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  • Odyssey is fastest-selling Mario game in history

  • camaway 02/11/2017

    @morikaweb Amen to that! Reply +5
  • NeoGAF offline after owner accused of sexual misconduct

  • camaway 23/10/2017

    @Foolish_Monkey I never watched the episode you mention so sadly I can't comment on it.
    However I disagree with the conclusions:

    I think we can enjoy a painting from Caravaggio even if he was a pimp in his time, appreciate Nikola Tesla's genius even if he believed to be in love with a pigeon and read with interest NeoGAF's Media Create threads even if Evilore might be an asshole.

    You have been victim of abuse? What you should do is seek support, then go to the police, file a claim and let the law take its course. If your claims are true the guy should be punished according to the law and I will be absolutely fine with it.

    What you shouldn't do is to post such a personal and troubling accusation on the web and let hordes of uninformed forumers make final judgements without a shred of a fact at their disposal.
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  • camaway 23/10/2017

    I rarely comment but feel compelled to.

    1) What is with this immediate trial of a person just because someone posted something on the internet? Are the facts true? Do we know all the facts? Why everybody is immediately ready to make a final judgement and spew venom the very second they read something on the internet?

    2) Even if the facts were true, is it really relevant to the readership of NeoGAF? I mean, it's a forum about computer games news, not a underage ethics and moral guidance group. Does the fact that the owner of the forum might be an unsavory person affects the quality of the news read on NeoGAF?

    Chances are that most of the music you enjoy has been created by individuals whose private life choices you might not agree with. Does it mean you stop listening to it?
    Maradona was hardly an example of virtue, does it mean the public couldn't enjoy the fact he was a great footballer?

    Most of what we cherish in arts, philosophy, politics etc has been produced by individual whose personal qualities didn't match their public achievements.

    I am not condoning sexual harassment (proving that this is true and an actual court states so, not a post on some website) but we should be able to draw a clear distinction or we will soon be shifting into some ISIS-style approach, where everything is seen through a single lens.
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  • PlayStation 4 Press Conference Live Report

  • camaway 21/02/2013

    What was that bit about sleeping with his sister? Reply 0
  • camaway 20/02/2013

    Homeland season 2 finale Reply 0
  • camaway 20/02/2013

    What's the point of a big wall when you have floating cities? Reply 0
  • camaway 20/02/2013

    Did he survive a stroke? Reply 0
  • camaway 20/02/2013

    @goldbug: same here. The only combo working atm Reply 0
  • camaway 20/02/2013

    Official PS cast is down but GT is working fine. Reply 0
  • Nintendo's E3 2012 Conference

  • camaway 05/06/2012

    I never thought I would say this about a Nintendo presentation but this sucked balls, big time. Reply 0
  • camaway 05/06/2012

    IR is just to change channels on the TV, the Gamepad is Bluetooth Reply 0
  • New Eurogamer iPhone app

  • camaway 23/08/2011

    iPad App!!!!!! Pretty please? Reply 0
  • Microsoft E3 Conference

  • camaway 14/07/2008

    Jesus Christ, it looks like some alien bug has sucked the brain out of those MS corporate muppets and vomited liquid shit inside their empty skulls. I never seen something so depressing. Reply 0
  • Fresh German consumer event for Cologne

  • camaway 25/02/2008

    Sure, they tried that in London a few years ago, back when the ECTS was THE Games Show in Europe. Some other guy thought that Britain would be better served by another, competing Games Show. Result? No more Games Show in the UK. Popkomm is a German thing, it doesn't matter in which city it is, it's not going to go abroad. Leipzig's GC has become a global phenomenon in a segment where Germany is a marginal player. Also it won't help that Köln is fucking ugly, an anonymous Ruhr area city that you could easily swap with any other city surrounding it without the visitors noticing the difference.
    I'm not German, I don't live in Leipzig, I don't really give a toss if Leipzig is not going to have a GC in the future or not, but when I see something stupid I like to call it for what it is.
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  • camaway 25/02/2008


    If that is the logic then Leipzig GC would have never become what it is. There is no compelling reason for having a big Games trade show in Germany as the country is neither a big market for console games nor home to big publishers. Leipzig's rise was due to excellent timing, sheer luck and a spanking new, and cheap trade centre. Big companies' marketing depts are a bit like sloths: once they get used to a tree they don't like to change it as it means extra work.
    After a few years they know what Leipzig has to offer, they know the fair, the hotels etc. You tell them to move to Köln and you take a massive gamble. Change for change they may end up somewhere else, be Paris, London, Amsterdam or Madrid.
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  • camaway 25/02/2008

    What an idiotic mistake. Leipzig GC raised to prominence due to good work and the combined implosion of E3 and the collective suicide of ECTS. Now the Germans are doing an ECTS number themselves...some people never learn.
    This will mark the end of the brief dominance of German Games fairs. Expect a rival event based somewhere else (London?) to be announced in the coming months.
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  • Endless Ocean

  • camaway 22/11/2007

    I second the idea of having a second reviewer spending more time with a game and offering another take. I can imagine what happened: stressed reviewer has one day to get through game, deadline looms as he struggles to go further due to the slow pace of the title. He gets annoyed and a superb, innovative title gets 6.

    I have been playing games for a very long time and Endless Ocean has been one of the very few titles in the recent years that made me realise there is still magic in this medium.

    It's an 8/10 at the very least in my book.
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  • Monster Hunter 3 for Wii

  • camaway 10/10/2007

    Yeah, because Capcom is in the business to lose money. The board sit down and the CEO says "guys, the PS3 version will sell loads, the XBOX360 is the perfect platform, let's do instead a Wii exclusive, it won't sell because in Japan it has been proved that if you don't have HD graphics and super online nobody likes you."

    If Capcom decided to go for the Wii is simply because they think they will sell more on the Wii than they would on the PS3. No other reason.
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  • camaway 10/10/2007

    On a side note: don't you think that Sony is really starting to look like the Nintendo of the mid 90s? Thinking that are so big they can push unpopular choices (bluray now, a cartridge based format in a CD-ROM era then) down developers and consumer throats only to discover too late that the party is over for them? At the time it was Squaresoft moving FF7 to the PS1 that buried Nintendo, maybe it will Capcom now. Reply 0
  • camaway 10/10/2007

    This is a knock-out blow for Sony. A major Japanese developer that cancel a million seller franchise title for the PS3 to move it to Wii's going to have major repercussions in Japan. Reply 0
  • GTA IV trailer on EGTV now!

  • camaway 29/03/2007

    I'm not impressed at all and no gameplay to be seen. Bollocks to that.

    /goes to bed
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  • camaway 29/03/2007

    wtf? All the3 waiting for this? Reply 0
  • camaway 29/03/2007

    yay, buffering 60% Reply 0
  • camaway 29/03/2007

    ... connecting to media.

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  • camaway 29/03/2007

    got to the loading screen in gametrailers... Reply 0
  • Konami gets moist about Wii

  • camaway 05/02/2007

    The more I read about it the more I find it intriguing!

    A few more detaild from Wired Blog:
    I spoke to Dewy's Adventure producer Shingo Mukaitoge, who also produced Elebits, and he's a cool guy. Dewy's Adventure might be described, in a very general and not entirely accurate sense, as Loco Roco in 3D. You hold the controller horizontally, like an NES pad, and tilt the world, and Dewy slides around it. You can't move Dewy directly, but you can make him jump and attack enemies. Get to the end of each stage. Straightforward.

    Pressing up and down on the D-pad alters Dewy's temperature. Dewy is a droplet of water, see. Press up and he becomes a floating cloud, able to zap enemies with lightning . Press down and he becomes a block of ice, able to do, uh, something cold. This works with tilting the world in this sort of manner: if there's a body of water, you can jump in it, tilt the world so the water deforms, then turn it to ice. When you tilt the world back, the ice stays that way.

    Liking it so far? I'm totally excited for this, even though they didn't have a playable available. It's scheduled for a fall release -- "we want to finish it before it gets too cold outside," Mukaitoge says.

    That's what most previews of this game will tell you. What they might not understand, but Mukaitoge and I definitely get, is that this is a throwback to the old Famicom days. Think about it -- doesn't this look and sound like a great old NES game? Simple mechanics, cute characters, and a unique gameplay concept. Hell, you even hold the controller like a NES pad. I think that's exactly what they're going for here -- making a "pure game" for the Wii owners who have fond memories of the old game systems.
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  • Time Pilot

  • camaway 04/09/2006


    That's bullshit, Time Pilot is a classic.

    I have played it on Mame for hours on end, this despite the crap keyboard setting. Time Pilot is one of those games you never grow tired of.

    I'd give it 7/10 out of the sheer replay value.
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  • Pro Evolution Soccer 6

  • camaway 24/08/2006

    On a side note.

    I was at the GC today and the DS versionof thegame looks and play shite.
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  • Revolution's real name

  • camaway 28/04/2006

    We should send Nintendo a list of possible alternatives.

    I would suggest:

    Nintendo Cum
    Nintendo Turd
    Nintendo WTF
    Nintendo Puke
    Nintendo Slime
    Nintendo Spunk
    Nintendo Spat
    Nintendo Cameltoe
    Nintendo Bog
    Nintendo Bukkake
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  • camaway 28/04/2006


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  • camaway 28/04/2006

    So you're igoring what the word "We" actually means and actually assigning it the slang name for urine?

    If it had only one "i" I'd read it as "We", but with two to me it sounds a lot more like "wee".
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  • camaway 28/04/2006

    You realise that there are more people in Germany than in the UK.
    Chuck in France, Spain, Poland etc and the most of Europe bit is just hot air.

    You realise that a substantial majority of people in Europe learn English as a second language and when we hear "Nintendo Wii" we still associate it with "piss", don't you?

    I am Italian, I work in Berlin (whichi is where I am typing this), I have just asked my colleagues during the lauch break what they tought about the "Wii" and they spent a good 30 minutes coming up with "wee" jokes.
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  • camaway 28/04/2006

    So here the recap:

    Wii means "piss" in UK, Australia and in most of Europe

    Wii means "tiny, puny" in Scotland

    Wii means "how" in German and "what" in Dutch

    Wii means "yes" in French

    Italians and Spaniards don't use neither the "w" nor double vocals, so they won't know how to pronounce it.

    In the US it's the sound of an excited little kid

    Moreover it does not stands out in text form: I think the with the Wii we will overcome..."

    They may as well call it "Nintendo Bye" as they exit the console market.
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  • camaway 28/04/2006

    The guys from Kotaku took it well:

    After the announcement that the Nintendo Revolution is going to be called the “Wii”, we all feel a little bit sick. This is like drunkenly going home with a Thai stripper and discovering the next morning that not only is she a pre-op transsexual, she’s nine. Jesus, Nintendo.

    We don’t really have any words of comfort. We hope you won’t start slaloming down the slippery slope of saccharine idiocy by calling it the Wii, but instead continue to proudly call Nintendo’s new console the Revolution, which evokes Marxism and a defiant fist stabbing at the sky, not the sound of a small child being pushed down a two foot slide.
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  • camaway 27/04/2006

    All the excitement of these years about the upcoming Revolution drowned in a puddle of Wii.... Reply 0
  • camaway 27/04/2006

    Here's an alternative catchy name:

    Nintendo WTF
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  • camaway 27/04/2006

    Suddenly Gizmondo does not sound like a bad name for a console.

    I expect Itawa to introduce that Revolution, ops, the Wii with this playing on a giant screen behind him:
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  • Nintendo America defends 'Wii'

  • camaway 28/04/2006

    Look at the "Wii" thread.. 500+ posts.

    Look on pretty much every message board (incl non games ones) and people are talking about the name

    That's FREE advertising!

    Does (for example) the announcement of the ps3's name get this much free press? Nope.

    I think it's rather clever of them.

    Put some explosive and a timer inside 100 Wii so that they explode and mangle the kids playing with it and you get EVEN more free advertising.

    As someone said above there is such a thing as bad publicity. Ask Michael Jackson, ask Gary Glitter.

    Nintendo machines ALREADY hav an image problem. Outside the "hardcore gamers" tiny bubble, average Joe does not find them cool, they are perceived as a "kiddie" consoles.

    The GameCube looked like that and people did not buy it. Even if it had great games, even if it was much cheaper than the PS2 or the Xbox and offered similar if not better performance.

    Now they worked on the image, made finally a piece of hardware you are not ashamed to place it your living room and then they call it "piss"? Or "Wheeeeeeeeee"?
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