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  • PlayStation Plus July Instant Game Collection revealed

  • adamholymoses 02/07/2015

    Fish and Bird by Tom Waits. What a lovely song.

    I still can't get past the first guard in MGS from last month. The only game in that that series that I could do was the card game on psp
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  • Jon Blyth on: Bloodborne

  • adamholymoses 11/04/2015

    @Guy.J. I've had the impression that the Souls Community is seen as a bit worthy, precious and smug. Like most enthusiastic hobby groups really. Thought that was alluded to in the article a bit too?

    Could be completely wrong though, all I do at the moment is grind for vials and read about grinding for vials on the wiki.

    Good news is I haven't had a nightmare about being bummed by a dragon like I did after too much Dark Souls.
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  • adamholymoses 11/04/2015

    Brilliant article - thanks, interesting chat here too. I didn't 'get' these games initially but upon learning the way they play have become a massive fan.

    What I don't get is the criticisms levelled at the culture around the Souls games/community from some quarters. I don't like playing shooters competitively because I lose a lot. If I practiced I'd maybe get better but I don't enjoy it. So I play other stuff, and what I have learned is that I get so much onanistic, ego fuelled pleasure from beating an area in Bloodborne and its Souls cousins (not beating a person, beating a Game and its rule set) that it has changed the way I play games.

    I stop to look at stuff more, Massive Chests notwithstanding. I don't reload old saves to change the repercussions of my actions. I love the fact I have learnt to imagine my own narrative again, something that stopped happening between the C64 and the Xbox 360.

    I guess what I'm saying fairly ineffectively is that I play games again instead of doing them, all thanks to getting killed for 7 hours solid and hating every second on my first go at Dark Souls.
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  • David Goldfarb on: The favourite thing

  • adamholymoses 24/01/2015

    I like this writing, it's thought provoking without being worthy and engaging without trying too hard. I like the references to the music in this writing because I listen to that music. Maybe some people will discover I Will Dare from clicking on this, surely that's accomplishment enough...

    Thanks, great start to the weekend.
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  • Everything not saved will be lost

  • adamholymoses 08/11/2014

    Agree with bdc

    I really liked that article, it touched on loads of things I know a bit about and want to read more of. Best kind of writing, then, as it encouraged the grind...
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  • The return of the Podcast

  • adamholymoses 15/10/2013

    Brilliant. This was the first podcast I ever downloaded and I love it. Welcome back! Reply 0
  • Saturday Soapbox: It just worked?

  • adamholymoses 24/11/2012

    I really like the fact that Mr Donlan references writers and adds depth to his articles, this could have just had me thinking about Drop 7 a bit more than usual but instead I'm thinking about Ray Bradbury. Nice to read stuff that someone who likes to read wrote. Reply 0
  • Eurogamer Reader Survey 2012

  • adamholymoses 11/11/2012

    Nice customer service, thanks etc. My staff survey at work this year asked, "How did you feel yesterday?".

    If that question had been in this one I would have answered, "Bereft at the lack of a podcast. WHERE HAS THE PODCAST GONE."
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  • Lost Humanity 18: A Table of Doritos

  • adamholymoses 24/10/2012

    @Classique You're calling for someone to be fired now? Amazing. Just don't read his reviews any more, or write better ones. Maybe have an ovaltine and chill out. It's delicious and warming. If ovaltine send me a free sachet I will give it away because I have a new set of internet morals now. Reply -7
  • adamholymoses 24/10/2012

    Really good article about something that's really important, followed by a load of reductive guff about how naughty some people are. The angry responses to the ps3 competition thing alone makes me a little bit sad, as does the fact that the guy who won something for tweeting a quick link has decided to give his prize to a kid's hospital and he's still getting grief. Media is changing at a quicker pace than we can make concrete rules of behaviour for, but half of the comments here clearly show that the audience needs a little composure if it's going to fling anonymous stones at people without looking childish and reactionary.

    Also not enough Dark Souls pictures
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  • Dead Space 3 gained co-op because gamers didn't fancy facing scares alone

  • adamholymoses 21/07/2012

    I really liked the slightly iffy 1, and 2 solved all the niggles I had with it....but wasn't as enjoyable as 1. As such, I have come to the conclusion that I prefer to play something that is not what I thought I wanted as I'm more likely to get over the small problems that I have with something unfamiliar and enjoy it for WHAT IT IS instead of expecting the game to be focus grouped to fuckery and playing like piss wet sand.

    There was a point in there somewhere, about customer feedback being the cornerstone of commerce but the polar opposite of good art. I was thinking about how so few people liked The Velvets when they started, but I ended up with piss wet sand.
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  • Lost Humanity 4: Dark Souls: The Movie

  • adamholymoses 19/07/2012

    @Nisa Yeah, I'm nearly the same as you at the moment, although not as far through it. It's happened twice already in the game though (second instance with the effing Capra Demon) and both times when I came back and finally beat it my satisfaction was much higher than if I had plugged on and through it all first time. This is the first time it's happened with a game - with a big novel I often take a break and go back to it but there's something about Dark Souls that is hard to explain.

    I often go down to the Drakes just to get my face melted off, and that's just weird.
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  • adamholymoses 18/07/2012

    This is the best article on This Kind of Thing I have ever read. Games are wrapped in every other aspect of our popular culture nowadays but when they done like Dark Souls, they become transcendent. Really brilliant writing, thanks EG!

    I wish I didn't keep falling off the bridge in Sen's Fortress though, it's affecting my life more than This Kind of Thing should.

    Also where is Charles please
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  • The Independent Charles Show 2.1

  • adamholymoses 11/07/2012

    Brilliant. More please, art is super and when it's got indie games in it too I feel happy. Could have done without the pubes, which did not look as ginger as I had expected. TEAM Reply +4
  • The Binding of Edmund McMillen

  • adamholymoses 10/07/2012

    I have huge amounts of respect for the fellow, he's doing what he wants and he's dedicated and he has pets that look like ballsacks. I watched the film the other day and I think it was edited in a way that made their characters more polarised than they probably are in their day-to-day to add structure. He definitely came across as feeling wonderment at what he created which is really cool, a lot less clinical and calculated than JB and less 'I'm going up this tower with a high-powered rifle' than PF. For the sequel they should make them all sit in a room and talk to each other, it would be priceless. Reply 0
  • Paul McCartney writing music with Bungie

  • adamholymoses 07/07/2012

    I was kind of joking about the Led Zep thing. Throwaway comment. Sorry for causing offence. I don't think you can really assess any band in a few lines, whether you like them or not. Dancing about architecture and all that.

    I'll make sure I get my face punched and wipe my ears out though.

    Anyway, Paul McCartney eh?
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  • adamholymoses 07/07/2012

    Wow, you guys are having one of those high-brow discussions on music I tend to avoid at dinner parties. Keep going, nothing stereotypical about forum geeks ham-fistedly generalising about something they have little to no knowledge about, box-ticking and trolling are virtually the same thing anyway.

    What is interesting here is that someone who has a huge amount of artistic credibility and twice the amount of cash to roll around in wants to make music for a videogame. We're being accepted yeah.

    Led Zep are shit though, agree with that.
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  • Saturday Soapbox: Magical Manuals

  • adamholymoses 30/06/2012

    Agree button. There was a difference in how we played games because of the manual's technique of explaining the mechanisms of its game compared with the tutorials and drip-fed prompts that we get nowadays. I played through dozens of SNES and N64 games without using all of the moves/buttons available because I hadn't read the instructions through properly or had forgotten them after that excited walk home from town.

    Can't remember the particular game but I blew myself across gaps with bombs instead of utilising the 'jump' button, I recall...
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  • Dead Space 3 changes are about "opening up to a larger audience"

  • adamholymoses 16/06/2012

    It's weird isn't it, I loved the first, enjoyed the second, the completist in me wants to see what happens next but that brown water-influenced press chat just made me want to see what the plot synopsis is on wikipedia once the game launches then forget about it. The definition of an IP that becomes a P. Reply +3
  • David Cameron spends "a crazy, scary amount of time playing Fruit Ninja"

  • adamholymoses 25/05/2012

    @Timotei: Wow, now you've put it so eloquently maybe I won't bother voting any more. I was never as good at that as I was at pissing and moaning anyway, may as well just stick to what comes easier.

    With such radical free thinkers on the loose it won't be long before the Tories are out. Crisis averted.
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  • adamholymoses 24/05/2012

    WELL. That's a lot of the 'C' word, isn't it?

    And I don't mean 'Conservative', gang...I love this story, I like computer games and politics so for those complaining that it's not news or suitable for this site I suggest you stick to trolling Mass Effect 3 DLC threads or whatever.

    Politics tends to get everywhere, it's like when you spill a bottle of your own piss in that respect, and if you don't like the smell then you either have to go somewhere else or make a change.

    I had a point somewhere but I have just spilt a bottle of my own piss and have to sort that out...Do voting not swearing, if you aren't happy with things then do something about it.

    Like send me some shake and vac yeah
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  • The Walking Dead Xbox 360 release date announced

  • adamholymoses 25/04/2012

    I loved the comics a few years back - my best mate had a stack of them in his toilet for when he was hungover so the memories of the plot are tinged with a sicky-mouthed red wine sensation... Went off it when it started getting proper nasty though and have also not stuck with the TV show after Egg started getting on my tits with his 'stare into the middle distance' approach to zombie apocalypse.

    I'll definitely look at this though as my Xbox is a download only machine since it gave up with physical media. It's like being in the future in my gaff nowadays.

    Not keen on the prospect of QTEs though, however minimally they play into things - Space Ace et al ruined those for me
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  • Lone Survivor Review

  • adamholymoses 25/04/2012

    Thanks for both the review, Mister Denby, and the link to Kongregate, toy_brain. Great to find out about these treasures - I really enjoyed the demo and will be doing a buy all over Steam later.

    The art style is brilliant, I don't even think of these approaches as stylised or pixellated to be honest when the story is interesting and I don't have to pay 40 quid to play a rehash of Halo.

    It does run like a Spectrum game which I love, having been a C64 boy I appreciate games where the solitude that can be wrung from such a simple set-up is really apparent and clever. Old man quote though: That party at the start is similar to most of the ones I went to in my 20s etc.
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  • Global Xbox 360 sales down nearly 50% year-on-year

  • adamholymoses 22/04/2012

    What the F

    This thread has gone nutso, I was only skimming it because my Xbox finally gave up last week and won't read disks, so is an XBLA machine and needs replacing, but it's actually turned into an advert for why people assume gamers are bonkers.

    Carry on though, it's really entertaining
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  • Polytron vows to squish Fez bugs

  • adamholymoses 16/04/2012

    I can't be annoyed about this, because I've been sucked in so much that it feels like having to restart my Xbox every few hours because Fez has completely stopped it from working is part of the game. I still haven't got round to getting Skyrim, a game I will adore, because of the bugs but with this I don't mind. I also spent today obsessing over the languages in a way that is both distressing and awesome. Getting harder to avoid spoilers now though so I may have to abstain from the internet until I have done it all... Reply -2
  • Grasshopper considering Shadows of the Damned sequel

  • adamholymoses 22/03/2012

    I tend to play 'value for money' JRPGs and the like and I found this to be a massive breath of fresh air - loved the art style and the bosses having more backstory than a lot of AAA toss that I've dragged myself through (yes, I know, three pages and some pictures>Halo 3 is the kind of generalisation I'd be inclined to hurl around but if I had got to walk across a bridge constructed of Cortana's tits I'd probably be more enthusiastic...). Picked it up for Ł3 new before xmas, more fun than teaching your cats to dance. Reply 0
  • Quarrel XBLA exposes baffling Microsoft word filter

  • adamholymoses 27/01/2012

    I lost a round because 'spikes' didn't work, then 'spike' didn't, then I accidentally forfeit because I was pressing all the buttons on my joypad like an angry monkey.

    Still loving the game though
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  • Quarrel Review

  • adamholymoses 26/01/2012

    Played the c word in my second AI match

    Life doesn't get much better than that...

    When I was playing online it crashed right at the end though, anyone else having issues or is it just my neighbours watching Eastenders in HD or something?
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  • App of the Day: Run Roo Run

  • adamholymoses 25/01/2012


    Seriously, the irrational shouting is doing my tits in. Just because you can use your bloody android phone to type out your brain into whiny anti-apple pouts and accuse one of the more balanced sites I've visited of bias doesn't mean you have to.

    If I were the editorial team on here I'd only cover ipad games for the rest of the week as a response that matches the maturity of the outcry. I'm all for user-led discourse if it improves things for everyone but if I wanted the internet to only feed me the views and opinions I liked I would carry a fucking pocket mirror instead of my phone.

    Which only has snake on it.
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  • Darksiders 2 Preview: Looting the Classics

  • adamholymoses 24/01/2012

    @duckmouth Yeah, the story was a bit like a Marvel Holiday Special but at least you could skip the cutscenes and there was no QTE. i have no idea what the plot was and it didn't affect my enjoyment one bit. Reply +1
  • adamholymoses 24/01/2012

    Yes! Recently played the first one through and it was a more fun and less finicky Zelda (before I have to duck, the last one of those I played was Twilight Princess and I had to drag myself though it). I guess I have just reached an age where throwing cars at zombies is cool, 2 Crude Dudes ftw...

    It sounds like they have generally just made some improvements and made it bigger which would normally feel like a cop-out for a sequel but because the last one was so unassuming it'll hopefully add up to tasty second helpings after a surprisingly good main course.
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  • Resident Evil 6 six-player co-op confirmed?

  • adamholymoses 24/01/2012

    I once couldn't go into my kitchen because a bee was in there after playing Code:Veronica all day. Can they do that again please?

    I was so excited about 5 but have never made it past the first level for some reason, bought it twice 2nd hand and got bored the same time both times. Maybe the series has just lost its pull for me? I still fancy that Ada Wong chick though
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  • Syndicate Xbox Live demo release date

  • adamholymoses 24/01/2012

    All this arguing over prices has made me realise I've been a fool all along and should now be doing all of my shopping at Lidl. The own brand vodka can also be used for unblocking drains and cleaning the limescale out of your iron, I'm onto a winner. Reply +1
  • Double Fine's Happy Action Theatre release date

  • adamholymoses 15/01/2012

    Surely doing stuff like this will result in folk like Double Fine having more opportunity to develop interesting new stuff too...It reminds me of something John Cusack said once about doing big crowd pleasing films in order to fund cooler stuff. Obviously this is pretty dependent on the dev's integrity as it would be only human to roll around in your pots of cash and release safe sequels (coughRarecough) Reply 0
  • Updated Mass Effect Liara statue has smaller breasts

  • adamholymoses 11/01/2012

    Wow, I only found this website because I was searching google images for "Naughty blue alien chicks with intimidating bangers and a gun". Reply +13
  • Retrospective: Mirror's Edge

  • adamholymoses 10/04/2011

    Most things seem pretty pointless to me, that's why they are fun.

    I loved this and I rarely get into score attack games and stuff, my competitive nature was beaten out of me by my early 20s yeah...I think what I loved most was that they had a pretty lady character who you couldn't see, which made her even hotter, and I did the train section in about three goes after the luxury of watching my mate fail at it for about 2 hours (resulting in a controller hitting the wall at some velocity).

    God, it looked so nice too. Like how I thought the future would look like when I was 6. I have tried doing a parkour though and it is both tricky and frustrating. Wow, like the train bit...
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  • Podcast #56

  • adamholymoses 18/02/2011

    Is 'Mr Bramwell's exasperated "fuck"' an adult version of the popular DS puzzle game series with the top hats and stuff? Reply +1