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  • Xbox chief Phil Spencer: "Microsoft needed a reboot"

  • carrotcake 23/02/2018

    They would need to buy more studios to lock down exclusives. Tbh I never really wanted MS to move into consoles and fragment the market more. They could have made a better effort with gaming on Windows, but Valve are doing that for them. MS did make good contributions to gaming by driving the online experience way ahead of where it was and popularising achievements/ trophies. It has been a fun journey. I don't know where they go from here with no defining innovative feature in their current console and the fewest exclusives. XbX is a beautiful engineering job, amazing power in a small footprint. Should use those for distributed supercomputing like that folding@home project PS3 could run. Reply -6
  • Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy PC and Nintendo Switch leak comes from an unlikely source

  • carrotcake 06/02/2018

    also down for this. would have been high on my list if I had a ps4, but now I can get pc version. if they're doing a new Crash game to follow then they'd do well to stick with what worked in the naughty dog games rather than reinventing the wheel as we saw in some of the less successful Crash games before the series took a bit of a break. Reply 0
  • PlayStation announces official shoe

  • carrotcake 22/01/2018

    I'd probably consider that if I had money to burn. It's more exciting than a non-PlayStation kind of shoe. Mine are brown. Reply -1
  • Jelly Deals: Super Nintendo Classic Edition back in stock

  • carrotcake 18/12/2017

    thank you eurogamer for sharing this information. finally managed to secure ordering one, best xmas gift ever. and thanks nintendo for restocking them like you said you would. eek, I'm excited to play on it. Reply +2
  • Nintendo sold 2m SNES mini consoles in a month

  • carrotcake 31/10/2017

    The GAME in my town got like 20 units and were never restocked. 2 million of these things globally is clearly way short of the demand when they've only been available to buy for like 2 minutes total. I just want to be able to buy one like any normal product, from a variety of shops and for longer than a minute. If it's not a priority for them to meet demand then why not? They make money right. Could have sold a lot of them over Christmas. Perfect starter console for young children. Reply +2
  • How community coders are remaking the best - and the worst - Sonic games

  • carrotcake 08/10/2017

    @Chromanin that's crazy to be selling low - it's one of the best games I've ever played and I want more like it. I was shocked recently browsing the Steam chart to see where Sonic Mania is... and I had to skip to like position #156 to find it. wow I thought it would be top 10. maybe the brand has been damaged too much by poor quality games and people don't notice when they do something good ;; Reply +2
  • carrotcake 08/10/2017

    @VanillaLake I think Mania is pretty close to the best. At least I would call it the best Sonic game you can play today, with S3&K stuck in emulation land. A remake of S3&K on Cristian's retro engine in widescreen and with extras like Mania would probably take the cake, I think it's the most epic game in the series and most coherent. But I love Mania too, new levels included. My least favorite is possibly Press Garden act 1 with what looks like toybox letter sticking out the wall in sequence like Mega Man disappearing platforms. That seems a bit slow/awkward and out of place. But Studiopolis is beautiful in design and music; Titanic Monarch is one of my favorite final levels in the series; Mirage Saloon is just ok, nothing remarkable. Reply +1
  • carrotcake 08/10/2017

    Wow I didn't know people were trying to fix Sonic 2006. That's ambitious. I swear I've never hated a Sonic game, even the less good ones like 2006. I think the fans go really overboard with their criticisms of those games because it's Sonic and expectations are really high. 2006 isn't good overall but it honestly has some kinda badass moments and fun moments buried in there and it would be a shame for that to be lost in time. It was essentially Sonic Adventure 3 without the name but you had to pass broken stuff to reach the cool parts. A remaster that tightens gameplay, fixes bugs, removes bad stuff is something I'd be willing to pay for in a pc release. Reply +1
  • Gran Turismo Sport's full car list revealed

  • carrotcake 07/10/2017

    I mean, it's not a numbered game in the series because it's missing stuff. If all the cars were there it'd be called GT7. Reply 0
  • In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon you can go through a wormhole

  • carrotcake 05/10/2017

    @Daryoon getting confused a bit by what you mean, but basically Ultra would still be a separate game from the original, with its own save file. Just wanted a license check so people who own the original get a discount on Ultra, bringing it closer to dlc price than full game price. probably not possible to do with the physical boxed version, maybe stores could do a trade-in promotion, get higher than usual tradein value on Sun when trading towards UltraSun. just backup your pokemon to PokeBank first and you're good. Reply 0
  • carrotcake 05/10/2017

    @Kami there's also a puzzle game I forgot the name that gets another sequel like every other month instead of a version update putting the new puzzles into existing game Reply 0
  • carrotcake 05/10/2017

    I don't mind them doing updated packaged versions, but imo the owner's of last year's Sun and Moon should have an upgrade option to purchase these at a reduced price like DLC, at least from the eShop. I'm thinking to skip these, not wanting to go full price on what is tweaks to the existing Alola game, so no upgrade option gives them no money from ppl like me instead of some money. Reply +13
  • Ataribox: Ouya 2.0, evolved Steam Machine or something more?

  • carrotcake 30/09/2017

    Answering the tagline, I don't think you can challenge consoles in the livingroom. Brands like PlayStation are too well established, offer great hardware for what they cost, host all kinds of games from indie up to 'triple A'. Even Valve's Steambox running SteamOS thing kinda fizzled out. I was excited about Ouya but it turned out there wasn't a market for it and any decent indie games are already getting published on PC and the more established closed platforms. Reply +1
  • Phantasy Star Online 2: Cloud is coming to Switch… in Japan

  • carrotcake 14/09/2017

    Wow the English site and announce trailer are still up... coming to the West in early 2013... shouldn't they have at least confirmed it cancelled at some point? When you miss the release date by many years it's nice to say something. Would love more communication from Sega in general. We know Sonic Team still exist, but what about all the other divisions? Will there ever be another Virtua Fighter, Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio, Panzer Dragoon, etc long list of dead properties they own. Checking Sega website now, says their only upcoming non-Sonic games are the western release of Yakuza 6 (released 2016 in Japan) and a Total War game from British dev Creative Assembly. Not much happening at Sega Japan then. Reply +5
  • iPhone X: Apple bets the future of smartphones on Kinect's failed tech

  • carrotcake 13/09/2017

    Did they need 3 new phones? Would have thought people either want the best one or the cheapest one. The Plus is now wedged in the middle, doesn't have the biggest screen or best spec. When you include the previous gen models in the lineup there are like 5 or 6 different iPhones to choose now. Reply 0
  • Nintendo "strongly urges" you don't overpay for SNES mini on eBay

  • carrotcake 11/09/2017

    will get one 100% if they exist and are available to buy. needs to be available for more than a 10 second window at some random time. presumably they make a profit on these and have a business reason to make more than a couple of them. who knows why they are so rare. Reply +2
  • Sonic Forces comes out in November

  • carrotcake 31/08/2017

    Make Sonic Mania its own series of 2D games, let Christian have a lot of creative control. Wishlist for Sonic Mania 2.... whole game is new levels (we're done with green hill zone nostalgia, right?), keep retro graphics but bring it up a notch in sharpness and special effects. erm, maybe unpopular opinion but I wouldn't mind unlocking more playable characters like Shadow and Amy, sort of bridging the classic series to the modern games, but gameplay is still entirely classic style of course. Reply +4
  • Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy biggest single-platform launch of the year

  • carrotcake 03/07/2017

    If I had a PS4, this would be near top of my list of games to get. People didn't really get tired of platform games. When a good dev makes a quality platformer, like every Mario game from Nintendo, then people will still play them. Reply +7
  • UK shops get SNES mini in stock

  • carrotcake 29/06/2017

    @spamdangled ah, excuse me for being excited. there's irony in you calling me pathetic with no provocation, or do you think you are a wonderful person for slinging insults at people on a gaming message board and not contributing to the discussion. please find a better outlet for your inner pain. I am really excited about this thing; just don't take my comment about needing it too literally. you don't know enough about me to be telling to reevaluate my life. Reply +2
  • carrotcake 29/06/2017

    @carmagainagain No need to be rude. But saying something completes me is also not the same as saying this is the biggest problem in my life. I didn't call it a problem; I can live without it. I meant it's a product I would like to have more than any other. If I could only have one more game product for the rest of my life, this would be a good pick. Loads of really good games on this and having a miniature snes would be really cute. Reply +1
  • carrotcake 29/06/2017

    Really sad about not being able to get one. Feel like I need it to complete my life as this console was a big part of growing up / my childhood. After the NES debacle I promised myself I'd definitely get the SNES one early. But you can be there as soon as stock is available and it's still not fast enough. There's clearly huge demand for playing these classic games legally in a cute nostalgia package with the original controller and cleaned up 2017 style with hdmi. Also Starfox 2 first time ever released. Why do they make such limited supply of an item customers are demanding? They could make money on these... If they built 10x more and priced it Ł100 instead of Ł70, they would still sell. Reply 0
  • The big interview: Xbox boss Phil Spencer

  • carrotcake 13/06/2017

    It's not in my price range to get an Xbox One X and a 4K TV with HDR and Freesync, but I appreciate that they built this thing and didn't make compromises to fit a more mass market price. They are the only ones with the horsepower (outside of PC gaming) to have everything cranked up at once... asset quality, framerate, native 4K... on "triple A" games. For enthusiasts with the money, it's great that this option exists. Reply +73
  • Xbox One Scorpio revealed as Xbox One X

  • carrotcake 11/06/2017

    @higganos might've been me, I've been calling it this for a while. simple enough to deduce because it's part of the xbox one family so it needs a similar name to avoid confusion about what this is and what software it plays. X is a fitting followup to the S, sounds powerful like Titan X and the like. Reply +1
  • Tekken 7 review

  • carrotcake 02/06/2017

    Playing this all morning and I think the review may be a little harsh, but you're right about the story battles being either a stiff challenge or training wheels auto-play mode which doesn't help you improve. Feels like it's missing a setting between those with the softer difficulty but full controls. I appreciate all the work they put into the cutscenes though.. it has scenes in between every battle, setting up reasons for why you are fighting and rotating through the cast of characters to weave their stories together, so in that regard it's similar to other modern games like those from Netherrealm. Reply +4
  • You can now hire out a GAME arena for a stag do

  • carrotcake 25/05/2017

    I never liked the name GAME anyway. Would be like Mcdonalds changing their name to FOOD. Damn capslock. But yeah, weird that they haven't gone bust again faster. My local GAME has display boxes for games they don't have in stock, for some reason. You wait in a long line because there's always people doing long trade-ins, then the staff rummage around some drawers and realise they don't have any of the games that are on the shelves and suggest you try somewhere else in town. Reply +2
  • In Theory: Could Sony release PlayStation 5 in 2018?

  • carrotcake 13/05/2017

    I think the most sensible path is to keep focusing on PS4 and PS4 Pro, drop prices around the time that Microsoft introduces the Scorpio (let's name that Xbox One X) and settle for being less powerful but cheaper than Microsoft's new box for a while. Reply +4
  • PS2 classic Resident Evil Code: Veronica X out today on PS4

  • carrotcake 11/05/2017

    You just had to know what to do. It was punishing at first, but on repeat playthroughs with having knowledge of what's around each corner, you could make it look like a joke. I loved the game so much that I really refined it down to very efficient runs with maximum conservation of ammo, and no first aid sprays used. I think this or RE2 are the best classic RE games. I wouldn't have patience any more to relearn them but the memories are great. Reply +2
  • Steam now explains why a game has been recommended to you

  • carrotcake 09/05/2017

    If I want to make sure I'm not missing a deal, I will go the the special offers section and sort that by cheapest, check a few pages of the cheapest stuff, but usually the best stuff is either recommended to me, or it's riding high in the best seller chart. Reply +1
  • Surprise! Nintendo announces New 2DS XL handheld

  • carrotcake 28/04/2017

    will probably get one as I didn't upgrade to either of the 'New' 3ds models yet and this looks really nice design, back to the sleekness of ds lite and dsi. the only thing that looks distracting is the bright coloured buttons. they will probably do a really nice limited edition colour scheme after I get one :) Reply +1
  • de Blob arrives on PC, nine years after its original release

  • carrotcake 28/04/2017

    It was a decent game. I only played it because of the first Eurogamer Expo thing, I was talking to a thq guy there and got his contact details, he told me I could hit him up for free games and he kept his word, I remember de blob and a WWE game were part of the freebie pack he sent me. think I played de blob through to the end, it was a decent use of the splash colour into a colourless world concept that other games have used since. Reply +11
  • Mobius Final Fantasy comes to PC with a Final Fantasy 7 Remake crossover

  • carrotcake 26/01/2017

    @FrostedSloth shouldn't be long for info, it's 20th anniversary of FF VII jp release at the end of this month; same day as special announcements for 30th anniversary of the series which may include VII stuff. Reply +4
  • Super Bomberman R for Nintendo Switch costs Ł50, Konami says

  • carrotcake 19/01/2017

    ridiculous price. should be Ł120. Reply +2
  • Nintendo confirms Switch launch lineup of games

  • carrotcake 13/01/2017

    It looks like when a system gets old and releases start to slow to a trickle, except it's already that way from the beginning. That is a shame because the hardware is very compelling, it's quite a nice piece of kit especially compared to Wii U's chunky gamepad and its low-res screen which was hard to read things on. Switch is much nicer, but hardware can't exist without the support of software developers. Really a shame. It's still worth getting for Mario, Zelda and Pokemon if you can afford one, but I would fear the lack of 3rd-party support causing the system to have a short life as the Wii U did before it. Reply +2
  • Pokémon Sun and Moon players fail second global event

  • carrotcake 10/01/2017

    They could make the online features and plaza activities a lot better, but they don't seem to be doing any post-launch patching. Maybe they realise how few people go online with 3DS and thus wouldn't receive the patches. This is an area for huge potential growth in future games... make online connectivity intuitive and support the game with content patches, advertise the patches on the website and youtube channel, keep people engaged long time and connected to the community. Reply 0
  • Pokémon Sun and Moon devs want you to catch 100m Pokémon in two weeks

  • carrotcake 29/11/2016

    @TheVGMLover Would need Nintendo to release figures since they are the only ones who know eShop numbers. Personally I bought mine digital and preloaded it before release. But yeah they shipped over 10m boxed copies out. Reply +1
  • Pokémon Sun and Moon sold nearly 2m copies in three days, just in Japan

  • carrotcake 22/11/2016

    @Eraysor midnight. should go live the moment it ticks over to launch day Reply 0
  • Nintendo hardware sales in the Americas are worse than you'd expect

  • carrotcake 28/09/2016

    @Billybobbythomas You asked me to explain GBA hardware sales. So, the original model didn't even have a backlight. I remember Super Mario Advance 2, they made Mario's clothes more pink than red, because it's easier to see lighter colours on a very dark screen. The GBA-SP was a way sleeker, compact model with a backlight so you can actually see the screen. A lot of people doubled purchased. The difference is a lot easier to communicate and appreciate than 3DS vs New 3DS upgrade. I feel like GB Micro was underappreciated member of the GBA family. That thing is so small and quickly price cut down to Ł40 per unit. It wasn't a big seller but I've kept a couple of those -- still a nice system. Reply 0
  • carrotcake 26/09/2016

    Erm, GB/C was a long era. First model in 1989... Pokémon Gold and Silver was released in 2000... So we're talking more than a decade... GB Pocket is way smaller than the original model so a lot of people will have double dipped, maybe triple if they bought the Color model too. So we are comparing to 3DS which is half the amount of time on sale and didn't undergo nearly as big a transformation in its time so people may have been happy with the original 3DS model instead of replacing multiple times. Reply +26
  • The latest Final Fantasy 15 trailer has loads of cutscenes

  • carrotcake 15/09/2016

    @wearethestorm I agree that 13 saga was quite bad by FF standards, but the main entries in the series aren't all done by the same people. Different director / designer / producer / team for 15. Reply 0
  • Pokémon Sun and Moon introduces Prof Oak's cousin

  • carrotcake 09/09/2016

    @fergal_oc It's ok to be an adult and still have fun. Pokemon is a lot of fun. Reply +4
  • Apple accidentally announces iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus via own website

  • carrotcake 07/09/2016

    They can leave out whatever they want to leave out, and their customers pay them to make those decisions. Same reason they don't have removable batteries, because including a mechanism to open and close the phone would make the device slightly thicker. If they think headphone jacks are as unnecessary as floppy disks then they will remove them, and if that's a deal-breaker to you then you can just not buy an iPhone. Reply -3
  • Yes, Final Fantasy 15 has a season pass

  • carrotcake 03/08/2016

    Why is it the norm? To make more money. FF XV had really big dev costs. Reply -2
  • UK police ask politely: "don't Pokémon and drive"

  • carrotcake 15/07/2016

    onix-eptable actually if you're using the name of an actual pokemon. no 'y'. Reply +5
  • Tales of Berseria confirmed for Europe in spring 2017

  • carrotcake 25/04/2016

    They must think they will lose the male market if the female protagonist doesn't have big exposed titties. Reply +3
  • Third Resident Evil CGI film announced

  • carrotcake 25/03/2016

    These CGI ones are really good. Actually this news makes me want to go back and watch the first two again, I'm pretty sure I have the blurays and didn't watch them in a long time. Reply +9
  • Two new Lumines games will launch this year

  • carrotcake 09/02/2016

    @Malek86 I also had a java lumines for pre-iPhone era phones Reply 0
  • Zelda: Twilight Princess HD has a new dungeon

  • carrotcake 14/01/2016

    yes yes we live in a world where companies make money and products aren't free. this looks like the same kind of reaction people had to episodic FF VII. keep in mind, even if you don't buy any amiibos, you still have the full Twilight Princess game in HD. if you don't want to pay for an optional bonus dungeon then don't. I am probably doing that, getting the game without an amiibo. Reply -1
  • Final Fantasy 7 remake is episodic

  • carrotcake 07/12/2015

    I knew everyone would complain, like you want them to bend reality to make this happen with no compromises. Something the scale of FF VII with the kind of quality seen in the new trailer has never been done before. Would you rather start playing it sooner, or wait 7 years until they have finished the whole thing? Keep in mind this is a much larger project than the original release and they need to make money as they go. They can't just lock hundreds of staff away for the next decade and not have something to sell in that time. The quality of the game is going to be higher this way, with nothing cut out or summarised like it says in this article. Would you rather have an inferior game? Or maybe lend them millions of ŁŁŁ to help them fund this? Yes I am strongly in support of this decision; people are asking for something entirely unreasonable. Is it that important you get the whole game in one go, even at the cost of chunks of story being cut out to make it happen? There has to be a compromise somewhere and people are going to complain no matter what they do. Reply +5
  • Xenoblade Chronicles X's English version ditches breast slider

  • carrotcake 17/11/2015

    Breasts are a natural human body part... just having customisation over your character's proportions isn't violent or sexual... so I can't agree with them 'protecting' one market from this while allowing it in another, unless it was forced upon them to meet some weird ratings board things that differ by region. Reply 0
  • The Elder Scrolls Online's next expansion takes you to the Orc capital

  • carrotcake 05/10/2015

    That's cool, I like to hear about mmo updates. Meanwhile we've had some HUGE updates to FF XIV which aren't really covered by this site. We have a hardcore fanbase still happily supporting a subscription model. June saw its first expansion pack and level cap raise.

    November will see a large free update which includes airship exploration, a new type of content to XIV designed to give an "old-school mmo" feel where a large number of players arrive at an uncharted island by airship, explore the area, defeat very high-level monsters, receive randomised loot (some randomness to the stats of gear pieces) and find special gathering points for rare materials after the monsters have been dealt with. And the usual dungeons/raids/quests alongside that.

    This month is also seeing the opening of the new European Data Center. Until now the game only had servers in Japan and Canada, so this new development is good news for Europeans who experienced too much latency. Players on affected worlds which are migrating to the new data center will receive a free limited-time transfer option if they wish to remain on a world hosted by the servers in Canada. There is also voting going on for which country we'd like to host the next European fan festival. Last year's EU fanfest was in London, we had a good time, met the developers and enjoyed a rock concert.
    Reply +1