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  • First look at Heavy Rain dev's new tech

  • chronom4n 10/03/2012

    Such a beatuiful demo. So nice when she sings in japanese as her voice sounded so sweet and then the panic in her voice... for me the tech demo played with my emotions going from happiness to sadness. The video reminds me so much of Bjorks video 'all is love'. Reply 0
  • Tech pioneer Steve Jobs dies aged 56

  • chronom4n 06/10/2011

    56...too early to die man. Reply +26
  • Bizarre says goodbye with farewell video

  • chronom4n 18/02/2011

    NOOOOO.. this can't be right? I feel really bad for these guys because the amount of pleasure i gained from playing PGR2 was just magic. I wish them all the best for the future. Reply +1
  • New Forza 4 details emerge

  • chronom4n 18/02/2011

    Please make the game compatible with logitech's range of wheels. Thats is all i ask for the time being. Reply +6
  • TopSpin 4 UK release date

  • chronom4n 18/01/2011

    Jim Courier, Agassi and Sampras are all in it? perfect for my tennis fix. Reply 0
  • Top Spin 4 US release date revealed

  • chronom4n 18/01/2011

    Funny that! spent the best part of 90 minutes playing topspin3 this evening. I just hope that they can add some commentary to the game because that game is as boring as shit to play at time because it is just silence in between the points.

    And improving the player models. That would be a good step.
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  • Oprah gives audience Kinect

  • chronom4n 20/10/2010

    Think of all the children people! Reply 0
  • Xbox user hits 500,000 Gamerscore

  • chronom4n 16/10/2010

    assuming the grim reaper don't get the fucker first! Reply +2
  • Exclusive F1 2010 night race footage

  • chronom4n 18/09/2010

    The visuals look average in my opinion. don't know if this is going to have the same impact as something like GRID for me. I am sure that the handling will be spot-on but as for the visuals.... not sure. Reply 0
  • The new Xbox 360 controller

  • chronom4n 01/09/2010

    FFS, why change the colours on the buttons? that's just plain stupid. The colours for me made it easier to remember which buttons to press and for friends etc, the colours made it easier to tell them which button to press. I just did not see that one coming. Reply 0
  • MS confirms new 360 controller

  • chronom4n 31/08/2010

    too bloody right! just wish that they would have made all the butttons fully analog unless i am mistaken. Reply +1
  • Report: Microsoft revising 360 d-pad

  • chronom4n 31/08/2010

    Personally i hate the geotek attachements because they make the triggers feel so plasticky. all i did was attach a couple of 8mm velcro dots (the soft ones) to each of the triggers because that automatically gives me the tactility that i want. plus i stops my finger from slipping off.

    As for the 360 pad, I just wish the whole pad was fully analog and about time the d-pad got a revamp because once they do that, it will hopefully improve the enjoyment of using the d-pad.

    I realised how comfortable the 360 pad is when i spent a couple of hours doing a race in forza 3 and it just felt so comfortable plus they have got the triggers and the LB/RB feel down to a tee. I just love the precise feel and sound of the LB/RB buttons.

    I am just hoping that they really do improve the controller.
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  • Gran Turismo 5

  • chronom4n 20/08/2010

    Gromit, what i meant to add was that, the AI would be challenging in that respect. even though I did find it immensely frustrating to have the AI bump you from behind when coming into the braking zone of the long straight of the NYC course! Reply 0
  • chronom4n 20/08/2010

    Here's what i have found about the AI in all the GT games... if you were poor at setting the car up to get the most out of the car and/or track then you would be constantly racing for 5th or 4th. if you were average than you would be fighting 4th/3rd place and if you were good/excellent at the game than it would be 2nd/1st place.

    That has been my experience with the game when factoring in a total of 6 cars including yours truly, but now that there are going to be upto 16 cars it is going to turn the whole game upside down IMO.
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  • Just Cause 2 launch trailer

  • chronom4n 23/03/2010

    "Now, you die!" "yeah? how you gonna push buttons when your fingers are broken?" I like this game simply because the lead character is doing some crazy ass stuff. Reply 0
  • First F1 2010 teaser

  • chronom4n 18/03/2010

    @fknetwork, i wasn't putting the game down in a very bad way, just that it takes some time to getting adjusted to the way the cars would handle because the cars would swing about wildly because i was coming from playing colin mcrae, gran turismo 4, forza 2 and when the comparisons are made, GRID does oversteer really really badly. Still very enjoyable as I spent a over 20 laps at the spa track using the dfp. Peace out. Reply -1
  • chronom4n 18/03/2010

    codies did the same thing with GRID or rather something similiar saying how realistic the game is. Turned out to be cars swinging about like a pendulum. Not saying that this is gonna turn out like that but until the final product, been there done that. On a positive note, I like how they are saying that there will be season upgrades, blistering, marbles, weather changes etc. Good stuff on paper. Reply -3
  • F1 2010's career mode detailed

  • chronom4n 18/03/2010

    @stepneg, it took a while to get the FDP to perform just right. Out of the box, I agree that the performance of the game with the wheel ouf of the box, was nothing short of terrible. Seeing this is going to be a hardcore sim (hopefully) they will most likely cater for all the hardcore wheels. Anyways, I can see this as being a pre-order for me. Reply 0
  • F1 2010 due out in September

  • chronom4n 12/03/2010

    GRID basically handled like a pendulum unless you persevered with the handling and/or used a wheel. I hope that the graphics engine is further polished up but I am hopeful that the handling will be excellent because codemasters can't afford to balls it up in that department. Reply 0
  • Retrospective: Bushido Blade

  • chronom4n 18/10/2009

    Damn, I remember this game as it was the first game I imported for my US NTSC PS1. It took me a while to get the hang of it but i kinda got there. Loved the idea and it was a breath of fresh air for me because at the time the rage was tekken or soul blade. Quality game mind. Reply +6
  • Forza Motorsport 3

  • chronom4n 13/10/2009

    So how many cars are actually new to forza3? and how many have been recycled? One thing on the handling side of things, forza is the only game where i think the use of the controller is so well tuned, it doesn't make you miss using a wheel all that much. Still I will be getting rid of my copy of Forza2 because it seems that this version, from what I have seen is a significant improvement over Forza2 well at least graphically. Reply +2
  • Synchronised driving in Forza 3

  • chronom4n 25/09/2009

    @hula hoops, are you kidding me? they are very good car models and a massive improvement over Forza2. Considering the amount of game content that is going to be available to the player, I would say they have given us the best car models that they could muster. Reply +3
  • The EGTV Show: Pixie Lott at the GH5 launch

  • chronom4n 16/09/2009

    why do the folks playing guitar hero look so fucking miserable to me? Reply 0
  • Exclusive - NFS: Shift interview

  • chronom4n 16/09/2009

    codemasters also wanted to make you play the game as if you were a driver within a race. Driver was a decent game but rubbish physics IMO. Same-old story as to why you should buy this game. Reply 0
  • WipEout HD Blu-ray bundle official

  • chronom4n 14/09/2009

    A few weeks ago Eg did an interview with teh wipeout guys and i got the feeling that they did not think that a BD release was worthwhile and now they introduce the game on BD. At the least it is well priced. Reply 0
  • Slick performance in new Forza 3 vid

  • chronom4n 13/09/2009

    On a slightly different note i.e. not to do with tech specs, I am glad that they seem to have removed the stupid penalty clock from F1 and F2 that used to penalise you every time you put 4 wheels off the track. What made it worse was that the Forza2 version, the clock wasn't even accurate. if you went off for 3 secs it would read as 6 secs. Utterly ballsed it up in F2. Just don't give me the penalty clock to begin with. Reply -1
  • More October 250GB PS3 evidence

  • chronom4n 11/09/2009

    that is quite a choice bundle. I just hope that it turns out to be true and it seems to be more and more the case. Reply 0
  • Tiff Needell talks about SuperCar Challenge

  • chronom4n 09/09/2009

    ffs, the wind noise is really irritating. a good interview nonetheless. Reply 0
  • Dream C Club's hostesses perform

  • chronom4n 06/09/2009

    love the chick doing the air guitar!! Reply 0
  • GT5 has 1000 vehicles, out in Q4 2009

  • chronom4n 24/08/2009

    @Steroyd, i didn't know that so thanks for that. But that has got me thinking if that is the case then why no damage if they had to remodel the cars all over again or am i missing something? The one thing that will make me buy GT5 and you may wonder why is the fact that there will be CUSTOM SOUNDTRACKS. I have been waiting for this feature for...only god knows how long! For me there will be nothing better that ripping along the Green Hell in a AMUSE Skyline while listening to my favourite Prince tune. Sweet dreams!!!! Reply -1
  • chronom4n 24/08/2009

    Right, the way that i see it is that Forza3 will have 100 tracks but they will be a set number of tracks with different layouts for example, the paul ricard high speed test track in france has th ability to have 20 different layouts. the 1000 cars, well, all they are doing is carrying on from GT4/5 and just improving the quality of the car models while adding some brand new models for this iteration.

    What i am hoping for is dynamic time changes like the one impelemented in burnout paradise/grid, tyre marks which seem non-existent. at the moment. I just hope that this game delivers because I am seriously considering not buying this version because if all they have done is just improved the graphics and added a damage system which only applies to a select number of cars, then I may as well put all my energies in Forza3. Here's hoping otherwise. If anyone remember MotoGP2 URT, it was my first experience of having a rewind feature because it allowed me to either practise the same corner with different set-ups and/or just loving the ability to rip through the same corner over and over again but this feature would only be available in time-trial mode. I hope that Forza3 allows that to happen in time-trial/practice mode(s).
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  • Exclusive: Eurogamer plays Natal

  • chronom4n 21/08/2009

    i can see all the mime artists just loving this! Reply +2
  • Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - gamescom

  • chronom4n 20/08/2009

    I agree, this game looks exceptionally good. Might just get involved into this game. Reply 0
  • Forza Motorsport 3

  • chronom4n 19/08/2009

    It seems to me that on the graphical level anyways, forza 3 has gone the same way as GT3. For me I never like the graphics in GT2 and when GT3 came along I was genuinely blown away. Forza 3 seems to be doing the same in terms of graphics. Other things being will Forza3 have wet weather tracks? I honestly will be getting this game when it gets released as I just have a real hard time to enjoy the graphics engine in Forza2. Car modeling seems to be a huge improvement over the previous 2 games. Reply +1
  • PS3 Slim in September, price cut now

  • chronom4n 18/08/2009

    One of the things that really got my goat was the on/off switch on the ps3. I hate putting my gadgets on standy and the 360's design allows me to switch off the machine completely. Having looked at the pics via joystiq it seems that sony have got rid of the on/off switch round the back. Looking at the machine now it seems that they have designed it well. Reply +1
  • OutRun free with FM2010 on Steam

  • chronom4n 18/08/2009

    OUtrun given away with Football Manager2010? man that is a bizarre combo IMO. werid to say the least. Reply 0
  • PES 2010 - Sliders and Tactics

  • chronom4n 17/08/2009

    i am pretty much a novice when it comes to footy games. But now it seems that the games are really improving and when games are designed like this I see myself getting into the footy games big time. Reply 0
  • Behind the scenes of Blur

  • chronom4n 06/08/2009

    Some of the stuff sounds like it has been taken straight out of the burnout book of tactics. still I hope that it plays as well as the guys talk a good game. Reply 0
  • One million LBP levels now uploaded

  • chronom4n 23/07/2009

    every 21 seconds?!, so then why does the PSN take ages to download stuff when compared to LIVE? Reply -35
  • E3: Forza Motorsport 3

  • chronom4n 01/07/2009

    i'll believe when i see running in the flesh! Reply 0
  • Need For Speed: SHIFT takes shape

  • chronom4n 16/06/2009

    Nice choice of motors esp. the ford gt40. Reply 0
  • Forza 3 has Le Mans tracks, modes

  • chronom4n 14/06/2009

    I agree with the issue of damage, but there is one point that people have forgotten to mention. In the GT games the races where there was tyre wear, if you set up your car all wrong than you got increased tyre wear then that could mess up your whole race. An example of this was on the NY track in GT4, i had set up the car in such a way that about 2 laps from the end my car was more or less undriveable and then there was the strategy element involved in GT. As for cars swapping positions in GT5, I have witnessed this happen on the Fuji racetrack. In personal opinion I think that some of you guys out there are a little bit harsh on the GT game. As for the dynamic weather, I think GRID does a fantastic job of portraying that because it showed me how difficult it could be from driving in daylight and then as the sun sets going into nightime driving. never have i been so pleased to see the sun come up on the LeMans track. made me appreciate how difficult motorsports can be esp. endurance racing. Reply -1
  • chronom4n 12/06/2009

    If GT5 has day/night cycles with the Le Mans, than i can say that F3 will be losing. I am looking forward to both consoles and assuming that they are worth their weight in gold, than i will buy both games. Reply -1
  • E3: Forza Motorsport 3 - Trailer

  • chronom4n 13/06/2009

    sorry, but i don't believe the game will look identical to this trailer. Reply 0
  • E3: Forza Motorsport 3

  • chronom4n 07/06/2009

    anyone remember motogp2:urt and the feature in the time trials where you you could place the rider anywhere on the track you wanted. for example, if you were not able to master a certain corner you could place your driver before the corner and keep practising until you hit the nail on the head. great little feature which should be implemented in every racing game. Reply 0
  • PS Home downloaded 6.5m times

  • chronom4n 27/05/2009

    Personally i have enjoyed 'HOME' seeing as i do not go online very often, i had more fun in the few hours with home than i did with LIVE within context. Although i did notice that there were not so many people using Home. Overall as a free service it was very enjoyable and that's what matters to me. Reply 0
  • Blur

  • chronom4n 19/05/2009

    "1990s Ford Transit van with a Formula One engine in i" I think this is the same one that i saw at the british motor show around 2002 i think . Reply 0
  • New PSP will be called PSP Go! - sources

  • chronom4n 29/04/2009

    If the new PSP has only one nub then honestly what is the point? One of the things that pisses me off to no end is the switch on the right side of the PSP, the one that allows you to hold/switch it on/off. Absolutely ridiculous design, the number of times i have accidentally switched off the machine and/or have had to be really careful is just a pain. please one of the redesings should be a seperate on/off switch and hold switch. Reply 0
  • DIRT 2 - Ken Block

  • chronom4n 30/03/2009

    a completely useless video. This has got fuck-all to do with rallying at all and in all honesty it's just another way of making money. Please codemasters, bring back the days of colin mcrae rally when it was all about rallying and nothing else.

    Oh, and what a shit video.
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