: The problem I have is, as long as gamers continue to ignore these kinds of problems, where's the incentive for developers to start aiming higher? It already feels like 900p is the accepted resolution. It already feels like 30fps is the accepted max frame-rate. What year are we in again?


    And I say: Amen, brother. I think the same way. When you just accept "good enough" then that's all they'll strive for.
    Why put in the extra work to be a higher quality if they'll lap it up with a smile?

    By they, I mean all developers. Not picking on Insomniac, since they're no better or worse than most the industry.
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  • Lords of the Fallen review

  • danger.to.others 28/10/2014

    The scariest thing about any game that implements a system of gaining more reward the further you go without a checkpoint is my fear of either the game freezing or the power going out. (same fear as all those old games with far apart checkpoints I used to play....only it's worse now since games are more complex and tend to freeze and need a reboot more often.)

    Think, developers! Things happen that have nothing to do with skill. Why put in a reward system that loses everything when it isn't the player's fault?
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  • Twitch cracks down on "sexually suggestive clothing"

  • danger.to.others 28/10/2014

    Here's something I've never done.
    A round of applause to whomever wrote those blurbs for the new terms of service.
    Accurate, honest and funny without being condescending (bordering on it).
    If only all laws could be laid out like that.

    I might actually check out Twitch again now. I used to glance in there once in a while when PS4 launched, but too much of it was some really ugly freaking people who could at least consider going to the gym if they were going to insist on aiming the camera where they were.

    Hey, I'm only judging you physically because you put yourself out there to be judged. And I judge you a fail.

    The one part I think we can all agree on when it comes to Twitch: "...let's try and keep this about the games, shall we?"
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  • What's new in PlayStation 4's firmware update 2.0?

  • danger.to.others 28/10/2014

    Share Play is the greatest thing they could put on there, for me.
    I don't pretend to be some flawless player, there are plenty of games I get stuck. Usually it's just one mission. Every game I get stuck in, it'll be ONE bulls**t level...other than that I'm good.
    So now I can finally get all those bettered skilled people to get me unstuck. It's like Sony read my mind.


    Those themes are lacking.

    There's no reason to not let us put our music on the hard drive (give us the choice!).

    Why are folders that we can title ourselves so difficult to add to the library so it's organized the way we like?

    Step in the right direction. But get it in gear, Sony. You shouldn't be lacking on so many small, easy to implement features.
    Don't get too lazy, you don't have that much of a lead.
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  • Microsoft announces Xbox One Christmas price cut in US

  • danger.to.others 28/10/2014

    I didn't read the thread, so apologies if someone else already caught this and made note of it.


    It's worth nothing that Microsoft's original statement on the matter states that "regional availability and timing outside the US will vary", suggesting that the offer may be announced elsewhere in due course.


    That is a great typo where you meant noting. Uh, you did mean noting, right?
    No, there is no typo? Then all the more of my respect to your honesty!
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  • Jade's Empire

  • danger.to.others 26/10/2014

    All these great ideas and she would lead them on to make the best Splinter Cell... yet no one bought the game.
    I bought it on digital. Me and, going on the amount of people who left a rating on PSN the last time I saw it (which was years after release). about 25 others.
    I know that's only digital, only Playstation and only America that I'm seeing, but still....25! More people buy PSone classics! And that was when the game was already knocked down to 20 bucks when I saw it a couple months back.

    At least Ms. Raymond's getting to implement all the good ideas added to Splinter Cell and put them into Unity (It really is Assassin's Creed: Blacklist. Which, to me, is a great thing.)
    And even though there's a whole team involved, not just the gameplay, but the story as well all show the influences of a Jade Raymond game.
    Which again, I mean in the highest praise. Whenever her name is attached to a game, I have always known it'd be great.
    You can also see the huge leadership and vision she has over projects, since all her games "feel" like her, the same way people like Woody Allen, Quentin Tarantino or even Kevin Smith have an obvious thing they bring to their movies that you know it was theirs before you even see the name officially.
    It's pretty rare to see that in games, only a handful of developers have that kind of presence to shine through above the team as a whole.

    Pure speculation, but I bet Splinter Cell failing at retail was soul crushing for her and made her want to leave. Before it came out, every interview, she was more proud and excited by what they'd done for Blacklist than I've ever seen any developer be. It was her baby.
    Of course, she might also want to do something other than open world games, as well. Ubisoft, outside of a dance game and occasional Rayman, is all in with open world these days. So it is possible that style of game might be suffocating the ideas she has brewing. That they don't fit into that style.

    Whatever her reasons, I just hope she's still as passionate and keeps making games and someone is smart enough to snatch her up and not try to suppress her ideas. So far, she's been nothing but brilliant and I know hearing her name on any game has my instant attention. She's a damn good talent.
    Jade Raymond is the only other developer beside Hideo Kojima that could make me think this long about a departure and feel this sad about losing her....until she resurfaces.
    But Unity is looking to be a heck of a swan song with Ubi. She's given me many a great gaming memory and I wish her well with the future.
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  • The pre-patch Evil Within we hope you'll never play

  • danger.to.others 21/10/2014

    This won't become the norm. The more games do this, unfinished on disc, the more people without internet will (or should) return it for a refund. They'll lose money. And losing money is the greatest motivation to not get sloppy.
    Gamers have a long memory when you abuse them. As pointed out, look at Microsoft still struggling with it's reputation.

    As always, vote with your wallet and, such as this article, call out those who are unprofessional to continue to rush out buggy games. Let us never become like the people who unwisely think you should be silent and just accept it, though. Time has proven if you make enough noise, they will change their ways. Or in this case, do their job, rather than be incompetent hacks.

    Far as an online future, I thought we were already there. I also didn't think it was being always online that got so many people sick of Microsoft. I believed it to be the mandatory 24 hour check in, the inability to share a game you bought, the forced Kinect use and useless, stupid nuisances such as watching TV and skyping while gaming.
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  • Two discs "wasn't practical" for Halo: Master Chief Collection

  • danger.to.others 21/10/2014

    "The Xbox One platform continues to improve and mature, arguably faster and more meaningfully than others and maybe...."

    Microsoft walks over and pats his head. "Who's a good doggie? Who's a good boy? Here's a cookie, my pet."

    Speaking pf improving and maturing, nothing is moreso than to throw a dig at another console when backed into a corner over what you're doing and had nothing to do with bringing them up at all.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with COD: Advanced Warfare multiplayer

  • danger.to.others 18/10/2014

    @TheIce Are you one of those same types who 3D doesn't work with your eyes either?
    Because even in the screenshots in the article you linked I can still see the difference in clarity, let alone I've always seen it myself on my own TVs.

    It's funny how you would state that people who can see a difference must have a "crappy entertainment system."
    Never occurred to you that perhaps you have the poor set up, did it? In fact, I can't wrap my head around the logic of poor set ups seeing the difference.
    I've often wondered if the people who can't see resolution differences are the same people who have the sharpness and other image altering features cranked on their TV's and think it looks fantastic that way.

    While 900p is perfectly playable, it's not so much about number crunching as it is the principle.
    For a company to gimp the quality on any level so it's equal to a lesser quality competitor is a slap in the face to every consumer who smartly bought the superior product only to have it dumbed down.
    It doesn't matter if it's slight. It's still being held back. And if you're going to hold back, then expect your more informed consumers to cry foul and let it be known they are aware and unhappy about it.
    I promise you, whenever consumers are vocally unhappy, the corporations are listening and it's the only thing that effects change in the future.
    If you just sit back and take whatever people will give you, they'll never give their all. Why should they if everyone silently laps it up?
    Justified dissent is always a good thing, no matter what the subject, big or small.
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  • Shadow of Mordor is wise to focus on the baddies

  • danger.to.others 09/10/2014

    @Dreamw4lk3r You got negged into oblivion for it, but I agree.
    I like Shadow a lot, it's good fun....but it's true everything it apes from the AC series ACIV did better and all previews suggest Unity will also do better.
    The personality and humor are the strongest points to Mordor, and it's gameplay is good....but not quite as good.

    I have to wonder if any of the developers of Burnout Revenge get a tiny surge of irritation when Shadow Of Mordor gets so much praise of the Nemesis system when it's lifted right from that Burnout game and applied to Orcs instead of other racers.
    Which there's nothing wrong with taking it and using it. All games take. I'm more curious how people who came up with it beforehand and see all credit go to someone else feel about it that credit being placed where it is.
    Or, hey, for all I know people who worked on Burnout: Revenge might have worked on this game, the way developers play musical chairs with what company they work at game to game.

    But yes, Shadows is a fine game and worth owning.
    But it is inferior to it's influences. Though I have a lot of faith a sequel could really be something special.
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  • Halo 2: Anniversary campaign isn't quite 1080p, Microsoft confirms

  • danger.to.others 07/10/2014

    @Deckard1 Your balls have literally imploded? For your sake, I hope you don't know what the word literally means. Reply +4
  • Assassin's Creed: Unity takes a daring leap back to the series' origins

  • danger.to.others 06/10/2014

    That is going to mess with my mind.
    Playing Shadows Of Mordor constantly right now and the crouch/stealth button on my PS4 is the right trigger held down. AC Unity that same function....is on the left trigger.

    I see some funny whoops-wrong-button gameplay videos coming in my future.
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  • Face-Off: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

  • danger.to.others 04/10/2014

    I'm curious if the pop in is as bad on other versions as it is on PS4. It's pretty excessive. Easily the most pop in (of entire castles and trees) I've seen on any PS4 game.
    Yet I've seen no mention of it interviews or now a tech piece. Curious, since it isn't slight. Not gamebreaking and something we're all used to seeing on PS3/360, but odd to not be given any mention when it's so much moreso than any other titles on the new gen.
    That and all the sites who say the AI is impressive (I don't believe Eurogamer was one, but not certain). No, it's not. Like the pop in, it's hands down the worst AI seen on PS4 and harkens back to the PS2/Xbox days. Playable, but a huge step back from coming off Watch_Dogs and their AI.
    Alas, AI is like pop in bearing no mentioned in this tech article. Am I wrong in thinking it should be, especially when it's so noticeably poor?

    The game is still fun, but for the people who read the articles because money's tight and they want to evaluate if it's a game worth getting now or later, these seem important details they would like to be aware of. This is not the next gen higher bar of quality some reviews have suspiciously overhyped it to be.
    Feels like PS3/360 was it's primary target and the game is then boosted here and there visually. Still nowhere near as good looking in it's details as ACIV and that was a launch game with an even more open world (with far superior AI and minimal pop in, as well).
    For similar gameplay, all signs point to AC Unity being the far more advanced title coming. I'm lucky enough to afford both and in those cases of having the money to burn Mordor is absolutely worth playing.
    But if income is tighter and it's one or the other.....wait. They'd have to drop the ball in AC3 proportions for Unity to not beat Mordor in every type of way.
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  • Video: Why there's no Lord of the Rings in Shadow of Mordor's title

  • danger.to.others 03/10/2014

    I didn't have the game during the review, so I'll just throw out my quick opinion (no spoilers) on the game here, to help out any on the fence and tight on money people. Why not?

    I'm playing it on PS4. It has a decent amount of pop in, enough to stay noticeable even while concentrating on what you're doing.
    So far, about 7 hours in, the story is pretty minimal. Typical videogame plot of just a reason why you're doing what you're doing, yet nothing to invest you like a Dragon's Age or Mass Effect would.
    The wasteland is pretty boring looking. Every base looks the same and the respawn on enemies is immediate. By immediate, I mean clearing out the area around you, walking forward maybe five steps and if you turn around the base is refilled again.
    5 steps! Not even rounding a corner!
    It's got a sort of old style feel to it in it's layout as a whole.
    Toppin it off, the AI is pretty bad. Like Ork is 20 feet away from me with a clear view and he gives up looking for me after his friend next to him died 10 seconds ago bad. Very Xbox/PS2 era Splinter Cell intellect on those bad guys.
    The acting and personalities are well done and the gameplay and controls are excellent (though the camera is bad at times, just like an Assassin's Creed game) and many of the forts are well laid out for stalking. It's brutal and plenty of animations and....most important....it's simply fun to kill.
    While they are braindead, they make up for it in both sheer numbers and variety of enemy that you need to use different techniques to take out, so you can't mindlessly hack them all.
    And there are tons of leveling up unlocks that keep the game improving and the farther you go into it the more fun it gets.
    This is one of those few games where I'd do something so cool looking it makes me laugh and call someone in to watch me so we can both cheer.
    Despite the negatives, this is the most fun I've had massacring people since GTA5.
    The graphics aren't bad, but they aren't great either. They get the job done. (the one thing that is outstanding are the Orks. They look like those bad guys from Fifth Element.)
    Again, don't get it for the story, this is all about the gameplay and the gameplay alone. And if you had to choose, I'd wait and get Assassin's Creed Unity over this, as it looks like it'll be a tad deeper and definitely more varied in it's world.
    But if you have the money, this is a good game worth playing if you like AC and Batman style games.

    Though it isn't quite as good as either of those two.

    Hope that helps any people on the fence trying to gather honest experiences to evaluate by. I know I am off topic putting it here....but I don't care.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain reveals adorable pet dog

  • danger.to.others 22/09/2014

    I'm impressed. I expected a big backlash and mocking of the game in the thread over the dog.
    Of course, we had a monkey in a diaper with a cigarette and caffeine addiction last real go around, so the MGS fan can roll with it.
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  • Watch Dogs: Bad Blood shows off its new tricks

  • danger.to.others 15/09/2014

    Everybody always pounces on this game.
    I understand if these types of games aren't your thing (though if they aren't, why'd you buy/rent it?) and everyone is entitled to their opinion, but here's mine.
    I love it. Was it the best open world game ever created? No. But that doesn't make it bad. Every game that comes out can't be the new greatest it's type has ever seen before and Watch_Dogs seems to get unfairly held up to it should be of a second-coming of gaming that other games aren't held up to.
    I don't know if it was hype and overactive imaginations, but it's all a bit silly. Judged on what it is, not some vague idea some people think it should be, this was a great, high quality game (at least on my PS4).
    People in threads for Watch_Dogs articles tend to sound more like they're personally burned out in general as opposed to the quality of the game itself.
    While the graphics might not have been those in that long ago trailer, they are still good.
    Story itself was weak, but the gameplay, controls, animations were all pretty great and on my PS4 the AI seemed like the best I've ever seen in an open world game.
    If you don't like it, you don't like it. But calling it horrible or one of the worst games to come out in a while is extreme and unjustified. This is fun for stealth lovers. (maybe the people who hate it all played it like Grand Theft Auto?)
    I had a lot of fun with it and I'm definitely on board for a sequel.
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  • Teens react to the NES

  • danger.to.others 08/09/2014

    I'm so old. Reply +2
  • PlayStation 4 themes coming in next system update

  • danger.to.others 02/09/2014

    Only thing left missing for me is MP3 playback. Reply 0
  • Saints Row 4 gets standalone expansion Gat out of Hell

  • danger.to.others 30/08/2014

    They'll have their work cut out for them making it up to PS4/XB1 standards.
    I waited and got SR4 late, about three months ago. But I was a big fan of the old Saints.
    I heard all the praise and I don't fear change, I understood going in it was like Crackdown with some Prototype on acid and was excited.

    Now I'm confused by the praise.

    The game is funny here and there, but nowhere near as funny as Saints 2 and 3. (especially 2)
    And the game was a glitchy mess, with crashing framerates, pop up galore beyond any other game and tons of clipping.
    The story, while not too important in a Saints game, was a complete mess tone-wise.
    And you become so invincible so early, there is zero challenge. Trying to play co-op is a nightmare to stay in the same area as your friend when you can run faster than any car and jump the distance of a few buildings.

    For the Saints series, this was a low point quality wise, I'm not putting down the superhero angle (although I did prefer the GTA on steroids of the past games).
    This was a ton of gameplay mechanics tossed in and seemingly not bug tested. Yet going in I only saw praise of this being one of the best games of the year.
    No. No, it's not.

    What the hell happened to Volition?
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  • Assassin's Creed: Unity delayed by two weeks

  • danger.to.others 28/08/2014

    Whew. Gives me a bit longer with Shadows Of Mordor. Reply 0
  • PlayStation Network returns online following DDOS attack

  • danger.to.others 26/08/2014

    Anonymous, where nearly all who use it's name are political activists, must really love when these teenage punks claim to be a part of it to disrupt video games.
    Yes, yes. I know. Technically there is no Anonymous, so anyone can say they're a part of it. Of course....a part of what? It's an idea, not a group. And I don't recall the idea ever being stopping online gaming.

    Who are these inbreds who think Sony is so greedy when their competitor is Microsoft? I stopped supporting Microsoft because they nickel and dime everything to death, while Sony has outstanding sales and treat people well, as far as corporations to consumers go.

    Let alone the fact there are so many more serious corruptions going on in the world, that a person with a talent for hacking could tackle.
    Leave Sony alone. Let us play. If we don't like it, we can decide for ourselves and stop using it, you egotistical brat hackers.
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