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  • Eurogamer Readers' Top 50 Games of 2006

  • captain_cupcake 18/01/2007

    All games you enjoy are good games, imo

    Glad to see Okami made it in so high (considering it was an import title). This, like SOTC (good to see also) exudes a maturity of experience which elevates it.

    Almost antithetical in concept, but equally as great, Wii Sports, is a clarion call for a shift in perception in videogaming. Completely agree with you Ikari2001 - and so it deserves to be recognised not so much for what it is but what it heralds (I hope we're agreeing;))
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  • 'Wii death' radio station fires 10

  • captain_cupcake 18/01/2007

    No, in her case the potential was exercised. Potential no longer exists after the fact.

    In a similar vein, you roll A die, but two or more dice ;)

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  • Mario vs. DK 2 dated

  • captain_cupcake 17/01/2007

    Even if we're all as thick as the large print edition of the OED ;) Reply 0
  • captain_cupcake 15/01/2007

    Seriously smelly, it's mediocre - a flattering description, I'm afraid. My 6 yr old niece loves it though. Reply 0
  • The Flame Game

  • captain_cupcake 17/01/2007

    @Amnesia (iirc) - true, but there were a few tongues in cheeks, heh.

    I am concerned - I have an addict's gene, but have managed to hold out; yet I've been given discs, an account, chums to play with. I am worried I may never recover. Please advise.
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  • Bliss Island

  • captain_cupcake 12/01/2007

    excellently written piece, thanks Tom.

    Shame, same can't be said for the game.
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  • Eye on '07: DS

  • captain_cupcake 08/01/2007

    Children of Mana - meh. Very average. But, yes, nice cover art.

    Rocket Slime - Mr Brown, oh yes.
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  • Boris Johnson slams games

  • captain_cupcake 07/01/2007

    You're so right Boris.

    *Sigh* So few today are aficionados of fustian and pejorative peroration like your logorrheic lackeys.

    /Sells games console
    /Buys TV
    /Watches Celebrity Big Brother
    /Is freed from the tyranny of stupidy
    /Votes for Boris
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  • Eye On '07: PC

  • captain_cupcake 04/01/2007

    Yes :( Although praps we're the ones to blame for inhaling the hype...

    I'm jaded - I like to blame everything on the suits ;)

    Lou - not disagreeing, just rambling. still coming down from 2006...
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  • captain_cupcake 04/01/2007

    But you'd prefer to wait and get a job done right?

    /wistfully thinks about TOEE

    I guess making good games is not easy, esp if you want to be creative. I can empathise from my general development experience - but I'm sure there are ppl around here who work in the industry who can set me straight (or provide detail)

    My personal opinion is that art and money pull in opposite directions and I'm big enough to wait,

    or sommit. But yes I would like it sooner, wouldn't we all?
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  • captain_cupcake 04/01/2007

    Heh, I was thinking the same thing about FF XIII.

    Which is fascinating too.
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  • captain_cupcake 04/01/2007

    a major PC con: lots of indie little games, best of which are on par with professionally-made ones. They supply the quirkiness and diversity not found in official productions.

    I guess that's a pro not a con?

    It's that geeky attention to detail which marks me out as a PC gamer ;)

    They're still making PC games? How quaint.
    Rambaldi - lol. I wonder if KG will ever live that comment down :D
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  • captain_cupcake 04/01/2007

    I think we can all agree that keeping a PC as an uptodate gaming rig is an expensive proposition. Especially if you're someone who likes their SLI GTX8800s and 30inch monitor.

    As skillian mentioned, there are ways to make this more affordable, though - sensible upgrades etc (I certainly would never pay more than £150 on a video card) and savings on games pricing. My £100 X800 GTO2 (flashed to X850) has served me happily for a while now, and I'll only replace it when DX10 cards are cheap

    But yeah, certainly nothing to get worked up over. I wouldn't like to see PC gaming disappear, tho'
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  • captain_cupcake 04/01/2007

    I'm sure I missed a lot of points, but I see merits and shortcomings for both PCs and consoles. I hate blind fanboyism.

    That's a good, fair list and point well made. One PC pro is the price of software - I can generally get PC games for half the price of console games.
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  • captain_cupcake 04/01/2007

    as far as I'm aware DX10 will never reach a sub-vista OS (courtesy of the MS you-must-upgrade-nub camp)

    That's correct.

    I've been running Vista for the last month. Prefer it to XP - and it has touches which bode well for MS's push into PC gaming. Shame you need 2 Gig ram at minimum for decent gaming. All my games run fine though.

    Sorry if that sounds like a "My OS is bigger than your OS" comment ;)
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  • captain_cupcake 04/01/2007

    Crysis is definitely not Vista-exclusive. Alan Wake might be though.

    But I'm guessing some of most amazing visuals rely on DX10?
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  • captain_cupcake 04/01/2007

    Very much looking forward to this year for PCs and Company of Heroes was my GoTY for 2006. I think the main argument against PC gaming is price. When you consider the number of free and/or indie games, not to mention emulators and the vast reservoir of software - there isn't much sense in claiming there's not much variety available.

    As I'm in IT and need a decent spec PC anyway, the gaming capabilities of the machine have always been a bonus.

    It's nice to see EG give a bit of PC love - always seems a bit of a neglected platform here. IMO.
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  • Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2006: 40 - 31

  • captain_cupcake 29/12/2006

    Yeah sure Furbs is bitter about that one!

    Love teh internet...
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  • captain_cupcake 29/12/2006

    Shame on you Furbs! ;)

    Dontchaknow you're a nobody and they're a somebody?

    A Statler and Waldorf gestalt, in fact.
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  • captain_cupcake 28/12/2006

    EG is rapildy becoming Golgafrincham B Ark material. Woof! Reply 0
  • Heroes of Might & Magic V: Hammers of Fate

  • captain_cupcake 13/12/2006

    Here's the link to Mr Superb's review of the full game.

    Devil's in the details...
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  • Age of Empires: The Age of Kings

  • captain_cupcake 05/12/2006

    I'm assuming that the bugs that affected the US version are gone. The Save and Quit bug knackered my cartridge.

    Otherwise: good game, good review
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  • PS3 Linux

  • captain_cupcake 01/12/2006

    Rob - cheers, very interesting article indeed. My desire to buy a PS3 has just twinkled into existence.

    JAF - that would be nice too ;)
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  • Medieval 2: Total War

  • captain_cupcake 14/11/2006

    @Collie, Bonzrat, many thanks for the feedback guys.

    I'll try what you suggest. Had no problems with RTW, but...

    And you're right - it sucks. All the software I have is used for legit purposes, it only potentially could be used for illegal ones. Meanwhile my £30 game is lying untouched...
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  • captain_cupcake 14/11/2006

    I was looking forward to this, but had a huge disappointment over the weekend, when I couldn't get it to install. After the first disc, it didn't read the 2nd and now doesn't read the first.

    Anyone have similar problems? I'm thinking it is to do with copy protection - I installed the game on my second (sadly hideously underpowered) machine with no problem, and this doesn't have any 'suspicious' (though legal natch) apps on it...
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  • Gears of War

  • captain_cupcake 08/11/2006

    Out, out, brief candle! Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player That struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more. It is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing. Reply 0
  • Sony swings back at Lik-Sang

  • captain_cupcake 25/10/2006

    didn't you mean to write "foglordisanut" as your screen name?

    Praps, but I doubt it. Swap the n and u see now ;)
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  • GalCiv2 expansion delayed

  • captain_cupcake 10/10/2006

    Even if the game wasn't as good as it is, I'd have bought it just for having a digital distribution channel that does not assume I'm going to breach a copyright any minute.

    +1. Great game as well :)
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  • Sony exec predicts end of the road for discs

  • captain_cupcake 05/10/2006


    - Even when MS are saying the same thing?

    "(High definition DVD) is the last physical media format there will ever be", Gates said. He feels people are tired of using discs, and will increasingly get their movies and music from on-line sources.

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  • Burger King Xbox games

  • captain_cupcake 03/10/2006

    As you aren't even arguing with me anymore, just a creation you have made to represent me in your head.

    Isn't that the case for every internet 'discussion'? (and elsewhere) This is especially true when usually someone rattles off the first thing in their head and then expects everyone to know exactly what they mean...
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  • Oblivion set for PS3 launch

  • captain_cupcake 29/09/2006


    Can't remember the name of the mod though, sorry.

    here [elderscrolls-oblivion]

    Exellent mod (PC natch), along with plenty of other mods to tweak levelling, if you so desire
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  • 'I'm a little bored of movies' - Peter Jackson

  • captain_cupcake 28/09/2006

    I prefer Sir Humphrey's take:

    "A cynic is what an idealist calls a realist"

    Cynical is the new black

    Yeah, but was also the old black too...
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  • SEGA doing His Dark Materials

  • captain_cupcake 27/09/2006

    Sounds like a bit of a sellout for Pullman - the religious content is at the core of the books. On his website he seems happy burbling on about the sets and costumes. Ah well.

    If I had oodles of dosh thrown at me, I wouldn't be corrupted, oh no. Well...maybe...once or twice...
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  • captain_cupcake 27/09/2006

    I heard rumours to that effect. I am curious how they handle the content for the american market Reply 0
  • Blu-Ray cost 'non-existent'

  • captain_cupcake 27/09/2006

    What a rubbish article all round - trivial spin from Phil, badly reported by EG. imho, of course ;) Reply 0
  • No denial from Xbox Japan boss stokes Resi 5 exclusivity chatter

  • captain_cupcake 26/09/2006

    "you could still get shot at for this comment by someone else that hated my comments"

    Heh, well good luck on your date mate, and my tip for success - don't mention you frequent the EG comments threads ;)

    /wonders how off-topic he can get...
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  • captain_cupcake 26/09/2006

    Only if it's their 'native' language Reply 0
  • Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories

  • captain_cupcake 22/09/2006

    There /is/ a PSP Nippon Ichi game, I saw it in Edge a month or two ago. But it scored poorly.

    A straight port of Disgaea would mean I can finally get into the item world: Suspend to the resuce!

    As far as I can gather there is to be a PSP version of Disgaea - Disgaea portable. But no confirmation of a US or European release

    Have the US version - very good indeed:D
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  • PS3 Virtua Tennis 3 in 1080p

  • captain_cupcake 20/09/2006

    Gamers ahoy! If, like me, you're a bit of a geek, you're no doubt aware of the buzz surrounding Microsoft's new gaming technology, KNOB 360.

    KNOB - which stands for Kernel Network Object Blocks - is part of their Multi User Gaming System for their next generation of consoles.

    Microsoft's first poke at the platform, KNOB 1, failed to rise to the occasion, with gamers, devcos and publishers disappointed with its flaccid performance. This version, however, looks to be a whole lot bigger.

    A Microsoft spokesperson agreed to give us a soundbite on KNOB 360:

    "KNOB 360 offers the power and flexibility to truly enable network gaming and easy connection to backend services."

    Microsoft seemed to have learnt from their previous mistakes. KNOB 360 now operates on a virtual machine, called a CLR (Cunning Lingual Rimtime), designed to abstract and manage the codebase, while offering a suite of tools for developers to get to grips with.

    Other experts weren't so ebullient. One market analist confided, "Until now, none of the big players have had the balls to handle KNOB", but conceded that there had been "a groundswell in popularity since the first release."

    In the gaming market, KNOB 360 looks set for deeper penetration, with fanboys trumpeting KNOB in preparation to slotting it into their entertainment centers.

    Whether it will come up rosie, we'll have to see...
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