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  • PlayerUnknown apologises for Battlegrounds' inappropriate female character model

  • blarty 11/12/2017

    Others demanded PlayerUnknown himself - the game's creator, Brendan Greene - offer an explanation.
    You see this ^^^^... This right here is the actual thing that game journalists disparage as 'entitlement' when it comes to gamers - demanding an explanation as to why clothes that are tight are realistically modelled as clothes that are tight and as such represent a real world simulation of what happens when you wear clothes that are tight in the real world.... and to reiterate some people demanded an explanation to this.
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  • blarty 11/12/2017

    People are getting offended by their own genitalia and yet Conan Exiles has full on swinging privates..... but that's just a lark, and not really that important to games media, I mean it gets mentioned, giggled about, but not demands made for change.

    But a girl in pants... showing slight curves of her anatomy that are not over exaggerated in any way, and as such provides a realistic depiction of a woman?....

    OMG it's Warning: potentially NSFW.

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  • The Game Awards 2017 live report

  • blarty 08/12/2017

    Why does Jeef look like he’s dressed as though he just finished playing backing saxophone for Madness? Reply 0
  • The slow disappearing act of Demon's Souls

  • blarty 02/12/2017

    I would have thought Dark souls would fade out of the public consciousness except for the propensity of several games journalists to label many games "The Dark Souls of....." Reply +5
  • Desperately trying to get Ubisoft to talk about Far Cry 5's controversial US setting

  • blarty 01/12/2017

    Desperately trying to get Ubisoft to talk about Far Cry 5's controversial US setting
    Looks like you need a coathanger to hang that 'We desperately crave to be political' schtick on.

    Seriously, there are arseholes at all points on the political spectrum, indeed on all types of spectrum....
    .... you don't need all this identitarian bullshit or calling people that didn't vote the same as you in a democratic election 'Nazis'.

    All you need is just the simple mantra of:

    "Don't Be An Arsehole."

    Treat your fellow human beings with respect by not being an arsehole, and if they treat you the same, it's all good but if they're being an arsehole with you, call them out on it, regardless of who they are.
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  • Fallout 4 on Xbox One X delivers a detail-rich 4K experience

  • blarty 01/12/2017

    There'll be mudslinging for months with articles like these.

    Look, the core engine of both Fallout and Skyrim (Gamebryo/Creation engine) is highly CPU dependent, and both AI packages and timers amongst other things can really grind down a CPU. The likelihood here is that as draw distances and LODs are pulled in it's also increasing the amount of things the CPU has to keep track of, as it has to increase the number of active grids, and even if it part loads far off details and pulls in Animals, people, etc as you get closer, Fallout articles for both consoles have mentioned the streaming problem. So possibly, for both consoles, a paring back of long distance may help

    Things that have significant impact on FPS such as Godray quality, shadow quality etc should have sliders.
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  • EA not giving up on microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront 2

  • blarty 30/11/2017

    @SuperSoupy Yes agreed - Mr Schwarzenegger has a certain je ne sais quoi when it comes to calling people out. Reply +2
  • blarty 30/11/2017

    @Bertie Personally if a company said "We're doing a multiplayer game, it has extras and maps, but to ensure that the community is kept together we will not be having these as paid addons, there will be no microtransactions except purely for cosmetic items, however as a consequence the base price of our game is £5 more than RRP" I think it would represent a seachange.

    Moreover, I think it would be eye opening if a publisher gave a complete fiscal breakdown of how much a game requires to get to market
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  • blarty 29/11/2017

    @SpronyvanJohnson Arnie's good, but he'll never be 'Karl Pilkington - Bullshit' good.

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  • blarty 29/11/2017

    How did EA fail to see the loot box problem coming?
    Simple, they didn't think everyone else would try and get in on the action and push it into things like Single player - Shadow of War - looking at you.
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  • Watch - Ian plays 2 hours of DOOM VFR with an AIM controller

  • blarty 30/11/2017

    I bought Skyrim VR off the back of seeing the stream that Ian did - please keep going with these, even if they're indie VR games.

    I can see me picking up Farpoint and the Aim controller.... as well as Doom VFR

    ..... after I've just spent nearly £1000 on a new HDR TV.... :confused:
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  • Jelly Deals: £5 off a £40 spend at Argos for end of Black Friday sale

  • blarty 28/11/2017

    TECH10 voucher still available for 10% off any tech purchase over £799 Reply 0
  • Jelly Deals: PS4 Pro discounted to £260 today

  • blarty 28/11/2017

    Black Friday has been a bit of a damp squib this year - it's been dragged out far too long, with far too much 'chaff' and not enough 'wheat'. A couple of years ago I felt there were genuine bargains, not just in games but across the board. Reply +4
  • blarty 28/11/2017

    @grassyknoll If they're standard base units and not bundles, perhaps they are.
    Remember this is Game they have to be competitive - if they can't shift them, or they've over estimated demand they need to push them out of the door by cutting the prices.

    Otherwise, simply because they are GAME, they wouldn't reduce prices
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  • blarty 28/11/2017

    @Ragnor Depends on whether it's stale stock. One thing worse than selling at a slight loss is making no sale at all - it's already paid for and taking up space in your stock room that could be better served with other things. Reply +19
  • Mother defends 14-year-old son sued by Epic over Fortnite cheat video

  • blarty 27/11/2017

    I honestly did not realise that "Nobody likes a cheater" was so needed to be enshrined in law. Reply +21
  • Revisiting Crysis, the last great bastion of PC elitism

  • blarty 27/11/2017

    one more tiny display of entitlement inflicted on an island that has weathered hundreds of years of European meddling.

    I sound too much like the sneering hipster I undoubtedly am
    Yep, that explains it.
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  • Apple iPhone X review

  • blarty 26/11/2017

    @Morchebauk It's not our technology that's underdeveloped, it's your face

    Apple need a slow golf clap for that one
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  • blarty 26/11/2017

    The problem with the iPhone X is the same problem that the last 4 or so iPhone's have had...'s utterly and wholeheartedly shit as a phone.

    Signal is overwhelmingly more atrocious with the iPhone family than any other phone I've ever had.
    Last night I'm sat in the Sheffield Arena, my wife (has a 7 plus) can barely get a data signal on H+, my brother-in-law (has a 7) can't get a signal at all, my sister-in-law can hardly get a data signal on an iPhone 6. Me? I'm on a Note 8 with near full 4G.

    It's ability to hook up, and stay connected, to a different provider when roaming is next to non-existent.In other words when I most need the iPhone to be a phone so I can stay connected with my family when I'm away with work - it simply does not do the job to an even slight degree of satisfaction.

    As much as I like iOS - I have an iPad Pro - iPhones have traded important functions to focus on superfluous features too many times for me to keep buying them - In an era when Apple spends millions on FaceId so they can get rid of the home button and other hokum bullshit, the very least they can do is get their fucking antennas sorted out.

    But I guess reliability to Apple is just as rare and mythical as the unicorns they've created for those batshit vacuous animoji aberrations they've spent so much time developing.

    "Apple. Think Different"
    No, how about
    "Apple, Just fucking think."
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  • UK Gambling Commission weighs in on how it can - and can't - regulate in-game loot boxes

  • blarty 24/11/2017

    Called it - be mindful of what something actually means. And I assume that this is what will eventually happen in both Belgium and Hawaii

    Without material or financial worth that can be gained from a game of chance, it ain't gambling.

    It's still really shitty, but we'll just have to take the moral stance rather than the legal one
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  • The best Black Friday 4K and HDR TV deals 2017

  • blarty 24/11/2017

    A 55in Sony XE90 is the one I'm looking for good prices on - I can't push as far as an OLED, and the Samsung QLEDs are stupid prices for an edge lit LED screen Reply +1
  • Black Friday 2017: Samsung 7000 series 55-inch 4K TV reduced to £799 with a free Sound Bar

  • blarty 23/11/2017

    @stevemitchell 8-bit+FRC is an 8-bit panel that uses color cycling to effectively interpolate between two different tone to give the illusion of a third 'in-between' tone that it cannot natively create. In other words, in an 8-bit panel each pixel can be one of 16 million colours (8-bit) but by carefully cycling between two tones, it makes it look like it's many more. They can accept 10-bit HDR colour instructions but use the FRC to create that wide palette.

    10-bit color panels can display those extra tones natively.

    They're a bit more expensive starting up around £800 but the HDR processing is obviously better as the display can natively display those exact tones.
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  • blarty 23/11/2017

    Especially with these HDR TV deals it would be really nice to know if these are proper 10 bit panels.

    This one is an 8-bit + FRC -
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  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds datamine suggests desert map name changes

  • blarty 23/11/2017

    @PSfourskin Well that all depends on how it's earned. Reply +2
  • blarty 23/11/2017

    @PSfourskin I know, but still it's just a map, in a game that's still just Early Access.

    A couple of articles about a map? Sure, but 5 or 6 just seem like unnecessarily stringing it out for clicks... I mean revenue... by which, of course, I mean clicks.
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  • blarty 23/11/2017

    I mean, I know it's all "EG hearts PUBG" and all that, but sweet baby Jesus, how many articles about the same single f**king map?! Reply +5
  • "This game is a Star Wars-themed online casino designed to lure kids into spending money"

  • blarty 23/11/2017

    The threat of government should be seen as just that. A threat to make the companies sort their shit out. Companies will now do their best to assuage so it doesn't go any further.
    Agreed. However I would approach this in a manner with one eye on the companies and the other eye on any 'regulator' - because given half the chance.... they'll both shaft you and blame the other.
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  • blarty 23/11/2017

    @ooombasa My point about material value is that has a direct relevance to the current definition of gambling over 'game of chance'... the danger is when laws become ambiguous or cast too wide a net, which is why I say that we should not let the eagerness to as you put it 'make companies accountable for their practices' make us blind to potential legal amendments that have unwarranted and unnecessary implications, and a potential scope that is far bigger than you presumed it would be.

    This just harks back to my original post, that when you call on lawmakers and politicians to step in and regulate something, it should still be questioned and always remember that 9 times out of 10, their rationale and motives for doing something won't be the same as yours.
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  • blarty 22/11/2017

    @Shambozo I know they were - I'm not arguing that we need these mechanics at all, but more people sticking their noses in.... I'm not sure that's a universal Good Thing.

    I'd also be happy for loot crates to never darken my gaming ever again.

    Maybe I'm just cynical in my old age....
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  • blarty 22/11/2017

    @ooombasa And your naivety does your argument no good - the expansion of the definition of 'gambling' and more importantly 'regulated gambling' to include these kind of mechanics may look like something to be congratulated now, but remember that in a loot crate you always get something, you might get 3 things you've already got and can turn them into some form of in game currency, but you never actually 'lose' even if you pay money, and yes it is a game of chance.

    Now consider the ultimate end of this - take Fallout Shelter, for example, you see the in-app purchases and buy 5 lunch boxes for 3.99 or something, each of them gives you 5 cards some rare most common etc, but you always get 5 cards - this is -exactly the same as a loot crate - this would now be considered gambling, you can earn the lunch boxes through the game, but you can pay if you want - you always get 5 cards so you can never 'lose cards', they have no material value, i.e. they can't be traded, and at no point are you 'wagering' your money to gain more money.

    So in this brave new world (a world in which you so clearly want 'to stick it to the Man' that is EA), this game is by definition, not only a game of chance, but is now gambling and more importantly gambling that now requires regulation.

    Yeah it's great that EA are getting called out on this, and shit like what they're doing with Shadow of Mordor, but when you get politicians who have no fucking clue about video games and you gleefully hand over the keys to lock you down, then I imagine your self-congratulatory back-slapping might be a little premature in the long run.
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  • blarty 22/11/2017

    The key thing to remember with this, is this legal gambling or gambling which should come under the purview of some kind of authority or Commission?

    All games of chance work on a risk/reward basis, but regardless of the colossal shitbags that EA are being over these crates, etc, the fact that a game of chance to win virtual (not material) rewards, which you don't have to spend money on (yes, you have to grind, but still) is being considered 'gambling' is a horrifying precedent particularly in America, Land of the Litigation - this means that winning anything of any worth or paid for by money, could be considered gambling...... including when you beat your mate at marbles and win theirs.

    I do not condone loot boxes, I never pay money for them, but when it comes to politicians and the law.... be very careful what you want cracking down on.
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  • How the devs behind Driveclub plan to bring the arcade racer back to life

  • blarty 22/11/2017

    @Rogueywon Forza Horizon 3 will always been arcadey - but for me the arcade racer crown has always been between Burnout 3 Takedown and Burnout Revenge.... if they can take a lot of inspiration from those two games, then it'll all be good. Reply +13
  • Lucasfilm reacts to Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot crate controversy

  • blarty 20/11/2017

    @The-Doctor I know, that's why I said when it comes to Star Wars never forget about the merchandising.... and remember this is Disney we're talking about now. Reply +1
  • blarty 20/11/2017

    "Star Wars has always been about the fans."
    And the merchandising, let's not forget about the merchandising.....

    In fact never forget about the merchandising
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  • Jelly Deals: LG's 4K OLED at its cheapest ever price

  • blarty 20/11/2017

    @riceNpea Reply +8
  • CD Projekt Red: "We leave greed to others"

  • blarty 19/11/2017

    Online can mean many things - full multiplayer, online skirmishes or raids, or even just leaderboards and social spaces.

    Quite simply if CDPR made the net running part of the game multiplayer, as it kinda fits, I'd be fairly happy with that.
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  • On the secret smallness of Skyrim

  • blarty 17/11/2017

    @dirigiblebill Lots of people take hints from Apple as well as other design companies, Apple itself took the pull down to refresh/reload from someone else who released an app on their App Store, but to compare the menus in Skyrim to the iPhone UI, particularly with it being a 6 yr old game/design is tenuous at best. Reply 0
  • blarty 17/11/2017

    The menu design itself takes hefty inspiration from the iPhone....
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  • EA has switched off Star Wars Battlefront 2's microtransactions

  • blarty 17/11/2017

    Let's be honest - it's Disney, a company that puts it's own DVDs (for children) out only for a limited amount of time in order to make them appear to be limited editions then re-releases them 2 years later again as a limited edition re-release.

    Do not be fooled into thinking that Disney had no idea EA was doing this with Micro transactions and loot crates and do not be surprised if Disney was actively involved in it - their micromanagement of any of their IP is infamous.
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  • Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot boxes investigated by Belgian Gaming Commission

  • blarty 16/11/2017

    The problem is that the actual content isn't guaranteed. It's 'random' and you don't know what items you are going to receive with your money. And some items are 'worth' more than others.
    But that isn't the problem.

    The issue is whether the probability of an item is affected based on whether real money or in-game money is used - if I have the same probability to get an item with in game credits as I do if I pay with real money or paid-for currency, then the chance of this being defined as 'gambling' is very small.

    This is actually more an issue over earning of in-game credits - earning those credits should not be considered a chore to such an extent that you feel you're being coerced into paying for in-game currency, and then having the random element applied to it.

    These mechanics are exactly the same as the Spectre/Premium Spectre packs in Mass Effect 3, but because the level of earning was pretty fair (you could get a Spectre Pack in 4 Bronze Matches, a Premium Spectre in 6) and equal across all players, it was never considered gambling or being a 'loot box'
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  • blarty 16/11/2017

    The thing is, if you are locked out of something and have to buy loot crates then by definition it is gambling, if you can earn it without spending a penny, then it becomes a far greyer area.

    The question that concerns me is that if SWBF2 loot boxes are gambling, then surely Mass Effect 3's Store must equally qualify as gambling.... and that was 5 years ago.... so where was the furore then
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  • blarty 16/11/2017

    Oh Lordy! Not Overwatch!..... Everyone just loves Overwatch!
    Thankfully with all this Loot Box malarkey affecting other, lesser, games, most people forget about Overwatch having it as a core mechanic!
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  • Watch: Ian plays the first four hours of Skyrim VR

  • blarty 16/11/2017

    VR really does need more games like Resi 7 and Skyrim Reply +9
  • How well does Skyrim on Switch compare to PS4?

  • blarty 16/11/2017

    Erm... wouldn't a better comparison be between the PS3/360 version Reply +14
  • Disney says free-to-play action-RPG Marvel Heroes is shutting down

  • blarty 15/11/2017

    "We have ended our relationship with Gazillion Entertainment".
    "...because we can make more money with Star Wars Battlefront 2"
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  • Far Cry 5 boss shows pitch for new game about a misplaced space teddy

  • blarty 15/11/2017

    "In space, because it's cool".
    So is the endless void and vacuum of space, which if exposed to would give rise to a pulmonary euthanasia few would enjoy.

    So not quite everything about space is cool.

    I've had about 3 hrs sleep.... can you tell?
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  • Sounds like Microsoft's revamped Xbox Avatars won't launch until next year

  • blarty 14/11/2017


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  • Xbox One X UK launch sales match Nintendo Switch, beat PlayStation 4 Pro

  • blarty 13/11/2017

    But..... but.... it haz no gamez... What Sorcery is this!!!!! Reply -3
  • EA's response to Star Wars: Battlefront 2 hero unlock fury isn't going down well

  • blarty 13/11/2017

    "The armchair developers on this internet"
    What devs, and by extension, journalists don't understand when they use the now tired 'Urgh gamers!' trope is that when applied to any other industry that becomes 'Urgh customers!' or 'Urgh readers!', and this act of disparaging and looking down on gamers is becoming more and more accepted and sometimes encouraged, particularly being egged on by other developers. The sheer pretentiousness that some developers (be it AAA or Indies) and some game journalists treat their audience is only matched by their hypocrisy and moral indignation.

    I've been developing for 20 years now, writing code for over 30 and, although I may not be in the hallowed halls of 'Game Development', I am a Senior Software Engineer, and tech, methodologies, tools are constantly changing but one thing holds true for all software development - "you don't shit on your clients".
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  • How does Call of Duty: WW2 look on Xbox One X and PS4 Pro?

  • blarty 12/11/2017

    Has a X1X patch dropped for this game yet? Reply +1