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  • Passed Around

  • bystander 03/05/2010

    @beemoh True, but Sky has quite a different business model I'd say. With their subscription revenue I imagine they pay retailers commission for selling boxes or have some other sort of deal with them, so that retailers do make a reasonable profit from selling Sky boxes. This is all speculation on my part though, I'm making the assumption based on the rewards they give to existing subscribers to recruit new subscribers, and also the fact (if I remember correctly) retailers don't directly stock Sky boxes since Sky do the installation.

    Overall it's reasonably low risk for retailers to sell Sky boxes. They won't have to worry about the costs of stocking something which might not be bought and if do get bought they get a reasonable profit (for the risk and outlay they'd had to invest in it).

    If the game consoles manufacturers decide to go digital only then retailers are left with a item they have to stock that doesn't earn them much profit with the risk they might not sell all the ones they've bought in stock.
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  • bystander 01/05/2010

    @Johnhost: I don't think that will really work. Retailers need an incentive on selling hardware and profits from software (& accessories) provides them with that incentive. Turning your back on store and online retailers isn't a good way to go to get your product sold. Reply +2
  • GAME's GOWIII bundle costs £110

  • bystander 12/01/2010

    Not sure the date's entirely accurate as the 20th of March is a Saturday?

    The price is too much though IMO, the US Ultimate Edition is $90 from Amazon...
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  • Silicon Knights sues Epic

  • bystander 20/07/2007

    "Rainbow Six Vegas must be some sort of miracle then, since Ubi released that very close to GoW. "

    Doesn't R6 Vegas use a variant of UE2? (that what the box seems to imply)
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  • GTA IV trailer this month

  • bystander 02/03/2007

    Seems like it has already ruffled Jack Thompson's feathers.... Reply 0
  • Ghost Rider - Trailer

  • bystander 08/02/2007

    Looks like a (poor) copy of God of War. Reply 0
  • McRae DIRT in June

  • bystander 24/01/2007

    The Neon engine in this game was built in collaboration with Sony interestingly enough. Reply 0
  • EA has more than 30 PS3 titles

  • bystander 20/10/2006

    Battlefield: Bad Company

    Is that some sort of inside joke...
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  • Xbox Live Vision

  • bystander 05/10/2006

    I've often wondered that actually. Anybody know if it would work?

    The only thing you'd have to be careful of using a USB hub is that it might not supply enough power to the camera, if you plug your wireless adapter and camera in. Unless you get a mains-powered one that is in which case it'll probably work fine.

    You see yourself how much power a USB device uses in your device manager. Just right click on the USB root hub device and look at the power tab
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  • Canis Canem Edit

  • bystander 30/09/2006

    "As my own school motto used to go, "Ad astra per aspera"."

    That was the same as my school's motto. For the school their interpretation of it was "To reach the stars through hardships" /wonders if it is the same school
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  • Xbox 360: £279 with hard disk and more, £209 without

  • bystander 17/08/2005

    "Also, how are Sony planning to split the screen for 7 players? 4-player split-screen is unfortunate, 6-player split-screen is painful... but still practical with 3 screens on each side. But 7 screens? Are they going to be split like a pie-chart or something?"

    You'll probably have to make use of the second HDMI output and a second TV or something like that. For some games (not many) you could possibly get away without utilising split screen like Fifa on the PS2 for example. I think it supports 8 players on the PS2 version.
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  • Freedom Fighters

  • bystander 05/08/2003

    It does exist actually, just not in those press released shots. Unfortuntely we don't take our own screens because we don't have the necessary equipment, so we're stuck with whatever we can find, even if they're slightly early screens like those.

    I guess that explains that then.
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  • bystander 05/08/2003

    First two are Xbox, last two are PS2.

    That's interesting seeing how the last two shots seem to be lacking character shadowing...
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  • PSP to feature wireless connectivity

  • bystander 30/07/2003

    "Aren't there a couple of variants of the 802.11 specification (possibly even 3 of them if memory serves). Or they mean Bluetooth, and forgot to put it in - Bluetooth would be more likely as 802.11 is fairly power hungry in comparison."

    There are three 802.11 specifications 802.11a (54 mbps), 802.11b (11 mbps) and 802.11g (54 mbps).
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  • Unreal dates confirmed

  • bystander 21/07/2003

    Didn't Terminator: Skynet have vehicles you could use in multiplayer? Reply 0
  • Premier Manager 03/04

  • bystander 08/07/2003

    This could be a candidate for GBA-GC connectivity. You could start a game on your GC and continue it on your GBA before going back to the GC again. You could have match stats on your GBA showing whilst you were playing a match on the GC version, etc... Reply 0
  • PlanetSide

  • bystander 01/07/2003

    Sounds like the game is worth a play for the 30 day trial but not worth subscribing to. Reply 0
  • Clock Tower 3

  • bystander 26/06/2003

    "Although we appreciate they're a necessary gaming mechanic, they harder inspire credibility"

    Shouldn't that sentence read "they hardly inspire credibility"?
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  • Breed demo goodness

  • bystander 26/05/2003

    "I did just find the tank and its quite a disappointment. Firstly, no first person view, so it ends up feeling very arcade like (that needs to be changed if they're going for tactics). Secondly, the vehicle drives like shit. I don't mean to be so crude, but it feels really awful. Poor response and too fast. It feels like your driving on ice which seems rather strange for something with tracks. "

    One thing I noticed with the tank is that you can't run the Breed over, so you end up driving straight through them and your own team mates...
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  • E3 2003: Half-Life 2

  • bystander 19/05/2003

    For those interested in seeing the full 25min HL2 presentation can download it here. Just a warning though its 500MB!! Don't expect any fast download times either, if the link still works at all... Reply 0
  • bystander 17/05/2003

    Try looking here

    Just out of interest is there any audio in those clips? Looking at the sound equaliser there appears to be no audio (or at least none that I could hear).
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  • Enter The Matrix

  • bystander 17/05/2003

    Have a look at this screenshot of the car in Enter the Matrix. o_O Reply 0
  • E3 2003: Half-Life 2 video content

  • bystander 16/05/2003

    Is there no sound with the videos? :-( I can't hear anything in QT and the equaliser seems to show there is no sound...

    Other than that amazing videos, some of the best water effects I've seen ever in a game, not to mention character animation, the physics, etc, etc.
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  • Enter The Matrix TV ad

  • bystander 30/04/2003

    Shame the movie is coming out on the 23rd of May in Europe. A simultanouesly worldwide release date would have been nice. Reply 0
  • E3 2003: Nintendo's line-up

  • bystander 23/04/2003

    Nintendo maybe keeping the new and original titles as a surprise for E3, then again that maybe their line-up. Reply 0
  • Metroid Prime

  • bystander 24/03/2003

    "cor small world bystander!

    My parents moved back to Chalfont a couple of years ago. (I grew up in Beaconsfield.)"

    I don't suppose they worked at any of the schools in CSP?
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  • bystander 23/03/2003

    "Chalfonts = two villages, Chalfont St Giles & Chalfont St Peter actually, ask Mugs... ;)

    /me was born in Chalfont St Peter


    Small world, I lived in Chalfont St. Peter for around 15 years and I went to all three local schools.

    I've just moved away from CSP recently though.
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  • Captain Scarlet: Retaliation

  • bystander 19/02/2003

    Some of the screenshots reminds me of XCOM, only looking a lot better.

    Say does anyone know if there are any more XCOM games in the works? Last I heard XCOM : Alliance was frozen in development.
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  • GeForce 256 preview

  • bystander 03/02/2003

    Er, I would expect so given that the Geforce 256 is several years old now... Reply 0
  • Nintendo says Boy howdy!

  • bystander 10/10/2002

    Proof that gaming is bad for your health... if you play for 86 hours straight. Reply 0
  • TimeSplitters 2 slips further

  • bystander 18/09/2002

    I wonder if TS2 will support system link on both the PS2 and Xbox. (Obviously there isn't a way (at the moment) to system link a game of TS2 on the Cube). Reply 0
  • Harvest Festival

  • bystander 17/09/2002

    Completely unrelated question, but can anyone recommend a good Dolby Pro Logic II receiver to go with the GameCube?

    Edit: grammar
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  • Patcharama

  • bystander 28/06/2002

    If you read the Ars-Technica article on architectural differences between a PC and a PS2, you'll have a better idea of why PCs can't really stream that well. Ars-Technica article. Careful its heavyweight reading.

    Basically its the buckets and pipes analogy. PC have large buckets (cache) and relatively thin pipes (in comparison to the PS2). The PS2 has pans (little cache) and fat pipes (50Gb/sec to the 4MB gfx RAM) This also explains partly why its so difficult to code for the PS2. It requires a completely different approach.
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  • Carmack examines Parhelia

  • bystander 26/06/2002

    A hammer?

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  • bystander 26/06/2002

    Errol - This is a Parhelia. Reply 0
  • bystander 26/06/2002

    The general view was that no-one really expected the Parhelia to outperform the GF4 Ti 4600. That said most did expect it to at least beat a GF Ti4200 (which hasn't done so far).

    Matrox were going for image quality over pure speed, unfortunately it looks like Matrox traded off too much speed.

    That said most of the card unique features of the card (FAA16X, Surround gaming, 10bit Gigacolor, etc) can be used on current games.

    Which more than could be said about DX8.1 pixel and vertex shaders, which still aren't really used.
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  • Pax Romana for Mythic

  • bystander 26/06/2002

    "a revolutionary game that will help define the MMORPG genre for years"

    Now where have I heard that before?
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  • Capcom vs SNK 2 : EO

  • bystander 26/06/2002

    In related Capcom news, apparently Capcom will be selling RE2 and RE3 on the GC for $19.99. Source Reply 0
  • Delta Force : Task Force Dagger

  • bystander 26/06/2002

    The textures look rather blurry to me. Reply 0
  • Soul Calibur II on July 5th!

  • bystander 26/06/2002

    Soul Calibur 2 is still scheduled for a multi-platform release next year on affordable consoles, despite Sonyís bizarre exclusivity claim at this yearís E3. Rumours that Link and Fox McCloud will be making an appearance are vigorously hated by this particular editorial team. Fox has a gun, for Godís sake. It just wonít work out.

    I've heard that Link won't be in SC2. Never heard anything about Fox being in the game though.
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  • Army Men vanquished, Cube game still coming

  • bystander 26/06/2002

    but Sarge is made of stronger stuff

    Thermoplastic? (i.e. the type of plastic used for making plugs, which doesn't melt but just burns).
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  • THQ’s Munch and Madness deal

  • bystander 26/06/2002

    What the hell is a Monster Truck anyways? The biggest truck that ive seen is like barely larger than a certainly was not a "monster" by any means...

    [link=>Monster truck

    This should give you a slightly better idea of scale.

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  • Alone In The Cinema

  • bystander 26/06/2002

    Oh yes, and hidden in the back of rental places. It's called MK Konquest, and it's horrible. An otrocity towards humanity.

    Wasn't MK Konquest a TV series though? It'd had been shown on Sky, and then they quietly got rid of it.
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  • bystander 26/06/2002

    Can't be worse then the third Mortal Kombat movie can it?

    I thought there were only two Mortal Kombat movies. Was the third straight to video? Or are we talking about the equally appalling Mortal Kombat live action TV series?
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  • bystander 25/06/2002

    Hmmm, never heard of the film Double Dragon let alone see it. I take it from your news post I didn't really miss much. Reply 0
  • Colin McRain Rally

  • bystander 25/06/2002

    Its the little touches that makes all the difference. Reply 0
  • Where do games go wrong?

  • bystander 25/06/2002

    How about writing a script that secretly removes his posts from the forum and creates replies only he can see that creates the illusion people are listening to him? This would effectively nuke him from the forum and keep him so distracted he'll never know it.

    That script reminds me of a Scheme/LISP (horrible language) psychology doctor program.
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