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  • Alan Partridge Appreciation

    Ah haaa! 184 Members

  • Battlefield 1943 ps3

    a discussion on anything to do with battlefield 4 Members

  • beta key group

    talk and swap beta keys 157 Members

  • Killzone2

    group PS3 and SONY followers from the day one. HEAVY
    RAIN,RESISTANCE2,KILLZONE2,FF13,GT5 and new TEAM ICO project. 22 Members

  • LittleBigPlanet Gamers

    Share your PSN IDs etc. etc. Most of all have fun. 191 Members


    For all Socom fans existing or new, this is the group for you,
    join the fight. 731 Members

  • Tom Clancy's Endwar

    The Revoulutionary RTS which uses voice commands as it's default
    control mechanism. Play as the Russians, Americans or Europeans
    in a global scale conflict. Onl… 1643 Members

  • Wipeout Gamers

    Share PSN IDs, your favorite soundtracks, organise games. 33 Members