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  • Scroll Extreme Review

  • alexsili 19/04/2012

    Keep your eyes out for the ElfII by Ainol

    I've got the first Elf and it's a pretty solid device for just 150$, really like it.
    But you should probably wait for Google to finally announce their Google Tablet for 200$ ;)
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  • Resident Evil: Revelations Review

  • alexsili 26/01/2012

    I just finished the demo and well, it's Resident Evil alright! Though I really like the ship setting.
    But I have to admit..I was not very impressed with the graphics. That's because it's yet again a game which can't deliver nice graphics in 3D mode (no anti-aliasing). So I really don't know if I should use the 2D mode with anti-aliasing or suffer under all those edges in 3D.
    Doesn't this bother you guys?
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