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  • FIFA 17 review

  • bobmar360 23/09/2016

    @anamenos PES is addictive, fun and in a mere instance you can switch from a slow pace in to a devastating fluent attack and feel rewarded for it

    Whilst Fifa has sublime presentation without doubt it just doesn't muster up a fight on the gameplay (the new story mode is brilliant though)

    (I follow the gameplay which since last year Konami have got right and trumped that effort this time)

    Each to their own though :)
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  • bobmar360 23/09/2016

    EA should buy konami, let those guys do the football and the EA team that exists for everything do their bit

    The football game would then be the best ever made
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  • Deus Ex Mankind Divided review

  • bobmar360 20/08/2016

    Never did understand why Human Revolution was in the bargain bins after a month of launch, one of the best games of the genre

    Preordered this before reviews came out and appears that seems a good decision
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  • Hacker group Phantom Squad launches DDOS attack against Xbox Live

  • bobmar360 18/12/2015

    @Foolish_Monkey fully agree with you Reply 0
  • Harmonix admits to employees posting positive Rock Band 4 Amazon reviews

  • bobmar360 22/10/2015

    Naughty Reply +32
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 review

  • bobmar360 22/09/2015

    This war on which is better is tedious, I loved Fifa years ago (talking back to the 1st one made), each year they got better, there was other games available too that all kept improving, then ISS (put simply the original PES) came out and was superb, this was a game changer...

    Then each year both Fifa and PES improved and essentially left no room in the market for anyone else leaving them to fight amongst themselves... They have both always had pro's n con's and have copied each other more than countable, even swapping simulation/arcade, which is 'real'/'fun' blah, blah to attract players

    The big advantage Fifa has over PES is it's licencing, this is unlikely to change, however a little editing and that is irrelevant for anyone who has half a brain

    Since PES 6 went tits up, I went back to Fifa, which has been a great experience, but has become the same gameplay with little change each year, so this year I've gone with PES for a chance, and you know what it feels great, different and fun.... Next year I might go back to Fifa

    Either way, they are both brilliant

    War End.........?

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  • Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain walkthrough and guide

  • bobmar360 03/09/2015


    Don't know if anyone got that :)

    Well played!
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  • PlayStation Plus' October offerings include DriveClub, Spelunky and Dust: An Elysian Tail

  • bobmar360 01/10/2014

    @DAN.E.B is it n e good?

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  • FIFA 15 review

  • bobmar360 23/09/2014

    Would of been nice for a game modes list, coop modes, be a pro etc.... and pro's v cons... or 2 part reviews as over a few weeks opinions change... (could be worth applying my last point as an idea for all large games) Reply +1
  • Watch the Boardwalk Empire intro recreated using Grand Theft Auto 5

  • bobmar360 20/09/2014

    Really cool, will done 8 bit bastard Reply +1
  • Microsoft details Xbox One updates rolling out - including USB media support

  • bobmar360 12/08/2014

    This is awesome news.... I currently have a good media player on the living room.... But this is ideal, it means I can link the sky HD and media player and make a decent use of the Xbox

    MS dropped a ball not having this.... Their vision of DRM really blurred them
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  • PS4 vs Xbox One: which is the better media player?

  • bobmar360 03/02/2014

    More embarrassing for the one than ps4 but time will tell Reply +1
  • Titanfall test gameplay footage hits the internet

  • bobmar360 20/01/2014


    That's Cod if I ever saw it, jeez.....
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  • FIFA 12 footage laces up

  • bobmar360 16/08/2011

    Fuck off Spamming prick Reply 0
  • Pre-order pre-owned games at GAME

  • bobmar360 04/03/2011

    No one if forced to buy games from them whether new or pre-owned.

    eBay for 2nd hand games, and people pay the price they want too...
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  • LittleBigPlanet 2 shows off Arcade

  • bobmar360 17/01/2011

    oh i can't wait, i should be getting it tomorrow evening - fingers crossed anyway.............. whooooopeeeeeeeeee! Reply 0
  • Sackboy does Dirty Dancing in 3 secs

  • bobmar360 15/01/2011

    They're up on YouTube, search for lbp2 channel 5, and viola! Reply 0
  • LittleBigPlanet 2

  • bobmar360 05/01/2011

    The Move won't be added to around March time (middle of), I think it'll be able to be used in tons of ways, pretty sure it'll be able to function with the Navi too, could make for some fun hybrid lightgun platformers!

    I have already some funky ideas
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  • What's that - Pong on PS3?

  • bobmar360 04/11/2010

    most of them are being remade on LBP 2 by us, piss off Atari trying to sell us these again and again Reply +4
  • EA: Medal of Honor a "clear success"

  • bobmar360 03/11/2010

    I think for many of my pals this was a time filler while they wait for cod Reply +1
  • FIFA 11

  • bobmar360 27/09/2010

    +1 Power n Glory,

    When taking Penalties on FIFA 11 with Frank Lampard, if you miss, he does the exact diappointment posture he does in real life, it is bloody smart, same with Ronaldo on his free kicks, he does the shoulder puff thing - as for other traits, watch Messi when playing against Barca, he weaves from left to right with silk...

    Van Persie nice n fast

    Tell ya what i though was awesome, i tried to sneak around the back of Peter Cech as he was holding the ball, he actually turnt his head slightly and looked out the corner of his eyes!!!!! i hit the Instant Replay and watch in mega slow mo for 2-3 minutes, it was perfect!!!

    Also i cant wait to play with hand ball on and see how well theyve incorparated it...

    Oh for all the Pro Evo lovers.........remember when Pro Evo played well and you had to work to score? That's what FIFA is now, and has been since FIFA 09, Prov Evo has turnt into the arcade game that FIFA used to be, im not the first to say it and wont be the last...

    Let go of that stubborness and give it a go...or at least rent it from Blockbuster(change the shoot buttons etc..around aswell if it bothers you)
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  • bobmar360 27/09/2010

    I am not totally surprised by an 8, for me the game seems perfect from the demo I've been hammering since it's release....

    But how the fuck can EA go much further, the graphics, licences, sound and most importantly Gameplay are spot on, it's a hybrid of simulation and arcade depending how you want to play it.....

    The Pro Evo fans used to blast FIFA for being completely arcarde yet the games styles reverse and they want arcade (most without even trying FIFA, shouldn't knock it till they try it....after PES 6 I moved to FIFA and was surprised tbh)

    Pro Evo will be lucky based on the demo I played if it gets a 7
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  • Digital Foundry vs. PSJailbreak

  • bobmar360 21/08/2010

    Regardless of any Firmware update, they would be fools to make new games only run on this firmware, the vast majority of gamers DO NOT play online and they should not have to connect to the internet to update the firmware in their console

    Be a stupid move by Sony to do that....

    They need to look at a different approach, besides they already took the 'other OS' away which was way out order
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  • Sledgehammer hypes COD audio

  • bobmar360 11/08/2010

    here is another thread to start the COD haters ranting again,

    FFS - COD games are just games

    They do cost a lot of money, but there are far worse games for the same price range.

    I played MW2 single player (because my internet was dead for the day), i actually enjoyed the play parts, and the sound effects / music is pretty fucking good,
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  • MS demos muscle-controlled games

  • bobmar360 04/01/2010

    They won't worry about Apple products being mentioned, they provide support for iPod connection on the xbox already and have done for ages Reply 0
  • MW2's unlimited ammo bug under scrutiny

  • bobmar360 16/12/2009

    Most online played game 09/10

    that will be fact
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  • Rock Band library swells to 1000 songs

  • bobmar360 26/11/2009

    Are all tracks backward compatible? It seems with GH you can't do that and can only download content for each years release, but I'd buy rockband if u can just have one version and keep downloading whatever new tracks they release! Reply +1
  • White men over-represented in games

  • bobmar360 23/09/2009

    what a load of bullshit,

    the moment a gaem is made with millions of black people, they claim it's racist (Reseident Evil 5)
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  • Modern Warfare 2

  • bobmar360 16/09/2009

    More goat jokes you must be kidding! Reply 0
  • Public MW2 beta may still happen - IW

  • bobmar360 21/08/2009

    all you guys know that the moment you can get your hands on this game that you will,

    A boycott on this will not happen - the amount of hours that MW2 will keep you glued in front of your chair will far out weigh the cost of it.

    In theory the boycott is a great idea but in practice it is bollocks - this will probably be bigger than the first MW

    /has more money than the irresponsible parents of 13 year olds and thinks about booking a day off :)
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  • Xbox 360 summer dashboard update

  • bobmar360 03/08/2009

    whens it available??? Reply -4
  • Microsoft E3 Conference

  • bobmar360 01/06/2009

    they have just ripped sony to fuckin shreds Reply 0
  • bobmar360 01/06/2009

    looks like PS3 is FUCKED NOW!!! Reply 0
  • UFC 2009: Undisputed

  • bobmar360 20/05/2009

    I have downloaded the Demo and played it near enough every day for at least an hour, the standing game 'striking' is really good and gives a bit of change from the boxing games, as fo rthe ground game, once you understand how it works it can become very very good, all in all it is a well rounded game and the 'flash KO's make you want to rematch the mother fucker straight away.

    Also with Boxing/UFC(mma) arguments, I love both Boxing and UFC - Boxing was on the decline until fighters like Mayweather/Paccio/Hatton/Calzahgekahn (no good heavyweights arond - klitchko is boring as hell) started putting a bit of drama in to it - drawing in big crowds in vegas, up until then it was pretty dead, hopefully more good fighters appear and keep Boxing popular.
    UFC/mma is growing at a really great pace and advertising is vitl to this, people don't remember to well that this 'cage' fighting originates from ILLEGAL fighting and has been adapted to be a 'sport' - it is basically two guys totally fucking each other up by almost any means they can.

    For me i hope both the 'sports' grow and grow - i can't wait till firday to get the game - see you online hopefully folks
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  • MW2 to be best-selling game of all time

  • bobmar360 05/04/2009

    u are mainly a bunch of nobbers on this one - they intend to make it the best-selling game which will mean they are putting a lot of time and money in to it - by the time it hits the shelves it will be 2 years since the last one released by infinity ward - they listen and incorparate lots of players suggestions and criticism Reply 0
  • Ubi pulls I Am Alive from Darkworks

  • bobmar360 06/03/2009

    when the fuck are Ubisoft going to bring out a new GRAW game or a decent game styled like Splinter Cell, i mean that is where their money has been made for the last few years...........why put their time into this other HAWX fuckin crap!! Reply 0
  • The Who frontman bored by Rock Band

  • bobmar360 16/07/2008

    if anyone here actually likes Roger Daltry then watch the film McVicar - it's an old movie but pretty (my opinion anyway).

    He's a dude on the run and stuf - i wont ruin the plot
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  • Grand Theft Auto IV: PS3 vs. Xbox 360 Special

  • bobmar360 10/05/2008

    after having looked at the side by side vids of both versions and after having played both versions, i come up with the conclusion that they are both extremely close and it is only when veiwing them side by side that any difference is noticed.

    For sure the 360 version seems to have crisper and clearer images whilst the PS3 seems as though a lot of blurring has been applied.

    Gameplay is exactly the same.although as everyone is aware of the so 'exclusive content' (microsoft and rockstar will make millions from this wether is stays exclusive or not).

    This PS3 v Xbox 360 thing will go on until the next breed of console unless Microsoft buy out Sony (Bill Gates will get pissed sooner or later).

    Microsofts big puncher is xbox live and Grand Theft on live runs well, where as the PS3 is a bit dodgy, as for the controls i prefer the xbox but that is all down to the players comfortability i suppose.

    Happy Eurogaming :o)
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  • Kane & Lynch ads banned in the UK

  • bobmar360 10/04/2008

    it's a load of old rubbish, if it was Lara Croft shooting a fucking Bear or Tiger there wouldn't be any complaints from them then would there?

    IMO it's sexist, women want equal fucking rights, look at that bitch from Perfect Dark Zero - no complaints about her killing men.
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