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  • Halo: CE Anniversary to cost £34.99

  • citizenHUNTER 15/06/2011

    Thing is I'd rather play through Halo 1 again than Halo 3, original graphics OR updated. Just hope the updated graphics one is JUST that, no tinkering with gameplay and dual wielding, that was the first thing about Halo sequels that bugged me, half the screen being taken over by weapons! I just want the same AI, the (exact) same music and sounds, and if it's all in true widescreen HD niceness I'll be very happy, still an awesome game before being over-run by the focus on multiplayer over the single player game. Reply 0
  • NPD: DS outsells 3DS in US debut month

  • citizenHUNTER 15/04/2011

    Why is there no 3DS' on display in games shops. I've looked in Glasgow, a pretty major shopping city, et the games shops I've been into are not showing the console, just old tatty DSi's sitting about unloved. I'm doubly disappointed since one or two shops have signs saying "See It Here!" and have done before launch.... I'm not asking someone so I can have an awkward 30 seconds looking at it and going "yeah, the 3D is cool". Just get it on shop floors, easily playable, let me see this amazing effect and (if I had any cash right now) I'd consider it... Reply 0
  • Wii 2 to be revealed at E3 – report

  • citizenHUNTER 15/04/2011

    As huge a success as the Wii was and it most certainly played a fundamental part in exploding gaming as a populist hobby which benefits all in the games industry, they certainly turned into a one trick pony as far as I'm concerned, and for several years they've gone down the cheap and reliable hardware, fun and simple software route. It's not a terrible route to go down but clearly the PS3 and Xbox, especially now they've caught up and perhaps even overtaken the use of motion controls really pose a threat to the entire cake which Nintendo still stands atop (in terms of sheer sales of their hardware goes).

    The sad thing is in terms of gaming, besides the few triple-A titles we all come to expect from Ninty I've seen and played very little else of real quality and my PS3 in particular is my go to for gaming, as is my iPhone. Nintendo has a great brand and history and while they like to think of themselves as a toy company, at some stage they will have to get back into the hardcore market, as others have stated they opened the doors for millions of non gamers, but now those people are here, and with the huge shift over the last few years with people of all generations being less techno-phobic, they have a risk of having no one left willing to buy into them when others are quite frankly just doing more and doing it better. The online aspect especially is clearly light-years behind the others as is the whole structure of their software system. Third parties aren't interested which can possibly be assuaged with cheaper development costs, but really they need to change what they want to do and how they want to be perceived. It doesn;t mean giving up the casual market, or becoming mega serious, but they can surely find a good middle ground, create a powerful, incredibly user-friendly console, a good online system, a more reasonable marketplace and some real integration between the home console and their portables. They really need to look into the quality of everything they do at every level because frankly I personally DO see them as just a toy company at the end of the day, and so often they fall way short of what anyone should expect, outside of the Marios, Zeldas et al.
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  • Unreal-powered Dream:scape footage

  • citizenHUNTER 12/04/2011

    ...using in game graphics.*sigh* Reply +2
  • PSP Japan's best-selling console in 2010

  • citizenHUNTER 03/04/2011

    It's funny since the PSP seems far more western-centric compared to the DS yet it's doing better in Japan, probably from the sheer number of popular franchises over there which never see the light of day here I'm guessing. The PSP wasn't for me personally, clunky discs, pretty poor battery life and awkward controls with that nub thing. The NGP however is everything the PSP should have been, but with the benefits of modern tech like the fantastic inclusion of a touch screen front AND back, twin 'proper' analogue sticks and of course beefed up near PS3 level graphics and flash based storage carts rather than bulky noisy discs. I for one cannot wait to get my hands on one eventually, seems to finally be the console with little to no drawbacks (here's hoping the battery has longevity!). Reply 0
  • RedLynx reveals 1000 Heroz for iOS

  • citizenHUNTER 01/04/2011

    Don't say this often but first day purchase for me, the least these guys deserve for Trials HD. Looks like it could be good and I don't expect they'd release something if it wasn't pretty special. For a quid or two it's a no brainer :) Reply +1
  • BC Rearmed 2 demands PSN connection

  • citizenHUNTER 03/02/2011

    A while back when I swapped my 360 console I found similar measures were in place to be able to play the unlocked version of my downloaded XBLA title using my restored account on the new console. It was a bummer. This is perhaps even worse. For those saying it's not an issue since to download the titles in the 1st place you need a connection... you guys are really missing the point.

    How many of us, do, from time to time have patchy net access, dodgy router, random line down, PSN under maintenance, the thing is when I purchase a game to play on my console I expect, as a paying customer the simple ability to be able to play said game whenever I want, connection to PSN or not. Fair play 99% of the time my net IS working fine but that doesn't negate those times that fit into the 1% where I'm not. I've paid my money to play the game, it's on a legitimate console I own and I play, so just let me play the game. Simple as, this kind of DRM is really not helping anyone, or stoping privacy in any way whatsoever as far as I can see. It's simply going to be 99% annoyance versus 1% a potentially credible thwarting of the pirateers!
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  • NGP "unlikely to hit the mass market"

  • citizenHUNTER 27/01/2011

    The only thing Sony need to do, with this hardware in place capable of just about anything, (besides sporting a 3D display), is to make absolutely sure it has a vibrant game/app marketplace with the sorts of brilliant games like Reckless Racing, Flight control, Angry Birds and so on, at similar prices to the iPhone store, not £5.99 a pop or anything daft/greedy like that. That is ALL they need to do, combined with their range of fully featured graphically stunning games and finally the full range of control you need to enjoy such games... everything is there for them to really give us all the ultimate portable gaming device, can they stuff it up. £400 price tag might be how they would stuff it up. I look forward to both full games plus casual games, especially ones utilising a combo of the touch and proper button controls... it could be immense, I look forward to it, but it's all about the pricing, but if done right I think this can blow the 3DS out the water. Reply 0
  • PSP2 unveiled: Next Generation Portable

  • citizenHUNTER 27/01/2011

    So glad it finally has a touchscreen on the front, it's the one thing that makes certain iPhone games bloody brilliant, combined with having physical controls to the side, and a nice large screen, I'm more or less sold (eventually).

    The only thing I think will let it down will be an overpriced game marketplace. Buying quality games for £3 or often MUCH less on the iPhone is what makes me keep buying and enjoying the device, but if the PSN Store is anything to go buy it'll be in the realms of £3 minimum and more like £10 upwards for any kind of meaningful experience... here's hoping they seriously try to copy the App Store here in this department!
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  • Best of the Mac App Store

  • citizenHUNTER 19/01/2011

    What I want to know is.. why did Eurogamer only give Braid 8/10, I was sure they gave it more than that originally... whatever the situation though it should be a 10, no questions asked. It's a bloody bargain for £2.99 and I bought it just cos Jonathon Blow deserves every penny. Reply +5
  • Sony dates MotorStorm: Apocalypse

  • citizenHUNTER 13/01/2011

    @Lunastra78 Haha, I had no idea they got different covers for those games. They are both Hideous, Ico especially when compared with the proper EU/Jap versions. Seem that Americans can't deal with anything slightly abstract and not glaringly obvious of "what's it about?!".

    I feel sorry for discerning American consumers when everything's watered down for the tards (by tards).
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  • MS challenges Apple's App Store trademark

  • citizenHUNTER 12/01/2011

    To me it's like the word Hoover. Most would instinctively think that was a generic term for you know.. hoovering, but of course it's a trademarked name. Still, most of us say "i'm going to hoover now". Thing is no one did ever talk about 'apps' until Apple created it's App Store, it was always 'applications'. I'm with Apple, just cos. Reply 0
  • Why I Hate... Final Fantasy

  • citizenHUNTER 12/01/2011

    This article is written with a pretty harsh tone and perhaps isn't the most balanced piece ever written but I do agree with the disliking of RPG's. I've never played a Final Fantasy game. Ever. I've tried a couple of RPG's along the road but they always felt incredibly dated, very stale and ridiculously repetitive. Everything I wanted an RPG game to be never really materialised. The one that came closest was Panzer Dragoon Saga but I only played the first disc (demo off a magazine) and regret never getting the full game. The thing that did annoy me about that game and my main gripe about ALL RPG's are the battles. Random, turn based battles that literally crop up out of nowhere completely shattering your immersion into the game world and storyline, to fight the same monsters over and over again, taking turns to do so.... it all just ruins it for me. Imagine if Ico thrust random battles or puzzles just as you're wandering about, battles and puzzles that don't even take place in the game world you were just in, but in some odd constantly reappearing piece of land.... no one would have been too impressed, so how do RPG's get away with it, just cos it's part of what makes ir an RPG.... I think they need to change with the times.

    For me RPG's have huge worlds and huge epic storylines... this is what I want to experience, and I think it's a great shame that every single one that I know of features turn based battles, and some still have random battles. Get rid!

    Shenmue was the one and only game which classed itself as an RPG which actually eschewed all of this. Most of the time you could just wander about soaking up the environment, the characters, the random people on the street, the storyline, even your wee dayjob driving the forklift truck for a while, you could go and play games in an arcade or rummage around your characters bedroom. The storyline and cutscenes were actually kinda interesting and focused on character development more than relentless plot development, and the few times you did fight were relatively decent. The QuickTime Events actually worked really well too. All in all a brilliant game showing exactly the path RPG's should have gone for, but nope.... (that was 10 years ago now too)

    Plus there wasn't an 'experience-point' in sight, the only real development was learning new fighting moves which was more realistic as you literally had to learn them yourself, you felt really engaged with the character, rather than grind over and over again in random battles to up your XP to let you buy a new fucking potion or whatever! In Shenmue I was never too great at the fighting sections but you could always get by with some perseverance, the game never held you back artificially, anyone could enjoy it. RPG's now still feel like a real throw back to 20 years ago...

    Fuck where is Shenmue 3 Yu Suzuki!!!!
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  • EA: Digital will overtake retail in 2011

  • citizenHUNTER 08/01/2011

    I want an explanation of that $5000 a month thing... is gaming going the way of gambling... irresponsible and addictive, charge per play or something...?

    The way I see it is that right now lots of different interconnected little things are heading towards a collision course. We have games companies desperate to getto a download only model so their costs are massively reduced and thus reap far more profit plus they have total control and wipeout the second hand market which they feel is killing them.

    We also have ISP's trying desperately to reduce people's usage which will sky rocket if everyone downloads 5GB games every other day, so they're gonna try and ramp up prices which admittedly at least they have reason to call for since the government won't help them out putting the actual infrastructure in place to make all this deliverable.

    Then we have consumers, who just want to play games, who used to be able to buy and own a game but that process now feels more like a rental model.. even if you only buy it it's stored in a protected file which has lots of clauses attached - hassle if your console breaks down, you can no longer 'take a game round to a mate' and of course you can no longer sell it on either. Digital commodities BOUGHT like this seriously need to have a backing up option available to all users, a back up that they can create and keep and use to 'reinstall' the game in future for whatever reason or to 'take round to a mates'.

    The vital sticking point where everyone meets to have a bit of a barney is over pricing, and this is the part that really does irritate me, the utter pig-headed arrogance of the games publishers in trying to push downloads as nothing but a good thing, a convenience to the user. It would be a convenience if they did chop out all of the regular costs from the download RRP. No retailer getting a cut should immediately reduce the prices by what.. 10-20% bare minimum. Not 39.99 for a download. A price which doesn't fluctuate ever until they choose to, and of course inevitably it will be the only route. At least the Apple App store has seriously competitive pricing, even for complete games, something like Broken Sword which works beautifully on an iPad or iPhone can be purchased for often as little as £2.50 or thereabouts, and Apple happily lets you copy the file to anywhere you want.. make multiple copies even so losing it isn't a problem, plus if I let my girlfriend add my iTunes account she can get the game too for no extra charge (I believe up to 5 licenses can be granted access so you can share all your apps within a family say).

    I was fucking shocked to see in the PSN store a new NeoGeo section.... flogging each game for over £7. The games are historic, some classics yeah, some not so classics, but really, tiny pieces of data running on an emulator, big deal, and they're charging £7 a title. If this is their intentions down the road then really they're happy to see their business shrink and flounder. They could take a hint from Apple and charge maybe 59p or £1 for each of those, still be making a huge profit on what is essentially ancient data that has cost virtually nothing to them to give to you. They'd actually make some decent sales and earn some money, as opposed to earning nothing whatsoever since they're so greedy and no one with any sense will give them the time of day.

    Rant over, but Publishers will seriously need to wake up and stop being utter greed merchants with their monopolising getting to their heads. They'll only suffer in the long run, and thus so does everyone with a vested interest in gaming.
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  • Jonathan Blow in his own words

  • citizenHUNTER 16/12/2010

    I for one loved Braid and it's been the only game I've truly completed in recent years, much of everything else has personally left me cold. Maybe the first hour or so of Bioshock before it became an RPG, levelling up the weaponry nonsense.

    Braid, as much as not any one particular part of it could be described as truly unique, it was the sum of its parts and the overall level of sheer perfection, in visuals, music, sound, gameplay, and yes even the so-called pretentious bits (which I liked, at least it makes a change from Grunt soldiers out-macho-ing each other). Everything was done with such beauty and care, the whole work from the menu screen to the very end was in every sense of the word art, plus bloody great to play too. It wasn't impossible like I feel some games are nowadays, in fact I think it's one of the few games where, once you kow how to solve it it was just a matter of trying a few times and anyone could succeed. The beauty is not in the physical achievement of pressing the buttons in time, but the mental achievement of knowing you thought out how to complete.

    I'm looking forward to anything this guy does in future, and here's hoping he notches up a lot of games. He's the only one out there I feel is making games for me and my particular sensibilities. Everything recently besides GT5 has skewed ever more towards the mass market. The big games are now bigger than ever (in hype at least), but I keep seeing the same gameplay as there was 10 years ago, sometimes even longer. For some reason, probably thanks in part to the MMORPG craze, every game it seems need to have two things; shitloads of online support (not a bad thing, but I feel it now sacrifices the single player game); and my main bugbear, the RPG-ification of everything from FPS to racing games. Levelling up by increasing some random stat by winning a race or shooting a person in the face feels so abstract to me. I feel when those kinds of games could be made ever more realistic and engaging they are walking away from believability, and frankly, I still do not understand why anyone enjoys it. Grinding bit by bit, effectively playing the same sections or battles over and over again. Gaming should be about the unique experiences it can endow you with, an endless mass of potential to explore, something that games like Ico admirably chase for, something that gives me a fuzzy feeling like I'm important to the world, or that I'm a tiny thing in the midst of greatness. Moments of Halo 1 achieved this, Shenmue too, plus a few choice games throughout the years, in spite of graphics. Nowadays when the capability is there to make an engaging world nobody wants to really try, and everything I've seen, besides say Bioshock 1, has really missed the mark in terms of quality.

    Maybe I'm just a bit jaded, but those excited literally awe-inspiring gaming moments I remember from my adolescence just seem lost now. Braid was one game which gave me that fuzzy feeling, and The Witness sounds like another game exactly of the sort I want to be playing now.
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  • Dreamcast Collection confirmed

  • citizenHUNTER 14/12/2010

    This IS Sega we're talking abut so they probably will miss out most of their brilliant games...

    Here's hoping, somewhere down the line Shenmue 1, I would LOVE to play that game again. Then Powerstone whic I never actually played but looked amazingly fun, Sonic Adventure 1 would be nice, and as others have said if Jet Set Radio is on it (which it surely MUST) then I'm buying. JSRF on the Xbox was ok, but lacked the style an quality of the original in my mind, such a funky game, and played great.
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  • Gran Turismo 5 Tech Analysis

  • citizenHUNTER 27/11/2010

    What's with the NFS: Hot Pursuit propaganda at the end??? What's that got to do with a tech analysis of a 'sim' racer bringing that up? Hmmm.

    EDIT: Oh I see, shit loads of NFS advertising on this site. Seriously though that last paragraph is so out of place in this article, it literally feels like some advertising gimp is getting to edit in gumpf like this to EG's own articles after the fact....
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  • New Tomb Raider reveal imminent?

  • citizenHUNTER 13/11/2010

    Oh, yeah and empty chasms full of atmosphere and feeling of walking in the midst of history is far superior to jumping around like an acrobat and shooting an ape, or some badly realised enemy human guy. Please, no more combat besides the occasional wild animal, thanks. Reply +6
  • citizenHUNTER 13/11/2010

    I want "hold walk button, walk to ledge, take one jump back, take one running jump."

    Things haven't been the same ever since this was ditched for looser controls, I don't care how unrealistic a world system based around blocks is, it actually kinda worked in some abstract way.
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  • Gold subs spend 3 hours a day on XBL

  • citizenHUNTER 12/11/2010

    The Twitter and Facebook and even the Last FM segments all seem rather disparate and rather clumsy I thought. Feels like they're there mainly to tick a box or two of features, but aren't actually features that are very easy to use. With Last FM you really should be able to listen in the background for example.I just could not justify the £5 a month I was spending on XBL since I don't actually play any games online enough to warrant it. Without that feature the subscription is pretty weak I think, but of course the online play really is the main reason people pay so much so I won't argue with that, but for me personally I couldn't justify it. Reply +1
  • Boulder Dash makes XBLA comeback

  • citizenHUNTER 09/11/2010

    I remember there was a PS1 Net Yaroze unofficial version of this, it was fantastic I must admit, one of the few 'older' style games that still remained playable and enjoyable.

    Or PS2... I forget what the Net Yaroze stuff was on :/
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  • Live poker coming to Xbox 360?

  • citizenHUNTER 04/11/2010

    1 Vs 100 (if it had actually worked well for the length of one show and not been a buggy mess that kept signing me out) was pretty engrossing when it worked, and would have kept me on LIVE, this seems like 2 steps away from online gambling via the Xbox, and frankly there's enough of that crap about, ludicrous amounts on late night TV and about 100 different gambling websites advertised on telly everyday. And yes, I work for a bookies :p Reply +3
  • Lionhead working on Fable III fix

  • citizenHUNTER 01/11/2010

    And one more thing, Peter Molyneux needs to scale back what he promotes his games to be because they never ever remotely live up to the hype he generates for them. Maybe he should go into a cave for a few years and actually emerge with a product that lives up to his promises. Reply +10
  • citizenHUNTER 01/11/2010

    First (or well the latest), F1 2010, now this. Sadly the developers are not helping to disprove the prediction that with more connected consoles the more and more buggy games would be on release.

    It's sad that they've let things slip this much, and let's be honest here, they really have. Clearly testing seems to have gone by the wayside with the false sense of security that "it can be patched". That is simply NOT acceptable to anyone. What if I don't have an online connection, like MANY out there still do not have. Not everyone is connected and apparently these games that are selling for £35 or £40 RRP are in their final release condition, or they should be. I don't know why Eurogamer and in fact the media at large have not shone a light on this issue as it's getting increasingly ludicrous what consumers are receiving for their hard earned cash.

    Yes, games are complex, and yes it's a business with deadlines, but like in the case of GT5 (an extreme case perhaps) at least they have the courtesy of waiting until the game is in a perfect condition upon release, as bug free as possible with any issues ironed out before it's released to the public. I cannot believe that the people paying for this are supposed to be report back to Lionhead Studios.... no you pay lots of people to do this and then you fix the issues they report BEFORE anyone pays a penny for your software.

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  • Project Gotham reboot on the cards

  • citizenHUNTER 01/11/2010

    How about Metropolis Street Racer, that was an impressive debut for this series. PGR1 on the original Xbox was class as well, Tokyo and San Francisco layouts were awesome, wasn't a fan of getting rid of San Fran in later games :( Reply +6
  • F1 2010 patch in submission

  • citizenHUNTER 26/10/2010

    I must say as much as everyone including myself bemoans the Gran Turismo 5 saga, we at least can be assured the finished disc will be a near flawless product with little, and possibly no 'patching' to look forward to, the F1 2010 saga seems like a bit of a joke and shows up the downsides to having connected consoles because remember, not everyone is online, not everyone who purchased this game will ever get to see the improved version, and the bugs sound bad enough to be game breaking... something has to give in this situation, and that should have been the release date of this game til it was up to a standard that befits a £40 game purchase.

    Codies persistently let me down these days, not to mention the fact they've forgotten all about Micro Machines, which, in light of the fantastic Reckless Racing mobile game, seems overdue for a brilliant mobile version! Idiots.
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  • Kinect gets $500m marketing spend

  • citizenHUNTER 18/10/2010

    Right, so they hope to sell 3 Million of these pretty quickly... Even if they were making 100% profit on every Kinect they sold, this marketing budget is bigger than the money they'll receive from those 3 million sales. Obviously it's about the long haul and getting it off to a good start and hoping word of mouth carries it upwards.

    I was very excited when Kinect was first unveiled, but I must say I see more value in Move, even if all it is is a better implementation of the Wii motion controller. Kinect is cool, but I can't help feel it's really a massive gimmick at this stage. If it had not been paired back technically due to costs then it might have been capable of pulling it off, but frankly I think they're releasing a bodged product which will quickly grow tiresome, especially if all the games are as simple as the ones on the release list. Just my opinion mind.
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  • What is Kinect's launch line-up?

  • citizenHUNTER 18/10/2010

    That trailer is quite pants, especially the (intentionally?) choppy bullet-time stuff. Reply +4
  • Daily Star pays out for false GTA story

  • citizenHUNTER 04/10/2010

    ALL newspapers should be forced to publish a full page, front page apology and retraction every time they breach the rules as badly as this. Many of the people carrying around that story in their minds informing their judgememnt of the games industry won't get to find out the story was utter nonsense any other way. Reply +6
  • F1 2010 - first 15 minutes

  • citizenHUNTER 28/09/2010

    Glad I've seen this now, makes my skepticism well placed. The initial trailers and talking heads videos gave me hope this would be something approaching a sim, but it seems like the usual crap racing game catering to the casual arcade racer and only them. Where's Geoff Crammond when you need him.

    And also, the lighting is so dull. I know it's over-cast but still, it's not realistic, it's very much tint-heavy, nothing realistic about this lighting at all, they're trying too hard to make it look edgy or something. Bring me GT5 now, with brilliant lighting, brilliant physics, and AI that no matter what will be better than this.
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  • Ni no Kuni: The Another World

  • citizenHUNTER 23/09/2010

    Really looking forward to this, I think a definite must buy just to experience this world, whether the final gameplay may be good or not, or to my taste or not, this world will be beautiful. We need more stuff like this and the ICO games and even more artistic game like Braid, there's far too much crass Americanised crap out there.

    P.S. Anyone who's a Ghibli fan, and actually, especially anyone who maybe isn't such a huge fan of the large fantasy element in the more recent Ghibli films, please make it a point to watch 'Only Yesterday' and 'Whisper Of The Heart', by far my favourite Ghibli films.
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  • SEGA apologises for Yakuza 3 cuts

  • citizenHUNTER 21/09/2010

    They fail to realise that we buy a Japanese game to experience a bit of the Japanese culture, something I'm personally very fond of. Please don't water down your content to fit what you think Westerners want. Yes most of us might be clunk0head idiots (especially the yank market), but some of us like a bit of quirky culture.

    I fear for the future of games if everyone's focussed on making games that appeal to the racist homophobic little runts in the West.
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  • PlayTV patch to cost "reasonable" amount

  • citizenHUNTER 21/09/2010

    I liked Play TV, when it worked. I have a PS3 Slim bought last Xmas and I got a pre-owned Play TV box for £30. I like the guide and how to record shows, and the quality seemed at least not any worse than what my TV receives, but I gave up long ago trying to use it to record stuff when I wasn't there as it invariably would fail on start-up and not record the first show I had set.. then the second and so on.. (seems to crash the PS3 for a while).

    So basically it's main function was very much a hit and miss thing. Can anyone else with Play TV let me know if it works flawlessly, or even 99% of the time for them...? Do I just have a faulty box?
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  • New cars, tracks unveiled for GT5

  • citizenHUNTER 16/09/2010


    I think it just goes to show how poor Eurogamer's coverage of GT5 news is that you think this isn't already a feature that's been clearly documented and will feature a complete 24 hour day/night transition cycle in the game. It will, dawn and dusk and all in between!

    Also.. months til release... it's out in one and a half months, November 2nd/3rd. No more delays.

    Guys, wait til you see the HD video of the weather whenever it gets posted up online somewhere. GT5 makes everything else look like shit. Plus for those that care the handling is going to be magnificent. Bring it on. Shame on you Eurogamer, shit shit coverage of this game.
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  • citizenHUNTER 16/09/2010

    Eurogamer clearly doesn't care too much about racing games if this is all the GT5 announcement details get. Missing out THE BEST EVER implementation of dynamic weather going to ridiculous levels that it recreates air pressure, humidity and other changes which go on to affect the track and of course your car.... This game is epic and is going to be a revelation for the racing fans out there.

    Eurogamer just do not get it.
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  • Project Sword wows on iOS devices

  • citizenHUNTER 02/09/2010


    I love my iPhone and thought this demo was stunning, very very impressive graphics. I don't agree with you though that the controls are not a problem. I just cannot get on with the touch screen analogue sticks, I NEED physical feedback and I think most people would agree. The touchscreen controls are brilliant for some titles, the usual puzzle games and the like, plus the gyroscope on te iPhone 4 is impressive (but needs to be implemented a bit better in games like Nova cos you effectively need to stand up and spin around to look around in the game, which is cool, but not very practical). I just think that Apple really need to look at it and do something about it, like bring out their own controller add-on that the iPhone slips into, stick dual analogue sticks of the kind the 3DS has, some buttons and a couple of shoulder buttons, make it look attractive, and get developers to support it with certain games, combining with touch screen where appropriate. It would be compelling and a REAL challenge to the likes of the DS and PSP, since graphically iPhone is capable of very impressive graphics. The retina screen especially so.
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  • XBLA Hydrophobia dated, priced

  • citizenHUNTER 01/09/2010

    Right, first gripe... why is there 'wobble-o-vision' under the water.... Underwater you can see things just as clearly and wobble free as you can see things when you are above water... you only see things wobble when you're looking either into the water or out of the water and lights refracts through the surface.... I had this same annoyance with the opening movie in MGS1 on that submarine shot :p

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  • MS confirms voice control for Kinect

  • citizenHUNTER 24/08/2010

    £130 for something which at the moment has very little in the way of real games with real value, up against something moderately priced (effectively a tenner more for the whole shebang needed than buying a second controller would cost), something which has very demonstrable, effective gaming uses which will really offer up new ways to play, and with precision.

    I loved Kinect when they first announced it but frankly, they keep lowering the bar they originally set, while Move, as much as it is just a WiiPlusPlus, actually works and is brilliantly implemented at a reasonable (very reasonable) cost.

    I see a future for Kinect but it seems the 360 version is pretty much a test-bed for the real successor to Kinect coming to a Xbox 720 sometime in the next 3-4 years.
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  • 4 on Demand coming to PS3?

  • citizenHUNTER 08/08/2010

    WIll be nice having the choice, but as I think others have probably mentioned here (sorry I haven't read all of the comments thus far), hopefully the quality will be much better than iPlayer seems to be for me on my PS3, which has nothing to do with the net connection (can stream HD on my 360 and watch films on my PS3 near instantaneously as well). Seems like the flash player or whatever it uses is not as high quality with iPlayer as it is on my Mac.

    Also, does anyone watching 4OD think the quality on PC is utterly atrocious??? It's serviceable at best, but not up to enough quality to be able to watch something you REALLY want to see if you want to see it in good quality vision and sound. HOpefully the PS3 can somehow get a better quality version of 4OD but I doubt it...
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  • DiRT 3 has over 50 rally cars

  • citizenHUNTER 03/08/2010

    Meh, if the rally cars on dirt courses still handle as if they were on tarmac then what's the point! Richard Burns Rally all the way! Reply +2
  • Has Tiger damaged EA's golf series?

  • citizenHUNTER 20/07/2010

    Downloaded the demo and was very unimpressed. I find the graphics doing a lot of that wishy washy focus pulling which just ends up blurring everything, especially the edges of everything and frankly (having not played a realistic golf game in years) I found the character models still look pretty clunky and nowhere near as good as I'm sure they could be. Not to mention the horrible EA menus (I have no idea why anyone thinks EA presentation is good at all). I know I'm dissing a game I've barely played but first impressions were poor and I'm having much more fun playing a very solid and accurate feeling game of golf via Everybodys Gold World Tour instead, where in spite of the over-the-top courses and characters, it actually has a solid, simple, reliable way of doing things. Reply +1
  • 3D will affect game performance

  • citizenHUNTER 20/07/2010

    These comments are pretty obvious and what we should have known already to begin with. I think the Crysis way of doing things is pure and simple a compromise, a compromise which won't help things, like Clash Of The Titans being filmed then converted in a hurry (the company who did the conversion admitted this), and the output is just lame compared to something natively made for 3D (Avatar).

    There's no point in 3D gaming, just as it's at the precipice of exploding onto the scene, of tripping up over itself. Of course the PS3 3D is really pushing the hardware and there will be trade offs of course, but the fact it can be done, and done so well even in this generation sets us all up nicely for native, across the board 3D support in all our next gen cosoles, just in time for when 3D TV's become more the norm than the exception... BRING IT ON.
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  • No F1 2010 demo, says Codemasters

  • citizenHUNTER 19/07/2010

    Hmmm, I want this game to be good, but I am on the more hardcore sim racer side of things and I don't think I'm going to risk my £35 or £40 on a game that could be as soul shatteringly crud (as far as the driving physics are concerned) as Race Driver etcetera.

    I'm just waiting for the review which is ALWAYS written for the lite-racers out there and never makes any comments much more than "you can dial down the assists to give you more of a challenge" and miss the point and doesn't actually convey how authentic the driving actually feels to anybody who can actually drive a car round the track in GT without going off or doing tank slappers.

    Hmm, so far I've heard and seen nothing but positives about this game and Codies have said the right things about moving to a more complex racing physics engine and so on, plus it looks like the first truly authentic F1 game which captures all the surrounding atmosphere as well as authentic looking tracks and cars... just PLEASE don't have an overly easy to drive game and please allow the handling to be taken to a good sim level....

    I mean.. racing games should require you to actually be able to drive round the track, get close to the racing line and brake in good time for the corners... I hate how most racing games these days basically are about smashing into other things and the whole point of a driving game seems to have gone out the window.
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  • 64% prefer game discs to download

  • citizenHUNTER 05/07/2010

    The main problem to me is that with music and films downloads (either bought or ripped off a disc) you can easily back them up, move them about and so on, whereas with game downloads direct to your console it's a much more hassle filled affair and I'm not very clear with the policies which either Sony, MS or Nintendo hold about transferring content, for instance, to a new console from an old console.

    It seems filled with hoops you have to go through about swapping accounts over blah-de-blah, yadda yadda. Maybe someone can help clear up what the specific paths are if your old console dies and you need a new one, what happens to all you downloaded content?

    Of course the other main drawback is price. The whole point to me of downloads was getting away from using retail chains and all the costs that incurs and allowing the developers to reap more of the rewards while at the same time reducing the overall cost of the finished product since.. you know, it's a download over an infrastructure which already exists. This in many cases seems to have been forgotten and where there is ONLY a download version available they effectively hold a monopoly and seem to be using that to its full extent by charging full RRP from the start and often keeping that price point artificially high far longer than we're used to. It's very obviously just pure greed at work here and totally does not reflect a true price since there is no shipping, boxing, no workers to pay for every stage of the distribrution process. Downloads of full price titles should be at least £5-£10 cheaper than boxed copies.
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  • WRC is coming back

  • citizenHUNTER 24/06/2010

    I liked it up until the "FUCK-YEAH!" yank appeasing music. Hmm, here's hoping it's as tough and realistic to handle as Richard Burns Rally (STILL) is, just with the modern day spunky graphics to go along with it.....I'm still not getting my hopes up. Reply 0
  • Apple sells three million iPads

  • citizenHUNTER 23/06/2010

    To make this a bit relevant to Eurogamer, surely the point of posting this article/slice of news on this site is to highlight how, that even if all those iPad users bought a couple of modestly priced gaming apps, it would be making more money from gaming, for Apple and the app developers, than an entire year of computer games development in say the first year of a new console's life* (as someone helpfully pointed out the roughly 1-2 millions sales of PS3, Xboxes in the first YEAR of their lives).

    Basically in 80 days Apple have consistently been selling millions of these devices and with gaming apps at as little as 59p, and even at very most maybe £10-£15 it does pose a serious threat now to someone like Nintendo. No, it is not a dedicated gaming device but what games do work or the device work incredibly well, offering in many ways more immersion and more fun than I've had with any console for years now....

    Also, for people just slating Apple at every opportunity, grow up, maybe actually try and get your hands on an iPhone or iPad for any considerable length of time and give your scepticism a rest for the day. People do not pay mega bucks for these devices just because of the brand, they buy because again and again Apple more or less deliver upon the promises they make, and often surpass them, and other competitors are still catching up on getting the user experience anywhere near as good as what Apple concocts. That's how I see it, what I believe, I'm not brainwashed, I'm just regularly impressed and kept happy by the performance of my iPhone and Macbook, and trust me I am never looking back at a PC again.

    * MEGA guestimating by me, but you et the point.
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  • Sony announces 3D line-up

  • citizenHUNTER 15/06/2010

    Bring on the future, but this is a forum... so bring on the naysayers. All I can say is well done to Sony for making this actually happen in this generation, and even to MS for the Kinect thing, no one can complain we're not getting our (their?) money's worth this gen from our consoles. Reply +12
  • Nintendo unveils 3DS handheld

  • citizenHUNTER 15/06/2010

    Could they not have taken a wee step further and allowed it to record 3D footage as well... still nice at being able to take 3D pics... but I expect a far higher quality implementation using proper dedicated digital cameras won't be too far behind, even price wise, but of course, the 3DS will be a nice first stop show for viewing 3D pictures and videos, when most of us do't have any 3D monitors etc yet.

    Any word on the resolution of the 3D screen???

    Tis exciting!
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  • Sony Cambridge working on PlayTV 2?

  • citizenHUNTER 01/06/2010

    I have a PS3 Slim bought at Xmas time and a pre-owned Play Tv unit and for me it really doesn't work in any reliable sort of way. It seems to fail to initialize from standby maybe 50% of the time and tends to tell me it failed to initialize the tuner (before it goes onto work) very often indeed. I HOPE it really is a dodgy nit of hardware I have and not a common problem as I'd love to invest in this forgetting HD channels on my new HD telly. Reply -1
  • Best of the iPad

  • citizenHUNTER 21/05/2010

    Plus I honestly feel that until you try one out for real, for at least a few minutes, you might change your opinion, I think there's still a lot of people who've not had the pleasure of using an iPhone never mind an iPad, and the iPad from what i've seen and heard is a clear step up with its super responsive brilliant screen and some extra horse power, even just as a web browsing device it's an impressive bit of kit. Pricing obviously will split a lot of people, and I won't myself be tempted to get one until the updated revision in about a years time, but if you can afford it well why not :p Reply -1