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  • Return to Skyrim

  • arremelle 18/04/2014

    @Malek86 I like this approach too, its great fun finding new places to loot. Do you also loot all the npcs and places then return to a town to store or sell the goods? I have fond memories of a barrel outside warmaiden's in Whiterun. I think that magical barrel still has 100's of weapons and potions in it. Reply 0
  • Sony mulls The Last of Us PS4 discount for PS3 owners

  • arremelle 17/04/2014

    I would be happy to pay the 50 for the physical version, dont see how they could off a discount for someone who bought the original physical version. its going to be worth the money I would hope.

    I just hope they do a really nice job and everything is overhauled to the max possible, textures, models, uncompressed sound. I cannot remember anything specifically that could be improved upon though.
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  • McDonald's Mario Happy Meal unboxing video

  • arremelle 20/03/2014

    this is a good vid, if somewhat laboured. Kind of like watching a regular unboxing in super slow-motion. Gonna go get me some happiness at lunch time. Reply +2
  • Why the PC version of Titanfall is a 48GB install

  • arremelle 11/03/2014

    wow, a game with full FLAC style audio, like a super deluxe game that probably has velvet lining in the case.

    it seems strange to alieanate some users with such a silly install size. Definitely should be an optional DLC.

    Step1) Make install 20GB Max with compressed Audio, sell to lots of people and probably no one will care about the compressed audio anyway.
    Step 2) Make a special DLC with Uncompressed audio and hires textures. Great for those with the space and good machines.
    End Result: Make more monies :)
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  • Ni No Kuni has now shipped 1.1m copies

  • arremelle 07/03/2014

    there was a DS version...I had no idea.

    Yes please a sequel would be amazing. I spent 80hrs of my life in this game.Only to stop when I realised it would be another 80+ to get platinum trophies.
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  • Nintendo terminating Wii and DS online services

  • arremelle 27/02/2014

    why stop the free video service on 3DS? that is quite a cool little app and has had some great vids over the years demonstrating some amazing 3D effects. Its not something I would pay for mind you, so perhaps that is the issue. Tightening up the systems to prevent another loss next year.

    Less concentrating on conservatism and more on creating a wider range of VC and other games. Work harder on getting more games onto Wii U.
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  • Naughty Dog mulls The Last of Us 2

  • arremelle 24/02/2014

    absolutely loved Last of Us, such an amazing game. If they confirmed a sequel I would go sell the wheels on my car to buy a PS4. Reply 0
  • Bleszinski: "I'll never make another disc-based game"

  • arremelle 18/02/2014

    hmm, Zelda Wii U should hopefully be fully revealed at E3. That hardly denotes a 'dead' format.

    Fair enough say what you are going to do with an online, creative and open sandbox game format, but don't go saying that certain formats are 'dead' when they are clearly not.

    Isn't it ironic to have such a closed mind approach to the industry and yet state that you are going to make an open minded sandbox style game which is more community driven?
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  • Court favours Valve in not allowing digital content resells

  • arremelle 07/02/2014

    I cant see how this would work, as every copy of the game is 'New' in min condition. There would have to be some kind of % but for Steam and the original developer. Maybe incentives to buy the new game instead of a copy from another steam user would be work, but most would just buy the cheapest copy.

    I would be more interested in a feature to transfer your whole account, especially as part of inheritance. It should be possible to feature your steam account in your will rather than have the account go to waste. It represents an asset of sorts, even if it cannot yet be resold, at least someone still gets to play all the games you have spent a lifetime purchasing.

    Perhaps one day the whole account could be sold, after all what do they care if who owning the account as long as two people are not using it at the same time.
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  • No exciting story DLC for Wii U Batman owners

  • arremelle 31/01/2014

    ah well, I literally just bought this game about 3 hrs ago off amazon. Not too bothered about the DLC though. Don't even know what this season pass thing is, but the game only cost 10 and the season pass is 16? hope I won't need it.

    I am absolutely loving my Wii U. Cannot get enough of Pikmin 3, Mario world and Wind waker. Wii Fit U is also excellent, being able to turn on the gamepad and transfer the days activity to the Wii Fit game without even turning on the TV or changing it whilst someone is watching is a real bonus.

    I just played a demo of Fifa 13 yesterday, the use of the gamepad is incredible. Formations, subs, players energy all right there in realtime. I cannot workout why its 16.99 on WiiU and 9 odd on the PS3 though (on amazon).

    Its a shame more people cannot get into the WiiU, its a cool machine with games that just cannot really be done on other machines as the hardware is dedicated. The developers know, 100% the player has a touchscreen LCD in their hands ready to use.
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  • Argos cuts Wii U Premium pack price to 179.99

  • arremelle 21/01/2014

    a superb machine and well worth the money. Now the same price as the Wii when it was released. A real bargain.

    As pointed out by others it also plays Wii games (albeit only in 480p) not only on the TV but also on the Gamepad itself. The gamepad had the sensor bar transmitters built into it, so its entirely possibly to play excellent games such as Skyward Sword just on the gamepad.
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  • Nintendo slashes Wii U sales forecast from 9m to 2.8m

  • arremelle 17/01/2014

    The list of bad decisions is substantial

    - No hard drive, amazing for such a high priced machine
    - High prices in the store with no sort of intelligent discounting model
    - Lack of good marketing (My wife's mum bought a Wii which I was just amazed at. It sits unused now of course. But I doubt she has even hear of the WiiU.)
    - A lack of games (althoght the most of ones that are available are excellent games)
    - Major lack of indie games - where are they? I was expecting a flood of games

    Its incredible how long its taking for games to be made for the machine though. Why not make the games episodic and get them out the door faster? I would love to play the Zelda Saga. It would make an amazing collectable as well. Split the game into 12 sections with incredible dungeons and cliff hangers that keep you waiting for the next instalment.

    The Mac has a some companies doing conversions for games, which is just a great idea and means Mac owners get to enjoy some great games without having to install windows on bootcamp and such. Why not do the same Nintendo? Get a company to just handle converting indie titles. Anything that looks good on other systems, just get it and convert it. Braid, Proteus, Gone Home (which would just be fantastic on the Wii U)

    I have owned a WiiU now for about a year and used it only sparingly in that time. The interface and near constant 1080p graphics is a real treat. The tablet is also excellent, it works so well and so fast as well. Its a shame the range isn't that great though. I cannot take it out of the living room, only about 10ft away and it drops the signal. It is a superb machine though. I played Last of Us on some days and Pikmin 3 on others. I can honestly say that the graphical effects and quality in Pikmin 3 matched the superb shading and effects in Last of Us. The difference being I guess, Pikmin 3 has less going on screen and is very close up to the objects so hi-res texturing is required, but still it was good to see that Nintendo could step in right away at the same level as PS3 had achieved after so many years.

    It really feels like the WiiU is the Dreamcast of the current day. A Great machine with some superb titles already, however I fear it will be spoken off as just a fond memory for the minority of gamers.
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  • Nintendo sorry Wii U still lacks TVii feature in Europe

  • arremelle 14/01/2014

    I would like an option to remove it as its completely superfluous. A button that doesn't and probably never will do anything useful. Much like the flipping singstar icon on PS3 which I have to see every boot. Reply +7
  • This is how you play pop-up book video game Tengami

  • arremelle 20/12/2013

    looks absolutely superb Reply +3
  • Another Legend of Zelda concert announced for London

  • arremelle 12/12/2013

    Sold already :) I went to the last at the hammersmith Apollo (I think thT was the last in London), was superb. I will be booking tickets and looking forward to. Also seeing the new wii u zelda :-) Reply 0
  • Gran Turismo 6 review

  • arremelle 06/12/2013

    ffs, 9/10 and I am vetoing (hmm whats the verb) on prinicple of the micro-transactions.

    If micro-transactions are just an unfortunate way gaming is changing, and no amount of protest will make a difference, I will just have to 'move with the times'.
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  • Gran Turismo 6 microtransaction pricing revealed

  • arremelle 04/12/2013

    This is like outsourcing the grind. You are paying for thi instant grinder money and getting the gratification right away, totally empty and a shameful attempt at 'near-free-to-play'.

    I loved gt5, absolutely consumed my life for many weeks, I couldn't stop playing itit was fun, trying to win a race with a restricted car, losing, seeing that I could upgrade the car to to try and win but I first had to get the money together to make the upgrade (gotta have the best sports tyres etc). So I went to play and thoroughly enjoy another race, probably one I knew I could win to ensure some extra and easy cash. The get the upgrades and try the original race again. Great fun and totally addictive.

    The option, just the option alone, of having the ability to instantly purchase the money to do the upgrade ruins the whole experience for me. So I won't be getting gt6 and will just live with my fond memories of a micro-transaction free past.
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  • Fighter Within review

  • arremelle 29/11/2013

    this is a great review :)

    a while ago I used to search for low scoring reviews, just for the entertainment. Its interesting to read how wrong and bad a game can be. The developers must know it needs work but are under publishing deadline contraints etc...

    I have to wonder if there ever will be a decent Kinect game? its needs to be 100% accurate and 100% realtime to really be effective.
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  • Forza 5 dev open to adjusting economy based on feedback

  • arremelle 27/11/2013

    In an interview with Shacknews, Turn 10 creative director Dan Greenawalt said the developer is monitoring feedback to the in-game economy and highlighted the fact it can make adjustments on the fly.
    Nice. I pay 5 for a car one day and it drops to 1 the next. How do they determine the value?

    if this were a 10/10 game with no micro-transactions I would probably be buying an Xbox as it looks like a decent game graphically at least.

    The fact that GT6 will go the same way is a real shame. I spent such a long time playing GT5, getting that 1,000 cars in the garage trophy and such. My B-Driver did a lot of work it has to be said. With GT-6 I could get that trophy in a matter of minutes using a credit card.
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  • Games of the Generation: Fallout 3

  • arremelle 24/10/2013

    an absolutely wonderful game. Despite the bugs, it was a treat to play this. Getting the platinum trophies took a while but was great fun.

    I had such a great time on point lookout, walking around the empty promenade, going back periodically to store my wares in a locker of my choice. Then visiting Haley's hardware to steal all the things outside the shop that did not get marked as theft then go in and sell them back to Haley :)

    A true gaming world you step into and its a weird feeling when you leave it for good.

    I look forward to a future version with some amazing new graphics and cool new stories.
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  • These Super Mario 3D World screenshots will brighten up your day

  • arremelle 16/10/2013

    this is looking absolutely superb, the character models are amazing. Some of the shots in the cat suits look like perfect renders. Reply +12
  • Fable Legends beta test due next year

  • arremelle 22/08/2013

    I loved Fable 1, really great game. I am a big fan of Zelda so this felt like a more adult version with some amazing graphics, great ranking and magic elements. Fable 2 was also good.

    Fable 3 was OK but the breadcrumb system is really too much, it removes the need to really learn the environment. Also, no onscreen 2D map option :__(

    I was only considering buying an Xbox One if a new true fable game was made (and perhaps without the breadcrumbs). I am not really interested in this four swords/Gauntlet style game. Perhaps they will still make one, as it will be amazing to see what they can do on a more powerful machine.
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  • Bethesda: Wii U is "not on our radar"

  • arremelle 07/08/2013

    This is a shame, I always thought that the Elder scrolls games and Fallout 3 would work brilliantly on the WiiU.

    I played through Oblivion on the 360, the menu system was obviously made for a mouse, trying to find houses on the map was a pain with the joypad. This would be perfect on the gamepad. You could even see yourself moving around the town on the map in realtime making it even easier.

    If the WiiU is indeed as powerful as PS3 and 360 then there is no reason why the games couldn't be ported.

    Fallout 3...
    The gamepad makes an excellent Pip-boy as well, the screen is about the same size. Lets have the game ported by another developer. Make a seriously cool and collectible limited edition wrist strap which the game pad slots into, looking like a pip boy. Then the game can be played with the Wiimote and nun-chuck, whilst usign the gamepad when required. I am wasting my time writing this as its never going to happen.

    Its a real shame that so much negative press keeps appearing with for the WiiU. Its a great machine, it just seems that no one will give it a chance.
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  • Nintendo launching eShop for smartphones and PC by year's end - report

  • arremelle 31/07/2013

    sounds cool, like the steam app on iOS etc. Now if we can just get cloud saves and cross play/buy like on Vita that would be superb. It looks like Nintendo are working towards this goal of harmonisation :) Reply +2
  • Sony developing Gran Turismo film

  • arremelle 24/07/2013

    aye? I wonder what the plot line is, and if the main characters sole aim is to get 1000+ cars in his garage. There must be something quite good to make such a characterless game into a film.

    I absolutely love Monkey Island, When I played the first one on my Amiga 500, I ended up playing it 3 nights in a row (with a guide). That, I thought would make an excellent film.

    I also love Gran Turismo, I must have spent at least 200+ hours on it, falling asleep at the wheel at 3am when doing the insane endurance races. At no point did it ever occur to that "This would make a great film!"
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  • Cerny Computer Entertainment

  • arremelle 13/07/2013

    great interview, thanks for the article.

    I am really looking forward to PS4 download play.. Right now you get the option "Download in Background". I am imagining another button next to it: "Play whilst downloading".

    Absolutely superb, major kudos to Sony and Mr Cerny.

    On a more logistical note, I am really looking forward to learn about:

    - Load times (with higher res-textures, more complex models etc, will these be increased?)
    - Fan Noise (with increased power, will the system be cooled in a great way that keeps it down? I hope it can be like ps3 slim which is fairly quiet)
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  • Nintendo is working on a brand new franchise

  • arremelle 10/07/2013

    I am excited to see what Miyamoto san can produce with the Wii U Controller and all its interesting features. Reply +2
  • PlayStation 4 augmented-reality app The PlayRoom comes pre-loaded

  • arremelle 03/07/2013

    pre-loaded like the flipping singstar icon I cant seem to get rid off on my PS3? (if someone knows how to destroy that please let me know, thanks :) )

    Looks cool though. Some of it looks quite clever and at least the camera resolution is improved somewhat.
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  • You can plug an Xbox 360 into the Xbox One, says Major Nelson

  • arremelle 17/06/2013

    if only I could daisy chain all my consoles like this.

    Sega Master System -> Mega Drive -> Saturn -> Dreamcast... such power, such power sockets! If I want to play SMS, I need to power on 3 other machines whilst they sit idle
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  • The Wind Waker's missing dungeons were reused in other Zelda games

  • arremelle 14/06/2013

    this is a truly wonderful game, the best parts for me are:

    - the graphics which are great and allowed for some amazing draw distances, even on the cube

    - the sailing, it was enjoyable, the music is superb so sailing across the sea taking time, listing to the music, watching the superb clouds roll by, the weather changing.. wonderful

    - the sound effects, this really hit me after playing Majoras mask previous, how amazingly realistic all the sound effects were. Hitting wood, breaking glass, all sound great

    - the character modelling, having links eyes draw towards interesting objects was just an excellent idea. Its really possible to get characters to actually appear like their eyes are meeting

    - the depth, there are just so many things to do, treasure maps, hunt for treasure, destroy all the enemy outposts... if Nintendo was introduce achievements then there could be really great ones setup exactly for these types of additional activities (Get all Photos is a Gold for sure!)

    I have recently got a WiiU and am really looking forward to playing through this game again (for something like the 4th time :)
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  • Half-Life 2 gets official Oculus Rift support

  • arremelle 11/05/2013

    @fileunderMisc amen to that brother, a truly excellent game. My favourite game for quite a while due to the sheer immersion and great feeling, being on the run, always being chased, then having those quiet puzzle moments with a break in the action. My favourite moment was crossing the beams under the railway bridge high above the water, a real feeling of tension. I think falling from that would be quite scary with 3d rift.

    I have find memories of virtual reality arcades, one game u fall into a sewer and I remember my legs actually hurting and reacting to the fall. Falling of a bridge 100's of feet above the sea will be even crazier!
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  • Mind-blowing CryEngine 3 tech demo simulates real-life urban development plans

  • arremelle 30/04/2013

    Its worth watching again in 1080p, there is some really nice graphics work going on there. Its not mind-blowing but it is very impressive. some of the animation of animals is a bit unatural but really they are in there for impression only and not as CG characters.

    It serves a purpose as well, to look like model city and simulate a new build environment etc. but it really is taking things a bit far. I wonder how long it takes to put this kind of thing together versus a quick drawing or Visio diagram :)

    I am amazed they went so far with it, as its not necessary to have ultrarealistic graphics to get an impression of something. My brothers having his kitchen done and the designers made a rendered mockup, which looks OK, but doesnt have realistic lighting or shadows etc.. it would be insane to have such quality (even a video of it!).
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  • Pretty adventure game The Realm inspired by Ico

  • arremelle 30/04/2013

    it does look excellent, wonderful art work. I just fear for the goal as it seems quite a lot of money.

    I have pledged, lets see how it goes in 21 days...
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  • Microsoft moots IllumiRoom with next Xbox

  • arremelle 29/04/2013

    it does look cool, but its difficult to see this working practically. As many have said, what if you dont have a coffee table?

    I dont have one as I dont have the space. Even if I did, it would be in the middle of the room and certainly wouldnt have a plug point on it, so I would need to run an extension cable to it which is a tripping hazard. Maybe it would be battery powered.

    Also, if you have a reflective TV with glossy screen, it would have a shiny dot on it reflecting the projector (I would guess anyway).

    I can see this being a peripheral to purchase for people who want extra from their gaming experience (like getting a racing seat/wheel etc) but not as a standard part of the console package.

    All that being said, I really like it but its far from the cool idea I thought it would be (the 360 projection).
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  • Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time review

  • arremelle 28/03/2013

    I played the ps3 demo for 10 mins and thought it was great, nice presentation and a classic feel to it. After playing the demo on ps vita, I was gob smacked, it's the same game, plays perfectly the same. The fact u get the vita version included is just superb, cross buy/save is such an excellent concept.

    This will keep me busy for a while until hot line Miami is released With the same cross goodness :-)
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  • Okami HD, The Cave, Thomas Was Alone for PlayStation Plus in April

  • arremelle 22/03/2013

    argh, I already bought Okami and Virtues last reward, these are games I am currently playing on both systems, both are truly excellent games.

    Okami is absolutely amazing in 1080p, it really makes such a difference. I am looking forward to PS4 games all running at the same res.

    Sony are just awesome for giving these games away on PS+, major kudos to them.
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  • Ron Gilbert reveals first images of new project Scurvy Scallywags

  • arremelle 20/03/2013

    :( Monkey Island 1,2 & 3 where epic games, true milestones in adventure gaming history (at least for me). I hope this game is just a stop gap before something equally breathtaking.

    This might be a brilliant puzzle game, but no something that will go down in history like the early monkey islands.
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  • New Strider game in the works

  • arremelle 19/03/2013

    Excellent news, I hope they make a really great game of it. I have fond memories of sliding down mountains in the snow with superb music and gfx. Was an absolute classic on the megadrive. Loved the controls and the freedom you had. 'twas a tough game but real good fun.

    On a related note, It was criminal how long it took ninty to add this to the virtual console store, I used to check every Friday for months and months,wondering why only a handful of games were added each week out of such a massive library, and never Strider....
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  • Fez dated for Steam in early May

  • arremelle 18/03/2013

    superb news, Vita Cross Buy/Save please. That would be sweet :) Reply +3
  • Meanwhile on PC: AMD unveils next-gen hair simulation technology

  • arremelle 26/02/2013

    superb! collision detection on each strand, thats just excellent. If they can do this with hair I hope it can apply to all objects in the game, as there is still a lot of objects with no collision detection that passthrough others slightly removing the feeling of a solid world.

    Now I want to see Shenmue 3 on the Next gen consloles with TressFX :-)
    Sega did a great job of the hair in Shenmue on the DC, just simple textured polygons but they did animate somewhat. It would be great to do an awesome HD remake of 1&2 and a the new game with all the wonderful enhancements brought by NextGen.

    Surely with this technology there is no need for textures? just adjust the factors and the physics/lighting engine takes care of the rest...

    - Colour
    - Weight
    - Lank/Grease
    - Length
    - Style (just choose one from the API, pre-built)
    - Can be cut by other objects y/n
    - Can be burnt y/n

    The last one would be fun for GTA style games :-)
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  • Nintendo announces Zelda: Wind Waker HD re-make for Wii U, out this year

  • arremelle 23/01/2013

    Excellent! Will the gamepad also have the tingle tuner function that you get when connecting a gba? I hope so.

    Graphics look excellent, a must buy. Hope they don't change too many aspects of the game.
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  • Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon - the Mushroom Kingdom Metroidvania

  • arremelle 21/01/2013

    12 years! But if you play it today, on a CRT at least, it still looks absolutely superb. What a great game, really looking forward to this sequel. Reply +5
  • All Skyrim DLC coming to PS3 in February

  • arremelle 19/01/2013

    Its good to know its not just me, although its a shame such a massive bug ever existed in the first place. Thanks for the tip, i will give it a try, and backup my saves to an externall hd first just incase.
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  • arremelle 18/01/2013

    This is excellent news, I play skyrim exclusively on the ps3 and I absolutely love it, I am still playing now as I took a break whilst they patched it.

    It still crashes for me, I would dearly love to know if its the same for other ps3 players. Basically, I cannot ever put my head under water. Sometimes I cross streams and make sure that whilst it do, I keep my head tilted to the sky, then it works ok. But it's like I am playing with player who has an immense fear of water and cannot even look at it whilst walking through it. Honestly, the moment I fall it, the ps3 locks up.

    This bug to me is more important to fix than any dlc, but perhaps they wil fix this bug at the same time?

    I remember from playing oblivion that some of the caves/dungeons had sections where you had to actually swim underwater to continue, I hope it's not the same in skyrim (so far I haven't seen any underwater caverns).
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  • Mario, Layton offered free to 3DS XL owners

  • arremelle 29/11/2012

    @geminifly I couldnt find it either in the banner, searched around for sometime and finally found this page if it helps:
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  • Quantum Redshift: the forgotten Xbox exclusive Microsoft paid $1m for to take on WipEout

  • arremelle 16/11/2012

    I am a big Wipeout fan, I missed this game on the Xbox and I wish I had noticed it. Just watched some vids of it, it looks excellent, smooth frame rates, great graphics and great music. A real shame the box couldn't convey the games quality.

    Maybe there were some magazine ads of this back in the day, but I really didn't notice it and wish I had.

    Great article EG, I really enjoy reading about the real goings on of games development.
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  • Croydon fraudster jailed for selling fake Nintendo games

  • arremelle 15/11/2012

    I bet iwata san would like to kick this guy square in the nuts Reply +1
  • Basic 8GB Wii U has just 3GB space after system installs

  • arremelle 15/11/2012

    I am not too bothered about the internal space. I really hope that the external drive appears as a unified space and not some external space that you have to copy to first etc. that was painful on the Wii and a very slow process.

    Major kudos on Nintendo for allowing the use of an external drive. 2TB is just excellent, more than enough and will probably last the lifetime of the console (as long as the drive lasts).

    Game saves in the internal memory, game downloads in the external drive... this means drive failure wouldnt be too bad, just go to redownload the games.

    I really hope Nintendo can catch up with MS and Sony on the online gamesave backup space. This is a cool feature of PSN+. I owned a Wii Since launch day, and played a lot of games on it only for the machine to die and loose all my game saves (which I didnt backup to SD sadly).
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  • Nintendo of America launches first Wii U commercial

  • arremelle 02/11/2012

    is this a futuristic american apartment building? glowing walls can cool lamps everywhere.

    The ad at least showed a lot of the features like the TV feature and lots of games.
    Its very short however, I would have like to see a longer advert with a bit of a slower start. Adam Buxton himself could come on and actually show the new console and controller, then turn it on and start playing a game before the ad then cuts to the crazy fast stuff.

    As FizzyFish says above, you can hardly notice the console which is a shame. My brother like others thinks this is just a new controller for the Wii, which is crazy really as it wouldnt change the graphics/memory capability of the Wii at all so the games would still look dated graphically (especially on a HDTV).
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  • NeoGeo X console costs 175, Limited Edition includes Ninja Masters

  • arremelle 30/10/2012

    I can remember back in the day when the original console exists, the single cartridges (which if I am not mistaken were like arcade boards) werent far off this same price. Around 99-150 ! I couldn't ever have imagined purchasing a single game for 150! I have the best of mean-machines issues 1-5 mag which has some ads showing these sort of prices.

    So, by comparison, this looks like some kind of bargain :)
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