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  • brains 31/03/2008


    Fair point and I hope it is all just in addition, I wouldn't like it if the balance of content moved toward this type of article. Not to do disservice to any of the writers, they are all well written! I am a simple man and it makes my brain hurt, and I took up gaming to try and get away from brain pain!!! ;-)

    As long as you people keep entertaining me with the witty reviews and news, I will keep clicking on the site! :-)
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  • brains 31/03/2008


    It's no problem, thanks for the good reply and explanation of your position! I guess I just feel that over the years the balance of articles has moved toward this type of comment/opinion piece away from what I consider to be the bread and butter of a site like this. I guess I just don't enjoy reading pieces like this as much as other types of article, such as reviews and genuine news... Again, it's just me!!

    I suppose I just feel that the place for pieces like this should be the industry insider focused

    I am just a sarkey git sometimes! Sorry for winding you up! :-)
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  • brains 31/03/2008

    Gosh! I didn't know I was going to upset anyone!

    Despite the flippancy of my comment, I am increasingly of the opinion that the writing on this website is getting more and more anal and elitist. I say this after many years of reading the site, not just to stir up a flame war, but to perhaps provide feedback to the writers. They can choose to ignore my comments and carry on the way they are going or perhaps they will find the feedback useful, either way is fine, its a free country.

    @Kangarootoo, thanks for calling me an infantile muppet! I really appreciate your creative criticism! :-)
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  • brains 31/03/2008

    I remember when you could read reviews of computer games on this site.... Those were the days.... Reply 0
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  • brains 12/12/2007

    What a dull article. Reply 0
  • DS - 2007's Most Wanted

  • brains 17/08/2007

    Uhhh... 22nd century?? I thought we were in the 21st? Have I gone through some sort of Buck Rogers time warp? Reply 0
  • Wii launch event details

  • brains 29/11/2006

    Saying that Jodie Kidd is famous for her tits is like saying that Jordan is famous for her brains... Reply 0
  • Wii gets Super Mario Galaxy

  • brains 09/05/2006

    How do i ask my wife to play wii sports with me? Reply 0
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  • brains 28/04/2006

    I heard that they had written a 'screenplay' of sorts for the game. Maybe they punted it around a few studios? Reply 0
  • Lula 3D

  • brains 20/01/2006

    Looks terrible, but not to be a pedant...

    " the way that Lula somehow manages to store every item she picks up - keys, beer bottles, porn mags, you name it - in her already rather full bra."

    Hasn't every adventure game since the dawn of time given the main character huge bottomless pockets?
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