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  • DS Roundup

  • belta 17/12/2008

    why on earth waste time rounding up this pile of shite spewed from satans very arse. the ds is the best console ever, please dont waste my time with this shitty mess, but you have to take the crap with the diamonds. i'm going to develope a shovel ware title. Dr beltas arse training, how itchy is your arse?. bet it would sell shed loads Reply 0
  • Nintendo DSi

  • belta 14/12/2008

    there is no question of upgrading, i'll buy one along side my current ds, the dsi looks great! and the possibilities are exciting. there has i repeat has to be a VC for it ( a possible reason for no gba slot, think of the money they will make from us all downloading classic gba games, instead of hunting them out on ebay) Reply 0