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  • Digital Foundry vs. inFamous: Second Son

  • addyb 28/03/2014

    yodizzle wrote:
    @addyb What Titanfall or Ryse? or are you talking about Forza, DR3 or KI?

    I'd give TF and Forza 7/10 also.
    DR3 6/10
    KI & Ryse 5/10

    I dont get why people want to defend or berate something that bad. Most on these boards won't have even played the game. Hey I'm no high authority just because I've owned a copy but to me its just an above average game (Infamous SS that is) it doesn't concern me when a game has so called last gen gameplay but I hope to god this gen is not going to be full of hey let's forget about the gameplay just look at the shiny graphics. Prime examples are Ryse and now Infamous.
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  • addyb 28/03/2014

    I bought this last week. Sold it a few days later. All style over substance. Looks great visually but gameplay wise its repetitive as hell and the city is so lifeless and dull to navigate round.

    7/10 game at best.
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  • Eurogamer's Game of the Year 2013

  • addyb 30/12/2013

    Fakenameagain wrote:
    I have nightmares that In ten years nintendo go bankrupt and EA release shadow Mario with microtransactions ( 1.99 for the AK 47 power up) . Because that seems to be what will happen in serous gamer land oh well it's been a wonderful 2013 for nintendo software at least

    In 10 years we will still be getting halos ass creeds, little big planets, ratchet & clanks, rayman and so on. Let's see people whinge then about recycling.
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  • addyb 30/12/2013

    I've played all the other big hitters this year but for me Mario just pips GTA  V and TLOU.

    Love the meltdown on here though.
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  • Peggle 2 review

  • addyb 09/12/2013

    I like me some peggle. So does our peg and the kids so bought it. :) Reply 0
  • Forza Motorsport 5 review

  • addyb 20/11/2013

    Mmm this or Rivals? Can't decide. Reply 0
  • Super Mario 3D World review

  • addyb 19/11/2013

    I don't care what anyone says. I'm looking forward to this far more then my xbox one pre order. A good 3D Mario never disappoints and this looks fantastic.

    People fed up with recycled Mario all the time? Probably the same people that lap up the yearly iterations of Assassins Creed, Fifa and Cod.

    Genuine question how many 3D Mario's have we had on consoles? 4? In how many years?
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  • Need for Speed: Rivals review

  • addyb 18/11/2013

    Was Forza Horizon 30fps? If so I didn't notice. Great game. Reply +2
  • addyb 18/11/2013

    Argghhh I really didn't expect this to get as high marks. It looks like its the best next gen multi plat game anyway. I was all set for Forza 5 but now I'm having second thoughts. As much as I like sim type racers like forza and GT I am more an arcade racer type of guy and absolutely loved Hot Pursuit.

    Thing is forza looks so good. Is it stupid to have 2 racers at the same time. Yes I know they are different types. Mmmm got some pondering to do lol
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  • 17 minutes of Batman: Arkham Origins gameplay

  • addyb 22/10/2013

    It looks good to me. Roll on this week :) Reply 0
  • Microsoft still hopes for Xbox One digital game trading

  • addyb 05/09/2013

    Some of the comments on here just make me cringe. Its a bloody games console. Make your choice, wait for launch and just play some sodding games on it.

    I couldnt give a shit what policies Sony and MS have. Just give me games to play. That is all.

    Xbox one for me at launch. Going digital so will grab 4-5 games. PS4 next year sometime so same again.

    Or I could just be an over dramatic tit and cry about what they are both trying to do to me and not bother.
    Some people need to get a grip.

    At the end of the day I dont listen to the PR bullshit as they all talk bollocks. Just give me a release date and launch games I want to play and I will be there cash waiting.
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  • Xbox One release date announced

  • addyb 05/09/2013

    Roll on the 22nd :)
    Emailed game to see if I can swap my fifa bundle for the forza one but not fussed either way. Got £300 credit on my live account so will pick up a few others at launch.

    Looking forward to the ps4 next year though when it has games I want.
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  • Xbox One Day One Edition stock now scarce in UK

  • addyb 03/09/2013

    rpggamer35 wrote:
    @addyb Gimme your money!

    Lol my post wasnt meant to be a brag. My mum passed away last month and before this had no intention of buying either next gen at launch but then decided sod it. Why not treat myself.
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  • addyb 03/09/2013

    Well to honest im buying around 5 games at launch and an extra pad so im in the £700+ region already. Reply 0
  • GAME closes Xbox One Day One Edition pre-orders

  • addyb 27/08/2013

    Pre ordered mine from game last week. I also have just under 20000 msp thats converted into £180 live credit (points cost me £115) so im all set to go digital.

    Can I get a whoo hooo
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  • Shigeru Miyamoto can't save all his own Pikmin

  • addyb 30/07/2013

    Always makes me laugh when people bang on about Nintendo and there rehashes and endless sequels when Sony and MS are just as guilty over a shorter period of time.

    How many Ratchet & Clanks, Halo's, God of Wars, Forza and Gran Turismos have there been so far? Not forgetting HD versions of older games as well. And how many of them will there be in the future? Plenty more that's for sure.

    And for the record I love most of the games listed above and also wish Nintendo would create some new ip's but as it stands I still enjoy each iteration of their franchises most of the time.

    Nintendo are guilty of overusing there mascots in a lot of games but the majority of these are still great fun imo but again its all down to personal preference. Millions of people enjoy playing a cod, assassins creed, FIFA & Tiger Woods every year. Each to their own.
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  • Earthbound retrospective

  • addyb 28/07/2013

    Never played this either but always heard great things about it during my SNES years. Not been on my Wii U for a while so with this and pikmin 3 I have reasons to return. Reply 0
  • Kokuga review

  • addyb 27/07/2013

    NeoTechni wrote:
    while many will be put off by its ostensibly expensive £13.49/$14.99 price tag
    Yup. That's what did it for me. I've only paid that much for 1 downloadable game before, on PS3. I'm not paying that for a 3DS mini game.

    I must admit I've not pulled the trigger yet due to the price. It does look a good game but I've yet to pay over £10 for a game on the eshop so may wait and see if it appears in a sale. I want more user reviews first. I don't mind it being short as most shooters are.
    I think if I didn't have such a backlog on the 3DS i may have bitten.
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  • addyb 26/07/2013

    I nearly bought the original Gradius on the eshop the other night. Now this arrives. I could do with a shooter. Mmmm decisions, decisions. Reply +3
  • Tech Analysis: Puppeteer

  • addyb 27/07/2013

    First? Reply -58
  • Donkey Kong's back, but has he learned any new tricks?

  • addyb 23/07/2013

    Can't wait for this. Big fan of all the DKC games. :) Reply +3
  • Mario Kart 8: Nintendo turns the series upside down

  • addyb 09/07/2013

    Sonic all stars transformed was pretty good but the main thing that it will never match Mario kart at is the actual handling of the karts themselves. All other kart racers pale in comparison in this regard imo.

    Sonic has some tracks and great fan service but they have gone for quantity over quality. Yes I wish MK had more modes and a far better fleshed out SP but at the end of the day its all about the online play and for me MK will still be top dog for my karting fix.
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  • Super Mario 3D World: More than a feline

  • addyb 06/07/2013

    I'm looking forward to it. It will be fun. We don't get many console  3D Mario games. (This will be the 5th in what 20 years? ) Should be better than Assassins Creed 6, Halo 8 or tiger woods 42 in which we have had over the past 8-10 years Reply 0
  • Grid 2 review

  • addyb 29/05/2013

    Grabbing this on steam for £26.99. Comes with dlc and the original grid. I know a few people who have played it already via vpn (region unlock) and they all say its great so that's good enough for me. Reply +2
  • Far Cry HD rated in Brazil for Xbox 360 and PS3

  • addyb 23/05/2013

    I loved the original on the PC. It got a bit stupid with the trigens but overall I loved making my own route through the jungle etc. Reply +2
  • Wii U to miss out on 15 EA games using Frostbite Engine 3

  • addyb 17/05/2013

    Whilst I do agree its not a good sign that another dev is dropping interest, I also couldn't careless. I barely play any EA games on any of my consoles. I used to play NHL and forgive me if I'm wrong but aren't the Dead Space games published by them as well?

    So from a personal level of enjoyment It wouldn't bother me if I didn't see another EA game on anything I own.

    As for the Wii U well I have no complaints when it comes down to games. I genuinely have had enough to play on since launch. I'm not one of these gimps that spends 5 hours a day gaming anyway so there will always be enough for me. Same applies for anything I own. So called droughts don't effect me and never have.

    Hopefully they will have some positive response after e3
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  • addyb 09/05/2013


    I thought zombi u was OK. Nothing special but worth a play. I've got Dead Island for the pc and think its utter shite. Can't quite put my finger on it. Just don't find it fun to play.
    For me Dead Rising on the 360 is best single player zombie game this gen and left4dead (PC) best online/co op one.
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  • SNES classic Super Metroid just 30p on Wii U eShop

  • addyb 13/05/2013

    Timmy_Toldrum wrote:
    £5.49 for Super Ghouls n Ghosts? FUCK RIGHT OFF

    I know amazing price eh?

    Instabuy for me. I love Super Ghouls n Ghosts.
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  • Asda drops Wii U price to just £149/£199

  • addyb 03/05/2013

    Might buy a few more of these to place in my giant mansion.
    It will give the wife something to do whilst I'm out drinking with other members of my moustaches and brandy club. That's if she's not busy sleeping with our Gardener after he's tended to our vast grounds.
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  • Nintendo's Game & Wario finally gets Wii U release date

  • addyb 02/05/2013

    Seems like it will be a 70's score on metacritic. I've always enjoyed the warioware games but will definitely wait for more details about the game first and to see what the price tag is. If its got plenty of replayability then I don't mind dropping £40 on it.

    The wife loves warioware games. She will end up paying for it if its any good ;)
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  • Grand Theft Auto 5 shown off in three new trailers

  • addyb 01/05/2013

    Hopefully it will be good. For me GTA IV got old real fast. Oh look another mission where I have to pick someone up and drop them off. I may as well play crazy taxi!

    :) In all seriousness I've always enjoyed GTA. I just hope its a return to form.
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  • Wii U Virtual Console goes live in Europe tomorrow

  • addyb 26/04/2013

    I don't mind paying £5.49 for the top SNES games. Marioworld, link to the past, pilot wings etc etc. Depends on whether you will play them. I've made the mistake of spending the same amounts on android/iOS games and forgetting mobile and tablet games are utter utter garbage. Reply +1
  • Link to the Past sequel coming to 3DS

  • addyb 17/04/2013

    Wow Nintendo firing on all cylinders 3DS wise. As much as I love my vita its seriously going to gather dust for a while whilst I snuggle back up with Ninty.

    I'm heavily petting Luigi's Mansion 2, Lego City Undercover and Fire emblem from today. :)
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  • Road Rash creator "ready to do another one" using Kickstarter if there's interest

  • addyb 13/03/2013

    Yes give this to me now!
    Loved the originals.
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  • Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance review

  • addyb 23/02/2013

    frazzl wrote:
    @addyb I am glad you like it :). There is no right or wrong when it comes to opinion. Some people are bound to like Revengeance; some people are bound not to like it so much.

    Same with any game i guess. It would be a dull world if we all liked the same thing :) Whilst i love it, my mate hates it as he cannot get used to the combat. He finds it too hard and hates cut scenes and metal gear games in general. Lol i told him not to buy it as i knew it wasn't his cup of tea.
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  • addyb 22/02/2013


    Wow interesting thoughts there. I honestly feel the exact opposite. I personally think the combat is great and love the parry system. I genuinely don't have a problem with the camera either and think its far worse in the NG games.

    I agree about some of the environments. They could be better and its probably the only problem i have with the game. Yep the story is nuts but its a metal gear game they are all crazy stories and to me its part of the appeal.

    Another plus for me are the bosses. I've found the boss battles thrilling so far and really enjoyed the cut scenes.

    Its a barmy action adventure game.e and i personally love it.
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  • addyb 20/02/2013


    Yeah maybe. Although I've heard off plenty of neogaf users that the game clock only takes into account the times between successful checkpoints. Basically time isn't recorded when you die so with deaths they say an average play through takes 9 hours.

    Will just have to make judgement myself once I've finished it to determine whether I thought it was a short game. Nonetheless I'm really looking forward to it.
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  • addyb 20/02/2013

    Roll on my Amazon order arriving. Been looking forward to this for ages. 9 hours of non stop action with plenty of cut scenes to boot. Bring it on. Reply +1
  • Developers' Most Anticipated Games of 2013

  • addyb 04/01/2013

    There is a ton of games I'm looking forward to this year.

    Dead Space 3
    Metal Gear Rising
    Crysis 3
    Bioshock infinite
    Colonial marines
    Rayman Legends
    Pikmin 3
    The last of us
    Game and Wario

    That's just the ones ive paid attention to. I'm sure I'll be adding more to that list.
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  • Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Review

  • addyb 21/03/2012

    It's a shame this is crap. Like many I expected it though. It looked awful from the footage I watched. Oh well I might just give it a rent.

    I do love the resi franchise though. I really enjoyed resi 5 although I know it's by far the weakest of the series. For me the best ones are 2 and 4. Yes the storyline in 4 was stupid but I enjoyed pretty much all of the game and it ad some fun bosses.

    I'd love to see a remake of resi 2
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  • PS Vita sold 61k units during UK launch - analyst

  • addyb 02/03/2012

    Well I picked one up from shopto on the Tuesday before launch and I'm very impressed. The main draw for me is the fact that my wife and kids have a lot of access to the tv these days so my consoles don't get much of a look in due to this. The vita suits my current lifestyle perfectly. it means the family can have what they want and I can kick back and have a good session.

    I got everybody's golf and rayman at launch and picked up motorstorm from the store. All great games and I've had a blast playing online with voice chat with a few friends. Still it remains to be seen what games do come out for it. There's enough that interest me in the near future but beyond that who knows? I guess I can fall back on my 3DS if there comes a time finding a decent game is tough.
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  • Resistance 3

  • addyb 06/09/2011

    What gets me is comments like "why get this when there are better games out soon" ok gears 3 is out in a couple of weeks but for me theres another month yet until my game of choice (dark souls) and another 2 months until mw3, skyrim etc so I've got plenty of time to get this finished and traded before the other AAA titles arrive. Can't wait to play this. Yes it's nothing new but as long as I have fun I don't really care. I really enjoyed 1&2 so looking forward to playing this. Glad to see old school health packs returning and lots of weapons! Reply +4
  • Game of the Week: Driver: San Francisco

  • addyb 04/09/2011

    I'm in full agreement with miths. I think it's a fantastic game and far better than I thought it was going to be. I really don't get all the hate behind this game. It's the surprise of the year for me. The driving is an absolute blast and plenty of variety in the missions so far and really like the dialogue between the drivers on the side missions/challenges.

    It's a shame really that more people won't give this a chance after the demo. It's far better than the demo and don't let the previous driv3r game put you off, as this is a definite return to form and has the essence of the original imo.

    Plenty of love for this game on other forums I go on. Just seems eurogamers don't want any part of it.

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  • Mortal Kombat

  • addyb 22/04/2011

    Whilst 7 is considered a good score I really can't work out why EG didn't give it a higher mark?

    It's easily an 8 or even a 9. The amount of content this game contains is fantastic. You can tell it's just made for the fans. Story mode and challenge tower are really good and they even threw in the standard arcade mode as well.

    Gameplay wise it's pretty good. The fighting still lacks something for me. I guess I'm just too used to SF but nonetheless it's a great alternative and lots of fun.
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  • Homefront

  • addyb 17/03/2011

    Weird!! A few of us bought HF on weds and we have all been fine connection wise. Not one hint of lag. Reply 0
  • addyb 16/03/2011

    Got my copy today from version) MP is fantastic, lots of fun and the battle points system works really well. In comparison it kind of handles like cod but in a battlefield environment. Graphically the game isn't brilliant, maybe on par with blops but to be honest once your in the heat of battle you don't really notice.

    Grenade throwing is a bit weird but melee attacks are well done. There seems to be a lot of snipers at the moment but you can soon turn the tide when playing battle commander mode. So for anyone who's like me, bored of cod, doesn't like KZ etc then this should keep you entertained for a while. Hit detection is brilliant and although the controls feel a tad clunkier than other fps's you soon adjust to it. As mentioned above the battle points system is inspired. Do you save up your points for a chopper or just buy a flak jacket mid round? Lots of customisation and load outs and pretty much enjoying all the maps. In fact the only gripe I have is that the standard TDM games only last around 5 mins which is a bit short for me.

    Haven't played the campaign yet so can't comment on that but I'd give the online a solid 8/10

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  • Top Spin 4

  • addyb 17/03/2011

    Super tennis! Now that takes me back! Superb game and one of the best launch titles ever imo.

    I've always liked the topspin games but there not titles I pre order or purchase day 1.

    Will no doubt pick this up but not for a few mths yet.
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  • Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition

  • addyb 12/03/2011

    SFIV on the iPhone is ok. Can't complain at all for 59p but to say it's the definitive version has to be the most adsurb comment I think I've ever read on a forum/message board ever!!!

    How exactly is it the best version? I own the game and just cannot fathom out how you can come to this conclusion. I really hope your just on heavy medication :)

    Just 13 characters on iOS as opposed to 35. Severe lack of options and I'm sorry but touch screen controls just don't cut the mustard especially with this genre. I've owned every version of the iPhone and it's ok for the odd 5-10 mins here and there gaming wise, but if i want to be brutally honest 90% of the games are shovelware or just have horrendous controls.

    Still on the fence whether to pick this up or not. Just played far too much SF on the ps3 over the past couple of years so think I'm all hadouken'd out.

    Definitive version of SF4????

    PS3/360 version on a nice sized HDTV with a TE fightstick is your answer!

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  • European Nintendo 3DS Reviewed

  • addyb 06/03/2011

    Well I'll certainly be keeping my pre order. Im a gadget whore and although I'd have preferred the price to be a tad lower it really isn't an issue as I'll pay top dollar for anything I want. (Bought an iPad last mth and will be getting the ipad2 once available!)

    Not over the moon with the launch titles but theres a couple that I fancy and I'll just buy some new ds games to keep me going if need be. Is the 3D effect a gimmick? Probably but I don't care. I've always enjoyed nintendos handhelds and will continue to do so with this.

    I couldn't care less about region locking. I don't get hung up on potential games I might miss, as there will be plenty EU releases to keep me happy. Just looking forward to playing some decent portable games again. My ds died at xmas and have been holding out for the 3Ds. My iPhone 4 just doesn't cut it as a portable gaming device. The controls are horrendous and the app store is filled with absolute crap bar a handful of games.

    So 3DS day 1 purchase and that should keep me going until the NGP release and I'll get that as well! :)
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  • Killzone 3

  • addyb 04/02/2011


    Is move really good with it then? I have but put off buying move as I really didn't fancy it but if it's a worthwhile experience with this game I might be tempted to pick it up.
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