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  • Nintendo: Switch launch day "not be-all and end-all"

  • cheekyjay 17/01/2017

    @kraenk12 RE: Phil Spencer, I'm with you on this. He's made some shrewd decisions to turn sales of the hardware around somewhat, but from a gaming perspective he's overseen the closure of the promising Project Spark, the discontinuation of the only decent use of Kinect - Xbox Fitness, the exodus of much of Rare's talent to Playtonic, the closure of Lionhead Studios and seemingly the Fable franchise with it, and the cancellation of Scalebound. Those 'accomplishments' paired with a distinctly lacking slate of upcoming exclusives make him far from the saviour of Xbox in my view. But I digress... back to Switch... Reply +1
  • Arms takes the Splatoon approach to fighting games

  • cheekyjay 16/01/2017

    At the risk of sounding like a Nintendo fanboy (which besides loving 3D Zelda and Mario games I most definitely am not), I'm pretty sure Nintendo have developed or published more than 2 new IPs in the last 14 years. Here's just a few: Elite Beat Agents, Rhythm Paradise, Wii Sports / Play / Music / Fit, etc., Captain Rainbow, Endless Ocean, Pull/Push Blox, Dillon's Rolling Western, Art Academy, Fantasy Life, Hotel Dusk, Wonderful 101, Daigasso Band Brothers, Electroplancton, Nintendogs, Brain Training, Chibi-Robo, Professor Layton, the "Yarn" / "Woolly World" games, Donkey Konga, Tomodachi Life, Disaster - Day of Crisis, Excitebots, Another Code, FlingSmash, Mystery Case Files, Captain Toad, Nintendoland, NES Remix, Pokken, 1,2,Switch, Pictochat, Jump Superstars, Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland, Steel Diver... Admittedly many of these are dreadful, but I just wanted to dismiss the theory that Arms being a new IP was the start of some new chapter for Nintendo. Reply +15
  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild download fills almost half Nintendo Switch internal storage

  • cheekyjay 16/01/2017

    Not sure where you got your "average" prices from but I just bought 3 128GB Micro SDXC cards for 7 each. If you shop around you can even import a 512GB for less than 90. Reply -14
  • Nintendo Switch's bundled Joy-Con grip doesn't charge controllers

  • cheekyjay 16/01/2017

    This article is a little misleading. Nintendo have already confirmed a) that the Joy Cons (hate that name!) charge when connected to an idle docked Switch, as well as charging from a powered Switch in portable mode. The supplied controller grip won't have a USB-in like the "charging grip" you can buy, but with c. 20 hours battery life on the controllers is this really an issue? According to numerous reports the Joy Cons used to demo 1,2-Switch at the hands-on events last week were being used consistently all day, were not charged or docked as far as anybody could see and did not appear to run out of juice. Reply +3
  • Nintendo Switch reveal live report

  • cheekyjay 13/01/2017

    I think it will hurt Nintendo that their launching at £80 more than some current Xbox One S and PS4 Slim bundle prices Reply +1
  • cheekyjay 13/01/2017

    Martin - did I read that right. You get one NES or SNES game a month, that you can only play for that month? Reply 0
  • cheekyjay 13/01/2017

    Where's good old reliable Ubisoft? Reply 0
  • cheekyjay 13/01/2017

    1 20-30 year old game for "free" a month doesn't seem great value against Games With Gold and PS+ Reply 0
  • cheekyjay 13/01/2017

    I still can't believe they're going to be charging you for voice chat on your phone Reply 0
  • cheekyjay 13/01/2017

    any talk of an achievement system? Reply +1
  • cheekyjay 13/01/2017

    no new tracks for Mario Kart I presume? Reply 0
  • cheekyjay 13/01/2017

    might hold onto my year old £35.99 preorder of BotW on WiiU then after all Reply +1
  • cheekyjay 13/01/2017

    How can they have made the same mistakes with the launch lineup from 1st and 3rd parties again?! After all the marketing speak about lessons learnt from 3DS and WiiU Reply 0
  • cheekyjay 13/01/2017

    @malcolmparsons - I spotted that too. Isn't voicechat over your smart device normally just called using your phone?! Reply 0
  • cheekyjay 13/01/2017

    What about Virtual Console, on-board memory & SD cards, cart sizes, launch line-up, front end software & app support, how touch content works on TV, Pokemon, Mario Kart info, the rumoured Rabbids Crossover game, BG and E 2 reveal, official accessories beyond the basics that were shown, why motion controls are relevant when only 2 announced games support them, what the online sub includes, indie games, how e-shop will work, whether MiiVerse & StreetPass are back, system specs, resolution.... Reply 0
  • Microsoft is removing Scalebound videos from its YouTube channel

  • cheekyjay 10/01/2017

    Remember when Microsoft dropped out of publishing a little platformer called Psychonauts and it went on to garner multiple game of the year awards under Majesco instead? Sometimes great games get dropped not due to quality but commercial concerns Reply +7
  • Sony's 2017: steady as she goes as PS4 goes big on games

  • cheekyjay 05/01/2017

    So no Ni No Kuni or Psychonauts either this year then? Reply 0
  • Platinum's Turtles game delisted from Steam, PSN and Xbox

  • cheekyjay 04/01/2017

    The de-listing of the Spiderman games makes sense as the rights have reverted to Sony, but I wonder who's picked up the Turtles licence... Reply +9
  • Looks like former PlayStation-exclusive Rime is also headed to PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

  • cheekyjay 04/01/2017

    @AdamNovice Whilst it is altogether possible that development of this may have been troubled, it is equally possible that Sony dropped it as they re-evaluated its commercial appeal, much as they did with Abzu, or as Microsoft did with Psychonauts. Both of those turned out great as non-exclusives, were highly polished and garnered critical praise even if they didn't go on to set sales records. Reply +1
  • Eurogamer reader's top 50 games of 2016 voting

  • cheekyjay 09/12/2016

    My game of the year is #SelfieTennis on the Vive (which isn't on the list). A deceptively deep but seemingly simple, and very funny game, that quickly becomes more about causing carnage than playing tennis. And playing tennis with a lightsaber, a broken violin, or as a 50ft giant are gimmicks that never get old. Reply +1
  • Watch: 7 games we'd love to play in virtual reality

  • cheekyjay 08/10/2016

    Mario Galaxy all the way Reply +2
  • Advertising Standards launches investigation into No Man's Sky

  • cheekyjay 28/09/2016 Reply +2
  • Telltale's Batman is getting slammed by Steam reviews over buggy PC port

  • cheekyjay 04/08/2016

    The performance now seems passable on my GTX1080, but the bigger worry is how some of the command prompts for Xbox controller users are wrongly labelled. Although every button is working on my controller, I've now had several instances where QTE finishing moves failed to register my button presses leading me to have to temporarily switch to keyboard controls. The controller works perfectly on every other game. For a game where twitch responses are key to decision making, this seems like a pretty significant issue. Reply +2
  • NX is different, and different is Nintendo's best option

  • cheekyjay 28/07/2016

    @SupremeAC They're not - that's where mobile fits in Reply 0
  • Battlefront's Bespin DLC doesn't quite dazzle, but DICE's Star Wars shooter makes some big steps forward

  • cheekyjay 23/06/2016

    @chubster2010 I live there too. Definitely doesn't resemble Bespin at all! Reply +1
  • Cheap This Week - 25/05/11

  • cheekyjay 25/05/2011

    Thought people might like to know that Quidco are currently offering 8% cashback on all purchases from Tesco Entertainment, so that La Noire + Marvel Vs Capcom deal seems even sweeter. Reply 0
  • Tesco flattens 3DS price to 175

  • cheekyjay 24/03/2011

    I got mine with Pilotwings for 209 from Tesco Entertainment (with 1000 Tesco reward points and 9% cashback from Quidco, so 188.10 for total cost) and it was delivered first thing this morning. Slightly underwhelmed by the build quality and screen size, but the 3D novelty is just magic as are the AR 'games', even if their novelty will likely be shortlived. Reply 0
  • Nintendo: Physical media is here to stay

  • cheekyjay 18/02/2011

    What consumers want is an endlessly looping pixel animation of the 8-bit Mario sprite collecting coins and ocassionally jumping, along with blissfully incessant chirps and beeps (in case anyone thought silence was overrated). If that's the future, I'll stick to physical media for now thanks!

    Edit - fixed typo
    Reply +20
  • Michael Phelps Kinect game announced

  • cheekyjay 02/02/2011

    April 1st seems to have come early! Reply 0
  • Nintendo 3DS anti-piracy tech strong

  • cheekyjay 26/01/2011

    Other than running emulators for SCUMM VM and SNES games, I used to use the R4 to demo games before buying them. The 'pirate' copies of the many many releases coming out on the console allowed me to assess which were worthwhile and which I shouldn't bother purchasing. Any games I enjoyed for more than 15 minutes I would go online and legally buy. If Nintendo offered more comprehensive demos and trials of their back-catalogue, I'm sure the statistics of people like me would massively decrease. How many of the 100s of the pirated ROMs that people download actually get played, and of those that do how many get played for more than 15 minutes?

    (Edited once due to typos... doh!)
    Reply +3
  • GAME: Half trade in to fund new games

  • cheekyjay 24/01/2011

    I too think Game have increased some of their trade-in values. I don't normally trade games in as I like to keep them if I've enjoyed them, but they offered me more to trade back recently-completed Donkey Kong Country Returns than I actually bought it for new on their website. God only knows how much they're re-selling it for though even if they are "absorbing the VAT increase"! Reply 0
  • Best of 2011: Readers' Pick

  • cheekyjay 12/01/2011

    I would add in Little Big Planet 2, Crysis 2, Child of Eden, The Last Guardian, Journey and the possible (but unlikely) release of Beyond Good and Evil 2.

    And then of course there's so many games we don't know about yet... and the 3DS... a good year ahead (for big-budget games at least)
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  • UK shops begin taking 3DS pre-orders

  • cheekyjay 12/01/2011

    I preordered two at Game on the weekend. When I enquired about price the totally uninformed store manager said it would definitely be less than the current cost of the Wii, probably about 100. I couldn't believe what I was hearing but asked her to give me that in writing. What are the chances that she won't honour her estimate come launch day when the handheld launches for a likely price of around 250..? Reply -1
  • Disney Epic Mickey

  • cheekyjay 26/11/2010

    This has to be one of the worst platformers I've played in years. It feels like a massive step backwards for the genre, despite such an ambitious central concept and design. Horrible... Reply -2
  • PS2: The Insiders' Story

  • cheekyjay 24/11/2010

    Slightly off topic, but all this talk of unreliable machines inspired me to dig up my old consoles. PS2, which admittedly had a good innings, was well and truly dead, but my 1999 launch day Dreamcast is switched on a working like new with Shenmue 2 in the drive. Good times! Reply +3
  • 3DS dev costs triple that of DS

  • cheekyjay 20/11/2010

    As another poster has pointed out, Megadrive games were mostly 39.99 to 44.99 new, and we're talking about a mainstream console with a relatively large install base back in 1989 and the early 90s. That's an increase in RRPs for new console games of 0% in 21 years. Back then a McDonalds meal was 2.50, a zones 1 and 2 travelcard was under 3, and petrol prices were about a third of what they are now. Thanks to the App store, handheld software pricing has to remain competitive, and whilst this is terrible news for small dev team and any games company willing to take a risk on a new IP or innovative idea, in terms of price at least, the consumer is definitely the winner. Reply +3
  • Bizarre Creations in trouble?

  • cheekyjay 16/11/2010

    If Microsoft's comments earlier this week about still seeing a future for Project Gotham if they can find the right development team are to be trusted, then perhaps Bizarre, not Sumo Digital will be hired back (or purchased at a much lower pricethan that for which they were previously sold). Reinstating an IP's original dev team on a project they know so well, at a massively discounted rate seems like good business sense to me... but what do I know! Reply +1
  • Assassin's Creed 2011 confirmed

  • cheekyjay 15/11/2010

    Well, if another guaranteed money-spinner gives Ubisoft the confidence to 'risk' a potential commercial failure like Beyond Good and Evil 2, then I for one think it's a very good thing. Huge fan of the first game (BG+E I mean, not Assassins, though I did enjoy that too). Reply +1
  • Gran Turismo 5 trophy list leaks

  • cheekyjay 08/11/2010

    I wouldn't get too excited. Sony have today advised various media owners of a cancellation on planned pre-Christmas poster ads for this game. Seems like a Q1 2011 release to me. Reply 0
  • Microsoft rejected Move-style technology

  • cheekyjay 17/08/2010

    Innovative hardware is simply a facilitator for innovative software in my opinion - without the latter it doesn't matter how revolutionary the tech is. Hopefully at some point we'll see some software on Kinect and on Move that does offer something truly groundbreaking... or not... Reply 0
  • Eidos Montreal calms Deus Ex fan fears

  • cheekyjay 13/08/2010

    I will reserve judgement until it's out, though the potential is obvious. Did anyone else notice the colour palette in that trailer though - brownest game ever?! Reply +1
  • Mafia II

  • cheekyjay 21/07/2010

    Good work on sneaking an Anchorman quote into that preview! Reply 0
  • Dunaway: E3 too loud for Vitality Sensor

  • cheekyjay 22/06/2010

    I tried it out today in A and E, but the doctor only had a rubbish game for it, involving a wired pumping device attached to my forearm. Wasn't much fun. Reply +2
  • Report: 3DS to allow full game installs

  • cheekyjay 19/06/2010

    I am genuinely excited by the launch of this machine far more than I have been for any previous handheld launch...

    However, some key questions still remain:
    - Assuming the games are on cartridges, what will the size restrictions be? I loved the original DS, but it's hard to argue that developers weren't crippled by the limitations of cartridge size and cost.
    - What is the backwards compatibility strategy? Obviously Gameboy games are out, but what about DS games - how will they work? Will the 3DS 'upscale' DS games into quasi-3D, or will they remain 2D-only? Will the slide pad be useable as an alternative to the D-Pad? Will the wider top-screen have side borders, or will the top image be stretched? Will DS games' online modes still work?
    - What is the data storage strategy? How much solid state memory will the actual machine have as standard? Will there be an SD card slot or similar to expand on this? Will save games be stored on cartridge (so that you still have your saves if you play the cart on another system) or on the system itself? Will you have a user profile, to which all your data is stored (meaning that if you lose, break or have your 3DS stolen, you can still retrive your data)?
    - What is the online gaming strategy? Will Nintendo stick with the annoying friend codes? Will you be able to use the cameras for video-chat? Is there a built in mic that we havent been shown yet, for voice-chat? Will there be a virtual console - and if so, what will it offer? Will DLC, demos and trailers become part of Nintendo's future, or will they continue to be largely ignored as on the Wii?
    -What is the movie strategy? We know that there is aready major studio support, but we need to know more... is this an international deal? Will it mean whole movies in 3D or just trailers? Will 2D movies be 'upscaled' into quasi-3D? Where do you purchase the movies, and how do you store them - Wifi download via the console, movies on cartridge (hope not - look what happened to UMD movies), unique codes that come free with certain BluRays or DVDs? Will Nintendo use a PC/Mac-based store to which you backup data and can access online features like a movie store (like Apple's iTunes)?
    -How will Miis work?
    -How much will it cost?

    It is an incredibly exciting machine, but one full of unknowns...
    Reply 0
  • Digital Foundry vs. 3DS

  • cheekyjay 16/06/2010

    The whole issue of original 3D designs Vs converted-from-2D software, raises a very interesting question about how Nintendo will handle backwards compatibility. The presence of a cartridge slot (albeit a bigger one) on the system, and the comments made about DSi compatibility (ie DSiWare games) suggests there's still some announcements to be made there. Reply 0
  • PlayStation Move priced and dated

  • cheekyjay 16/06/2010

    I agree the pricing 'looks' good, but bear in mind that whilst some games will only require one Move per person, other will require a Move and a Navigation per person, and some (dancing games, etc) will require 2 Moves per person. What this equates to is a total cost of around E130 for the 2 Moves, the Eye Camera, 1 Navigation Controller and the bundled game. That's enough kit for one player (or two in a handful of games)... not that far from Kinect's rumoured price-point.

    Personally, I am psyched about Move, and think Sony showed this off far more effectively than Microsoft did with the worryingly laggy Kinect... but let's be honest neither will be cheap, at least not at launch.
    Reply +4
  • Microsoft E3 Conference

  • cheekyjay 14/06/2010

    Thank you Harmonix for making the final scene of Napoleon Dynamite a reality! Reply 0
  • The Making of PlayStation 3D

  • cheekyjay 20/04/2010

    This starts to make the following generation of consoles finally make sense. Making the wildly hypothetical assumption that in 4 or so years time 3D will be gaining significant traction with mass-market consumers, I can see far higher-specced consoles being released that offer PS3 or Xbox 360 quality graphics... in 3D!.

    Given the success of 'casual' retrograded technology this gen with the Wii, I was beginning to question how the likes of Sony or Microsoft could communicate to a mass-market why any kind of technological leap forward was required... with 3D, it suddenly makes sense, and seems marketable. All based on ifs and buts of course.

    I suspect in the meantime, true 60fps 3D experiences will fall into the exclusive domain of a very very small niche of top tier PC owners.
    Reply +1
  • Monster Hunter in Lost Planet 2 PS3

  • cheekyjay 16/04/2010

    The way that first sentence is constructed, it sounds as if the new Lost Planet game is called "Lost Planet 2: Dead Rising's Frank West" - that's a game I want to try! Reply 0
  • Euro iPad launch delayed to late May

  • cheekyjay 14/04/2010

    I love the way the iPad looks, and can see how for some it could be a tempting proposition, but surely the fact that you need to dock it with iTunes in order to backup files / copy data to and from it means that it doesn't replace the laptop at all, as you'll need another computer in order to get the best out of it...? Reply +1