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  • Road Trip Adventure is a refreshingly laidback RPG

  • aine 26/10/2014

    @cloudskipa It's even more confusing than that - it goes something like this:

    Choro-Q HG = Gadget Racers (US) = Penny Racers (EU)
    Choro-Q HG2 = Road Trip (US) = Road Trip Adventure (EU)
    Choro-Q HG3 = Road Trip Adventure Avenue (US, cancelled) = Gadget Racers (EU)
    Choro-Q HG4 = Choro-Q (US, EU)

    HG2 and HG3 are my favourites though, they were the only ones developed by E-game (aside from a Japan-only game on the PS1 I think) who sadly seemed to vanish after HG3. And there hasn't been a new game in the series since "Penny Racers Party" on the Wii in 2008 :(
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  • Neo Geo X review

  • aine 25/02/2013

    This thing is basically just a cheap Chinese handheld dressed up as something "premium" - people have found Dingoo references in its internal config files, and it even has emulators for other systems (including the PS1!) squirreled away on that internal SD card.

    Oh and it runs on Linux with Final Burn Alpha as the emulator, but they haven't released the source code, which violates the license of both. So, you know. A class act all round.
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  • Silicon Knights ordered to recall and destroy all unsold copies of Too Human, X-Men Destiny, more

  • aine 09/11/2012

    it's a real shame to see unreleased games on that list - at least for Too Human & X-Men there'll still be the hundreds of thousands of previously sold copies floating around, even if the source code is lost (honestly the source for tons of more historically significant games has been lost simply through developer carelessness) but the unreleased stuff will just be gone forever. Unless of course one of the dozens of staff Silicon Knights has shed recently happened to sneak a copy out with them. And let's hope they did.

    @OliverH @UncleLou Also there's a massive difference between an original creative work containing copyright infringing elements and a simple uncreative counterfeit like a fake watch.

    I've recently been involved in preserving unlicensed Game Boy games, incredibly obscure and rare stuff mostly from Taiwan or China which more often than not is based around some popular franchise or other that the makers obviously didn't have the rights to. And, okay, on one level you can look at them and think "cheap ripoff lols", but they were all still coded from scratch by real people who presumably, on some level or another, wanted to be working on games and cared about what they were doing, even if they were working with a tiny budget, fuck-all support and an extremely tight deadline. Putting Pikachu in their game and calling it Super Pokemon Crystal 7 was often the only thing these devs could do to stay afloat in a really shitty market, and I still see value in their work even if corporate lawyers would rather it was eradicated from the face of the earth.
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  • Saturday Soapbox: The Trouble with Ouya

  • aine 14/07/2012

    Of course no one will develop for an open system. That's why the PC has no games for it. Fucking hell.

    I can't say I'm interested in this thing (it's by no means new or innovative technology, they've just stuck an existing idea in a fancy box and got some media hype behind it - you can play Android games on your TV right now with a Ł50 Chinese media player and a Bluetooth controller) but this article is hugely, stonkingly, Daily Express-level misguided.

    Especially when nearly all of the games it dismisses as supposedly impossible prospects for this thing (Minecraft, Madden, Mass Effect, Call of Duty, Final Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto) are already available for Android. Those panels "filled with games that are unlikely to happen"? They're filled with existing Android games. Games that have ALREADY HAPPENED.
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  • Retro Handhelds Face-Off

  • aine 11/03/2012

    The Blaze machine isn't really a clone anyway, its just an emulator running on some ARM chip. And not a very good emulator at that. As others have mentioned you might as well just get a Dingoo A320 or similar if you're going down that route.

    There are also a couple of SNES clones out there with the ability to play MD and NES carts via adapters, the Pokefami DX and Retro Duo Portable, released in Japan and the US respectively, could be worth looking into.
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  • App of the Day: Ziggurat

  • aine 10/03/2012

    I just have one issue with this review:

    It boasts a crisp evocation of the golden age of the SNES, Genesis and PC Engine
    oh come on, this is Eurogamer. It's the MEGA DRIVE.
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  • EA: physical media still has a future

  • aine 22/08/2011

    I'm not convinced honestly - lots of people still like buying vinyl and CDs, but more often than not the convenience of a digital download still trumps that. Every music chain bar HMV has gone bust and even HMV are pretty much circling the drain at this point - they'll probably be gone soon too, and then physical music retail will left entirely to online retailers, supermarkets' tiny selections, and a handful of specialist record shops. Makes sense that games will follow, just as soon as internet connections and hard drives can accommodate it. PC gaming is nearly there already.

    Of course it's not without its issues (well issues from a consumer's perspective, which coincidentally happen to be the same reason publishers have such a bone on for it). We're seeing digital copies of games priced the same or more than physical even though manufacturing and distribution costs are all but eliminated. And unlike the music industry which has almost completely rejected DRM, the games industry looks highly unlikely to be letting it go any time soon, so there's a very real possibility of games being lost forever (or at least becoming unavailable to people who didn't buy them when they were originally on sale) whenever the publisher decides it's not profitable to do so anymore. But then the majority of buyers probably couldn't give a shit about that so they'll just get the download anyway.
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  • Nintendo confirms Wii JRPGs for Europe

  • aine 17/08/2011

    on the subject of greedy bastardry how about Zangeki no Reginleiv and Captain Rainbow while they're at it?
    (Yeah, no chance, I know)
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  • GameStop launches UK online shop

  • aine 29/07/2011

    It's not particularly well known but GameStop has been in the UK market for ages - they opened a couple of stores in the UK in the early/mid 2000s, one in Stockport and one (or two?) in Birmingham.i'm not sure if the Birmingham one is still around but the Stockport one lasted until a couple of months ago (when it closed they stuck posters in the window advertising this new website).

    it's kind of interesting that the world's biggest game retailer has changed its UK business to a purely online one after five years of half-arsing it with physical shops though. maybe in a few years time we'll see GAME go the same way.
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  • EU Nintendo eShop update 7th July

  • aine 04/07/2011

    Qix Adventure on the GBC was amazing. Reply 0
  • New DS Kirby game detailed

  • aine 13/04/2011

    @smelly - didn't i just explain that? i said not every Kirby game is a late release, but a Kirby game usually ends up being one of the last first/second party games for a Nintendo console. Reply 0
  • aine 13/04/2011

    @Der_tolle_Emil - Yeah, I don't mean *every* Kirby game is released at the end of a console's life - just that one almost always shows up in the last year or so, when every other major Nintendo franchise has already moved to the next gen. Dream Land 3 for the SNES came out so late it wasn't even released in Europe. so its not particularly unusual for this one to be announced for the DS rather than the 3DS. Reply +1
  • aine 13/04/2011

    Kirby always shows up at the arse end of a Nintendo console's lifespan. It's his whole thing. You know when that last Kirby game comes out it's got less than a year left in it. Reply -1
  • Why I Love... Train Simulators

  • aine 30/03/2011

    best (and only) train game I've ever played: Reply 0
  • Apple sues Amazon over App Store name

  • aine 23/03/2011

    Marshall2008: I agree with you to a point, there was nothing called an "app store" before iOS and Apple have certainly done a good job of popularising the word "app" to refer to a piece of software for a mobile device (which is great IMO, the fact that there are a few different names for it often proves confusing or offputting for non-technically-minded people). but they didn't invent the word, and if they wanted to lay some kind of claim to its exclusive use they should have done so a long time ago - and considering they don't own "app" they certainly can't own "app store", because "app store" is a purely descriptive name for a store that sells apps, and you can't own a descriptive name. Reply +3
  • Double Dragon resurrected for iOS

  • aine 12/02/2011

    this is a port of the version from the Brazilian Zeebo console, video here - looks a lot better in motion than it does in screenshots IMO. although the Zeebo does have a proper controller which probably helps. Reply 0
  • S.C.A.T. dumped on Wii Virtual Console

  • aine 07/02/2011

    i must say it's a bit balls that theyre charging "import" prices for this game (600 instead of 500 points) considering it *was* released in Europe, as "Action in New York", but theyve for some reason stuck the US version on the VC instead. Maybe its worth the extra 100 points for the poo joke potential though. Reply 0
  • The Last Story tops Japan charts

  • aine 03/02/2011

    "Chaos; Head Love Chu Chu"
    I'm not even going to google that, the reality couldn't possibly live up to the title
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  • Retrospective: Nintendo World Cup

  • aine 31/01/2011

    i totally second the recommendation of River City Soccer Hooligans for DS - its actually a remake of the sequel to Nintendo World Cup, Kunio Kun no Nekketsu Soccer League, which is also brilliant. Japan-only, but theres a translation patch out there (albeit a slightly dodgy one - I helped with the translation, and I barely speak a word of fucking Japanese, so I know it's dodgy..lots of dictionaries were involved. still playable though) Reply 0
  • Why The Last Story is Japan exclusive

  • aine 21/01/2011

    I think you should be blaming Nintendo of America more than Yarnton/Nintendo Europe here (even if he is talking bollocks). It seems like the American centric nature of the internet has skewed basically all pre release marketing and hype to the point where if a game is being released in Europe but not the States, no one will know about it, major websites won't bother to cover it with any kind of prominence and it will sell fuck all, even if its excellent. Nintendo based examples: Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland, Disaster: Day of Crisis, Another Code R, Last Window, Jam with the Band, Doshin the Giant etc etc. So I don't blame NOE one bit for not considering an EU only localisation if NOA aren't bothering with it. Reply 0
  • Scarface crowned sweariest game ever

  • aine 21/01/2011

    i've been tinkering with developing an android game recently and i was wondering how to get myself noticed in a crowded marketplace.. i think this could be the answer. i might as well just ditch all my current plans and start work on Super Cuntio Bros. Reply 0
  • European Nintendo 3DS Conference

  • aine 19/01/2011

    was that Frankie Boyle's chubby brother just then on the online stream? Reply 0
  • Road safety MMO flop cost Labour Ł2.8m

  • aine 16/01/2011

    Fuck me, did I wander onto the Daily Mail website by mistake? Reply +9
  • SNES Dragon Quest VI re-made for DS

  • aine 14/01/2011

    so is this actually coming out in Europe now? Reply 0
  • New Pokémon named in latest shots

  • aine 14/01/2011

    i'm just glad they're leaving out all the old Pokemon until after you finish it. I hadn't played a Pokemon game since Silver on the GBC until I picked up Platinum last year, and I was amazed to see that even with 500+ of the bastards to choose from you're *still* attacked by bloody Zubats and Geodudes every five seconds in every cave in the game. Reply +4
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

  • aine 10/01/2011

    Was I the only one that had no problem with Mario 64 DS's controls?

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  • The EGTV Show: Jedward vs. videogames

  • aine 06/01/2011

    I've honestly never in my life heard a note of Jedward's music, and I have never heard them speak other than that time they were on Never Mind the Buzzcocks. And I'm not some kind of hermit who avoids all popular culture, so I can only surmise that they're actually quite easy to avoid if you don't like them/aren't interested, and a lot of people must actually be seeking them out in order to prove their superiority by calling them wankers on the internet (or even actually wishing death upon them, which is, you know, lovely, and not at all mental). Reply +15
  • Mobile Games Roundup

  • aine 08/11/2010

    @sonicyoda - sure they can. you can trademark anything that isnt purely descriptive. otherwise anyone would be able to call their game, say, "Sonic" - its just a word, like Phoenix is. the question is does Square Enix actually care enough about any Taito property that isn't Space Invaders or Bubble/Puzzle Bobble to take action? i'd say probably not. Reply 0
  • Nintendo sees quirky future for DS

  • aine 06/11/2010

    this sounds promising. :D
    would the long-rumoured mother/earthbound collection be too much to ask for at this point?
    (probably. but still)
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  • New 3DS Store shown off

  • aine 30/10/2010

    its about time Nintendo acknowledged their handheld history :D the Super Mario Bros series has been re-released about a hundred times but Super Mario Land and everything in it has been all but forgotten until now. Apart from Daisy. but thats only because they needed a doubles partner for Luigi. Reply +2
  • Mobile Games Roundup

  • aine 27/09/2010

    Kowa-Oto isn't just any old shit game though - I think quite a few people would be interested in it based purely on it being developed by Chun Soft. I know I was. (though I don't have an iPhone, so it's kind of academic)
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  • JRPG dev/pub Atlus safe and sound

  • aine 01/09/2010

    I'm still a bit apprehensive about this. They might be keeping the Atlus brand name but I can't help thinking this will lead to a company that takes a lot fewer risks, and therefore becomes a lot less interesting. Like Sega, or Taito.

    It probably won't affect the US branch much, but, well, I don't live there. Even from an importing-games-they-publish kinda perspective (or a "European publishers hardly ever bother with a Japanese title that hasn't already been localised for the US" perspective), I have absolutely no doubt that other American niche publishers like NIS/Aksys/Xseed etc will step in to fill the gap. It's the Japanese side I'm concerned about - theyre one of the best developers in the country IMO.
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  • aine 31/08/2010

    Fuck Index Holdings right in their profitable core areas. This had better not mean the end of Shin Megami Tensei :( Reply +18
  • Microsoft rejected Move-style technology

  • aine 18/08/2010

    Konami did it first anyway. Police 24/7 bitches. Reply 0
  • Blizzard policing erotic role-play in WOW

  • aine 05/08/2010

    @ClubHeaven - What's wrong with transvestite guilds recruiting children? Transvestism doesn't imply sex. At all. Reply +4
  • R4 cart ban: More details emerge

  • aine 30/07/2010


    You DO understand that a lot of consoles (not necessarily the DS - i have no idea) are sold at a loss, with the intent of making the money back via software arent you?

    The DS isn't. Nintendo is the only company that always makes a profit on its hardware.

    Also how much did the piracy card cost? Isnt it around the price of 3 or so games?

    Not even close. You can get some of the shitter ones for as little as Ł2.50 from Hong Kong (with free shipping).


    hm Acekard also banned?

    isn't that flashcart only blank just like dvdwriter with blank dvd?
    to be used, need download the software/firmware from acekard website or from AKAIO.

    It still has internal firmware, just like all the cards currently on the market. If you put it in your DS without a MicroSD card inserted, you'll get a "no card" error message - it's executing code on the DS to display that message, which means it's still bypassing the console's security.

    That said, it wouldn't surprise me if cart manufacturers start offering genuinely "blank" carts for the UK market which have no internal firmware, and you just have to download it and flash them yourself. Unless that "shape as a form of copy protection" thing really holds up, which would be an extremely dodgy precedent IMO.
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  • DS pirate carts now illegal in UK

  • aine 28/07/2010

    @EarlBassett - It's a reasonable one though. Demos on the DS are few and far between, people shouldn't be forced to buy games they won't like just because they have no way to try them out first. If someone genuinely purchases every game they download and enjoy, where's the harm? the only problem is most people who say that are lying. Reply +11
  • aine 28/07/2010

    are there any articles on this written by someone who knows what they're talking about? i'd be interested to know what, exactly, has been banned here. just devices with "R4" in the name? any device that allows you to run pirated commercial roms? anything that runs on a DS that isn't authorised by Nintendo? (which would also affect the Action Replay etc)

    either way I'm quite conflicted about this. piracy has certainly hurt the DS market - I've heard many publishers saying they can't release interesting niche game X on the DS because 90% of their potential audience would just download it, which has resulted in a market mainly consisting of games about horses. (though the major retailers are also part of the problem here) But on the other hand I do have one of these cards, and it's a million times more convenient being able to carry all my games around on it, not to mention the ability to play music long before the DSi, watch video, draw, chat on MSN, run emulators (yes okay that's illegal, but again it's filling a gap left by Nintendo - there's no legit way to play 99% of old games on a handheld), write my own software and a million other things that aren't possible with a stock DS.

    What console makers should really do is open their systems up to homebrew from the start, while locking commercial games down tighter than a duck's arsehole (if reports are true Nintendo are already planning to let users copy games to the 3DS's internal memory, so that should eliminate the one legitimate reason for a commercial ROM playing device). IIRC all the major advances allowing these cards to exist were made by homebrew developers rather than pirates, and simply copied by all the cart manufacturers.
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  • Download Games Roundup

  • aine 16/07/2010

    @thefold - Because there's a lack of Android games to review. It's a great OS (I've got an HTC Hero, in case you think I'm just an Apple fanboy slagging off the competition) but there really are fuck-all interesting games for it, compared to the iPhone/Pad/etc. Which is a damn shame. Reply +1
  • Nintendo reveals Wii, DS Q3 line-up

  • aine 14/07/2010

    I miss the days when every one of these DS and Wii release lists would come with a few surprises.. random quirky Japanese games that you'd never expect to be released here, courtesy of publishers like 505 (before they went all boring), Rising Star and even Nintendo itself. I suppose a combination of piracy and apathy killed that off, though. ah well. Reply -1
  • Online Wii and DSi shops refreshed

  • aine 02/07/2010

    Ufouria is fantastic. :D everyone should buy it. right now. Reply 0
  • New PAL Releases Roundup

  • aine 04/06/2010

    I keep seeing SBK mentioned and thinking it's a Snowboard Kids game. Fuck's sake. Reply 0
  • Nintendo "pleased" with VC pricing

  • aine 16/05/2010

    @mingster - you could equally say "stuff buying music, films, TV shows, games (on any platform), books, software, or anything else that could conceivably be reproduced digitally. Just torrent them for free."

    There are plenty of issues with Nintendo's current model for selling its old games - the fact that you can get them for free illegally isn't one of them.
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  • Soldner-X 2 coming to PSN in May

  • aine 17/04/2010

    the developer is SideQuest Studios. who are German.
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  • Mega Man 4 heading to Virtual Console

  • aine 16/04/2010

    More Mr. Driller is always good news. :D Reply 0
  • New PAL Releases Roundup - 08/04/2010

  • aine 08/04/2010

    Nippon Ichi is fucking fantastic. For years Atlus has been saying "ooh no we can't publish games in Europe" but NIS comes along and (despite being a much smaller company) is showing them exactly how its done - we're getting near-simultaneous releases with the US now. and they don't even have a European office! Reply +4
  • Game Room

  • aine 30/03/2010

    "Well it definitely can't be MAME as their licence doesn't allow it to be sold."

    Not exactly true - you just need permission from the developers. Some of Empire's Taito Legends releases were based on MAME - iif they could do it, I'm sure Microsoft can too. That's not to say they have, mind you, just that it's possible.
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  • Wii's Hanabi Festival starts today

  • aine 12/03/2010

    Is Simply Mahjong really what it claims to be, though? or just Shanghai again? Reply +2
  • Third Party Puzzle

  • aine 27/02/2010

    Retailers are a big part of the problem too. Remember when Game/Gamestation refused to stock Muramasa? And you can bet your arse you won't find it in Tesco either. Publishers aren't going to bother taking creative risks if they can't even get their games on shelves. Reply +3
  • Yakuza 3 time constraints forced cuts

  • aine 25/02/2010

    @FabricatedLunatic - not exactly. Two recent examples I can think of off the top of my head: Nippon Ichi cut *all* the bonus content from the Western releases of Rhapsody for the DS, despite advertising it on their website, and Atlus cut the mahjong sub-game from Devil Summoner. No publisher is exactly flawless in this regard - at least Sega has actually told people what's missing before release, instead of letting them discover it after they've already parted with their cash. Reply +3