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  • Prison Architect acquires over $1 million in pre-orders

  • bradleykins 12/02/2013

    @midnight_walker To be fair the Alpha access is an add on to the final product..

    I am happy enough to pay $40 for all their previous games and early access to this game with a final game copy at the end, sounded like a bargain bundle to me!

    I should add i have bought that... So im a bit biased.
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  • Wordament review

  • bradleykins 15/01/2013

    never heard of word hero then? Unique my backside... Reply 0
  • 10-year-long Civilisation 2 game offers grim outlook for mankind

  • bradleykins 13/06/2012

    @RandomTerrain As far as i know its alright but not a civ 2 remake, another general audience game with micro transactions. Reply 0
  • 12 Days of Christmas Xbox Giveaway!

  • bradleykins 16/12/2011

    you need to update the page earlier than 9am, or just before...! Reply -2
  • bradleykins 09/12/2011

    @Labatyd, @Raptaur - I would make sure your pages aren't loading cached so you don't get stiffed on the comp.

    Try a hard refresh!
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  • bradleykins 08/12/2011

    @Buztafen rofl Buz Reply -1
  • Podcast #88

  • bradleykins 03/11/2011

    Hmm, what did I hear at 37:10 in???

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  • Left 4 Dead 2

  • bradleykins 02/07/2009

    Sounding Fantastic for the benefit of everybody but then i probably will still be behind the times and not get it till much later.

    I can conly say that i think much of the technology is staying the same and minor improvements are happening, meanign they are really milking the product a bit, but it also sounds like there is alot of milk in it!
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  • A month of Xbox Live Gold for a quid

  • bradleykins 19/06/2009

    This is fantastic for me though, as i totally want to play at a cheap price for a short time, and wow Ł1 no chance im passing up :) Reply 0
  • Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires dated

  • bradleykins 19/05/2009

    @Mr.Me, i disagree the fact you can use the strategical method of picking up territory and then moving your army to gaurd borders and focus on weapons and item production or just allying etc is a big difference from the main game, you can obviously say that a method for gaining those territories is obviously using the old game engine but the gameplay is very different over all, your not fighting a linear battle its all up to you.

    The officers change too, you can yank some out of their armies using some cards, not mentioned by yourself, but just to play nastily and bridbe officers to turn.

    It offers a good range of diversity, not much from previous empires but certainly more form the original version of the game.

    I'm still a bigger fan of the Tactics though i did love them.
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  • bradleykins 19/05/2009

    Well me being such a fanboy im actually looking forward to this, whilst there are alot of elements that are carried forward into the spin offs, they always add soemthing new and improve on them for these spinoffs, XL may not be much of a new thing but it has in the past given new game modes that i love with a passion and i for one am looking forward to the Empires gaming yet again.

    I do so love having regions under my control and bashing my steely gauntleted fist onto the game board and capturing the pesky regions of CaoCao before he can become all powerful man of the millenia.

    That said the new create your own hero and then take them as just an officer/mercenary sounds a bit fun to me and a little bit new so looking forward to this one for definite..
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