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  • Shadow Hearts: From The New World

  • blindlemonjefferson 08/05/2007

    @Dizzy: 'Fat otaku Girl: 'I thought you were a girl' '
    lol @ fat. You'd be closer with anorexic.

    I don't know what otaku means. But what I'm talking about is like aged 21 Bowie/TRex/New Wave fangirls, artschool-bleachblonde-furcoat-highheels-leopardprint-pointyhips-bigeyed-mannequin girls.

    /lives in Brighton
    /still defensive

    It's so much fun having a pointless intrenet argument :(
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  • blindlemonjefferson 07/05/2007

    This sounds like the birthday present I was looking for for my little brother.

    Also, I often have conversations with people that go like:
    Ugly Boy: 'I thought you were a girl'
    Me: 'No'
    Ugly Boy: /punches

    But I think I have had just as many that go like:
    Beautiful Girl: 'I thought you were a girl'
    Me: 'No'
    Beautiful Girl: 'OMG, fit'
    /gives number
    /takes home
    /takes off clothes

    So, what I mean to say is that it's not just Jap developers who think it is hot.
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  • PS3 compatibility site live

  • blindlemonjefferson 20/03/2007

    I can't see FF7 anywhere...

    The optimist inside my says that means a (hopefully good) re-make will just /have/ to be made
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  • US soldiers get to play Halo 3

  • blindlemonjefferson 03/01/2007

    This all brings to mind the 'Bunnies' scene in Apocalypse Now.

    Regarding 'northy vs. Ja_Long', I think that everybody should try to develop an opinion on everything that they come across - no matter how 'uninformed' they are (or they might seem to be) - and then try to articulate it, 'cuz everybody benefits from a thoughtful argument.

    'Shallow' is too harsh a judgement for someone who wants to opt out of the argument - fuck knows everybody's pretty tired of Iraq/US etc. debates - but, then again, the people who don't care to argue should let the argument go on anyway. It arose pretty organically from the content of the article...

    Edit: ha, try and make sense of that if you can
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  • Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2006: 10 - 1

  • blindlemonjefferson 29/12/2006

    I haven't played most games on the list, so obviously I don't have much expertise, but where - where?! - is Medieval II? I would've thought it'd cannon-blast its way easily into the top 50... Reply 0