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  • Watch Dogs PC recommended specs are pretty tasty

  • azic 07/04/2014

    2600K is still a dynamite CPU for Gaming. 2600K's go for about 20 less than the equivalent Ivy/Haswell CPU.
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  • Microsoft reveals DirectX 12 - and it's coming to Xbox One

  • azic 21/03/2014

    Problem is both consoles use AMD. So quite why PS4 won't have DX12 is a mystery to me...but hey ho. Surprised NVIDIA didn't announce a new GPU... Titan Black -TI-DX12-V1 for only 1999 Reply -2
  • Xbox Achievement hunter finally hits a million Gamerscore

  • azic 13/03/2014

    Well done to him. Dedication i what ever form is dedication. He wanted to do something and he saw it through to the end. How many games did he play that he hated just to get the points? Cant be easy at all.

    This is the kind of guy who should be reviewing games!
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  • Titanfall ships at 792p on Xbox One

  • azic 13/03/2014

    Thanks for the advice, but my point was to explain to the mouthy little xbox one twat that TitanFall isn't really "only on xbox" and its better on PC
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  • azic 10/03/2014

    Ill be pixel counting it on PC @ 2k Thanks...With MAX AA/FXAA or whatever it ships with!
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  • The mystery of FIFA Ultimate Team's rarest items

  • azic 07/03/2014

    FUTbol Reply -2
  • Newell on Source 2, CS:GO Linux and... Ricochet 2

  • azic 05/03/2014

    Much love Gabe...The sole saviour of PC Gaming..Big Love! Reply +23
  • Blockbuster back from the dead

  • azic 03/03/2014

    You are clearly a man of leisure! or I assume you are on the 8-4 shift at Lidl or McDonalds.

    Yup Ill keep my Job thanks...Just make sure next time I come in to Lidl the shelves are fully loaded so I can buy all the food and sit on my Sofa, or make sure my Big Mac is cooked properly!

    Thanks cunt stain!
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  • azic 28/02/2014

    Wow you have got it all worked out?. Blame the death of the high st on "FAT CUNTS" who want everything sent to them, or the lazy sods who are at work and don't have time to go to the High Street. Lest we forget the fat lazy cum sponges who have to work in the shops till 9/10pm just so the other lazy fat cunts at work can get to the shops after their daily 3 hours + unpaid overtime ends!

    You fucking knuckle dragger you! Us "FAT CUNTS" as you call us are changing our buying habits as per the markets are changing...Find me a GAME shop, not a supermarket open 24 hours and ill go there, if I can after work..oh wait!

    People these days simply have less time to shop, mainly due to IMHO work, so yeah we are killing the High Street but paying for your cheap beer that you sound like you sit drinking on said empty high street..

    What a cunt!
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  • King abandons attempt to trademark 'candy' in the US

  • azic 26/02/2014

    Greed has no limits.. Reply +2
  • South Park: The Stick of Truth censored in Europe

  • azic 25/02/2014

    PC version will be cut I guess, especially the steam version. Oh Well no buy here then, saved myself 40.00
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  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 review

  • azic 25/02/2014

    So as good as RAMBO then...Which I am having a blast playing, its great.. I love it. Good old arcade action, bran cells need not engage...and its got some nice little things that most reviews utterly fail to note!

    Ah well I took a risk and paid off, for me at least!
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  • Dean Hall to leave Bohemia and step down as leader of DayZ

  • azic 24/02/2014

    I dont see it as a bad thing really. I am a bit pisssed that the captain is not flying the plane, but that does not mean it cant be flown better by the co-pilot if you see what I mean.

    The game is immensely popular and I'm sure it will be fixed, there are some major issues such as the Bandit one, but a solution to that could be something like players that kill unarmed players or who say kill players from a distance of greater than X meters (as in they sniped them) could become wanted. This would encourage the rest of us to gang up and take them down for big rewards or something IDK, but a creative and fun solution is there.
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  • Bleszinski: "I'll never make another disc-based game"

  • azic 18/02/2014

    hang on Cliff..Are you not the same CUNT who was like "PC is shit man, those guys need to buy their games man.....I dwag on PC man"

    Or was this because you were swinging off the 360's nuts and just wanted to justify the fact for MS as to why there was no GOW 2/3/4 etc on PC or better put, because the PC would of shamed the 360 and lost console sales DUE TO PEOPLE BUYING THE GAME ON PC INSTEAD"

    Now your all up in RUST (PC ONLY) which clearly is "SELLING" and now your alluding to the fact that PC is a viable market etc etc.. Less we forget Steam pioneered the Digital market for games on a mass scale, meaning PEOPLE PAID FOR GAMES YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!!

    Seriously Cliff, come out Say sorry for "Dwaging" on the PC say you got it wrong and all will be well. because right now you sound like a hypocritical self serving som a bitch!

    As always cliff...."It's all Meta Dude"
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  • Titanfall beta sign-up opens for PC and Xbox One

  • azic 12/02/2014

    Don't know why some people think that if you apply first it makes any difference. Its all picked at random! Reply +3
  • Rust sells 1m

  • azic 11/02/2014

    I meant the point that the ill informed make which is "All PC GAMER'S PIRATE ALL THEIR GAMES" is clearly put to bed as a Million have bought the game and no doubt many other games.

    Thats what I meant.
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  • azic 11/02/2014

    Step 5) Stop being such a prick! Nobody forces anybody to buy the dam game!

    Secondly the sales really put the whole Piracy issue to bed does it not?
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  • GAME to take on CEX with new pre-owned focused stores

  • azic 07/02/2014

    Fair enough, but I'm surprised they are still in business then.
    They buy high and sell high, risky as they will surely end up lumped with stock if you sell to them and they won't be able to sell it at those high prices.

    It seems you're better off just offloading for cash to them, unless you really want another game or a voucher towards a phone etc!
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  • azic 07/02/2014

    Dude..I have 2 games on pre-purchase with Steam and aint got shit right now form either Dev, not that I need any more games but cant resist steam.

    Metal Slug 3 & Strider. A pre-Order is a Pre-Order. In someways its worse on Steam as they do take all the money right away unlike pre-ordering from shops where they only charge on dispatch of the game.

    But............Steamer 4Life!!
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  • azic 07/02/2014

    Are you for real.. CEX in TCR London. NFS Rivals Second Hand is a mere 4.00 cheaper than new.

    CEX are FAIL and have been FAIL for a long time.
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  • Microsoft ad asks you to "ditch your PS3"

  • azic 31/01/2014

    Dear god the desperation is really showing. What next BJ's in store if you buy an XBOX ONE. Reply +4
  • Battlefield 4 launches Player Appreciation Month in February

  • azic 29/01/2014

    Well since Insurgency 2 or the non mod version came out, I just cant play BF4 or COD anymore. Insurgency on steam for 12 its simply a steal and IMHO offers so much more than the aforementioned games.

    In regards to BF4, I have to ask what bugs? Beyond the Sound bug on some maps I have not had any other issues (PC)
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  • Sega petitioned to release more games on PC

  • azic 27/01/2014

    I'm convinced he is CliffyB. One of the founders of the anti PC brigade by using Piracy as the excuse for execution. Of course after the Platform had served him well and launched him to Gaming stardom with his stellar efforts on unreal and his community support.

    Sadly it failed, it failed the day GOW Judgement was available for download 2 weeks before it was released :)
    ah well "its all meta dude"
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  • azic 27/01/2014

    You stupid cunt....Have a look at the fucking consoles. have a look at the fact that GTAV was torrented before it was out!!

    Have a look at the fact that all console exclusives are on torrent before release day!

    Have a look at the millions of Steam gamers all buying their games!

    And what the fuck are you doing looking at Pirate Bay anyway? You thieving little cunt stain.

    You get fucked....twice!
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  • Does the 13GB Dead Rising 3 patch boost performance?

  • azic 27/01/2014

    Grass routes advertising is not "psst psst, over here...Hey you yes have this stack 'a' cash, and just say our product is good, its the best. No no don't say those things about it being only 720p, no no.. talk about the cloud and how it makes our product the best, look FFS just say its the best ok. Scrap that shit you have prepared for your review and just read this ok...ok? here have some more cash!!!...oh buddy your channel is going to explode after this review!!!!!" Fist pumps the air ballmer style...Ok it yeah!

    And ill bet my made up conversation is not far from how it goes down.
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  • azic 24/01/2014

    How long till Digital Foundry start getting offers of MS cash to say favourable things? Reply +2
  • Microsoft paid YouTubers to say nice things about Xbox One - report

  • azic 22/01/2014

    Oh as usual MS getting caught throwing their money around to make their product seem better.

    Problem is XBOX ONE is good, its fantastic but sadly shrouded in arrogance and greed.

    MS dont understand wining on merit! they just throw the $$ around. I know Sony et all all do it, but MS are notorious for it. Worse still they have ignored the fundamental thing that got where they are....the PC!
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  • PC Tech Comparison: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

  • azic 17/01/2014

    If you have an AMD card you can use "Radeon Pro" to force whatever refresh rate you want. Radeon Pro is free simple to use app, and has AMD's Shadow Play equivalent built in.

    Check it out. Radeon Pro is not an AMD app, but from what I hear & have read it may as well be.
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  • Rambo The Video Game's new trailer looks slightly less terrible

  • azic 10/01/2014

    Early Access.....There I called it! Reply +1
  • Do not expect DayZ beta before end of 2014

  • azic 08/01/2014

    What they dont get is I understand the terms of Early Access, but end of the day who needs who more?

    Most gamers don't need a game that is unfinished, but the devs need our money.

    Do I need yet another unfinished game? no i don't I have enough already see my profile and all my early access games too.


    but I buy it knowing that I maybe just maybe helping the devs fund the development, or do I sit back say fuck it let them finish it and possibly struggle or never finish it at all.

    I want this game no doubt. But all I am saying is that with a possible 2 year wait on final release all Early Access buyers should at least be rewarded for

    1.Buying Early Access
    2.Helping fund its Development
    3.Waiting for such a long time

    Is that so much to ask? sorry I don't get a free ride, the bank don't say to me Ok Azic we understand things are not great at present we will let you off your payments because we invested in your business and we knew what we were doing and the no business is bad "Fuck you...Pay us"

    Its life people, Just because I can play it now, does not mean its worth anything to me other than WOW this is going to be good...But when? my 19.99 was good now, the not really.

    And ok a reward could be as simple as an exclusive coat, or start off with an axe anything.. a T-Shirt whatever.

    Im not asking for a real zombie to play testicle tennis for me whilst I play DayZ..

    Its not acceptable to be happy just because you can play it now.

    And if your thinking "Why did you buy it if you feel like this" then you cant understand what I am saying and lets agree to disagree.

    Again, I have nothing bad to say about the devs, the game or Early Access. Im just saying it needs a bit more of a balance, something that seems to be lost in Early Access and Digital goods.
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  • azic 07/01/2014

    Thats great...

    But we Early Access buyers on steam, had better get something exceptional for the wait.. Its an Investment that I expect a return on however small. Access to a pre-Alpha is not a return...thats Perk!

    Before I get the whole "You did not have to buy it" Well if we all thought like that this Article would not exist.

    End of the day we have funded the next round of development with our money, and all I am saying is I expect something in return above the base game.
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  • Yes, there's a new Robocop game!

  • azic 08/01/2014

    "Well.....Give the man a hand"

    Please NextGen/PC version as well with the snow Drop engine...oh yeah baby!

    "Still got the factory sticker on it"
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  • Introducing the most anticipated games of 2014

  • azic 07/01/2014

    1. Uncharted 4
    2. The Division
    3. Single Player TLOU DLC
    4. Witcher 3
    5. Star Citizen
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  • Founders leave Burnout and NFS: Hot Pursuit studio Criterion

  • azic 03/01/2014

    Ill bet now...

    it will be a F2P bull shit game, that plays like NFS!! Will be on mobile first then coming to Consoles/PC later. Obtained on PC through some sort of "RE@L STORE" where you can also buy more Golden Hubcap packs for real money to enhance your Game..

    Fuck right off!
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  • Microsoft considered removing the Xbox One's disc drive after E3

  • azic 03/01/2014

    Would of been a silly move. The bandwidth is just not there for IMHO the vast majority of the UK and possibly the world in most places to be downloading 50GB games. Yes play whilst downloading will work, but you still need the Bandwidth & it needs to be constant to keep the buffer up. Reply +1
  • Gran Turismo 6 review

  • azic 23/12/2013

    No need to do any of this..
    You can sell the GT Vision Mercedes for 20mil a pop..

    Simply obtain the GT Vision Mercedes (then change car to any other car)


    1. Delete all patches..
    2. Load the game up
    3. Refuse any patches
    4. Sell the GT Vision Mercedes for 20Mil
    5. Buy Cars or a Car
    6. Reboot the game
    7. Get patch
    8. Enjoy

    Smart people buy 20 GT Vision Mercedes because they can be sold for a total of 400,000,000
    Just keep 1 back and rinse and repeat lol. The GT Vision Mercedes can be bought for a million each!

    Only get patches once you are done buying cars.. You will lose the anniversary cars, but you can redownload them, and you might have to recreate your car images..

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  • Games of 2013: Euro Truck Simulator 2

  • azic 23/12/2013

    There is a mod for this.
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  • azic 23/12/2013

    One of the best games/sim I have bought..With a pad or wheel this is a great game/sim.

    Dont forget to get the mods people, it really brings it to life.
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  • 2013 Steam Holiday Sale offers wicked bargains

  • azic 20/12/2013

    Yeah and the Devs can say no and the game stays where it/was on the store with no ill effect.

    Its not like steam say, "well your games coming off steam then"

    Look at it this way..If all the devs/pubs left steam valve would crumble and Origin would prosper.
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  • azic 20/12/2013

    Silly Stupid Comment.

    Valve don't "Just Decide" its up to the game devs/publishers to do it.

    You might also notice that there is a great knock on effect from your game being sold @ -85% such as it gets better Air time.
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  • The Division on PC is a "full-fledged, optimised version", dev vows

  • azic 20/12/2013

    Guys, Guys...
    A little bit of perspective here regarding the whole PC VS Console.

    At present a very good Game on PS4 such as Killzone SF looks like 90% of a decent gaming PC in terms of Graphics at high (possibly max) settings..Forget FPS at the minute.

    But thats where the PS4/XBOX-ONE stop, there is no more even if a console is exactly the same as a high end PC in a game it goes no more, you get the game at the best settings the devs can put out.

    On PC I can also add 3D, More advanced Physics, another couple of screens, and either keep the FPS 60 or go higher, how far I want to go depends on my budget. For example Tomb Raider in 3d is astonishing especially with Ultra Details, aside from Uncharted 3 I have never been so engrossed in a 3D world before and it made TR seems all the better to me for it.

    Now I have no doubt that the Next Gen can do 3d etc, but that will come with trade off's. On PC if you have the money/hardware you don't have to make trade offs.
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  • azic 20/12/2013

    Despite what the haters say..The PC version with 650TI/7950 + will be the definitive version. dat engine OMG. Reply +1
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts season pass innards confirmed

  • azic 20/12/2013

    XBOX Exclusive...Why?

    Eurogamer littered with XBOX ads
    Every fucking 5 mins on TV...XBOX
    I buy a pizza yesterday...FORZA 5 on the X-BOX

    Fuck off MS, you have a great console but don't ram it down my neck..
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  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 Ti review

  • azic 18/12/2013

    I dont know mate..I get where you are coming from, but then again the Titan Tops the gaming benchmark hall of fame such as 3DMark etc..

    I really can't agree it was not aimed at gamers all be it under the radar.

    Also Pro Cards have Error Correcting Ram, the Titan does not, so again its hard to call it a pro card. ECC is a must in the pro environment.

    I can't agree with the "Its a Pro Card" statement, I just cant.. Also its FPU64 isnt that great compared to the 290X or even the 7970Ghz cards which came before the titan.

    I think NVIDIA tried to sneak in a product and price it sky high, and AMD showed it up.

    Nvidia Knew it would be a hit with gamers and knew they could milk it.
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  • azic 17/12/2013

    Lets agree to disagree... My point I feel is valid..Never before has a cheaper card from NVIDIA beaten their most expensive.

    690 Dual GPU, different Family to.
    My opinion is that NVIDIA have ripped people off, yours is different.

    But I am also of the opinion that the 780TI is a beast.
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  • azic 17/12/2013

    Well you just proved you cant read..
    Butt hurt! not really.. I never even said AMD in my comments.

    The GK110 Core was made before the Titan. The Titan got a cut down version 10 months ago. Then NVIDIA sat on it, until they saw what AMD did.

    Their only option after that was to put out a card that was full fat and not trim the 10 month old die's.. Worse still for (NVIDIA) they could not put the usual NVIDIA price premium on it because AMD's Card was as good as their already over priced card for 1/2 that price. Yet NVIDIA put out a better card?

    Please name me one other time where a new card has come out in the same family that is all 3 of the below:

    1. Cheaper than the flagship card.
    2. Faster than the Flagship Card.
    3. Became the Flagship card.

    780 was 450 - 550
    Titan came out 900 - 1000
    780TI > Titan 600 Titan still 700 and AIMED at Gamers!

    FPU64 /SLI whatever, You don't see FireGL's or Quadros for sale on most mainstream PC hardware sites because they are aimed at pros. The Titan is and was aimed at gamers, and until the 780TI smashed it and smashed the 290X for the record nobody said any different.

    How is this butt hurt?
    What if MS & Sony brought out XBOX ONE an PS4 version 2. With double power of the current systems and for 199 each? in 10 month time? Would that not be a slap in the face, which is what I am talking about. NVIDIA saw a gap and creamed people. I would not be happy about this If I owned a Titan.

    What a stupid cunt! Look at facts, not Fanboyism.
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  • azic 16/12/2013

    Cool But back to my comment, I think its slightly deluded to think that the 10,000 Titans did not go to 9,997 gamers if you see what I mean.

    Yes its a compute card etc etc, but It was marketed @ gamers which ever you cut it. Business still use Quadros etc.. I know people in the industry that use them and its all still 99% Quadros.

    In any case I do think NVIDIA where a bit cute with the Titan. I mean its meant to be super computing yet the TI is the full fat GK110 die? Why is a gamer card full fat and not the super computing one?

    Im not having a pop at the card, but I am saying the market weather you choose to agree or disagree does not need such a card for gaming.

    The Asus version comes with GPU tweak? We all know that in the pro world you don't overclock! Why are Xeons clocked so low? Its because you need everything to be rock solid! stuff like GPU tweak does not come with a Quadro as far as I have seen?

    There is no doubt that NVIDIA did market the Titan at gamers, and thats why I think the TI is a slap in the face..More CUDA Faster clocks, better performance.. It should of been the other way round at the prices of each card.
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  • azic 16/12/2013

    I get the feeling your a bit of an NVIDIA fan boy...But what you said is spot on. Sadly Console Only gamers buy up all the Console marketing BS.

    PS4 is impressive and playing kill zone I got to say it would not look out of place on High End PC.

    With that said, if Kill Zone was on a PC it would be night and day with a card like this.

    Cards like the 290X/TI/Titan just murder consoles...Sad part is they get under used or end up rendering a Console port. Hopefully next gen ports will be better.

    Black Flag for example is a good test. Looks great on PS4...looks amazing on PC.
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  • azic 16/12/2013

    For those saying "The Titan was not aimed at gamers"

    The Titan is/was a rip off and its a joke really for NVIDIA to bring out the TI and let it murder the TITAN that people have just spent 1000 on. In less than 6 months too.

    People who buy Titans for so called "Super Computing" probably don't even know what a game is.. So lets not beat that horse. Great cards, but what a slap in the face to Titan owners.
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  • Fixing Forza 5: How Turn 10 wants to win fans back

  • azic 13/12/2013

    I am aiming this comment primarily at GT6 but...

    It bothers me no end the fact I have paid money for the game, and to me I should not be locked out of any of the content in the game beyond the obvious If I don't bother playing till level 60 then I can't expect to see it or obtain it.

    But for example in GT6 I am locked out of the content in that most of the cars I will never get to drive for probably more than a year due to the credit system. If I go to arcade mode I should be able to pick any car I want I drive it, but no I have to use either use whats in my garage or what PD deem I can have.

    This to me is a bit of a joke.. I can understand in the career mode, but arcade should give me everything to at least have a go on. I mean some cars cost 20,000,000 now at the current payouts Ill simply never get to use those cars, yet I have paid for them.

    This sort of thing needs addressing quickly.. I feel that I am being forced to almost double dip on a game like this just to use what I have already paid for.

    Anyway thanks to the credit glitch I have spent over 400,000,000 and have all the cars I want now for my personal 1 lap Supercar shootout @ Monza :)

    My rules are:
    1.Must do it on the first lap and only one lap
    2.No Traction Control
    3.ABS = 1
    4.Pro Steering Mode

    My current Monza Hot Lap Leaderboards for those Interested:
    1. FXX
    2. Audi R8 LMS Ultra
    3. Pagani Huayra
    4. Bugatti Veyron
    5. Enzo
    6. Aston Martin One77
    7. Lamborghini Reventon
    8. Nissan GTR Black Edition

    The Red Bull Prototype kills them all at less than a minute per lap lol..
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