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  • Jon Blyth on: Fixing Far Cry 4

  • blicko 07/02/2015

    Jeebus Christ, that was an entertaining read. Stay on the same drugs and write plenty more Eurogamer articles, Jon. Brilliant. Reply +45
  • Microsoft to unlock more GPU power for Xbox One developers

  • blicko 03/10/2013

    "So rich are you telling us that the ps4 does not have potential and how strange you NEVER reported the Ps4-50% more powerful edge article, yet published a piece to refute it."

    I don't know who I dislike more (Sony or Microsoft), and I don't really care about consoles since I already have more games on my PC than I have time to play them.

    There's no doubt in my mind that EuroGamer have been biased in their coverage of next gen console news, at least since Microsoft's disastrous PR gaffs.

    EuroGamer has been my one-stop-shop for game news/review for such a long time, I really don't know much about who the reputable alternatives are. Giant bomb? Rock paper shotgun?

    Suggestions welcome!

    I'll follow the rest of this thread to check out any suggestions but, after that, I'm outta here. I don't have time to read payola-sponsored nonsense (and Lord knows the games review industry is rife with it).

    Thanks for what you used to be, EuroGamer.
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  • Alliance crowned Dota 2 world champions

  • blicko 12/08/2013

    I'm surprised with EuroGamer's lack of coverage of these tournaments. It's really becoming a big deal and surely worthy of a daily recap article (with spoiler alerts, naturally?

    Anyway, congrats to the Swedes. Deserved it.
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  • Street Fighter 2: The Movie review

  • blicko 27/05/2013

    Good lord, I'm old. Great movie.

    If you like this, you might also like "Ninja Scroll" and (original) "Fist of the North Star". Great old-school action anime flicks.
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  • SimCity launch debacle: EA admits it was "dumb", says sorry with a free game

  • blicko 11/03/2013

    "They haven't put a review up. What are you talking about?"

    I guess he's talking about the 10/10 EuroGamer Sweden gave.

    EG is being very generous to EA by holding back their review. Certainly more generous than EA were to their customers who asked for a refund.

    The standard is that games are reviewed at release, not at service patch 1. If it's unplayable at release, score it accordingly. If they patch it up sufficiently, then change the score. C'mon EuroGamer. Out with it!
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  • Editor's Blog: New Editorial Policies

  • blicko 09/11/2012

    @brseg "Maybe its now time to improve the journalistic quality of 'previews'? They've turned into glorified press releases."

    Funny you mention that. I started a humble forum thread almost a decade ago related to that topic and it ended up in the "Reader Reviews" feature being added to the site.

    I'd still like to see compulsory reviews of the puff-piece-previewed games to correct (or justify) the hype.
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  • WRC 3 review

  • blicko 17/10/2012

    The thing that bothers me most about this review isn't how lazy and vague it is - it's the fact that it actually made it past an editor and got published on Eurogamer. Where the hell is the quality control?

    I've been reading this site since before the advertising and multi-page reviews. While I don't mind the articles, the thing that got me here and keeps me coming back are the reviews. Not that I always agree with them, but they usually articulate enough that I can work out if I'd like the game regardless of the score.

    This isn't the first time a review has stuck out as poor, but when efforts like this get published, you have to wonder about the quality control. It hurts the credibility of the place and that's the only reason I'm here.

    On the positive side, it's good to see the readers set the record straight and give a bit of respect to the devs who have actually done a good job with the game.
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  • blicko 16/10/2012

    All you folks criticising the review just don't get it. It's a racing game and it's not Codemasters. Get it?

    Seriously though, I think this game is better than a 6 (personal opinion, of course) and the review comes across as lazy and dismissive by not giving detail as to why it has earned that score.

    The review reads like one of my school book "reviews" when I didn't read the book.
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  • Bohemia feared the reaction to a standalone DayZ game

  • blicko 19/08/2012

    @brdolan - Don't get too excited about the possibility of refined controls and feel of the yet-to-be-released ArmA III engine. The feel of ArmA II engine and controls is very much the same as it was in Operation Flashpoint (still one of my favourite games ever) and the original ArmA. Reply +1
  • Eve Online Council chairman may resign over harassment of suicidal player

  • blicko 27/03/2012

    I don't buy this "I'm really a nice guy IRL. I only pretend to be an arse on the Internet" bullshit.

    So he's not an arsehole, but his character is? Whatever. Just because you can be a douche on the Internet, doesn't mean it's okay.

    People make mistakes when they're drunk, but I doesn't turn you into an arsehole. If you are already one, it can really expose it (much like the pseudo-anonymity of the Internet).
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  • Bethesda: Skyrim DLC to follow different model to Fallout 3

  • blicko 18/02/2012

    @JayG - "Was the PS3 version really that bad?"

    Check out the video from EG's article last week. The lag on the original release became unbearable.
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  • Ridge Racer Unbounded delayed by four weeks

  • blicko 13/02/2012

    I've played my fair share of Ridge/Rage/Rave Racer, but I can't get excited about this. Contact has always been punishing in the game.

    A big part of the thrill (and skill) was executing the drift overtakes at top speed - usually forcing you to take a more unconventional line to avoid contact. And the collision detection was particularly fierce in the earlier games (the car seemed twice as wide as the bumper cam suggested).

    Hope it turns out okay, but I'll hold off from a day 1 purchase.
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  • WipEout 2048 Review

  • blicko 26/01/2012

    @semtex03 - The first game was a landmark at the time, but if you would prefer it over any that followed, you're a Zen master.

    The way the opponents would push you into the side wall which would insta-stop you while they were totally immune ... FFFUUUUUUUU. The game was awesome at the time, but it'd be last on my list of WipEout games to play.

    Set the benchmark for killer soundtracks, though ( ;-)

    (BTW, that previous link is the artist's free downloads of much of the music from the first games).
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  • Terraria gets Collector's Edition, retail release

  • blicko 26/01/2012

    Kudos to Eurogamer for reviewing this one early on. I think it's a better game than your score reflects, but we all know that phase you were going through. Reply +8
  • No BlizzCon 2012 this autumn

  • blicko 25/01/2012

    "2012 World Championship in Asia ... specific timings and locations will be revealed at a later date."

    Hint: The location will be one of the Koreas.
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  • Minecraft Lego officially in development

  • blicko 24/01/2012

    Pretty cool idea, this. I can imagine these will be decorating the monitors and desks of some of the older kids. Reply +2
  • Workers at Xbox 360 plant threaten mass suicide

  • blicko 11/01/2012

    @drghdfhfg - Instead of spamming this site with your cheap fakes, why don't you get a real job? May I suggest Foxconn's XBox assembly line? Reply +4
  • Firaxis' XCOM: Enemy Unknown announced

  • blicko 06/01/2012

    I've got my expectations in check after the disappointment of Apocalypse, Interceptor, and (groan) Enforcer. Not that they haven't had merit, but they've never reached the quality of the original two.

    Silent Storm is worth checking out if you're in to squad-level turn-based malarky.
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  • How to change your Steam password

  • blicko 11/11/2011

    @gribb I don't think it's that people couldn't work it out for themselves but, as someone who has never changed their steam password, I appreciate the timely HOWTO to let me know that it's as quick and painless as it should be.

    As a matter of fact, I'm going to stop procrastinating and change mine now ;-)
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  • COD: Modern Warfare 3 live action trailer

  • blicko 07/11/2011


    My thoughts, exactly. Pissing competitions don't make anyone look clever, they just cover people in piss.
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  • Gearbox: Duke Nukem Forever wasn't reviewed fairly

  • blicko 04/11/2011

    @myms1ps3 "Eh, you know it was in developement for 14 years don't you."

    Yeah. I was a young punter selling games in retail when the original came out.

    Sidenote: the original had to have the nudity taken out to be sold here in Australia (*rolleyes*). So the day we took delivery of the game, the sales rep paid us a visit and gave us the cheat code to enable the nudity.

    At the time, we thought he was just being cool, but in hindsight, the distributor would have been worried about losing sales to Quake (released around the same time).

    "Unless you're taking the piss."

    This ;-)
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  • blicko 03/11/2011

    The game was obviously rushed out. Reply +2
  • Why we missed the Battlefield 3 review embargo

  • blicko 25/10/2011

    Maybe you didn't give them enough advertising space? Perhaps an extra one or two "news" articles a day would have greased the wheels?

    Jokes aside, I see this as a positive. They're going to favour the less-critical reviewers at launch to protect against any buzz-kill. Take it as a compliment and give them an 8 ;-)
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  • Uncharted 3 video talkthrough

  • blicko 13/10/2011

    Very entertaining talkthrough, chaps. Jolly good. Reply 0
  • Street Fighter X Tekken TGS trailer

  • blicko 14/09/2011

    That looks much better than I thought it would. I thought it would have been an easier cross-over if it played more like Tekken, but it looks like Capcom have done a great job vice-versa. Interested. Reply +1
  • Atari readies new Warlords remake

  • blicko 29/03/2011

    Oh. I was hoping it was SSG's Warlord. Never heard of this one @_@ Reply 0
  • European Nintendo 3DS Reviewed

  • blicko 28/02/2011

    "Nintendo has never yet lost a bet by following a different vision to everyone else's"

    They most certainly have. It was called the Virtual Boy, and it was their first tilt at 3D.

    This time, however, I think they've got it right. As with others, I'm going to wait for ver2.0, and hope they sort the battery life out.

    Edit: A link for the young whipper-snappers. Behold, 3DS's ugly stepdad.
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  • The Story of X-Com

  • blicko 28/11/2010

    Fond memories of Enemy Unknown and Microprose back in the day when turn-based was king. Microprose seemed to have the gun flight-sims, racing sims, strategy games etc. and the original X-Com was my favourite (along with Civ).

    Never did get tired of that cool intro ...

    "Developed attachment with each individual solider and was quite heart broken when killed off! "

    Soooo true. I don't think I've had that level attachment in another game.

    I lived with a guy who bought Apocalypse and ... yeah ... it wasn't up to scratch. Anyway ... thanks for the amazing games, Julian.
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  • Retrospective: Gran Turismo

  • blicko 28/11/2010

    Cheeryuk: +1. Loved that game ... go go go motortoooon.

    I did play countless hours of the first GT. One thing that bothered me was the "boost" in the game. It sucks the satisfaction out of a game for me when they do that (I'm looking at you, Oblivion).

    Does this still have opponents whose speed is relative to your position? If so, can you turn it off?
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  • 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa

  • blicko 23/04/2010

    "every bit as quotably rubbish as Martin Tyler"...

    You mean eminently quotable, then? Martin Tyler is the David Attenborough of football. He doesn't so much as comment as he does tell the story of the game. I couldn't care less about Andy Gray, but this is ignorance in the extreme.
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  • Wii and DS thrash competition in US

  • blicko 15/01/2010

    In other news ... Reply -2
  • Games of 2009: Street Fighter IV

  • blicko 26/12/2009

    PC Fighters ... how about Rise of the Robots? *shudders*

    I had Super Street Fighter II Turbo on the PC in the early 90s. Quite enjoyable, too (even with the obvious keyboard limitations).
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  • AC/DC Live: Rock Band

  • blicko 07/01/2009

    The AC/DC of the 1970's were one of the very best rock bands of their era. TNT,High Voltage, Highway to Hell, Dirty Deeds, and Let There Be Rock ... incredibly good stuff,

    Since Bon Scott's death (and what a Rock'n'roll way to go) in 1980, they've been pumping out crap. Which makes this game a fitting tribute to the modern AC/DC stuff.
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  • Operation Flashpoint 2 slips to 2009

  • blicko 10/07/2008

    Operation Flashpoint 2 Forever. Reply 0
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl

  • blicko 29/03/2008

    9? Nintendo really should do more advertising on this site. Reply 0
  • Sam & Max: Ice Station Santa

  • blicko 04/01/2008

    Apparently it needs to be a FPS. Reply 0
  • BioShock: A Defence

  • blicko 06/12/2007

    >>You, Kieron Gillon, should replay System Shock 2 (if you even played it before. I suspect you've just READ about it..)

    >Kieron Gillen not only played SS2, he did the original PCGamer review of it back in 1999.

    Without any doubt, that's the most decisive retort I've read on this website. Kudos to you, Katsumoto.
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  • GameSpot ed gone amid rumours

  • blicko 01/12/2007

    In my opinion, Eurogamer reviews are most certainly affected by advertising. I made this point ages ago and it caused quite a stir (and had a large bearing on the creation of the "reader reviews", if I recall correctly).

    My point was with the saturation advertising of a game called "Devastation". Advertising everywhere, and three or four "news" stories and a preview. So they did all the positive hyping, but didn't release a review (it was a shocking game, BTW).

    In my opinion, they should have released a review to set the record straight. They didn't, which I choose to interpret as a move to keep an advertiser on-side. YMMV.

    As others have noted, there have been the occasional dodgy review, too. Fanboys, if you like this site, always take a critical look at it. Otherwise, you'll wake up one day and you'll find you're supporting IGN.
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  • Naruto: Rise of a Ninja

  • blicko 25/11/2007

    @LeD & Kujata.

    Fantastic news. Cheers.
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  • blicko 25/11/2007

    As much as I enjoy the anime, I really don't think I could forgive the non-Japanese voice acting. *shivers* Reply 0
  • Evan Wells on Jak PS3 potential, Manhunt 2, more

  • blicko 17/11/2007

    Would you call Tomb Raider a platformer?

    Absolutely! It was 3D Prince of Persia long before Prince of Persia 3D (and better, IMO).
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  • Virtual Console Roundup

  • blicko 10/11/2007

    Explosion Boobs FTW! Reply 0
  • PKR

  • blicko 03/11/2007

    Pass. Reply 0
  • EGTV: Mario Galaxy blowout

  • blicko 19/10/2007

    Shame you can't actually watch it on the Wii. Jihad on Flash 9. Reply 0
  • Super Paper Mario

  • blicko 19/09/2007

    I was disapointed that all the text must still be read, why can't the have some audio?

    You know how Nintendo have those responsible "go outside and play, too" messages? I'm guessing they figure they're doing the responsible thing by the kiddies by encouraging them to read a bit.

    As a bonus, they protect their "franchises" from the god-awful dubbing you hear on Anime.

    Personally, I don't mind either way.

    Edit: But I do prefer the N64 version's combat (I don't know about Gamecube version since I didn't own one).
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  • The Eurogamer TV Show - Episode 16 Pt. 2

  • blicko 08/09/2007

    Great show. Cheers. Reply 0
  • Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

  • blicko 03/09/2007

    I'd consider Wii Sports a casual gamer's game. If this turns out as good as it, count me in (YMMV etc.). Reply 0
  • BioShock

  • blicko 19/08/2007

    From the review.

    "it's no exaggeration to report that not only does BioShock boast the most staggeringly beautiful environments you've ever lain eyes on in a videogame, but adds infinite depth to them"

    Infinite depth? No exaggeration? Well, I guess I'll just have to check it out then.
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  • Obscure II

  • blicko 06/08/2007

    So, as good as Resident Evil 4 on the Wii? Might have to check it out then. Reply 0
  • The Eurogamer TV Show - Episode 13

  • blicko 08/07/2007

    I don't have an iPod myself, but you're mad not to offer it for download in an iPod compatible format. It's not as though you're going make any money selling a DVD version. Reply 0