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  • Escaping Skyrim's shadow

  • blarty 27/02/2017

    @Spetzomancer Yes I understand, there can be that slight disconnect, there is no 'hide other players' option unfortunately, but as you go out from the hubs the incidences of other players gets less, but I certainly take your point of checking an abandoned ruin only to see some other person rush past you and break the immersion.

    However, on the upside, this being a MMO, sometimes you really need those players!

    And quite a few levels and areas are solo instances only.
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  • blarty 27/02/2017

    @Spetzomancer I rarely bother with multiplayer, except to team up for Difficult dungeons or world bosses, the rest of the time I just potter from quest marker to quest marker.... and I think in all the time I've played ESO, I've spent no more than 10 hours in PvP multiplayer Reply +1
  • blarty 27/02/2017

    When I look back on my 20-odd hours with The Elder Scrolls Online....
    Yeah that's barely noticing there's a surface, never mind scratching it. It's probably taken me twice that to finish the Thieves Guild storyline and that's an Add-On.

    And I wouldn't get too hung up on concurrent steam players as a metric it released 3 months later on steam than it's actual release date, and you can get it for half the price from other places usually than the steam price (gmg is £18.99 for the gold edition and steam is £39.99). And unlike Fallout 4 and Skyrim, you don't need Steam to play the game.

    That being said I've ploughed hundreds of hours into Oblivion and Skyrim (both PS3 and Xbox 360) - doing the same with Skyrim SE on PS4. But for now it's ESO that has me gripped. On PS4 there are always people bumbling about in the DLC areas, and significantly more in any of the main city hubs. Can't say much for PvP as it's not really my focus.

    The basic problem with ESO is that it's not Morrowind/Oblivion/Skyrim as these are fundamentally different games - you are not really a hero in the vein of Dragonborn - instead it's an MMO (and a significantly deeper one, than at launch) that happens to be set, and sticks favourably to, the Elder scrolls world and lore.

    The sheer size of crafting etc, puts Skyrim and Fallout 4 to absolute shame (of course this is yet another example of it Skyrim and ESO being fundamentally different games, and is far more an established staple of MMOs than of single-player RPGs), and I'd certainly welcome a more deeper crafting model in ES6.

    Between additions for Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, the Justice system and Homestead, it's a game I can quite easily potter around in for hours.

    Incidentally, why no comparison of vanilla PS4 vs Pro PS4 for ESO when it's 4k native (with enhanced 1080p, if you want it) and HDR - DF has done virtually every other PS4 Pro-enhanced game....

    The Elder Scrolls Online has improved immeasurably with age and, going by forum chatter, at least, has a committed core of players. It's possible that the tacit reboot that is the Morrowind expansion will grant it a new lease of life.
    Again, if you're measuring solely off Steam numbers, it's not an ideal metric. Hell, I even still play The Secret World every now and again and that's still just chugging along reasonably well - MMOs don't have new lease's of life, they simply just settle down into middle age.
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  • Jelly Deals roundup: Hitman, Battlefield 1, Mass Effect Trilogy and more

  • blarty 25/02/2017

    It's quite disconcerting to realise that you can get a 2tb drive for an XB1 or PS4 for less than a fiver more than a 200Gb SD card for the switch.... Reply +2
  • Why BioWare ditched the power wheel from Mass Effect Andromeda

  • blarty 23/02/2017

    So it's all about the combat, eh? Wanting to make the battlefield more fluid. Sounds like an utterly fantastic direction in which to take this RPG franchise. Reply +3
  • Overwatch game director talks diversity, inclusivity and Tracer's sexuality

  • blarty 23/02/2017

    In my eyes the problem has never been introducing diverse characters, the issue has been in ensuring there is depth in writing and character development beyond just 'identifies as X'. One of the (few) good things about Dragon Age Inquisition, was Dorian, a character who is clearly gay, but due to the depth of character writing is clearly not defined by it to the extent that all other character traits and motivations are sidelined. Reply +3
  • PS4 Pro boost mode: a game-changer for unpatched titles?

  • blarty 11/02/2017

    Scorpio with 4 k blue ray player at $499 is better value then ps4 pro with no 4k player at $399
    It would be, IF, games for Scorpio come out on UHD capacity discs, however, it won't on release due to 'no exclusive Scorpio games', combined with the news that streaming has surpassed DVD sales, then I don't see how a 20% premium for a UHD drive makes it better value across the board.... however should the GPU/CPU capabilities of the Scorpio significantly outstrip the PS4 at both 1080p and 4k, then that in itself would justify the price difference
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  • Why Valve has no interest in making console games

  • blarty 10/02/2017

    @terminaljeremy *sniff* That was beautiful.

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  • blarty 10/02/2017

    "We get really frustrated working in walled gardens,"....
    "well, the ones we don't own"
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  • Metabomb is hiring a Staff Writer!

  • blarty 09/02/2017

    "Something, something Overwatch"-bomb is hiring a Staff Overwatcher!
    Overwatch could always use more Overwatch.
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  • Latest footage of crowd-funded Psychonauts 2, as it picks up publisher

  • blarty 06/02/2017

    "They'll also know when we're lying, so we won't do that."
    Given how crowdfunding has gone the last couple of years.... they won't be the only ones to know.
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  • PlayStation 4 is finally getting external hard drive support

  • blarty 03/02/2017

    Glad to hear about the HDD - my XBO has got an extra 3Tb of storage in a couple of drives, and I've a spare 2tb that just this morning I was wondering what to do with.... so that'll be in the back of the PS4 Pro soon enough.

    Custom Wallpapers always seemed a strange omission since the option to add a custom screenshot to your home profile was added in the last big update.

    3D Blu-ray support for PSVR actually seems like a reasonable move, as it would be kind of made for the stereoscopic properties of such a headset.

    These are good moves for the PS4, but the interface still needs a bit of work, specifically around customisation, etc.
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  • PS4 just had its best three months ever

  • blarty 02/02/2017

    But... but.... weren't we being told that the PS4 Pro wasn't selling well?

    I honestly don't know what to think about this!

    Sony overall is being dragged down by the company's struggling movie division.
    I wonder why.....
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  • Oculus owner Facebook ordered to pay Zenimax $500m in virtual reality lawsuit

  • blarty 02/02/2017

    @JesseDeya Well, Americans do love their litigation.... Reply 0
  • blarty 02/02/2017

    @JesseDeya 'Trade secrets' and 'technology belonging to Zenimax' are not equivalent, essentially they're saying that whatever Oculus and Carmack did do, it wasn't covered by the definition of 'trade secret' - for instance, given that Zenimax is not creating a VR headset itself, there's no direct competition between the two companies, so burden of proof is higher - Intellectual Property law is a bit of a minefield. Reply +7
  • Blowing the lid off the Ubiverse conspiracy

  • blarty 01/02/2017

    @spamdangled Possibly, although the speed at which the latest social media buzzwords occur in EG articles irks me no end. Reply -14
  • blarty 01/02/2017

    "Easter eggs" are the original Alternative Facts.

    Sweet heaven preserve us.....

    In a world where truth is ever more subjective and inconvenient facts are swept under the rug with ever increasing clinical efficiency, the concept of Alternative Facts bears little to no meaning, except as a reference to beliefs you take umbrage with.
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  • BioWare's new IP will arrive by the end of March 2018

  • blarty 01/02/2017

    It's “not an RPG.”
    So it's not really new - it's the next instalment in the "Dragon Age" series then?
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  • Who's who in Mass Effect Andromeda

  • blarty 31/01/2017

    I am glad they're bringing back classic characters but giving them more spacefaring roles, here they are in their previous roles....

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  • Can Horizon: Zero Dawn really be a AAA game without cynicism?

  • blarty 30/01/2017

    Can Horizon: Zero Dawn really be a AAA game without cynicism?
    No, because games journalists will review it and you're cynical bastards.

    Next question.
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  • Punching Nazis

  • blarty 28/01/2017

    I love the smell of thinly veiled agitprop in the morning Reply -3
  • Mass Effect Andromeda trailer showcases new aliens, another squadmate

  • blarty 26/01/2017

    Hollyoaks : Andromeda Reply +16
  • The Fallout Sex Formula

  • blarty 26/01/2017

    if you want to listen to us both awkwardly avoid saying the word 'sex' for about 15 minutes.
    You should turn this into a game where you have to each say a different euphemism for 'the deed' every time and the one who eventually runs out of options has to buy the next round.
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  • Are Warhammer's Skaven misunderstood?

  • blarty 25/01/2017

    It doesn't matter if they're misunderstood, as long as they are good allies. Reply 0
  • The race for 4K: how Project Scorpio targets ultra HD gaming

  • blarty 24/01/2017

    It's highly amusing to see the Faux 4k comments start to fly again, even on PC it takes a massive amount of grunt to get 4k60, I still have to tweak my 295x2 in certain games and in others it won't even approach 45fps at 4k never mind 60.

    4K is a massive amount of data to render and output in each frame, and I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see full take up of 4k on PC for at least another couple of GPU generations - until the 1170/1270 series can do full fat 4k at either 60fps locked or ultra IQ without compromise.
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  • The new Call of Cthulhu looks promising

  • blarty 19/01/2017

    Not the hero America needs, but the hero America deserves....

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  • Mass Effect Andromeda lets you craft and name weapons

  • blarty 17/01/2017

    Shotgun, I name thee "Red Ending"
    Sniper Rifle, I name thee "Blue Ending"
    Assault Rifle, I name thee "Green Ending"
    and Pistol, I name thee "Shoot Starchild in the face"
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  • Brexit blamed for incoming UK App Store price rise

  • blarty 17/01/2017

    Ah yes, Brexit, the "Get Out of Jail Free" card for money-grabbing, wallet-gouging companies everywhere.

    Psst.... Don't tell anyone that the British Pound has been overvalued for years... we'll say it's because of the EU referendum & blame it on the 17m people that we absolutely know for sure are xenophobic racists, not that it matters as they probably won't understand the words we use as they're all uneducated anyway.

    And besides everyone knows that companies like Apple are massively altruistic, and would never dream of taking financial advantage of such a situation.....

    And yes of course, don't worry about it, if the situation reverses, then of course they'll bring their prices back down accordingly. :cool:
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  • Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg set to defend Oculus in court

  • blarty 17/01/2017

    The issue really hangs upon what Carmack did for Oculus whilst being on Zenimax's time and whilst he was being paid by them, and given the fact that he had full use of Zenimax's and id's facilities whether there was a written agreement over ownership/licensing of the stuff that he worked on. Reply +10
  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild download fills almost half Nintendo Switch internal storage

  • blarty 16/01/2017

    Too many people excusing what is quite frankly a series of shambolic design decisions particularly when viewed alongside the price points of both the console and the accessories.

    32 Gb of internal storage was not enough on the Wii U premium edition - how can anyone seriously think that it's 'not an issue' on the Switch? It's all well and good pointing to the more portable nature of the unit as a reason not to have a hard drive (i.e. cheap voluminous storage) but it doesn't get away from the fact that 32 Gb is woefully small, as external SD cards will introduce yet another bottleneck.
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  • Nintendo Switch's bundled Joy-Con grip doesn't charge controllers

  • blarty 16/01/2017

    Never. Not Once. Reply -1
  • Nintendo confirms Switch launch lineup of games

  • blarty 13/01/2017

    Sounds like they're trying not to shock the market that much by keeping to the same kind of release pace that the WiiU has had for the last couple of years Reply +3
  • Xbox One controllers now have two more colourful options

  • blarty 11/01/2017

    I'd rather have Scalebound to be honest..... Reply -8
  • Amazon's Echo gadget has a Mass Effect Easter egg

  • blarty 11/01/2017

    Does it also turn Green, Red or Blue, without really providing any meaningful difference between the three? Reply +1
  • New year's resolution: Let's stop screaming

  • blarty 08/01/2017

    @JiveHound Maybe I didn't explain it - you had UC3 a game that was ripped apart because of it's linearity and repetition, and then Forza 4 that got a higher score even though it's entire premise is pretty much linearity and repetition,
    I didn't say Forza 4 was praised for it, I just found the dichotomy ironic.
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  • blarty 08/01/2017

    The problem is when you get bad actors or 'screamers' on multiple sides but decide only to call out those on a particular side. Just because you agree with the premise of something that someone is saying, does not mean you have to agree with the way in which it is said.

    I can agree with someone's principles and reasons but find their actions abhorrent - I see this a lot on Twitter - I can absolutely understand where they're coming from, but the arrogance (and often intolerance) and egregious arseholery of their interactions makes them come across as a collossal dickweasel of the highest order.

    There is a lot of 'screaming' going around, and there's a metric fuckton of judgemental idiots making snap decisions about certain games, the people who create the games and the people who play those certain games, and it's all awful - devoid of nuance, defective in debate, deficient of reason - a digital petrol fire where both sides don't realise that they're just as on fire as the people they're fighting..... but there will always be certain arsebiscuits in and around the industry or who have the enigmatic 'blue tick' on twitter that you won't call out.

    If you want the industry and gaming culture to do better, which I think everyone wants to see, then all people have to get their houses in order, not just the people you disagree with on some ideological level.
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  • blarty 08/01/2017

    @peterfll Yes I also remember the UC3 review made repeated references to linearity and repetition, yet Forza 4 reviewed less than a month earlier was praised, even though it's entire premise is linearity and repetition, Different game genre and reviewer of course, but still it was amusing to see one game lambasted for things whilst another game was praised, even though it had those things in abundance. Reply +6
  • blarty 08/01/2017

    Part of the problem is the salesman mentality, which as most people will know is endemic throughout many industries, not just video games - the guy trying to close the sale will commit to a feature set or a delivery date with absolutely no concern for whether what they've just promised is even feasible nevermind achievable within these new 'promised land' constraints.

    Stop promising things that you have not even started on.
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  • Microsoft's 2017: momentum at last, and a golden opportunity

  • blarty 06/01/2017

    @muro Yes Play Anywhere is making traction, although the reliance of buying from the Store does mean it's not entirely 'free' as the Digital Store prices of games are often higher than disk version (and if you have multiple people in the house with XB1s then you lose the ability to all play a single purchase).

    Backwards Compat is the big one in my opinion, and although the 4k UHD drive is interesting, as only yesterday it was announced that streaming has overtaken DVD sales.

    Although if you're only going to have one console and you prefer your viewing media on disk, then there's really only one option currently.

    For me, having the PS4 Pro (and I'll be getting the Scorpio) only having one console with UHD playback is fine by me.
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  • blarty 06/01/2017

    Scorpio's biggest obstacle will be a combination of being held to single releases across XB1 and Scorpio and price - price it too high and if MS don't have Scorpio exclusives to really push the machine, they'll be stuck with mostly XB1 disadvantages, and gamers will not see the the full capabilities of the machine - set the price too low and MS will be stuck with a loss leading machine needing gamers to buy a larger number of games to break even, and if those games are XB1 as well, they won't get away with adding a fiver on the RRP.

    I think that Scorpio will end up in special day 1 upgrade patches becoming the norm, in order to get the fullest out of the machine, because quite frankly muddied textures and effects at 1080p, will just result in muddied textures and effects at 4k unless the quality of the assets is greatly enhanced - will this mean all textures are Scorpio level and then downsampled at install for XB1, I guess we'll find out soon enough

    Looking forward to it, it'll go well alongside my PS4 Pro and my 4k gaming rig.

    But for god sake MS, just don't do a PS3 price announcement - $599/£599 will not work - saying it's a premium console is one thing, expecting people to pay a premium price is entirely another.
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  • Mass Effect Andromeda release date finally confirmed for March

  • blarty 05/01/2017

    I had thought Peebee was just an in-house name for 'reveal at a later date' purposes, although now I'm feeling that it's going to just be short for 'PeeBee Herman'.

    The ability to switch classes on the fly, removes one of the good things about ME1-3 - choosing a different class, will alter your general go-to squad members, which meant that your play throughs were always different, with different sections become more or less harder dependent upon your chosen, written-in-stone class choice - now Bioware seems to have ditched that RPG staple as well.

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  • blarty 04/01/2017

    Not feeling any anticipation for Mass Effect this time around, just a large helping of 'Meh' for a game that's conveniently done a '600 years in the future, so it's more a less a full retcon, but we get away with not admitting it' Bioware sideswipe that they also did with SWTOR. Reply -2
  • HDMI 2.1 spec adds 8K/10K video, dynamic HDR and variable refresh

  • blarty 05/01/2017

    Oh no! Adding variable frame rate management as a standard across the board, baked as it will be into the HDMI specification, will mean Nvidia will have to find something else to justify gouging our wallets. Reply +5
  • Eurogamer readers' top 50 games of 2016

  • blarty 01/01/2017

    Thank every deity of the past, present and future, that Overwatch didn't win. Reply 0
  • 2016: A year in review

  • blarty 28/12/2016

    PSVRs biggest problem is meeting demand - you haven't been able to get one since the first week it was on sale Reply +19
  • Crytek breaks silence, closes multiple studios

  • blarty 24/12/2016


    Merry Christmas indeed.
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  • blarty 20/12/2016

    I hope all who are laid off find new employment quickly, of course, but one line did stand out for me....

    (One studio that's licensed CryEngine - and taken many ex-Crytek staff - is Cloud Imperium Games, maker of Star Citizen.)
    One studio that can't deliver wages on time, being majorly supported by another studio that seemingly can't deliver anything on time; here's a frying pan, and, ooh look, there's a fire.
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  • Let's remember GamesMaster's most infamous incident, broadcast 20 years ago

  • blarty 20/12/2016

    "I'm not a journalist, I'm a marketing manager"

    Two months previously, he says, he had written an article for Computer Trade Weekly magazine about the Nintendo 64.
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  • That's one hell of a Witcher cosplay calendar

  • blarty 20/12/2016

    The guy who does the cosplay also did a giveaway of a handmade Witcher sword, and he turned up to the person's house in full Geralt costume and makeup to present her with it, and it really is worth a quick watch, as to describe it in dumb words really wouldn't do it justice.
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  • Nintendo patent hints at VR support for Switch

  • blarty 16/12/2016


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