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  • Phantasy Star Online 2 free to play and download

  • bloodflowers 26/03/2012

    @Bibbo I'm not sure I see a Western release at all. Sega US have basically destroyed their own customer base through lamentable support and abusive staff. Even the 360 one is barely working now, it's been suffering latency problems that make the game unplayable for months now. Nothing but vague suggestions of hardware upgrades coming, you'll never ever get anything concrete out of them. Complain enough and they'll just ban you - being a customer has been a real eye opener for me. Reply 0
  • bloodflowers 26/03/2012

    @bobfish09 It's always done poorly outside of Japan because it's always had terrible support and delayed/missing content updates outside of Japan. They only have themselves to blame.

    If it's like PSU which made them stacks and stacks of money through their 'Guardians Cash' system, I can tell you that getting the best equipment will be extremely difficult without using cash shop features. They like account binding items so you can't even trade your way into the big leagues, you can spend hundreds of dollars in a few hours just trying to max a few weapons out if you're unlucky enough.

    Unfortunately they've got a taste for the money, the amount people spend on GC in Japan is exponentially higher than subscriptions used to cost. Someone already datamined the beta and found the name of the cash system, but I forget what it was at the moment. You'll probably have to buy it in blocks like you do with MSP again, too.
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  • Sonic Generations ltd. edition announced

  • bloodflowers 07/09/2011

    Did anyone play the demo? It was dreadful. Impossible to see anything due to frame rate and resulting blur. Good for collectors of random Sega/Sonic goodies but not worth buying if you want to play a game.

    On the upside, Sonic CD is coming to XBLA - rejoice!
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  • Out This Week - 09/09/11

  • bloodflowers 07/09/2011

    Loved the Space Marine demo, ordered on Amazon. Reply -1
  • Bodycount

  • bloodflowers 02/09/2011

    Disappointing - I pre-ordered this as the demo was so much fun :/ Reply 0
  • Driver dev defends Ubi DRM, online pass

  • bloodflowers 01/09/2011

    Perhaps the culture of entitlement we seem to have slipped into simply doesn't support the big game model anymore on the PC. If it's not profitable due to piracy, simply don't make it. Reply -5
  • Out This Week - 02/09/11

  • bloodflowers 01/09/2011


    The modes is a shame sort of (I never really play much else), but I'm happy there's no progression system to be honest even if it is a bit old fashioned.

    Actually I wish Ubisoft would just do a 60fps HD port of Black Arrow with all the old maps, all the old rules, all the old weapons, etc. I bet it would sell loads too as a direct digital release for say 20 quid. Those servers were still busy when they pulled the old XBL plug.
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  • bloodflowers 30/08/2011

    Tried the Bodycount demo last night. Then I played through it again. And then again. And then I went to Amazon and sorted it for a Friday delivery, and told a bunch of my friends to try the demo out. I like how it sounds (especially as the gun starts to get low on ammo), and I like how it looks - even the shantytown setting has some colours to look at. Shame it's not 60fps but it seemed to at least manage a solid 30, with a few occasional tearing frames. Puts a much needed injection of fun into the FPS genre. The cover system particularly is fantastic, reminds me of an arcade version of the R6/Black Arrow lean.

    They need to do a much better publicity job on this one, and play up the Black angle. As soon as I mentioned it was the same designer as Black some friends got more interested.
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  • Radiant Silvergun XBLA release date

  • bloodflowers 30/08/2011

    About time too, this has been knocking about on partnernet for a very long time. Reply 0
  • Driver: San Francisco

  • bloodflowers 30/08/2011

    Tried the demo - absolutely loved the graphics, perfectly smooth - hopefully they'll use this engine again. Didn't like the shifting thing in the chase sequence, just didn't seem right to be plucked from my car and thrown into another, although the 2v2 drag race where you can switch between cars trying to come in 1st and 2nd was a lot of fun.

    Bodycount has my money this week though.
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  • Games taken off shelves after Oslo killings

  • bloodflowers 29/07/2011

    Are the video stores going to take down all violent videos, and the music shops remove anything with aggressive lyrics too? Seems like a bizarre knee jerk reaction, if they wanted to do something that matters they could just go to visit the memorial and pay their respects, games had nothing to do with this - it was politically motivated murder. Reply +15
  • Sega sees red as sales fall

  • bloodflowers 29/07/2011

    They released a cash shop type function in Phantasy Star Universe in Japan, but this option was never offered on the local servers, that's some more money thrown away right there. Due to customers not getting those updates and other content updates and generally wretched support from SoA, people are cancelling subscriptions too.

    Sega kind of bring this sort of thing on themselves basically, and that Sonic Generations demo wasn't very good either, dropping the frame rate in a very fast scrolling platform game results in too much blur to see obstacles properly. They should just give the Sonic Fan Remix guys a job.
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  • Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3

  • bloodflowers 05/07/2011

    Is it 60fps?

    And what is it with imbeciles marking down any comment where someone asks about frame rate? If it's 60 I might be interested, if it's 30 I'm definitely not, because these games play better at 60. jesus. It's a fucking question.
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  • Download Games Roundup

  • bloodflowers 01/07/2011

    @Pastici: I played the same CC you did, but I wasn't fooled by the cartoon graphics into thinking the actual game was as good as the classics, which it isn't.

    I wouldn't class DMC or God Of War as the same thing, those are fully 3D platform action games. Koei are a little closer with their Dynasty Warriors series which are full 3D brawlers and play really well (or at least they did until some bright spark decided 30fps was acceptable in them), even if every one turns into a power up -> kill generals game in the later stages, spoiling the light strategy element.

    The most problematic are sidescrolling games with 3D play, instead of being fixed to two planes with simple isometric depth. It's my favourite genre, and it makes me sad seeing it aped so poorly in modern times.
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  • bloodflowers 01/07/2011

    There would be no problem with Lucha Fury if it really was just copying an old side scroller, but it falls flat by trying to add depth. Do you know why there are no good ones with 3D movement on a 2D plane, where enemies can face in any direction? Because it doesn't work, and the only way to make it sort of passable is to fall back on spinning attacks. The closest one to being good was The Warriors, but you'll notice enemies mostly stick to attacking from the left and right - and the theme helped lift it a bit.

    I tried the Lucha Fury demo, and immediately it felt all wrong, not least because the controls are horrendously sluggish - it's like the Pirate Code, more a set of guidelines. The review is right, it was an endless torrent of identical enemies, and fighting them just isn't fun. Compare it even to the original Streets Of Rage (which has aged more than a lot of the Capcom games), and the old game is immediately more playable.

    I'm struggling to think of a good one developed in the West, perhaps Target Renegade on the 128k Spectrum. Other modern efforts have been similarly terrible - Castle Crashers for example. A lot of people liked that, but the visuals are confusing, the fighting highly repetitive, and basically it's not as good as Warriors Of Fate from 1992 - not even close.
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  • From Dust

  • bloodflowers 01/07/2011

    This sounds and looks quite special, looking forward to trying it out. Reply 0
  • New Rainbow Six adds morality - report

  • bloodflowers 24/06/2011

    Please, please let this be a return to online play closer to Black Arrow. It was all downhill after that one. BA had everything, good maps, headshots that worked, no silly body armour, no shotgun deaths from across the other side of the map. It was perfect.

    In fact, just remake the engine for the 360 and I'd probably buy it again and be perfectly happy.
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  • Sega: "We made too many Sonic games"

  • bloodflowers 24/06/2011

    Wait till Metacritic gets a load of Generations. 30fps on a fast moving scrolling game? It's nearly unplayable due to the blur.

    Sonic Fan Remix is the only hope for the series, which isn't by Sega. How telling.
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  • Face-Off: Alice: Madness Returns

  • bloodflowers 24/06/2011

    Why do people love edge smoothing so much? It just makes everything looks blurred unless it's very slight.

    Really enjoyed this game, although some of the crypt sections were very very difficult half way through.
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  • Jet Set Willy

  • bloodflowers 17/06/2011

    There's a bit of popular chatline C code out there with a function called we_must_perform_a_quirkafleeg(), and yes - it's my fault. That game left a profound impression on many of us. It was a terrible, splat of hacks that did something to the player database previously thought impractical. Reply 0
  • Performance Analysis: Modern Warfare 3

  • bloodflowers 10/06/2011

    More developers need to realise the important of smooth graphical movement. It's far, FAR more important than detail or lighting. Reply -2
  • Hunted: The Demon's Forge

  • bloodflowers 03/06/2011

    What's the frame rate like? Reply 0
  • Dynasty Warriors 7

  • bloodflowers 15/04/2011

    Dynasty Warriors?

    At 30fps?

    What's the point? Move along, nothing to see here. The fluid frame rate was what made it SO much fun so many times over, even though we were being sold endless iterations of the same game.

    This is the first one I won't be buying, if the arcade feel is lost (it was never an arcade title but the fluid play made it feel that way), then there's no point at all.
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  • Slapped Down

  • bloodflowers 27/03/2011

    I just want to know which skirt Rob is chasing in the office, because I can't see any other reason for writing this drivel.

    My girlfriend saw the Duke trailer, and she laughed - at it rather than with it. That's what normal rational people do.
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  • No pain, no game

  • bloodflowers 24/03/2011

    Congratulations on writing an article apparently about hardcore gamers and managing to only reference cheap flash platformers and a game with dwarves. Would it have hurt to include a good example - say, that new Contra title, or some of the shooters that are still popular in Japanese arcades and consoles worldwide? Reply +3
  • Why the Nintendo 3DS costs Ł230

  • bloodflowers 24/03/2011

    Stupid and pointless article. The only thing that matters here is why the price of the DS is more here than the US, even after taking VAT vs local sales taxes into account.

    Answer: price gouging.
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  • Eurogamer Asks: Are second-hand games killing the industry?

  • bloodflowers 02/02/2011

    I like second hand sales. They allow me to pay full retail price for games when they come out, play them, and then recoup some of the money. If I couldn't do this, there's a lot of games I wouldn't buy.

    I bet they didn't consider that aspect.

    Of course with games like Dead Space 2, I know the code only works one time - so I'm not going to play it online, making me even more likely to sell it, nearly guaranteeing them a lost 'sale' through the used market.
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  • Game of the Week: Dead Space 2

  • bloodflowers 29/01/2011

    Swap the scores for Dead Space 1 and 2 and you've got it about right. I'm about 4 hours in on DS2 and it really isn't as scary as the first, there's no suspense - a monster is always around the corner. Sprawl doesn't have the spooky atmosphere of the Ishimura either. It's getting old having to constantly kill the enemies, the first one was pretty careful about where and when it swarmed you, so you didn't get used to it. In this one it's shooting gallery time every big room you get to.

    Shame. I was worried this would happen. I actually played through DS again over the last few weeks in preparation for DS2, and when you play them that close together it's obvious what they spoiled.
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  • Capcom "saddened" by MaXplosion furore

  • bloodflowers 14/01/2011

    Capcom "saddened" by being caught out.

    Claiming it's not a rip off destroys their credibility entirely, even the name is similar.
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  • Download Games Roundup

  • bloodflowers 14/01/2011

    Vorpal isn't bad but the default difficulty is far too easy - I completed it on my first play, something I haven't done in a shooter for a very long time.

    Zeit2 is horrible. Too expensive compared to indie titles of similar or better quality, bland backgrounds and music, and it commits the cardinal sin in shooters - inertia. Seriously, just no. Shame as the concept is interesting, but with the inertia and the horrendous inexplicable slowdown this game is stillborn.

    If people want a legitimately good shooter, there's a recent one called Revolver360 in the indie section which is fantastic. I made a video of each mode here:

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  • Eurogamer's Game of the Year 2010

  • bloodflowers 01/01/2011

    Good choice, although I thought the lack of the buggy spoiled it - landing on a new planet just to see what it looked like was actually a lot of fun and made the galaxy feel like a bigger place than in the second game. Reply +1
  • Mass Effect 2 demo: PS3 vs. Xbox 360

  • bloodflowers 25/12/2010

    Isn't this comparison a bit pointless? It's been out for so long that everyone aside from PS3-only gamers (who by definition only have the PS3 version to choose from) have all finished it and are waiting for the third game. Reply +2
  • Mob violence victim calls for Mafia II ban

  • bloodflowers 18/12/2010

    Yeah - just because you had a bad experience, everyine else has to stop what they're doing. Sigh. Reply +1
  • EA, not Treyarch, heir to Infinity Ward?

  • bloodflowers 18/12/2010

    Until his company is making games that run as smoothy (60fps) as Black Ops, he can shut up. Reply -12
  • Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage

  • bloodflowers 19/11/2010

    Tried the demo, one of the best bits about Dynasty Warriors games was their being pretty much locked to 60fps all the time, it makes the combat feel fast and fluid. Dropping it to 30 really compromises the gameplay - no sale. Reply 0
  • Cave's Story

  • bloodflowers 19/11/2010

    Great article - it nearly makes up for EG totally ignoring the 360 releases of Espgaluda II and Mushihimesama Futari that were made region free after constant pressure from players. They'd have sold a lot more copies if you'd taken the time to review them. Reply +2
  • Guwange

  • bloodflowers 12/11/2010

    EG are still to cover Espgaluda II and Mushiimesama Futari which were officially region free titles, I never did understand that. Reply 0
  • Dead Space 2 multiplayer shots

  • bloodflowers 05/11/2010

    I hope putting effort into multiplayer hasn't compromised the single player mode - I'm really looking forward to this one. Reply +1
  • Kinect Reviewed

  • bloodflowers 04/11/2010

    If you want one wait until March-May when this is almost certain to bomb as hard as the original Zune did, and cost half as much. Reply -1
  • Xbox Live UK dashboard update now

  • bloodflowers 01/11/2010

    The good:
    I quite like the flat navigation instead of the 3d stuff
    It's definitely more responsive at guide level

    The bad:
    The new voice quality is terrible - it sounds very harsh and heavily compressed, found it very uncomfortable after just an hours use and ended up turning the volume down so much to take the edge off that, that I couldn't really hear what people were saying. They really need to build a tone control in.

    What's interesting is that apparently many beta testers didn't like the white either, but they've stuck with it.
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  • Cave creation coming to Europe

  • bloodflowers 28/10/2010

    It's a really good game, I hope it'll get fair reviews rather than 'OMG OLD GAMEPLAY'. Before some incorrect comparisons are made, it's like Side Arms. Reply 0
  • Team Ninja not missing Itagaki

  • bloodflowers 28/10/2010

    I liked Itakagi, because he cared about games. Reply 0
  • Hot Pursuit PS3/360 demo showdown

  • bloodflowers 28/10/2010

    30fps :(

    I really wanted this to be 60, arcade racers are so, SO much better when they run smoothly, I guess I'll skip this installment. I loved Need For Speed: Most Wanted and I was hoping this would recapture some of the fun, but 30fps racing just doesn't give you the same adrenaline rush.

    The saddest part is we know from their past games that Criterion does know this, or used to.
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  • God of War AA coming to PC/360?

  • bloodflowers 27/10/2010

    I wish games let us turn AA off, to be honest looking at the comparison screenshots above, in both cases the no AA shot is far easier on the eyes, all the detail is much easier to pick out. Hard detail is also displayed much better on modern TVs with all their picture processing.

    At high resolutions you just don't need it, give us the option at least.
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  • Xbox Live policy slows 360 KUFII release

  • bloodflowers 27/10/2010

    Only Square/Enix have managed to put an MMO onto consoles?

    You might want to ask Sega how much money they're still making from subscriptions to Phantasy Star Universe, which launched around the same time as FF.

    What Sega are /claiming/ is that the problem they've recently faced with additional content, and the problem others presumably will face is microtransactions. MMOs generally are moving towards cash shops, and MS want too much control over it, or too much of a cut.

    It's a shame as the 360 is an obvious natural platform for them.
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  • Face-Off: Vanquish

  • bloodflowers 22/10/2010

    Shame the frame rate is shitty. Fast action + shitty frame rate = no sale.

    Bayonetta was far more impressive (on the 360 anyway).
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  • Langdell loses his Edge trademarks

  • bloodflowers 12/10/2010

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. Reply +1
  • MOH dev: Try it before you judge us

  • bloodflowers 12/10/2010

    They should have left it as it was, and told all the people whining about it to grow up and play another game if they don't like it. Reply 0
  • Call of 3D

  • bloodflowers 08/10/2010

    I wonder if 2D runs at a solid 60fps, they way COD games should. It'll be interesting when it comes out to find out if 3D only gimps the frame rate when it's turned on, or if the whole engine has been compromised.

    3D - do not want.
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  • "Average" Sonic games de-listed

  • bloodflowers 07/10/2010

    "In August Sonic Team's Takashi Iizuka told Eurogamer making both old and new fans happy with a single game is virtually impossible."

    Except for remaking Sonic CD in 2.5D, which is so stunningly obvious they'll never work it out.
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