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  • Pandora's Tower Review

  • chrisp 13/04/2012

    @Gojiratron Hah, glad I'm not the only one! Reply +3
  • Shenmue 1, 2 HD to launch on PSN, XBLA - report

  • chrisp 18/03/2012

    Awesome news!! I've just moved to Hong Kong and was reminded of Shenmue 2 the other day as I took a stroll around Kowloon :-) Reply 0
  • Eurogamer Asks: Are second-hand games killing the industry?

  • chrisp 01/02/2011

    Something that definitely speaks in favour of pre-owned to me, although maybe not the average 'casual' gamer, is that - simply put - many games would not be available if it weren't for the pre-owned market. I don't completely abandon old formats - I still play the odd PS1/PS2/Dreamcast/Gamecube game and would also buy games for these formats now (have bought a few PS2 titles recently as a matter of fact). With perhaps the exception of one or two PS2 titles, no games for these systems are available new any more - if there were no such thing as pre-owned then you'd just have to accept that you could no longer play them. It's not just previous generation formats, though; many titles become deleted during a system's lifetime, meaning you have no choice *but* to buy second-hand.I know the trade in old games isn't an aspect of the pre-owned market that developers/publishers are really targetting, but it's still an important aspect of it, or at least it is to me. Reply +1