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  • Valve: no plans for Steam trade-ins

  • androidave 15/10/2010

    When are eurogamer going to stop reporting what these people ramble as if they know what there talking about? then to only post another "news" story later in the day dismissing it?.. this isn't news.. I realise you have to keep the front page looking new and fresh, but imo its to much to post up this kind of rubbish.. what, if I give myself some fancy bullshit title then spout off a load of seemingly random bollocks? would that be newsworthy? No, of course not.. this place is fast becoming the sun/mail/tabloid rubbish of the gaming world, and its so sad because this site used to have an amount of respect and consistancy. Reply +9
  • Move sales exceed Sony's forecasts

  • androidave 15/10/2010

    There needs to be more games, I got tumble and sports champions, but tbh it hasn't been used in over 2 weeks now, but its a fantastic device, hopefully good sales will bring even better games, something with a bit more meat to it as well. Oh and id really like to see lots more passive stuff, if the eye is there use it, a good example would be head tracking in gt5. Reply +5
  • MS: Kinect "really hard to pull off"

  • androidave 07/09/2010

    Hmm, Why would anyone even want to copy a controller free tech? For anything but really simple jump around party type games, it just doesn't work.. and really, who wants to pay an extra 130quid for that?.. The only way Kinect would be any use whatsoever to gamers who, you know, like to play actual games, would be for it to work alongside the controller, for voice, headtracking and maybe the odd hand or arm movement.. and the only way for dev's to actually bother putting stuff like this into new core games is if everyone had the thing already, and seeing as they don't, its not going to be packed into every new 360 box and it costs 130quid, thats never going to happen. Reply +6
  • Project Sword wows on iOS devices

  • androidave 03/09/2010

    This doesnt really make all that much sense to me, sure it looks good and it is, technically impressive.. But until someone comes up with a battery that lasts 10 or 20 times longer this just isn't going to be practical, Why would you want to play this for 30mins or so on the bus / train and run your battery down to 50% or so on your PHONE that also needs to last for the rest of the day for calls / text and internet? Reply -7
  • Dead Rising 2: Case Zero

  • androidave 01/09/2010

    I've played this for a few hours and it just seems like more of the same but not quite as good tbh, I though dead rising played better, looked better and so far, was much funnier than dead rising 2.. It doesnt seem like theres much new and feels more like DLC for the first dead rising rather than a brand new game. I'l give it a few more hours, but if the full game is a 7/10 and pretty much the same I won't be buying it. Reply -3
  • MS confirms new 360 controller

  • androidave 31/08/2010

    all the xbox's are black now though? why make a white / grey pad? Reply +1
  • Retrospective: Grand Theft Auto

  • androidave 22/08/2010

    You could always grab a ps1 copy and play it on the ps3, never found a problem with the pad and it would avoid the bugs mentioned in the pc version :) Reply +1
  • Mass Effect 2 confirmed for PS3

  • androidave 19/08/2010

    good news, but without mass effect 1 it is a little pointless.. I wouldn't have enjoyed mass effect 2 half as much if I haddn't already played mass effect 1.. I mean half the story was finding out what had happened to your old team mates. Also, by next year your going to be able to pick up both mass effect 1 & 2 for the 360 probaly for under 20quid.. So unless its a discounted title or they do include mass effect 1 then its going to be a bit of a rip off for ps3 only people.. Reply 0
  • PS Plus subs get original Tomb Raider

  • androidave 16/08/2010

    It really is just the ISO as well.. You can go on ebay and buy the ps1 disk, pop it in your ps3 and get the same thing.. The only advantage psn ps1 games have is transfering it over to the psp.. which is what I thought everyone did anyway?.. unless your all ok with playing at 240x320 with horriable twitching 3D on a big HD screen... Reply 0
  • In Theory: Is Xbox 360 3D Ready?

  • androidave 15/08/2010

    Also, I wear headphones 90% of the time when gaming.. there quite large and wearing glasses with them isn't going to be an option really.. Reply +1
  • androidave 15/08/2010

    I think they should have waited until the next gen for 3D. all this article really says is neither console is up to the job. Reply +9
  • Fallout: New Vegas

  • androidave 15/08/2010

    I loved fallout3 and have 100% on the ps3, but idk, this just looks too samey, after id finished point lookout I was well and truely fallouted.. id be intrested if it was set in the Commonwealth maybe, something like that, or had a brand new graphics engine.. fallout3 looked oky at the time, but I always thought it very static, now as a new game it just looks a bit dull tbh.. unless its a 10/10 and really does something new, which I doubt it will.. then I think I'll either give this a miss or wait till a point next yr when there's nothing else to play. Reply +1
  • Google's Got Game

  • androidave 14/08/2010

    Social casual gaming on facebook and the like isn't really gaming thou is it.. not how most people here see gaming anyway.. I thought this article might be about which company will enter the console market next, but nope :(

    If you want to look at it from a pure business side of things (which I don't really approve of tbh, but still) , How many plays views of the adds surrounding farmville does it take to bring in the income from one £40 retail console game?.. Quite a few I would think? Point is, while there are millions of people sitting playing farmville and the like, the real money is always going to be in the proper games.. Google would be better off making a next gen console or making an ipad like android device aimed at gaming than a few browser based casual "games"
    Reply -2
  • The Case for Kinect

  • androidave 07/08/2010

    So.. the casual party gamers have either already got a Wii, or wont be able to tell the difference between this and the Wii so will just buy the cheaper one, so there not going to be intrested.. And the core gamers can't play any games whatsoever that appeal to them, can't use it properly without standing up and also a decent percentage would own a ps3 as well, so move would be the cheaper / better option..

    Just who is going to buy Kinect then ? o_O
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  • 4 on Demand coming to PS3?

  • androidave 06/08/2010

    You do know 4oD is already on the ps3 through youtube using the browser?.. If it anything like Iplayer on the ps3 all they'l do is put a link to the 4oD youtube channel on the xmb?... I'm not saying thats a bad thing, just we already have it :) Reply +1
  • Acti laments poor Blur, Singularity sales

  • androidave 06/08/2010

    This article makes me sad, games should be judged on creativeity, gameplay, fun?.. not how many bloody units they sell :( Just beacuse a game sells millions of copies to the same people who bought millions of copies of pretty much the same game last yr and the yr before does not make that game better than a game that happened to sell less.. Reply +1
  • EA admits COD and Halo will rule 2010

  • androidave 04/08/2010

    I'm sure MoH is going to be a good game if your into that kind if thing, but there not going to get anywhere just by copying COD.. its already becoming to much like the same thing every year imo, if they want to take the fps crown then they need to do something completely different to COD or Halo.. Reply 0
  • PSN Plus August/September content

  • androidave 04/08/2010

    @letsgo..I have an xbox live silver account and I can play limbo just fine thankyou :) the only thing I can't do is online multiplayer, and I have the psn for that. Reply +8
  • Uncharted film set back indefinitely

  • androidave 04/08/2010

    What's the point? Just get on and make uncharted 3 please. Reply +1
  • Nintendo explains Wii 2 silence

  • androidave 04/08/2010

    I hope they release what everyone thought the revolution was going to be before they showed it off and changed the name.. ie a virtual reality headset, full HD, 3D please, with head tracking for movement and a glove(s) type controller so your hands can actually be in game as well.. now that would be something. keep the Wii going, maybe release a HD version.. do the casual Wii owners even want a next gen? properly not.. So make your next console the Wii for the core please :D ! Reply -1
  • Mag spills DiRT 3 details

  • androidave 02/08/2010

    I don't know how they can call DIRT a rally game tbh.. its more like motorstorm than anything else, and the cringeworthy americaness put me off the demo completely :( bring back the days of cm rally or V-rally.. proper rally games rather than this childish x-games american rubbish. Reply +1
  • WRC

  • androidave 01/08/2010

    Uhm.. what happened to GT5 having the WRC licence?? Reply +1
  • Retrospective: Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation

  • androidave 01/08/2010

    Are they ever going to do a remake of tomb raider 2? that was always my fav, the level in a sunken ship was awesome, and Venice of course, and the opera house level.. I had tomb raider 2 and final fantasy 7 to get me through a summer when I was around 15 and I still remember it now, both truely awesome games :) Reply +3
  • Hydro Thunder Hurricane

  • androidave 27/07/2010

    "Bleht, having dusted off wipeout 2097 the other day this looks ponderous. I really, really would like an HD version of 2097 (on 360 pls (I do however realise this will sadly never happen)), all wipeouts since have had weird handling (not played any of the PS3 versions btw, they might be just fine but I don't fancy forking out the required sums to test them out)"

    Um.. Wipeout HD? I've played all wipeouts and while I agree with you somewhat, Wipeout HD is by far the best of any of them :) well worth the download.
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  • Alan Wake: The Signal

  • androidave 27/07/2010

    i havn't got Alan Wake yet, but I will, and this DLC is free is it not?.. But why here on EUROgamer have we got an American reviewer writing about American games (do you really think a verizon ad will be in the UK game?) and bloody spoiling stuff?? This guy ruined at least 3 bits of Limbo for me, and has now tried his best to do the same for Alan Wake.. Its common sense not to have spoilers in reviews.. I mean, I'm not going to read a review once I've played the game am I.. Please, just get rid of this idiot :/ Reply +9
  • For Ten Dollars More?

  • androidave 21/07/2010

    While I do buy some second hand games now and then, most of my games are new, espeically when you can pick them up for £25ish a few weeks after release.. And I can see why developers would want a system like this, they get nothing from a sale of a second hand game, while the retailer gets everything.. That has to be wrong? when all the retailer does is take the game and sell it.. Perhaps this kind of system will stop the likes of GAME selling pre-owned games for a couple of quid cheaper than the new copies as well? Which i think is pretty disgusting tbh. Reply +6
  • Project Milo back on

  • androidave 20/07/2010

    I tell you what Peter, how about you stfu until you have a game worth me reading about, milo isn't a game, its a tech demo, and the only reason were being told it might be is beacus microsoft have realised all they have to offer kinect buyers are buggy rip offs of 5yr old Wii games. Reply 0
  • Microsoft confirms Kinect price

  • androidave 20/07/2010

    This is way to expensive.. and I think its a case of two little too late as well, microsoft seems to be going after the casual market.. thing is, I think any casual gamers out there even remotely intrested in this type of thing will already have a Wii.. so why would they want to pay 250quid to do the same thing with a different console?? At least with the move you have a few games the less casual gamer might be intrested in, killzone3, littlebigplanet2, hevey rain.. I have an x360 and a ps3, I suspect a lot of other non casual gamers do too.. and I know which motion control system I'll be getting! :) Reply +3
  • Limbo review

  • androidave 20/07/2010

    will be downloading this asap :) It looks amazing. As for the people moaning about the price and play time.. You'd pay a tenner for a blu-ray and most films only last 2hrs or less.. I really don't understand the £ / time mentaniality, I mean its not even overpriced when you consider that a lot, infact most of the £40 retail games can be played in 12hrs.

    It would have been nice not to have so many spoilers in the review though!
    Reply +1
  • Why Sony mandates 720p for PS3 3D

  • androidave 19/07/2010

    I bought my tv around 3yrs ago, and usually buy a new set when the next lot of consoles come out.. so won't be going 3D until at least 2yrs time, and even then, if I can get a much bigger or better set that isn't 3D for the same price, I think id rather have that. Reply +1
  • COD sub-based by end of the year?

  • androidave 16/07/2010

    This is never going to work, people would just go to something like BFBC or MOH instead.. COD is ok, but its not as good as they seem to think it is o_O Reply +1
  • Crystal Dynamics talks Lara

  • androidave 16/07/2010

    It says something when the best Tomb Raider game of recent years has been the remake of the first one.. While this looks oky, its not really Tomb Raider is it.. Its supposed to be about adventure, discovering and exploring new areas, solving puzzles on your own in a lost tomb 100's of miles from anywhere, this still works as Tomb Raider aniversery proved.. So why can't we have more of that? This new one is just a shoot em up really isnt it.. :( Reply 0
  • Spies, lies and Eve Online

  • androidave 16/07/2010

    Well done John! You've suckered me back into Eve online!! I played it for a Yr when it first came out but not since.. Will join up to the EG corp as soon as I've figured everything back out again :)

    Edit:.. 6hrs to download the client on my shitty internet, better be worth it :P
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  • AVP console patches "scrapped"

  • androidave 15/07/2010

    I've played this for a bit on the ps3, done and alien campain and will start on the the others soon. The multiplayer is totally broken though, sat for about half an hr trying to find and game and, nothing, half the time it wouldn't even connect.. When half the trophies / achivements are for the multiplayer side of things, its a bit of a disapointment there not even going to patch it...

    They should have carried on development of aliens: colonial marines instead of rushing this out first.
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  • Toy Story 3

  • androidave 14/07/2010

    So.. is this an 8 if your a kid and when compared to other kids games? Or is it really as good or better than Dead Space, Alan Wake, Halo, MGS4, Read Dead Redemption?... Beacuse the review reads more like a 6 or maybe 7 at a push.. most of it is about how fustrating the main game is. Reply +3
  • New Xbox 360 Arcade this August?

  • androidave 14/07/2010

    Anyone looking for a cheap 360 would be better off picking up an old style elite than waiting for this.. I just bought a 360elite 120gb, mass effect, mass effect2, fable2 and a wireless adapter for £154 Reply +1
  • 3DS screen could be bigger, says Konno

  • androidave 13/07/2010

    The 3DS doesn't look final to me.. It looks odd with the different shaped / sized screens, they need to be the same.. Reply -1
  • Digital Foundry vs. OnLive

  • androidave 11/07/2010

    Can you even get an internet connection in the UK that isn't subject to peek time throttting, download caps or a "fair usage" policy?.. Even if this kind of thing worked without lag and looked just like the real thing, at 2.5gb every hr its not going to work on most peoples connections is it.. ? Reply 0
  • 3DTV in every home in 3 years – Ubisoft

  • androidave 09/07/2010

    I'm guessing I'm not the only one who gets a headache and eyestrain from 3D? Its tricking people into seeing something that isn't there, it works just fine for some people, but for others your brain just trys to see through the illusion? and then when it does work everything just looks like cardboard cutouts on maybe 3 or 4 different depth levels.. it just looks, well, a bit shit imo, not very realistic and it tends to take away from the immersion rather than add to it.. I'm not buying a 3DTV until its actually 3D.. which is years off by the looks of things. Reply +1
  • MS insists you can sit with Kinect

  • androidave 08/07/2010

    For real games I think the ps3 move is going to be the better option.. but I'm sure you can still use kinect in core games for things like head tracking, then use a normal controller for the movement? Reply 0
  • Dev time, co-op shaped Crackdown 2

  • androidave 08/07/2010

    While crackdown was an oky game.. let's be honest here, it only sold so well because it had the halo3 beta.. Reply -6
  • R.U.S.E. PS Move support confirmed

  • androidave 07/07/2010

    Increasingly it seems move is going to be the better choice for proper gamers, while kinect does look good, the lack of presicsion, the lag, having to stand up to play it? Its going to be fun for all of 5 mintues.. somewhat like the wii.. weres with move, its more, well.. useful.. tbh I can see microsofts system being a complete flop, casual gamers won't buy it because they already have a wii and core gamers won't buy it because you can't play core games with it. Reply +12
  • 64% prefer game discs to download

  • androidave 05/07/2010

    I download psn games all the time :) as fir full games, I wouldn't have a problem either if I could download the data before the games realeased... so I'm not sat waiting for hours in end, and the price was cheaper.. at the moment dd tends to be more expensive, espeically a month or so after release.. I don't really get why tbh, dd's are never going to catch on when the games are half the price in the shops.. doesn't matter how fast our internet connections become. Reply 0
  • Cage: Heavy Rain DLC will never be made

  • androidave 02/07/2010

    Oh :( this is disappointing. . I've got a platinum in heavy rain, was really looking forward to the dlc.. I'm looking forward to move as well.. but its the story that drives heavy rain, not the controls.. seems a bit pointless tacking move on just for the sake of it :( Reply +1
  • Sony defends 3D glasses

  • androidave 01/07/2010

    I've used passive 3D glasses at the cinema, and shutter glasses on a tv as well.. both gave me headaches and eye strain after an hr or so, which lasted a good few hrs after id stopped watching as well.. I don't know if its just the glasses that did this or the actual 3D effect.. in which case, 3Ds will be the same as well.. either way, I'm not intrested in 3D until they can make it as comfortable and easy to view as 2D, and I'm sure I'm not the only one with that view either.. Reply 0
  • PlayStation 3 finally profitable

  • androidave 29/06/2010

    This is how its always been for the playstation.. in the end, they'l break even on the hardware, the profit comes from the software side of things, always has done.. if you do it any other way you get the wii don't you, underpowered hardware with a rubbish selection of games.. yeah there's a few good titles, but nothing like the amount 360 / ps3 has.. Reply +2
  • Pricey 3D "not a concern" for Sony

  • androidave 28/06/2010

    Well 3D gives me a headache, at the cinema and on a set with shutter glasses.. I wish it didn't but it does.. If 3D doesn't catch on I don't think its going to be beacuse of the price, its the stupid glasses and the eye strain.. make 3DTV without the glasses and that doesn't give a lot of people headaches and it'l catch on just like HD did.. But I think thats a fair few years off yet :( Reply +2
  • Spector "blown away" by Nintendo 3DS

  • androidave 25/06/2010

    3D with glasses is a fad. Reply +39
  • androidave 25/06/2010

    Its a shame this kind of tech doesn't work in the big screen or on tv's.. I still think Reply +1
  • "Closed" Xbox Live blocked FFXIV

  • androidave 24/06/2010

    ff xi.. that was back when the 360 was first released, what's changed is ms aren't so desperate to win over new core players now.. there's no technical reason why ff xiv can't be on the 360.. its just that ms seems to think there big enough now not to bother making exceptions to there closed system rulebook. Reply -1