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  • Escape Dead Island review

  • dancingrob 27/11/2014


    because after all, everyone loves reading spreadsheets...
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  • Games with Gold announces December freebies

  • dancingrob 26/11/2014

    generally GWG on the 360 has been one fairly old game of 'not-quite-a-classic' status, and one good, but niche-y XBLA title.

    Essentially, one game most people already have, and one game most people won't want!

    Rather annoyingly, I picked up the Raven in a sale a while back and haven't played it yet!
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  • Drakengard 3 review

  • dancingrob 29/05/2014


    I'd add a few more to that list of the main two consoles, Deadly Premonition, Alpha Protocol & Catherine definitely seem to fit the bill, and along with Nier, I'd say they are the four 'cult classics' most often referenced

    Some people might add Mirror's Edge & Dark Souls, but they're probably a bit too well known. I'd also add Spec Ops: The Line in this group, but for slightly different reasons.
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  • dancingrob 29/05/2014


    It's a question of review text vs raw numbers. There are essentially two very different meanings of 5/10

    In this case (and also games like Deadly Premonition / Alpha Protocol / Spec Ops The Line etc), 5/10 means seriously flawed in massive ways, but with loads of interesting ideas too. Essentially, as someone said upthread, games that will be 2/10 to loads of people, but 9/10 to the much smaller minority who 'get it'

    Other 5/10 games are just your bog standard BBB stuff - movie tie-ins / Gears/COD/Witcher rip-offs that absolutely nobody needs to play.

    However, 7/10 almost always means exactly the same thing, namely technically proficient / doesn't push any boundaries / a bit bland, but decent enough if you like that sort of thing. (eg Watchdogs / Alan Wake / Killzone etc.)
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  • dancingrob 29/05/2014

    would definitely look to pick this up if I had a PS3, as I can generally overlook technical flaws if the rest of the game is interesting, and this certainly sounds like one of those.

    Hopefully, it'll appear on the 360 at some point, as it all sounds loads more fun than the technically proficient and impressive, but rather soul-less fodder that seems to have been churned out for the next gen machines so far.
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  • Microsoft to remove Xbox Live Gold paywall for streaming apps

  • dancingrob 13/05/2014

    presumably the 'new stuff behind the paywall' will be the XBox TV content they've been banging on about a lot lately?

    Can't see what else it could be to be honest?
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  • DriveClub micro-transactions will let you quickly unlock cars

  • dancingrob 12/05/2014

    I blame Microsoft.

    The bastards.
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  • When idiot elves and sexy clerics become a class act

  • dancingrob 25/04/2014


    it depends on the group. Some groups deal with it through lots of note passing, others through players suspending disbelief, others by pulling individual players aside for private chats.

    personally, I prefer a combination of the second and third options, depending on the sensitivity of the information contained, but that's just my take.
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  • Talisman: Digital Edition review

  • dancingrob 14/04/2014


    Are you really saying that all reviews should only be written people pre-disposed to rate games favourably? Can't say I agree with that at all.

    As for Talisman, it was a great game as a kid in the late 80s, and I fondly remember turning assorted school friends into toads, but that's where it should stay.

    In modern board games terms, it's pretty broken in many ways, relying on 2 or 3 mechanics that have long since vanished from 'proper' board games in the form of extreme length / roll and move & instant death.
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  • UK budget could end 69p cheeky cheapies

  • dancingrob 24/03/2014


    I'm just amazed it's the Tories who have bothered to close these tax loopholes relating to businesses pretending to be based in Ireland / Luxembourg to get out of paying UK tax.
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  • What's in the InFamous: Second Son patch

  • dancingrob 21/03/2014

    amused by half the comments here.

    if anything, an additional 5 hours of filler (let's face it, if this content was great, it would have been finished before they shipped with the main game) is more likely to turn a 7 into a 6 than anything else.
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  • All Guitar Hero, DJ Hero song DLC to be removed

  • dancingrob 19/03/2014


    well quite.

    That doesn't fit the EEEVVVIIILL Activision / EEEVVILL DLC narrative though, does it?

    Having said that, I'm never quite sure how many people genuinely believe items removed from sale are also deleted from your machine with no way ever to get them back, and how many people are just trolling with deliberate misinformation.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes review

  • dancingrob 18/03/2014

    I'd only ever buy a 2 hour game if the devs could be bothered to add 15 hours of completely un-necessary bloat.

    After all, spending 17 hours of time to get to those good 2 hours is the only way to get value for money isn't it?
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  • March's free Xbox 360 Games with Gold titles announced

  • dancingrob 03/03/2014


    I think that's covered everything, can we close the comments now?
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  • Mob Wives star claims Grand Theft Auto 5 ripped off her life

  • dancingrob 26/02/2014

    a more original way of getting free publicity for your new book than the usual PR bollocks I suppose! Reply +9
  • All Gran Turismo 5 DLC will be removed from sale

  • dancingrob 24/02/2014

    I blame Microsoft.

    The bastards
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  • World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition review

  • dancingrob 19/02/2014


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  • dancingrob 14/02/2014

    Rant rant Gold free to play rant rant never get this with sony rant M$ M$ rant Reply +10
  • Xbox developing TV series based on rapper Nas

  • dancingrob 12/02/2014


    of course it's ageist! Marketeers will go after their perceived demographic, and I'm sure we'd both agree that a 17 year old male is more likely to be a fan of hip-hop / Xbox than a 45 year year old woman?

    You simply target resources where they are most likely to get a response. Of course that isn't to say there aren't 45 year old women who love Xbox / 17 year old male fans of Lady Antebellum, just that they're fewer in number, and less worthy of aiming marketing towards.

    On the second point I half agree. You'd certainly still have people slating MS for doing this (hell, people slate MS for everything!) but there would be a lot less people boasting of their ignorance of hip-hop as if it were something to be proud of in the comments.
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  • dancingrob 12/02/2014


    From a marketing perspective, surely you can see the difference between a genre of music predominantly listened to by kids, and a genre of music predominantly listened to by older people?

    It makes sense for MS to go after one of those demographics, the other - not so much.

    (whether this is a wise way of doing so is of course a completely different discussion of course, but it'd be interesting to see the reactions here if the artist in question was some metaller / emo / skatepunk rather more appealing to demographic of those decrying rap the loudest)
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  • Dead Island is tomorrow's free Games With Gold offering

  • dancingrob 31/01/2014

    has anyone done 'meanwhile on PS Plus yet'?

    How about 'At least they're not rentals'?

    EG must be offering be some sort of prize for them given the number of times those comments appear on these threads, so I'd like to claim mine please...
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  • Microsoft rebrands SkyDrive to OneDrive after copyright dispute

  • dancingrob 29/01/2014


    not quite as simple as that though, Sky also have interests in telecoms / internet / broadband, so you can see the conflict from that angle.

    anyway, Gates vs Murdoch is a bit of a 'can't they both lose' situation.
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  • Sony "investigating" PlayStation 4 error CE-34878-0 that corrupts save files

  • dancingrob 21/01/2014

    It all MS's fault, the bastards. Reply +39
  • Microsoft paid YouTubers to say nice things about Xbox One - report

  • dancingrob 21/01/2014

    In other news, bears are Catholic. Reply -5
  • Stories with dice: the thrill of old-school D&D

  • dancingrob 18/01/2014

    I re-started playing tabletop RPGs a year or so ago after a break of 7 years or so, following another break of more like 10 years before that.

    Much like video games, there's also an indie scene, tending towards very rules light systems, far more about the storytelling side of things, more than the dice rolling side, and these perhaps work better for me, as by their nature, they tend to be self contained 2-3 week games, where you can drop in and out, rather than needing to commit to a long campaign, so finding a group that largely plays that sort of thing will possibly work very well for people interested in giving it a try.

    Fate is probably the poster-boy for this style of gaming, but there are plenty of others out there as well.
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  • Apple to refund $32.5m to those whose kids bought in-app purchases

  • dancingrob 15/01/2014

    always the way in these threads.

    parents who don't monitor their children every waking second, and don't necessarily know this sort of thing even exists - Evil evil bad bad parents who should be banned from owning ipads / having children

    Major corporations who charge 70 for virtual crap that will only ever be bought in error - absolutely fine upstanding pillars of society
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  • Sleeping Dogs free with Xbox Live Gold now

  • dancingrob 02/01/2014

    60 odd posts and no Ferrero Rocher picture yet?

    you're slipping...
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  • The next Xbox Live Games with Gold title is Gears of War

  • dancingrob 27/11/2013

    still waiting for 'but at least they're not only rentals!' to appear on this thread, as that'll complete my bingo card after 'Meanwhile on PS+' and 'Ferrero Rocher'

    Unless even the most ludicrous of fanboys have realised how ridiculous that particular line looks...
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  • This is what a Steam Machine prototype looks like

  • dancingrob 26/11/2013

    As things stand, this is far more interesting than either the PS4 or the Xbone.

    I'm not looking to upgrade for a year or so, and by that time, hopefully the Steambox will be well beyond the prototype stage.

    As to the 'who it is aimed at?' post from earlier, the answer would be people like me, who are interested in the indie stuff / steam sales etc and unimpressed with the console market at present, but can't be arsed to build their own PC / want something practical for the front room.
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  • Contrast review

  • dancingrob 22/11/2013

    definitely sounds intriguing, so will definitely try the demo on 360.

    Can't quite decide if the much higher price than usual is due to it (sort of) being a next-gen game, or whether it's just a case of what's going to happen with all games now that MSP have completely disappeared.
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  • Killer Instinct review

  • dancingrob 21/11/2013


    but your original point was correct!

    even a relatively harsh scoring site such as EG rarely drops below 6 for anything other than shovelware, and there's just as big a problem at the top end of the scale, where only 3 or 4 games a year will get a 10.

    As such, pretty much everything beyond the obviously crap gets between 7-9, at which point thinking of 7 as 'average' is about right.
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  • Ryse: Son of Rome review

  • dancingrob 21/11/2013

    So with all the big games now reviewed on both machines, it looks like Need 4 Speed and Resogun are the only really next-gen titles even vaguely worthwhile, along with slightly prettier versions of AC4, BF4 and the annualised sports stuff.

    Beyond those, we've got a mix of the 'decent if you like the franchise / ignore otherwise' in Forza, Killzone and Dead Rising, 'pretty but crap' in Knack & Ryse and 'bloody awful' in Lococycle and Crimson Dragon.

    I'm definitely feeling smug that I made the right decision in holding off on buying anything for at least a year or so...
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  • PlayStation 4 Reviewed: Games and Hardware

  • dancingrob 13/11/2013

    before I read the comments thread any further, can I check if EG has teh bias towards Sony or MS this week? Reply +16
  • Football Manager 2014 review

  • dancingrob 28/10/2013


    try the handheld version of FM maybe.

    The last full version of CM I played regularly was CM9798, but I found the Handheld 2012 version basically did everything I wanted it to.
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  • Microsoft extending free Xbox 360 games promotion indefinitely

  • dancingrob 18/10/2013


    they have changed things recently, so removing a card from you profile can be done by clicking a button, rather than the ridiculous system of arguing with a call centre agent for 30 minutes before they'd deign to do it.
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  • dancingrob 18/10/2013


    and from the other side's fuckwits

    "blah blah blah Gold blah blah only rentals blah blah"
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  • Female soldiers in Warface are unrealistic and sexualised because community wanted it

  • dancingrob 09/10/2013



    It's almost as if sexist, mysogynist fuckwits don't really know much about women.

    I wonder why that could be?
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  • dancingrob 09/10/2013

    at least this crap means the sort of twat who thinks it's a good thing is less likely to be playing the same game as me. Reply +4
  • Xbox Live Marketplace retitled as Xbox Games Store

  • dancingrob 30/08/2013


    well indeed.

    You'd never get this sort of behaviour with Sony.

    The bastards!
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  • New real-money Xbox dash raises game prices

  • dancingrob 10/07/2013

    All you guys who kept screaming about how confusing the whole MSP concept was can give yourselves a huge pat on the back, as you've now got exactly what you wanted, higher prices on XBLA.

    Well done to you all.
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  • BioShock Infinite, Tomb Raider, Hitman discounted in Xbox Marketplace sale

  • dancingrob 02/07/2013


    it's because MS are going to immediately brick every single 360 on the console on January 12, 2014 to force everyone to buy the Xbone.

    They're evil I tell you, evil...
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  • Xbox 360 set to overtake Wii in UK in matter of days

  • dancingrob 27/06/2013


    people keep bringing up RROD because it's fun to hate MS this month.

    much like people brought up 'TEH POWER OF TEH CELL' at every opportunity in 07-08 when it was fun to hate Sony.

    Gamers generally do what they're told to do really...
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  • This is how Xbox One game trade-ins will work, apparently

  • dancingrob 24/05/2013


    you're thinking far too narrowly here.

    1 - discs are still going to exist this generation. They'll certainly be less important, but publishers will still want to shift stock, and that means they'll still reduce prices when they realise that 2 million people don't want to buy Brown Zombie Shooter4: The return for 40, but would happily pick it up at 15

    2 - Look at the Steam model. New release games are released at high prices to snag early adopters, and then gradually reduce in price from that point, ultimately ending up for just a pound or two in one of the frequent sales.

    3 - This generation, the publishers haven't felt able to challenge the games shops, as they still needed them to market / sell the products for them to a large extent, particularly at the start of the generation. Next generation, this is an increasingly less important factor.

    Essentially, stop listening to the deluded ramblings of the more entitled members of the gaming fraternity, and start looking at how Steam works. Then ask yourself why MS/Sony won't be doing something very similar with their system?
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  • dancingrob 24/05/2013

    the cut for publishers / MS sounds realistic, and would explain why things are so vague, as the final terms of the deals are probably nowhere near set.

    The 35 fee does not. Most games can be picked up for 15 within weeks of release. There is no way an activation fee will be considerably higher than this.
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  • BioShock Infinite sells "significantly" more than series predecessors

  • dancingrob 14/05/2013


    I guess you can also include things like Lego games, and a lot of the Kinect/Move/Fitness type stuff that isn't aimed at 'us' but seems to sell reasonably well from the charts.

    The difficulty area is the mid-range 'gamers' game (I'm thinking things like Darksiders / Alpha Protocol / Asura's Wrath / Metro 2033) that have reasonable development costs, but don't get a huge marketing budget. That's the sort of thing I don't see as having much of a future, as those devs will increasingly move to XBLA/PSN/Steam type releases, as they simply can't compete with the big franchise juggernauts.
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  • Next Xbox won't require an internet connection for single-player games - report

  • dancingrob 07/05/2013


    the big thing you are missing here this time is the prevalence of downloadable games.

    In the past, BC hasn't been quite so relevant as people haven't had a load of games tied to a specific machine. That certainly isn't the case this time, and the ability to carry your copy of Trials / Limbo / Fez etc. onto the new machine could be a new 'killer app', particularly in the early days of the new console before the decent new releases start to arrive in large numbers.
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  • After children rack up huge bills, UK government announces investigation into "aggressive" in-app purchases

  • dancingrob 12/04/2013


    No, you've got it all wrong.

    This thread has taught me it's entirely the fault of the people who have fallen for these scams, who are BAD PARENTS (won't somebody think of the children).

    The companies raking the money in from these scams are completely blameless.
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  • Next Xbox reveal due 21st May, costs $500 or $300 with a subscription, reports suggest

  • dancingrob 08/04/2013


    fair point.

    If most of these rumours are true, it looks like one console will be aiming for the core market, the other will be aimed squarely at casuals / entertainment box / COD/FIFA types.

    Whilst one is obviously more appealing to posters here, I'm yet to be convinced that MS haven't got the better commercial strategy of the two.

    In any case, with a backlog of 30 or so games at the moment, I've personally got no plans to buy either machine much before summer 2014 or so at the earliest by which time we'll have concrete information to go on rather than rumour/speculation and fanboyism.
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  • "Why should we ask how long a game is?"

  • dancingrob 13/03/2013


    and that's fine.

    We'll ask him to add a section where you have to travel back through the same area you've just played through to collect a McGuffin in the middle, and that'll add another couple of hours.

    We can also add a bit where the guy who needs the McGuffin has moved back to the start of level 2, so you can replay that one in reverse as well.

    Maybe there could be another section where you have to collect widgets hidden in obscure corners of a level for an hour or two as well.

    Those three changes would undoubtedly improve the game because a 12-14 hour game is always better than a short one isn't it?
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  • dancingrob 13/03/2013

    he's exactly right.

    As a working adult, the limit on my gaming is time, rather than money.

    As such, a really tight 6 hour experience (eg Limbo / Vanquish etc.) suits my needs far better than a half decent 6 hour game padded to 12 hours (eg Singularity / Alan Wake etc.) due to some pathetic concept of 'greater value for money'

    Very few devs have the talent to keep a game fresh and interesting for a long period of time, and even many of the top games of this generation have sections best described as filler (eg Red Dead Redemption in Mexico / the Bioshock escort mission etc.)

    Of course, for kids / students, the opposite may well apply, and as they're still the main target of the marketing people where games are concerned, we'll continue to have pointless collectathons / now go back and fetch this McGuffin sections polluting otherwise decent games for some time yet.
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