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  • Big PlayStation 4 update increases cloud storage to 10GB

  • alexatkin 03/09/2015

    @StalinsEpicTash I admit I don't use all the functionality I used to (like voice chat), but I found less people using that on 360 in its later years too.

    But for everything I do use, the PS4 at least matches the Xbox 360 and in many cases beats it. Also when its working properly, it downloads twice the speed the Xbox 360 ever does.

    Although considering the games and updates are three to six times the size, I wish it could do my full broadband speed. But its about a match for the Xbox One there.

    The Xbox One by comparison is a cumbersome slow mess, which thankfully they are meant to be fixing later this year when they do the Windows 10 update on it.
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  • alexatkin 03/09/2015

    @Playstationman For the completely logical reason that most people with an Xbox One already HAVE Xbox 360 games, so they ARE free to play them on their Xbox One. (although they take up WAY more storage, especially smaller games, as each one comes with a copy of the emulator)

    Also, Xbox 360 games are cheap second hand. It most certainly works out far cheaper than PSNow when you factor in your existing games collection too. Its also a better experience, as you only need to download the game once to play forever.

    Its a very strong selling point, although I still think the PS4 is a far better console for current-gen games.

    People underestimate how much having a speaker and touchpad in the controller actually adds to the experience. That is even ignoring the better GPU.
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  • alexatkin 03/09/2015

    @StalinsEpicTash I cannot agree.

    When it comes to online functionality I still find Xbox 360 is best, followed my PS4 with the Xbox One coming in last.

    Download speed wise the consoles are all over the place, although admittedly Xbox is indeed a bit more consistent.

    PS4 used to be fairly good for the first year, almost always hitting 40Mbit, but is getting progressively worse now more people have one. It gets a bit better by using a proxy, which is sad as you had to do this on PS3, PSVita and WiiU too to get decent speeds.

    Its sad that one of the weaknesses of PSN has not improved since PS3 but the rest of the functionality beats Xbox One right now IMO. Although I believe the dashboard update later this year will bring the Xbox One back up to at least Xbox 360 standards.
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  • New Xbox One bundle includes 1TB solid state hybrid drive

  • alexatkin 02/09/2015

    @Josh216 Are you forgetting that the PS4 has a touchpad and motion controls?

    Its not much harder to use than a laptop. I believe you can even use a bluetooth or USB mouse.
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  • alexatkin 02/09/2015

    @telboy007 I hope you are right about integrating things back into the UI.

    Its sad that the Xbox 360 can run rings around the Xbox One when it comes to a responsive and easy to use UI.

    The PS4 is more like the Xbox 360 than the Xbox One is, and it hugely benefits from that IMO. Not that I'm saying that UI is perfect either. (seriously guys, there's this thing called FOLDERS)
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  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 950 review

  • alexatkin 22/08/2015

    @dsmx The Xbox One WILL be running DX12, that is half the point. To make it easier to port games between the two.

    They are hoping it being easy to port between PC and Xbox One will discourage porting to PS4.
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  • Ashes of the Singularity: the first DX12 gaming benchmark tested

  • alexatkin 17/08/2015

    @Antropie Except the main reason games didn't do a lot of draw calls on PC wasn't necessarily because they didn't need to, but because you couldn't.

    So while you are correct, current games do not rely heavily on draw calls, that doesn't mean engines will not be tweaked to utilise this more.

    Only the game developers know if this is smoke and mirrors or will actually be useful.
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  • The Chinese Room: A look behind Britain's boldest studio

  • alexatkin 14/08/2015

    Rapture might not be a game so much as its an experience, but that doesn't make it any less fun.

    In fact I enjoyed it WAY more than Heavy Rain because it wasn't tied up with QTEs that I kept failing, poor acting and what I felt was a crap story.

    If it had been priced as a retail game then sure, but its actually priced around the same as a movie which makes perfect sense.

    I'm hoping they patch to game to have additional exploration modes, such as being able to have the whole map in the rain and explore it without any glowing blob or none-world sound effects.

    Just standing around listening to the birds or the thunder storm is extremely atmospheric in this game and I can see myself booting it up in the future just to do that, its extremely relaxing.
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  • You can actually run in Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

  • alexatkin 12/08/2015

    @DickSocrates Precisely.

    I tried every button including R2 and never noticed it make a difference. Because I expected instant feedback like every other game on the planet.

    I resent the people effectively calling me an idiot for not realising a button I HAD pressed did something, when it was not immediately obvious.

    Of course you noticed it made a different sound, when you were aware the button DID do something and so were looking/listening for it. It was far from obvious if you didn't know and only an idiot would keep trying after the game itself says the button is not used.
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  • Rare Replay reveals the Kameo 2 we never got

  • alexatkin 05/08/2015

    @KanevilPS_ No kidding.

    I have four on my surround receiver, a four way switch box and four on the TV.

    Only one on the TV is empty, the rest are full. :p
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  • Xbox One will let you record live TV for free next year

  • alexatkin 05/08/2015

    @blarty No you can't stream the TV apps but I'd guess all those apps will come to Windows 10 eventually anyway.

    Netflix of course already had an app since Windows 8 and it supports HD and 5.1 audio just like the Xbox One app.
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  • Crackdown 3 will offer 100 per cent destructible environments

  • alexatkin 04/08/2015

    I can imagine this being a real showcase for how poor an idea it is to use the cloud of this sort of thing.

    It works great in tech demos but what happens when thousands of people are doing it all at the time at launch? What happens if the servers get swamped?

    What if your Internet is laggy, will you get a delay between blowing something up and it actually happening? Or will it fall back to pre-computed, so that you get a weird mix of spectacular destruction and not so much, depending on the latency?

    What if your Internet is down entirely?
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  • The gamer's guide to the Windows 10 launch

  • alexatkin 30/07/2015

    @WorldScaper I think your upgrade must have gone wrong if its SLOWER at rebooting than before.

    I upgraded my gaming PC from Windows 7 to 10 and it reboots WAY quicker than 7 did.

    I also upgraded my lowly Atom tablet from 8.1 to 10 and that is now quicker in every way. I can have more applications open without it chugging away at the swapfile on the slow eMMC.
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  • How's Xbox doing?

  • alexatkin 22/07/2015

    @FMV-GAMER Streaming to a Windows tablet or PC with a good monitor will actually have LESS latency than many HDTVs.

    I have done Steam streaming to my phone while still displaying on the monitor and HDTV. The latency is barely noticeable compared to the monitor and WAY lower than the HDTV.

    Now if the Xbox One uses a bitrate high enough to avoid major image quality issues I do not know. But with Steam you most certainly can crank it up high enough that you really do not notice.

    Far better than the WiiU Gamepad that poorly compresses anything red.
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  • Rock Band 4 reveals 11 new songs

  • alexatkin 13/07/2015

    @iceytoa1 I haven't even seen the adapter mentioned, despite the fact I know the Xbox One will need one to work with 360 peripherals. Reply 0
  • These are the most requested Xbox 360 games for backwards compatibility

  • alexatkin 19/06/2015

    @Machiavellian There is NOTHING to stop them running PC games, just as hackers had the original Xbox running Linux because it was for all intents and purposes a PC.

    But without the games being aware of the tiny memory internal to the GPU, they would run like crap as they would only be using the shared DDR3 memory.

    There would be no logic to doing it though as it would still require effort to make a Windows compatible VM and bottom line, Microsoft do not make money on PC games.

    THis is why they are okay with the potential for some cross-platform games between the Windows 10 Store and Xbox One, because finally THEN they will.
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  • alexatkin 19/06/2015

    Very poor article Eurogamer.

    Firstly, it doesn't make it clear that Microsoft ARE STILL asking people to vote on that list, this is not a past tense.

    Secondly, your claim that "many of the most popular Xbox 360 games didn't make the cut" (for the autumn update) are untrue. The current list is only the "preview programme" list, there are meant to be 100+ titles by the time the autumn update rolls out and we simply do not know what titles those will be so cannot make any claim about has or has not made the cut.

    In fact, I suspect this voting system is specifically intended so that these top games WILL be part of that initial 100, if at all possible.
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  • Fallout 4 PC mods can be played and shared on Xbox One for free

  • alexatkin 17/06/2015

    I get the feeling these "mods" are going to be REALLY restrictive.

    Its only logical, as give people too much freedom and you could end up with the console security hacked from a mod, then piracy.

    So its a cool idea but I have my doubts as how well it will work.
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  • The Legend of Zelda still coming to Wii U - report

  • alexatkin 16/06/2015

    I just can't see them releasing a Wii U replacement any time soon. If they do, they kill any goodwill they already had.

    I have had a WiiU from launch and I don't feel I have gotten my money out of it yet, mostly down to waiting for Zelda. The NX would have to be more powerful than PS4 for me to remotely give a crap about it, and even then it would have to have an extremely good launch line up.

    I also fail to see any value in replacing the 3DS right now. They already upgraded it with the New 3DS recently, replacing it would have zero benefit.
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  • Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain are heading to PS4

  • alexatkin 16/06/2015

    I will never understand why people loved Heavy Rain and not Beyond.

    I HATED Heavy Rain, I thought the writing and acting was awful, I just couldn't give a crap for the characters. The game play was even worse, too much QTEs and not enough actual game. Some sections I could never change the outcome as no matter how quick I pressed the QTE action I seemed to fail.

    Beyond I LOVED, it felt more like a game and even though the scenes being out of order was confusing (I think that put off some people) I really cared about the character.
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  • Ubisoft E3 2015 conference live report

  • alexatkin 16/06/2015

    Agreed, Watch Dogs was fun, a good base, but could have been much more. Reply 0
  • alexatkin 16/06/2015

    So, just me disappointed at no Watch Dogs 2? Reply 0
  • Xbox 360 saves carry over via Xbox One's back compatibility service

  • alexatkin 15/06/2015

    @torhal This is clearly to get those people holding on to their Xbox 360 to buy an Xbox One when their 360 breaks, rather than another 360.

    Personally, I have played on my 360 more than my Xbox One as I have a huge back catalog I barely touched.

    It will be extremely useful to me as my 360 is still a classic phat version, so not telling how long it will last.

    I'm not holding my breath on how much compatibility we will get though. They got bored of making Xbox games work on Xbox 360, once they claimed the majority of the market share.
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  • Microsoft announces native Xbox One-360 back compatibility

  • alexatkin 15/06/2015

    This is an awesome thing to do, but I'm not holding my breath.

    Microsoft promised to try and bring full Xbox compatibility to Xbox 360, but they gave up on it as soon as it was clear Xbox 360 had become THE console of last gen.

    Also, some of those games had HUGE frame rate issues that were never fixed. I'm looking at you Burnout 2, which dropped to about 15fps on rainy tracks.
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  • Final Fantasy 15 demo to be updated early June

  • alexatkin 05/06/2015

    @goggamanxp They are clearly using it for feedback to balance the full game.

    While it most certainly will take a little development time away (the argument for not making demos any more), if it helps make the full game better then its well worth it.
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  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti review

  • alexatkin 31/05/2015

    I would imagine the gap between the cards will widen considerably once DX12 comes out.

    That is a pretty insane thought though, as it implies the Titan X is being severely bottle-necked right now.
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  • Need for Speed reboot requires online connection

  • alexatkin 29/05/2015

    @chronicdog They won't. that would make way too much sense.

    I have been DYING for a new Burnout since Revenge, as Paradise was fun but its not Burnout without track-based, lobby-based game modes.
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  • Need for Speed release date spotted

  • alexatkin 28/05/2015

    @xboner I have been craving for a proper console Burnout Legends ever since playing the PSP version.

    Burnout Paradise was a good game, but to me Burnout is all about the track-based racing/destruction and actual lobbies to pick what game mode you want to take part in.
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  • PlayStation digital refund policy in spotlight on BBC's Watchdog tonight

  • alexatkin 28/05/2015

    @DaveSimonH If the card was expired and Microsoft were able to take money, that is a flaw with your card company as expired cards aren't supposed to work any more, that is the whole POINT of them expiring - for security. Reply +1
  • alexatkin 28/05/2015

    @redcrayon It was add 40 and get 50 credit, which is probably why it didn't work for you. Reply 0
  • June Games with Gold includes Massive Chalice and Just Cause 2

  • alexatkin 28/05/2015

    Coming from Pure Pool on PS4 I just can't enjoy Pool Nation FX.

    Perhaps I am missing something obvious, but fine control to line up shots seems missing and camera movement has distracting micro-stutter. Those two things alone make it feel unplayable to me.

    No wonder they are aggressively giving this game away on Xbox One. I assume the PS4 version will never materialise as it would be pretty pointless when it already has TWO Pool games, one of which is much much better. (I don't know about the other as I like Pure Pool so much I never felt compelled to try it)

    I will keep on eye on the game as there is no reason to avoid it, but I'm not holding my breath that it will sufficiently improve.
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  • Assassin's Creed Syndicate will not have companion app, Ubisoft confirms

  • alexatkin 28/05/2015

    @ramshot So you don't play Unity and then call Ubi for not improving stuff like stealth? Stuff which they DID improve in Unity, although it could still be improved further.

    People call AC for not improving the game play, but recently I have played Black Flag, Unity, Rogue and then gone back onto AC 1 & 2. The difference is night/day, the game has improved TONS.

    I guess this just proves Rockstar right only releasing GTA games infrequently. They have made probably about the same scale of improvements, if not LESS, but get way less hate for it.

    The same people would probably moan even worse if AC suddenly didn't play like an AC game any more, because Ubi made sweeping changes. Ubi deserved the abuse for how buggy Unity was at launch, but I think the rest of the abuse is grossly unfair.

    They shouldn't be blamed for continuing to make games some of us still enjoy. Clearly its the minority complaining or else Unity wouldn't have sold so well.
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  • Project Cars Wii U stalled, may be delayed until NX

  • alexatkin 26/05/2015

    @Bickle2 N64 and Gamecube made a profit, therefore neither were a failure to Nintendo.

    By your logic a local shop is a failure compared to a large supermarket chain, because they don't sell as much. That is what is wrong with this country, everyone wants to be number one. But there is nothing wrong with being the underdog if your business is still viable.

    Its unrealistic to expect Nintendo to sell as well as Sony or Microsoft, as they have the market for a general purpose games console between them. They can afford to charge more because people are sold on their infrastructure, Nintendo can't compete with that.

    That does NOT however mean Nintendo failed, so long as they continue to make a profit. The question is, can they continue to support their consoles well enough to do that?
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  • alexatkin 26/05/2015

    I'm pretty sure NX is at least a couple of years away and I would be stunned if it was any more powerful PS4.

    Remember, Nintendo don't like to take a loss on hardware but they also can't get away with charging as much as Sony/Microsoft either.

    I'm still waiting for the promised Zelda U. If they announce a new home console before Zelda has even come out, bye bye goodwill from Wii U owners.

    I for one would NOT buy a new Nintendo console any time soon. I have already been through three 3DS consoles thanks to their incremental upgrades.

    Project CARS was NEVER a good fit for Wii U. The console doesn't even have analog triggers FFS.
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  • Is this the new Logitech wheel for PlayStation 4?

  • alexatkin 24/05/2015

    @Slikz I believe that still only works with Project Cars, as does my Fanatec Forza wheel.

    Problem is, I don't WANT to play Project Cars. I want to play DriveClub, which does NOT support Fanatec.
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  • Does Nvidia HairWorks really "sabotage" AMD Witcher 3 performance?

  • alexatkin 22/05/2015

    @stryker1121 On the contrary, its the people who DON'T game who call gamers names.

    WTF does that have to do with people who MAKE games? They are the LAST people to insult their customers.
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  • Microsoft's June Xbox update targets Windows app

  • alexatkin 22/05/2015

    @tidy-spidey Except you can turn on the Xbox One and stream TV to your phone, when you are in another room, the garden, anywhere in range of WiFi.

    You also seem to be forgetting we are going to be able to fully stream Xbox One games to phones, tablets, PCs, which ALSO need remote power on/off.
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  • Lizard Squad teen pleads guilty to 23 charges of harassment

  • alexatkin 22/05/2015

    @I_Am_CatButler You don't really have a choice now that Facebook demands your real name. Reply 0
  • Nintendo's doing something a little different with the Splatoon demo

  • alexatkin 07/05/2015

    @jabberwocky WiFi issues maybe? Try picking up a cheap Wii compatible USB ethernet adapter as they work on Wii U too. Reply 0
  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with PlayStation Now

  • alexatkin 04/05/2015

    @FMV-GAMER How could Sony fix performance issues? They don't have the source code, they are merely a platform to run those games on.

    I wouldn't expect developers to go back and fix old games for this service either.

    This is a cloud PS3 service, nothing more, nothing less, the games will run the same.
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  • alexatkin 04/05/2015

    My HDTV already has the maximum latency I can live with, to the point it takes me quite a while to get used to it on new games and I still suffer a lot of over-steer on racing games. So this is out of the question for me there.

    That said, if they have the sense to allow this on none-Sony smartphones, I might give it a try on my Note 4. Sadly the WiFi is too crowded round here on 2.4Ghz so even streaming the PS4 to my PSVita is unreliable, so using that is out of the question too. (oh Sony, why didn't you have PSVita support 5Ghz, I think the chip even supports it)
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  • May Games with Gold titles include Mafia 2, F1 2013

  • alexatkin 29/04/2015

    @Sp@rtacus I tried playing the Pool game but the controls didn't feel very good.

    Fortunately I have two on PS4 as well, so I was just curious how it compared.
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  • Bethesda removes paid mods in Skyrim

  • alexatkin 28/04/2015

    @Innocent_Bystander If that were true then why does Patreon exist?

    If a mod is good enough, especially if it has potential to be worked on over time and that needs funding, at least some people WILL pay.

    Considering some people will NEVER buy mods (I wouldn't) and they were only going to get a 25% cut anyway, donating makes way more sense.
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  • NBA 2K15 unlocked on Xbox One this weekend

  • alexatkin 23/04/2015

    @bigtechno That does seem poorly planned.

    Wouldn't it make more sense for it to have a 48 hour timer from first launch, rather than a defined weekend?
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  • Resident Evil Revelations 2 is coming to Vita this summer

  • alexatkin 11/04/2015

    So it doesn't have gyroscopic aiming on PS4? If not, why not?

    I find gyro controls on portable consoles a real chore. If you are in a moving vehicle or cramped, the most likely places to be playing IMO, its next to useless. It actually works far better at home.
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  • Conker's Big Reunion drops fresh gameplay trailer

  • alexatkin 09/04/2015

    I don't think it looks bad, except Conker without the fur effect kinda ruins the whole thing.

    Its baffling that Project Spark would omit fur as it adds a LOT of polish to character graphics.
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  • Cloud gaming company OnLive shuts down this month

  • alexatkin 03/04/2015

    @Dantonir I have never looked into WOL as there are so many reports of it not working at all, or incorrectly waking up when a WOL packet has not been sent.

    Also it needs to be part of the streaming app so it seamlessly wakes up/goes to sleep without needing user intervention.

    With PS4 I don't believe it uses standard WOL. Instead it has the ARM CPU connected to the network at all times so it can wake up for downloads and listen for a wake up command. If I fire off a request to download something from PSN to the PS4 it wakes up near instantly.
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  • alexatkin 03/04/2015

    @TheMightyEthan You need to modulate that signal to send actual data, you need error correction, there are other peoples data going at the same time competing for time, so the latency of the data going over that signal is far far higher.

    With streaming you have several distinct things that have to happen within 33ms max, ideally 16ms.

    Read the controller, send that over to the remote server, process it, render the game frame, encode the frame, send it to the remote screen, decode it at the remote screen, display it on the remote screen.

    There is latency in every step there. At best, it takes 10ms just to ping a tiny ICMP packet out of my ISP and back again, assuming direct peering with my ISP. Now try transferring all the above data in that time frame.

    The cost of the cloud gaming hardware would be prohibitive and everyone needs to have pure fibre connections to stand any chance of it working well. Its just silly to waste Internet bandwidth on cloud gaming when it can work so much better the old fashioned way.

    Right now, Steam can "just" manage 60fps gaming over my Gigabit wired LAN to a client on 5Ghz WiFi with occasional hitches. That is with only a single client on that WiFi and no crosstalk.

    PS4 Remote Play is next to useless, because the other WiFi clients in range cause too much packet loss, similar to the delays you will get over the Internet. If only Sony had included 5Ghz on PSVita.
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  • alexatkin 03/04/2015

    Its failure is also why I would never ever want to support cloud gaming, or rely on Netflix for all my TV/movie watching. If the service gets shut down, you lose everything.

    Sure that counts to some extent for Steam, PSN, Xbox purchases too, but cloud gaming has much MUCH higher running costs so by its nature is far more likely to run into financial trouble.

    Then there is the fact that if your Internet is having a bad day, you can't play. As someone who mostly plays single player games, I don't want my gaming dictated by my Internet connection.

    The direction console and PC are going is a far better idea, you get the best of both worlds. Have your own personal cloud gaming box that for optimum latency you can use locally, or streamed over your LAN for a slight penalty, but also works over the Internet if needed.

    If only Sony would wake up and realise limiting Remote Play to their own brand phones/tablets is just alienating people. If Steam/nVidia implement the ability to wake the PC remotely like you can the PS4, then I will be sorely tempted to build a dedicated gaming PC for this purpose.
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  • N64, DS games launch on Wii U Virtual Console

  • alexatkin 02/04/2015

    @LostInBKK There is no way to be sure either way, it depends if their new console has backwards compatibility or not.

    Considering the Wii U is still based off Gamecube tech I am going to assume no. Sticking to that old architecture as a base was excellent for backwards compatibility but REALLY hurt development.

    I can't imagine them sticking to this architecture for ANOTHER generation, its really out-of-date now.
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