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  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance review - history is a double-edged sword

  • blarty 20/02/2018

    It's not conclusive proof but it's readily available doubt to undermine Warhorse's interpretation.
    Sorry, but equally "You just can't know" and ""What if" hardly provide conclusive evidence either, that in a particular, even slender, time frame (especially one during a time of what would be huge political unrest and civil war) in what you admit is a "16 square kilometre area of rural Bohemia" [as reference even my northern, post-industrial shit hole [PISH] of a town is bigger than 16sq km], that particular ethnic groups or individuals mingled freely in the early 1400s.

    Your historian's "what-ifs" have no more concrete basis than the aspersions you're casting on the "probably-nots" of the historians Warhorse consulted.
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  • Can Kingdom Come Deliverance's tech deliver its ambitious vision?

  • blarty 18/02/2018

    It's interesting to note that the comments and political views and or affiliations of other people in the gaming industry will not be discussed with such aplomb in technical reviews of the games that person has been just a part of.

    Oh and just for the record, can we get a list of all the political views including cross references to twitter for every person that worked on the game? Just simply because it would be incredibly remiss of Eurogamer to take a piece of work created by several individuals and reduce all their efforts to a single person in order to criticise that single person's viewpoints, and in so doing erasing the viewpoints of other individuals, just so you can take political potshots.

    In fact no, I'll give Eurogamer the benefit of the doubt, because reading more into it, that entire paragraph makes sense, if, given that it's an article about technical performance, you are clearly making a causative conclusion that drops in the game to sub-30fps are down to Vavra being a shitlord, and that if he embraced the correct opinions in his personal life that that alone would make the game hit a locked 60 fps.
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  • Meet Double Fine's Tim Schafer at EGX Rezzed

  • blarty 15/02/2018

    I'd like to go if only to step up to ask a question and then say "Nah, never mind, I can't ask a question and expect a reasonable answer from a man who can't shave himself" - I mean that picture makes him look like an extra from Fallout New Vegas, I'm half expecting him to start calling himself "Easy Pete" Reply -2
  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance has a hefty day-one update

  • blarty 12/02/2018

    I'd like to go to Camelot, I hear it has a great Knightlife
    Not anymore.....
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  • blarty 12/02/2018

    @Zealuu2 This is also a guy who's been told by progressives (presumably you're a progressive) that they know more about his culture, and his history, than he, his development team and the academics and so on that he's consulted with and at the same time have ignored and mocked his own experiences growing up under the communist regime that was prevalent in the Eastern bloc for the majority of the latter half of the last century.

    I don't see you taking such a principled stance against these people.

    You see the problem is the progressive worldview and/or ideology is filled with hypocrisy and exceptions - it will happily indulge in everything it condemns in others because it's proponents believe the morality they wrap their dogma in makes them somehow superior - they have decided that they, and they alone, are the Good, and anyone who isn't them, is the heretic.

    They wax lyrical about bigots whilst happily attaching negative value propositions to other people because of their skin or gender, etc. which is essentially the very epitomy of bigotry, and believe that their morality allows them to get away with it, throwing terms like White Supremacy or Nazi around, without really knowing what those terms mean or truly embody.

    I believe that instances of bigotry are awful and abhorrent across the board, lots of progressives also think it's abhorrent, except when they do it, of course.

    And I wouldn't really mind, if online social justice advocates were acting with the best intentions of social cohesion at heart, but when all is said and done, most of the time the highest zenith of social justice is 'raising awareness', not actual action, so they feel better about themselves, a smug self-aggrandising pretentiousness that bestows some form of moral prestige.

    All I've seen over the past 7 years or so of social justice on online platforms, is the sowing of social division along the lines of genetics and lifestyle choices, viewpoints that do more to enhance the status, influence and power of the social justice advocates, than those they claim to represent, and even worse those less fortunate in society.

    It's all rather sad really.

    The fact is you will take the opinions of an individual and use that to smear the output of his company and a large number of individuals (that by proxy you are also smearing) just to feel good about yourself. Which is fine. I, on the other hand, am able to separate the personal opinions of an individual from the professional output that their company (and the many individuals in the company) creates.

    And there was me saying that I try very hard to not get involved in the abject shitslinging ......
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  • blarty 12/02/2018

    @Zealuu2 I try very hard nowadays not to get involved in the abject shitslinging that is done in the name of progressivism, but seriously..... links to ResetEra? A place where reasoned, rational and open debate is almost always viewed with suspicion, and they'll jump at any comment in the most contrived, pathetic and twisted way possible, and then ban people for it?

    ResetEra is like NeoGAF on steroids, a bunch of people so high off their own egregious self-centredness that they see everything in terms of how offended they are by it.
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  • Jelly Deals: Telltale Games' finest on offer at GOG this week

  • blarty 08/02/2018

    @Wayne Well the whole reliance on other people's IP didn't work out well as a long term strategy for Activision, as IP has to be licensed and so on.

    I was just trying to work out whether Telltale are able to get a larger percentage of revenue from each sale, as if it was their own IP, they would be able to do so
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  • blarty 08/02/2018

    So how many of those games are an original IP of Telltale Games? Reply -6
  • Failbetter Games delays Sunless Skies following lay-offs, low sales

  • blarty 07/02/2018

    You can't gamble a release date, and wages on sales from early access, because not every gamble pays off.

    The game should have been planned to be a viable product without early access and dated accordingly; stretch goals and extra content beyond that baseline should have been dependent upon the income derived from Early Access.
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  • Switch Bayonetta 2 is a turbo-charged Wii U port

  • blarty 06/02/2018

    It still looks very jaggy though, the lack of anti-aliasing is a definite fly in the ointment. Not sure if it justifies a 44.99 - 49.99 tag for the Switch, but then again YMMV Reply +14
  • Big layoffs at Capcom Vancouver, new Dead Rising reduced in scope

  • blarty 06/02/2018

    It appears between this, the Bioware reduction and Eidos Montreal layoffs a while back, Canada is really struggling to cement it's place in the AAA Game employment stakes.

    Hope those affected find new opportunities soon
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  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds details long-awaited new anti-cheat measures

  • blarty 03/02/2018

    I presume that these rather egregious overtures about cheating in PUBG that seem to be happening on a regular basis are done simply to paste over the fact that the game is buggy as hell, and instead of closing exploits or fixing these bugs, "Hey let's ban these ones, we've got their money now!"

    "Its final current step on the road to a cheat-free nirvana" - you cannot have that until you have a near bug-free foundation.

    Also I imagine that now PUBG has come out of early access and their net code and server systems are actually release ready and not the pre-paid-for beta shite it was, that these early-access bans were rescinded.... wait I almost convinced myself there.... yeah....not a chance, it's still the pre-paid-for beta shite net code.
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  • PlayStation 4 passes 75m milestone

  • blarty 02/02/2018

    @Paul1979UK Although technically, you should also consider the PS3 launch and PS3 slim to be different consoles as the launch PS3 had built in backwards compatibility for the PS2 which the slim did not. Reply +1
  • blarty 02/02/2018

    Shipped, not Sold. Sold is around 60 million.
    Are you saying that there are around 15m PS4 consoles just 'hanging around' in retailers?

    I very much doubt that.
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  • blarty 02/02/2018

    I have all three consoles and love my One X. The PS4 and Switch barely get a look in.
    I tend to have phases, (I don't have a Switch I've still got reservations on the long term third party support for the Switch, having got burned by both the Wii and Wii U), where I go between PS4 Pro, Xbox One X and the PC, I'm currently just switching from an X1 phase back to a PS4/PSVR one.

    They all have good games so everyone's a winner.
    Absolutely agreed
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  • PUBG, Fortnite Battle Royale and the question of how new genres form

  • blarty 31/01/2018

    @Eaton_Corvinus Possibly but in an article about new genres, neither FFA nor LMS both of which are the mainstay of PUBG are in any way new or novel. Reply +2
  • blarty 31/01/2018

    @Eaton_Corvinus Not if it's Last Man Standing Reply +3
  • blarty 31/01/2018

    Free-for-all isn't a new genre. Reply +3
  • Xbox Game Pass revives Xbox One's digital vision - without the evil

  • blarty 25/01/2018

    @HNorbert Steam Family Sharing allows me to 'authorise' a PC and User to be able to use my games, as long as I'm not playing any games from my library. And once you're authorised I don't have to be logged into that PC every time.

    The issue is that if we can get Family Sharing done a la Steam (so I authorise an Xbox, or have family members through Xbox Accounts) , but without the library play restriction then it'll work fine. But at the moment the whole Game Sharing process on XB1 is still a pain in the ass.
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  • blarty 25/01/2018

    @Dizzy 1) Without logging in it requires my home xbox to be mainly be used by the other person, while I log in to my main xbox (but not make it 'home')

    2) In all other cases I would need to be signed in on their xbox console for them to use it.

    So it's not really the same. It not as though I buy the game digitally, and it's then available to other people in my household automatically, like a physical disc is.
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  • blarty 24/01/2018

    @andrewrafter But only with a single console, I can't buy Forza 7 digitally for myself and let both my sons also play it on their consoles, you can do that with physical, as long a only one is playing at a time.

    Essentially the digital roadmap for MS needs something similar to Steam's Family Sharing.
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  • blarty 24/01/2018

    @Fleisch Yeah, understand that, but when you have 4 people with 4 separate consoles, with physical disks it's easy, anyone can put the disc in and play, with digital, it's an 'at most 2' and the other person has to have your 'home' Xbox Reply +3
  • blarty 24/01/2018

    @bad09 True enough. The sales have been in a sorry state for at least a couple of years but that may be down to competition from the likes of GOG and Humble Bundle, and even Origin Reply +6
  • blarty 24/01/2018

    (Steam) has brought the cost of PC games software down considerably over the years
    ... during sales

    Steam has consistently kept prices high and at RRP outside of sales - more than a year after Skyrim's original release in 2011, it was still selling on Steam for 39.99
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  • blarty 24/01/2018

    See the biggest problem with the original license-only 'Buy a EULA' viewpoint that MS had at with the Xbox One reveal was that at no point did they ever explain how and why this change might be beneficial to consumers.
    Now with Cross-Buy for XB1 and PC, Game Pass and Backwards Compatibility allowing them to reach into a back catalog of games that consumers may have sold or traded in but might fancy playing again, it's starting to look like a reasonable sidekick to physical disks....

    ... Now if MS were to bring back the Gold family pack and allow you digitally to buy games that could then be played by other people in your household as well as yourself, then for myself it would look far more attractive than it currently does...

    ... Oh and stop with the digital RRP prices when practically no other 'traditional' seller does, especially months after release.

    Do that and MS will be on to a cracker of an alternative.
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  • Nintendo Labo costs at least £60 in the UK

  • blarty 18/01/2018

    Rock Band gets beached on the rocks
    Guitar Hero hits some bum notes
    Disney Infinity, has a finite life span
    Skylanders, ultimately fails to light up the sky
    Lego Dimensions, ends up being a bit two dimensional
    Nintendo Labo..... "I'm positively sure there's life left in this add on thing. Dave, put it out there for sixty quid... Easy Money!"
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  • blarty 18/01/2018

    @mega-gazz Indeed ... methinks the name might be changed soon rather than later.... Reply +1
  • blarty 18/01/2018

    So has anyone worked out what the plural for more than one Labo will be yet? Reply +7
  • Nintendo Labo London hands-on event requires you bring a child

  • blarty 18/01/2018

    Reply +5
  • CD Projekt Red shtum on rumour Cyberpunk 2077 will be at E3 this year

  • blarty 17/01/2018

    Shut up and take my covertly obtained Arasaka mainframe softwares, Meatbag Reply +1
  • Looks like Microsoft's pricey Xbox Elite controller is getting an upgrade

  • blarty 17/01/2018

    I have an official battery pack with mine, it's still got years left.... The only thing that bothered me was the fact that for the price it still came with batteries, however, if the battery pack is built in to the new one, I'm not sure it'll be a great upgrade 3 - 4 years down the line.

    The Elite is a great controller, apart from when you put it down to rest on the arm of the sofa and the paddles start to register on screen, like when you're watching a Blu-ray
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  • Star Citizen, I am disappointed

  • blarty 10/01/2018

    Star Citizen player engagement meeting, yesterday
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  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' new replays reveal the hidden stories all around you

  • blarty 09/01/2018

    At least if it's a replay they've got a reason for that 24fps vibe. Reply 0
  • Star Citizen maker launches fiery legal defence against Crytek

  • blarty 08/01/2018

    To be fair, if part of CIGs defense and counter claim has a large focus on fabricating things which are simply not true, or saying things are there and they turn out not to be, or speculative truths etc. then I wouldn't bet against CIG - they know an awful lot, in fact, you might even be so bold as to say, they wrote the book, about how you handle speculative truths in the gaming industry. Reply 0
  • Nvidia unveils Big Format Gaming Displays: 65-inch 120Hz G-Sync 4K monitors

  • blarty 08/01/2018

    NVidia got to get you to spend money on their 11 and 12 series GPUs one way or another...... Reply -5
  • Burnout Paradise HD reports gather pace

  • blarty 05/01/2018

    I bought Burnout Takedown for £2 when back combat for OG Xbox... a speculative purchase if ever there was one.... Reply 0
  • Paladins is getting a Battlegrounds-inspired mode and it is named Paladins: Battlegrounds

  • blarty 04/01/2018

    @gabloammar In all honesty, I think PUBG would have been in a better position to fend off these other games, if they hadn't gone into Early Access quite so soon. For games like Fortnite or Paladins, the Battle Royale formula is really just another game mode that they seem to be able to turnaround pretty quickly (Fortnite in particular).... for PUBG they've bet the house on it..... perhaps PUBG needs to expand it's horizons?

    Then again Bluehole have made lots and lots of money out of what is essentially an unfinished game.
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  • blarty 04/01/2018

    @gabloammar It would be halting innovation, if you believe that PUBG was innovative, in which case I think it would be time to ask you to wake up. Reply -2
  • Nintendo Switch is fastest-selling home console ever in US

  • blarty 04/01/2018

    The key thing for me to consider getting a Switch, after getting burned with both the Wii and the Wii U, is that 'having "continued support" for Switch' actually happens and doesn't just turn out to be marketing fluff, that cross platform games that appear on the Switch aren't missing features available on all other platforms, and they're not rehashed releases from previous years.

    Nintendo make great hardware that showcase their games, but going by the last couple of Nintendo's efforts, not-so-great hardware for showcasing third party games
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  • Xbox One Kinect adaptor officially dead now, too

  • blarty 03/01/2018

    @jellytotzuk Xbox One recently got support for USB webcams Reply +3
  • blarty 03/01/2018

    Kinect on the Xbox One, as a games peripheral, was utterly under utilised by both developers and MS, failing to expand on things like Kinect Joyride and Kinect Adventures. It wasn't helped by it's overall bulk, and the fact many attributed it's inclusion as the reason why the original XB1 cost more than the PS4 at launch.

    But, one thing that shouldn't be underestimated, is how the Kinect works as a streaming camera, giving nearly every original XB1 owner the ability to stream (apparently) without extra cost.... of course if MS had gotten Twitch streaming working day 1......
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  • Platinum Games is working on two new IPs, which it plans to self-publish

  • blarty 03/01/2018

    I wonder if the fact that Platinum feel they don't not having enough internal clout to go independently AAA has been a factor in exclusively doing Bayonetta 2 & 3 for Nintendo.... It's a pity that B2 &3 won't be on other platforms (at some point) especially since the first one was multiplatform. I loved Vanquish, and I hope Platinum have the success they deserve Reply +1
  • World Health Organisation now lists "hazardous gaming" as health disorder

  • blarty 02/01/2018

    What about if I don't happen to class "family, social" as "important areas of functioning" and what if there have been no 'occurrence of negative consequences'? Reply +1
  • The 50 most exciting games of 2018

  • blarty 02/01/2018

    Detroit: Become Human is a typical mix of pulp and self-seriousness from David Cage, but a recent showing suggests he has strayed too far into hot water
    Wait, that's the reason for not putting Detroit in the list?! Sure if someone was to say it was treading the same interactive fiction line that David Cage has always walked, that it was bland and currently looked uninspiring, or that it appeared to offer nothing new, then fair enough - but 'strayed into hot water' seems a pathetic reason, simply because if it looked like it was straying into hot water and annoying certain groups of people, you'd be all over it like a rash, like say Far Cry 5..... which happens to be 8th on your list.

    Not that I'm particularly interested in either game - Never finished FC3 or even played FC4 (though I have them both), and David Cage blows his own trumpet far more than he should, it just seems like a really petty reason to discount it
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  • Eurogamer's games of 2017: The big debate

  • blarty 31/12/2017

    If you're ever wondering why a game seems to have more stories about it on a gaming website, think about the popularity of stories about that game, and the popularity of the game itself.
    Fair enough, but consider also that a balancing act needs to be struck - otherwise a large density of articles about a particular game does not really inform nor excite a readership - it just creates fatigue - ubiquity rarely maintains it's novelty.....

    And in this instance consider PUBG - no one needs to write 4 articles about the same bloody map that hasn't quite released yet and another one when it does.
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  • blarty 31/12/2017

    From now on, my stock response to any question where I do not know the answer, will simply be

    I don't know, but it's not Shakira.
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  • Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2017: 30-21

  • blarty 28/12/2017

    Naming and shaming those responsible for Mass Effect featuring so highly
    I've seen Game of Thrones.... this will not end well.
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  • blarty 28/12/2017

    And yet, here it is, on this list of top games of 2017. Why's that? Well, the combat is fun.
    In an RPG? That alone should have excluded it from the top 50. Sorry, but if everything else that makes a RPG a good RPG, is ropey and sub-par - fun combat does not propel it to the 26th best game of the year.
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  • The year in Nazis

  • blarty 27/12/2017

    @Skyclad We seem to be talking at cross purposes here, friend. What I am saying is that it's become increasingly in vogue of late, to brand an ever increasing circle of people as 'Nazis' simply because they happen to disagree with some people on some level that often isn't racist, xenophobic or peddling a regime of hate.

    And whilst I am wholly in agreement that racists, hate speech peddlers and the such should rightly be called out on their particular brands of bigotry, the key point as you put it above is 'crystal-clear instances' .... we must be careful (not for them, you understand, but for ourselves, and for society as a whole) to be absolutely sure when we use terms like 'nazi'.

    It's all too easy to get involved in slanging matches and throwing guilt by association and implication around.

    Sometimes we all, regardless of viewpoint, could do with taking a step back for a moment and taking stock of whats going on.
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  • blarty 27/12/2017

    @Skyclad Whilst I see your point, unfortunately the world does not begin and end with Donald Trump. There is plenty of social division swirling around on social media (and there has been for years), and plenty of calls of 'no discussion to be had' etc whilst people of various leanings condemn their ideological opponents in the vilest of ways in order to pretend that they can put themselves in a place of moral certitude that means they shouldn't have to discuss difficult things - I believe we have far more in common than we have things that separate us, but if all you see in a person is someone you disagree with then that's up to you, but you're following a path towards narrow-mindedness just as much as they are. Reply +1