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  • NBA 2K15 unlocked on Xbox One this weekend

  • alexatkin 23/04/2015

    @bigtechno That does seem poorly planned.

    Wouldn't it make more sense for it to have a 48 hour timer from first launch, rather than a defined weekend?
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  • Resident Evil Revelations 2 is coming to Vita this summer

  • alexatkin 11/04/2015

    So it doesn't have gyroscopic aiming on PS4? If not, why not?

    I find gyro controls on portable consoles a real chore. If you are in a moving vehicle or cramped, the most likely places to be playing IMO, its next to useless. It actually works far better at home.
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  • Conker's Big Reunion drops fresh gameplay trailer

  • alexatkin 09/04/2015

    I don't think it looks bad, except Conker without the fur effect kinda ruins the whole thing.

    Its baffling that Project Spark would omit fur as it adds a LOT of polish to character graphics.
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  • Cloud gaming company OnLive shuts down this month

  • alexatkin 03/04/2015

    @Dantonir I have never looked into WOL as there are so many reports of it not working at all, or incorrectly waking up when a WOL packet has not been sent.

    Also it needs to be part of the streaming app so it seamlessly wakes up/goes to sleep without needing user intervention.

    With PS4 I don't believe it uses standard WOL. Instead it has the ARM CPU connected to the network at all times so it can wake up for downloads and listen for a wake up command. If I fire off a request to download something from PSN to the PS4 it wakes up near instantly.
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  • alexatkin 03/04/2015

    @TheMightyEthan You need to modulate that signal to send actual data, you need error correction, there are other peoples data going at the same time competing for time, so the latency of the data going over that signal is far far higher.

    With streaming you have several distinct things that have to happen within 33ms max, ideally 16ms.

    Read the controller, send that over to the remote server, process it, render the game frame, encode the frame, send it to the remote screen, decode it at the remote screen, display it on the remote screen.

    There is latency in every step there. At best, it takes 10ms just to ping a tiny ICMP packet out of my ISP and back again, assuming direct peering with my ISP. Now try transferring all the above data in that time frame.

    The cost of the cloud gaming hardware would be prohibitive and everyone needs to have pure fibre connections to stand any chance of it working well. Its just silly to waste Internet bandwidth on cloud gaming when it can work so much better the old fashioned way.

    Right now, Steam can "just" manage 60fps gaming over my Gigabit wired LAN to a client on 5Ghz WiFi with occasional hitches. That is with only a single client on that WiFi and no crosstalk.

    PS4 Remote Play is next to useless, because the other WiFi clients in range cause too much packet loss, similar to the delays you will get over the Internet. If only Sony had included 5Ghz on PSVita.
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  • alexatkin 03/04/2015

    Its failure is also why I would never ever want to support cloud gaming, or rely on Netflix for all my TV/movie watching. If the service gets shut down, you lose everything.

    Sure that counts to some extent for Steam, PSN, Xbox purchases too, but cloud gaming has much MUCH higher running costs so by its nature is far more likely to run into financial trouble.

    Then there is the fact that if your Internet is having a bad day, you can't play. As someone who mostly plays single player games, I don't want my gaming dictated by my Internet connection.

    The direction console and PC are going is a far better idea, you get the best of both worlds. Have your own personal cloud gaming box that for optimum latency you can use locally, or streamed over your LAN for a slight penalty, but also works over the Internet if needed.

    If only Sony would wake up and realise limiting Remote Play to their own brand phones/tablets is just alienating people. If Steam/nVidia implement the ability to wake the PC remotely like you can the PS4, then I will be sorely tempted to build a dedicated gaming PC for this purpose.
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  • N64, DS games launch on Wii U Virtual Console

  • alexatkin 02/04/2015

    @LostInBKK There is no way to be sure either way, it depends if their new console has backwards compatibility or not.

    Considering the Wii U is still based off Gamecube tech I am going to assume no. Sticking to that old architecture as a base was excellent for backwards compatibility but REALLY hurt development.

    I can't imagine them sticking to this architecture for ANOTHER generation, its really out-of-date now.
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  • alexatkin 02/04/2015

    @easter Extremely hard, probably impossible. The DS games you would be better grabbing them second-hand.

    Even the New 3DS with its faster CPU is unlikely to be powerful enough to emulate the N64.

    Just look at how long its taken them to get the Wii U to do it. If it was easy then they would have done it day-one.

    You will have to make do with Mario 64 DS I'm afraid.
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  • Xbox One April system update includes voice messages

  • alexatkin 27/03/2015

    @Uncompetative Why on earth are people downvoting you for this?

    The One UI IS garbage, the 360 UI was excellent (but in some ways got worse with each update) and the PS4 is sat in the middle.

    I was really gutted that they threw away all the good functionality from the 360 and so glad its slowly coming back. Although I think they are so focused on the Windows 10 UI that it will never be as easy to use as 360 which was actually designed for a controller.
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  • Microsoft will allow pirates free upgrades to Windows 10

  • alexatkin 18/03/2015

    @Dantonir It is "one of" the most enticing features, they didn't say THE most enticing which has to be DX12.

    I have a low-powered Atom tablet running Windows 8.1. It can already stream games from my desktop PC perfectly (so can my phone), so streaming from Xbox One is definitely an awesome feature. Not that they couldn't implement that as a standalone app.
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  • Life is Strange dev talks lip-syncing, release schedule and publisher demands

  • alexatkin 18/03/2015

    So glad they didn't add QTE or change the character.

    I got extremely bored of The Walking Dead thanks to the QTEs and I despised them in Heavy Rain as no matter how I tried I couldn't seem to avoid certain characters dying, it would always say I failed the QTE. The only game I can think of where they didn't annoy me was Beyond: Two Souls.

    Also, who are these people who want to play games as themselves? I know I don't. I like to play as someone completely different and often when given the choice I will choose female. Games are about escapism, and you can't escape much further than choosing the opposite sex in a fantasy world.

    There are times when being a guy with guy humour makes sense, but I would say that is the minority rather than the rule. Besides, when playing a third-person game as a straight guy its WAY more fun to watch a female character. ;) I should think Tomb Raider is proof of that.
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  • With the announcement of the NX, Nintendo admits defeat with the Wii U

  • alexatkin 18/03/2015

    I just can't see Nintendo releasing a new console so soon. The WiiU had started to pickup pace, it would destroy the last bit of goodwill with their fans.

    People got upset with the New 3DS despite the fact Nintendo have a history of doing it with their portable devices.

    I bought my WiiU at launch and while with hindsight I wish I had waited, I do not regret owning one. The NX would have to be something pretty special to pull me in at this point though, I'm only just getting close to value out of my WiiU now with my focus primarily on PS4 and PC.
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  • Face-Off: Assassin's Creed Rogue

  • alexatkin 15/03/2015

    They seem to downplay the control latency here. My HDTV has pretty bad input latency to begin with, so anything additional in the game really makes or breaks it for me.

    I'm not sure if Black Flag was the same on 360, but I went from playing Unity on PS4 to Rogue on 360 then back to Black Flag on PS4. The controls felt extremely unresponsive and unpredictable on Rogue. I would be trying to do things in Rogue and it would be so far behind in latency the game would end up doing something completely different to what I wanted.

    Also climbing shipwrecks was a challenge it would far more often lose grip and fall, or the frame rate would suddenly jump to 45fps causing control latency to suddenly drop and me lose control. Then when I went back to Black Flag on PS4 that issue was gone. Even losing grip of things you are climbing seemed to happen less often.

    I still enjoyed the game, but it made me wonder about all those people going on about how Black Flag wasn't enough of an upgrade on One/PS4. People are too busy looking at graphics and not factoring in the improvements in the controllers and general better performance of the games themselves.
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  • First in-engine screenshots of Banjo-Kazooie spiritual successor

  • alexatkin 14/03/2015

    I hate to say it but I would rather they focused on PS4/One versions if doing consoles. One of the big reasons Rare games looked so amazing was they never had to content with making the game run well on multiple platforms.

    A WiiU version would end up being a huge compromise, considering they were originally targeting PC and the much greater power that brings. Just look at those screenshots, Nintendos best WiiU games look nothing like that quality, mostly down to a lack of good anti-aliasing.

    Although I have no objection if they can do 720p on WiiU and 1080p on PS4/One, 4K on PC. ;) I feel that is probably way too ambitious though unless the Kickstarter raises millions, so they can employ a LOT more people to do the ports.
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  • PS4 update 2.50 to add Suspend/Resume feature

  • alexatkin 12/03/2015

    Wish they would have gone the whole hog and done 1080p 60fps as my bandwidth is more than capable. Reply -1
  • All the Windows 10 and Xbox One cross-play or cross-buy games revealed so far

  • alexatkin 05/03/2015

    @marlonpineda1 A modern quad-core phone is about the same processing power as one of the higher end Intel Atoms.

    That is about 1/4 the power of the CPU in my gaming PC (i5 2500K).

    So don't think for a moment that mobile tech compares to a gaming PC. Its only logical as if it did, they would have built PS4/One using that tech.

    GPUs are improving too, but in a phone it doesn't come close. They always show off these console-grade GPUs in test environments, but once you cram them into a passively cooled device they clock them far lower.
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  • alexatkin 05/03/2015

    The question here is, I already bought Pinball FX2 and most of the DLC on Xbox 360, Steam and I even have some on the Windows 8 version.

    Will there be some way to transfer those across?
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  • Rock Band 4 announced for PS4 and Xbox One

  • alexatkin 05/03/2015

    I'm skeptical about this as Xbox One doesn't have the hardware to support Xbox 360 peripherals.

    So it might be able to work wired, but wireless would need a dongle and I can't see Microsoft bothering for just a single game. We shall see.
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  • While we wait, 15 new Grand Theft Auto 5 PC screenshots

  • alexatkin 28/02/2015

    @GooseUK To be fair its not the resolution that is relevant here, its the world detail and post-processing.

    That is actually part of the argument as to why 720p can be better than 1080p on console, as naturally they can have higher world detail at lower resolutions.

    Except when you can visibly see big pixels on the screen, that can offset those benefits IMO. Also lower resolution means details at a distance are harder to make out, especially a bummer for racing games.
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  • alexatkin 28/02/2015

    @the_sas_man If the traffic was realistic it would make any mission where you need to navigate traffic, impossible.

    It would also make navigating the game world in general much more of a chore.

    I don't know about you, but I don't want a game that is 100% realistic at the cost of making the game not fun to play.
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  • Does resolution really matter?

  • alexatkin 28/02/2015

    I love how Digital Foundry claim the difference between 720p ,900p to 1080p less pronounced than expected, but 4K is a big improvement.

    Surely those things are subjective?

    Every HDTV display is different, its reasonable to assume that 900p compared to 1080p on one HDTV, might not look all that different. But a different HDTV the difference could be considerably more noticeable.

    As we have found out recently from "thedress" hysteria, everyones eyes/brain also process information different. So while technically temporal resolution may be of more benefit than more pixels, not everyone will perceive that the same. That is one reason some people are perfectly happy with 30fps at 1080p whereas others dismiss anything below 60fps. There are even people who get sick at 60fps because of the smoothness of the motion.

    There is no one size fits all. But at the end of the day, if you are paying more-or-less the same amount of money for two products, why WOULDN'T you choose the one with the better specifications? A PC gamer would, so why is it so hard to accept that console gamers are also becoming more savvy in that regard?
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  • Ridge Racer Unbounded servers shut down in Europe

  • alexatkin 28/02/2015

    @zzkj It wasn't worthy of the name that is true, but the fact it was 30fps was not the reason. Reply 0
  • Top factor driving PS4 purchases is "better resolution" - survey

  • alexatkin 26/02/2015

    @cloudskipa Infamous has a lot of similarities with Crackdown so I found myself enjoying those games tons.

    The only thing on Xbox One I care about right now is Forza Horizon 2. Fable Legends isn't a Fable game IMO, Crackdown isn't out yet, and I'm burnt out on the normal Forza games. I'm not sold on Drive Club either, but at least it LOOKS like a next-gen game.

    Most of the games I was looking forward to were multi-platform (Watch Dogs and AC Unity) and with PS4 having a stronger GPU I figured they might run better on that platform, plus after all the focus Microsoft were making on the wrong things I just didn't trust them.

    Another big thing is Microsoft did a back step on Xbox One, splitting everything into apps instead of a seamless, fluid, fast OS. This is exactly what I hate about the WiiU and PSVita. I shouldn't have to load an app to get the messaging up, friends list, achievements. From what I have read about Xbox One it seems the PS4 has the superior OS from that point of view.

    The sad part is, the Xbox 360 still stands up as having the best social gaming oriented OS. How I wish Microsoft would have build on that instead of what they have done.
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  • alexatkin 26/02/2015

    People are taking this survey too literally when by its nature it cannot tell the full story.

    For example, if I had to choose from that survey I would also have picked better resolution for top reason why I got PS4, but that doesn't tell the whole story.

    The detailed reason is because of the mess Microsoft made with the Xbox One pre-launch, I had recently gotten into Sony exclusives like Infamous so was looking forward to Second Son, the fact the PS4 is more powerful so I suspected would be the better platform to buy multi-platform titles on (we didn't know the resolution difference for sure back then but it seemed likely).

    For the record I also have a decent gaming PC but I enjoy gaming while still using my PC for checking my e-mail, web browsing, not having to fiddle around with the settings because my OCD makes me want to crank the graphics up as high as possible, so overall its way easier to use consoles.

    Another big factor is I have friends come round and play on games while I continue doing what I am doing on PC, that wouldn't work if my PC was the primary gaming machine. Thanks to Steam sales and Humble Bundles, I get a lot of multi-platform titles on PC eventually too. So if I want to play them with better graphics and frame rate at a later date, its the best of both worlds.
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  • Fallout owner Zenimax forces Fortress Fallout name change

  • alexatkin 17/02/2015

    @hennagoinmad Its Fortress Fallout not Fallout Fortress, that makes a BIG difference in context.

    If it had been the first word then yes, that would be confusing. But its not, its just part of the name and as fallout is an actual word that makes perfect sense in context and they should have no right to block it.

    Trademarks are supposed to have context, its supposed to be about using the word in a very specific manner, but somehow the US legal system has gotten fast and loose with how they deal with it so its no longer fit for purpose.
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  • alexatkin 17/02/2015

    @Shinetop But you should be able to call yourself Green Apple and sell computers. The context of the word SHOULD make a difference.

    The same way with Fallout. If its the first word in the name you think "ah its a Zenimax game" but if its elsewhere in the title it doesn't suggest that at all.

    Context SHOULD matter, but it seems the US law system is just plain defective.
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  • Face-Off: Evolve

  • alexatkin 14/02/2015

    @Cakemuffin Erm no, DF clearly say a GTX 750 TI CANNOT give the same performance as console.

    "Here, we see 25-30fps performance at 1080p with settings matched to the consoles as close as we can (everything on high, with very high shadows). To achieve console-level frame-rates, you'll need to blend medium and high quality settings, or else simply drop down to 1600x900 resolution."
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  • Her Story is a "desktop thriller" True Detective fans can get behind

  • alexatkin 10/02/2015

    @WAusJackBauer Sadly they are just pointing out the flaws on those games not taking the good things about them.

    Read the article, this game is a third completely different idea entirely and I can't help thinking it would be kinda boring for most people. I'm not saying its bad, its just aiming for a very specific kind of person that will need a lot of patience.
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  • alexatkin 10/02/2015

    To be fair, La Noire was clearly trying to be more like a detective TV show, with the car chases, than overtly serious. The target demographic for a murder mystery game that was truly realistic would be pretty small.

    "I liked LA Noire, although I couldn't bring myself to finish it."
    I really cannot understand that mentality at all. The game had its flaws, not least how little there was to do outside the main missions. but I enjoyed immensely.

    Her Story does sound an interesting take on the detective idea though, but I don't think its for me.
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  • Nintendo wanted to make Harry Potter games

  • alexatkin 09/02/2015

    I enjoyed the earlier PC Harry Potter games, the PSone game for Philosophers Stone and the LEGO ones. There were even one or two Xbox 360 games that were alright.

    The biggest problem is we only now have the hardware and game engines to do Hogwarts justice.
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  • Xbox One gets tile transparency with new update

  • alexatkin 06/02/2015

    From what I have read of the Xbox One OS I don't like the sound of it. I also hate the look of the square toast pop-ups, the nice round Xbox 360 ones were way better and less intrusive.

    Sure the PS4 has some big issues with the library and especially messaging, but everything else is nice, fast and intuitive.

    What's really sad is Xbox 360 is still a WAY better OS than both. I can't believe Microsoft made a backwards step, splitting off everything into their own apps. Its the thing I despised about the Vita and WiiU, takes an ice age to get into the friends list or messaging functions so I just don't use them.

    If these consoles are genuinely meant to be social/online based, your friends list should be instantly accessible, as it was on Xbox 360.

    The reason it took until PS4 for me to like trophies was for similar reasons, it took too long to load that section on PS3 ESPECIALLY if you tried to access it while in-game, but its much quicker on PS4 (although still slower than 360).
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  • Faster, Windows 10-compatible Raspberry Pi 2 released

  • alexatkin 03/02/2015

    The Windows 10 support on this is clearly to encourage WinRT development as Microsoft badly need people to adopt the platform and Pi otherwise is training a load of people to develop on open platforms, a real threat to Microsoft.

    Its still a relatively weak CPU for Windows 10 though. If you specifically want Windows 10 and do not need the GPIO etc then the Linx tablets would seem a far more sensible option (assuming they will be upgraded to Windows 10) as their CPU is far more powerful and you still have x86 support too.

    As a multi-platform development tool than can also be embedded into things though, Pi is a very cool platform. Microsoft are just trying to make this more favourable to them.
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  • Face-Off: Dying Light

  • alexatkin 31/01/2015

    @corvusmd DX12 it basically bringing console optimisation to PC, the XBone already benefits from those things so DX12 will make no difference there.

    This game could definitely benefit from DX12 on PC it seems though, it very poor utilises the CPU.

    TotalBiscuit showed that it hammers a single CPU core, which is likely why they had to reduce the LOD to lower than PC to get it to work on console. That is exactly the sort of thing DX12 is meant to improve, allowing proper multi-core access to the GPU.
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  • Lego Jurassic World, Lego Marvel's Avengers confirmed

  • alexatkin 29/01/2015

    @spacedmonkeys Open-city is best LEGO for me.

    I just can't be bothered with LEGO Batman 3 for that reason. Its just boring being forced down a linear path 100% of the time.

    Having an open world with hidden things to find is WAY more interesting.
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  • Video: Life is Strange's first 20 minutes

  • alexatkin 26/01/2015

    @averraiher Interesting, as I thought Heavy Rain was terrible and Beyond was okay.

    It was confusing how it was disjointed and out of order, but I actually cared what happened whereas in Heavy Rain I had no sympathy for the characters due to how poorly they were written/acted.
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  • Grand Theft Auto 5 PC release date delayed until March

  • alexatkin 13/01/2015

    DVD Drive is required according to the specs. Seems unlikely. Reply 0
  • Surprise! Rock Band 3 gets new DLC

  • alexatkin 13/01/2015

    @BOFH_UK Rock Band 3 already was all wireless instruments, at least on Xbox 360. Reply +4
  • Wait, what? Xbox One just won an Emmy

  • alexatkin 13/01/2015

    @polandspring The 360 didn't do DLNA, it was a Microsoft specific variation on DLNA designed to only work with Windows.

    I ended up with a WDTV Live because its the ONLY device that supports all my files natively, no wasting CPU power on my server / downgrading picture/sound quality due to transcoding.

    I tried my LG TV, Sony Bluray player, PS3 and Xbox 360, and they all had huge compatibility issues due to poor codec support.

    I hear Xbox One is much better especially as it supports MKV containers, but still not the same compatibility as the WDTV Live which doesn't even need DLNA, you can play files straight off Windows/Linux file sharing including ISO rips.

    Anyone serious about keeping their media on a server will still find Xbox One lacking as they will want support for all Bluray codecs.
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  • alexatkin 13/01/2015

    If ever there was proof that awards are complete and utter BS, this is it.

    There are HDTVs with just as good on-demand support as Xbox One, but those are at least SUPPOSED to be TV viewing devices.

    There are so few games where it would be practical to watch TV at the same time, it seems an odd thing to support never mind actually win an award for it.

    What I have yet to see anyone report about too is how does audio work with TV?

    TV programmes typically have Dolby Digital surround, does the Xbox One decode that and then mix it with the game surround, or does it just do stereo from the TV input? What about in full screen, does it actually pass through Dolby Digital/DTS audio? Can it pass through all formats?

    Besides, surely to be a proper media hub it would need multiple HDMI inputs, like surround receivers do? It would also need zero latency on those inputs. It makes far more sense to have that functionality in the TV itself or surround receiver, not a games console.
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  • PS4 Data Bank dock allows huge storage

  • alexatkin 07/01/2015

    @SavageEvil I think you will find most people are NOT happy delete games to make room, especially if they are downloads.

    I filled the stock HDD within the first year, upgraded to 2TB and I wouldn't be surprised if that is full by next year.

    Not everyone focuses on just a single game then moves onto the next. I like to change between games and certainly do not want to wait hours if I suddenly decide I want to play a game I haven't touched in a while.

    Game sizes are increasing, PS+ adds a LOT of new content to my console that I do not necessarily try out straight away so it quickly builds up. This kind of peripherals is DEFINITELY going to be necessary as 3.5" HDDs increase in size much quicker than 2.5".
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  • PlayStation 4 has sold 18.5m worldwide

  • alexatkin 06/01/2015

    @IronSoldier Yet the last three games I bought were Watch Dogs, AC: Unity and The Crew. I do not regret buying any of them as my expectations were not insanely high like some people. (I regret buying them digitally though seeing as they were all 25 each in the sales, that I did not expect)

    I do agree that Ubisoft can do some pretty shitty things though. AC: Unity was definitely a cover up to hide the poor state the game was in at launch.

    However its not a bad game, it just wasn't ready for launch.
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  • Latest Assassin's Creed Unity patch boosts performance

  • alexatkin 23/12/2014

    "here are reports that Ubisoft is creating new problems as it tinkers with the Assassin's Creed Unity codebase"

    Yet you fail to mention any of them? The 40GB update is not one of these, its a glitch specifically with the Xbox One update service.

    Also, since when has ANY sane person had an expectation of a solid 30fps in an open-world game?

    It was always obvious this game would struggle next to Black Flag because its doing a ton of things that game was not. There is an argument that when a frame rate drop does not happen in the same place twice, its somewhat acceptable to leave it alone, as long as the game doesn't REALLY chug.

    Its clear Unity was far from the state it should have been in at launch, these new tweaks to the assets make it clear they could and SHOULD have optimised more before launch. However in its current state, apart from the LOD streaming issues, its perfectly acceptable now.

    Anyone who expects every current-gen title to be a solid frame rate is being unrealistic. This doesn't happen on PC, it didn't happen on last-gen and not going to happen on current either.

    Open world games its pretty much impossible to achieve unless you scale back the game significantly from what is possible. Black Flag wasn't close to pushing the consoles as it was a last-gen game, that is why it ran so well. If a developer doesn't push the technology they will just be accused of not being innovative enough and being lazy. Certainly for Ubisoft they are damned if they do, damned if they don't.
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  • Capcom warns of Marvel vs. Capcom Origins delisting on PSN and XBL

  • alexatkin 19/12/2014

    @zzkj Ironically, piracy is the ONLY way to preserve retro gaming. Its already allowed me to recover some Amiga games I owned that the disks had become corrupted.

    Sadly the much tighter security and fragile hardware in Xbox and PS3/4 makes that harder and harder.

    Even if people can rip the games, you will eventually need a good emulator to run them and its not looking promising. Also, how do you get the game patches to fix day one bugs or enable DLC? How to crack the DRM so you can even use the DLC?

    The industry loves this of course as they just re-sell us older games on new consoles.

    The trouble is, thanks to licensing a lot of games cannot be re-sold either because no publisher owns the rights any more or parts of the game (music, engine, etc) would need to be re-licensed at too high a cost to be viable.

    Its indeed a sad sign for future retro gaming. Many XBLA/PSN only games specifically will likely become completely unavailable within my life time.
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  • New Steam controller design leaked

  • alexatkin 17/12/2014

    @Malek86 Except on PC people will continue to use Xbox controllers so Steam will have to continue supporting it, as most games do.

    On SteamOS its completely irrelevant as all controller drivers are community written so avoid xinput entirely.

    Bottom line, there is no need for a Steam controller.

    You can't replicate the fidelity of a mouse with a touchpad. The reason a mouse is so precise is specifically BECAUSE you dedicate your entire hand and a fairly large amount of desk space to it.
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  • Uncharted 4 gameplay revealed in 15-minute video

  • alexatkin 06/12/2014

    @TFM_Excalibur You seem to be forgetting this is supposed to be a 60fps game. You can't have the same degree of post-processing effects as a 30fps game.

    If it is indeed running at 60fps then I think it looks pretty good. Also the tree/foliable animation seemed more realistic than usual to me which can be more important than graphics alone for making a place feel alive.

    I have played cartoon-styled games which felt more real than some of the games trying for photo realism, purely because the physics/animations worked so well.
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  • Performance Analysis: The Crew

  • alexatkin 04/12/2014

    @Grief51 The map is HUGE, of course it doesn't look as good as much much smaller games.

    Also, neither of those are cross-gen games. DriveClub is PS4 only and Forza Horizon 2 on 360 is a completely separate game, not a port of the Xbox One game, so it doesn't have the limitations of cross-gen ports.

    It makes more sense to compare The Crew to TDU/TDU2 and it blows those games away for world detail.
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  • PS4 gets TV from Sky app

  • alexatkin 04/12/2014

    @Uncompetative Watching the crappy quality SkyGo streams on a 42" Plasma isn't going to be very pleasant though.

    Both the picture and sound quality is terrible compared to the normal SD sattelite feeds, never mind the HD ones.
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  • Nintendo and Philips sort out their Wii U patent dispute

  • alexatkin 02/12/2014

    @SavageEvil It could easily be a bug in the OS. Sony/Microsoft do the same but they just don't specify what is fixed instead claiming "improved system stability".

    I wish Nintendo would figure out how to write a decent OS though, the WiiU is so darn slow. It shouldn't take so long to get from the friends list to Miiverse.

    Also one of my friends says they haveny been online for 19 days but then in Miiverse it shows a message from them 2 days ago, so darn buggy.
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  • Grand Theft Auto 5: deconstructing the remaster

  • alexatkin 29/11/2014

    @Alex_Star That was the only thing I liked about GTA SA. My big hope for every new GTA game is more buildings to go in.

    That was probably my biggest let down on Watch Dogs. The trailer focused on people actually in the shops, but in reality there were relatively few building interiors, although more than in GTA V.

    For all its flaws, AC Unity feels so alive due to so many NPCs and building interiors. Even if a lot of them make no sense as there are no stairs to the upper floors.
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  • Gaming peripheral that drains blood suspended on Kickstarter

  • alexatkin 24/11/2014

    This doesn't sound safe or practical.

    Surely raising your blood pressure by gaming while donating blood is a bad idea? Its a shock to your system to start with, adding adrenaline to the mix is insane.

    Also, making it take much much longer to donate blood by tying it into your gaming performance again sounds like a bad idea, at the very least impractical.
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