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  • Microsoft buys Mojang and Minecraft for $2.5bn

  • blarty 15/09/2014

    This is an interesting position MS have found themselves in.... perhaps we might see more co-operation (cagey though it will likely be) between platform holders in the future? Reply +34
  • Fancy-pants FIFA 15 TV ad is virtual reality football

  • blarty 13/09/2014

    In many ways that is absolutely spot on advertising, FIFA isn;t exactly my bag, but you can't deny how well it places total immersion. Reply +2
  • Destiny thrills, but the big picture rings hollow

  • blarty 10/09/2014

    I'm really enjoying it, once you get past the Old Earth section, and start with the newer missions on the moon it's all good. Reply +4
  • Microsoft to buy Mojang for $2 billion - report

  • blarty 10/09/2014

    I don't get this in the slightest - Mojang has nothing to do with MS platforms, the code is written in Java, a language that MS doesn't support, and the 360/XB1 versions are made by 4J studios.....

    .... this acquisition has imbecilic desperation written all over it.
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  • iPhone 6 and Apple Watch revealed

  • blarty 09/09/2014

    50% faster than the original iPhone? Not much of a leap.

    Well at least you managed to get a full HD screen in their. Good job.
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  • Destiny launch day live report

  • blarty 09/09/2014

    @jabberwocky I was on PS4 at lunchtime and everything appeared to be fine, will see how it goes over the evening. Reply 0
  • blarty 09/09/2014

    There doesn't appear to have been much network problems as yet.... players were in game fine and downloads weren't laggy and I've seen plenty of people on the What's new page have been playing the digital edition. Reply 0
  • Halo review

  • blarty 07/09/2014

    Even 15 years ago 8/10 was clearly a 'thing' :-P Reply +27
  • Editor's blog: A brief note about "GamerGate"

  • blarty 06/09/2014

    And with the degradation of support for this movement, comes willingness and focus to actually seriously discuss the things the rational people who got caught up in it, want to discuss. Feel free to begin.
    I'm not entirely sure that will occur, but very well, every journey starts with a step and all that - we've known for years that there is industry pressure (see Gerstmann's Kane and Lynch review, the Rab Florence debacle) and need to prioritise advertising revenue (Doritogate) to ensure costs are covered outside of the basic per issue cost that has evaporated since print media has waned for gaming and tbh journalists want to perceive what we do as harassment or sexism, or any of the long list of isms they've been painting all of us (as a demographic) with, with increasing frequency over the last couple of years, yet see no issue with people perceiving their chumminess and financial support back and forth as being ill-chosen at best and outright nepotism at worst.

    One of the other things I'd like to see is active engagement with people that seem to be at the forefront of this change - why can't Anita Sarkeesian attend an open forum at GDC?

    Why is it that problems are continually pointed out yet no solutions are suggested?

    Why are the consumers of the content being demonised for the content that for the most part they have little to no control over?

    If anything surely Anita should be trying to get us on side so that we vote with our wallets against games that have these issues, because that's really the only power we have to influence, over and above boycotting and adblocking websites such as games news sites like Kotaku.

    Also we have to be vigilant not to let anyone co-opt our medium for their own gain importance or ego, and that goes out not just to 4chan, but to some of the people involved in this scandal, some of the journalists that really should have kept their mouths shut on Twitter, and some of the people that were attracted to the petrol fight like moths to a flame.

    Gaming is growing up, so we're told, yet many of the journalists are 20-somethings, the medium and the professional experiences aren't as broad as they'd like to project, especially given the contempt with which, that some people feel, they have treated their supposed audience.

    The furore might die down over gamer gate, but I certainly believe that gaming journalists imagining a non-diverse population of gamers averse to inclusion has to stop, because it is bullshit, and the fallout over this has to be taken seriously, as quite honestly, if gamers didn't have concerns about trust and ethics before gamer gate, this would not have got as far as it has done. Gamers are sick of being painted as both villain and victim by the gaming media - we are your audience, and we are diverse, and most importantly we have the intelligence to make up our own minds and have our own perceptions, opinions and viewpoints without it being co-opted into a 'you're either with us or against us' social commentary.

    4chan may well have kicked a door in, that many will say in the coming days that it had no right to open, but the light it has shone in there is important, and there are far more people than just 4chan peering in to what has traditionally been a very grey area in the gaming industry.

    And quite frankly if game journalists say gamers have to start acting properly to be taken seriously, then the same has to be said of them - waiting until the day of the long knives to say anything about the situation and then to come out en masse and paint the issue as solely being about sexism and misogyny was an awful deviation and they should rightly be criticised for it.

    That being said, if all that has been achieved (that is good) is that Escapist, Polygon and Kotaku have drafted new codes of conduct for their contributors, then at least it wasn't all for nothing.
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  • blarty 06/09/2014

    @VibratingDonkey The things that will come out of this, is that if the ethics debate is buried, it will bubble to the top again, so it has to be tackled head on - to many gamers they feel that their audience is being sold down the river for gaming as a medium being misogynistic, even though they as the consumers have little ego no control of the content and that the politicisation of the medium is trying to diversify an already diverse medium and actually splintering it, and that there are fuckwits on both sides who doxx and attack people blindly, be it 4chan or the types of feminists that appear to be radically aligned with the content that Anita creates.

    From the first moment I read about this after coming back off holiday, I though that no one would come out of this as a glowing paragon of virtue.

    And quite frankly, when I know you can change the content of any web page in less than 10 secs and take a picture that you don't need to photoshop, I take any and all screen caps with a metric tonne of salt.
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  • blarty 06/09/2014

    Well, I guess I'll have to ask then - now #GamerGate and #NotYourShield have been proven to be manufactured as part of 4chan's campaign against Zoe and Anita - what next?
    I guess 1.2 billion people who play games will have to put up with being called White misogynistic racist homophobic cis basement dwelling manbabies then.... and my 9 year old daughter can look forward to being told she's somehow internalised misogyny through some form of Stockholm syndrome because she watches Stampy on youtube, and chats with her friends from school over Xbox Live. And many journalists can continue being relatively immature and go back to stoking fires of controversy for clicks, while being completely ambivalent over any industry chumminess.

    So yeah, moral high ground and all that..... I'm sure Rab Florence is proud of all of them
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  • blarty 06/09/2014

    One of the biggest problems of the people on the 'gamers are misogynistic' side is that they see games as misogynistic and persistently go after the consumers of the content rather than the creators - to the point where Josh Whedon can come out in support of Anita Sakeesian and femfreq retweets him, essentially supporting him, and he created characters in Firefly that are very misogynistic and that use fear to make women do what the character wants - I'll conveniently ignore your transgressions against depictions of women in pop culture if you support me going after gamers.

    Also I've never ever understood why she's never done a round table at the likes of PAX or Comic Con, and even GDC (where no one would dare deviate from the official line too far), even if it's closed off to the public and just between her and various people in the industry. And before people say oh it's because gamers hate her - then where was the open discussion before she released her videos, when she was doing her kickstarter etc.? Always seemed a bit weird to me is all.
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  • blarty 05/09/2014

    @bad09 The thing that kind of unsettles me about this entire situation is you seem to have a gaming media and industry that holds Anita Sarkeesian in such a high regard (in itself not an issue) that it puts such a focus on her (Mitch Dyer's recent Anita Sarkeesian is my hero' tweet, inflammatory or in jest, is such an example) and raises her on a pedestal, which again is not a bad thing when taken in isolation - the bad thing is doing this, and struggling to find ANY example of her attending round table discussions or panels at places like PAX, Comic Con or even GDC - where people emphatically agree with her anyway.

    This insulation of Anita's opinions and ideas raises her ideology to dogma, and thus when the whole, and the whole stone walling of discourse is not helping resolve the situation.
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  • blarty 05/09/2014

    @VibratingDonkey as I recall even though there was furore, at the beginning of this torrid clusterfuck of a situation, a lot of the writing staff for the bigger websites were given the chance to engage in a two way discussion and many people have tried to open discussions with authors etc on twitter and again.
    Again, if I recall correctly, most of the websites and authors took a stance of radio silence until after the events surrounding Anita Sarekeesian and then the day of the long knives happened with the 11 articles in 24 hours from various publications denouncing all gamers and the gamergate ethos to be grounded in endemic sexism and misogyny and only sexism and misogyny. Even then many gamers have tried to engage in discussion whilst even today looking at a few people in the business will happily insult people in the hope that gamergate will go away and the focus can remain on how white, racist,sexist and/or homophobic gamers are
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  • blarty 04/09/2014

    Seems like there is some movement going on.....

    Edit: DaveDavis with a direct pic of a screen cap there.... jinxed!
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  • blarty 04/09/2014

    @PlugMonkey I think that was kind of my point, it's hard to differentiate 'friend from foe' (to coin a phrase) when they're both launching artillery strikes at each other Reply +1
  • blarty 04/09/2014

    @TarickStonefire As I've said before, I believe neither side is going to come out of the with much of a good side - they're both fiddling while Rome burns, and they'll likely not even notice when they catch fire. The attacks of misogyny allow a perfect smokescreen for the less transparent sides of the media and industry to keep ignoring the fact that it really does need to act more professional - Nathan Grayson, who as one of the people at the epicentre of the ZQ issue should really be keeping his mouth shut rather than running it off at gamers now that the media's successfully made the focal point to be a bout misogyny.

    The trolls that are making death threats and treating any women like crap need to stop, and the feminists that are making death threats and blindly accusing anyone of misogyny (and if you're a women who disagrees with them they make a special one for you of 'internalised misogyny') ad treating anyone who disagrees with them like crap need to stop.

    Also it would be nice to find out who this Kevin Dobson fellow is.... I'm sure there'll be an arrest report tweeted by Anita Sarkeesian... or an IP address soon enough.

    And irrespective of what they preach, or what cause they seem to unite behind, as far as equality and tolerance is concerned, they're all as deceitful, conceited, ego-centric and downright narcissistic as each other.
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  • blarty 04/09/2014

    When the punishment is carried out by a lynch mob, that's also a pretty big clue...
    Sorry I just got back into this conversation - when you say lynch mob - to which 'side' are you currently referring?
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  • blarty 04/09/2014

    @DaveDavis I don't believe any one should lose their jobs over this, but there is such a thing as professional distance, and it appears that it's absolutely fine for the media to, via their privileged writing positions and the 140 character enabling supporters to have no qualms generalising over a huge section if not all of the 1.2 billion people (as of last year) who play games (given that this more or less is the definition of 'gamer') as misogynistic racist, homophobic cis males, 'obtuse shitslingers' and 'internet-arguers'.

    Remember thats 1.2 billion people out of just over 7 billion people on the planet.... if that's not a sweeping generalisation, I don't know what is, and no amount of "Oh well they didn't mean YOU, they didn't mean all gamers" can account for that.

    But apparently it doesn't matter as it's fine for that to happen and it's fine to call us whining when people say "Well, transparency is good isn't it? How, if by declaring your interest or recusing yourself are you making this issue worse?"

    There has been produced such a low, almost no registering signal to noise ratio about ethics to misogyny that when Jenn Frank (awful situation about her, I hope she gets things sorted for herself as soon as) gave her recent Guardian article to the paper, the whole ethics point of view was so buried by the gaming media at large that the editors of the Guardian removed the part about her disclosure of involvement with Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian under the auspices of they didn't think it was necessary nor added anything to the article or discussion.

    All major players in this are on fire (be they 4chan, ZQ, AS, the media, trolls who give death threats (and they ARE on both sides) and they're still throwing petrol on each other in the hope that one side will fall before the other, because it's all come down to attrition - at which point did someone think that any argument where on one side you have an push for ideology and on the other side you have a push for ethics, was ever a going to end well?
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  • blarty 04/09/2014

    TotalBiscuit's jazz stylee reading of this blog post....

    By god, it's beautiful.
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  • blarty 03/09/2014

    @Avaloner Luckily I'm able to identify more than straw m*n fallacies.... hence why DeLoftie hasn't come back to me since I critiqued his nonsense argument stance. Reply +2
  • blarty 03/09/2014

    @Pasco_ I'm not denying that there has been ad hominem attacks of quite a misogynistic nature going on from less than 0.001 % of gamers (if they're gamers and not just professional trolls, of course) , but neither do I believe that because your issue is 'worse', that it suddenly supplants, trivialises and invalidates the issue of ethics in gaming.

    Gamers have been concerned about ethics for years, from the Kane and Lynch incident to Online passes and Micro transactions. Even now we have Miles Ian Cheong happily parading an article shitting on TFYC because they have some connection to 4chan whilst gleefully dismissive of his own history of shameless self-promotion and spamming that got him banned from Reddit - we have Leigh Alexander wistfully decreeing that 'gamers are over' whilst hawking her own gaming development consultancy, Agency, and we have articles written by authors whose Patreon backers include gaming PR people, meaning their livelihood, in part, is being paid for by PR people in the industry.

    I know there is a lot to do in gaming with feminism and inclusion, even though I think by and large gamers are a very tolerant and inclusive bunch.

    There are issues with ethics, transparency and disclosure AND there are issues with inclusion, but to imagine that the existence of one nullifies the other is disingenuous, fallacious and downright stupid.

    The fact that, in the main, gaming journalists are happy to point the finger and demonise gamers on a significant and sweeping scale, whilst seemingly unwilling to address or even look at their own conduct is eye opening to say the least.
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  • blarty 03/09/2014

    Society is sick. Nobody is allowed to cast judgement. The hate is not going away until society collapses. Brace for it.
    I'd say it's sicker than that - people are allowed to cast judgement as long as they are perceived to hold the moral high ground.
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  • blarty 03/09/2014

    Stop feeding this arrogant, self important, pseudo intellectual troll. Check his twitter, he'll clearly argue about anything, waste of your time buddy
    It's alright, he hasn't responded to my quite significant tearing apart of his own fallacious arguments... we'll see if he decides to try again.
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  • blarty 03/09/2014

    @redcrayon No probs mate, I enjoy the discussion and debate. Reply +1
  • blarty 03/09/2014

    @Pasco_ Ah yes of course, we have to be reductive about the arguments and points raised about ethics and nepotism, so that we can make this entire scenario about Zoe Quinn being a woman - that's a bit sexist isn't it? Reply +5
  • blarty 03/09/2014

    @redcrayon To be fair, I'm not really bashing EG about it, I find that in the main, they along with RPS do seem to address the real issues (ethics, etc) brought up in gamergate with a good degree of transparency, and I did allude to that very post when I said about EG disclosing when they've gone to paid events or gone to studios to seen Works in progress etc. However there do seem to be journalists at other sites who are somewhat surprised that they should be asked to work to a code of ethics, to publish which of their friends (be the game devs or other journalists) they fund through sites like Patreon - surely disclosure and transparency is something which shouldn't be a journalistic afterthought. Reply +2
  • blarty 03/09/2014

    @BabyBabyBabyOh the problem is that it needs a strong writer with some editorial chutzpah to put their head above the parapet and be able to say 'The gaming industry and press merry go round has issues' (perhaps Tom could do it, give he did his 'I am Sexist' article).

    But unfortunately a lot of press won't do it, because it introduces people to a seedy world where some outlets and not all, practice press blackouts and blackballing and the wider games industry practices sanctions for bad reviews (The Kane and Lynch incident, and things mentioned here ) But the one singular thing that I've not seen touched upon is the sheer influence that the game journalism has on game devs themselves through the likes of Metacritic ( ) - games journalism is not a non-influential entity.

    The other issue at fault here is the generic issue with online presences - that is now becoming more and more online - traditional advertising and revenue models are obsolete, and it's ALL about hits and unique hits, Kotaku is famous for cross linking pages some even between it's fellow Gawker sites, so that to get fully up to speed on a subject you have to go four pages down = four clicks of revenue. And when it comes to clicks, what better way than to stoke up the flames of controversy, make sure you not only get clicks but new visitors. and often the people who comment on these op-ed pieces dressing up subjective opinion are then corralled by the articles author through a blanket 'Dont read the comments' tweet on twitter (Ben Kuchera seems to be a particular fan of this technique) even though essentially the entire article is a comment in itself. This alongside historical allegations of impropriety against sites liek Polygon and their 'documentary' donation from Microsoft to the tune of $750,000.

    But apparently that's all inconsequential.
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  • blarty 03/09/2014

    @BabyBabyBabyOh The open letter is a good way to go about things, as is Boogie's petition calling for gamers not to be demonised, however the open letter is just another focus designed to distract people away from what gamer gate is really about, see my point in a previous commit about an illicit minor syllogistic fallacy. Reply +1
  • blarty 03/09/2014

    So can video games fans do what football fans have managed to do?

    Perhaps. But only if they acknowledge that there is a problem that they have the power to do something about.
    But we know from football, that facts and evidence are only part of the problem, perception is the other, both how we're perceived and the relative bias of the people who are perceiving us.

    There are still many people who view English football fans as Hooligans, yet I believe in the the last 2 - 3 world cups and Euro events we've been some of the more quieter fans, certainly in terms of media reports.
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  • blarty 03/09/2014

    @DeLoftie Okay, Seeing as you like your argument debunking, lets go into your nonsense argument #1 then shall we?.....

    Nonsense argument number #1 - FemFreq and other groups pointing out problems with sexism in video games are attacking ALL gamers and calling ALL gamers sexists.

    Reason this is nonsense - They aren't attacking all gamers, most of the people pointing out this issue ARE gamers, such as the staff of EG and RPS.

    And I suppose #DescribeAGamerin4Words is specific on WHO they’re directing that at? Well, okay…..

    I’ve never said that FemFreq pointing out problems with sexism in video games are attacking ALL gamers and calling All gamers sexist. I will however point out that’s a significantly convenient foil to do so, particularly when it’s reasonably subjective, and opinions are equally as subjective, and given that ultimately FemFreq and the Tropes Vs Video games series is a critique and opinion to support one particular viewpoint, it’s being used as argumentum ad populum evidence. But thanks for taking my argument and saying that I’ve attacked Anita Sarkeesian, or the ‘movement to be more inclusive’ - which I haven’t.

    They are attacking the problems in the games that are widespread and also those who come up with nonsense to pretend these aren't problems and games should stay the same way.
    And creating more problems sorts the issue out how? Refusal of reasonable discourse, helps progress the issue forward how? There are many examples of both inclusiveness in gaming and a demonstrable willingness, with empirical evidence, to engage in discourse, that simply isn’t happening because sections of the argument attacking gamers simply will not entertain the idea that this isn’t a false dilemma. Point out to me where I have ever said that or pretended that there aren’t problems in gaming, and that games should somehow ‘stay the same way’ - Things staying the same way is probably the least of things the majority of gamers want.

    So they aren't attacking all gamers, but they are attacking A LOT of them, and they probably are attacking you as someone who comes up with nonsense arguments trying to attack this movement.
    Nonsense because I happen to have the intelligence to say ‘Wait a minute, I’ve not attacked you, I have no issues over anything to do with your lifestyle, I respect whatever you want to do, and whatever you want to be and reciprocating that would be cool’?
    What I am attacking is the carte blanche laissez-faire attitude that somehow a particular group with a particular ethos and ideology can, with neither consultation nor critique, somehow decide the future of a culture, whilst simultaneously using their movement to draw a cover over nepotism.

    Creationism parallel - You just hate us because we are religious, you hate all religions, you are an anti-theist.
    Okay, you’re fond of your creationist parallels, fair enough.
    I’m fond of pointing out fallacies in peoples arguments and playing Devil’s advocate, so I guess I could give it a go I suppose.

    Your current arguments revolve around a number of fallacies

    * Argumentum ad populum - where a proposition is claimed to be true or good solely because many people believe it to be so - apparently gamer gate is all about gamers getting prissy over having to open the world of gaming to females, when the truth is the was never a door, nor a wall, nor a sectioned off little box our 'our own' there to begin with. This belief was exaggerated once 11 articles in 24 hours were posted around the net talking about the death of gamers and in particular that, and I’ll precis it for you, ‘man baby gamers hate girls in their little hobby’ - Gamergate isn’t about that, it’s about ethics, disclosure and general transparency within our industry - gaming journalism wants to be taken seriously, then it better had bloody start doing what it needs to do. EG in the last 18-24 months published an article about disclosure of events and in-studio review, RPS’s John Walker recused himself from anything to do with writing about Dreamfall Chapters because he himself was a backer - these are the good things in gaming journals and are to be championed and taken forward, however this is not a practice that has wholly caught on in the wider gaming media.

    * Appeal to emotions - many gaming outlets seemed to keep reasonably quiet until the ‘Day ‘gamers’ died’ because they’d managed to just wait long enough to spin this entire scenario into a a mess of misogyny and violent threats, thereby conveniently ignoring the entire previous discussion - take this article, ethics is only mentioned once.

    * Bulverism - instead of discoursing properly with gamers wishing to discuss the issue, several supporters of the movement to ‘change gaming’ have adopted the stance that instead of looking at the facts that we base our opinions on and deciding whether they are wrong or right, they’ll just outright assume that our opinion is wrong, and then assuming that we held that opinion because of a certain trait, in the current argument those traits are usually ad hominem - ‘white male’, ‘basement dweller’, ‘social outcast’,’male privilege’ - there are many examples of this kind of ad hominem attack being directed at gamers who are actually of various ethnicities, and backgrounds, both male and female and also at disabled gamers.

    * Two wrongs make a right - Trolls being judgemental,and bigoted, generalising across the people that they’re attacking is wrong, People who view gamergate being about sexism, being judgemental,and bigoted, generalising across the people that they’re attacking is a-ok.

    * Misleading vividness - using the evidence of a small minority to hastily generalise about a larger group. Trolls send death threats, so ‘Death to ‘Gamers’’

    * False dilemma - There is a need both within the current goings on with Gamergate, and I would guess as well over the past 6-12 months or so, to extrapolate the truth that increasing inclusiveness is good and then apply that to personal opinions about how that inclusiveness should be achieved. I can’t argue about the idea behind feminism - equality for women - I can, however argue with the approach taken to achieve that, especially, when feminism, as a subset of humanism, is being used to fuel an approach that in itself is promoting exclusiveness and inequality. You yourself are as guilty of this as anyone, if you’re not ‘with the movement, you’re talking nonsense’. When in actual fact there are many many shades of grey in this

    * Psychological projection - Many people are throwing insults around and accusing others of ad hominem attacks whilst not realising they themselves are just as guilty of it, For instance, you yourself attack me for saying that I believe that the movement is unfairly attacking all gamers, whilst you then go on to use ‘YOU GUYS’ another generalisation. Also Death threats against Anita Sarkeesian are absolutely shameful and horrible (which of course they are, any civilised human being would know this) but Death threats from supporters of Anita Sarkeesian against a 10 year old kid are absolutely fine.

    * Confirmation bias - Judicious use of Occam’s Broom when discussion is started, and an inability by certain parties to involve in reasonable discussion if they determine by some measure that you are not ‘with them’. Also in the fact that in 24 hours, 11 articles were posted around the web about gamer gate and the end of gamers, once there had been enough spin put in place to divert gamer gate away from ethics and towards the easier journalistic Ivory tower of misogyny

    * Illicit minor
    Gamergate wants more transparency in the actions of gaming industry and press
    Zoe Quinn, is a developer whose alleged actions have been at the heart of Gamergate
    Therefore Gamergate is all about Zoe Quinn.

    Yet again another fallacy, and the one which, if we're honest, the entire 'it's about sexism' commentary was inserted - we don’t care about Zoe Quinn, or the fact that she’s female, we care about the actions that she’s and the larger gaming press/industry have allegedly been complicit in.

    * Correlation does not imply causation That Zoe Quinn is a woman does not mean that the issue at hand is because of her gender, which leads into…..

    * Fallacy of relative privation - perhaps the biggest fallacy of all, in this entire argument is the the fact that apparently it’s okay to complete sidestep and ignore that actual issue at hand, and make it about something worse - The whole gamer gate argument is not predicated on the idea that the issue came to light because ‘Zoe Quinn is female’, it came to light because that there was an example of cronyism and nepotism within the gaming industry and gaming press, that happened to be about a developer who happened to be called ‘Zoe Quinn’. But instead we'll make it about misogyny and sexism, because that's a much worse subject, and we'll conveniently sweep the actual concerns under the carpet.

    On the subject of balance I could of course have a quick run through the fallacies exhibited by those on the 'other', just as extreme, side, and I doubt it'd be much different, certainly more emphasis on argumentum ad hominem, straw man fallacies, etc.

    But the fact is neither 'extreme' side of this argument is looking particularly solid, tbh
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  • blarty 03/09/2014

    Because people no longer want to associate with the term gamers because you guys have made it look really really bad.
    Trolls, Death threat issuers and those people willing to spit expletives constantly over headset are the ones that have made it look really bad.

    Your reliance on fallacies is just frighteningly apparent - would you say that
    Football fans like football
    Hooligans like football
    So all football fans are hooligans?

    Of course you wouldn't, the syllogism just doesn't connect.

    Again YOU GUYS. Not all gamers. JUST YOU GUYS.
    And you're basing this 'YOU GUYS' aspersion upon what exactly?

    That I have an opinion of my own, that although I respect any persons right to have an opinion, lifestyle & ideology and for it to be different from my own, even though it may not be from a perspective I cannot identify with for whatever reason, and therefore cannot agree 100% with?

    Look at your own bigotry before firing off accusations at others - I don't blindly acquiesce to your particular world view therefore in this instance I am apparently 'everything wrong in gaming'.

    Your generalisations are bland, tiring, and are as prejudiced and parochial as those you seem to be railing against.
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  • blarty 02/09/2014

    If you see someone smashing up a Star Bucks because they got his coffee order wrong you don't think "That guys response is a proportional response to what happened to him"
    At the same time, you would see Starbucks take a proportional response against that customer rather than the people who work there having a sign up saying 'Hey all our customers are violent douchebags*' with a footnote in really small print saying '* Not all customers'
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  • blarty 02/09/2014

    @DeLoftie what a ridiculous stance to take, based on the erroneous view of a false dilemma - us good, them bad. This entire situation is a petrol fight where neither side realises it's already on fire and hundreds of thousand if not millions of men, women and children who enjoy games, without being judgemental or hostile to others, are caught in the crossfire, and we have multi games journalists sticking the knife in with as wide a generalisation as possible to include anyone who has ever enjoyed gaming, and then think it's okay to tweet 'But they don't mean ALL gamers' Reply +10
  • blarty 02/09/2014

    The editorial team are too busy self back slapping in their ivory tower while enjoying the moral highpoint view to consider Boogie's counter petition.
    Well it's a distinct possibility, but I do like to at least start from a position that it was an honest mistake or oversight... you know... tolerance and all that.
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  • blarty 02/09/2014

    And no mention of the counter petition done by Boogie, the guy behind the parody Francis videos, telling the gaming industry and journalists to stop demonising the vast majority of us... surprising... must be an oversight on the part of the editorial team

    Well, no matter, I'll just link it here, for you

    It's okay, no thanks required, just thought you might like to add it in, in the interest of, erm...what's that word you use a lot...? Balance! That's the one.
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  • Destiny in-game reward unlocked when you pre-order COD: Advanced Warfare

  • blarty 02/09/2014

    No thanks.... even though I'll probably buy both of them, it'll be cheaper than what the relative 'worth' of this bit of DLC tat is. Reply +2
  • Dead or Alive 5: Last Round announced for PS4 and Xbox One

  • blarty 01/09/2014

    Surely the question has to be - is all the DLC included? If it is, then I think it will do reasonably well as a re-release. Reply +5
  • PlayStation 4 themes coming in next system update

  • blarty 01/09/2014

    @Craphex Hopefully, above and beyond 'normal' themes they'll give you the option to choose a picture from your OneDrive or an achievement background Reply +3
  • blarty 01/09/2014

    @dogmanstaruk I was waiting for a comment about pausing downloads - took you a while though ;) I've been sat here refreshing thinking "Any minute now" for about three hours :D Reply +11
  • blarty 01/09/2014

    No mention of sub account to master neither
    This for me is the biggest gripe, along with changing of PSN name
    Reply +9
  • blarty 01/09/2014

    @DopeBoy3010 You do realise that the PS4 OS is based of a fork of FreeBSD, and being within the fold of open source software and operating systems such as linux, there are different developers working on different areas that are combined into what people view as the OS - if there's a patch that needs rolling into a http library, that's used by Linux, or BSD, etc. devs will do it, and this then gets rolled out throughout distro updates. If you think that 'Stability updates' are bad on the PS4, you should see the number of updates that happen in a week on a linux installation. Reply +3
  • blarty 01/09/2014

    @AgentDaleCooper Not as such, that I know of.... but as it's a 2.0 OS release, I'd hope it's omissions is simply that it's not a headline feature even though it's important to players Reply +3
  • Video: Dragon Age: Inquisition's Morrigan has a 'more human side'

  • blarty 30/08/2014

    Morrigan, has always been intriguing, and by extension wanted to be part of intrigue - the idea that she would become more human, or at the very least appear so, is not all that out of character as long as it doesn't get in the way of her true motives - to my mind she was always willing to play the long game if it furthered her own ambitions. Reply +2
  • Why we need more developers like Zoe Quinn

  • blarty 30/08/2014

    @rubthisway My point was that 'being like Zoe Quinn' is not necessarily indicative that a developer will create a game about personal experiences and difficulties - particularly when there have been 'other' things about Quinn that she allegedly did during her time developing and releasing DQ - so in this instance it's a bit of a syllogistic fallacy - sorry I get very annoyed with jumps and inferences in logic just to try to prove a point - especially in situations of the last week where argumentum ad populum seems to rule the roost. Reply +1
  • blarty 30/08/2014

    I have to say that the recent spate of these anti-gamer or anti-gamer of type X or gender Y articles are somewhat full of fallacies and non-sequiturs to the extent that I cannot summon the strength to read them.

    This one is exactly the same, All game developers create games, Zoe Quinn creates a game based on difficult and thought provoking life experiences, so all game developers should be like Zoe Quinn? No. All developers should be more willing to create games based on thought provoking and difficult life experiences.

    It is a shame as I'm sure the many articles around the web opining certain moral or social standpoints offer good points but the need to sensationalise and marginalise through inference and representing opinion as truth, seems to be poking the fires rather than truly provoking discussion, and events and facts inconvenient to the authors are all too often swept under the carpet, and it's these kind of things that are driving the idea that gaming journalists have an agenda, and write articles intentionally designed to drive traffic up.

    I would also find it laughable, were it not so lamentable, that some journalists (in the wider gaming space) paid to write opinion pieces are often the first to say "Don't read the comments"
    Reply +9
  • blarty 30/08/2014

    Syllogistic fallacies ahoy! Reply 0
  • blarty 30/08/2014

    'Why we need more developers willing to tackle difficult issues' would clearly have been a far better headline, surely Reply +12
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition reveals four-player co-op mode

  • blarty 27/08/2014

    @Guy.J. Fair enough, but my point was in relation to generally playing the multiplayer, not in regards to any effect it had on SP. Many games have proper grind mechanics not just in relation to in game currency but to Xp as well,in ME3 everyone on the team gets the same Xp (total earned by all Players) and the same credits earned in game regardless of level or equipment, I don't see that to be particularly 'grindy' Reply 0
  • Metro Redux: what it's really like to develop for PS4 and Xbox One

  • blarty 27/08/2014

    @grassyknoll perhaps it would have made it too expensive, I guess we'll never know now, but for the main system memory to be multiplied by 16 over the 360 (prior to any of reservations) for Ms to pick only a 3.2 factor increase for the cache/fast ram seemed a little odd to me even with expense taken into account Reply +4