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  • Watch: See how the Crash Bandicoot remaster holds up to the originals

  • clockworkzombie 08/12/2016

    Crash 2 was my favourite. Loved riding around on the baby polar bear. Definitely getting this. Reply +2
  • Skyrim Special Edition patch causing game crashes on PC, PS4, Xbox one

  • clockworkzombie 09/11/2016

    I am playing on PC with no mods. I had one launch crash after the patch, restarted, no problems since. I do have 32GB of memory so perhaps this helps. Reply 0
  • BioWare's overlooked martial arts game Jade Empire hits iOS

  • clockworkzombie 06/10/2016

    Please give us a a sequel, all that work creating 3 different languages languishing. Reply 0
  • Styx: Shards of Darkness delayed to early 2017

  • clockworkzombie 06/10/2016

    Glad to see a bunch of Styx fans. I really liked Of Orcs and Men and Styx. Glad to see another. Reply +1
  • Lindsay Lohan's Grand Theft Auto lawsuit rules in Rockstar's favour

  • clockworkzombie 01/09/2016

    The other problem with the suit is Rockstar purchased the rights to use a photo which they changed for their purposes.


    A comment I saw elsewhere.

    Lawyer "Judge this game satirises my client."

    Judge "yes, yes it does"

    "Case dismissed"
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  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies goes '80s, stars David Hasselhoff

  • clockworkzombie 17/08/2016

    Might try to get some friends together for this, we haven't played Zombies together since Black ops 2 Reply 0
  • Bethesda Game Studios planning "two other major projects" before The Elder Scrolls 6

  • clockworkzombie 13/06/2016

    I would argue the remaster will be for grabbing new business, any Skyrim fan probably has the Legendary Edition or all the DLC and will be eligible for the free upgrade anyway.
    I think I shall fire up Oblivion and play that before the Skyrim release.


    Disappointed about there being no news for another Elder Scroll game.
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  • EA unconcerned about releasing Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 this autumn

  • clockworkzombie 11/05/2016

    Actually you have the proverb backwards.

    Pride goes before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.
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  • Call of Duty fan campaign mass-downvotes Infinite Warfare's reveal trailer

  • clockworkzombie 08/05/2016

    I have just this weekend started playing BO3 online multiplayer and it is good, maybe not MW/MW2 good but better than anything else after MW2. I enjoyed the campaign too and look forward to a sequel or furtherance of its story.

    I am going to buy the edition with MW in it as I loved the multiplayer, may not play the campaign again as I finished it on veteran back in the day.

    When there were rumours of a subscription service I said give me all the maps from CoD 1 to the present and I will sign up. Some of the maps in CoD 3, ironclad for example are among the best maps they have done, some CoD 3 maps have verticality without wall running and power boosted jumping
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  • Nioh on PS4: 1080p30 or 720p60 - you decide

  • clockworkzombie 29/04/2016

    Might buy it. This is a great idea and they deserve to be rewarded for it. Reply +7
  • The 64 is an unofficial reimagining of the Commodore 64

  • clockworkzombie 20/04/2016

    This looks a bit more interesting.
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  • Hyper Light Drifter is coming to PC and Mac this month

  • clockworkzombie 23/03/2016

    Backed it. And happy everything is working out. Reply +1
  • Destiny 2 delayed from September 2016 - report

  • clockworkzombie 23/01/2016

    I have been playing Warframe for the last month and loving it. I will play Destiny in the future when there is more content, my friends have abandoned it out of boredom and will not play again. Reply +1
  • Bungie finally sheds light on Destiny: The Taken King DLC plans

  • clockworkzombie 12/12/2015

    I listened to a radio program had people ring in and tell what they steal from work.

    One guy said he and his wife each took one roll of toilet paper each from their work everyday. They them changed jobs and couldn't steal anymore.

    This guy said it took 5 years to use the paper, then he had the hide to complain about the cost.
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  • Final Fantasy 7 remake is episodic

  • clockworkzombie 07/12/2015

    It just means no purchase until the episodes are finished Reply +71
  • Jade Raymond building "Assassin's Creed-style game" for EA

  • clockworkzombie 17/11/2015

    Grand theft creed? Ubi Would think so.
    Or Auto assassin's pirate theft.
    Perhaps something from EAs past.
    Remember Saboteur or Mercenaries.
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  • Xenoblade Chronicles X might yet have 2015's most impressive open world

  • clockworkzombie 14/11/2015

    I have ordered my copy from EB Games, in Australia. Sometimes overpriced however it is company policy to price match competitors.

    Which means I purchased CoD for 29 pounds. Tomb Raider for 32 pounds. Price matching is still ok with pre orders, they adjust the price at checkout.

    Due to the loyalty scheme I get 10 days to return a game for refund or exchange for something else if not happy.
    The staff are always friendly.
    Why wouldn't you deal with them.
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  • Assassin's Creed Syndicate's PC system requirements revealed

  • clockworkzombie 06/11/2015

    This will be interesting. I have 2 4GB 760s, might check it out on PC I was planning to buy it on Xbox 1 early next year. Reply +1
  • Activision acquires Candy Crush company King for $5.9bn

  • clockworkzombie 03/11/2015

    Ready for Holidays 2016. Call of Candy: Advanced wallet raping. Reply +35
  • Destiny is nerfing shotguns, again

  • clockworkzombie 09/10/2015

    @arcam @ziggy_played_guitar

    CoD 4 MW had superb shotguns. My friends were in fear of my gold M1014.
    I would pay for a CoD MW 1-3 release for PS4 or Xbox 1. Some of those maps were superb.
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  • Sony: climate "not healthy" for PlayStation Vita successor

  • clockworkzombie 27/09/2015

    There is still great support in Japan, wish I could read Japanese. Here is just two games I want to play.

    Net High
    The year is 20XX and the Japanese government has passed the "Neo Communications Act", a bill intended to alleviate the congested economy, declining birth rates, NEETs, and hikikomoris (reclusive adolescents or adults).

    Everyone is given an exclusive smartphones that uses the social network "Tweeter," which is largely how the population communicates, as well as a way for the government to judge you. The government supplies citizens with a special allowance based on social achievements like follower counts, being in a relationship, getting married, having children and so on. The end result is your riajuu (people who live fulfilling lives) ranking.

    However, what as meant to be a social utopia and "mankind's riajuu era" has devolved into a much harsher reality. Some successful 'riajuu' have monopolized all the wealth and followers - leaving the less popular individuals with an undesirable job and social status. How such individuals became so popular is a mystery, one of the many online lies and mysteries you will seek to uncover throughout the game.

    The one who will be leading the charge against e-lies is Oreshi, a non-riajuu and unambitious boy, who obtains a wearable 'Mega-Nexus' glasses/device that completely flips his personality to that of an outgoing and positive individual.

    ENJ Battles (flame wars) are public debates that are broadcasted live on the Japanese site Niyoniyo Douga. The big appeal of these fights are that lower ranked users can challenge those of a higher rank. The information you have gained from your online sleuthing can be used in your battles here to expose the opposition as their true selves, and reap those sweet sweet social media follows.

    Utagumi 575
    Utagumi 575 is a game that creates new ground for a genre; by taking literary sensibilities and mixing it with popular Japanese music, the Haiku - a Japanese poetic form that follows the strict rule of 3 lines following 5 to 7 to 5 syllables per line - a new style of gameplay is invented. Instead of the formulaic approach of only matching button presses to various tempo based patterns, Utagumi 575 incorporates this with a hiragana guessing game. The result for players is that after fulfilling the correct cadence requirements, a prompt for missing Japanese characters appears, and these are filled in by paying attention to the phrase be displayed, the context of the song, and rules of a Haiku.

    Inspired By Vocaloid:

    While this may sound complicated, the intuitive user interface makes it easy to instantly transition into this new style of play. In fact, any one who is familiar with games like Hatsune Miku Project Diva F or any Vocaloid games for that matter will feel right at home, as many aspects of this game are developed by Vocaloid contemporaries; aside from gameplay differences, there will definitely be a robust selection of songs.

    Anime Haiku:

    Graphically, everything is designed with a strong anime influence; from cinematic cutscenes, gameplay and animated movies, everything moves with the fluidity appropriate to a new flagship franchise. It is extremely easy to be charmed by the distinct personalities of protagonists Azuki and Matcha; the former is a free spirited girl who moves and attracts those around her with a vivacious energy and the latter being one of independent though and introspective charisma.

    As the first product of Sega's Project 575, this game can be recommended to music, anime and even Japanese literature fans!
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  • New Apple TV has a Nintendo Wii waggle to it

  • clockworkzombie 11/09/2015

    I do not mind that as it helps pay for bandwidth and has benefits for others.

    For example Amazon started giving creators 70% when they were previously getting 30% if lucky. It makes it easier for smaller outfits to self publish rather than try and find a publisher willing to take them on.
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  • clockworkzombie 10/09/2015

    Theft prevention is the usual reason for locking down consumer IOS devices.

    When you set up a password an an IOS device the data is encrypted and cannot be accessed until the password is supplied.

    If you also set up Find my iPhone then the unit, if stolen can be restored back to factory settings then it will ask for the appleID and password used to activate Find my iPhone before letting it work again.
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  • clockworkzombie 09/09/2015

    People wanting classic controllers for IOS games are going to be disappointed as the interface in IOS is touch.

    I agree. Apple have always said, If anyone is going to cannibalise our products it will be us.
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  • Fallout 4's big Season Pass promise

  • clockworkzombie 10/09/2015

    I presume you were replying to me.

    You could not buy Tribunal and Bloodmoon digitally on the Xbox but could buy Shivering Isles as a download on Xbox 360.

    I prefer buying my content on disc for several reasons.

    I do not have to store a backup on an external drive if possible, also multiple downloads of 50GB at a time when loading a previously deleted game gets old fast.

    I am not relying on the benevolence of some third party to keep the software available for download.

    On a related note I hope the backward compatibility added for Xbox one will allow me to play games like Catan and Ticket to ride that I purchased on my 360. Little big games went under and catan cannot be purchased anymore.
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  • clockworkzombie 10/09/2015

    The Shivering Isles was in my opinion better than any of the Skyrim expansions
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  • clockworkzombie 09/09/2015

    I plan to buy the Goty version. I like the Fallout series but do not want to buy it at launch then get the Goty edition later.

    I am a bigger fan of elder scrolls and buy both as I do not want to wait.

    The reason is reinstalling in the future has everything in one disc usually.

    I actually forgot to get the F3 Goty and have not played the DLC due to a lot of other games so I am buying the Fallout compendium at launch and will give 3 a full going over plus the bomb package has space for the eventual F4 Goty.

    Usually I do not buy the DLC for Bethesda games when it comes out as I am still having a lot of fun with the base game so I buy Goty instead for ease of use later.
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  • 1080p60 and beyond: the best PC hardware for Metal Gear Solid 5

  • clockworkzombie 08/09/2015

    I have this monitor in Australia. I was apprehensive about my PS4 and X1 being connected but the image quality is better than the Samsung 1080P 27" monitor I had before.

    Place it in gaming mode and you will be fine.

    Colours in games are better and the finer dot pitch seems to negate any blurring you would get from not using a native resolution.

    Go for it you will not be unhappy.
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  • Now there's a Warhammer Man O' War video game

  • clockworkzombie 02/09/2015

    Man o war was an amazingly good game. Necromunda too as, mentioned earlier.
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  • New Xbox One bundle includes 1TB solid state hybrid drive

  • clockworkzombie 01/09/2015

    Absolutely. I received an email from EBGames yesterday offering to trade in my launch X1 for this with a $300.00 change over cost. RRP is $600 I think. The Xbox elite controller retails for $199.00 AUD so not a bad deal. I have plugged in a 2TB drive already for the X1 so not sure what to do.
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  • Rare Replay's Nintendo 64 games run at 1080p

  • clockworkzombie 11/08/2015

    Indeed but buying the the first remaster gives you a code for all the others as a download from the store. The standard 360 versions.
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  • Rare Replay studio's first UK chart-topper since Banjo-Kazooie on N64 in 1998

  • clockworkzombie 10/08/2015

    I wonder if this may also enable cross play between X1 and PC if a game is purchased from the store instead of buying a disc.
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  • clockworkzombie 10/08/2015

    A Psygnosis compilation would be amazing. All those hard as nails games would show those brought up on easier fare what we went through.

    Blood Money for example.
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  • Why DirectX 12 is a game-changer for PC enthusiasts

  • clockworkzombie 02/08/2015

    If your motherboard is still in its warranty period then you are fine and MS will activate your licence.
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  • Radeon R9 380 2GB vs 4GB review

  • clockworkzombie 09/07/2015

    One thing I do that helps a lot is always max out the memory in your computer at purchase or build time. A one off purchase and you never worry about it again.

    In the past friends and I would play lan games and I would always have less problems or better performance the only difference being the memory in my computer.

    My current PC has 32GB overkill for sure. I tried to only put 2 8GB modules in then rationalised another 16GB by convincing myself it is better to fill the memory sockets and stop dust getting in to them.
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  • Peter Moore recounts $1.15bn Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death saga

  • clockworkzombie 02/07/2015

    Obviously they are talking about the death of the Brand. You cannot buy Tylenol anymore and it was a huge brand advertising everywhere.

    Here in Australia I remember my grandmother throwing out what today would be a minimum $200 worth of product. I remember her words,
    She lived on a cattle station so tended to have large amounts of tablets cough mixture and the like on hand because you could be
    cut off from civilisation for weeks at a time.

    "I know there is nothing wrong with Tylenol in Australia but I can't trust it anymore or give it to my family"
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  • Warner Bros. allegedly knew about Arkham Knight PC's failures months ago - report

  • clockworkzombie 02/07/2015

    I played on 360 when it came out, took launch day off only time I have done that and had a long weekend playing.

    My friend on PS3 at the time said he had a save game bug and dragons were weird.

    I actually built my PC to play Skyrim, Morrowind and Oblivion playing Skyrim at 4K is amazing.

    Getting to some sort of point, Xenoblade Chronicles was released way late and the producer wanted to quit, Miyamoto said something like, Take your time people will forget if it is late they will never forget if it is bad.

    My advice play the PC version of Skyrim it will remove all the bad PS3 memories.
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  • clockworkzombie 02/07/2015

    Absolutely. I said earlier this week I wish there was a 60fps button on PS4 and X1 that drops the graphics down a bit to improve gameplay.

    As an example I have played GTA V on PS3 & 4 and now PC. The PC game using a xbox controller is so much easier to control than the console versions.
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  • Face-Off: Batman: Arkham Knight

  • clockworkzombie 29/06/2015

    No Idea.
    Not too concerned either, people that will not buy full price games will probably impulse buy games at 15 pounds.

    Some games I do pay full price for if I want to play it at launch, Elder Scroll games for example. The publisher is getting money whether I buy at the full "rip off" price or not.

    My friends and I like playing CoD Zombies so every 2 years I buy the zombie version at launch.

    Pretty much anything else I find a better price.

    I do not pirate games and when I trade in console games that goes dirtectly to new games. I traded in a bunch yesterday and used the proceeds to buy Wooly World and FF X for PS4.

    I have even bought a digital game for about 19 pounds Styx Master of Shadows. No trading that in.

    It goes to a value judgement about what your money is worth. If AK was selling for 15 pounds there would not be so much complaints, maybe, possibly, people on the internet do like to complain.
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  • clockworkzombie 29/06/2015


    Grey importing is really the manufacturer or distributor artificially partitioning the world into regions and saying charge these people more.

    Grey importing is a government endorsed protection racket. It is only when the consumer jumps up and down do our elected representatives do anything about it.

    Australian retailers are allowed to grey import music CDs for example and in New Zealand DVDs are fair game to grey import and it is illegal in NZ to sell region locked DVD players.

    Companies like globalisation but it cuts both ways. They can export all the manufacturing and production out of our countries, closing factories and jobs all they like, then get all butthurt when we the consumer take advantage of that same globalisation.
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  • clockworkzombie 28/06/2015


    I play more on console than PC because my friends are console gamers.

    I still visit games shops and internet sites looking for the best deal often I import games from the UK to Australia as it can be half price inc postage.


    Look at cultural factors too. When asked why the PS4 was cheaper in America than UK, Aus etc the answer was because Americans are cheap and do not want to pay for anything.

    For years both the UK and Aus have been paying inordinately high prices in comparison to the US essentially subsidising the US market.

    People now have the ability to buy the cheaper product easier than before and are doing it.

    Paying a legitimate cheaper price from somewhere else in the world is not the same as pirating the game as the industry gets their cut.
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  • clockworkzombie 27/06/2015

    I loved the Order and want a bunch more games telling stories in the alternate universe.

    Didn't notice any resolution issues which shows how important it is.
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  • It gets worse - Batman: Arkham Knight on PC lacks console visual features

  • clockworkzombie 26/06/2015


    You should let it go Antropie, bitterness and anger will only shorten your life.

    No one does what you do because it is fun.

    Perhaps you should re evaluate your life.
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  • clockworkzombie 26/06/2015


    Agreed. I hope so.
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  • clockworkzombie 26/06/2015

    I am sure they will eventually, I think we will go back to 5-6 year console cycles again now, I can't imagine this hardware being good enough in 10 years time however much the devs & manufacturers would like that.

    Historically with consoles some of the best games are at launch, then in the last year or so before the launch of a new console.

    If this is the best we have had in 18 months the bar has been set awfully low which is why I was disappointed.
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  • clockworkzombie 25/06/2015

    This is why I am disappointed with this generation of consoles.

    1080p 60 frames per second should be guaranteed.

    I am still having a good time playing games with friends on these consoles but they don't understand when I say I am going to buy a single player game on PC as it will run faster at a higher resolution.
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  • clockworkzombie 25/06/2015


    The problem with the internet is there is always someone with a problem and when you look you will find them.

    People do not go to forums and say I am having a great time and all is well.

    So when you look you find a bunch of problems that in reality affect less than 1% of people, it is easy to use a few forum posts to blow something out of proportion.
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  • clockworkzombie 25/06/2015

    @sonylad @Spence1115
    Did you both download the game around the same time? perhaps an installer source got corrupted at some point? If that is possible.
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  • clockworkzombie 24/06/2015

    Nice, as you say high spec but nothing out of the ordinary, at least not on a gaming PC site.

    I wonder if the incompatibility for others goes deeper to the hardware, and firmware level.

    Being that you have a particular motherboard for example.


    I used to say to my friends back in the Doom days, I wish devs would publish the exact spec they use to QA the game along with the recommended spec.
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  • clockworkzombie 24/06/2015

    To help others in this thread perhaps you could post your system spec and OS?
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