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  • Why can't we forget Lovecraft?

  • clockworkzombie 03/03/2018

    Don't forget an excellent point and click game from 1989 called The Hound of Shadow. Lovecraftian, superb, set in London and meant to be the first in a series. I played it on the Amiga and there is a DOS version. The artwork is sepia toned I remember having a great time. Reply 0
  • de Blob owner THQ Nordic buys Saints Row and Dead Island owner Koch Media for 121m euro

  • clockworkzombie 14/02/2018

    I am glad there is a new Saint's Row. I love the series. SR4 is Crackdown with toilet humour, so if you loved crackdown buy this and have fun. Reply 0
  • Nintendo fans spent all of last night waiting on a Direct announcement

  • clockworkzombie 12/01/2018

    I would love to have the Chibi Robo games on Switch Reply 0
  • Bankrupt Mad Catz is somehow back from the dead

  • clockworkzombie 04/01/2018

    Have a look here. I am currently adding a new board to my SFIV TE fightstick which will work on anything.
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  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds review

  • clockworkzombie 21/12/2017

    I just purchased the AD&D RPGs from GOG, looking forward to Starting Pool of Radiance again.
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  • Today, Bungie will make Destiny 2's brilliantly overpowered Prometheus Lens "way too weak" instead

  • clockworkzombie 14/12/2017

    Thanks for your response, this is what I like about Eurogamer, we can have a discussion without name calling and abuse. Classic journalism is having a difficult time to be sure.

    I think the way to survive is exploiting signal to noise. Journalists and their employers should be making excellent work people will pay for and making a quality signal in a world of noise.

    I have a digital subscription to a newspaper here and Monday morning read the restaurant reviews even though I do not live in a capital city. The writing is excellent.

    The Australian is one of few newspapers growing their subscription base in this digital age. Content locked behind a paywall with a generous trial period.
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  • clockworkzombie 13/12/2017


    I did say he was marking the Tutorials, which counts as a part of your final grade, for sure if he was marking exam papers it would be an issue.

    Tutorials in Australia at least are meant to encourage solo participation, group & teamwork and make students think about their work and perhaps challenge their thinking.

    When I said he was being a bit harsh he said journalism is a craft you have to love the language and be prepared to use your vocabulary to clearly communicate to your readers and if they are too sloppy to make sure their spelling is correct when they have spell checkers they deserve to fail.
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  • clockworkzombie 12/12/2017

    A friend of mine is also a journalist and was once running tutorials at the local university.

    First day he asked who has a computer to do their assignment writing? Of course everybody's hands were in the air, next question, Who has a spell checker? Again, everybody's hands were in the air.

    Then he said Anybody that submits work with a spelling mistake will be failed.

    The lecturer he was running tutorials for was pleased, she said compared to him they think I am sooo nice.
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  • Sea of Thieves just got a release date

  • clockworkzombie 10/12/2017

    I played this at Pax Melbourne, you can play with two or three people as there are large and small boats, a mic will be needed for communication and will make for more fun and a better game.

    Going off on a tangent Destiny 2s problem right now is not enough people with microphones when doing strikes and such I have not yet encountered someone with a mic in matchmaking. Destiny 1 it was quite common.
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  • Destiny 2 locks one of its most-prized exotic guns behind Curse of Osiris expansion

  • clockworkzombie 07/12/2017

    I regret buying Destiny 2 looking forward to finishing the new content and going back to Warframe.

    I put a thousand hours into Destiny 1. The grind isn't as fun in 2 as the first
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  • In defence of Oblivion

  • clockworkzombie 26/11/2017

    Even though I have Oblivion on PC I have just purchased a second hand 5th anniversary and am keen to play at 4k on Xbox 1 Reply +1
  • Original Xbox Star Wars: KOTOR downloadable ahead of back-compat launch

  • clockworkzombie 23/10/2017

    Would not mind Jade Empire too, hope it gets some loviní Reply +3
  • After 25 years, Star Control 2's original creators are working on a proper sequel

  • clockworkzombie 12/10/2017

    A friend and I still talk about a Pkunk I had that resurrected 6 times to kill the battleship he was currently using. Reply +3
  • The space goths won Destiny 2's first Faction Rally

  • clockworkzombie 04/10/2017

    I do not agree, indeed the first you speak to but the first you could pledge allegiance to is New Monarchy.
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  • Destiny 2's pre-order loot takes a while to unlock

  • clockworkzombie 06/09/2017

    Call of Duty: World at War also did it right. One of the bonuses for the limited edition was a prebuilt class that activated when the prebuilt classes were active for multiplayer.

    An FG 42 with scope. This was useful everytime you prestiged.
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  • Bubsy's 21-year comeback is launching on Halloween

  • clockworkzombie 23/08/2017

    Fuck, yes. Day 1 purchase. Reply +2
  • Agents of Mayhem review

  • clockworkzombie 17/08/2017

    SR4 was going to be DLC for SR3 called "Enter the Dominatrix", but grew so large they turned it into SR4.

    I was really happy with that decision as I love the series and figured there would already be a "proper" sequel to SR3 being planned. Unfortunately looks like there wasn't.

    I like all the games in the series, SR2 certainly is the highlight.

    For people waiting for the new Crackdown, play SR4 which is a foul mouthed humorous take on Crackdown you will not regret it.
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  • More than a year on, Take-Two still fighting NBA 2K tattoo lawsuit

  • clockworkzombie 15/08/2017

    There are differences with the Tyson case to be sure, the take 2 case is about the tattoos licensed to solid oak, I think their defence can be they have paid to license the players and therefore are not subject to the tattoo claims by solid oak.
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  • clockworkzombie 14/08/2017

    Nice catch, still there is the comment by the judge that the studios' defence was silly.

    I think what this case will hang on is the licensing Take 2 has paid to use the people involved, does the licensed use of the person cover their tattoos too?
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  • clockworkzombie 14/08/2017

    There is precedence. The Mike Tyson tattoo used in the Hangover movie.
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  • Bubsy returns in his first game in 21 years

  • clockworkzombie 10/06/2017

    Bubsy is awesome. Looking forward to it and for all those people talking down Bubsy you have not played Fractured Furry Tails on the Jaguar, it is a fantastic nail hard platformer and worthy of a remaster. Reply 0
  • PS4 external storage tested: 4TB hard drive vs SSD performance

  • clockworkzombie 14/05/2017

    I have installed a 2TB Seagate Firecuda drive in my PS4 Pro. The drive is 7mm thick and reasonably priced. The drive is an SSHD so it has 8GB of solid state storeage with a 2TB platter to back it up. Commonly used things go to the SSD.

    Very happy with this. If you are running out of space buy an external drive, make a backup then swap a bigger drive internally. Make sure you have a USB stick setup with the latest sony firmware on it then swap drives, install OS then restore backup.

    Before you remove the original internal drive change the settiing that makes this your primary PS4 and change it back after the restore.
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  • The creators of Burnout are making a Crash Mode spiritual successor called Danger Zone

  • clockworkzombie 26/04/2017

    I would rather have a burnout takedown style of game rather than a burnout paradise game. Better tracks and more focussed in my opinion, a shame they cannot afford to do it.

    Still I will buy this as I did dangerous golf as I think they deserve a chance.
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  • Nintendo discontinues NES Mini in Europe, too

  • clockworkzombie 19/04/2017

    I ordered a Pi and case this morning. I already have a controller and micro SD card. Reply +3
  • Watch: Johnny cooks monster lasagna from Don't Starve

  • clockworkzombie 13/04/2017

    I wonder if you chilled the white sauce? that might make it resistant to movement and combination whilst assembling.
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  • clockworkzombie 13/04/2017

    I have a recipe for Ragu bolognese sauce. Very nice and a lot more work. The Book is the spiral bound Time/ Life Cooking of the world series. I must have put this in Pepperplate a long time ago as these days I have a set of US measuring spoons and cups. The main difference is a US tablespoon is 15ml not 20ml that I use in Australia.

    The meat used is chopped ham, minced beef & pork, and chicken livers. I noticed I have the recipe in Pepperplate. I will paste it in.

    Ragu Bolognese
    North Italian Meat Sauce

    YIELD 3.5 cups

    114 g Smoked Ham coarsely chopped
    1 Cup Coarsely chopped Onions
    0.25 Cup Coarsely chopped Carrots
    0.5 Cup Coarsely chopped Celery
    3 Tablespoons of Butter
    30 ml Olive oil
    340 g Fine minced beef
    114 g Lean minced pork
    0.5 Cup Dry white wine
    2 Cups Beef stock
    30 ml Tomato Paste
    226 g Chicken livers
    1 Cup Heavy cream
    Pinch of nutmeg
    Fresh ground Black Pepper

    Combine the chopped ham, onions, carrots and celery then chop them together into very small pieces.
    Melt 30 ml butter over moderate heat frying pan add the battuto stirring frequently for 10 minutes or until it is lightly browned.
    With a rubber spatula transfer the soffritto to a heavy saucepan. Heat the olive oil in the frying pan and brown the beef and pork over a moderate heat, stirring constantly to break up any lumps.
    Then pour in the wine, increase the heat and boil briskly until almost all the liquid in the skillet has cooked away. Add the meat to the soffritto, then stir in the stock and tomato paste.
    Bring to a boil over a high heat, the reduce the heat and simmer, partially covered for 45 minutes stirring occasionally.
    Meanwhile, over high heat melt 2 more tablespoons of butter in the original pan, and when the foam subsides add the chicken livers. Cook them for 3-4 minutes or until they are firm and lightly browned. Chop the chicken livers into a small dice, set them aside, and add them to the sauce 10 minutes before it is done. A few minutes before serving stir in the cream and let it heat through.
    Taste the Ragu and season it with nutmeg, salt and pepper.

    This mixture is called a battuto and when cooked a soffritto.

    Serve the Ragu on Pasta or -without the cream- Use it in Lasagne Pasticciate. P23 Cooking of Italy.

    This recipe P45 Cooking of Italy.

    The teaspoon measures have been converted to ml. The cup measures are imperial but since the American cup is 236 ml to our 250 ml there is little difference.
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  • Microsoft scrapped plans to launch beefier Xbox console last year

  • clockworkzombie 12/04/2017


    I too had a Jaguar, loved it. I was lucky to have a couple of friends travelling overseas and they picked up many games for me.

    Australia also had a big import scene, even if you had a console and games that launched in Aus it often took 6 - 18 months for the games to appear.

    I imported a US PS1 and had it for 9 months before the Aus launch same with games.

    We are so much better off now
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  • The strange, timeless appeal of early 3D platformers

  • clockworkzombie 11/04/2017

    No need to apologise my phrasing should be better. It is always good to talk to people passionate about games, there is always common ground to be had.
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  • clockworkzombie 10/04/2017

    Absolutely, as I mentioned Fractured Furry Tails is an excellent platformer, 2D not 3D a shame it never got a release outside of the Jaguar so more people could have played it.

    If you are only as good as your last game then for most people that will be the 3D game mentioned in this article and not the excellent game I played.


    A friend purchased the 3D game so I didn't have to. I should buy him a beer. :)
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  • clockworkzombie 09/04/2017

    Sure. Now serious about what exactly?
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  • clockworkzombie 08/04/2017

    I was going to ignore the Crash remaster then remembered how much fun Crash 2 was, specifically the levels where you ride the baby polar bear, even better than a mine cart level. I loved mine cart levels in platformers. Reply 0
  • clockworkzombie 08/04/2017

    I miss Bubsy, still have it for snes. Fractured Furry tales on the Jaguar is a masterpiece, a nails hard platformer that was so much fun. Reply +1
  • The Elder Scrolls Online free to play for a week

  • clockworkzombie 10/04/2017

    I recently started playing after a long break and it is very good, if you do not have a few friends to help there is a lot of single player content.
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  • PS4 premium joypad face-off: Razer Raiju vs Nacon Revolution Pro

  • clockworkzombie 04/04/2017


    The universal fighting board looks to be the go supports Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, Wii U, and PC. Screw terminal block, so strip the wires from the old PCB, no soldering needed from what I have read unless you want to add PS4 touchpad and LEDs


    This link is the universal board with a breakout board soldered on top with connectors and included cables so no soldering is needed for the extras.
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  • clockworkzombie 04/04/2017

    I have a PS3 and xBox one stick. The X1 stick is PC compatible. The PS3 SFV TE stick may not be, I have a first gen version and it is picky with what it will support. I will have a look at the brooks board with headers and see what it can do.
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  • clockworkzombie 04/04/2017

    Here is a link about the negcon it is basically a wheel mounted side on to you and you twist the left and right sides.

    When this was made the PS1 controllers were all digital which is why I spanked my friends so hard.

    The analogue buttons being assigned to accelerate and brake with analogue steering gave an amazing amount of control.

    It would be interesting to see if the PS1 adapter will work with it.
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  • clockworkzombie 04/04/2017

    Indeed. I think I might look around for any good deals on a high quality 360 wheel. I am a sucker for well designed controllers.

    Remember the Negcon for PS1? analogue steering wheel in a different form factor and two analogue buttons. I was a demon on the track in Wipeout 2097 and Gran Turismo using it. My friends refused to play me if I used it.

    The analogue buttons for accelerate and brake were awesome especially in Wipeout.
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  • clockworkzombie 03/04/2017

    The joystick dudes at Shoryuken think there is no input lag and that is good enough for me.

    I posted a link earlier if you have not seen it already.
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  • clockworkzombie 03/04/2017

    For others looking at the Brooks solution here is a Shoryuken thread discussing these adapters, goes back 2 years and people are very happy with them.
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  • clockworkzombie 03/04/2017


    Thank you for the adapter link. Looks good with no input lag. Wish I had known about this. I would have purchased this instead.

    I have just purchased one anyway as it should work with my TE fightsticks. I was going to solder a PS4 controller board to the internals but it is tricky and my soldering skills sub par this is a better idea.
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  • clockworkzombie 02/04/2017

    I have a Nacon. It solved two issues with DS4. Cramps in my hands with long gaming sessions and poor battery life.

    I bought this one specifically for the asymmetric analogue sticks.
    I have had only two issues. The R1, R2 and L1, L2 buttons are very close together on the first night I was pressing both at the same time which was annoying, after the first night it is not a problem.

    The second issue is a sticky X button which only seems to happen if I press the bottom quadrant and not centred, certainly it does not happen often maybe once every couple of days. I still have plenty of warranty if it gets worse I shall return it.

    The analogue sticks are excellent and I light the lightweight feel without adding extra weights. The 3m USB cable is long enough for me, also the PS button will not power on the PS4 you need to press the console power button on your way past.
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  • Mana series slated for Switch in Japan

  • clockworkzombie 21/03/2017

    Yes please. I still have Secret for Snes. What a great game. Reply +6
  • Monopoly ditches classic characters for T-Rex, penguin, rubber duck

  • clockworkzombie 20/03/2017

    Monopoly is not long or boring if you do not have free parking money and auction the properties. You know playing by the rules. Free parking money keeps losers in the game or helps a runaway leader. Reply 0
  • Broken dragons: In praise of Morrowind, a game about game design

  • clockworkzombie 07/02/2017

    The main reason Morrowind is immersive compared to other games is your name.

    You choose a name and because dialogue is text based as factions warm up to you they stop calling you N'wah or outlander and use your name.
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  • Morrowind expansion revealed for The Elder Scrolls Online

  • clockworkzombie 02/02/2017

    Speaking of FF. FF12 just has a July 12 PS4 release date.

    Never played this. looking forward to it.
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  • clockworkzombie 01/02/2017

    Bethesda make some of my favourite games.

    Some games such as Skyrim or other Elder Scroll RPG's I will buy on launch at full price to play immediately, other games like fallout 4 I will wait for the game of the year edition.

    Oblivion on the 360 was the first ES game I played but I loved Morrowind more once I could play on backward compatibility and with a 360 with HDMI output Morrowind looked good.

    I have played a bit of ESO & liked it, so given that I picked up the Gold edition with 4 expansions for $23 AUD I am happy to buy Morrowind at launch and reward them.

    Getting it from my local EB games store. I like to support them as it would make life harder for me if it were gone also the internet in my town is rubbish and downloading takes days.

    @Rod Hull

    I only had the standard edition. I was always envious of the coin pack and when I last looked the eBay thieves wanted lots of money for it so did not bother.
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  • clockworkzombie 01/02/2017

    I have ordered the collector edition with book and centurion statue Reply +1
  • clockworkzombie 31/01/2017

    Hi dude, I have it. :) everything is installed & ready to go I hope. I played for a bit when it come out and liked it. All I need now is my friends to join me, they are playing Skyrim at the moment so the seed is planted.

    2nd edit
    Actually I think the download problem is the game is too big to fit on the disc so a new disc will not help as it is still the Tamriel Unlimited disc.


    Perhaps this needs to happen before any Morrowind remaster? The assets will be made and could be reused.

    I actually liked the trailer and the speed of the automata all I could think of when the centurion popped out was fly you fools.
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  • clockworkzombie 31/01/2017

    I have been wanting to put time into this for a while. EB games Australia are selling the gold edition for $23AUD, it has the Imperial city expansion, Orsimer, Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild. Expansions are a DLC code with the base Tamriel unlimited disc.

    I will be happy to pay full price for Morrowind.
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  • Sony Platinum Wireless Headset review

  • clockworkzombie 23/01/2017

    I have had a look at the ear muffs again. The opening is oval not round, if you look at headphone picture 4 in the article you will see it.

    What the picture does not show is the outer vinyl is hollowed out so the fabric does not go down to the outer part of the headphones vertically but at an angle of approximately 40 degrees.

    The inner surface of the muff slopes away to the rear at a similar angle so they are shallower at the front giving space for your ear at the back. I had not troubles again last night.
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