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  • Games of 2012: Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition

  • benjerry 22/12/2012

    "Never understood the fascination. It's LEGO, but with no physicality and a purposely elongated building process. When the idea is to build, why actively prevent people from doing that with bizarre rules?"

    Whatīs so "bizarre" about integrating it with a first-person survival game? Itīs... fun (for a lot of people).

    Especially as you can just play creation mode to play it in "Lego mode".
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  • Are the rich old men ruining Kickstarter?

  • benjerry 16/12/2012

    This is probably one of the most off-target articles ever written on EuroGamer.

    How did Kickstarter gain major mindshare amongst gamers? Why, because of DoubleFineīs Double Fine Adventure breaking a kickstarter record for donations. Terrible thing those established old men raised so much cash for something that people were enthusiastic about, no?

    What did that do to other, more indie projects? Why, it increased donations across the board. Ze Horror!


    Other assorted comments to assorted nonsense:

    - The fact that old hands have an advantage in raising a lot of cash is merely logical - they have a track record after all.

    - Yes, Kickstarter shifts the risk to the consumer, and thatīs the point. That in turn enables a wider selection of games to get greenlit.

    - No, those riskier projects would not have been greenlit anyways. If you are under the impression that we have been pelted with adventure games, old-skool RPG:s and space sims (etc.) by major publishers in recent times, you should be in involuntary commitment, not posting on this board.
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  • Who spilled Hot Coffee?

  • benjerry 30/11/2012

    "Why don't we do the same with food, because my oh my, how wrong could that be, all that food, for all the world to see...?"

    Weīd fuss far more about food if it was still scarce, although thereīs still some social fussing and status competition centered around food.

    Sex (especially high-quality sex) meanwhile is still fairly scarce, and subject to intense competition.

    Thereīs also the issue of hyperstimulation relating to porn (well, violence too), where people fuss about it because they (explicitly or implicitly) worry about the consequences of exposure for themselves (or their kids).
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  • benjerry 30/11/2012

    "America's bizarre fear of sex is frankly hilarious and makes them a laughing stock to most other countries."

    America is about just as pornified as any other western country, thereīs just a bit more token and ineffectual resistance to pornification there for bien pensants to point and laugh at.
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  • benjerry 30/11/2012

    "I won't ever get the obsession of society over sex. It's a fundamental part of daily life - what's the fuss about it?"

    Erm, yes, itīs a fundamental part of life. One of the fundamental parts, along with survival the key determinant of darwinistic fitness.

    Hence, people are really fussed about it, and hence regulating the sexual marketplace to suit ones interests and preferences becomes... a big thang.

    The shocking thing would be if people *didnīt* care about sexuality in society.
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  • Battlefield 3 patch addresses input lag and audio stability on PS3

  • benjerry 27/11/2012

    Also ditched the PS3 version completely because of the input lag, which was not exactly subtle. Better late than never, I guess... Reply -1
  • UK chart: COD Black Ops 2 holds off Hitman: Absolution

  • benjerry 26/11/2012

    @alimokrane Itīs better than that - EG messed up the figure, itīs actually a 81 % drop. The 87% figure was for MW3, not BLOPSII.

    Hence, Hitman is higher than 220k.

    From ChartTrack:

    "Call of Duty: Black Ops II’ holds off Square’s new entry ‘Hitman Absolution’ despite an 81% drop in sales.

    It’s a successful second week for Activision Blizzard with sales of their previous Call of Duty title ‘Modern Warfare 3’ having dropped by 87% in its second week.
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  • Far Cry 3 review

  • benjerry 22/11/2012

    Hmm... might have to get this now. Reply 0
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 PC disc 2 is, for some, Mass Effect 2

  • benjerry 13/11/2012

    Supposedly you can bypass the problem by entering the CD key into STEAM and downloading the game that way. Anyone able to confirm this? Reply +5
  • Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm is "99% done"

  • benjerry 18/06/2012

    "The entire thing feels flimsy, outdated and arcadey.

    I guess I was spoiled by Dawn of War 2."

    Yeah, I guess that explains the solid DoW2 eSports scene and why noone plays SC2 anymore.
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  • US chart: Diablo 3 pips Max Payne 3 to May crown

  • benjerry 15/06/2012

    @ilmaestro Depends on what the point that you are getting at is.

    "Sales of D3 = Piracy no big deal on PC", for instance is a point that is hard to make, given that D3 is always online, server side.

    "Piracy beatable on PC with proper technological systems in place", is a point that it is easier to make.

    "Blizzard games sell sh*tloads", well, that one is kinda obvious...
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  • Diablo 3 Review

  • benjerry 22/05/2012

    1: Mr. Roper is one of the more entertaining archetypes to hit EG comments in quite a while: The Gaming White Knight (shining armor, I assume), fighting bravely for the poor oppressed D3 peasants (who he has no intention of joining).

    2: Yes, having to play on the Yanqui servers for my first session was annoying. After that, things have been fine barring one maintenance outage. But apparently my enjoyment must be a manifestation of false consciousness.
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  • Call of Duty Elite has 10 million users, 2 million pay

  • benjerry 10/05/2012

    I donīt even play games anymore, but I still have to admit it is a pleasure to watch COD-haters squirm. Most contemptible people in gaming. Reply +2
  • UK Top 40: Mass Effect 3 outsells ME1, ME2 launch weeks combined

  • benjerry 12/03/2012

    The most surprising thing about ME3 has been how good the MP is. I havenīt been a huge horde mode fan before (I.e. in Gears), but this thing is a lot of solid fun. Reply 0
  • Alienware X51 Review

  • benjerry 28/02/2012


    "Amused at high scale missing the point of the X51 and it's target market. Consumer it is aimed at is asking this: (SNIP)".

    You miss the point - half of the appeal of comments sections and forums lies in arguing that the preferences of (CASUALS/DUDEBROS/SOCCER MOMS/YADDAYADDA) are invalid and obviously inferior to (INSERT YOUR OWN PREFERENCES).
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  • New Battlefield 3 patch fixes PS3 VOIP issues

  • benjerry 07/02/2012

    @thedaveeyres The terrible input lag that has made me put the game on the shelf, since my reaction even when getting the drop on a guy eventually turned into "oh, noes, I have to shoot someone again, here we go..."... Reply 0
  • EA claims 1.7m active Star Wars: The Old Republic subscribers

  • benjerry 02/02/2012

    @SweetMrGibs "Purple Ball Perspiration" is actually something that we are actively looking at for the Japanese market... Reply 0
  • benjerry 02/02/2012

    @SweetMrGibs Thatīs a vile and deceptive corporate lie - the 12% figure only covers the period of 2011-12-01 through 2011-12-03, and completely ignores the estimated impact of our new "Dijon Pickle Dream" flavour that is scheduled to be introduced in Q3 2012.

    Also, cookie dough chocolate chip is where itīs at. There.
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  • benjerry 02/02/2012

    @anomagnus Nah, if you like a game and decline to make up bullshit FUD ("the figures are actually for a week after launch!!22111!), that means you are obviously on the EA (or Activision, natch) Payroll.

    As stated above, I do hope that the trolls choke on their own bile. I hate trolls and haters.
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  • benjerry 02/02/2012

    SWTOR cured me of MMO burnout, weīll see how long it lasts. A lot of content in the game though, and I kind of enjoy the PvP. It still has some issues though, and I tend to grow bored with MMO:s after some sustained play. Weīll see how it goes. The Legacy system is very clever though, I.e. you get to improve all of your chars on a server at once through a shared XP bar. Grind-tastic!

    Chairman Yang: If you are going to call the figure "misleading", you should have something to back it up with. The text below is from the transcript of the investor conference call:

    "Let me offer some metrics on purchase and subscription that will help you understand this business. As John stated, we have sold through two million units of the game (SWTOR) since December.

    We currently have a little over 1.7 million active subscribers. The rest have either not started playing yet or have opted out."

    Most reasonable interpretations of the above would make it tough to see it as "1,7 million subs soon after launch" (that would also require there to be 300 000 sold-through games that were never used).

    Note that they say that "Star WarsŪ: The Old Republic™ has generated 1.7 million active subscribers and sold through more than 2 million units in a little over one month." SWTOR launched on Dec 20. If the figures were for Dec 31, it would be pure lying to give sales figures "for a little over one month".

    You can find the above here:
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  • Hideo Kojima: gamers are happy with what they have

  • benjerry 04/01/2012

    "Games must be generalized and marginalized because that is what the moronic majority wants, that is where the money comes from. "

    Say what? What does "generalized and marginalized" even mean?

    Here is an alternate take: Games that are highly refined and easily accessible are able to make inroads into a broad audience. CoD, WoW, BF, Mario, and now TES, etc. etc.

    The huge successes are almost without exception titles that blazed a trail and upped the quality and accessibility bar at the same time. In most cases, they are the result of long-term iteration before they hit it big.

    CoD hit it big on installment 4. Battlefield 3 seems to be the big breakout on Console, even though BFBC did very well as well. The Elder Scrolls made it into the really big leagues on installment five. This is not a coincidence. Polish and iteration works to create mass-market success.

    In short: The Me-Toos are just fighting for the scraps off the big boy table. Thatīs why games that do their own thing (brilliantly) like Dark Souls have a nice and profitable market as well.
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  • Star Wars: The Old Republic Review

  • benjerry 04/01/2012

    @nurofen I mostly disagree about it being disappointing myself, as I really like the story stuff + WoW combo. The UI limitations donīt feel that important to me, but to each his own.

    Also, WAR and Conan were released in far more unfinished states content-wise than SWTOR. This should hold up far better. I really liked the open collective area quests in WAR though...
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  • benjerry 04/01/2012

    @nurofen "It's like taking Fallout3 and adding multiplayer on it."

    That would be pretty sweet if done right. Though I disagree about the non-city maps being terribly closed down or small. Once you get out of the lower levels, they are often outright huge.
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  • benjerry 04/01/2012

    @nurofen Just had to push in a small comment regarding "interface belonging 10 years ago".

    I remember those interfaces. And they were so unbelievably archaic that it brings a smile to my face just thinking about it. So make it 5 years, not 10. ;)
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  • benjerry 04/01/2012

    @nurofen "interface belonging 10 years ago, not 2012. No target of target, no customizable UI, no macros, no LFG tool, no threat indicators...
    3. Add some MMO features : a very basic auction house and guilds."

    If BioWare want a to-do list for improving the game, they have it right here.

    To Do:s:

    - Auction house: Surprisingly functional (and profitable) once you get past the poor UI. But the UI is... poor. Also, they should add more AH access terminals in cities, as well as in your ship.

    - UI customizability. I donīt want them to go balls-to-the-wall crazy like WoW (where the game is now balanced around mandatory UI mods), but more than now would be very welcome, and good for the development of the game.

    - LFG tool. Just copy the one from Warhammer Online (Open groups, etc.).

    - A working raid interface. Nuff said.

    - Some other UI fixes that you mentioned.

    Shouldnīt be too hard. Letīs see if they can do it.
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  • benjerry 04/01/2012

    @nurofen I mostly disagree.

    1.) After you get a bit higher, you usually have options regarding which planet to go to, sometimes even in the main class quest. Sometimes you get to backtrack (I just went back to Nar Shadaa:s lvl 30-ish area for a backtrack quest).

    2.) The initial planets are small, but later ones (after you get your landspeeder) are large, much larger than your average WoW zone. Tatooine and Alderaan (the latest ones I have frequented) are huge.

    3.) The degree of openness has varied a lot for me so far. Some zones are almost completely open, while others have a more confined feel. I feel they handle the "megacities" (I.e. Nar Shadaa, Coruscant) about as well as they can be handled (doing them completely open-world style would simply not work), but I still prefer more open planets.

    4.) You are right that most of the 1-50 experience will be single player for most people. MMO:s have been like that from WoW onwards, and as someone who was there for the old-skool grind-group based levelling, I think the change is for the better.
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  • benjerry 04/01/2012

    After playing this moderately (I am lvl 33 at the moment on my Commando), I think this review captures the game rather well. I also agree with the score. My biggest gripe (apart from the lingering bugs (like the raid UI being unreliable) is probably the overly aggressive splitting of the open world into multiple instances (I.e. not WoW instancing - the world is very open, but it gets split into multiple phases. It relieves crowding and mob camping, but I feel it is being done excessively).

    For me, the story stuff does make a large difference. I was utterly burned out on the naked skinner box of WoW, and the Bioware coating on this box really makes all the difference.

    Worth a try, in short. Will see if I keep subbing once I hit max. There are a lot of alts to roll though, and an (incomplete) incentive system in place to do so (I.e. Legacy Levels), might keep me for a few months.

    Finally, the community has been surprisingly good on the Euro Republic side I am playing on. Not one unsuccessful group so far, no slurs, no quitting, everyone has been polite, and I tend to group up very regularly with randoms.
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  • First Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 DLC screenshot released

  • benjerry 22/12/2011

    "This whole Elite Subscribers thing is stupid. Greed is destroying video games... The industry will implode soon, just watch and see."

    Players getting a bulk discount on DLC is hardly "greed" though.

    Whatīs worse is this exclusivity bullshit - only hurts PS3 players, no benefit for 360 owners. Meh.
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  • New Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 gameplay modes added

  • benjerry 16/12/2011

    Nice. Theyīve gotten a lot better at communicating patches since the utter blackout for the first few ones. Nice to see that they are fixing the rage-inducing lag comp stuff too.

    As for KDR, I do really wish that they put the objectives back in the scoreboard (I.e. bombs planted, kills confirmed, etc.) - it would make KDR whoring less dominant as an objective.

    Still, looks like MW3 will be pretty nice when I return from Dark Souls. Damn, that game is awesome.

    Did I mention that Dark Souls is awesome?



    What is it with the PS3 getting screwed over consistently these days in terms of strange-to-crippling bugs? Get your act together, devs!
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  • UK Top 40: Skyrim dethrones Modern Warfare 3

  • benjerry 13/12/2011

    Itīs been one helluva RPG autumn, with both Dark Souls and Skyrim dropping. Fantastic experiences both of em, although I am focusing on DS now until the PS3 patch drops for Skyrim.


    Still, well done, and well-deserved.
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  • Activision: MW3 made $1bn a day quicker than Avatar

  • benjerry 13/12/2011

    @outy The point of CoD is getting XP bars going up *without* the WoW-ish feeling of grinding. Thatīs the key to its success right there.

    Plus, the prestige system was a brilliant way of accommodating both those who like to grind out equipment and those who find it boring and just want to shoot stuff, in one XP system.
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  • benjerry 12/12/2011

    "Slightly unfair comparison, a cinema ticket is ~Ģ10. MW3 RRP was Ģ55. "

    Why is it "unfair"? Needless to say, itīs easier to sell a 10 pound product than a 55 pound one. Which makes the total gross kind of interesting.

    Finally kicked my MW3 addiction though in favor of Dark Souls. Nice change of pace.
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  • Modern Warfare 3 sells 8.9m in debut US month - report

  • benjerry 13/12/2011

    @TheNonk I disagree - I donīt see that many devs actually trying to "push the genre". Rather, they try to make sub-standard CoD-with-a-twist.

    But I think that you are right that there is a problem with other devs learning the wrong lessons from CoD. Much as WoW spawned legions of sub-grade "WoW-killers".

    CoD brings a nice mix of depth of customization (the number of potential character classes is absurdly large), high levels of polish and a focus on fast-paced, fluid gameplay of a type that has been keeping people playing since CS beta (at least).

    I think EA is smart in pushing a different experience in BF, instead of trying to out-CoD CoD, like Homefront. (Although BF falls down in many areas on PS3 due to a lack of polish, IMHO, but thatīs another story...)
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  • Modern Warfare 3 hot-fix December update

  • benjerry 13/12/2011

    Good changes all around. The Type 95 has really been a beast of a gun, but hopefully they havenīt overnerfed it into pointlessness - I luv me sum burst fire....

    And donīt get me started on the Akimbo FMG:s...

    But they really need to get the PS3 hitmarker sound in there. NO CHRISTMAS FOR YOU UNTIL FIXED DAMMIT!!1111

    IMHO, quickscoping is annoying, but it doesnīt seem to be overpowered. The guys who QS me are rarely racking up nice KDR:s...
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  • Skyrim passes Battlefield 3 on Xbox Live chart

  • benjerry 02/12/2011

    @FortysixterUK Finally, someone who is capable of the feat of separating their feelings for the player base of CoD from their analysis of the game itself. Kudos.

    As for my own experience of the coddite hoi polloi, Iīd say itīs more positive than your experience.

    I play on PS3 though, which means fewer microphones. Which is still sad, because the new Rage Mic (TM) feature is the best thing in videogames since... last autumn...
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  • Iran declares Tehran-depicting Battlefield 3 illegal

  • benjerry 29/11/2011

    @madmaardigan I obviously disagree. Reducing a near-universal feature of the human psyche (I.e. we tend to objectify nearly everyone in the world, and to demonize / de-humanize those that we consider enemies) as a mere characteristic of fascism, gives you a warped perspective on the issue. Saying that it is "fascist" to feature respawning enemies in videogames is... pointless.

    Nor fascism, nor communism, etc. need to establish the demonization of the enemy in formal doctrine - that takes care of itself.
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  • benjerry 29/11/2011

    @DrStrangelove "Also, I don't know if a game that has you being an Islamist terrorist in Washington DC would be issued the blessing by US authorities. "

    Under current first amendment doctrine, it would certainly be perfectly legal, at least.

    As for playing as the Chinese, I did see something about a chinese game where you fight the Americans as a member of the PLA.

    Apart from that, you could always settle for being a Brit killing yanks in MW2, I guess.
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  • benjerry 29/11/2011

    @madmaardigan This has almost zero information content. The connection made between the political ideology of fascism and respawning enemies in video games is the stuff of Rorschach tests.

    Yes, fascists do indeed (often) objectify and de-humanize their enemies (and other people that they disdain, or engage in warfare against).

    So do Communists. And almost all other people as well. The tendency that is being decried is nothing specific to fascism. Instead, the author is merely slapping the label "fascist" (I.e. "bad" in modern parlance) on a facet of human psychology that he happens to dislike.
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  • benjerry 29/11/2011

    @madmaardigan Itīs not surprising to see that the trend towards "fascism" becoming a synonym for "bad" without any actual additional meaning is in full swing. I guess it makes for easier writing. Reply 0
  • Skyrim: the first western game to receive a 40/40 Famitsu review

  • benjerry 29/11/2011

    @Murton 1: "It shouldnīt be able to get 10/10 because combat could be better", or "itīs not perfect so it doesnīt deserve a perfect score" are common lines of argument on sites around the internets. Some people indeed do want 10/10 to be a "perfect score for a perfect game".

    2: I agree that "giving games a free pass to be utter abortions in terms of technical performance just because they're ambitious is an insane argument", however, I did not see myself making it.

    I simply donīt think that Skyrim is an "utter abortion in terms of technical performance". Yes, there is a savegame size bug on the PS3 version, that has now been at least partially patched (I slowed my progression while waiting for a patch, and hence never had any issues).

    But like I said, I am prepared to be lenient with vastly ambitious games when it comes to the occational bug, provided that they are fixed on a reasonable schedule. Also, I indeed prefer it if reviewers have a similar attitude when scoring games of vast scope.

    As for Fallout (never really liked Oblivion), I played it straight through on PC from launch day without any significant bugs. One should not exaggerate its bugginess. Although my later playthrough of the PS3 GOTY version was horribly buggy, I did get through all of FO:NV without much trouble other than the occational horrible framerate. I would not characterize either of these games as "utter abortions" in any sense.
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  • benjerry 29/11/2011

    @murrell96 You can cure vampirism. Reply +1
  • benjerry 29/11/2011

    @PlugMonkey If Iīm not mistaken, you can set it to autosave at regular intervals, even in the open world (when you look at the menu system). Combined with the three autosave slots, I find that I rarely have to backtrack because I wasnīt being mindful with a save.

    (I was close to going back a significant amount of time when I found out I had vampirism, with only hours left until outbreak. And no cure disease potion on hand. It turned into a nice little mini-story on its own right, as I made it to the temple of Thalos just in the nick of time...)
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  • benjerry 29/11/2011

    Some reflections and comments on comments:

    - No, a perfect score does not imply a perfect game in every respect (in virtually all scoring systems actually used in real life, that is). Please stop complaining about "but the game isnīt devoid of flaws, how could it get a 10?!?!?!". Please.

    - Ambitious games in terms of scope (and Skyrim is ridiculously ambitious) will always have bugs. As long as they are not rampant, and as long as they are patched post-haste, I am fine with them not negatively impacting the final score. We donīt need scoring systems that actively encourage even more hand-holding, corridor-based gameplay in todayīs gaming scene.
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  • Modern Warfare 3 tops Japanese chart

  • benjerry 24/11/2011

    @SpartanGR I hear it had bad WOM from the handheld version... Reply 0
  • Keith Vaz "deeply concerned" by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

  • benjerry 23/11/2011

    The funny thing is that, unless my memory decieves me, there is no subway bombing in MW3, just a wildly implausible chase sequence where the SAS chase down a subway train thatīs used as transportation by the bad dudes... Reply 0
  • One million pay for Call of Duty Elite

  • benjerry 22/11/2011

    "One million people are fucking stupid"

    "One million people bleating in unison...
    Or making donkey noises... "

    "Mugs etc "

    Stay classy, CoD haters!
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  • benjerry 22/11/2011


    "which you have to renew every year"

    Say wut? Is Bobby K going to force me to renew or something?
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  • benjerry 22/11/2011

    @Madder-Max The train spotting aspect of Elite is free, so you can join too, donīt worry.

    However, it doesnīt really work at the moment...
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  • Activision clarifies concurrent Modern Warfare 3 Xbox Live figure

  • benjerry 22/11/2011


    - Day 1 sales were 6.5 million in the US + UK.

    - Total day 1 sales are unknown.

    - 3,3 million people played MW3 on day one on XBOX Live.

    - An unknown number of players played MW3 on day one on PS3 and PC. (Sony is mum, probably because they had fewer players than Live)
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  • GameStop sells 600,000 Call of Duty Elite memberships

  • benjerry 18/11/2011

    @Masaroth I dunno, but itīs not as if CoD is an unknown quantity. Most people by now know if they like it or not, and know whether they care about mappacks or not. For those who know that they are going hardcore into CoD, itīs a good deal.

    I kind of see your point though given the article - I reckon Gamestop is probably actively trying to push this on people, and that might lead to some "hard sell" buys that people later regret.
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