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  • Xbox One Kinect adaptor officially dead now, too

  • colinmac 06/01/2018

    Quite disappointed with this - as I've just replaced my failed xb1 with a shiny new xb1x. I only really used the kinect for voice commands, but didn't think I'd have to pony up for an adaptor, never mind it be discontinued.

    I know I can use a headset into a controller for voice commands, but it's a shame from that perspective.

    Gaming with it? Don't think so.

    Anyone who's scrapping theirs - I'd be interested in the adaptor ?
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  • Dirt Rally's VR support is now live, costs £9.99

  • colinmac 18/02/2017

    @kangarootoo You can move the 'camera' or seating position in DRVR too - it's just not bound to controls by default.

    On a side note, can't believe the number of folks here grumbling about something as cheap as a couple of pints to provide VR to a game. There's no relation to the costs of releasing an addon in the PC ecosphere - console land and marketplace overheads are completely different.

    The VR experience here is utterly superb - I find myself scanning terrain way further than the current bend - using treelines and flow and real life driving skills, and I was useless at it even with a wheel on the telly.

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  • Destiny King's Fall raid to get harder with new challenge mode

  • colinmac 26/11/2015

    Everyone has a 'Destiny opinion' and it's really ok that they aren't all the same. Me, I'm very much enjoying it currently, despite falling off in year one. Reply +2
  • Sony postpones Driveclub PS Plus Edition "until further notice"

  • colinmac 30/10/2014

    I'd be sympathic. Really I would. IF I HADN"T BOUGHT MY PS4 on the strength of this being a launch title...

    Shu. Can I have my money back?
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  • Ridge Racer retrospective

  • colinmac 18/05/2014

    Ahem. Namco!! Are you listening - it's the 20th anniversary of this franchise ! Get yer fingers out and get a HD rebuild on the go!

    Have you forgotten where you came from ??

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  • Grid Autosport is the Codemasters racing game you've been waiting for

  • colinmac 22/04/2014

    I say good luck to them. But having invested in new consoles, no, sadly, I'll not be buying it....

    I still have a 360 under my telly, but I'm damned if I'm buying any more full price titles for it now..

    Hope for them, I'm not typical, or they'll just look short sighted.
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  • This is what the 2DS' huge single LCD screen looks like

  • colinmac 16/10/2013

    Since I paid only £130 for my XL new and delivered, this just seems like nonsense. Not even a decent saving. For less features? Folks who buy this are daft! Reply 0
  • Several staffers on Aliens: Colonial Marines spill the beans on what went wrong - report

  • colinmac 26/02/2013

    What disappoints me the most - and I know almost any software company can turn out drivel - is that everyone in the review industry - and that means you too, Eurogamer - stuck to the embargo - knowing full well that all the fans were going to blow their hard earned cash on drivel.

    This sort of embargo is for no other reason than suppressing any sales damaging review - now what the hell are reviews for ? You don't expect to read a car review after you've collected the damn thing from the showroom.

    I'd like to hear Eurogamer's position on this - since it's not like Sega could threaten to withhold the next X massive titles they're going to publish...

    Anyone? Anyone ?
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  • Xbox 360 GOD adds Far Cry 2

  • colinmac 27/04/2010

    'for a reasonable 19.99' - are you sure ? Gamestation had it at 4.99 I think (although I could imagine that might be pre-owned, but still..)

    Also - they did fix the bug that stopped my game at 68% - after the patch I was able to continue and complete it.

    It's DEFINITELY worth 10 quid, but I'm not sure about 20.....
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  • Doom III

  • colinmac 12/04/2005

    I'd say go for it. It's actually better than the PC version - sound is fantastic in 5.1 - and if there's tearing, I'm certainly not noticing it - and I'm a grumbly lad when I can't enable vsync on a PC title... Reply 0
  • MS launches £130 Xbox/PGR2 bundle

  • colinmac 10/12/2003

    Yup - but not an RGB scart - 3 phono type - same as PS2 - best thing to do is buy a advance scart lead (which also has optical out for yer DD5.1's) or pick up an RGB Game lead or sommat for 8 quid or so... Reply 0
  • Colin McRae Rally 04

  • colinmac 25/08/2003

    As an update - I picked up Rallisport Challenge at the weekend for a tenner. It's ok. But WAYYYY too slidey. Cars just seem to slip sideways forever. Nice graphics. But the damage model is *ahem* interesting, especially after serious incidents, such as cliff-offs etc. :O) And I much prefer proper themed'stages' rather than the smallish competitions it has. It seems more Sega Rally than CMR. So, CMR3 even still has it for me. Until CMR4, I hope, cos it sounds good. Reply 0
  • colinmac 23/08/2003

    Actually WRC2 is much poorer a game than WRC - it has some particularly dodgy physics upon collisions. Nice terrain, but not a patch on CMR4 - the engine that WRC uses is amazing - but it results in somewhat blander tracks, with less 'used once' detail features.

    I played WRC to death - it was top fun with the force feedback ps2 wheel - but WRC2 (and I was desperate for it!) seems like a poor half brother to it. Playing with a pad was nigh on impossible!

    Roll on CMR4... 3 was too slidey - but me and mates love playing alternate runs on the same stages to see who is fastest. And CMR3's British rally is *fantastic*
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  • More MechAssault content

  • colinmac 19/06/2003

    I would have thought gr8 personally... how does G8 = Great. Oh, and I'm no, er, nob. :O) Reply 0