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  • Don't hold your breath for PS4 backwards compatibility

  • billy323 19/06/2015

    I know we will never get Ps3 BC because the Cell was a complicated bitch, but I bet the PS4 could do a better job of running 360 games than the Bone. maybe one day when they are both hacked and we get custom firmware this could be a reality. Reply -1
  • Performance Analysis: Diablo 3 at 1080p on Xbox One

  • billy323 19/08/2014

    @A_Virtual_Duck I hate that people excuse screen tear saying it will fall into the over-scan. WHAT over-scan modern tv's should not be overscanning anything, if you have you tv set to overscan then you are not getting 1 to 1 pixel and your tv is set up wrong. Reply +14
  • Xbox One firmware update will let you manage storage

  • billy323 05/02/2014

    @rotmm I have a 5 year old up-scaling Panasonic DVD recorder that has pass through that not only works in standby but will upscale SD in standby too Reply 0
  • Digital Foundry vs. Respawn: the Titanfall interview

  • billy323 25/08/2013

    @Melonfodder It has never been billed as only on Xbox so its a timed exclusive, Ms has banned them from talking about other versions, so there will at some point be Playstation versions. I remember reading a while back why they used the source engine and they stated because it runs well on xbox360 pc and Playstation3. Still think it looks limited especially if the same scenarios will playout over and over Reply 0
  • Titanfall wows Outside Xbox at Gamescom 2013

  • billy323 25/08/2013

    @BlueHaze_Sean Haven't seen and 'Impressive' games yet. Most are either multi platform or have had the smallest of teasers Titanfall is just cod with mechs. Killzone 3 had mechs and jetpacks whats the difference Reply 0
  • billy323 25/08/2013

    @OtisBDriftwood you wont as titanfall doesn't come out till some time next year Reply +2
  • PlayStation 4 will be playable at Eurogamer Expo 2013

  • billy323 01/08/2013

    @Syrette Wouldn't care just want to see one running in real time to get idea of what the games are gonna look and play like, only so much you can get from youtube vids Reply +2
  • billy323 01/08/2013

    @BigDannyH The Xbox wasn't even at E3 on the show floor it was all running on pc's not even dev kits. Even in their press conference Battlefield 4 was running on Pc unless xbone is fitted with a backspace key. Reply +1
  • PlayStation 4 gives up to 5GB of RAM to game developers

  • billy323 27/07/2013


    You keep brining it back to how a high end pc will destroy next gen consoles, but point me in the direction of a high end pc that only cost £350. Answer is you cant for a top of the range rig you are talking £1000+ so moot point. Its like saying that your Ferrari is faster that my Ford Focus well yeah of course. Leave Pcs out of the equation even the latest Graphics cards can be £800+ so i would expect it out perform.
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  • billy323 26/07/2013

    To all the people ranting over gddr5 and how poor it is blah blah, my pc this my pc that. The two machines cannot be compared because of the construction and custom components. Here grab a drink, sit down and have a read, from the man Cerny him self....

    Just as an example…when the CPU and GPU exchange information in a generic PC, the CPU inputs information, and the GPU needs to read the information and clear the cache, initially. When returning the results, the GPU needs to clear the cache, then return the result to the CPU. We’ve created a cache bypass. The GPU can return the result using this bypass directly. By using this design, we can send data directly from the main memory to the GPU shader core. Essentially, we can bypass the GPU L1 and L2 cache. Of course, this isn’t just for data read, but also for write. Because of this, we have an extremely high bandwidth of 10GB/sec.

    Also, we’ve also added a little tag to the L2 cache. We call this the VOLATILE tag. We are able to control data in the cache based on whether the data is marked with VOLATILE or not. If this tag is used, this data can be written directly to the memory. As a result, the entirety of the cache can be used efficiently for graphics processing.

    This function allows for harmonization of graphics processing and computing, and allows for efficient function of both. Essentially “Harmony” in Japanese. We’re trying to replicate the SPU Runtime System (SPURS) of the PS3 by heavily customizing the cache and bus. SPURS is designed to virtualize and independently manage SPU resources. For the PS4 hardware, the GPU can also be used in an analogous manner as x86-64 to use resources at various levels. This idea has 8 pipes and each pipe(?) has 8 computation queues. Each queue can execute things such as physics computation middle ware, and other prioprietarily designed workflows. This, while simultaneously handling graphics processing.

    This type of functionality isn’t used widely in the launch titles. However, I expect this to be used widely in many games throughout the life of the console and see this becoming an extremely important feature.

    as for why gddr5:

    Cerny also touched on the system’s unified architecture with 8GB of GDDR5, suggesting that it could help the PS4 trump a gaming PC in hertz-for-hertz performance. He said it was something that developers wanted so they delivered. As he explained, a PC with 8GB of GPU memory would only be able to share about 1 percent of that memory on any given frame. It all comes down a limitation of the speed of PCIe, he noted.

    The GPU and CPU in the PS4 are on a single, custom chip created by AMD that is similar to an AMD APU. The memory isn’t on the same chip but a 256-bit bus lets it access RAM at 176GB/s, eliminating any sort of bottlenecks. He said the strategy was simply to use GDDR5 memory and make sure it had plenty of bandwidth.
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  • Tech Analysis: Titanfall

  • billy323 06/07/2013

    IMHO I can not see how the cloud can assist much in a 60fps shooter. The onscreen refresh will be well ahead of any game updates from the cloud, look at the pitiful hitboxes and lag from COD games the internet ping is not fast enough to make any real impact. Reply +12
  • Microsoft will now include a headset with Xbox One - report

  • billy323 04/07/2013

    @martinmcdonald No I meant that the Ps4 is £80 cheaper than xbone dickhead Reply +5
  • billy323 04/07/2013

    @by_default Er yes ps4 comes with a headset although its a shit one but it doesn't come with a spy cam. Oh and it also comes with an £80 to spend on games. Reply +3
  • Tech Analysis: The Last of Us

  • billy323 16/06/2013

    @tnzk You will probably find you have Full RGB selected in display settings on your ps3 and your tv does not fully support it. It will make colours look deeper but will destroy any black levels. try changing it then adjusting you tv to suit. Reply +5
  • That difficult second screen

  • billy323 15/06/2013

    The WiiU pad is for the Ipad Drones who believes Apples crap that you must have a touch screen in your hands at all time. I hate the way everyone over hypes the touch gaming revolution Angry Birds will not take over the world. Everyone went mad saying facebook gaming will kill console gaming yet half the facebook game companies are going bust and this touch screen balls will go the same way, only reason it has made money so far is because of small kids running up bills with in app purchases. I personally have trouble keeping an eye on mini maps sometimes without losing focus on the main action so a second screen well. Reply -5
  • Why The Last of Us is the opposite of Uncharted

  • billy323 14/06/2013

    @riceNpea Don't know who the fuck down voted you (prob some little prick kid) My daughter sat watching me play through the prologue (she's 16) and I will admit I had a bit of eye leakage. Reply +3
  • billy323 14/06/2013

    @Negotiator1 Why do you think Sony haven't got the servers. Isn't Gaikai basically a giant server farm do you think they aren't integrating them into the infrastructure. Microsoft's servers were originally sega's from the dream-cast days. Reply 0
  • Next Xbox Reveal: live report and live video

  • billy323 21/05/2013

    You know none of this will work in the UK its tailored for US market Reply 0
  • billy323 21/05/2013

    What is all the wooping about its all bullshit so far, my games console is not for watching tv Reply 0
  • billy323 21/05/2013

    Its called picture in picture tvs have had that for years. Reply 0
  • billy323 21/05/2013

    Seriously do microsoft not know about smart TVs. My TV does all the stuff they are doing all I want is a games console. I think Ms has lost this one Reply 0
  • billy323 21/05/2013

    Ooooh its Ugly Reply 0
  • PlayStation 3: retail disc vs. digital delivery

  • billy323 05/05/2013

    There must be something seriously wrong for Mass effect to take that long to download. When i downloaded it, it took under and hour, are DF using wireless or wired. I have 60 meg with a gigabit router and cat6 cable to my ps3 (it has gigabit Ethernet port) Reply +4
  • Killzone: Shadow Fall revealed

  • billy323 21/02/2013

    @Srift The Dude at the side of the stage was playing it in real time. Wait till its finished and polished to fuck, then see how good it looks Reply +19
  • The PS4 to feature cloud-based backwards compatibility - report

  • billy323 16/02/2013

    I Think its funny when people bash a good idea because their internet sucks so it will be useless to them. Here's an idea get a better internet service, I'm on VM 60meg and its very reliable if yours isn't then change supplier or hound them to fix it. I think if this is the plan then I'm sure they have been working on some sort of hardware compression included in PS4 to improve performance over the PC based software solution use by Gaikai, which would mean smaller data packets, faster stream = more reliable.And the people saying they would not be interested as they couldn't play old Xbox games well you do realize that 99 percent of those games also came out on PS plus all the exclusives, all you would miss is half a dozen Gaylos and few Gays of War. No loss if you ask me. Reply -6
  • DmC Devil May Cry review

  • billy323 15/01/2013

    @Kostas Not at all Devil may Cry 4 was Pants too, nothing on DMC 3, some devs get stale with a franchise and them trying to carry it on under another name is typical of how stale Japanese development has gotten. Reply +1
  • billy323 14/01/2013

    @null Sorry did i dis your precious Bayonetta. Most over-rated game of all time if you ask me. Reply -5
  • billy323 14/01/2013

    @erekose200 Why does everyone always rave about Bayonetta. That game pretty muched ripped of the whole devil may cry series and was boring to boot. Geeks likey naked lady = must be good game. It was shite Reply -10
  • PS Plus God of War: Ascension multiplayer beta this week

  • billy323 07/01/2013

    I have Been in the Beta for a while now and although i have not played recently it seems decent enough. will give it another crack see if they have added and different maps or game modes. Reply +3
  • Make sure you download the Medal of Honor day one patch

  • billy323 23/10/2012

    This is ridiculous, not everyone has an internet connection, I know this is gonna be mainly an on-line game but many will buy for off-line play only. This practice shits on them badly as some of these issues effect campaign. Reply +5
  • The ultimate open source handheld: the return of Pandora

  • billy323 29/09/2012

    What is this guy smoking..

    "However, Rothwell had no desire to imitate existing hardware.

    "We knew it had to be slightly different from anything else on the market," he says. "

    Looks like a DS to me just missing a screen replaced with some 1980's calculator keyboard

    Seriously 500 quid for 1 ghz model shit you can get a decent quad core laptop for that.
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  • Dust 514 playable at Eurogamer Expo 2012

  • billy323 23/08/2012

    I hope it improves on the beta because that sucks hard. Frame rate dips, spawn camping, lacklustre weapon sets I could go on... Reply 0
  • Face-Off: Darksiders 2

  • billy323 23/08/2012

    "Curiously, on the PS3 some areas feature higher-resolution textures compared to the Xbox 360 game; these surfaces contain more fine detail, with the additional intricacies improving the look of some scenes"

    Why is this a curiosity yet the xbox having better lighting isn't, i quote...

    "The Xbox 360 appears to have charms of its own, however, with additional lighting effects enhancing the look of fire, explosions and contact flashes in various scenes"

    Obviously the author is an Xbot. How dare the ps3 have better textures!
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  • Digital Foundry vs. Unreal Engine 4

  • billy323 08/06/2012

    I hate UE3 games this gen, just incompetent devs using crap middle-ware. It leaves all game looking kinda the same and i hate the low texture res and streaming issues it has. I'm sure i will hate UE4 games too for similar reasons. The same thing is happening with Frostbite 2 all the games produced on this engine have a very similar look. Games loose their individuality, imagine if ND made Uncharted on UE3 that would suck Reply -2
  • Face-Off: Max Payne 3

  • billy323 22/05/2012

    @CopyCat You are right about that just checked out the video. I think it time Df got a new PS3 i think their's is borked. I think they still use a launch model because their equipment has problems with the HDMI control on new ps3's. Little unfair if they do. Reply -2
  • Kinect-controlled web browser coming to Xbox 360 - report

  • billy323 10/05/2012

    It wont be a proper web browsers as xbox live is a closed network, also as xbox is windows based os it would be open to viruses Reply -13
  • Leaked Rayman Legends Wii U trailer shows graphics, touch-screen, NFC tech

  • billy323 27/04/2012

    @Uncle_Fishboy Because they are all 12 years old. i too think this looks Meh. Another flash in the pan Nintendo cash raking project. How many people here still play their totally amazing Wiis, Wiiu will go the same way everyone will rush out because its different then realize the tablet is wank for playing real games and then trot back to xbox or Ps Reply -10
  • Watch the Prototype 2 live advert video

  • billy323 26/04/2012

    What a complete load of bollocks. And I thought the game looked bad. Reply -1
  • God of War: Ascension outed by Amazon

  • billy323 19/04/2012

    @Pasco What was wrong with the frame rate, was solid when i played. Your Ps3 dyin? Reply 0
  • billy323 19/04/2012

    @Belmonth Are people bored of Mario yet, how many games set i the same universe. Reply +1
  • Writer sues Ubisoft over Assassin's Creed story

  • billy323 19/04/2012

    @Baihu1983 He probably had better things to do with his time than play video games. Most older people wouldn't know their arse from their Ezio Reply 0
  • Darksiders 2 release date delayed by THQ

  • billy323 18/04/2012

    I swear if i see that fucking Dishonored ad one more time. If its not bad enough having buggy flash ads all over the show slowing things down, it the same ad over and over. seriously sell the space to more than one company and put them on rotation so at least its different Reply +5
  • Bethesda: Skyrim update 1.4 should hit Xbox 360 tomorrow

  • billy323 08/02/2012

    I gave up on skyrim ages ago its just collecting dust on a shelf. Dont think i will even bother to see if this patch fixes it i will probably trade it in against ssx Reply -5
  • GAME confirms layoffs at head office

  • billy323 07/02/2012

    @genesisknight Thats one of the reasons why i boycot Game for HMV, the staff in the colchester branch are fantastic. They are helpfull, polite and dont ram things down your throat, also they are cheaper and give better trade ins Reply 0
  • Call of Duty Elite premium features list

  • billy323 06/09/2011

    The 20 pieces of dlc could also be 5 avatars, 5 themes, 5 early unlocks, 4 weapons and one map. it doesn't even mean it will be map packs they could be extra Reply +11
  • ModernWarfare3 directs to Battlefield 3

  • billy323 12/07/2011

    I know thats early footage, but the amount of screen tear on that vid is awfull. They obviously haven't got it running at 60 fps yet. Reply -1
  • Sony redesigning PSN – report

  • billy323 05/07/2011

    Eurogamer is slowly becoming the news of the world of the gaming world Reply +6
  • DiRT 3 - first 15 minutes

  • billy323 21/05/2011

    Why the noob camera view EG. I thought you guys were hardcore gamers. You really are determined to make yourselves look amateur lately. Reply +2
  • Portal 2 in orphan insult row

  • billy323 18/05/2011

    Well what about the episode of Friends where Chandler tells the boy that he is adopted. didn't see anyone going crazy over that... oh hold on, that wasn't a video game so its not news worthy. Reply +20
  • Sony denies PSN details offered for sale

  • billy323 03/05/2011

    @charlichan. The way you worded your first post you made it sound like PSN credit Card details were definatly stolen but its only SOE that is definate. Reply +5