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  • Destiny's PlayStation-exclusive content detailed in full

  • chacha 17/06/2014

    How MS allowed Bungie to go and create Halo on all platforms i will never understand. It is akin to allowing mario creator to leave nintendo and develop a platformer on rival systems.

    Dont get me wrong, its great for the consumers but you really have to to question the decision as it makes no logical sense
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  • Fixing Forza 5: How Turn 10 wants to win fans back

  • chacha 13/12/2013

    am i missing someting here... i dont really get all the back lash and outrage, no one forces anyone to pay for a car or accelerate progress, its a choice you make.

    i personally like going through each of the courses many times, improving the line and driving skills.

    Personally, i just dont get it... GT5 prologue (a demo in all but name) was a 30 game, where was the back lash there (i think that was given a 8 or 9 out of ten by eurogamer).

    maybe i just dont get it, but i prefer this model than being forced to pay for a demo. On postives if you dont want to pay it just means you play for longer to get credits to buy the car you want, the longer you play the better you get.
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  • iPad Air review

  • chacha 26/11/2013

    @Seoh thanks for the feedback, just was taken back by the whole process. The fact the wife was pregnant and emotional did not help as she just couldnt stop crying afterwards as you are just feel so useless and poweless to do anything about it. Reply +1
  • chacha 26/11/2013

    Actually looks a well made product, was thinking of getting one myself until yesterday when the wife booked an appointment with the regent street store to fix a problem with her iPhone being possessed (i.e. it navigating the apps and typing without any input).

    she was advised by apple that there was nothing they could do as it was past the 2 years warranty period (well thats a lie, they said one year warranty period until we informed tem of EU Law and stated that the phone was purchased directly from apple) by a whole 15 days and stated all they could do is replace/repair it at 150.

    Although the above above is bad enough it is not what really turned me away from apple, it was the contempt and manner that we were spoken to, we were made to feel like a bunch of ill educated beggars for expecting apple to resolve an issue on a high end device after the two year period had elapsed... the patronising manner we were spoken to by the store manager was harsh to say the least as it brough my7 month pregnant wife to tears on more than one occasion, when my wife was emotional the store manager had the gall to say you are only upset due to the phone being out of warranty and had it been within the period you would be happy... how about she is upset because you talking to her like she is an idiot for expecting some assistance and options. Once my wife had recomposed herself she asked for a complaints department as she was not happy with the way she was treated (we had given up on the phone being repaired) to be told that apple have no complaints department and as she was the store manager it could not be escalated further.

    apple do make some good devices but with attitude such as the above to customers who have invested heavily in the apple ecosystem, i hope that people wake up and demand an high end customer service that compliments the devices they make.

    As you can imagine i am still livid about the fact that someone can treat a customer that way (and for that store manager bringing my wife to tears) and the customer has no where else to turn. I felt like and do still feel like a helpless husband who could not protect his wife from this.
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  • Microsoft unveils Halo 4 at E3

  • chacha 06/06/2011

    love how people go on about the halo franchise being milked, yet are some of the same people who rave about the 250th incarnation of a mario game... Reply +1
  • Limbo review

  • chacha 20/07/2010

    why are people complaining about the price.. as mentioned above 10 does not get you much. But in all seriousness i dont mind paying that for an original game that the developer has had to think about and make it feel like an experience... most full priced games can not boast the same.

    Also i personally detest rehashings of old games much more, for example i owned mario kart on the SNES (was something stupid like 500 but then when i go the game for my GBA and then NDS i was charged full price again for what in essence was the same game and code.. now that pee's me off
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  • Gran Turismo's Kazunori Yamauchi

  • chacha 04/04/2008

    Thanks for your help miiguel..... i can do with a new laptop Reply 0
  • chacha 04/04/2008

    Have been playing this game now for a week and am completely and utterly disappointed. The graphics are no better than PGR4 (a 6 month old game) and the physics and AI are light years behind Forza Motorsport let alone FM2.

    I actually feel cheated for some reason, and feel like returning my ps3. Does anyone know what the return policy is for Toys R Us. I have given it time but after a week of the ps3 i just feel i have no need as the 360 provides me with everything i need.... the one game i hoped would change the way i feel was GT5 but i have been bitterly disappointed.
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  • Euro PS3 Store updates

  • chacha 28/09/2007

    fair enough, i personally dont see the problem
    i have bought a wireless games adaptor for 20 quid for my 360 and its doing the job sufficiently, if you believe that is a cost that is too much then your entitled to your opinion

    The paying for 40quids a year i am also happy paying as the service you get with live is at the forefront of console online gaming, if sony do buck up thier ideas and provide a similar performance then and only then will i start to think the subscription fee is a con, at the moment you get what you pay for

    my opinion may be biased but is based on hands on experience, as i have stated you are entitled to your opinion i just think that you are missing out alot on free demos and other goodies
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  • chacha 28/09/2007

    Oh and fanboy, if you want a defence of the wii.

    Wifi - 60
    Game - 40
    "Gamecube" - 50
    Wiimote - 30
    Nunchuck -15

    so when the wifi for the wii cost 60 pounds and is inbuilt its OK, but when you have to buy it for same price as an external product its too damn expensive and rediculous...

    i am no fanboy, i have all 3 next gen consoles... was just saying that your reasoning behind the expense of the wifi is unjustified.

    I regret buying a Wii as I wa bored of it very quick
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  • chacha 28/09/2007

    by your same logic nintendo should not be charging such a rediculous amount for the wii Reply 0
  • chacha 28/09/2007


    the wii is nothing more than a glorified gamecube with a new gamepad. so if you think shelling some 200 pounds for a gamecube with a new pad and wireless is worth it then so be it

    plus if you look around you will find some really good core deals that are in fact less than a gamecube

    do the math
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  • chacha 28/09/2007

    @sebo how is it a disgrace that you dont have wireless adaptor in built, after all the 360 is almost half the price of the PS3 so you do the math Reply 0
  • chacha 28/09/2007


    how is i trolling... just said i have been enjoying my FREE pes2008 demo for over a week and also that i dont agree with having to pay half the retail price (i assume if GT4 prologue is anything to go by) of a full game for something that is little more than a Demo.

    Plus where is GT mobile for my PSP.... why dont sony have the common decency to let all the consumers they coaxed and fooled into buying a PSP that they have infact dropped GT 4 mobile
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  • chacha 28/09/2007


    You dont have to get a wireless adaptor for the 360 it does have an ethernet port so you could share the connection from your PC, failing that you could get a wireless game adaptor (20 or so) and use,m and you dont have to pay 40 unless you want to play games online... demos such as PES2008 are FREE for all to download

    Plus if you really want to play online you can get a year subscription for roughly 20 from ebay
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  • chacha 28/09/2007

    how are you ripped off by live, the PES2008 was a FREE demo for anyone with a 360.
    Yes demos should be FREE... however i do believe sony will be charging a price for GT5 prologue..... thats what i call being ripped off
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  • chacha 28/09/2007

    hahahaha.... i have been playing the PES 2008 demo for almost over a week now and am now enjoying the joys of halo 3

    Oh wel at least you ps3 peops can watch some footage of PES2008, what a great investment that must have been :oP
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  • New Halo 3 disc errors?

  • chacha 28/09/2007

    i frequent on these forums on a regular occurence, but I must admit i do find this Darren character a mystery as he seems to post on a daily basis but mostly about jaggies, tearing and why blueray is the best.

    Instead of analyzing every minute graphical detail why dont you just PLAY the games and enjoy them for what they are instead of saying OMG its got jaggies so it SUXORS.
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  • Project Gotham Racing 4

  • chacha 18/09/2007

    "Can we have the demo... pretty please? :) "

    No demo i am afraid, Bizzare have decided to take the Polyphony Digital route and will be releasing PGR4 Prologue and charge you half the price of a full game :op
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  • Xbox Live different league to PSN

  • chacha 15/05/2007


    "So far as I know everything I mentioned is free, so while you may not like sony give them credit for what there offering. "

    but isnt that the whole point, sony are not offering it at the moment a whole year after thier initial launch ambitions.... call me sceptical but i have been stung by sony and its false promises before, so i wont be getting excited and start praising sony for what they may offer.
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  • chacha 15/05/2007


    so in essence you mean that home is great in the sense if you want to use it as a means of a universal friends list ala live.
    Home is not really offering anything to the gamer that live is not already offering and should i say has been for a very long time.
    IMO sony really has dropped the ball gaming wise with the ps3, they seemed to be more interested in flogging Bluray to the consumer and seem to have forgotten that its is fundamentally a games console..... the ps3 was delayed launch in japan by at least half a year from the original date and in erope for at least a year from the original publicised global launch date yet we still only have a handful of mediocre games at best or 360 ports.
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  • Ninja Gaiden Sigma

  • chacha 02/05/2007

    it says alot about my PS3 that the only game i am eagerly awaiting to play on it is a remake of an old game that i have completed twice (NG and then NGB).
    but am looking forward to playing it and am hoping that it definitely has a lot more to offer than just a slight improvement in the graphics...

    seriously when i played this demo, i got NGB out on the 360 and compared... really is surprising how powerful the original xbox was when a developer knew what they were doing pusehed it
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  • ThreeSpeech dates PSN games

  • chacha 19/04/2007

    As much as i agree that Gott is a troll, i do share some of his sentiments. I have had a ps3 since the japanese launch (thanks to my loving wife) and have to admit that RFOM has not really impressed me all that much, its a mediocre FPS at best.

    At the moment my PS3 is gathering dust thanks partly to my addiction to crackdown but mostly because there is a serious lack of must own games. IMO RFOM had it been released for the x360 would not have gotten a look in as it does nothing that others shooters on the box dont do already.
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  • Forza 2 demo this month - report

  • chacha 02/04/2007

    "Beat GTHD in what way. I like the GTHD demo but it doesn't stop me from playing PGR3. The graphics in GTHD is better than PGR3 but the gameplay is not. "

    From what angle are the GTHD graphics better than PGR3. I have been well dissapointed by the GTHD graphics after all the hype the graphics are mediocre at best.... PGR3 looks way more stunning and when you take into consideration that the backgorunds are all 3d models rather than fake pictures it also beats it hand down on the technical aspects.
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  • Take-Two could face takeover

  • chacha 12/03/2007

    "EA gonna get"

    EA are on a pokemon crazed rampage when it comes to buying out established developers.... EA motto "you gotta catch em all"
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  • US sales update: everyone wins

  • chacha 12/01/2007

    Best buy are not out of stock of the PS3s.
    I just came back from New York a few days ago and went to two best buys and both had stock of the PS3, the assistant at the store also explained to me that they were not selling that well and that most people who had bought them were having difficulty displaying them in HD as the official PS3 HD cables were almost impossible to find.

    Infact in new york city almost all the major electrical stores had ps3 in stock which i found well confusing.
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  • Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

  • chacha 10/01/2007

    wanted? Reply 0
  • Virtua Tennis 3

  • chacha 10/01/2007

    silly controller wins all the time - surely

    / being sarcastic
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  • PS3 is most powerful - Hirai

  • chacha 09/01/2007

    is it just me or am i no longer the graphics whore i used to be.
    I have just recently (5 days ago) purchased a PS3 from NY with Motorstorm and RFOM and i am noty seeing what everyone else is.

    I personally think that technically speaking PGR3 is far superior than Motorstorm and also graphically it is equal if not better. All these people on the forum who seem to be salivating at Motorstorm obviously are comparing the graphics to a PS2 and not the 360.

    Other than looking great (aesthetically speaking) the PS3 is a mojor dissapointment. The first gen titles on the 360 such as PGR3 and COD2 more than matched anything the PS3 has shown to date.
    I am nop fanboy - i am a self confessed graphics whore and as of yet the PS3 still has a lot to do to compete with the 360 gaphic wise
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  • PS3 manual mentions rumble

  • chacha 04/01/2007


    Runble makes a huge difference in certain games and the absence of the rumble feature was a massive mistake as it only takes away from the gaming experience, i thought next gen was about taking steps forward not backwards.

    I was playing GranTurismo 2 on my PSP and realised that doing the licence tests with no rumble function just is not as enjoyable or engrossing as with the rumble feature - you never really know when you are too close to the rumble strips or the edge of the track so it really takes away alot from the immersion of the gaming experience.
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  • Gran Turismo out in US/Japan

  • chacha 02/01/2007

    damn you sony - where's my PSP Gran Turismo i was promised 2 years ago Reply 0
  • DS sales top 2m in UK

  • chacha 29/11/2006

    Yet you still never see anyone playing one on the tube. What's up with that?#

    Thats beacuse mos londoners care more about the cool factor than the actual games.
    PSP is a much cooler piece of technology just a shame its a poor games machine
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  • Sony feeling the strain - Bach

  • chacha 27/11/2006

    "IGN really liked the Zune - gave it a respectable 8 out of 10 if I'm not mistaken. Didnt mention many problems with it.

    Strange that the guy who reviewed it in the review thats linked above seemed to hate it so much."

    theres many other reviews on the t'internet giving the zune a respecatble review, it might not be an apple killer ut it is still a good player non the less, it seems that review posted must have been from some apple fanboy or microsoft hater - not so different to people on forums really ;)
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  • chacha 27/11/2006

    "The most succesful gaming company out there is Sony, PS one won, PS2 won, PS3 will win, Xbox flopped, Xbox 360 doing worst, it needs to beat PS2, PSP before it can go against PS3."

    ##so by that reasoning the ps3 is also a flop as it needs to first beat the ps2
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  • Sony backtracks on upscale fix

  • chacha 27/11/2006

    "We repeat : This is NOT an issue in Europe !
    Our HDTVs are marked HDReady, and by definition this means they support everything !
    (except 1080p but that's OK cos they do 1080i instead :)

    Eurogamer : You need to make your article clear that this DOESN'T affect Europe. Being Eurogamer and all, the USA slant on this article makes no sense :)"

    So by that reasoning eurogamer should not report on anything to do with the ps3 seeing as it has nothing to do with europe until late 2007
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  • Just 80k PS3s at Japan launch

  • chacha 31/10/2006


    are you a european, because if you are i dont understand your points
    sony are shafting the europeans yet again but yet you still defend them - i think maybe you should bend down a little more so you van poperly enjoy the royal sony shaft
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  • chacha 31/10/2006

    this is just rediculous
    everyone thought the 360 allocations were rediculous at launch and that was with a global release - this is just pathetic considering sony are not even doing a global launch

    looks like us europeans are well and truly shafted again as this could possibly translate to the european laund being delayed yet again
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  • Kojima, Nomura back PS3

  • chacha 30/06/2006

    bit of a pointless article really. Obvisouly both Kojima and Nomura are going to back the PS3, after all they have a vested interest in the machine as both developers are creating games for the PS3. Reply 0
  • Sensible Soccer 2006

  • chacha 26/05/2006

    krudster is the xbox version compatible with the 360. Reply +1
  • Sony clarifies PS3 specs

  • chacha 16/05/2006

    "Man, if only. You can never get those years back once they are gone you know. Enjoy them while they last chacha. Ride your BMX over that ramp, go on that rollercoaster, ask out that cute girl in maths class. Don't waste your spring time years getting shirty in here I beg you. "

    Alas those years hav bassed me by along while back. But damn you are right i really should have asked out that cute girl in math class

    / wonders what could've been
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  • chacha 16/05/2006


    i have no fanboy agenda
    all i am stating is that just because teeth does not care as he does not want to (hence the ignorance) does not mean the rest of us should not give two monkeys either.

    If i am planning on parting with so much cash then i the consumer deserve to be sold what was advertised.

    And by the sound of your post you are the one sounding liking a pre-pubescent teen.
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  • chacha 16/05/2006

    "None of what you just said made any sense to me. I don't even know what HDMI is or stands for, let alone what it will help me do. No need to enlighten me, I don't give a fuck. "

    Just because your an ignorant fool doesnt mean that sony has the right shaft the rest of us who are knowledgable on such matters.
    I understand its about games, but sony have decided to make it about more than games by ENFORCING upon the consumer the blue ray drive.

    Also seeing as you dont care, how do you then feel about paying over the odds for a games system because it has a blueray drive which as stated you dont care about
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  • chacha 16/05/2006

    "There are very few HD TV models that will display 1080p currently anyway, oh and they cost a bomb. "

    Thats not the point - phill stated that true HD is 1080p, and that tru HD will not start until the ps3 is released, what a crock of !"*(. Not even sony HD tv's do 1080p at the moment, therefore by Phill Harrisons logic, sony have still yet to provide the customer true High Def.

    Also maybe a little sceptical of me, but doesnt it seem convinient that sony have omited the vibration feedback on thier pads because of the nintendo wii like properties - but coulod it have more to do with the fact that sony were sued a few years back for the design of the dual shock and were found to be in breach due to thier force feedback - just a thought
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  • UK DS sales reach 1 million

  • chacha 21/01/2006

    "MAybe its time sony asks for help from NIntendo too how to make good Handheld games "

    and maybe its time nintendo asked sony how to make a handheld that makes use of the latest technologies and style.

    bengali why must you feel that one product must be better than the other, they are two very different products, the DS is a pure games machine, the pSPS is a games machine and so much more besides, the psp is a technological showpiece.

    i for one am happy with both of my purchases, but i feel more comfortable playing my psp on the tube than i do my DS, its just a hideous piece of design and is embarassing.
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  • chacha 20/01/2006

    "Time to be honest Sony PSP batty boyz

    FOR GAMES AND ONLY GAMES the DS is better than PSP "

    but thats just the point isnt it bengali, the psp is not just a games machine it, its just so much more.
    I agree with furbs (becoming a regular occurence) the DS is good for certain games and psp others.
    I personally think that the DS has some great games, but the i disagree with with a few of the top selling titles there:

    Animal Crossing : Wild World - not really my cup of tea
    Nintendogs - i have friends, a job and a pretty decent life, couldn't give a crap about a virtual dog
    Tamagotchi Connection : Corner Shop - see above
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  • US PS3 in November?

  • chacha 18/01/2006

    "The 360 is not noisy, unless playing a game"
    what i meant to say is unless information is being read of the disc, on these comments threads there is so much made up about its noise, its not too bad.
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  • chacha 18/01/2006

    "360's noisy, well i ever knew that. So the Xbox 360 is noisy, overheats, lacks impressive games and is armed with HD opposed to Blu-ray, HD being the weaker of the two. Wow, what a start for M$ "

    The 360 is not noisy, unless playing a game then it is only because of the high speed drive.
    I dont know of anyones 360 to overheat apart from stories on the net - i have played it for hours on end and nothing.
    Lacks impressive games - have you even played the games - i guess not.
    HD instead of Blueray - Well seeing as this will not really effect any gaming experience i dont see what the fuss is about (games at the moment find it hard to fill a normal dvd layer let alone both layers - so blueray - good for movies has no significant use for gaming at present)

    But one thing the 360 does have is a unified online network (LIVE) and its awesome. I am not sure what the launch line-up will be for the ps3 but if its as good as the 360s the sony have done well, extremely well.
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  • Sony lists first-party PS3 titles on Japanese website

  • chacha 18/01/2006

    Anyone thinking they will be able to get thier hands on Gran turisom within the first year of the ps3 launch is kidding themselves. Polyphony are known for thier long delays.
    PSP gran turismo was shown and said to be in development months before the psp was released in japan, a year and a half has passed and nothing, not even a misely screenshot.

    Plus with the fact i assume they would want online play this time i can only assume it will be out at least a year or so after launch.

    As for the rest of the games - they are a bit meh
    Everybodies golf - not really something i wish to play on a ps3 - on my psp its fine but not exactly next gen is it.
    Killzone 2 - well the first one was a massive let down and played like pants. But then i would like to see in game footage of the thing
    MGS 4 - No way it will make it for launch. I remember MGS 2 being shown for the ps2 at E3 and then was not released until a further year.

    so a big MEH from me
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  • Sony has no strategy for an online service - Ballmer

  • chacha 13/01/2006

    "But my point is - Xbox Live is a 'killer app' to people who are interested in online play. The vast majority of gamers, it would appear, are not. "

    but isnt saying the above similar to saying Halo is a killer app to people who are interested in FPS or GT4 is a killer app to people who are petrol heads.

    The vast majority are not into online because they have tried to go online or have been unable to do so, i'll be honest i never ever saw what all the fuss was about online play until i took pgr2 for a spin on live - the game just completely changes.

    Also the reason alot of people dont use online is that the average joe gamesplayer owns a ps2 which requires a purchase of a network adapter and then some luck to get online - your average joe wont buy aa adaptor and hence will not know what he is missing
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  • chacha 13/01/2006

    ed fries and samus balckely the men behing the rare aquisition. waste of time the both of them ;) Reply 0