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  • Gravity Rush PlayStation Vita release date

  • alexwood 29/02/2012

    Re: The person who wanted to play it before it came out - the demo is loaded onto vita display units. Was on the one I played in John lewis, oxford street. Reply 0
  • GAME not stocking Mass Effect 3 or EA games past SSX

  • alexwood 29/02/2012

    It is not my responsibility as a consumer to check all of my purchases to make up for their incompetence. Not refunding people in cash for money taken off their card, again, is insane practice.

    Where exactly has this sense of self entitlement come from?

    Why in 2012 has there been absolutely no attention made to POS display, experiential store stuff, or a host of other basic design and aesthetic leaps and bounds necessary to compete with online?
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  • alexwood 29/02/2012

    Had a terrible experience with Game today. Tried to return a PSVita starter pack as I wanted one of the other packs. It hadn't been opened, but because there wasn't a piece of sellotape on one side of the box (likely a store employee had opened it to show a customer what they were getting) they would only give me store credit.

    Complete joke of a store, with little to no regard for any useful kind of customer service. The fact that they won't price match their online prices is ridiculous.
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