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  • Lego City Undercover is getting a Nintendo Switch port

  • alexatkin 23/11/2016

    @faizi1997 None of the LEGO games run at 60fps on console. Its absolutely baffling why as they are extremely easy to run at 60fps on PC. Reply 0
  • Watch Dogs 2 launch sales nowhere near Watch Dogs 1

  • alexatkin 21/11/2016

    @NoUseForAName2016 Seriously? I tried Yakuza 5 and is was boring as sin. I tried the Final Fantasy 15 demo (granted not in English so will give it another go if I can) and was very unimpressed.

    Just because you feel those sorts of games have more depth, doesn't mean they are fun for the rest of us.

    Crackdown was a great game, but Infamous: Second Son had a lot of those good aspects too. So I'm not sure I agree that games are getting any worse, its more that people are getting jaded.

    I do fear however that Ubisoft listened to the wrong people with Watch Dogs 2. I really enjoyed the first game and am worried they changed too much in the wrong direction for me.
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  • alexatkin 21/11/2016

    @Hairy-Gorilla WD2 was £31.99 with discounts + 10% on UPlay. Reply 0
  • The 3D-printed Nintendo Switch is one of the best video game fakes we've seen

  • alexatkin 17/11/2016

    @TekMerc Honing their skills? Promotional material for their business? Because they were curious what it would look/feel like? For the lolz? Reply 0
  • Nintendo punishing Pokémon Sun and Moon pirates by blocking 3DS online access

  • alexatkin 17/11/2016

    @_TheDarkSide_ You were already told how piracy is a benefit.

    Example, I pirated Oblivion and Fallout 3. Before that I assumed I hated all RPGs as the few I tried I didn't like.

    I ended up buying Oblivion, Skyrim and Fallout 3 on Xbox 360.

    Later I bought them on PC too as well as Skyrim, Fallout 4 on PS4 (will get on PC when its cheaper) and New Vegas on PC.

    If I hadn't initially pirated those two games I would never have bought them or their sequels, period. Those are not the only games where that happened either.

    I don't generally have to do that any more as games I'm not sure about I wait for a Steam sale / Humble Bundle. But 3DS games hold their price, there really needs to be better way to try before you buy.
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  • Watch: Five ways Watch Dogs 2 connects to Watch Dogs 1

  • alexatkin 15/11/2016

    I still don't understand the hate of Aiden Pearce. I thought considering his back story it all made sense and I didn't find him annoying at all.

    I suspect I will be far more annoyed about the new characters as to me they are looking even less relate-able.

    Although the only game where the characters being unrelateable has ever ruined it for me was GTA San Andreas.
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  • Watch Dogs 2 online is broken: what works and what doesn't

  • alexatkin 14/11/2016

    @FuzzyDucky No game is 100% authentic as it would completely ruin the game.

    Where would the fun be if you were constantly stuck in traffic and couldn't avoid pedestrians so always had the police on you for running people over?

    This game specifically, hacking cars to move them our of your way wouldn't work at all if it was realistically busy.
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  • Japan just got an 'exclusive' Final Fantasy 15 demo

  • alexatkin 11/11/2016

    @Akhrati Thanks, it was the last action stopping me. Changed region to Japan on Xbox One, rebooted and it automatically started downloading. Reply 0
  • alexatkin 11/11/2016

    @Akhrati Not really, I tried following their instructions and see no way to change the store region. Reply 0
  • Trackmania Turbo gets free VR update on PS4, Oculus and Vive

  • alexatkin 09/11/2016

    @JonnyC That's still very steep though, especially for those who got the original game PS+ discounted. Reply 0
  • Digital Foundry launches high quality 4K video platform

  • alexatkin 07/11/2016

    @Hairy-Gorilla They specifically point out they are encoding up to 100Mbit which is likely to result in a higher average bitrate than a UHD Bluray.

    Granted they are using a less efficient codec (by necessity, you need a stupidly beefy PC or a top-end GPU to play 4K H265) but it should be enough to show off the improvements and at least 4x the bitrate of Youtube.
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  • The final Wii U will roll off Nintendo's production line this week

  • alexatkin 01/11/2016

    But Nintendo Switch is TOTALLY not replacing the Wii U.

    This news would seem to conflict with that claim.
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  • It looks like Forza Horizon 3's first big expansion is heading to New Zealand

  • alexatkin 01/11/2016

    @Bilstar Not really, the demo just blocks areas off so I don't see why the DLC couldn't too. Reply +1
  • The Skyrim Special Edition launch day mod difference between PS4 and Xbox One

  • alexatkin 31/10/2016

    Ultimately I'm fairly sure this is down to security.

    The Xbox One runs everything virtualised, so while a modded asset might gain access to the Xbox One, it will only get to the game virtual machine not the core OS.

    The PS4 on the other hand is more traditional and runs games more direct. So a modded asset could gain full access to their OS, understandably they don't want to risk that.

    The thing is though, the PS4 OS is way more responsive and less prone to weird glitches than the Xbox One, thanks to its simpler OS. I have had far more occasions on Xbox One where I boot it up and the game I left on standby has locked up and I have to reboot the console (which takes WAY longer than the PS4 to boot) before it will launch again.

    So I kinda side with Sony here. I'd rather my console work as well as possible, if I want mods I will go to PC anyway as that will make the difference between PS4 and Xbox One mod selection look like nothing in comparison.
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  • Digital Foundry vs Skyrim Special Edition

  • alexatkin 30/10/2016

    @DrStrangelove While the GPU might be able to handle 1080p 60fps, it could be the game logic that is holding it back.

    Its perfectly possible to be able to hit 2160p at 30fps and not 1080p at 60fps if the CPU is not up to it.
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  • Nintendo Switch has a 6.2" 720p multi-touch screen

  • alexatkin 27/10/2016

    @Malek86 Yes you can see the difference, I can see the difference between 1080p and 1440p on a 5.7" screen.

    However, being able to see the difference and it actually mattering in real-world use are totally different things.

    For my phone the upgrade to 1080p was useful as it made tiny text easier to read, going up again to 1440p helps you tell if your camera is in focus or not when shooting. But this is a games machine, its not intended for browsing websites for long periods or reading PDFs, it probably won't even have the ability to take photos anyway.

    Its also a single platform where everything will be optimised for its screen, so you won't have issues with anything being too small on the screen like can happen with badly scaling phone apps.
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  • alexatkin 27/10/2016

    @Rovient It can't be mandatory for games to work when docked so I see no issue with it being an option when mobile.

    However it would have been silly to not have it, as depending on app support Switch could negate people needing to carry a tablet as well.
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  • The Division 1.4 patch reinvents the game's single-player

  • alexatkin 26/10/2016

    Shame they didn't patch in a single-player offline mode.

    This is the sort of game I would probably do over a long time (still slowly working my way through Battlefield 4) but with online only games I feel pressured into playing them when I'm not really in the mood due to the fact they could announce server closure at any time.

    It spoilt The Crew for me and actually made me less inclined to play it.
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  • PlayStation 4 hacked again? Linux shown running on 4.01 firmware

  • alexatkin 25/10/2016

    @Shakey_Jake33 The Xbox is less vulnerable because apps, OS and games are all virtualised so effectively sandboxed from each other. If an exploit worked you would only gain access to that virtualised section of the console.

    The PS4 as I understand it is more traditional, but that is also why its OS is faster and more stable (in my experience).
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  • Nintendo refuses to say whether Switch has a touchscreen

  • alexatkin 21/10/2016

    @Psiloc The touchscreen wouldn't be for games IMO, it would be to make it useful as a tablet which if it has a decent web browser could be hugely useful. Reply -1
  • Knuckles, Shadow and Big the Cat shown in Sonic's Lego Dimensions level

  • alexatkin 17/10/2016

    @ihnm_aims To be fair we don't NEED another Sonic racing game, at least not if you game on PC.

    Run Racing Transformed at 4K (a GTX 970 easily handles this) and it still looks and plays amazing. Its a shame running it on Xbox One BC doesn't at least bring it up to 1080p.

    The game is WAY more fun than Mario Kart IMO.

    I was also at Play Expo recently where the head of Sumo Digital talked about getting the rights to do the game. Apparently its quite laborious as at SEGA each Team owns the right to their IP, so they had to go and ask each team for permission. Quite odd and fascinating.
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  • alexatkin 17/10/2016

    Shame this is only a level pack and not a story pack, but both are really expensive when you consider the LEGO games routinely go for £6 on Steam and are usually not more than £25 in general.

    Its a shame Dimensions isn't on PC as the game looks almost real in 4K. I wonder if they will be able to do native 4K on PS4 Pro? They aren't the most CPU/GPU taxing games despite how nice they look.
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  • PlayStation VR cinema mode works with PC, Xbox One and Wii U

  • alexatkin 14/10/2016

    @Mar27w No, the whole point here is PSVR has a box that converts a 2D HDMI signal into a virtual screen.

    With Vive/Rift, everything is done on the PC. If you feed it a HDMI picture it might display it, but it would be a mess as you would be seeing half the picture in one eye, half in the other and none of it warped to match the lens.
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  • DriveClub VR review

  • alexatkin 13/10/2016

    @richtayls You don't really need to hope, it will, but its not likely to be nearly enough to bring all the dynamic effects back on Driveclub. Reply +3
  • Steam will support PS4 controllers natively on PC

  • alexatkin 13/10/2016

    @IronSoldier You already can. Reply +4
  • alexatkin 13/10/2016

    @kevboard Have to disagree, I used to love the Xbox 360 controller but now I find Xbox controllers hurt my thumbs as the plastic is too hard. The battery life is awesome on the Xbox One controllers, but comfort is more important.

    As for third-party software, well of course they don't need any, they are made by the people who wrote the OS. Its not like its hard to install a driver for DS4 and then you have a touchpad too which can be useful for TV gaming.
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  • Sony PlayStation VR review

  • alexatkin 06/10/2016

    @menelfirimaner Based on my experience with GearVR and cardboard (higher resolution than PSVR) I would expect watching movies to be pretty awful.

    When drawing a virtual cinema screen in VR you are basically using so few pixels you end up with what looks like a giant SDTV.

    I trialed Driveclub on PSVR today and that too felt somewhat SD, but the immersion allows you to forget that. You don't have that benefit watching a virtual cinema screen though.
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  • Planet Coaster will, of course, let you crash your rollercoasters

  • alexatkin 25/09/2016

    @jonathanharding-rath Not sure I agree, the touchpad has traditionally been hugely frustrating when trying to game on a laptop.

    That said, I'm sure they could adapt the UI to a joypad/touchpad combo and even allow support for a REAL mouse. AFAIK the PS4 should work with a Bluetooth mouse.
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  • Hacking cars and 3D-printing weapons in 30 minutes of Watch Dogs 2 gameplay

  • alexatkin 25/09/2016

    @Bluetooth To be fair, I got annoyed with San Andreas after about the 50th time I heard the word "nigga".

    I just found the whole gang culture in the game extremely annoying. My least favourite GTA.
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  • Lego Dimensions studio on its experimental year two, Marvel and Star Wars

  • alexatkin 25/09/2016

    I don't see the story packs as a good thing. They effectively are new LEGO games that instead of being stand-alone are forcing people to own an expensive starter-pack to play.

    They could easily have released them as full titles and had them optionally support the base unit, although personally I don't think it adds anything interesting to the game.

    I'd be interested to know if kids actually enjoy the base unit. To me it just seems like another things for kids to lose making the game unplayable if they do.

    I enjoy the LEGO games because they are relatively relaxing to play, having to keep getting up to move physical objects around destroys that.
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  • Face-Off: BioShock: The Collection

  • alexatkin 23/09/2016

    @FMV-GAMER If that were true, what black-magic did they use for The Uncharted Collection?

    Those games really stressed the PS3 hardware but are a huge upgrade on PS4.
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  • alexatkin 23/09/2016

    @Bagpuss That's weird, as I was playing Bioshock 1 on my 2500K and GTX 970 at 4K without any major issues. Reply 0
  • Microsoft on Project Scorpio, PS4 Pro marketing and Xbox tweets

  • alexatkin 22/09/2016

    @OnlyJoeKing Bluray was more expensive on PS3 because it was brand-new.

    UHD Bluray drives however cost the same as a normal Bluray drive. Any costs are in the licensing for the playback software which could be recovered by it being an app on the store you have to purchase for say £50, keeping the hardware the same price.
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  • Rapture leaked: The true story behind the making of BioShock

  • alexatkin 19/09/2016

    @BellyFullOfHell Just because a game is more complex though, doesn't make it a better game, just a more complex one.

    Fact is, most people don't want a complex game and the reason Bioshock is so highly rated is it was just complex enough for those people.

    The same way some people are annoyed with Fallout 4 whereas others (me) liked that the leveling up was streamlined from 3.
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  • Forza Horizon 3: still the only racing game for everyone

  • alexatkin 12/09/2016

    @MahtiK DriveClub does play similar to PGR in many ways but I don't like the structure (how you choose levels, progression, etc).

    Most importantly, its just not the same as driving around London or Las Vegas. I always loved the sight seeing aspect of PGR as much as the racing.
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  • alexatkin 12/09/2016

    @adamantium As I understand it wheel support will be limited at launch (even on PC I believe) but they plan to support a lot more in a patch later.

    Was very pleased to see the Fanatec CSR will be included in that list so I can finally start using my Forza wheel again.
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  • Time crisis: Is this the end of the light gun?

  • alexatkin 10/09/2016

    @greenwichlee Not at all, the Wiimote in practice works out identical to a light gun because its a camera monitoring the position of the IR light above the TV.

    Its perhaps technically not as accurate, but its close enough to not really notice.

    Move is a bit more awkward as its relying on the motion tech, but I never had any problems with it.
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  • The Witness to get a PS4 Pro patch

  • alexatkin 10/09/2016

    @Samael_Blackwing To be fair, a cleaner HUD due to rendering native with the game running upscaled is still going to "feel" better.

    Any game with a minimap is going to benefit hugely there.

    Its to be hoped the Pro has some some sort of compression going on though as having a 4K frame buffer with only the same amount of RAM as the normal PS4 seems a bad idea.

    I fear they could run into a situation where a PS4 game that maxed out the RAM doesn't have any spare for ANY Pro improvements, beyond frame rate. Although they must have done something if the leaked docs were true (it seems they were) to have 500MB more RAM available on the Pro with the same physical amount of RAM in there.
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  • Sony plays down PS4 Pro's lack of 4K Blu-ray disc support

  • alexatkin 08/09/2016

    @DaltonBay But it doesn't need to cost more.

    The Pro has all the hardware it needs for UHD Bluray. The physical drives are the same just with slightly different firmware.

    They wouldn't even need to charge more for the licensing as they could just have a £50 charge to download the UHD Bluray app.

    Sure some people would still complain at the charge, but I don't think it would stop them buying the console like the omission is doing. I for one would be buying it if they did that.
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  • alexatkin 08/09/2016

    @harryisme The 4K streams are only around 15Mbit. But that is also the point, UHD Bluray is up to 120Mbit, so you can imagine how much better it can look.

    Streaming and TV only does the basics. You get very basic HD/UHD, but you need much higher bitrates to actually maintain the little details that make it look so good.

    When SkyHD launched it was pretty good, but over time they cut back on the bandwidth and the details get softer and softer. The same will happen with 4K, initially it will look great but over time they will dial it down to save money.

    The average Bluray is 20-30Mbit, the average Sky channel is 6Mbit. Its almoost like comparing a DVD to a Bluray in quality difference. People get used to the lower quality and unless someone convinces them to actually try a Bluray, they forget what they are missing.
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  • alexatkin 08/09/2016

    @obidanshinobi The response time on a lot of 1080p TVs has been terrible too.

    I bought my 4K for £400 (cheap because its a 2014 model) and its way more responsive than my 1080p TV was, even though its upscaling too.

    Its absolutely game changing for Driveclub, as I would constantly oversteer due to the latency.
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  • alexatkin 08/09/2016

    @Minmat The only extra cost are a few licenses and the cost of writing the UHD Bluray software. The physical drives are the same.

    The thing is, they could charge for the UHD Bluray app so only those who want it would need to pay more. It would still be much cheaper than buying a dedicated player.

    They may even still be able to do that, but until they do I'm not interested.
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  • alexatkin 08/09/2016

    @LordDemigod That is very much the question, its not at all clear if UHD Bluray requires additional hardware or not. I believe it depends how the Bluray drive works.

    It may be the Pro CAN be firmware upgraded to support UHD Bluray.

    If true, they could always add a paid-for app to offset the cost. They do that, I'm in.

    But I cannot warrant paying for the Pro just to improve a few games as I already started replacing some of them on PC during Steam sales.
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  • With new PS4s come new peripherals

  • alexatkin 08/09/2016

    Umm Eurogamer, the DS4 has ALWAYS supported USB. If the PS4 now uses USB when its plugged in instead of Bluetooth, this is a change on the PS4 itself as the controller has always been capable.

    In fact, if you turned on your PS4 first then plugged it into your PC - it would control both concurrently which was really annoying. You had to be really careful not to accidentally unplug it from the PC while in use or it would turn on the PS4.

    That said, I much prefer that to the Xbox One where it pairs to your PC once you plug it in, meaning you can't use it on your console again without re-pairing, which gets old the first few times you have to do it.
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  • alexatkin 08/09/2016

    @Monkey_Puncher People have done tests by physically disconnecting the light bar and at best you only gain 30 minutes. That was before you could dim it, so likely negligible now.

    Quite a few games use the light bar to show your health or other stats though, that is why it makes sense to have it shine through the touchpad.
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  • Digital Foundry: Three hours with PlayStation 4 Pro

  • alexatkin 08/09/2016

    @Gamerfiend Xbox One S doesn't do everything the Pro does at all, its not even as powerful as the normal PS4.

    Other than that I do agree that it seems a bit half-hearted to skip UHD Bluray and it does make me tempted to get an Xbox One S instead.

    The plan was to pre-order the Pro if it supported UHD Bluray. Now I'm not so interested in getting it at all, at least not until I see the extent of the upgrades for myself (and how many old games will be patched).

    I had already started to sell off my disc based cross-platform PS4 games as they came to Steam sales, I guess I will just carry on doing that.
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  • Sony announces PlayStation 4 Pro for November 2016, priced £349

  • alexatkin 07/09/2016

    A 4K console without 4K Bluray? It was the ONE essential feature for me.

    The rest is nice, but most of those games I can play in 1440p on PC already so 4K Bluray was key for me.

    Are you TRYING to sell the Xbox One S?
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  • PlayStation Meeting 2016 live report

  • alexatkin 07/09/2016

    So still no mention if it plays UHD Bluray? Not sure I can't rationalise buying it if it doesn't. Reply +1
  • alexatkin 07/09/2016

    Theres so much salt in this comments section. Reply 0
  • alexatkin 07/09/2016

    I don't get the people who think this is boring. Wouldn't you rather they spend the money on the games than hot dancers and flashy effects at their press conference? Reply -1