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  • The man who wants to make lacrosse a FIFA beater

  • busboy33 24/08/2014

    @Guy.J. "cute" is like "f*ck". Or "Smurf". You have to rely on context quite a bit. Reply +4
  • Project Spark open beta launches on Xbox One

  • busboy33 18/03/2014

    @7M7 : If you're familiar with Kudu then you are all set -- this is basically Kudu 2.0, or what Kudu was the prototype for (depending on how you look at it, I guess). They even call the commands "Kodes".

    I'm assballs with it, but there are some pretty neat things people are making, and more time quality people have with it the complexity should skyrocket. In terms of flexibility and power . . . wow. It pretty much is a LEGOs for video games.
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  • Forza 5 offers half off cars this weekend and more

  • busboy33 27/11/2013

    @Soton4084 : But is there any racing game that doesn't make super-cars more "valuable" than low-end cars? You start with a CRX, work up to a BMW, then work up from that to a Bugatti. At least, that sort of progression has been my experience in racing games.

    afaik, these cars are available without paying a penny in real-world cash. The "token" system is there if you don't want to bother earning in-game credits (and yes, to make a few bucks as well). The complaint seems to be that the cars were too expensive -- too much racing necessary to earn enough credits to buy the cars. Which is why T10 cut the price of the cars in half.

    Seems fairly reasonable to me.
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  • Twitch removes The Playroom from directory following non-gaming activity

  • busboy33 27/11/2013

    @stealthfinger: Seriously? If I come over your house and decide its hilarious to vomit in your houseplants, you should just accept my free-form approach to life?

    Its your house. Your rules. You don't want to clean up my vomit, that's your call, and I'd be pretty childish to complain you were harshing my buzz, man. Twitch is a service. You use it on their terms, or you don't use it. They don't want to have to patrol every single Playroom upload making sure there isn't offending content, that's their business. As mentioned above, they are paying money in the hopes of making money, and people acting like fools costs them money. If my vomiting in your plants makes you decide not to throw house parties anymore, that does "hurt" the good guests . . . but its a fair call, given the circumstances. I might not like it, but "how dare someone tell me where I can vomit!" is a little childish, respectfully.
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  • busboy33 27/11/2013

    @Gallilee : not 100% positive, but I think its part of Twitch, not the PS4. They think of their service as game-specific -- its not a streaming service, its a streaming service for game streams exclusively. A stream of yourself drinking a beer isn't a "game stream", despite being streamed on a game console. Reply +12
  • What happens when free-to-play games aren't free?

  • busboy33 24/11/2013

    Ascend: Hand of Kul on 360 seems like it really nails the F2P model. Full game is completely free, and you can play thru the entire thing without spending a penny. If you want to buy extra in-game currency, go right ahead, but if you don't then just have at it. Even with buying currency, the loot is level-specific, so while you can buy a nice weapon you cant pay-to-win (to be fair, the magic is ungated so you could cash-boost that).

    btw . . . great game. Definitely worth checking out if you haven't.
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  • Crackdown retrospective

  • busboy33 24/11/2013

    @todohogar : Nothing announced, but when they were doing one of their press shows the image of the XB1 dashboard had a Crackdown logo in one of the "4 most recently used apps" squares under the main window, so here's hoping. Reply +2
  • Now watch Sony's expensive-looking PS4 ad

  • busboy33 14/11/2013

    What's with the dragon? Reply 0
  • Video: Five Terrible Launch Titles

  • busboy33 14/11/2013

    I respectfully disagree about Kameo. Reply +7
  • GTA 5: Rockstar expects update 1.05 to release early next week

  • busboy33 02/11/2013

    Y'know what would be better than the cash? Some jobs to do. There's deathmatch, team deadhmatch, races and . . . yup, that's about it. R* wanted us to be able to Crew up, then didn't give us a damn thing to do with the Crew. Reply 0
  • Next free Xbox 360 Games with Gold titles announced

  • busboy33 01/11/2013

    I understand that laughing at the Games for Gold is assumed, so knock yourselves out. But Iron Brigade is absolutely fantastic. Great single player, great multiplayer, really nailed the mechanics. Well worth the download. Reply +2
  • Xbox One will play Windows 8 apps, Dell claims

  • busboy33 21/10/2013

    I know there are going to be a lot of "hur hur Windows 8 is teh suxxorz!!!1!1!!" comments . . . but how can this possibly be a bad thing? Perhaps it won't be a positive, but it can't be a negative, can it? Reply +12
  • The Wolf Among Us, Epsiode 1: Faith review

  • busboy33 12/10/2013

    @ipressbuttons : Dark and mature. Drugs, sex, murder, and cussing up a blue streak. Even though all the characters are characters from stories, in Fabletown they are regular people -- no childlike shine.

    btw, regardless of the game, the Fables series is a fantastic one. Well worth the read.
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  • Microsoft gives you 67p for playing a new Xbox 360 game

  • busboy33 06/09/2013

    @bluetoothion "I consider it too little to be qualified as incentive"

    Fine. Qualify it as a completely free gift, no strings attached. My 10th cup of coffee being free at my local coffee shop isn't an "incentive" for me to go get coffee -- I wouldn't buy a cup I didn't want just to get my card punched. But as I was buying the coffee anyways getting a free cup every now and then is a good thing.

    "even less as something a company should receive kudos for"

    Why? Thanks for the free cup of coffee, mate! I think that DOES merit a "thank you". Does it rival curing cancer? No. But sneering at a small gift because its not a bigger gift is a little dickish.

    "for example , a company wants to sell something 160$ would they say 160 or would say 200$ but 20% off , limited offer ? did you really save 40$?"

    Not the same thing at all. This isn't MS selling a $10 game for $20 at 50% off . . . this is MS selling a $10 game for $10 and throwing in something else for free. That is, in fact, getting more for the same price, unlike your example.
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  • busboy33 06/09/2013

    @Sabreman64: Agreed its a tiny benefit. On the other hand, I've been in the rewards program for a year and its netted me 3 "free" arcade games and one DLC pack so far. Wouldn't have spent actual coin on them, but for "free" I got 'em and enjoyed 'em. That ain't a bad thing.

    I've never gotten credits for renting movies or shows because I don't do that with the Xbox Marketplace. Spending X money with the goal of getting 0.1 X credit would be silly, no question. But I do play games, and so getting 0.1 X credit for doing exactly what I was going to do for NO credit is welcome.
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  • busboy33 06/09/2013

    @bluetoothion: "Is there really someone that actually believes this sort of reward deserves applause rather than humorous contempt?"

    I do.

    "Imagine if MS said we are lowering the prices of all new games by 1$ (you surely will play the game 10hours) would this suffice to your paying allegiance to MS for all those years?"

    Would I buy an xbox for this program? No. But if I have an Xbox (I do) and I was going to play a game for 10 hours without the program (I was), then getting something free for what I was going to do anyway is a bad thing?

    I like your "paying allegiance" line. I hadn't realized my using the 360 was choosing sides in a war -- I thought I was just playing games on the system I liked using. How silly of me. Well, if it is a war, I'm sure the other side is rewarding you far more handsomely for your "allegiance". Oh . . . they don't? So MS gives you a cookie, and Sony gives you nothing. Damn you MS!
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  • Xbox One's Game DVR feature is limited to Xbox Live Gold members

  • busboy33 07/08/2013

    @TheMohican : Boy, sounds like MS's anti-troll policies are really upsetting you. I can't imagine why that would be Reply -2
  • Microsoft will now include a headset with Xbox One - report

  • busboy33 04/07/2013

    @Soton4084 MS just seem to be copying Sony . . . who are copying MS. including a headset with every 360 was smart. Not including one with the PS3 hurt the development of the PSN community, something Sony is now changing.

    Not including headsets with the XB1 was foolish. Glad to see they've changed their position.

    No way they ditch kinect.
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  • Microsoft no longer charges developers to patch their Xbox 360 games

  • busboy33 28/06/2013

    @ZelloGames :"Haha, microsoft will do anything know to save the reputation of XBOX. This was a very calculated move."

    Given that they did it back in April, that's some evil genius sh*t right there.
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  • Microsoft teases new Crackdown for Xbox One

  • busboy33 26/06/2013

    @RussellGorall : afaik, the original developers are kaput after APB turned into a clusterf**k. Reply +1
  • The most popular arguments in favour of Xbox One DRM

  • busboy33 22/06/2013

    I would love to see the original scheme offered AS AN OPTION. If that sort of digital system works for you, then sign up. If the current system is your bag, they stick with it. Seems like the best of both worlds, and more choice is always welcome . . . even if I don't take advantage of it.

    If they can flip the original system on and off, then there doesn't seem like any technical impediment to doing this. However, I doubt MS would dare even mention it for fear of the "Its a trap!" screaming outrage.

    I have been utterly mystified at the continuing hatred for MS with their about face. People didn't like the system, MS changed it. "But they only did that because it hurt their bottom line! It wasn't because of a deep love for players and altruism!" Well . . . yes. That's how companies work. If you think Sony or Nintendo make their decisions based on love of their customers, you're a sucker. Sony isn't requiring PS+ for online multiplayer because they love you. "I'll never trust MS again!" Why? Because they were honest about what they were doing (despite being utterly confused about expressing it), they were honest about the backlash, they were honest about the changes. How untrustworthy! I better go with "You'll never pay for multiplayer, what systemic drive failures in the PS2?" Sony. Far more honest and trustworthy.

    If people didn't like the original system, that's fine and I understand that completely. Bt at this point it seems more like misplaced rage rather than a legitimate issue to keep raging.
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  • Sony execs respond to #PS4NoDRM online campaign

  • busboy33 29/05/2013

    @djronz. Agreed, and there's no reason to say a damn thing . . . IF they are planning on doing essentially the same thing.

    But this isn't something that's going to stay hidden forever. All they are doing (assuming the worst) is delaying the inevitable, and is the Sony backlash going to be any better if they mention this in August as opposed to now?
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  • busboy33 28/05/2013

    As many have pointed out, all Sony would have to say is "of course you can swap games among your friends! Sony loves you, and Microsoft kicks puppies." Is there anybody here that thinks Sony is NOT saying that out of some sort of corporate respect? They could eviscerate Microsoft right now by simply stating that.

    And yet . . . they have not.

    Say what you will about Microsoft and this scheme, at least they put it out there on the table. Sony's silence is (to me) just as damning and far more dishonest.
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  • Gran Turismo 6 preview: The turning point

  • busboy33 17/05/2013

    "a new track every month"

    I remember when Turn10 were asked about DLC maps a few years ago. They said the reason not many are released is it takes in the ballpark of a full year to make a track, so either they'd have to start the DLC teams before the game was close to completion or they'd have to gimp the retail release massively, slashing the game to sell it one track at a time later on.

    Looking forward to Polyphony puling this off, but I am cautiously skeptical at the moment.
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  • Next Xbox reveal due 21st May, costs $500 or $300 with a subscription, reports suggest

  • busboy33 08/04/2013

    Wow. Launching a new console with the most expensive price? Brilliant! Thank God there's no historical data to determine how well that will work out. Reply +2
  • BioShock Infinite ending explained

  • busboy33 04/04/2013

    @nick-h :The really isn't a way to explain it without it being spoilerific. The ending is very heavy, and forces some serious thought about the game you just played. Its certainly not bogus or nonsensical. Think of the twist in Bioshock1, then multiply it by a gazillion, then add a few twists on top of that.

    While you play you'll notice a lot of things that stand out as odd. Not "what the hell?" odd, but just "that's strange, I'm sure there's an explanation for that" odd. When you finish the game, most people's first impulse is to start again just to see all those oddities and clues with an understanding of what it all means.
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  • SimCity modded so it can be played offline indefinitely

  • busboy33 15/03/2013

    Dear Maxim and EA:

    We love you with all our heart.

    Randy Pitchford and all the crew at Gearbox
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  • Aliens: Colonial Marines review

  • busboy33 15/02/2013

    Jim Sterling, going thru the "demo" Gearbox was showing off last year and calling it flat-out lie:

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  • Saturday Soapbox: In Defence of Lollipop Chainsaw

  • busboy33 29/07/2012

    "Nick's role is not only an emasculated male (he's not only incapable of battling the zombies himself - he's incapable of doing anything), but literally as an object that Juliet has hanging from her belt like an accessory. She can use him, against his will, in gameplay, or stick him on an otherwise-headless corpse to carry out her every pom pom-led whim."

    Sexual objectification doesn't mean objectifying a person of a particular gender . . . it means objectifying a person because of their gender. If Juliet were the head on Nick's belt, it wouldn't be a case of objectification, because whether its a male or female head on the belt its still just a head hanging there. If Nick's head is just there because men are basically just a head . . . then its objectification. Nick is a full character. He might be an ass, but he doesn't just hang there wishing he could go down on Juliet because that's all he's there for.

    When Nick possessas a body and walks forward, does he do it by crotch-thrusting at the air? No? When he goes to open a door, does he do it by slapping the knob with his dick? Does he wave his ass at the camera? No, he doesn't. That's where people see objectification in strong female characters like Lara Croft or most comic book heroines -- they seem incapable of doing ANYTHING without posing for a Playboy pictorial. Its not that they aren't in charge, or that they aren't powerful, but that even when they ARE in charge, smart, and powerful, they still seem to dress and act like blow-up dolls. Sure, Juliet controls Nick when he possesses a body . . . but which one is walking forward and which one is wiggling and jiggling? Hint: the "in control" one flashing panties while waving her pom-poms. Nick the complaining zombie Frankenstein isn't played for wank material. Juliet the cheerleader is.

    "Of course, it's the rather delightful subtext pulsating through Lollipop Chainsaw that casts any notion of misogyny or sexism over the rainbow and into the distant yonder entirely. Juliet is fleshed out and oddly believable - not just the one-dimensional wank fantasy that many have casually dismissed her as - and played with spark and verve by Tara Strong."

    So if I make my female character a porn star, dress her in fetish costumes, have her giggle, flash panties and wave her tits at the camera constantly . . . but then have her opine about the fragile economic coalition that holds the Euro together while she dry-humps a zombie, I've successfully avoided objectifying her? So all those "Shag The Teacher" pornos are empowering? Good to know.
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  • Saturday Soapbox: The Trouble with Ouya

  • busboy33 16/07/2012

    @carrotcake: Can the box be built for that money? Probably, even if its just by some dude snapping it together in mom's basement.

    Can marketing, shipping, contract negotiations, etc., etc., be done for tht money? Not likely.

    "Making a new console" involves a little more than simply building a box then putting it on the curb in front of your house with a sign that says "Awesome New Box! Come Get One!". If the business model is "we'll build this hardware, then all of the sales and software will just magically happen because it is so great" . . . then you have a crappy business model.

    Look at the Minecraft situation. Will MC be on the system? Possibly, if its worth it. Mojang isn't declaratively prohibiting it. But if Ouya interpreted that as "we locked Minecraft in!" then they are idiots. Madden? Why on earth would EA put Madden on the box?

    Ouya seems to think that if a box is built, then developers will line up to put their games onto it. And who knows . . . maybe some will. But porting a game to the system, even an Android-based system, will cost cash for the developers, and if there's no profit to be had they won't.
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  • Penny Arcade addresses Kickstarter concerns

  • busboy33 11/07/2012

    I'm not entirely opposed to this idea, but my main concern is when I visit PA's website, the ads I see all over the place are for . . . PA products. Prints! Shirts! Mugs! Games! Order Now!

    If they reach their goal, does that mean there won't be any ads whatsoever, or that all of the 3rd party game ads will be replaced with PA ads? If its the later, then I haven't really gained anything. A banner ad for WoW and a banner ad for Rain-Slick 3 are both banner ads. They both eat up the same screen space, both distract me.

    I applaud the "no ads" goal . . . I just worry it might mean something different to me than it does to Mike and Jerry.
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  • Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning needed to sell 3 million to break even

  • busboy33 25/05/2012

    This situation is tied up with politics here in the States, but not in regards to Chaffee.

    Curt Shilling, in addition to being an icon in New England for his helping the Red Sox win the World Series (and his legendary "bloody sock" game), has been an outspoken proponent of "small government" Conservatism -- Government needs to tax people less, needs to spend less, people need to stop relying on government handouts and start accepting personal responsibility for their obligations, etc. He campaigned for John McCain in the 08 election.

    38 Studios was invited to move to Rhode Island when the State government was dominated by Conservatives because of his star power. The 75 mil loan was the bait. Their logic was that it would create 450 jobs for the State and make Rhode Island a game development mecca -- but the logic of that makes little sense. If you can only create 450 jobs with 75 million dollars, then you're doing something very wrong, and unless Rhode Island was willing to make obscene loans to every game company that wanted to move their why would 38 Studios success foster other game developers in the State?

    This being an election year, now that the deal has gone belly up the press here is focusing on the hypocrisy of the situation. Shilling (as an avatar for Conservatives in general) is all for small government and personal responsibility, but apparently only for other people. He's more than happy to suckle at the public tit, and if his business goes south he certainly isn't going to put his own cash on the line to save it. Let the taxpayers suffer rather than use his own considerable wealth to keep 38 Studios solvent -- I got mine, now you can go f*ck yourself.

    Granted Chaffee's comment about making games more PG is silly, but I'm not sure how this will hurt him politically. When the deal was proposed under the last administration, he vigorously opposed it, saying the idea of loaning a multi-millionaire millions of dollars was abhorrent. He's suffering the fallout from the deal, but it wasn't his deal, and he's dealt with this about as well as I would expect anybody to, or as well as anybody could. The loan was stupid, and politically motivated . . . but that's not his fault.
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  • New Assassin's Creed 3 in-game footage

  • busboy33 11/05/2012

    @X201: "There have been numerous AC3 personnel doing interviews claiming that the main character is neutral and doesn't take sides, only for every video and piece of artwork they release to indicate the total opposite."

    What, you mean the five screenshots involving attacking a person and the 30 seconds of video fighting people? That settles it definitively -- not only will no colonists die by Connor's hand, but the Brits will be Teh Evilz and the colonists will protect orphans. I mean, you certainly can't argue with that insurmountable body of evidence in a game that will run dozens of hours. In fact, since they've pretty much shown us the entire game at this point I don't know why they'll bother releasing it at all now.
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  • busboy33 11/05/2012

    @oceanmotion: " Americans taught in school surely know more but whether that's skewed or not, who knows."

    Are you high? We barely know there was a revolt at all.

    While the States may have some admirable qualities, our education system and attention to historical information are not two of them.
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  • Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Review

  • busboy33 09/05/2012

    @cloudskipa: You're selling your 360 because Ms cancelled their game-advertising 3 minute weekly videos?

    Thats an . . . . interesting . . . reaction. Yes, interesting. I'll stick with that.
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  • Xbox 360 entertainment app usage surpasses online gaming

  • busboy33 28/03/2012

    Why do I keep seeing a demand for exclusive games? Why do the games have to be exclusive?

    I want games on my 360. Its not important to me that they are multi-platform. I play Mass Effect 3, and the fact that someone with a PS3 can also play it isn't diminishing my enjoyment or value-for-purchase in any way. Sure, I could have bought a PS3 and played it there instead of on 360 . . but then it wouldn't be exclusive then either.

    The only logic behind "exclusives" is "I have it you don't". After "I have it" I stop caring.
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  • busboy33 27/03/2012

    @kassmageant : You don't buy the console to enjoy media. You buy the console to play games. The media is a free addition.

    Lots of people used their PS2 to watch DVDs when they weren't playing games. Was that equally bizarre to you?
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  • busboy33 27/03/2012

    @Lunatic4ever : "Turning consoles into some uber-multimedia-hubs...why? Over the years I've installed all I need on my computer, connected to my telly and its all good."

    Because not everybody has their computer connected to their telly. If that works for you, fantastic. The apps don't offer you any advantage. But for the people that don't run their media thru a PC, then the apps on the box already connected to the tv makes a great choice.
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  • Official Assassin's Creed 3 box art confirms American Revolution setting

  • busboy33 02/03/2012

    Judging from these screenshots (assuming they are accurate), it looks like a colonist or two is also on the chopping block.

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  • busboy33 02/03/2012

    @inutaihanyou: so saying it was about "freeing slaves" isn't inaccurate.

    any explanation of a monumental event that doesn't run to a few thousand pages is going to be not entirely inclusive. that a summary isn't complete isn'y the same saying its wrong.
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  • busboy33 02/03/2012


    "You might as well say the American Civil war was all about freeing slaves."

    You might say that. Quite a few people might say that actually. Out of curiosity, what was it about? State's rights?
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  • busboy33 02/03/2012

    @ChronoTravis: Yes, they were clear about the Enlightenment influence on them. I meant that the way masonry also incorporated the broad philosophical brushstrokes of the Enlightenment was an additional (very minor, agreed) guiding influence. Reply +1
  • busboy33 02/03/2012

    "yay, we fought off the British" -- yes. Americans are happy to be independent of the empire. Sorry about that.

    "we brought civilization to the Injuns" -- nope. The overwhelmingly vast number of Americans fully recognize the Natives got horribly screwed over by early Americans, I get that "all Americans r teh st0opid" is apparently a popular ignorant stereotype (judging by the comments in here, at least), but that it makes you feel better doesn't make it true.
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  • busboy33 02/03/2012

    No worries :). I'm not trying to advance any conspiracy theories (although the Freemason/U.S. conspiracies are some of the best in the chowderhead library, IMO). The only theories I've heard that I buy are the ones that focus on the Enlightment philosophical attitudes informing how they envisioned a "more perfect union", which to me is a pretty damn good thing. But the "pulling the strings of the NWO"? Nah.
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  • busboy33 02/03/2012

    @drhickman1983 I agree it would be supremely disappointing if this does turn into a Team America World Police parody . . . but I just can't see the series going there. The narrative theme of great and powerful men in history being tied into this sinister conspiracy just can't allow for that without completely turning their backs on everything they've done so far.

    I'm really hoping this focuses on factions among the Founders, both real (Federalist / Anti-Federalist) and fictional. I don't know if they can go to re-writing history to the extent of shanking Jefferson in the Continental Congress (although that would be fairly amazing), but portraying the power faction as the Templar agents while having others fighting their influence behind the scenes seems like it would fit right into their wheelhouse. Personally, I'd love to see King George turn out to be the "good" guy, fighting the French Templar forces, and our protagonist targeting mid-level agents in both camps while the major players try to use him to influence the eventual outcome.

    And on a purely pessimistic note, portraying George Washington as an Illuminati patsy would generate a TON of squawking nimrods on tv . . . and free press is free press.
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  • busboy33 02/03/2012

    Two things:

    1) Has the main character being Native been confirmed outside of the pictures? Certainly, he's wearing some Native pieces, but plenty of Colonists (especially the farther on the outskirts society they lived) had pieces of Native clothing and weapons. Just based on the images, I don't see any reason he can't be a colonist or European.

    2) "Rah Americans Boo British" . . . seriously? So does enjoying the other AC games mean that I hated Catholics? Absolutely Americans side against the British Empire in the Revolutionary War, but that doesn't have a damn thing to do with how Americans view the British now. Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't the British Empire been involved in a war with just about every country on the planet at one time or another? As has been pointed out above, the first AC game wasn't exactly pro England, yet it sounds like some of you played it and might have even enjoyed it. How is this different?
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  • busboy33 02/03/2012

    @ChronoTravis Forget the game lore . . . that the Founders were rife with Freemasons is pretty well established as historical fact. They weren't all Masons, but there were quite a few.

    Heck, look for paintings of the 1st US Presidential Inauguration. Washington is wearing his masonic apron (given to him by Lafayette after the Marquis came over from France) and holding a trowel.
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  • busboy33 02/03/2012

    @RGeefe: I don't know that I'd take the educational competence of bands or politicians as emblematic of national education standards. There are some fringe politicians in America that complain the history of the Native Americans is taught too much, and tends to focus on the "screwing them over hard and heavy" aspects of history rather than the "bringing the heathens Jeebus" aspects. Reply +2
  • Psychonauts developer Double Fine making fan-funded adventure game

  • busboy33 09/02/2012

    @Brownstudy: "Now, consider anyone donating $15. They're investing and if they break even, get a game that is worth that to them. If they lose, they get a rubbish game which is not worth it. But how can their risk possibly deliver more than that?"

    It delivers the game itself -- not "pre-buying" it, but its actual creation so you can have it.

    As Tim said . . . ain't no publisher gonna fund a point-n-click adventure game. So unless people pony up, then the game is never going to happen. Not a good game, not a bad game . . . no game. That's your return on investment.

    I think we're using "investment" differently. If you're using it in terms of "generating a profitable rate of return on your starting funds", then yes this is a bad investment. If you think of it as "receiving more back than you would have gotten without investing" then I think its a good investment. Think of a town all chipping in to make a community swimming pool. Is it a good "investment"? In terms of profit, no. But in terms of getting something you wouldn't have otherwise, then sure.
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  • US lawmaker proposes 1% tax on violent video games

  • busboy33 05/02/2012

    People, he knows this ain't gonna work. He's just pushing stupid sh!t to get media attention. Its a waste of time and money, but welcome to the wonderful world of politicians.

    . . . and GO PATS!
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