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  • Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots review

  • brutal 01/06/2008


    like, wtf?
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  • Not-art Ebert on Hitman film

  • brutal 27/11/2007

    saw this last week and i have to say it's the worst movie i've seen this year. By miles. Pathetic pacing, script, effects, camerawork, acting and some of the dodgiest accents i've heard in ages.

    at one point it degenerates into a who's who of north american tv shows. whilst feeling like a shwarznegger movie at the same time.

    truly awful, i encourage anyone to watch this drivel and please, tell me what you found to be redeeming.

    Whether or not games are art or not, this is clearly not art, or at best is very bad art.

    edit -im never going to get that arnold bloke right without googling so therefore i wont bother trying :)
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  • Sony blamed for Manhunt 2 leak

  • brutal 22/10/2007

    I wonder how many people did not know it was leaked at all, read this and then go on to try and find a pirate copy.

    To me, this story does nothing but encourage piracy, whilst (rightly?) singling out a SCE employee for public bashing.

    That any code got out of SCE is a massive embarrasment and this will be prime concern to any Developers/Publishers out there.
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  • Wii is region-locked after all

  • brutal 17/09/2006

    i'll be in new york from the 21st. I'll be buying a Us version if they havent' sold out or importing a us version if they have.

    I dont particularly think the online services will be that decent (especially given the farce that is friends codes) so won't miss it tbh.

    Games are cheaper to import from canada/usa and arrive months if not years in advance of eu release.

    So i see even less reason to buy a EU Wii now.
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  • SCi/Eidos takes on Conan

  • brutal 24/07/2006

    Why is it still SCi/Eidos?

    tell me we're not going to have another infogramesnotatari on our hands.
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  • Io's Kane & Lynch revealed

  • brutal 18/07/2006
    can't be arsed to link.

    basically, some screenshots. Probably ingame engine, no doubt tarted up.
    Looking nice.
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  • LOTR 360 demo goes live

  • brutal 15/07/2006

    quite enjoyed this.

    ordered the PC version as it's only £17.99 from play, rather than the ridiculous £39.99 for the 360 version, i'm also hoping the view will be somewhat broader and controls less clunky.

    FFS it's an RTS. You're supposed to play it on a PC with a mouse and keyboard. Why pay more than double for less functionality?!
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  • EGTV: Video round-up

  • brutal 30/06/2006

    /watches footie Reply 0
  • MotoGP '06

  • brutal 10/06/2006

    I've gone back to the demo now.

    It's more fun. Go figure.
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  • brutal 10/06/2006

    "The frame rate rarely drops below 30 (and that's been verified with with our tools, in case anyone fancies arguing the point), "

    Yes, i'm pretty sure that it does draw 30fps. 25fps in a third of a second, then 5 fps across the other two thirds. The tools probably smooth it out. I also suspect it's worse when running in the real world on a real disc in a real xbox when your tools are not around Mr. Programmer.

    I've played about 4 hours offline today, and it was completly inconsistent across almost all tracks. Went online, found about 3 rooms (rather than the 10-20+ in the demo) and generally didnt have much fun there either.

    They also still have not sorted out the god damn voice comms. As a client there are many occasions there i simply can;t hear anyone apart from the host, and the same applies to everyone else in the room. Another bug from the demo.

    I dont think this should have passed functionality at MS. I think THQ submitted before it was ready, thinking it would fail and were surprised when it didnt fail.

    Oh, and a quick note to any artists and/or level designers. If you're going to populate a level with grass, for teh love of god dont use teh same identical piece a thousand times that rotates towards the camera. It's soooo 1990's it's painful. Thanks.
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  • brutal 09/06/2006


    Just why did they rush it out like this? If anything things have gotten worse since the demo. Please excuse the lack of co-herance. I'm very displeased.

    I loved this series. In the demo at one point i was up to 150th in the rankings. I've played this loads and really enjoy it. Or at least i did.

    I could have overlooked the woeful AI if i could enjoy tearing up the track on my own (as per usual, slow riders are slow because they dont go fast. Not because they make mistakes like real riders would*).

    It seems that if you take any corner properly, the performance goes completely up the wall. How am I supposed to race precisely when the framerate fluctuates so much? Not to mention the tearing ALL OVER THE PLACE. (720p, btw, thanks for asking).

    The godawful music. at least i can turn it off ;-0

    The tracks look bland and uninteresting. To play the game properly you really need to be able to concentrate on the next apex in the distance. In this edition, the apex on almost every corner is flickering white with jaggies that hurt the eyes.

    Gfx nitpicking... what are the shadows on jerez really blocky?! Why on some tracks are there textures that change colour as you approach them?! ALL THE WAY ROUND THE COURSE! Talk about offputting. Oh, and when it's raining (which looks worse than the original MotoGP) WHERE THE HELL ARE THE PARTICLE EFFECTS FROM THE RAIN?!!?!? The tarmac is a perfect reflective surface - all you can see is the bloody sky and placed objects around the track and it looks like we're racing on an ice rink.

    Logo design is just as bad as before. Blocky and extremely limited compared to what Forza was capable of.

    If I had bought this at game, it would be going back - no doubt whatsoever. Not impressed.

    Climax - you have 2 weeks to patch it up, or it's going on ebay and i'll never buy motogp again. (having bought all of them so far....)
    Cap the frames to 30, sort out the tearing. Do this and you might be forgiven.

    *i'm aware how bizarre that sounds
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  • Tomb Raider PSP this Friday

  • brutal 07/06/2006

    The Xbox has only been dead for about 4 months.

    The gamecube has been dead for years.

    that is all.

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  • Phantom WILL launch - Infinium

  • brutal 04/06/2006

    i bet it ships with a copy of DNF and Windows longhorn. Reply 0
  • EGTV: 'Blu-Ray is key for games'

  • brutal 24/05/2006

    now there's a brilliant idea.

    Games might come on 2 discs.

    people who don't like swapping discs can buy themselves a HD-DVD drive.

    You can put one disc in each drive, and hey presto! no disc swapping :D

    /remembers the luxury of a second disc drive on the amiga/st - a must for teh monkey island series ;-)

    I love the way this thread spiralled almost out of control.

    oh, and +1 for the whole memory bandwidth thing.
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  • brutal 23/05/2006

    they're still the common standard in many countires for PC! Reply 0
  • brutal 23/05/2006

    whilst the blue ray may help against piracy, the HDD is surely the weaker link in the system. Reply 0
  • brutal 23/05/2006

    I bet all PS3 code being used in development is on DVD9 right now.

    I'm guessing at least some of it works in HD just fine.

    So I'm missing the point. Surely there is only so much texture data you would require, unless you're going to start mapping out entire countries. Now that would be interesting.
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  • MS responds to X360 hackers

  • brutal 19/05/2006

    "You are also assuming the ps3 will be any better in this regard "

    no i'm not :)

    i fully expect the PS3 to be flaky as hell, expecially given their track record on launches in japan and the near complete faliure of the first batch of PS1's in a similar timeframe that i suggest for the 360 (remember all those lasers going out of alignment?). But it (PS3)will be new and shiny, and I suggest that those who are sans working xbox may be tempted to jump ship at this point.

    Yeah, the 75% is a terrible statistic. It's a bit of fun, and i didn't actually expect anyone to agree with me, and certaintly didn't expect anyone to say sorry when doing so :)
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  • brutal 18/05/2006

    i prefer my made up statistics to ones you can find on google.

    My first one died completely, the second one seems to be going the same way (i.e. locking up in the dashboard, 3 red lights etc).
    Oh, and the drive is louder than my coolermaster PC case?!

    MS have charged for repairs in the past (a quick search on this 'google' will show loads of americans moaning (moaning on the interweb, huudathunkdit? :))).

    Are the figures that MS/Sony/Ninty put out monitored in any way by a independant organisation? I think not. The industry standard figures are all a bunch of porkies. That's the standard in my humble opinion.

    we shall see.

    As long as nintendo stay profitable, then there will always be innovation (albeit slightly stolen and reboxed or something). Or at least innovative ways to run around as an italian plumber. again. and again.
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  • brutal 18/05/2006

    thanks for playing!

    good to see a balanced, well rounded argument. Come back in 12 months and we'll see if i'm utterly wrong.
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  • brutal 18/05/2006

    Interesting the MS are playing the 'you NEED our customer support" card, given the state of the hardware.


    - 75% of 360 consoles will break during their second year (if they get that far).
    - Being out of warranty, MS will start charging for repairs despite knowingly putting out dodgy hardware.
    - Rather than buy another 360, many people will instead sell their games, flooding the market with cheap second hand copies. Demand for new titles will drop as people pick up the cheap old titles in hope of improving their gamerscore.
    - The £50 price will drop to £40, despite massive pressure from publishers not to.
    - Many people buy a PS3 at this point, where the PS3 will finally be in stock 6 months or so after release.
    - 360 will be much less attractive for publishers who are currently falling overthemselves to put out any old hat at £50 a pop.

    - oh, and everyone who loves games will buy a Wii.

    On the subject of hacking - there is no way in hell anyone should be daft enough to do it. Not whilst the damn thing is in warranty. Once the warranty expires and MS start charging for repairs....
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  • brutal 18/05/2006

    Genuine and unmodified Microsoft Xbox products provide gamers with the reliability


    I'm probably going to send my second Xbox back soon. At this rate i'll have gone through 4 in a year!
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  • Reader Top 50 of 2005: The Aftermath

  • brutal 15/01/2006

    "the winner of the readers vote was a game that is released in europe.
    Resident Evil 4. "

    i didn't say that it wasn't?

    And yes, the staff of eurogamer can [and often] do whatever it pleases. It's free and we all should be thankful for that. That doesnt mean it's beyond questioning, criticism or debate.

    So lets say that psychonaughts is the best game released in europe in 2006. Will that make it the best game 2 years running?
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  • brutal 14/01/2006

    /still doesnt understand how a game that didn't come out yet in europe is considered one of the best games of the year on a site with europe in its name.

    could we vote for DNF? it might be good? no?
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  • UK teachers support games in education - survey

  • brutal 14/01/2006

    i learnt loads of stuff from civilisation.

    who knew what GDP was at teh age of 11?
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  • Battle for Middle-Earth II on 360

  • brutal 14/01/2006

    Ok, so it's on live. Like every other single 360 game HAS to be live?

    i.e. live aware or are they actually going to push the boat out and have some gameplay in there too?

    And are these games actually any good? Like C&C good back in the day?
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  • GTA: Liberty City Stories

  • brutal 01/10/2005

    6 player multiplayer - brilliant!! Now why don't they do it on a home console FFS!! How about a living breathing city full of gansta's cops, dealers, all controlled by living people - now that's a next gen i would definately buy a next gen console for.

    On the subject of battery life - They say it lasts 4 hours. I bet good money that they have not actually run it from a real UMD yet. 4 hours - not a bloody chance. Maybe if you turned all sound off, didnt play multiplayer and had the backlight set to minimum with a souped up battery and stayed in the same one section of a city (i.e. best possible case scenario).

    PSP games generally dont get put onto UMD media until they are two weeks in to the final submission process. So I really doubt that it can do four hours.

    I hope im wrong though!

    Oh, and even if they do fill the UMD, there will still be ways to ge the iso down to around 937MB - simply rip out loads of the audio (archaic, but people will do it).
    Either that or 2GB card sales are going to go mental.

    EDIT - just noticed the release date is this month, so maybe they have run it from UMD.... so either they are lying or have managed to bend some laws of physics or something ;-)
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  • Amped 3

  • brutal 24/09/2005

    unfortunately it's just not a fun game when compared to SSX3... which also seems to look better on xbox 1.

    (of course im basing my opinion on the gameplay from the previous 2, which in my opinion are soo dull).

    GOd i can't believe i'm pimping EA game! :-0
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  • HD-DVD launch delayed?

  • brutal 03/09/2005

    i chuck them on my 50" screen and you are right, there is room for improvement.

    but it's still a damn fine improvement over DVD. THe improvements that could be made are marginal, but are noticable if you really really stare at the picture a lot.

    Fact is that when Sky start broadcasting in high def they are going to be using lots of compression (bandwidth costs money) so we may as well all get used to it.

    You simply are not going to see much imprvement within the next 5-8 years imho.
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  • brutal 03/09/2005

    The 1080i versions of the matrix, underworld and gladiator all weigh in at between 10GB and 13GB.

    And yes, they look awesome.

    I stopped buying DVD's about a year ago - most DVD movies look bloody awful on a 50" screen.
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  • Eidos halts Carmageddon

  • brutal 20/08/2005

    did not finish? Reply 0
  • Argos and co. stock Gizmondo

  • brutal 08/08/2005

    they'll probably do what ngage did - bring out a version 2 about 6-9 months after inital release (oo-er).

    And then drop it when everyone still doesn't buy it.
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  • JoWooD cancels SG-1 dev deal

  • brutal 08/08/2005

    how exactly is a game studio being canned a positive thing?

    quite how you can say this is beyond me. It's not like they were responsible for the army men series.

    Good luck to those involved. I'm not sure about other prospects in australia btu hey at least you got hot weather & barbies on the beach :-)

    Oh, and if you're reading, good luck Karl...
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  • PSP piracy threat looms

  • brutal 04/07/2005

    it was only a matter of time.

    That you can run a pirate game using only official hardware without modification is scandalous, especially before the damn thing is even released over here! Sony have a responsibility to protect the copyright of those doing business on the machine - especially given the cut they take with each software sale.

    Even the xbox (basically a PC) took quite a while before people figued out how to break it down.

    It will be very interesting to see how the dev community reacts to this. Will they shy away now that piracy can become freely rampant, or will they embrace things like on demand downloadable levels, steam style authentication and the such?
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  • Microsoft backs Eidos after senator attacks publisher

  • brutal 21/06/2005

    harsh - lego star wars is definately less than terrible. Reply 0
  • Xbox 360 photographs

  • brutal 27/04/2005

    "For the avoidance of doubt I look fuck all like a playstation 2."

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  • HL2: Lost Coast trailer

  • brutal 27/04/2005

    i feel conned.

    I want my 15 mins of bandwidth back :)

    I guess we're so used to being blown away, that when something mundane is shown it really says 'meh'!

    It's all about the gameplay - not how many teraflops on the thingmagig the teraengine can push per unit times10tothepower4.

    If it plays well, i'll play it. If not then I won't bother.
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  • brutal 27/04/2005

    woo - downloading now at 190kbps :)

    whole thing took about 15mins to download - you'ld never get than kind of speed from a paid for service :)
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  • Rumours of PSP region-locking are false - Sony

  • brutal 27/04/2005

    Not necessarily - because they would be different versions of teh same game.

    There may be bug fixes in different regions of the games, the Jap version might run slightly faster (with the whole CPU capping thingy).

    Of course it may be possible to patch all versions of the game to allow different territories to communicate with each other.

    To make the first launched version compatible with all future releases in all territories would require all the important code to be locked down. with teh extra few months to add polish, I would prefer the devs to be able to improve the game.
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  • Metal Gear Acid

  • brutal 05/04/2005

    i find this title really dull.

    wipeout is stopping me from playing it properly though
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  • SCi to bid for Eidos?

  • brutal 21/03/2005

    //checks for spare change...

    can someone lend me a fiver? I might put a bid in just to wind them up.
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  • Destroy All Humans!

  • brutal 16/03/2005

    this has GOT to be the best name for a game EVAR!!!!!!!(eleventy) Reply 0
  • Bonus Wipeout tracks to fill Mem Stick

  • brutal 08/03/2005

    buy the sandisk ones then..

    they seem to make the sony ones anyway :D
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  • Sony to ship 1m US PSPs

  • brutal 03/03/2005

    they also said the PSX would be able to do loads of stuff that it couldn't. Reply 0
  • brutal 03/03/2005

    unless the PSP is about £200 on launch, I seriously doubt you will see it drop in price by more than about a tenner.

    Why buy on launch? I want the new stuff, and I'm willing to pay for it. Besides, i hate pokemon with a passion :P
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  • brutal 02/03/2005

    we have no way of knowing about region compatability...

    they havenet released any non asian games yet! Or are you saying you know what sony are planning.

    as for a release date - my bets are on mid summer / early august
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  • Juiced

  • brutal 27/02/2005

    tits up, clutch dawwn, pedal to da floowr!!

    //I kid you not.
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  • Half-Life 2 sells 1.7 million units through retail

  • brutal 31/01/2005

    i'ld be amazed if steam sales weren't in the millions... out of all teh people i know, only one has actually bought it but 20 or so used steam Reply 0
  • UK online retailers break street date on GTA

  • brutal 28/10/2004

    biggest non-story ever?

    jesus christ people. games get pirated. Games get sold early. Guess what!?!?! Some scally got a promo copy - lets get him!!!

    what happened to the good old days when no-one cared about a day here or there? Ignorance really was bliss - can't we just enjoy the games anymore?!


    High Street retailers will publically moan about anything. After all, their staff work on a high street. They have to deal with the general public. And that would make anyone grouchy. Online retailers are damned if they do, and damned to the 13th dan of hell if they are late by everyone.

    Surely the big point that should be made here is that no high street retailers dared break the street date? Why twist it against online retailers?

    I don't mean to offend the guy who wrote this, but i'm getting a bit fed up of crap "nothing out of the ordinary" stories circulating at the moment.

    Oh, and blaming Royal Mail for doing their jobs well - thats funny. No really.

    edit - spelling... can't type when ranting :/
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  • First Doom 3 expansion announced

  • brutal 25/10/2004

    well i can run it on ultra at 60fps :P

    so there.

    all other points are valid tho :)
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