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  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: a great console title is a handheld revelation

  • alexatkin 21/04/2017

    @Duffking AF is low on consoles because they share the RAM with the CPU so memory bandwidth is precious. You have the same problem on PC when using integrated graphics.

    On a gaming PC of course the GPU has its own dedicated RAM with usually more bandwidth than you need, hence why AF costs very little on PC.
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  • Fans have noticed something odd about Lego City Undercover on Switch

  • alexatkin 30/03/2017

    @PickleJuice Its quite simple why the WiiU game was bigger.

    Games that run directly from optical media often have multiple copies of the same data on the disc, so that the head doesn't have to seek when loading different sections of the game. Basically every time you start a mission on the game, its probably loading a self-contained archive of all the assets needed for that mission.

    This is no longer necessary as the port in all cases runs off drives with vastly superior random IO speeds.
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  • Bloodstained announced for Switch, cancelled for Wii U

  • alexatkin 23/03/2017

    @liveswired Forced sounds a bit harsh, more that they needed to in order to make it cross platform.

    They also mentioned how the controls actually turned out BETTER by not forcing in Gamepad specifics.

    I mean sure, that might be BS to placate people, but we have seen forced motion control do bad things before. BotW motion aiming for example is pretty good, but its also good you can turn it off if you don't have steady hands.
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  • Watch: Ghostbusters VR Now Hiring ruined my childhood

  • alexatkin 23/03/2017

    @Lukeim64 Indeed, it seems like forcing you to use Move on this game is more a hindrance than a help.

    The DS4 has motion control already so it seems kinda unnecessary.
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  • Daytona USA is coming to Xbox One today

  • alexatkin 22/03/2017

    I had Daytona on Saturn and always sucked at it. Then I got this version on Xbox 360 and played it with the Fanatec Forza Wheel and suddenly realised why, my god it plays like a dream on that wheel.

    This is where the Xbox One falls down, I can't use that wheel so still have to boot up my Xbox 360 if I want to play this game.
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  • Xbox One's next update adds tournament feature, custom gamer pics

  • alexatkin 22/03/2017

    Wait, Xbox One didn't let you connect to WiFi that needed login?
    Pretty sure Xbox 360 did, once they got rid of the Gold requirement for the browser.

    If Microsoft stay true to form, Scorpio will come out with an "all new dashboard" and we start the long wait for all this functionality to be implemented, AGAIN!
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  • Sonic Mania release slips to summer

  • alexatkin 17/03/2017

    You don't tide people over releasing footage, you tide them over releasing a demo. :p Reply +5
  • Machinists carve Triforce into a Switch, sell it for nearly double the price

  • alexatkin 15/03/2017

    People keep complaining that Nintendo should have put protection in there, completely missing the fact that there is!

    I'm still convinced the dock scratching is a very rare issue caused by a faulty dock where the rubber bumpers have come off or were not applied in the first place. Mine clearly has grease smudges in that location when I remove it, showing the bumpers are doing their job.

    Even assuming it DOES turn out to be a common problem, it only scratches the screen bezel not the screen itself, so nowhere near as bad as the 3DS scratching issues.
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  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild uses dynamic resolution scaling

  • alexatkin 14/03/2017

    I don't think they made a good call at all. I think most people would prefer it dropped right down to 720p in the problem areas rather than judder like crazy.

    I'm still holding out hope they can patch the game to fix the performance issues though. It seems odd that Eurogamer mentioned Fast RMX has GPU issues with the current Switch firmware, yet no mention if this firmware fix might improve Zelda?
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  • Nintendo investigating Switch Joy-Con issues

  • alexatkin 13/03/2017

    @---___--- My Switch is within a foot of my router, next to my large left speaker above the WiiU and PS4 Pro - not had any issues.

    Basically its just generic advice for people having problems, not a suggestion that most people WILL have problems with that configuration, they won't.
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  • Why Nintendo Switch games are ending up more expensive

  • alexatkin 13/03/2017

    Personally I don't see why we need physical for indie games.

    Brick and mortar stores can still sell eShop redemption cards and microSD cards, so they aren't losing out. Plus the price reduction from trading them used will never be enough to offset this higher cost, which after only two games has paid for a 64GB microSD card.

    They could also encourage users to redeem and download the game while still in store, thus keeping them browsing longer.

    I'm also very happy to hear Snake Pass will not suffer from this as it was the next game I was planning to pick up on Switch.
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  • Switch has redesigned portable gaming forever

  • alexatkin 09/03/2017

    @Dan234 Nintendo gimped Zelda on the Switch too though, no way it should have frame rate issues or look identical to Wii U on that hardware.

    Just the fact it has twice the RAM should improve the asset streaming, but it doesn't.
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  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild already up and running on PC

  • alexatkin 07/03/2017

    @internisus Except there are no guarantees the frame rate will be any better, although texture packs would certainly improve the look considerably. But we don't know how far off this is and the LOD fading in too close on objects will still be the same.

    Heck, Mario Kart 8 can run in 4K right now but it has stalls the real thing does not. The experience is still better on the real thing.
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  • Nintendo says Switch dead pixels "normal", not a defect

  • alexatkin 07/03/2017

    @Big-Boss But a 1000 TV, they claim exactly the same thing.

    I wouldn't put up with it myself, but the fact is all manufacturers try to pull this BS. Its our place as consumers to call them out on it.
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  • alexatkin 07/03/2017

    @Manny2000 I have never gotten a dead pixels on a device either, including my PSP, PSVita, 3DS, 3DS XL, New 3DS XL, Switch.

    Ultimately, I have just been lucky. There are people claiming the 3DS quite commonly had dust under the screen, never mind dead pixels. Haven't seen that either.

    Bottom line, all manufacturers try to squirm out of replacing dead pixel screens and its always been that way since LCD became common. It doesn't make it right, but Nintendo are no better or worse than anyone else.
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  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild's first prototype looked like a NES game

  • alexatkin 02/03/2017

    "Given the exaggerated physics and chemistry, the developer couldn't make the art style too realistic, nor could it opt for too stylised a look."

    Can't say I agree, many games do exactly those things and it doesn't cause any issues. Its like they have never played ANY other RPG.
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  • Nintendo Switch review

  • alexatkin 02/03/2017

    @WAusJackBauer The 720p Home screen output sounds annoying, I hope they change that later.

    When I got my 4K TV I switched my Xbox 360 into 720p because the console upscaling to 1080p then TV to 2160p did have a noticeable impact on the picture quality.
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  • alexatkin 02/03/2017

    @CloudXIV Addons never work. There are already plenty for Android/iOS and the game support just isn't there because the people playing mobile phone games just aren't the same sort of gamers. There's also no consistent quality control.

    There is also the fact piracy is rampant on Android, so its not an appealing platform to develop expensive games on.

    Then there is the fact while many phones seem powerful in benchmarks, they can't handle that power for long periods. Overheating/downclocking is rampant, its just people do not notice it because few games are that taxing.

    Heck, I'm a PC gamer and can still see the benefit in console gaming even besides those. There are games that simply don't work on my PC right now for no obvious reason, Forza Horizon 3 crashed three times tonight despite running perfectly smoothly other days.

    Consoles are just the easiest, practical and most reliable way to game.

    After all that, phone gaming has to be rationed in case your battery dies when you need to call someone. Its just not practical.
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  • alexatkin 02/03/2017

    @Hairy-Gorilla Slower charge = longer time before the battery wears out.

    Heck, my PSP and PSVita batteries still work fine, my phone on the other hand become unusable after 2 years. (thankfully that was easily replaced)

    So I think Nintendo keeping it at not too quick a charge current is a good move. With a cheap power bank, the point is moot.
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  • Switch Joy-Cons tested: are there really de-sync issues?

  • alexatkin 01/03/2017

    I don't get why some people are throwing a fit over this. If its REALLY a big issue then Nintendo will have to replace them, even if its a fairly minority issue they still may have to.

    Ultimately, its unlikely Nintendo are going to ignore this. With the sheer amount of 2.4Ghz interference these days, I'm surprised this issue isn't more common.
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  • Nintendo Switch Pro Controller shown working on PC

  • alexatkin 01/03/2017

    Controller without analog triggers on a PC = Useless. Reply +2
  • New performance mode boosts Switch mobile clocks by 25 per cent

  • alexatkin 26/02/2017

    @Diji1 Finally someone who gets that eMMC are cheap and Nintendo could have gone for much bigger without any major cost difference to the end user. Reply 0
  • Lego City Undercover gets Nintendo Switch release date

  • alexatkin 23/02/2017

    @jayolad The 3DS version was a prequel and really really short compared to the Wii U version.

    It was impressive what they did on the 3DS, but the Wii U version was a fully seamless open world and MUCH better. I would highly recommend getting it.

    In fact, I sold my Wii U copy with the intention of picking it up again on PC to run in 4K. I enjoyed it that much.
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  • Nintendo Switch won't have Virtual Console at launch

  • alexatkin 23/02/2017

    @Elba What the heck has it not being 1080 got to do with anything?

    I play Steam in-home streaming on a 768p 10" screen and the pixels are literally so small I never once thought "it needs more pixels".

    Now for web browsing yes its useful, but on Switch this was designed specifically around the GPU clocking different when docked/undocked. Better to have the screen resolution match the native resolution games can handle than have them upscaling.

    The only reason 1080p is important on phones is you spend a lot of time reading text and the additional detail is much easier on the eyes. Plus being able to see if your camera is focused. These things are irrelevant to Switch.
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  • For Honor, online disconnects and the problem with peer-to-peer

  • alexatkin 21/02/2017

    @Gearskin Lots of us would prefer to play single player offline only because a lot of these games are now TIED online so you have no offline save data and if the publisher closes the online, the game becomes unplayable.

    Not to mention what if you want to play away from home or when your Internet is down. It might not happen often, but having a single player unplayable without working broadband is idiotic and frustrating.

    If nothing else, games with online components tends to lag. For example Watch Dogs 2 (which thankfully you can turn off its online component) you can see the whole game slow down when it joins an online session.

    A game that FORCES online will always perform worse than a game with an offline option, by the nature of having to handle the latency of the network.
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  • alexatkin 21/02/2017

    The problem is dedicated servers means the game gets taken offline sooner once its popularity drops.

    Then again, P2P doesn't completely avoid that either as often they will take the matchmaking servers offline that actually establish the P2P session.

    I really wish games would offer a third option, to manually create a session bypassing all the matchmaking stuff, so that it ALWAYS remains online. But of course as we are charged for online, they don't want that.
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  • Snake Pass release date set for March on all platforms, including Switch

  • alexatkin 16/02/2017

    I was going to get this on PC but I think instead I might have to get it on Switch. It seems like a fun game to waste some time when I don't feel like playing something more action-packed. Reply 0
  • The safest pair of hands in video games

  • alexatkin 03/02/2017

    IMO Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed > Mario Kart 8, by a mile!

    In Sonic you feel like your skill actually matters, in Mario if you pull in front you can feel how much the game hates you and deliberately makes your life suck.
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  • Nintendo Portugal's new Switch commercial accidentally reveals developer-only menu

  • alexatkin 01/02/2017

    @I_Am_CatButler I think the intention was to reduce that allocation over time though as the OS was so very bare-bones at launch. When you compare to what Xbox 360 was able to do for a UI and functionality with its tiny 32MB allocation, it really is insane. Reply +1
  • Fallout 4 gets PS4 Pro support and PC high resolution texture pack next week

  • alexatkin 30/01/2017

    I find it rather disappointing that despite having this game on Ultra on a GTX 970 with VRAM to spare, its implied I can't get any benefit from the texture pack.

    Surely they aren't just adding 4K textures and that's it? What happened to the PC advantage of having assets for all common configurations?

    Mind you at this point I'd be happy for the game to stop locking up. Play it across Steam in-home streaming a lot so when it locks up I can't do a damn thing about it until I return home. But its not like it happens every day, its weird. It will run fine for days and then spend a day locking up every 10 minutes, but no other game does it so 99% certain its not my PC.
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  • Revealing Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide pulled from Amazon

  • alexatkin 24/01/2017

    @Gutzerk I never got that far into MGS V but from what I have heard from people who have, its the opposite problem. There ISN'T enough to do so it forces you to repeat the same missions, its really not the same thing.

    Personally I quickly bore of a game if I'm forced to do the same mission over and over, including games like Mario where if you die to repeat what you already did. But I'm loving Fallout 4, even if its a million fetch quests, the exploration is a huge chunk of the game for me and clearly what they are aiming for here.
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  • Nintendo Switch dark horse Snipperclips in action

  • alexatkin 22/01/2017

    Those load times seem rather long for such a simplistic game. I REALLY hope that doesn't mean LEGO City Undercover WiiU load times for complex games. Reply +1
  • Digital Foundry: Every PS4 Pro native 4K game tested

  • alexatkin 21/01/2017

    @crazy-Tetsuo We don't actually know if Scorpio will run ALL games in Scorpio mode or not. Just because the Xbox One S was able to improve games a little (as they only upclocked the GPU a bit) doesn't automatically apply to Scorpio.

    Sony didn't allow PS4 games to run at Pro clocks without patches for "compatibility" reasons. Its perfectly possible, although less likely (thanks to Windows 10) that Scorpio could do the same. As theres a huge difference between a slight GPU clock increase and replacing the CPU plus GPU with a completely different generation of architecture.

    The PS4 Pro was somewhere inbetween, they changed the GPU slightly as well as doubling the compute units, but even there they weren't confident to let it run PS4 games at those settings without patching and compatibility testing first.
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  • alexatkin 21/01/2017

    @crazy-Tetsuo On the other hand, UWP games are having huge issues on PC so I'm not overly optimistic.

    Even DX12 in general is underperforming on many games compared to DX11.

    Microsoft have an uphill battle as things have not gone as well as intended on Windows 10 gaming.
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  • alexatkin 21/01/2017

    Ratchet & Clank is a better looking "upscaled" game than any game I have seen running NATIVE 4K on PC.

    Some of these temporal upscaling techniques give a far better result than all the fancy anti-aliasing on PC and the sooner all games on PC support them too, the better.

    PC is quite literally the platform of "brute force" gaming and I don't think there is anything to be proud of these. You are just pumping out heat, wasting electricity for games that could look so much better if better optimised for efficiency.
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  • Nintendo Switch won't have any video apps at launch

  • alexatkin 20/01/2017

    @Goldrake You do remember Switch is portable, right?

    Not much use your TV supporting Netflix when you are away from home, a big use-case for Switch.

    Granted, most people have a phone with a better screen than Switch but its also more important for your phone battery not to run out.

    So there are good reasons to want video services on Switch and its bizarre Nintendo would omit this.
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  • alexatkin 20/01/2017

    @rep- Not to worry, Amazon still haven't gotten Man in the High Castle S2 release in UHD on the UK anyway. I keep asking them why and they haven't a clue. Reply 0
  • Intel Kaby Lake: Core i7 7700K review

  • alexatkin 15/01/2017

    @like3cokecans I'm not sure you can plus I doubt that functionality takes up enough die space for it to even be worth doing. As I understand it, BC functionality is achieved by effectively emulating those old instructions rather than actual hardware support.

    A modern OS won't use most or potentially any of that old functionality, so its not like its dragging performance down. It just allows to end user more flexibility.
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  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe adds Splatoon characters and Battle Mode courses

  • alexatkin 14/01/2017

    @mouseymouse It was a common misconception that the game ran at 1080p on WiiU, it ran at 720p and it was extremely obvious when you looked at the aliasing. Reply 0
  • alexatkin 14/01/2017

    @Miyamotosan "Only Nintendo would charge 50 for an old game that originally cost 35."

    That's an odd thing to say considering how many remasters/ports have done EXACTLY that on PS4/Xbone.
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  • Watch: Here's how switching the Nintendo Switch works

  • alexatkin 14/01/2017

    @damonous Except if it was more powerful, it would be more expensive.

    Its utterly pointless, as we already have Xbox One/PS4/PC for those games that need power.

    Nintendo games on the other hand go for art style to compensate for the lesser power.

    There are only a tiny minority who ONLY want a Nintendo console that can play everything, most people will have another platform that already has the power side covered.
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  • Switch clicks in the hands, but on paper, it's in trouble

  • alexatkin 13/01/2017

    @Spuzzell Sorry but I disagree.

    If Nintendo released a 350 console that BEAT Scorpio, I still don't think it would much better.

    People who want power go to PC. The only reason I own an Xbox One is for exclusives and partly for moving my Rock Band DLC over from Xbox 360. I got PS4 as my main console then moved over to PC for none-exclusives.

    The ONLY reason I buy Nintendo is for something that none of the above can offer. So to me, Switch is still appealing. Had it just been another console, I wouldn't have been remotely interested after being let down with Wii U.

    The people who wanted a Nintendo powerhouse console are a minority, and strangely they all seem to be here in the comments section.

    You have to remember, Japan prefers portables. So Switch really was the only way to continue supporting their home land while also reaching out to the rest of the world that like home consoles.

    I'm also baffled with the expectation of a big launch line up. Who are these people with so much time and money that they need so many games at launch?

    The only thing I can agree with is charging 20 more for Zelda on Switch is damn cheeky. Then again, I never get round to playing WiiU as I have so many other games to play at home, so its probably not a deal breaker for me. If I get it on WiiU I will never get round to playing it.
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  • Nintendo Switch - games list confirmed so far, launch titles and everything we know about the hardware

  • alexatkin 13/01/2017

    I gotta admit that Eurogamer constantly telling us we know the specs is somewhat annoying.

    Yes we know the devkit targets, but we do NOT know if that is actually the hardware limit.

    Have they forgotten the PSP where Sony limited the clock speed at launch to converse battery life and then unlocked it later on?

    I realise its probably unlikely Nintendo would do that, but we just cannot be sure.

    What an early devkit targets and what the final hardware actually offers can differ greatly, simply because efficiencies can happen really late in manufacturing long after the devkits were released.
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  • Nintendo's precarious reveal runs risk of Switching off fans

  • alexatkin 13/01/2017

    Nintendo reveals ALWAYS suck IMO. This one was not hugely worse than I expected, I always expected things to only really become clear as sites like Eurogamer summarise afterwards and actual press releases appear.

    I gotta admit though, it was confusing how things like Mario Kart was just hidden into a montage. But the full trailer is available on their YouTube channel so it wasn't really a big deal.
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  • alexatkin 13/01/2017

    @Hairy-Gorilla But I can't play PS4 Pro when away from home or play Nintendo games on it, so how is that remotely relevant?

    I already have a PC and PS4 Pro to play those games on, why would I need Switch to do exactly the same thing?
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  • alexatkin 13/01/2017

    @spindle9988 Oh come on, realistically how often are you going to play for more than a couple of hours without access to power?

    People cope with the 3DS and at least Switch uses a standard USB-C port so can be powered with off-the-shelf battery banks.
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  • Check out the Nintendo Switch steering wheel controller

  • alexatkin 13/01/2017

    @carmagainagain I agree that the controllers are too tiny for multiplayer to be practical with them, but then there is nothing to stop you buying Pro controllers for that if its an issue.

    Then for single player I suspect keeping them docked to the console will offset any issues. Its not like people seemed to have an issue with the 3DS (I did but still cope for short periods) and it should be more comfortable than that.
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  • UK online shop says it will honour 198.50 Nintendo Switch pre-orders

  • alexatkin 13/01/2017

    @max75 Nintendo NEVER mention the hardware. You only ever find out about the specifications from leaks and hacks. Reply 0
  • Lego City Undercover re-release gets first trailer

  • alexatkin 12/01/2017

    I sold this on WiiU in anticipation of getting on Steam for some 4K goodness.

    I really hope they update LEGO Dimensions for PS4 Pro as the games look amazing in 4K. It really gives the illusion of real LEGO pieces on the screen.
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  • Nintendo Switch Treehouse Live to follow reveal event

  • alexatkin 10/01/2017

    @markytonline83 I like achievements, as it sometimes forces developers to think of interesting things to do to unlock them. But I have gotten over it being an important thing for me.

    If the game has enough content to begin with, especially its own achievement-like system (as any RPG naturally has), then I don't miss it.

    They do however sometimes cause me to return to game I had grown bored with, in order to compete with friends who unlocked something I didn't. But you could argue this is a shortcoming of the game to begin with if you NEED achievements to bring you back.
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