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  • The Elder Scrolls Online's PS4 patch is 15.9GB

  • bentleym 26/06/2015

    Well the game definitely plays better when lots of players are about. That alone was worth the wait of a 15gig download. Reply 0
  • Dying Light physical release suffers delay in Europe, elsewhere

  • bentleym 19/01/2015

    Maybe it's something to do with censoring. The game needed to be censored last minute leaving them with little time to manufacture physical copies? Reply 0
  • Performance Analysis: Grand Theft Auto 5

  • bentleym 18/11/2014

    @vandal_gab No, I own the disc version. In the videos they don't seem to be speeding too fast through the busy areas so maybe its something they haven't picked up on yet. Reply -1
  • bentleym 18/11/2014

    I'm playing the PS4 version right now and the framerate seems to drop any time I'm speeding through the city with a lot of cars around me. I don't get it because this video says the game runs at a near constant 30fps. Anyone else noticing any drops or could it be my PS4? Reply -3
  • Cel Damage HD crashes PS3, PS4, Vita next week

  • bentleym 09/05/2014

    One of my most played multi player games on the Gamecube. Definite purchase for me! I have a couch and 4 controllers! Now if only I had friends :( Reply 0
  • Paul W.S. Anderson is making another Resident Evil movie

  • bentleym 29/04/2014

    They are bad Resident Evil movies, yes. But great popcorn flicks non the less. If you forget what they are based around and just accept that for the next 2 hours you wont need to use your brain at all, then they can all be quite enjoyable. I'm looking forward to the next film. I also hope they bring back Wentworth Miller as Chris Redfield because he was severely underused. Reply 0
  • Next-Gen Face-Off: Thief

  • bentleym 01/03/2014

    So is the framerate problem something they can fix with a patch? I hope so because it's the only thing ruining the game for me at the moment. Reply 0
  • inFamous: Second Son will require a 24GB install

  • bentleym 19/02/2014

    What I don't like is the fact that when I delete a game install, I delete the patches as well. I'd have no problem having to sit through the installs again because that doesn't even take very long, but my internet connection is terrible and having to do the game updates again whenever I want to play an old game will take a while. Reply 0
  • Japan's fancy Dark Souls 2 edition has case of replica weapons

  • bentleym 12/02/2014

    @frazzl I don't get the downvotes really, the framerate got pretty bad at times (I'm looking at you Blighttown). It effected the gameplay especially when you're in the middle of combat. I too am hoping Dark Souls II plays much more smoothly. Reply +1
  • Sega announces Sonic Boom for 3DS and Wii U

  • bentleym 06/02/2014

    The graphics look nice. Not to sure about the character designs though. Looks like Knuckles has been hitting the Gym. Reply +20
  • Killzone Shadow Fall patch adds forced 30fps option

  • bentleym 06/02/2014

    @Drygore While I didn't see any tearing, there is definitely judder when the game goes from it's highest framerate down to 30 really fast.
    Locking it to 30fps will make for a more consistent experience. Way I see it though is either go for 30 or 60. If developers cant reach a constant 60fps, lock the framerate to 30. If they cant achieve a constant 30 then clearly they are doing something wrong. I have no problem playing games at 30fps. Assassins Creed 4, Need for Speed Rivals. These games are locked at 30 and play VERY well without any hitches. Battlefield 4, Tomb Raider. These can fluctuate between 30 and 60fps and it's really noticeable and distracting in my opinion.
    Reply +4
  • Video: Let's Replay Tomb Raider 1

  • bentleym 02/02/2014

    I preferred this version to the anniversary edition. They completely ruined that one. For a start, they got rid of the whole T-Rex area and just turned him into a boss in an enclosed area. Was really looking forward to playing that part with updated visuals. Reply +10
  • Performance analysis: Tomb Raider Definitive Edition

  • bentleym 27/01/2014

    @KALofKRYPTON Don't get me wrong, I love 60fps. If the game was consistently 60fps I would be the first to label the Xbox one version as inferior. But it's the fact that the PS4 version we are getting has a framerate that fluctuates between 60 and 40fps. This, in my opinion makes for an uneven experience because the difference is noticeable. Just like other games with this problem (BF4, Killzone SF online) you'll be running about turning the camera going between 40 and 60 depending on where you look and it'll look juddery and ruin the experience. If the game were a constant 30 it would appear more smooth and consistent. Reply -6
  • bentleym 27/01/2014

    Also, go play Assassins Creed 4 on PS4 and tell me 30fps isn't good enough. That game runs at a constant 30 with no dips at all and it's completely fine. you don't need 60fps for every game. Reply +39
  • bentleym 27/01/2014

    Thing is though, I think I'd much rather have a constant 30fps then a framerate that's up and down like a yoyo. When the framerate is going from 60 down to 40 over and over that's going to be really noticeable. Where as a constant 30 is just about right for a game like this. I own a PS4, and will be getting that version but I honestly wish it was a constant 30fps. Even 40. Go and play BF4 online and tell me that the jump from 60 down to 40 and then back up to 60 isn't noticeable. It really ruins the experience. Reply -25