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  • The Division on Xbox One uses dynamic resolution scaling

  • bladdard 03/02/2016

    The difference between the PS4 and Xbone version is so minuscule that I wouldn't lose any sleep if I was an Xbox gamer. I really don't understand why DX12 has lost his shit and had a breakdown over this. 🙄

    Dx12 be like "Hello Lynn? I've been eating a lot of Toblerone. I've eaten four and I've got two white ones left because I don't like them as much as the dark ones. "
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  • Performance Analysis: The Division beta

  • bladdard 01/02/2016

    @cloudskipa I have a 360 and PS3 amongst my many other consoles and there is absolutely no doubt multi platforms almost always performed better on 360 but I haven't seen any games on the 360 with IQ anywhere near as good as TLOU, Uncharted 3, Beyond Two Souls, GT6 and God of War 4. This tells me the PS3 was more powerful but the only teams with the budget to unleash the power were the Sony published first party developers.

    I actually think the PS3 vs 360 power difference was far greater than the PS4 vs Xbone.

    If you want an easy example compare GT6 visuals to Forza 4, absolutely worlds apart.
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  • bladdard 31/01/2016

    Both versions have great IQ and the fact the PS4 doesn't suffer any frame drops demonstrates that unlocked it would be hitting framerates >30 FPS but most people don't like stutter so VSYNC seems the best option. The Xbone also operates mostly at framerate >30 FPS so it's probably likely, under full load unlocked the PS4 would be hitting maybe 35fp and the Xbone 30fps, with VSYNC this unnecessary framerate advantage gives parity.

    If the PS4 could hit 60fps and was being held back to 30 then there would be a case to answer.
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  • We now have a clearer picture of how Xbox One is doing

  • bladdard 30/01/2016


    I see your point (sorry). My issue isn't really looks, it's just the size. I am planning to upgrade my AV cabinet to one where everything is hidden so I'll most likely buy an Xbone when I do. The Xbone exclusives due this year are too good to miss oh and Forza horizon, I've played it a fair bit and it's mint.
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  • bladdard 30/01/2016


    But they're not though, the Xbone won't fit in my cabinet and it's ugly. It's a brilliant console with some excellent exclusives and a fantastic controller, I've played on the Xbone on many an occasion and really like it.

    I will buy an Xbone but not the current form factor, it looks like an oversized Betamax VCR on steroids. A new slim version can't be that far away.
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  • bladdard 29/01/2016

    I'm personally waiting for an Xbone that I can fit in my AV cabinet. Once it comes out I'm all over it day one.

    I think looks are important, when you see the PS4 and Xbone side by side there's no competition. It doesn't matter that the Xbone has better build quality, most consumers just see a big black slab vs a nicely designed console and say I'll have the pretty one please shopkeeper - consumers are shallow like that.
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  • bladdard 29/01/2016

    Good numbers, good console. Reply +3
  • The Witness review

  • bladdard 26/01/2016

    @Fourfoldroot I'd be very surprised if Sony haven't paid for a small period of exclusivity. This will turn up on the Xbone soon enough, I expect an announcement any day. Reply +1
  • The Making of The Witcher 2

  • bladdard 25/01/2016


    My laptop was five years old so it's shit by today's standards but it's definitely more powerful than the 360. The 360 graphics card is based on an ATI X1950 currently ranked at #741. The 350M is ranked #452 in its 1gb form.
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  • bladdard 24/01/2016

    @timeless001 it was a gaming laptop, i5, 8gb Ram, 1gb nvidia 350m. I know it's not the best laptop graphics card but it is still more powerful and has more memory than the 360 but it wouldn't even play on the lowest settings without serious stuttering. Reply 0
  • bladdard 24/01/2016

    I bought this for my PC which at the time was reasonably powerful but it would barely run so I got it on the 360 and it worked brilliantly. My PC at the time was far more powerful than the 360 but it shows just how much you can do with a talented development team and a closed platform. Reply +8
  • Is it time for a PS4 SSD upgrade?

  • bladdard 23/01/2016

    @cloudskipa Again you're making stuff up to suit your pro Microsoft agenda. 6 years into the 360 lifespan owners who owned a 360 with a hard drive with a capacity of >16gb could install their games, this feature had lots of benefits. DF haven't slagged off the Xbox in this feature although you'd have us all believe they have, all they did was generalise and this article is about the practicalities of swapping out the stock hard drive on the PS4 and has absolutely nothing to do with an Xbox. Since you don't own a PS4 or ever intend to it has absolutely nothing to do with you, the article is not pro Sony or anti MS. Why don't you take your tin foil hat and crazy conspiracy theories to a thread that has some relevance and stop trolling this one you shill. Reply +12
  • bladdard 23/01/2016

    @cloudskipa So skippy your Microsoft sponsored to the max trolling somehow managed to twist an article questioning the practicalities of a PS4 SSD upgrade and turn it into fanboy wars. You're pathetic and should be banned and if I was a mod you'd be out of here. Reply +15
  • bladdard 23/01/2016

    @timeless001 I suspected he was Episode13 the first post of his I read on the Xbone BC thread. I like that he changed the tone of his posts but his style and structure remain the same. Reply +9
  • Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann on why Uncharted has to end

  • bladdard 20/01/2016

    @MrTomFTW That's probably because it's on the other platform. Would you be so lukewarm if it was Gears, Halo, Alan wake or even ROTTR (which is pretty much a homage to uncharted)? Reply +2
  • Digital Foundry: Hands on with Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

  • bladdard 20/01/2016


    You're right about dx12 and GoldenFrog but they are both reformed characters. Yes they both bend over for Microsoft at every opportunity but neither have been foaming at the mouth slagging off the PS4 or PS4 exclusives games (yet) so I think we should cut them some slack.
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  • Here's everything in Xbox One's February system update

  • bladdard 20/01/2016

    @rotmm mine has one too but I thought it must've been a manufacture defect. 😜 Reply +1
  • bladdard 19/01/2016

    But where do you plug in then cat5? The PS4 doesn't have an Ethernet port.
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  • bladdard 19/01/2016

    For me Microsoft are light years ahead of Sony when it comes to implementing useful features. Sony still haven't provided folders or an ability to organise the dashboard and were over 2 years in. This is simple usability stuff and should be prioritised over some of the other features they've delivered.

    Keep up the good work MS, hopefully you'll out enough pressure on Sony to actually add some decent enhancements and not security / stability or avatar crap.
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  • Sony says sorry for PSN falling over with 1-day Plus extension

  • bladdard 18/01/2016

    The downtime was the whole evening of a weekday so effectively when European gamers would be online so 1 days compensation seems fair. What I'd prefer though is an apology email explaining how they're going to prevent it happening again.

    Also I don't seem to have received the email and I've been a PS+ subscriber for the last 3 years. 😡
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  • bladdard 18/01/2016

    Sony are either joking or taking the piss. Tight bastards. Reply -13
  • The Division beta gets January launch date

  • bladdard 16/01/2016


    Thread content deleted to give a fresh start. ☺️
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  • Mojang-published Cobalt gets Steam, Xbox release date

  • bladdard 15/01/2016

    Looks good mindless fun, I even reckon it'll run on my old laptop. 😊 Reply 0
  • Seasons mod makes Fallout 4 look like The Last of Us

  • bladdard 15/01/2016


    Don't know why you're getting all the negs, I think the forumites must think you're Episode13 or something.
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  • bladdard 14/01/2016


    Yes I was referring to the lesbian angle but I suppose if she was womankinds last hope then she'd probably agree to rub uglies with a man.
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  • bladdard 14/01/2016

    @ChuckNorris Play TLOU left behind DLC and you'll see why that would be unlikely.

    Anyway on topic, I may of missed it but is there a mechanism for modding F4 on PS4?
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  • bladdard 13/01/2016


    TLOU is one of the finest video games ever created - genre definingly good like Zelda, Half Life and Halo. Do yourself a favour and play it, see what all the fuss is about. Nobody is saying Xbox games are shit because TLOU exists but most people will tell you TLOU is a truly special game.
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  • Face-Off: The Crew: Wild Run

  • bladdard 09/01/2016

    @pleshy The bandwidth figures you've quoted are theoretical and the PS4 has a demonstrable bandwidth advantage. Output resolution is typically constrained by memory bandwidth and time and again the PS4 commands a resolution advantage over the Xbone. Reply +14
  • bladdard 09/01/2016


    Since both the PS4 and Xbone have almost identical architecture and the PS4 is more powerful and has more "real world" bandwidth the only reason the Xbone version has an advantage is most likely down to poor optimisation due to the PS4 version getting less love. This doesn't mean the PS4 version is garbage, it's just not as good as the Xbone version much the same as when the PS4 multiplats are better, the Xbone still gets a version that is only distinguishably different under very close scruitny.

    Just to help you with your conspiracy.

    Last Gen 360 compared to PS3 :- more powerful GPU, more memory bandwidth, easier to use dev tools, vastly slower but less complex CPU.

    This Gen Xbone vs PS4 :- less powerful GPU (about 50% less), less usable memory bandwidth (about 50% less), slightly easier to use dev tools, more powerful CPU (about 10%).

    Last gen the PS3 was only able to match the 360 on multiplats when games were specifically built using the cell architecture. This gen the Xbone doesn't have that advantage because the architectures are so similar. The only possibility of Xbone wins are lesser optimised PS4 versions of multiplats.

    Either way the Xbone is a great console and multiplatform gaming is much the same experience as on the PS4 therefore, the only meaningful difference between the 2 consoles are the exclusives and the controllers.
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  • PlayStation Network is currently down

  • bladdard 05/01/2016

    @Gemini4273 &

    The thing that defines a fanboy for me is someone who can find no fault whatsoever with their product of choice. We know all consoles are compromised but a fanboy will call out the compromises on all other consoles but his own. @Episode13 is a classic case and utterly deluded.
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  • bladdard 05/01/2016

    What I love is @Episode13 goes awol whenever there's a thread with Xbox bad news such as the GOTY threads but he's all over the PSN down. Yes PSN is a bit shit but xbl also suffered a similar outage over Christmas so they're much of a muchness.

    The biggest problem with PSN is the planned maintenance which is often prolonged and badly timed.
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  • Eurogamer's top 50 games of 2015

  • bladdard 02/01/2016

    The list is a bit mad, there are Xbone exclusives which are objectively better than many of the games in the list. It's almost as if EG are teaching Microsoft a lesson for arrogantly stating their platform had the best exclusives of 2015. Reply -1
  • Xbox in 2015: A textbook year, but it's time to innovate again

  • bladdard 31/12/2015

    I think it's fair to forgive Microsoft for their arrogant anti-consumer stance at the start of this gen as with Sony's similar arrogance last gen but we should never forget. All in all though the Xbone is going to be another successful Microsoft console and one I'll be investing in when they release a new smaller better looking revision. Reply -3
  • Only in Dreams: Addressing the tricky question of what Media Molecule's latest is about

  • bladdard 18/12/2015

    Sounds to me like a more abstract LBP - jury's out. I think Media Molecule should tap into what Minecraft has done going more for simplicity but upping the stakes graphically. Reply -7
  • Fallout 4 patch 1.02: the good, the bad and the ugly

  • bladdard 12/12/2015

    Yet another game to add to the Microsoft marketing deal, xbone face off win at launch, PS4 patched and parity. I realise it's most likely because the primary development platform is the one with the marketing deal and therefore gets more optimisation before launch and I'm not claiming any kind of conspiracy but it's an interesting situation that seems to be the rule rather than the exception. Reply +1
  • Face-Off: Rainbow Six Siege

  • bladdard 08/12/2015

    I think @Suarez07 was describing you as a "PS4 idiot" and saying what @Episode13 was claiming had some merit. I could be wrong but that was my interpretation, if I was you I wouldn't lose any sleep, this is only a gaming forum and the Xbone and PS4 are just toys.
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  • bladdard 07/12/2015

    @Episode13 where are these people mocking the xbone? There isn't one anti Xbox comment in this whole thread. Someone called BS on your comment about the xbone offering a smoother experience but nobody is dissing your console. The Xbone is a good console with some brilliant games, the PS4 is the same. If you like your xbone then play it, enjoy it but don't create a narrative because of some tin foil hat wearing inferiority complex.. Reply 0
  • bladdard 07/12/2015

    @nickbonkersperry killzone is the best looking FPS this gen IMHO despite its cheating tech, it's a god awful game but looks incredible.

    Sounds like this is a great version regardless of which platform you play it on so everybody wins. 😊
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  • Face-Off: Just Cause 3

  • bladdard 05/12/2015

    It's a massive shame that devs won't dial back the graphic settings on the consoles so they can achieve a consistant framerate and input response. I'd happily sacrifice detail and effects just as you have to when you reduce the detail levels on a less powerful PC. Reply +12
  • PlayStation 4 narrowly beats Xbox One during UK Black Friday week

  • bladdard 04/12/2015


    Yeah all the guys I know with an Xbone all had a 360, theres also as many again who had a 360 but bought a PS4. I don't know anyone who had a PS3 as their sole console who moved to the Xbone but then again, I only know 3 people who had a PS3 alone.
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  • bladdard 03/12/2015

    @ClemFandango Last time I was called a fanboy is was by a PS4 fanboy, hilarious this it's the other lot accusing me now just because I stated my opinion. Ah well, I'll just try pick myself up and give a fuck. 😘 Reply +1
  • bladdard 03/12/2015

    @ClemFandango I can hear you clem fandango. So Xbox has Forza, Halo and Tomb Raider which are all subjectively inferior to Until Dawn, Bloodboure and Tearaway unfolded. 3 milked franchises vs 3 new games, some will prefer the xbone line up but many will prefer the arguably better exclusive line up of the PS4.

    See how's this works, it's called an opinion and your opinion isn't fact no matter how much you ram it down our throats.

    PS: The average metacritic rating of the games I selected on both platforms is coincidentally 86 so neither platform has an advantage from a professional critics perspective.
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  • It looks like Rocket League will kick off on Xbox One

  • bladdard 04/12/2015

    Excellent news, my Xbone owning buddy will be able to get some practice in and won't sulk after I thrash him next time we play. Reply +1
  • Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is 60 FPS on PS4 but 30 on Xbox One

  • bladdard 01/12/2015

    Definitely lazy devs, we know the ps4 is more capable than the xbone but surely the xbone must be capable enough to run this at 60fps. Reply -1
  • A guide to the best Black Friday gaming deals

  • bladdard 27/11/2015


    500gb Xbone with Ori and Rare Replay 229

    500gb Ps4 with Nathan drake collection 250
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  • Fallout 4 tops UK chart, launch sales 200% up on New Vegas

  • bladdard 17/11/2015

    Tomb Raider deservedly bombed, those figures are hideous. All time exclusive games deserve to fail, it's a really shitty and pointless practice.

    Saying that I can't wait to pick it up in a year but only when it's cheap.
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  • Rise of the Tomb Raider review

  • bladdard 09/11/2015

    Reads like an 8 but no recommended, what gives? 😐 Reply -12
  • Halo 5 tops chart, outsells Assassin's Creed Syndicate launch by 50%

  • bladdard 03/11/2015

    Well deserved sales success for Halo 5, was round a mates playing it tonight. The graphics are a step up from Halo 4 and I barely noticed the variable framerate. I did miss split screen but we took it in turns to get our asses kicked playing arena and much fun was had. I'll buy this eventually when I get an Xbone. Reply +4
  • Uncharted 4's multiplayer will be 60fps

  • bladdard 28/10/2015

    9 for uncharted multiplayer, pretty good value. ;) Reply +1
  • What works and what doesn't in Halo 5: Guardians

  • bladdard 26/10/2015

    Killzone SF - Amazing graphics, shit game.
    Halo 5 - good graphics, good game.

    I know which I prefer.
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