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  • Herzog Zwei retrospective

  • citizen36 26/05/2013

    I remember renting this, without instructions, on a rainy night in Edinburgh. Maybe 1991. Could be wrong. Was, and still is, the only game I had absolutely no idea how to play. Being hopeless is not a problem, but this was different. Nobody had a clue. We drank Rolling Rock and played Ghouls 'n Ghosts instead. Three months later I defeated Loki in one playthrough without continues. My greatest gaming achievement by some distance. Thanks for reanimating a cherished memory. Reply +1
  • Borderlands

  • citizen36 20/10/2009


    I searched the controls. Found them on 5 options, only one of which is southpaw. Triggers are swapped, as is driving control. It just isn't fun driving with the right stick, or firing with LT. We are being presented with one alternative option which will suit very few people. Open up the options. Jebus... years in development..I have been following it for at least 18 months..and now...sorry. The game is only fun if the player is immersed. Immerse the player. Do not frustrate the player.
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  • citizen36 20/10/2009

    Was really looking forward to this, but sadly, due to the gimped southpaw control scheme, will have to pass. I know the vast majority of console gamers couldn't give a toss, but what is the deal with non-customisable controls in fps games? I can just about cope with fire on LT and reversed driving controls in Far Cry 2, but this looks much faster paced and therefore a potential nightmare. Why am I cursed, as a right handed person, with having the Goldeneye 'southpaw' scheme hardwired into my brain? Reply +2