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  • Minter's Minotaur marauds onto iPhone

  • andy 05/01/2011

    Bloomin' hard to get the hang of the controls, but once you've mastered them it's ace! Tanks & Jets are a nice addition too :) Reply -1
  • L4D community rallies against sequel

  • andy 08/06/2009

    I purchased L4D on day one and have poured hundreds of hours into it since (at the expense of sleep!). I even rent a dedicated server so myself and friends can have a decent game without some idiot ruining it.

    As for L4D2, there's a huge amount of content being included and in no way can Valve justify giving it away for free! I'll certainly be in the queue to purchase and pre-load as soon as it becomes available.

    And to all those monkey spanking freeloaders who complain because it takes them months to talk their mummy into buying a game for them - get a life and go play with an Action Man instead!
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  • KORG DS-10 Synthesiser

  • andy 14/10/2008

    jonsaan: "Andy. what's the quality like if you record out to a multitracker? Using the Headphone jack. "

    The sound quality out of the DS lite speakers is ok, but the old style DS is much clearer for some reason.

    I used a PC as a capture device and the sound quality was pretty good - very crisp with no immediately noticeable noise.
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  • andy 14/10/2008

    I placed a pre-order for this at - and it arrived on Friday 10th as promised.

    It's an absolutely ace piece of software - loving every minute of it. I'm often finding myself begging the kids for a loan of their DS so I can do "multiplayer" with them - which is lots of fun!

    Only issue I have is the inability to store sessions outside of the DS (game card). You can perform a data transfer to another DS, but that's it. No chance of backing up sessions to a PC or a Wii or downloading other peoples creations - which is a real shame :(
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  • LittleBigPlanet beta keys all gone!

  • andy 24/09/2008

    RSM71 - "Andy, u no brainer, Since when has America been part of Europe, noob !!! "

    Now, at what point did I state that America was or has been part of Europe. I didn't. Learn to read!!

    And as for noob - just because I don't normally partake in twitter around these forums does not make me a noob.
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  • andy 24/09/2008

    Stop moaning!

    Blimey, what a bunch of sad individuals some of you are. I think it's superb that Eurogamer have been able to offer such an amazing opportunity.

    I can't imagine many websites not buckling under the load that EG will have been under last night. You only had to Google "Eurogamer little big planet" to find that the news was everywhere - even on Wikipedia. There must have been an incredible number of people trying to get access to the website.

    And why are you moaning about "the bloody yanks getting all the keys". That's not really sensible is it! Consider this - most UK and European gamers will be ONLINE and most likely GAMING at that time - not at work! Or is it that you're all spotty teenagers that are moaning? Quite likely one would imagine - so go and get some zit cream and grow up.

    And for those that are moaning about having to register - think about it - how would you otherwise guarantee fairness in the distribution of keys? Having a registered account is the easiest way to guarantee that each person gets only one key. Sure, they could get more by registering more accounts, but that's a hassle. Just imagine if it was free for all - these keys were being sold on eBay so would have been snapped up by those types quicker than puss ejecting from your facial irregularity - or are you seriously telling me that you wouldn't have moaned if it was free for all?!?!?!

    Now look - you've made me one of the moaners! But at least I'm moaning about the right thing! Get a life!

    I'd like to thank Eurogamer and Sony for offering this wonderful opportunity. Please ignore the morons and keep up the good work! Oh, and having Stephen Fry doing the voiceover in a sort of Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy fashion - Genius :)
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