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  • Pokémon Go officially released in the UK

  • abeeken 14/07/2016

    And not a jot of work was done on that day... Reply +2
  • Paedophiles, lures and susceptible children: the UK tabloids take on Pokémon Go

  • abeeken 12/07/2016

    Oh look, scare stories from the gutter press whose readers will believe anything. And people wonder why most of the UK population voted to leave the EU? Reply +7
  • Red Dead Redemption launched via Xbox One back compatibility with most DLC free

  • abeeken 08/07/2016

    @popej DSFix sorts some things out, but I'm having a horrible time with my 360 pad on it - doesn't seem to recognise that full forward is full forward and will only cause the character to walk. I've used Duranzo but I can't seem to get it perfect. Just feels like I'm fighting with the game most of the time. Reply 0
  • abeeken 08/07/2016

    @Swooper_D I'm not so fussed about Red Dead as I've got that on my PS3 from Plus a while back. I think the increase of prices coupled with the demand does show how underrated back compatibility is in a console, though. Nintendo should have put it front and center as one of the key features of Wii U - most people still don't know it plays all old Wii games, including downloadable ones from the EShop. Reply +1
  • abeeken 08/07/2016

    @UKRaver1980 Thanks! Might get Dark Souls as my only copy at the moment is the abysmal PC port. Reply 0
  • abeeken 08/07/2016

    What's the performance like on the B/C games? I'm probably picking up a BOneS when they launch next month and B/C is one of the reasons. Tempted to go and hit up our local second hand game shops to pick up some 360 games that are compatible. Reply +2
  • When Kickstarters go bad: chasing down the Recreated ZX Spectrum

  • abeeken 08/07/2016

    I must admit I approach Kickstarter with some trepidation. To date I've only backed two things - the Awesomenauts expansion pack and the Dark Souls board game. The former wasn't a huge pledge plus I was a player of the game and knew there was a sizeable player base. It felt safe. The latter I ummed and ahhed over for a while and only actually bid as a late backer once they'd secured funding. That was a more sizeable amount of money and I'm hoping they can deliver on it. Reply 0
  • Exposed YouTube star says sorry you didn't realise he owned gambling site he promoted

  • abeeken 07/07/2016

    Was looking at the What's On guide for this year's egx and noticed that Syndicate berk is supposed to be making an appearance. Awkward. Reply +12
  • Sonic the Hedgehog turns 25 today

  • abeeken 24/06/2016

    @Pierre2k Totally picking that up today. Generations is a sound game on its own and Lost World is worth a go at that price. Quite enjoyed bits of it on Wii U but it's very uneven. Reply +2
  • Minecraft's new Battle Mode season pass costs Ł7.99

  • abeeken 21/06/2016

    Sooo, can you use any map you've created in battle mode? If so, my kids will be all over that - I might even use it to set challenges for them; build a map and we'll all PvP on it. Reply +1
  • Kratos is now voiced by Stargate SG-1's Christopher Judge

  • abeeken 15/06/2016

    Is this even meant to be the same Kratos? Sure, he looks similar but being norse is this a totally new lore? Reply +6
  • Microsoft announces the Xbox One S price and release date

  • abeeken 13/06/2016

    Glad I waited! Reply +1
  • Xbox One S console leak: 40% smaller, 2TB, 4K

  • abeeken 12/06/2016

    Stands on its side? Well, I'll be waiting on this to launch then. Space saving vertical machines FTW. Reply 0
  • Lego Dimensions' second year adds Harry Potter, Adventure Time, A-Team

  • abeeken 09/06/2016

    Oh my good golly good gosh! Reply +1
  • abeeken 09/06/2016

    So... no new game disc required then? If so, spot on Travellers Tales and Warner - you're doing everything right. Reply +3
  • The Witcher 3's Gwent set to be a standalone game

  • abeeken 08/06/2016

    Aww, I'd love a physical version of this from someone like Fantasy Flight! Reply 0
  • No more shipping delays for HTC Vive VR headset

  • abeeken 08/06/2016

    @BOFH_UK I totally agree, especially regarding the lack of middle ground and lack of desire to build things up over time - we've seen it with 3DTV; my argument is that I'm more likely to watch 3D at home rather than the cinema but after the initial expensive push it should have been pushed as standard in sets and Blu-Ray, rather than be seen as the expensive option and then dismissed as being dead.

    I think I'll adopt VR if I can see me using it more than a handfull of times. I've certainly got the space, but my disposable income needs consideration - even Ł200 for a GPU seems steep to me when I could pick up an XBox One for a little bit more (an argument I've been having regarding upgrading my PC VS getting a new console which I can then play from the sofa with my wife)

    It'll be interesting to see where it goes. Certainly the chatter seems to have died down since release but if PSVR can pull off a compelling consumer product then we may be onto a winner.
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  • abeeken 08/06/2016

    Had a chance to play around on a Vive and it really was a wonderful experience, but I do still worry about:

    * The non-consumer friendly price point; yes, great if you're a VR fanatic with a bottomless wallet (seriously, where do all you fanatics GET your bottomless wallets? Do you find pound coins by cutting down long grass, like Link?) but for it to REALLY make an impact it needs to hit consumers as a MUST have and AFFORDABLE piece of tech
    * If it DOESN'T get that impact and reach, will it still be viable to produce compelling software for it? A lot of what I played was really tech demo status, even the gloriously fun Job Simulator. The Kinect fell down when developers failed to produce a varied array of experiences for it and I worry that VR will go the same way.

    As I said, I think the tech is incredible - walking around on the seabed surrounded by luminescent fish was utterly breathtaking and Job Simulator was huge amounts of fun. I do hope that PSVR can create a worthy experience - that has the price point that could help the tech break even. The TV pass through has kind of nixed my concerns that it would kill social (i.e. engaging with people in the same room as you while you play) gaming because we had a lot of fun talking to the person playing the game, but I'm a way off from wanting to invest myself. SO much money.
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  • Nintendo eShop half-price sale for fifth anniversary

  • abeeken 07/06/2016

    @specialgamer I'm kind of hoping that tying NNID to Nintendo accounts will keep a log of your purchases (I know I can certainly see my eshop transaction history on Nintendo.co.uk) and that nx will launch with a full virtual console selection. Either way I'm likely to be keeping hold of my Wii U for the Wii back compatibility. Kind of wished I'd done the same with my Wii for GC games - finding a component cable for GC these days at a good price is impossible! Reply +2
  • abeeken 07/06/2016

    @VideoGameAddict25 I'm almost tempted to so I can shelf my disc version! The saves work across disc and digital as I found with Mario Galaxy 2. Reply +2
  • Horizon Zero Dawn release date confirmed for March

  • abeeken 06/06/2016

    Looking forward to this one - looks great. Reply +13
  • The UK's only video game TV show canned

  • abeeken 06/06/2016

    @andrewsqual Ahh, Bits. From my uni days. Back when MTV used to have music on it too. Reply +3
  • abeeken 06/06/2016

    Sad to hear - it does sound like it wasn't exactly lacking for fans either! It's a shame that they don't want to try and take the format to YouTube, either, even as a semi-regular thing done alongside their other jobs.

    We've been putting out a magazine format show at NGB on YouTube for the past few months now (Linky) and it's a tough call. We're trying to streamline things but we do find that with shorter shows available on YT people tend to balk at our half hour time. I am, however, adamant that there is an audience out there, somewhere, who will sit and watch longer content on YT and I think there is room for a magazine style show! I know it's a bit self promotiony but if peeps could take a look and shout out what you like and dislike about the show I'd appreciate it :)
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  • The Order: 1886 dev Ready at Dawn's next game is a physics-based arena brawler

  • abeeken 02/06/2016

    This looks like a lot of fun. Games don't have to be shiny and photo realistic to be good, although I so hope RaD get another shot at The Order - I really enjoyed the narrative and there was some interesting world building going on that could lead to something really special on the right environment. Reply 0
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan review

  • abeeken 01/06/2016

    The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade machine is an oddity which, despite not being all that great
    Uh... incorrect.
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  • Minecraft gets new mini-game mode on PlayStation, Wii U, Xbox

  • abeeken 26/05/2016

    This might actually get me playing the game with my kids. No interest in the building mode but some structured split screen pvp would be cool.

    Does anyone know how the wii u version plays? We've got it on ps3 at the mo but that means the kids taking over my office when they want to play - the wii u is on the lounge with enough controllers for a full 4 player set up so thinking of moving them to there.
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  • June's free Xbox Games with Gold titles include XCOM, The Crew

  • abeeken 24/05/2016

    GWG has been pretty damn good of late. Your move, Sony. Reply 0
  • King of Fighters 14 launches in Europe in August

  • abeeken 20/05/2016

    I've always had a soft spot for team fighting games like KoF and MvC. This looks pretty decent! I do miss the old hand drawn style of these games though :( Reply +5
  • Nintendo's mobile Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing games will be free-to-play

  • abeeken 11/05/2016

    A part of me is HOPING that, with Nintendo tying their ID system into all these mobile titles it's a stealth way of getting people interested in NX - perhaps actions in these games will carry over to the big boy console and they're hoping that they can convert mobile players into traditional console owners? Reply +6
  • abeeken 11/05/2016

    @thes I'd say a little from column A, a little from column B on Shuffle. My son plays it and is totally happy with the FTP mechanics, can play it to a point and then leave it and is also happy to grind previous stages, however I get frustrated when I don't feel like I'm progressing and that the game is actively working against me. I got a similar feeling with Two Dots on my phone which had some interesting mechanics totally mauled by an overly aggressive "randomisation" mechanic that seemed to be fighting against player progression and funnelling you towards buying powerups. I think it's there to a point in Shuffle but it is softened somewhat by that Nintendo edge. Reply +1
  • Super Mario (officially) in Minecraft on Wii U

  • abeeken 09/05/2016

    @Machiavellian For us it's the split screen on the Lego games that makes the Wii U shine. We've got a couple on PS4 and they hate the fact that they have to share screen real estate, while on the Wii U they both get their own screen and by and large prefer using the pad over the 42" TV! Could be novelty, but kids like novelty. Reply +4
  • abeeken 09/05/2016

    @dogmanstaruk My kids love the hell out of Mario. Obviously this could be my influence but I find that their friends are quite down with the characters and games. In fact, despite being mainly Playstation owning/FIFA playing types they all seem pretty down with Nintendo machines and games. It seems to be the "too cool for school" teens and jaded older gamers that are anti-Ninty. Reply +3
  • Dark Souls 3 player defeats one of its hardest bosses in one hit

  • abeeken 05/05/2016

    @dogmanstaruk The only one I've taken grief from so far was the Curse Rotted Great Tree but hearing it was optional I pushed on to the Road of Sacrifices, came back to it after I'd totalled the Crystal Sage. I'll be honest, I had to call on NPC summons for both the Sage and the Abyss Watchers, mainly to distract and deal with their clones. Reply 0
  • abeeken 05/05/2016

    I've not yet made it to Pontiff as I've abandoned my game at the frknggddmn Catacombs. Was having a great time up until then. I'll probably come back to it once Uncharted 4 is done and dusted. Reply -1
  • Harrison Ford, Daisy Ridley, Carrie Fisher recorded new dialogue for Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens

  • abeeken 04/05/2016

    After the disappointing Avengers LEGO game this looks excellent. Reply -1
  • Goofy slapstick replaces the run-and-gun action in the Ratchet & Clank movie

  • abeeken 28/04/2016

    Looking forward to this - as a fan of Ratchet & Clank since the first game released, I'm loving the reimagined game, as are my kids who are also keen to see the movie. If this does as well as the game, I'd like to see a proper return to the more visually appealing 3D platformer. The game is SO colourful in ways that I've not yet seen outside of a Nintendo console this gen, and is a breath of fresh air from all the dour, grim, oh so serious titles that seem to populate modern systems. Reply +5
  • Sony's PSN is making more money than all of Nintendo

  • abeeken 28/04/2016

    @freeradical Never pass up a good opportunity to show Nintendo in a bad light with a clickbaity headline. SHOCKING! You won't believe this ONE WEIRD TRICK Sony used to make MORE MONEY than NINTENDO! Reply -1
  • abeeken 28/04/2016

    @danieldeitermann With all due respect, if you really think their games are that amazing you'd support them by buying their hardware. I'd also argue that there are more exclusives on the Wii U than you think, EVEN more when you consider that Wii games are also compatible with the system. I have both Wii U and PS4 for current gen systems and I have probably more titles for my Wii U across both boxed titles and downloads. Quality over quantity is better every time. Reply +3
  • PlayStation Plus May games include Tropico 5 and Table Top Racing

  • abeeken 27/04/2016

    @andrewsqual Lots of negs here! Tokyo Jungle, I'd forgotten about that. Yeah, surprised we've not seen that yet. Might pick it up anyway, been meaning to give it a go. Reply -2
  • abeeken 27/04/2016

    Internet: LEAKED! PS Plus Lineup includes WATCH DOGS! TETRIS!

    Sony: Yeah, no... Hope all you "News" sites enjoyed the ad revenue you got from those feverish clicks though...


    EDIT: For the record, I'm looking forward to these. Tropico games are generally great on PC so interted to see how this stacks up on PS4, plus my kids will be all over Table Top Racing.
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  • Nintendo fans can cheer themselves with an excellent Wii U, 3DS Humble Bundle

  • abeeken 27/04/2016

    Even though I got it in a previous bundle for PC, I'll probably pick this up to play Darksiders 2 with a little more convenience. Was also thinking about picking up a portable Street Fighter so - win. Also good to see that the codes work outside of the US this time - I think the last Humble Nintendo Bundle was US only? Reply +6
  • Nintendo's NX console launches March 2017 globally

  • abeeken 27/04/2016

    @Kasjer That's what I want from a Nintendo machine. Quality first and second party experiences I can't get anywhere else. I want my Eternal Darknesses, my Rogue Squadrons, my Pandora's Towers, Metroid Primes, Mario Galaxys etc. The Wii U saw a big drop off in that support despite there being some utterly solid, well produced and rewarding titles for it, not having the likes of Rare and Silicon Knights, not having Retro push a new Metroid title out and not exploring new, unique IP beyond Splatoon did hurt the machine. I can't help but think that it was screwed over from the get go when UbiSoft et al pulled out of their "unprecedented partnerships". How much were Nintendo hoping to have support from these companies and their studios? How much had they pulled back on internal development leading up to launch? Reply 0
  • abeeken 27/04/2016

    @MccyMcFlinn I think the reaction to this particular news backs up your point. We've become very angry and reactionary over the last few years since the internet has allowed us all to talk together, has allowed us to make up opinions on things before we've even seen a scrap of what it's about or got our hands on it, has allowed opinion to be broadcast as fact and I think the cookie cutter media we consume is very reflective of this. Reply -3
  • abeeken 27/04/2016

    @Mr.Spo "Additional information about Nintendo’s E3 plans will be announced in the future."

    They've been pushing to do their own, fringe events every year. Perhaps they'll be down the street doing their own thing? Again, who knows. I'm playing the wait and see game rather than getting het up right now.
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  • abeeken 27/04/2016

    @I_Am_CatButler Maybe! I did think it looked a little TOO slick for Wii U. At least it kind of confirms that NX won't be some kind of stripped back Android machine like some people were worried about. Reply 0
  • abeeken 27/04/2016

    @SuperSoupy Quite - not showing NX doesn't mean that they won't show Zelda RUNNING on NX. If it's shiny enough to silence the "LOL, Nintendo need high end grafix or gtfo!" crowd then that'll do at least. I'm happy waiting. I've still got stuff going back to PS2 that I'm playing. Reply 0
  • abeeken 27/04/2016

    @Simatron3000 That's true, but I guess it depends on who the target audience is for that March launch - whether they're looking to their existing fanbase for early adoption and hoping to get enough traction to build up to Xmas 2017, rather than launching just before Xmas 2016 and getting lost among the people who've already purchased said XBoxes and PS4's. I don't know - I just want to play some quality games. It all feels a little stagnant at the moment. Reply 0
  • abeeken 27/04/2016

    @Simatron3000 Once was a time the general public would have to wait and find out about new things either in print or when they came out and saw an advert on TV. I'd almost prefer to go back to that so that we didn't have to suffer the knee jerk reactions of the internet... Reply +6
  • abeeken 27/04/2016

    @Stornatus I'd argue that we've lost a lot of originality in gaming with the move to more focus on multiplat. It's all about churning out annual FPS or open world games and the new IP that we do get seems to fall into those cookie cutter genres. They may be great games but I want something like that feeling when Dark Souls 1 came out, or when Killer 7 hit GameCube, or the first time I played Ico. No one takes risks any more because we expect similarity from year to year and the mass market only wants it's Calls of Doody or its "Insert GTA clone here" open world game. Reply +3
  • Nintendo bringing Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem to smartphones next

  • abeeken 27/04/2016

    Please don't be FTP... Reply +7