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  • Mass Effect: Andromeda won't receive any more single-player updates

  • blarty 20/08/2017

    I played ME:A on XB1 on release, and I'm just replaying it on PS4 now with the latest update, just got through to Eos, and it's still not right, the sprint animation is more discharging than charging into battle. In cutscenes people still inexplicably teleport mid-sentence, and Ryder's mouth animations still have more than a hint of Pingu about them.

    The basic problem is that even on a 1.10 update, the game is still janky and ultimately unfinished, and there's hardly any real concept of a cliffhanger at the end either, like the original Mass Effect

    The only hope that I have (and it's a very slim one) is that Casey Hudson might push to revive the series with a Mass Effect 4 in a few years followed by an Andromeda 2.

    In my opinion, if they'd made an ME:A with the same gameplay and narrative form as ME:2 instead of DA:I, thus making players feel more invested in the teams characters through proper loyalty arc's etc, it might have been better received. Plus the concept of a new galaxy was completely and utterly under utilised

    But that's all water under the bridge now I suppose
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  • blarty 20/08/2017

    @Gameboyd The problem is not the metrics in terms of sales, but those in terms of customer satisfaction - if gamers (essentially the 'clients' of game developers - a fact they seem to forget all too often) don't have a good reception to a game, then the possibility of good sales to further content and sequels diminishes significantly.

    The other metric you seem to be forgetting is that ME:A was 5 years in development - how many millions of dollars in terms of wages, marketing etc was put into the game?
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  • Xbox One X to launch with special day one “Project Scorpio” Edition - report

  • blarty 19/08/2017

    What colour is the sponsored Mountain Dew going to be?
    On the way in..... or the way out?
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  • EGX 2017 will be your only chance to play Xbox One X early in the UK

  • blarty 18/08/2017

    I'll be getting one on release day, when there will be no queues.... Reply +6
  • Crackdown 3 delayed until spring 2018

  • blarty 17/08/2017

    Not really a surprise.... is Crackdown 3 becoming Microsoft's "The Last Guardian"? Reply 0
  • Why Shelob is a woman in Shadow of War

  • blarty 15/08/2017

    @Devox To be topped off with putting some shrimps on the barbie?

    Okay I'll leave the antipodean stereotyping there..... for now.

    All being said, if Bruz happens to say "That's not a knife..... THAT'S a knife!" then I will officially have to doff the hat with a knowing nod to Monolith
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  • blarty 15/08/2017

    While Tolkien would have admired Middle Earth fan fiction, I always hate these people insinuating the Lord of the Rings is hindered by its black-and-white morality.
    You're absolutely right.... Middle Earth is not Twitter.

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  • blarty 15/08/2017

    I'm more surprised by the amount of cockney warchiefs kicking about the Modor countryside
    If they don't have two warchiefs called "Chuz and Dayv" I'll be most annoyed
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  • blarty 15/08/2017

    To be fair, I can really see Talion and a great big spider having a friendly tête-à-tête about tactics.....

    Also given that up to 10% of people are afraid of spiders and up to 40% are afraid of bugs, bats, mice, rats - putting a huge fucking fanged spider on the screen as the narrator probably ain't a great way to go about it
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  • blarty 15/08/2017

    Oh wow, fan fiction is now in the game.
    Well the Ungoliant "spirit in the form of a spider" thing isn't exactly fan fiction, and the idea of a spirit manipulating mortals to get the outcome they want would likely be hampered if they were in the form of a huge spider.... it's relatively straightforward to assume that Ungoliant's offspring would have at least some of her powers.

    Oh and I am most amused that the idea of a huge spider being able to transform into a woman in a high fantasy setting is so upsetting, yet an Orc Warchief named Bruz who has a distinct Australian accent is okey-dokey.
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  • AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 performance preview

  • blarty 14/08/2017

    1000w power supply?? For one card?
    My R9 295x2 needs 1000w.... but then again that is a dual GPU card...
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  • blarty 14/08/2017

    @jasonkane I'm just saying that soon enough there will be another brand new architecture, with promises galore, regardless of whether it's Nvidia or AMD - the best time to upgrade a GPU is when you need to, not when you want to. Reply +2
  • blarty 14/08/2017

    Within 6mths of being able to buy one of the better makes, Nvidia will release Volta
    Although then there will be another release and another codename, and another 'Wait a few months'
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  • blarty 14/08/2017

    Ouch. This is not looking good for the Vega 64.... looks like it's meant to be a card to distract the miners, with a 56 nipping at it's heels offering good value for money and overclock overhead for gamers. Reply +5
  • Will there ever be a good stand-up comedy game?

  • blarty 12/08/2017

    The problem for a comedy game, is that it's generally going to be be 'in the moment' and depending how 'edgy' you might want to make the comedy, more 'in the Overton window of the moment'

    Which means it'll either be shit on when released, or shit on in a couple of years.
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  • Tales From the Borderlands' sales "weren't great"

  • blarty 09/08/2017

    Maybe people are a bit non plussed at TellTale churning out the same kind of episodic drivel based on someone else's IP every few months?

    Just a thought
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  • A PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds miniskirt is selling for over £300

  • blarty 08/08/2017

    Given the number of articles about PUBG last week - nearly 10%, maybe EG should consider having 'hubs' for games that are becoming 'conspicuously ubiquitous' in terms of coverage........ ?

    Especially considering GamerNetwork has an entire site just for Overwatch, HearthsStone and Destiny 2......
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  • AMD Ryzen 5 1600/1600X vs Core i5 7600K review

  • blarty 07/08/2017

    I wonder how many concurrent goroutines I could have running on Ryzen......
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  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds fixes latest update lag

  • blarty 04/08/2017

    And just broke 500k concurrent players.
    Give EG a couple of weeks, and PUBG will break 500k concurrent articles.
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  • The Last of Us fans think they've sleuthed out Part 2's location

  • blarty 04/08/2017

    I'm honestly surprised you've not tried to say it's part of the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Map Reply +30
  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds now warns you against forming larger groups than allowed

  • blarty 03/08/2017

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds now warns you against forming larger groups than allowed
    Pity nobody warned us about having a larger than usual number of articles about Player Unknown's Battlegrounds in the last 4 days.
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  • Tacoma review

  • blarty 01/08/2017

    I never thought I'd ever describe a game as menial and humdrum.... but this sounds like it's managed to make it a core mechanic. Reply 0
  • Star Citizen's big alpha 3.0 release slips again

  • blarty 31/07/2017

    "There's certainly no malice behind it..."
    Well, of course not, because "malice" is not how you spell "incompetence"
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  • blarty 31/07/2017

    Oh my.... it's almost as if nobody saw this coming... Reply +15
  • AMD returns to the high-end: Radeon RX Vega unveiled

  • blarty 31/07/2017

    I thought the big talk was 4K gaming including the demos provided much earlier in the year, but here we are with everyone talking about 1440p ultra widescreen.
    It's pretty simple really.... 4k is just 4x pixels of 1080p - i.e. the same screen extents just... well... 'cleaner', better presented. Ultrawide screens, on the other hand, give you an extra 16% or so on either side - the presentation is fundamentally different. Combined with the fact that curved screens make much more sense on 21:9 rather than 16:9

    Also 4k still isn't 60 fps solid across the board, even on the 1080ti and probably won't be until the Gtx 11 series or even 12. I have a 28in 4k screen at the moment, and things like anti aliasing at 4k is not only pointless but a huge drain on FPS.

    So you see, the combination of a different screen presentation goes something towards losing the purer visual fidelity of 4k, and the 40% drop in pixel count means that a good AA pass on a 3440x1440 image looks pretty good without a huge overhead.

    That being said once GPUs are powerful enough, we'll no doubt see 5040x2160 monitors.
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  • blarty 31/07/2017

    @Rogueywon Being someone with an r9 295x2, even if I ended up getting two watercooled x64's it's probably going to be not that much different for me... :D Reply -1
  • blarty 31/07/2017

    One curious point here is the lack of drive in the press release for 4k. I've been gaming on a 4k screen (with varying levels of success) for a couple of years with an r9 295x2, but I still like playing games on my 2560x1080 monitor as well.

    For a few weeks, I've been considering getting hold of a CF791 3440x1440 as well; my willpower to not open the wallet ebbs and flows on a daily basis, because I do think that 21:9 gaming offers something different, as well as a near 40% reduction on pixel count over 4k.

    Need to see some real world numbers though.

    The key thing is going to be price for these Vega cards, and NVidia should be commended for at least trying to keep their top range cards at least a little lower than their previous gen counterparts (although I hold little hope they'll continue that trend, as it is NVidia after all).

    It's going to be interesting to see what third party cards come out.

    Now, can I fit two Vega 64 cards in my machine......?
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  • The three times EA mentioned Mass Effect: Andromeda in its financial results

  • blarty 28/07/2017

    ... and as far as it goes it blows every other Mass Effect game out of the window. sorry can't let this stand.

    Mass effect 1 and 2 stand far above Mass Effect Andromeda, particularly 2, as ME2 was really the high point in Bioware's NPC story and influence mechanics, yes it culled a little too much from Mass Effect 1, but in general, ME2 was amazing.

    And lets be honest, nothing in ME:A comes even close to Lair of the Shadow Broker.
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  • blarty 28/07/2017

    I think there's one path Bioware could take fairly easily.
    With Casey Hudson talking over as GM from Aaryn Flynn, I can see a Mass Effect 4 being considered, and then hopefully a (significantly enhanced on all fronts) Mass Effect: Andromeda 2 being released in a few years
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  • Nintendo Switch shipped an impressive 4.7m in four months

  • blarty 26/07/2017

    @redcrayon I see your point, however if we're going to look at the console situation as a whole, you can't look at in isolation for one console and in comparison to others for other consoles. Yes the PS4 and XBO both released within a week, but the Switch released with no launch competition in the hardware space and with fewer game releases at the time.

    If we're going to make a point about how much a console sold in 4 months, then surely, given the amount of sales figure comparisons between the PS4 and XB1 sales get, it should be in the article.
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  • blarty 26/07/2017

    It looks like the article neglected to mention that the Playstation 4 sold 6m consoles to customers in a little over 3 and a half months, peculiar in it's absence because every time a sales figure or estimate drops, it's always compared Sony to Microsoft. Hmm... mystifying

    And also no important distinction as to what 'shipped' means as so often happened about Xbox One sales figures for a least 18 months after it's release. .... Curious

    Strange oversights, it appears....

    Can't for the life of me think why.
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  • BioWare builds a maze to advertise Anthem

  • blarty 25/07/2017

    Pity they couldn't build a game to promote Mass Effect:Andromeda Reply +42
  • Playing Civilization as Trump

  • blarty 22/07/2017

    Why are the bright, insightful Saturday articles being gradually phased out in favour of bland, inciteful ones? Reply +1
  • Why Wii U ports on Switch are good for Nintendo - and for us

  • blarty 15/07/2017

    Nintendo - when we do it, we're immune from criticism levelled against every other company Reply +22
  • 10 years later, The Lord of the Rings Online finally makes it to Mordor

  • blarty 13/07/2017

    10 years?!

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  • Making Cyberpunk: when Mike Pondsmith met CD Projekt Red

  • blarty 12/07/2017

    @qirex Ah yes Rache's Guide - the quality of many of the CP2020 sourcebooks was fantastic, I've a bunch of them in the attic, I even enjoyed Cybergeneration.

    For the game, I hope that Mike's written that old Rache managed to get his brain out the freezer though and that Alt Cunningham and him are still about of the Net of '77

    But mainly I want Netrunning in CP2077 to be great.
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  • blarty 12/07/2017

    Cannot wait.

    But then again, I've waited over 25 years for a true Cyberpunk game.
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  • Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer will soon get an unexpected new race

  • blarty 05/07/2017

    Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer will soon get an unexpected new race
    Are you sure, or could it just be that they managed to fix the facial animations now, and they're unrecognisable from release?
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  • Riot blames Brexit for 20% League of Legends in-game currency price hike

  • blarty 05/07/2017

    ...yet another reason why uneducated racists are bad.
    And making sweeping generalisations in order to make a bigoted judgement on others is a good idea why?
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  • blarty 05/07/2017

    Riot's "Benshirro", who leads the company's publishing effort from its Dublin office
    That would be Dublin with the extremely favourable taxation laws for businesses, eh?
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  • Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot boxes spark pay-to-win fears

  • blarty 30/06/2017

    Mass Effect 3 had this multiplayer..... and it made no difference, as long as you have a chance to earn stuff through two or three games it was fine, and as long as there's no paid loot exclusive things, most people will choose not to buy boxes, but eearn them through play

    Nothing to see here
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  • Micro Machines World Series review

  • blarty 30/06/2017

    Hold me closer tiny Lancer.
    Bravo, sir. Bravo.

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  • Play Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow, today!

  • blarty 29/06/2017

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  • Detroit: Become Human tweet swiftly removed after poking fun at Xbox

  • blarty 23/06/2017

    When you wake up and all you can do all day, is look for people outraged about something #DetroitBecomeJournalists Reply +4
  • Anthem coincidentally the start of "a 10-year journey" for EA and BioWare

  • blarty 20/06/2017

    "the start of maybe a 10-year journey for us"
    BioWare being hilariously hopeful of not being dragged out to the field and euthanized like the rest of EA's (former) studios.
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  • Call of Cthulhu looks suitably creepy in its E3 trailer

  • blarty 16/06/2017

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  • Eurogamer's best of E3 2017

  • blarty 16/06/2017

    @Raizing Absolutely loved The Last Night, it's a definite purchase for me, I love the whole Neo-Noir, cyberpunk genre. Also thought the New Ori looked great as well. Reply +8
  • blarty 16/06/2017

    Many loved Wolfenstein's trashy revenge fantasy set in a US under Nazi rule, but others felt it tipped - even deliberately - into crass trivialisation. Wolfenstein 2, going by its bonkers reveal at Bethesda's conference, is doubling down in a dangerous way, by making a deliberately offensive, flippant and violent game about diversity. The New Colossus simultaneously baits politically correct liberal tastemakers with its cavalier misuse of the gravest events in 20th century history, and taunts their alt-right opponents with its almost parodically politically correct cast of revolutionary heroes (BJ Blazkowicz even starts the game in a wheelchair). That's a hell of a high-wire act, and let's be honest, it could go badly wrong.
    I believe things should challenge the preconceived and safe notions of everyone, regardless of background or experience, to be confronted with something uncomfortable is not an immediate lead in to being presented with something offensive. Difficult and painful things are difficult and painful for a reason.
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  • Beyond Good & Evil 2 lets you create your own character

  • blarty 15/06/2017

    Beyond Good & Evil 2 lets you create your own character
    Holy moly! How innovative! In other news, pressing the Options button will allow you to pause the game.
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  • Sony defends decision to block PS4 cross-play with Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

  • blarty 13/06/2017

    I'd wager this is as much, if not more so, about network security than it is 'player protection'.

    Sony will do everything in it's power to avoid a repeat of the network crash from a few years ago, and if that means keeping out external network interfaces to PS systems, then, unfortunately, so be it.

    And this would still be true even if Sony had the best network infrastructure in the world - the cost in terms of bad publicity, lost revenue, reparations and loss of customer faith if it was to happen again would be huge to Sony.
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