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  • Ace Combat: Squadron Leader

  • cyk 17/02/2005

    If its just as good as AC4, which I rented, enjoyed and returned, then it should be a fun weekend. They should really take this engine and make a great Macross game. Reply 0
  • Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Controller

  • cyk 15/02/2005

    Thats bloody cool :D Reply 0
  • City of Heroes Diary #4

  • cyk 14/02/2005

    Brought a smile to my face :) I haven't played in a few days and I really miss it. I've seen moments you've described. A line of super heroes about to battle evil, the inevatible "Run!" and watching one man go it alone while my powers return. Great gaming moments. Reply 0
  • Valve reacts to Half-Life 2 bugs

  • cyk 17/11/2004

    Memory cannot be read errors have been listed on Steampowered since June and still not fixed. Lots of people including me have had this and theres no sign of any common ground or a patch. Ł30 coaster. Reply 0
  • Burnout 3: Takedown

  • cyk 02/08/2004

    What about saving replays? This game NEEDS to save replays. Reply 0
  • Spider-Man 2

  • cyk 30/07/2004

    I played it for about 4 hours last night, haven't had a sore thumb like that in a while. Its really fun to swing around the city, running off buildings, and buying verbally abused by Bruce Campbell. Sure the challenges are stupidly hard, and the day-to-day tasks are also stupid, like that guy who keeps falling off buildings every hour. C'mon, how dumb can he be? I've tried throwing him off the building, tried to drown and tried to leave him on top of the highest building, but annoyingly you just can't.

    Saying that, it is such a joy to fly around the city just like he does on the big screen. Rental, definetly.
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