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  • UK changing approach to illegal torrents

  • azic 22/07/2014

    Equal release dates. Not having to wait a week between episodes, not having to watch an advert every 5.5mins, full series releases on demand. not half now and half later.

    There are thousands of amazing TV shows for example you just don't get in the UK why? A quick search on the internet and I have found about 20 really good shows that I have not seen or found in the UK and they are old too.

    Id happily pay £30 a month Max for a service that give me on demand everything now with no limits.

    I have Netflix, Amazon, Top end Virgin Media package, Now TV ent & Movies and its still not enough because most of it is garbage!

    Yet on my XBMC using a Plugin I can watch thousands of new and old TV Shows & Movies at the touch of a button. Not legal, but until they get as good as that Ill have to source 50% of my TV entertainment from other sources :)

    Greed / Advertising is the main driver and its only going to bite them on the ass.
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  • Remember PS3 hacker Geohot? Now he works for Google

  • azic 17/07/2014

    Good for him.... Hopefully he can put is obvious skills to good work. Reply +40
  • Alien: Isolation's Ripley DLC isn't just for pre-orders

  • azic 11/07/2014

    I feel the same way
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  • Cliff Bleszinski talks Bluestreak, F2P, Nexon and Boss Key

  • azic 10/07/2014

    I agree, but he forgot that it was the PC that launched him to stardom.
    At the end of the day PC was a mess at that time, but he could of put that better..instead of saying "I Dwag on that Platform" as in its now irrelevant because I have the 360 to play with and a bucket load of MS cash.

    What he actually did was tow the line for MS and in some ways he damaged the PC by backing up the fallacy that Piracy is a PC only issue.

    The irony is, as he was typing those silly remarks his latest and greatest was already leaked on to the torrent sites before its actual retail release.

    I think those kind of comments & his attitude cut quite deep! A simple apology would make sense, since its pretty clear that F2P won't survive on Console cash only.

    Regardless, its his choice and his opinion...he will have to live or by die them!
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  • azic 10/07/2014

    He is making it for the PC...The platform in his owns words he said "I Dwag that Platform" and "Those guys need to pay for their games"

    And of course its free to play, but when it fails he will cry "They hacked the game, they found a way to stop us milking them"

    I actually in reality like old Cliff, but his PC hate, because he had the 360's cock in his ass.. really angered me. If he would just say sorry I would pardon his sins.. but I guess that ain't going to happen.

    Oh well, I do wish him good luck! I hope that the new game is good
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  • Cliff Bleszinski announces F2P PC arena shooter published by Nexon

  • azic 09/07/2014

    Its all "Meta" dudes! I just "Dwag" on those full price games man! Reply 0
  • Cliff Bleszinski starts studio with Guerrilla Games co-founder

  • azic 05/07/2014

    Being self righteous is ok...Most only tick 1 box....he sadly ticks both...and then some.
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  • azic 05/07/2014

    Yes you have missed loads..
    He's a self righteous arrogant cunt for starters.
    Secondly in his own words he "dawged" on the PC after it was unoquivocly the platform that launched him to stardom.

    All in all he's a cunt!
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  • Inside Sniper Elite 3's Rebellion, Britain's best guilty pleasure developer

  • azic 03/07/2014

    The only guilty thing is "illegal key revoking" with absolutely zero pleasure on the customers side! Reply -3
  • Watch Dogs gets new single-player DLC tomorrow on all platforms

  • azic 01/07/2014

    do we get a PC patch also FFS Reply +7
  • Cliff Bleszinski says he's "coming out of retirement"

  • azic 01/07/2014

    It does.. when one's personality isn't that of an arrogant, self righteous fool.
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  • azic 01/07/2014

    Oh god...Just when you thought it was safe! Be sure to note that whatever platform his game DOES NOT appear on, expect him to "Dwag on it man" it his typically "Meta" fashion, with cries of that platform is full of piracy. Reply +2
  • Steam revokes 7050 stolen Sniper Elite 3 codes

  • azic 30/06/2014

    Well you sumised wrong!
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  • azic 30/06/2014

    Just like games on PSN/XBL that come with no boxes and Disks that cost £10-£20 more than in the shops....

    But we both know why that is don't we?
    I just find that bizarre as well
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  • azic 30/06/2014

    GMG Statement!

    Interestingly however I can fathom the benefit of buying it from them??
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  • azic 30/06/2014

    LOL take the blinkers off man!
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  • azic 30/06/2014

    CJS just updated their blog

    Update 30th June 2014:

    It appears that Rebellion have attempted to backtrack again on their post by providing a short list of companies which they sell directly to, seemingly trying to imply that anyone not on the list is not legitimate.

    There is a slight flaw in this though… CD Key shops do NOT tend to buy keys direct from the developers. They buy the games in physical boxed form, from authorised distributors. Do you see Amazon, Game, Shopto, and every other single independent boxed video game company worldwide in their list? No. That’s because they are only listing companies which they have direct contracts with.. They are excluding the long list of companies which buy boxed copies from the publisher or distributor… and that includes most of the 60+ digital key retailers.

    What Rebellion want you to believe:

    Rebellion seem to want people to think that the only legitimate Supply chain is Rebellion -> Retailer (steam, GMG, etc) … anyone not on the list and selling in digital form is automatically somehow illegitimate.

    The Truth:
    CD Key shops do NOT tend to buy in digital form. They buy PHYSICAL boxed copies and convert them into digital keys.

    The supply chain for physical boxed copies goes something like this: Rebellion -> Publisher -> 100+ Distributors (in various countries) -> Retailers (Amazon, GAME, CJS CD Keys, EBGames, etc). Some of the bigger retailers can sometimes buy directly from the Publisher if they have sufficient buying power.

    While the likes of Amazon ship out the boxed version of the game, CD Key stores open the boxes and sell them digitally. That is the sole difference. The growth in the market over the last years has enabled CD Key sellers go a step further, and have the official distributors scan the codes on behalf of the CD Key shops, saving on unnecessary shipping. The distributors can be anywhere in the world, since keys can be delivered within seconds. The result? Cheap games, sold digitally.

    Price comparison:

    Steam: £39.99

    Amazon: £25.44

    CJS: £20.99

    As you can see, while our keys may seem impossibly cheap to the average digital gamer, they are actually not so unbelievably cheap, when compared to their physical counterparts.
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  • azic 30/06/2014

    Thing is its not and never was £40 game. It became a £40 game when the keys got revoked!
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  • azic 30/06/2014


    Please Read:
    To clarify, aside from Steam itself, digital keys

    Digital Keys...Keys in a CD Box are not classed as Digital. Weather the Vendors are striping the Keys from boxes, means nothing, especially when the vendors affected are not just in the UK, but across the world, so the stolen pallets would have had to of been delivered.

    Now granted they could ship boxes there, but Rebellion have not confirmed where the keys came from. Also the sites that had their keys revoked had this game on pre-order at the price for at least a month before hand so IMHO its all very contradicting.

    As is the statement

    "As a developer," Rebellion wrote, "Rebellion are happy for you to purchase the game anywhere you see fit and support price competition in the PC market. We have in no way targeted any specific vendors (who may have also thought these keys were legitimate), just this one set of keys.
    And then giving an official list of Digital vendors!!

    Should the above not say:

    Rebellion are happy for you to purchase the game from any of our official vendors that you see fit?
    And this now official list clearly targets vendors that are not on it, but have been selling keys for a long time and without issue.

    They ought to stop pulling punches as should valve and come out and at the risk of large Libel cases name these so called "un-official vendors"

    If any shops / on-line stores were selling my products I would clearly state, if you buy from said shops I will revoke the key, but they cant do that and have no right to..Unless that is keys get "Stolen"

    Why dont Valve help their customers and make it official and clearly say "Any Keys bought from XXXX sites" will be revoked? Would this not put an end to all the BS and make it very clear to its customers and fans!
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  • azic 30/06/2014

    The original story broke with "Keys were stolen from a Distributor"

    Now they are saying this

    To clarify, aside from Steam itself, digital keys for Sniper Elite 3 can be bought from the below list of licensed partners. We can confirm that we have not revoked any keys sent to these companies, nor have they reported any problems to us. This is the full list of companies that get their keys direct from us for digital sale – we do not sell to anyone else.
    Am I the only one who is now left wondering, If the keys are directly sold to the vendors listed on that page, where and how are distributors even involved if the sale is direct??

    I can only conclude that:

    1. This story is total BS and was done to force higher priced sales
    2. They know which company lost the keys or had them "Stolen" and as such made a very bad decision to ban all keys.
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  • azic 30/06/2014

    Our keys are not Shady!!! This has been stated in the ever ass covering post by the devs on the forum.
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  • azic 30/06/2014

    Nobody wants to keep stolen property. We just don't want our property stolen from us because its deemed that we did not pay enough for it!
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  • azic 30/06/2014

    So they just updated the post listing the Vendors they sell to and only to. Yet CJS keys. com state

    CJS would like to Re-iterate that our keys were fortunately NOT affected by this scandal. None of the Sniper Elite 3 CD Keys sold by were affected, and we still have them in stock ready for instant delivery.
    But they are not on the official list??? So are we now saying Rebellion messed up, and have not yet really banned all the "alleged Stolen Keys" or have they forgot to add an official vendor to the list!

    I'm knee deep in BS here!
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  • azic 30/06/2014

    Not really...only worth the £14.99 I originally spent on it. From a legit Vendor I might add!!! Before my key was IMHO Illegally revoked!

    I bought the Game on steam for the extortionate price of £40.00 (which IMHO is the real reason my key was revoked) and am underwhelmed thus far!
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  • azic 30/06/2014

    As @DreadedWalrus says the key resellers were very likely of the more shady persuasion.
    Oh Lord...How many times.. Rebelion have stated the VENDORS ARE NOT SHADY OR AT FAULT.
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  • azic 30/06/2014

    All vendors refunded those affected.
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  • UK chart: Sniper Elite 3 hits the mark

  • azic 30/06/2014

    Agreed, but then it should be available after the case! At the very least the Vendors who they beleive affected should be named!
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  • azic 30/06/2014

    That was edited many many times! The original I read on Friday was very different in the 10 mins between looking at it.

    But even then...REBELION HAVE SAID THE VENDORS ARE NOT SHADY..SO WHY THE FUCK DO IDIOTS ON HERE KEEP ON HARPING ON ABOUT, THE KEYS ARE STOLEN OR SHADY.. FFS the IQ's of some in here must be lower than that of a paper clip!
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  • azic 30/06/2014

    You talk rubbish... and again not a shred of evidence, just conjecture and sheepish bandwagoning.

    A) Stolen.. Sadly no evidence of this!
    B) Not illegal at all. UK Pound shops often sell Brand named drinks, toothpaste etc embroidered with foreign language first, obviously destined to countries that sell it cheaper than our supermarkets. We can legally buy it for a single pound rather than the £3.25 Supermarket price.
    C) Sniper Elite 3 was not hardware bundled with anybody but AMD as far as I can see, and all promo keys were fine! Lets be honest its not a system seller or a GPU seller, hence the reason vendors sold it cheaper!

    In reality I would like to see your evidence of the keys being

    1. Stolen
    2. Acquired via other countries
    3. Stolen from bundles
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  • azic 30/06/2014

    I 100% Agree. I beleive that Rebellion are UK company.

    I also think they should make public, all correspondence with the alleged distributor / valve and the police so that they can prove this.

    They revoked all keys from vendors, but not promo/steam keys so they can tell. This means to me they could also make an informed decision as to what keys belonged to who and thus revoke those alleged stolen keys rather than the carte blanche revoke they did.

    We all should also be perturbed that valve is complicit in this and this just proves that valve are equally as bad. Rebellion state that they ASKED valve to revoke the keys.

    From valves standpoint I have some sympathy in that they have to service the keys bought from vendors with no cut for them like their would be on steam, although I'm sure they get money as the game is steamworks.

    What is worrying is that Valve were quick to jump to the defence of this dev yet I have bought umpteen games from steam that were broken beyond anything playable and valve remain silent. I still await the promise of episodic gaming from valve, namely Episode 3 of Half Life!

    I paid up front for another game SIN Episodes, one Episode and they canned it yet I was not refunded.

    Watch Dogs is a mess on PC for the vast majority of PC gamers, yet not a word from Valve and 4 weeks later no patch!
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  • azic 30/06/2014


    Kill the box and the retail will fall.

    Thing is with Steam games the CD is irelavent after the initial install as once the key is redeemed on the Account the game is available digitally.

    On the rare occasion I buy a boxed game that requires steam I dont even bother with the DVD, it does not even leave the BOX. I redeem the key and download/pre-load the game.
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  • azic 30/06/2014

    Yes I was hit. Bought it on Thursday, installed and activated. Revoked on Friday afternoon when I got home.

    Was refunded by CD KEYS within 20 mins and had no choice but to buy through steam.

    I want the game, and not buying it wont really help. The Vendors who keys were removed need and some are taking action.
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  • azic 30/06/2014

    A very Very LEGAL LEGIT vendor speaks out:
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  • azic 30/06/2014

    You won't kill off anything..Because Sadly you will fall foul of the retail who will destroy you! The box is everything to the Retail!

    The retail is Top Dog and I know for a fact YOU DO WHAT THEY SAY!
    The retail is who commands that Digital sales on PC on Steam still must be on a Friday, They are the ones who command the High Price for steam games so that people don't leave the console and move to Digital platforms thus losing their sales!

    Sadly Publishers don't take a shit without the Retail saying its OK!

    And cheap digital sales are legal are they not?
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  • azic 30/06/2014

    Rebellion were paid when the Keys changed hands. If keys were stolen from a distributor as they claim then to bad for the distributor, but Rebellion were paid, so no loss to them!

    The correct thing to do, would be for the distributor to get the keys they lost banned and look at any vendors who sold them. But no.. all non steam keys were pulled. Its garbage and a complete lie.

    Its funny how they know what keys were non steam, but cant work out what keys were stolen! LOL lies & greed
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  • azic 30/06/2014

    But I got that DLC along with my £14.99 Key!
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  • azic 30/06/2014

    It was more than 700 keys, it was thousands, according to all the affected vendors.

    I highly doubt Steam needed evidence, but I have no proof. Fact is if the proof is there it should be made available.

    So thank you for being honest...Not illegal therefore no reason to revoke keys and completely illegal to do so.
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  • azic 30/06/2014

    Proof please the keys are stolen/illegal. Proof that keys are foreign!

    Please provide proof..Otherwise you are a complete idiot! You are accusing people of doing something wrong without a shred of evidence!!!

    I know for a fact you pirate all your games.. no don't argue its true, I don't need evidence, according to you!

    Likewise all the people that pick up BRAND NAMES from £shops are thieves as well and are buying illegal products too because they are cheaper than main supermarkets.

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  • azic 30/06/2014

    Please state your evidence for the comment "aren't technically legit places"

    If you are going to say they buy keys from abroad then, please show proof and secondly that is not illegal and thirdly steams TOS is not legally binding in the UK in regards to keys from abroad, weather you accept it or not it means nothing!
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  • azic 30/06/2014

    Eurogamer should do some Journo and investigate the matter of the "Alleged Stolen Keys" and the legalities of what happened to many on Steam.

    I call BS on stolen keys, I think Greed took over and they were losing sales on steam to 100% Legit stores that decided to exercise their right to sell at whatever price they deem fit.

    Rebellion have provided no proof, and wont provide any because there is none. Many vendors have come out on Facebook and twitter saying they have proof this is BS and one vendor is taking them to court seeking damages, according to their Facebook page.

    I just want to say this before the mindless sheep turn up!

    These Online CD key stores that the sheep will call illegal and illegitimate without a shred of evidence to prove it, and take rebellions side without question ask yourself why these so called scammers have:

    1. Been in business for years.
    2. Sell PSN/XBL keys for years.
    3. Sell origin keys without issue.
    4. At least 20 of my 311 steam games came from them without issue and at massive discounts compared to steam.
    5. Have never been shut down, nor have steam ever come out and said they illegal.Valve have enough money and power to ram CD keys so far up all their asses they would be shitting Keys for years and yet they have not because you can't pick on a legal entity doing nothing wrong. They can't even say they are illegitimate because that would be they resort to making their names banned forum words!

    Disgusting behaviour all round and IF PROVED I hope to see Rebellion taken to task.
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  • Sniper Elite 3 review

  • azic 26/06/2014

    Yes I know its a steam Key. In regards to lower incomes etc. I do not care one tiny little bit.

    In fact, you seem so high and mighty about it, please donate your next Game purchase to charity!

    Its not a matter of low income, its a matter of Steam want £35.00 for the same thing!!! Buying from CD Keys is called prudence. Buying Keys from CD keys is completely legit, and hurts nobody except the thieving publishers, who must provide the keys anyway as they would not authenticate with steam!!

    In summary, get off your high horse and stop talking out of your arse! Please provide evidence that I am somehow complicit in taking a 3rd world's childs dinner by trying to save myself some money in a legit way, and in a way the Game devs/publishers/Steam could all easily stop!
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  • azic 26/06/2014

    £14.99 from as apposed to steams theiving £34.99 and YES YOU GET THE SAME PREORDER BONOUS DLC FROM CDKEYS.COM.

    Loved them all, cant wait to play this, & Grid Auto Sport & the 10 other Steam Summer Sale games i've bought.

    /Cools off wallet....smiles at wife.
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  • Sleeping Dogs dev making free-to-play game for 2015

  • azic 26/06/2014

    Great company goes from Hero to Zero! Sleeping Dogs 2 Please, not this F2P rubbish. Reply +11
  • DriveClub could be the racing game to beat this year

  • azic 18/06/2014

    Logitech G25/27 Support PLEASE!!!! Reply +3
  • Entwined review

  • azic 13/06/2014

    low cal soup's ain't healthy, just saying!

    Cheap healthy lunch if you buy enough meat =

    2 big handfuls of peppery rocket,
    3 sliced tomatoes,
    4 thin shavings of Parmesan Cheese or no cheese or thin slices of cheddar.

    pre-cooked chicken breast, or whatever plain lean meat.

    A dab of olive/Balsamic vinegar and you have a low cal, high protein portable lunch, with superb anti oxidants from the rocket and as bonus rocket is a libido booster (leave the secretaries alone) lol

    Low Cal soup no no.
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  • Battlefield Hardline beta performance analysis

  • azic 13/06/2014

    Played the PC beta last night. Its just cops and robbers in BF4. None of the depth to real heists and falls way short of the likes of Pay Day.

    Infact they should buy the Pay Dev's and port Pay Day to frostbite. This should really have been DLC for BF4 its just a reskin!
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  • Was there really a Watch Dogs graphics downgrade?

  • azic 08/06/2014

    Great Game on PS4..I love it.
    PC looks the biz @ ultra and should do on £500 GPU + £1000's of other gaming investment.. but the one issue is its a UBI game. So I have had to buy it twice just to play it.

    On PC for most its a stuttering mess, 12 days in and I cant play it and enjoy it. I bought it on PS4 the Saturday weekend it game out and its a Joy and TBH its not that much of a visual downgrade.

    Some of you on here will know that is hard for me to say as I always champion PC master race on here, but this time I must just...the console is fucking killing the PC in this game for now (until patched) then ill re-evaluate.

    £35.00 down the drain so far on steam for this game. I'm now thinking just to uninstall it off my PC, buy the Season pass on the PS4 and just put it down to experience and NEVER BUY ANOTHER UBI GAME ON PC!
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  • Rebellion makes Sniper Elite V2 free on Steam

  • azic 05/06/2014

    If you don't have this game, grab it now. Its a great game and its even better when its free! Reply +11
  • Valve issues warning about Steam Early Access games

  • azic 05/06/2014

    And then their are games such as watch dogs on steam which is in a worse state some Early Access games.
    What will be done about that.
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  • The video game assassination of JFK

  • azic 05/06/2014

    links people.., where can I get this.
    Could be a nice time waster whilst the wife is taking 3000 years to get ready!

    As for bad taste or not, I don't really care. In my gaming career I have killed everything from Animals/Kids/Nuns/retards/nazi's/innocent people/aliens/criminals/Kings & Queens/priests/elves/pregnant women/police officers/whores.. etc. etc you name it iv'e killed it lol
    Its all bad taste, but its also a game.
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