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  • The revival of Suikoden 2

  • atomised 16/02/2015

    I never got to play it back in the day and it's rarity made it a not justified spend until this re-release. I'm over 50 hours in and it's now a firm favourite.

    I think its aged really well. I admit I'm a bit of a sucker for the graphics of the era (and SNES era RPG's) but it's the story & game play that are just so effortless. And the fact it's touching, funny & kinda brutal too.

    Can't recommend it enough. Some games really do justify the hype.

    I really do love me a good wander around in a turn based world.
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  • Final Fantasy 15 reveals first female version of mechanic Cid

  • atomised 23/12/2014

    I think the whole game looks remarkably bland so far. The Matrix male boy band and Cid just don't have any particular imagination. The graphics look how I'd hope next gen would look albeit bland.

    And perhaps I'll be wrong but the action style of combat they have mooted will bore me to tears. Whilst action rpg's like the Tales series are super my favourite FF games all have a tactical rpg flavour.

    I expect a silliness & over the top level of characterization not this boring, boring, boring...

    When was the last good FF game? 12 & 9 or the handheld Tactics games? The 13 series were the worst of all and I find 10 to be overrated.

    I have no problem with a comment about the Cid's working attire BUT FF games have never really showed a particularly progressive character design & works on fairly revealing clothing for both sexes in all their games. Heck the whole cast of 12 wore almost next to nothing.

    I'd rather the game let US decide how we want to dress our characters whether undies or trench coats.
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  • The New 3DS XL unlocks the potential of Nintendo's handheld

  • atomised 21/09/2014

    I'm really torn on this new iteration and could only see me purchasing it if a number of games become available only via the upgrade.

    The circle pad pro I use as it's a really comfortable way to play the handheld at home. It's never really 'used' as a second stick etc but boy is it comfortable in the hands.

    I don't mind that Nintendo has this new one on the way per se but it's a little off they have all these special editions coming out now when the new one is so close: a bit cheeky to say the least.

    I don't use the 3D at all so I guess the extra processor power and games may be the decider down the track.
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  • Mario Kart 8 review

  • atomised 15/05/2014

    If there is a bundle I'm in.

    I've been waiting & waiting for a reason to grab a WiiU as it's so odd not to have the latest Nintendo console.

    I am surprised they don't do a prices drop & bundle to add some spice.
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  • Video: Let's Replay Crash Team Racing

  • atomised 03/03/2014

    Oh, I just loved this game. I recently picked it up on psn & was shocked how bad my skills had become.

    But importantly it's still fun and a great game without any rose tinted shades.
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  • North Americans get Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary free this weekend

  • atomised 31/01/2014

    Bit sick of Nintendo being so region specific with their Western treats and it really is an example of a lack of business understanding...

    They didn't do a WiiU Zelda pack in Australia as we were evidently selling enough WiiU's...really?

    Now this...

    Region locking...


    I will always give them the benefit of the doubt but they make it hard to love them sometimes.
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  • Remembering Sega's classics the right way

  • atomised 15/12/2013

    Wow! This makes me want to get another version of Sonic. Sega have made some money off me on that & Sonic 2: sheesh! Reply 0
  • TimeSplitters 2 retrospective

  • atomised 02/12/2013

    I loved this game to Gamecube & I spent hours with that little disc whirring around and around. Reply 0
  • BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Episode One review

  • atomised 12/11/2013

    love the game but the price is a big no. Reply 0
  • Crytek continues TimeSplitters Rewind support as PS4 version announced

  • atomised 07/09/2013

    Awesome! Reply 0
  • Wii U price cut announced

  • atomised 31/08/2013

    Funny I guess that I was waiting for a price cut & a Zelda bundle but neither of these things is coming to I'll continue to not own a WiiU. Reply -1
  • Fez 2 cancelled, Fish swims away from the game industry

  • atomised 28/07/2013

    Having watched that doco on indie games he certainly came across as a less than sympathetic chap which put me off Fez for awhile. Certainly a case of wishing I'd never heard him speak. Perhaps he would have been better served concentrating on making stuff than engaging in social media wars: all told a good game with an egocentric creator. Reply +79
  • Super Mario Sunshine retrospective

  • atomised 24/06/2013

    Yeah I really enjoyed it and was forlorn when I accidentally screwed my save file deep into the game (and a host of other gc titles...ah, what a moment...Metroid Prime as well). It looked great, played great and had that Sega blue sky. Reply +2
  • You can plug an Xbox 360 into the Xbox One, says Major Nelson

  • atomised 18/06/2013

    Pfff. Whatever.
    I'm still never buying another Microsoft product. Though I am filled with a rage of consumer ire whenever I read a post about them...
    They can stick the rentbox up their arse. I can think of two other consoles, a whole lot of old consoles and a big PC I'd buy before their pile of dung.
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  • Used game sales can be limited by making better games, Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime says

  • atomised 14/06/2013

    @Pandy same here. Plus FF titles... Reply +2
  • The big interview: Microsoft Studio's Phil Spencer discusses Xbox One

  • atomised 14/06/2013

    He gets paid a lot of money to use all those words huh? I guess if I was paid lots of money to be a whore for a bankrupt set of anti consumer policies I could do it also. Heck people say things on advertisements every day that are nonsense. Reply 0
  • Miyamoto: Nintendo's game ownership policy should operate "like a toy company"

  • atomised 14/06/2013

    Great to read this perspective as it does conform to what a lot of us believe. Heck I was playing FFX last weekend from my very old save file and have been playing FFIX. I've gotten really sick of 6 figure earning executives or those involved in the games industry who are so divorced from the consumer perspective: I hope they rot.

    The whole Rentbox fiasco and obvious publisher collusion has left me cold and I'll be actively avoiding EA and Microsoft (though that's not going to be very hard to do). It seems quite plain that Nintendo's policies were at odds with EA as the WiiU sales aren't that bad to preclude any releases!

    I've bought virtually every Nintendo console but am still waiting on a push for the WiiU. They do need to drop the price and have a couple of good bundles such as an Mario Kart or Zelda bundle. It's annoying because I really want one!

    I'm one of those who loved the Gamecube the most (what a great little system & controller) but was left cold by the Wiimote despite some pretty good games on the system. I'm hopeful the new controller will be less annoying: fingers crossed!

    And yes, they really need to make the process account not system based...have a heap of Wii Virtual Console titles ready to transfer and it fills me with worry!
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  • Battling to stay online

  • atomised 09/06/2013

    It is a big deal and I think the end of this current console generation transitioning into the next is where it's gonna hit home. Maybe we all don't want to play old content everyday on new systems but the cost the publishers want us to buy is that of a tangible permanent object like earlier days.

    Heck, I've been thinking of buying a back up Ps3 to transfer content across to...though I'd have to do it when the severs are still on.

    My 360 has been dormant ever since i realised paying MS for live was a joke, but I have a ton of content sitting on that box that once it dies, and it will with that badly made bit of hardware, I'll have lost the games.

    I'm sick of PC gamers extolling how 'this is how it's been for years' like that's a valid reason for a broken consumer culture. I'm not some luddite as I've jumped on digital downloads across books, music & games but there has been a coming storm with games for awhile as this is not a cheap hobby and those fat cat publishers need to learn a lesson.

    The ecosystem of retro gaming, ebay selling, second hand sales etc helps furnish the culture of gaming and I can believe it but am surprised publishers are so keen to eat their own.

    As a huge music buyer I can purchase an LP and get a download code: the perfect consumer relationship. The physical object & it's digital companion that often gets the most use. With games and especially the horror story that is that MS Rentbox it's a problem.

    I know I'll never buy another MS product and maybe they don't care but maybe they should. I'm kinda old but I buy an embarrassing amount of games - dollars that their anti consumer product will never ever receive.

    I'm hopeful that perhaps the PS4 will be more consumer friendly for the single player world like the WiiU is. The online and digital purchase world is certainly buyer beware.
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  • Microsoft kills game ownership and expects us to smile

  • atomised 07/06/2013

    @null Yeah, your rant was also pathetic to read, remarkably short sighted and arrogant. These changes mean a lot to quite frankly a lot of people. Reply 0
  • atomised 07/06/2013

    @RonF I'm absolutely sure this is why EA dropped the WiiU. To be honest I thought something was up when EA dropped those horrible passes...which are way less offensive than this current load of crap. Just waiting for a couple more games & there is a WiiU headed my way. Reply +1
  • atomised 07/06/2013

    @photoboy Could not agree more. I just repurchased FF9 from ebay something I could not do with the rentbox. Reply +2
  • Final Fantasy 7 retrospective

  • atomised 02/06/2013

    Interesting article.

    I dearly love this game and whilst the cut scenes were pretty wow at the time it was the delight, exploration, adventure and story I loved. You may be right that Square saw them as important but most JRPG's like a good cut scene...

    Also disagree about it ruining future FF games. 8 was ace (though not as much), tactics is just super, 9 is my favourite in the series and 12 is seriously undervalued. The PSP and DS versions also have a lot to offer.

    Now 10, which I liked at the time but didn't love and 13 are problematic to be sure. 13 and 13.2 are probably the worst entries to the series and I'm worried Square seems so in love with this character set. I've tried very hard to like 13 and have 13.2 waiting for me to finish 13 but boy it's hard going because it's so anodyne and boring.

    I'm hankering for another 6,7 or 9 in terms of character and wonder instead of the anemic tropes their character design has taken with the J-Pop looking character set. What I also miss in these latest games is the sense of whimsy and quirky fun 6, 7 and 9 have: they're genuinely funny and touching in places.

    I've been replaying 9 of late and I'd advise it to anyone: I'd forgotten just how ace it is.
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  • In Theory: Can the Xbox One cloud transform next-gen gaming?

  • atomised 28/05/2013

    I'm also going to be paying for all this data zipping around in single player games: what a joke.

    So MS with the rentbox would have you pay for Live, pay extra to play second hand, you have to be connected to play things you've actually bought (sorry 'rented') and also you'll possibly have to burn through your bandwidth because their crappy new laserdisc player can't cope? Bugger off!
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  • This is how Xbox One game trade-ins will work, apparently

  • atomised 25/05/2013

    Either way Microsoft will not get any of my dollars. It's just a monopoly that I truly hope fails. I've spent way too much on video games over the years and I can't think of a console I've never wanted to buy (and I've really, nearly bought 'em all) except this one. None of the console makers are angels but Microsoft is truly the worst.

    The second hand 'tax', their crap pay to play network, the constant log in to verify my validity as a consumer and the mooted 'cloud' calculations which will cost me $ via the constant uploading/downloading of data.

    I've become sick of people either claiming 'oh this is what happens on pc' or 'we'll get used to it': well I don't game on pc nor will I get used to it.

    How much some of the fun of discovering a rare or hard to find game will be with this console and future rentbox games? You'll either have to pay someone to activate it or the console will be the badly designed brick of black that cannot play it. Consumer rights are truly stuffed with the digital age with these walled gardens.
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  • Phil Harrison tries (again) to clarify game ownership, second-hand sales and always-online in Xbox One

  • atomised 22/05/2013

    @Widge I guess you've never bought an antique, a second hand book or collectable? A shop legally selling something second hand has never been such a problem that you and others make out the 'poor' game publishers to be suffering. I think your logic on this is ropey.
    This new practice that Microsoft (and perhaps Sony) are introducing is outrageous.
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  • atomised 22/05/2013

    Rent-box. Reply +24
  • Xbox One second-hand games will charge a fee to play

  • atomised 22/05/2013

    @Douche No. What they are doing sucks. Reply +2
  • atomised 22/05/2013

    @TagemandBagem And another reason EA have spurned Nintendo. Interesting to see what Sony do next. Reply +1
  • Microsoft creative director dismisses "drama" around always-online consoles

  • atomised 06/04/2013

    @LR100 I really loved their customer centric approach when I was trying to remove my own credit card details: such overwhelming joy ensued. Reply +2
  • atomised 06/04/2013

    Wow, his comments (presumably part of internal discourse in Microsoft) are almost enough reason never to buy another product of theirs: he'd get the sack if it wasn't true surely? Such offensive hubris.

    I stopped playing the 360 awhile back forgoing the nonsense of Live for the PS3 and Wii and whilst I liked the controller I've never looked back.

    If the next Xbox is 'always on' to play, bricks 2nd hand and you have to pay a subscription to essentially hire something that you are purchasing they can piss off.

    I think people have a valid and concrete reason to be aggrieved with these possibilities, similarly to Diablo and a number of the other directions of gaming. Digital only purchases are dubious not that it's stopped me every now & then...

    Here's hoping the PS4 is what it seems like it's gonna be and the Wii U finally gets some games.

    See ya later Microsoft!
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  • Mass Effect 3: Leviathan Review

  • atomised 30/08/2012

    Nope, I don't get it. It is a strong narrative game that had an ending (which wasn't very good) and there is just no reason to turn it on. Heck, story wise I thought it was the weakest of the three. Maybe if the DC was relating to characters other than the 'main game' but the money grab nature of DC precludes this I guess. Reply +2
  • Ghost Recon: Future Soldier DLC Raven Strike announced

  • atomised 21/08/2012

    @monty2k I absolutely agree! It does get a tad brutal when you play against a good group of players v average ones but the game is quite underated. Reply +2
  • Battlefield 3: How Fan-Run Servers Are Ruining DICE's Game

  • atomised 04/07/2012

    Great article. And here was I thinking it was just me finding the game horrible to play online since the pay servers. I'll admit I found it initially confusing as to why the quality of the game experience had become so rank and inconsistent.

    It really does make you feel cheated as a consumer because if I had known that the core game experience (severs, premium etc) was going to become so compromised I would not have bought it. Maybe a sticker on the game saying 'we are gonna screw this up and you over in the coming months...'

    Very disappointing as the Bad Company games were a ton of fun on the consoles.
    EA are obviously making a money tree with the servers fiasco but they missed out on getting me to buy any of the updates because of it (which I very likely would have done).

    I've certainly been glad Ghost Recon came out to serve my console shooter fix.
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  • Capcom promises more Dragon's Dogma as shipments top 1m

  • atomised 25/06/2012

    Good to see. A very enjoyable game 10+ hours in, though as to whether it gets to the 100+ that Skyrim gave me I'm not sure as the quests don't seem as deep at this point. I'd like to see a more fleshed out pawn swap in the next one. Reply -1
  • Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Review

  • atomised 27/05/2012

    Such a very fun game. I'm an old fan of the Ghost Recon series and the single player is fun and the multiplayer is ace, which I'm relieved is the case. These are not deep observations but whatever! Sometimes things are this uncomplicated. Reply +3
  • PS3 Skyrim fix in the works, but not for update 1.3

  • atomised 07/12/2011

    mmm, my save file is about 10 now and i've started noticing distinct slowdown. i really would not have purchased the ps3 version IF i had known!
    played oblivion to death on the 360 but went off their paid service...sigh...
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  • Microsoft "not forcing Kinect" on devs

  • atomised 19/07/2011

    Never going to embrace it. A marketing employee will embrace in publicity speak which I will them disagree with. Reply +2
  • Burnout Crash!

  • atomised 12/07/2011

    Motion control my way to NOT buying rubbish.
    Btw, eurogamer need to get out of criterion's money pockets it's years past boring.
    Seriously go on a date and get it over with. it sucks as good writing or a date movie.
    Oh also, Paradise sucked. Yes i want to drive around and around to race...'sandbox' smart and smarmy.
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  • L.A. Noire: The Team Bondi Emails

  • atomised 07/07/2011

    there actually are industrial mechanisms in australia to take employers to task for this working hours.
    they are in breach of the minimum standards with what's been mentioned i would have thought...oh well.
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  • Capcom defends Resi: Mercs save system

  • atomised 30/06/2011

    meh, it's just stupid.
    you would hope someone in capcom would now realize this.
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  • atomised 30/06/2011

    meh, it's just stupid. y
    ou would hope someone in capcom would now realize this.
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  • COD Elite: What you'll get for free

  • atomised 06/06/2011

    meh. Reply +1
  • DS Imports: The Last Hurrah

  • atomised 30/05/2011

    Wow that link in the comments to the TOS on the new region lock machine are c-razy!
    I wasn't gonna buy one due to the region lock and that TOS seals the deal.
    (btw have bought 100's of nintendo handhelds i guess i save some bucks).

    fingers crossed the new psp is still region free.
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  • PSP Remasters coming to PS3 in HD

  • atomised 23/05/2011

    it's a great idea. i was peeved that valkyria chronicles 2 was psp only: fingers crossed.
    same for mgs peace walker + a few others. possible good times.
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  • Lionhead: Pre-owned worse than PC piracy

  • atomised 17/05/2011

    well now i'll go out of my way to only buy second hand lionhead games....if i was going to, which i'm not as evidently fable 3 sucks. i cannot stand these idiots whom prattle on about secondhand: go open a secondhand shop or get another job if you're life is so horrible.
    poor you, you six figure working must need a cuddle.
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  • New Xbox forums get off to rocky start

  • atomised 14/05/2011

    their engrish is excellent :) Reply +1
  • PSN outage woe enters seventh day

  • atomised 26/04/2011

    wow, it must have really been broken.
    interesting to think how much microsoft + nintendo would be searching for how it was broken worried it may happen to them also...ah the internet.
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  • PSN could be down for next 48 hours

  • atomised 25/04/2011

    ya, i wish it was working...i was going to shoot something :)
    surprised so many xboxers have popped in to douch it up.
    i had their paid service for years until i went' hang on, what? my wii and the psn are free? sure!'
    all three offer good stuff but you have to pay for live, something that made no sense when i bothered to think about it.

    all that ramble aside the sonybots could have and should be a tad more forthcoming as whilst a day or so out is understandable, they are stretching things in PR disaster right now.
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  • Gears of War 3: defining HD gaming

  • atomised 18/04/2011

    i don't wanna come in and poop and everyone's happy but the piece was PRish and whist the graphical fidelity of gears is nice the gameplay is really annoying and the style is so urgh...if i was to think of a game that represents bad style it would be this one. ok, sorry gears fans...all rather negative eh? Reply -3
  • Fallout: New Vegas patch due before DLC

  • atomised 13/04/2011

    it's absolutely appalling that a product can be sold that is so broken: only in the video game industry. there is strong consumer legislation in australia against selling of broken/faulty consumer goods.
    imagine if it was a chair: 'oh, sorry we advertised it with four legs but now that you have bought it gotta sell it with 3 legs, won't be fit to be used but we'll supply the fourth leg later...oh yes this may not hold...'
    i loved fallout 3 but could not be bothered with something so flawed. i was hoping it would have been fixed by now.
    they are lucky they have not had civil suits against them for their 'product'.

    heck if i had a truck of money i'd sue them, just to stop all these crappy companies releasing piles of poo.
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