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  • I never want to play Shenmue 3, Half-Life 3 or The Last Guardian

  • abeeken 12/04/2014

    I understand your reticence, but I think we need games like this; big name releases that try to push an define what we mean by "Next Generation" - the current releases on new consoles aren't really doing this. At the moment, nothing is redefining our hobby and games are turning into business as usual only shinier. The big problem will be if they are released and fail to meet expectations, but I for one will welcome them when they come. Reply +3
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition to have Kinect voice commands

  • abeeken 11/04/2014

    Oh emm gee teh next gens! Please... Reply +4
  • Nintendo's very bizarre Tomodachi Life video

  • abeeken 10/04/2014

    Nintendo keep putting out some of the most insane and irreverent game software - and it's that which defines why people continue to love them. Reply +4
  • Secrets of Raetikon takes to the skies next week

  • abeeken 10/04/2014

    @Headless_Monkey_Boy Yes, it would be nice to see them continue to support the system. Me and my kids still love multiplayer bouts on Chasing Aurora, especially as it forces you to pass the gamepad around between players - in their eyes "Everyone gets a go"! Reply +1
  • PlayStation Store Easter Sale has Ni no Kuni for 5.49

  • abeeken 09/04/2014

    Oh my. Looks like I'll be getting OlliOlli and Ni No Kuni later then... Reply +3
  • The Last of Us: Remastered for PS4 revealed

  • abeeken 09/04/2014

    I know I'll get negged for this, because goddamn me for not towing the party line, but I really worry about this trend of simply shovelling remakes onto these new systems in order to increase the number of games on them. Yes, I said shovelling because I see this being no better than shovelware (high quality shovelware, I'm not criticising the game here) where the publisher is rehashing old material in order to make a quick buck.

    Not only is this potentially stifling innovation, not providing a compelling reason to upgrade to the newer consoles, it's also numbing the argument for back compatibility, something I strongly believe in. Take this announcement. I'm hoping that Sony either implement a cross buy or at least a discount system for PSN users who own the original game. But what if they don't? Isn't it a bit of a slap in the face for users who have shown brand loyalty with the PS3 and decided to ditch their old collection, knowing full well they couldn't take it with them?

    We want to retain our old collections but that is more often coming at the cost of space - yet we also want to see the industry innovate! When we moved from PS1 to PS2, there was no remake of Final Fantasy 9, the last big game for the former system; cleverly Sony made the PS2 back compatible and used this as a feature - upgrade, get a better system but still play your old games as well as those recent releases! Bring your saves over with your memory card! The consumer wins here. They even carried this over to the early PS3 machines and, while you can argue that it was removed to cut costs, I think the truth to this is that the PS2 was still doing well and Sony saw a market they wanted to cash in on. I wonder if the PS4 had BC would the machine have sold even better than it did. Keeping people investing in the old tech is, unfortunately, not beneficial for the consumer and this is a result of this.

    Remakes, reimaginings, updates; it's one thing bringing out something niche, like Jak HD, sometime after the game has had it's time, as a cut priced curio - it's entirely different when this is being done with something that isn't even a year old, something that is perfectly serviceable on the device it was designed to run on, and charging people a premium; it stinks of consumer manipulation to me.

    So go on - make me red; but I want a discussion here. Someone give me a convincing argument as to how this benefits the consumer.
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  • Sony releases "the ultimate balance update" for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

  • abeeken 08/04/2014

    It's a fun game, but it does feel a bit lacking in some areas; I think the sheer amount of character, zone and customisation options in Smash Bros gives it the edge. Plus they missed a trick by not having cross play/save in the Vita version - cross buy was great but when I realised I couldn't port my unlocks between systems I felt a bit diddled.

    Still, it's polished, the fighting system is decent and actually promotes the use of super moves - there's a certain hectic feeling about trying to charge that level three while constantly dodging the opponents attacks.
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  • Strider retrospective

  • abeeken 06/04/2014

    Strider was one of the defining games of my childhood - the visuals were totally unparalleled and I would always seek out a cabinet whenever I visited an arcade. I did have the home version for the Amiga. In hindsight it was terrible, slow and clunky but when I was ten I loved the hell out of it and played it absolutely to death. Reply +2
  • Goat Simulator review

  • abeeken 31/03/2014

    This reminds me of the silliness that Sensible Software used to make for Amiga Power coverdiscs; Sim Mower comes to mind where you had to mow a lawn. There was also a really random quiz thing. Good times.

    Tempted to pick this up; looks like the kind of escapism I need.
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  • EA's Origin ditches physical discs

  • abeeken 31/03/2014

    Then they need to sort out the pricing. Last I looked a digital copy of Titanfall on PC was exactly the same as a physical copy when bought from Origin - 45. In my opinion that is disgusting and not selling consumers on the idea of buying digital at all. Compare that with music on Amazon where you can sometimes get a 50% discount by choosing digital over physical and it's no wonder that downloads have boomed in that area. Reply +1
  • Looks like the Metro games are coming to PS4 and Xbox One

  • abeeken 31/03/2014

    @MrE26 The problem is, with remastered films and albums, it's not a creative effort. It requires a technical team to clean up the various recordings and then put them out in the new format, however here it sometimes requires recoding, rebuilding assets, reworking engines for new tech - time that could be better spent working on new property for systems that really need it. Again, don't forget that CD's, DVD's etc will still play in newer technology (with the exception of VHS, of course, which is now outmoded) whereas lack of backwards compatibility is driving us into the situation where console gamers are being forced to either buy their stuff again or keep their old hardware; either way just seems unfair to me. Juxtapose that with the PC market where games are, for the most part, compatible across generations and console gaming is becoming less and less appealing for me and others. Reply -2
  • abeeken 31/03/2014

    @Napo2k I'm with you on this. I have nothing against people being able to play older games but as we move through console generations I can't help but feel we're getting less incentive to upgrade our machines. Where's the new IP to say "Hey, look at what these consoles can do! You really need one!" I was sold a PS2 on the likes of MGS2, GT3, Jak and Daxter - games that were a vast improvement on their predecessors. Moving to the last gen, I got a 360 because of PGR, Dead Rising and, believe it or not, Kameo - again, games which showed exactly why we should be upgrading. So far this gen - nothing. Nothing is showing off these new machines. It's business as usual only shinier. I think gaming is truly in a rut at the moment and the blame is firmly with the "hardcore" crowd. Bring back the heyday of PS2/GameCube when Sony and Nintendo had some truly original and almost daring first and third party games on their machines! Reply +2
  • Nintendo and Sega team up for Sonic: Lost World Zelda DLC

  • abeeken 26/03/2014

    @VideoGameAddict25 It's really not that bad. It's not amazing but it's certainly not a 4. I believe the patch that updates the game addresses many of the issues such as no 1ups for 100 rings and also addresses some of the balance issues. It's nowhere near as polished as something like Mario 3D world, but it's well worth a punt. Reply +2
  • This €2000 version of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure includes a Swarovski figurine

  • abeeken 26/03/2014

    Because of course it does... Reply 0
  • Luftrausers turned a profit in two days on Steam alone

  • abeeken 25/03/2014

    Picked it up on PSN today while it was on offer for Plus subscribers - wonderful! A gem to have on Vita as it's really suited for portable play! Reply +2
  • Wii U Virtual Console gets first GBA game next week

  • abeeken 25/03/2014

    While this is an excellent game, there really needs to be a push for some kind of cross buy incentive. Still, the pass and play multiplayer makes this worth the purchase for game pad only play. Reply +3
  • Assassin's Creed: Unity confirmed by Ubisoft with in-game footage

  • abeeken 21/03/2014

    Black Flag is probably the best of the series yet. You're missing out on a hell of a game. Reply +3
  • abeeken 21/03/2014

    Damn it, looks like I'll be getting a PS4 before the year is out... Reply 0
  • Mario vs. Donkey Kong spotted for Wii U at GDC

  • abeeken 21/03/2014

    @el_pollo_diablo They're presumably using MvDK to show this off as it has relatively simple mechanics and the assets are readily available. Don't underestimate the importance of this. Most apps on smartphone devices are just compiled web code and it is very easy for wannabe developers to pick up html and javascript skills. If Nintendo are serious about nurturing new developers, embracing this tech is key. Reply +1
  • abeeken 21/03/2014

    Not sure if you're all wilfully trolling or just haven't bothered reading beyond the headline... Reply +4
  • abeeken 21/03/2014

    @Pandy Absolutely my thoughts. As usual everyone is overlooking the important part of the article that this tech demo was created using very readily available tech (you could write this on your pc with no need to licence a specific environment like unity) and even deploy it to the web or mix a version for mobile off the same source code. Because, damn it, we can't have a Nintendo article with a positive spin now can we? Reply +17
  • No plans for a new Unreal Tournament, says Epic

  • abeeken 20/03/2014

    Boo! I like to think there is a demand for a totally uncomplicated, community focused multiplayer shooter. No silly XP and perks, streamlined pick up and shoot weapon options a variety of game modes with a strong push on score based death match. Just me? I'd like to hope not... Reply +15
  • Sony announces Project Morpheus virtual reality headset for PlayStation 4

  • abeeken 19/03/2014

    I can't get excited about these kinds of devices coming into the living room. The tech is awesome, don't get me wrong - I had a blast using the Oculus at EGX last year; but for me, gaming is a social excercise, something I, on a whole, share with my family. We sit on the sofa, play together and talk about what's happening. Even single player games like Assassins Creed and Deus Ex have been things I've shared with my wife - we've discussed plot points, talked about how we think the stories are going to play out - they're things we revisit in casual conversation "Do you remember the bit when..."

    So, for me, I look at something like this and see it as another way gaming is becoming antisocial. You can argue that the internet and online play has made gaming MORE social but I disagree. Playing online with disembodied voices is a far more antisocial experience than having a group of friends over for a gaming session, sitting together, sharing jibes, beer and pizza.

    I also wonder how much support things like this will get - we've seen what a hit things like the Wii U tablet has been for third party developers and Sony doesn't have a track record of supporting their own experimental peripherals well (Move?) with the possible exception of the EyeToy which had a surprising amount of games.

    And what of the rising cost of gaming? So many people were very publicly burned by Kinect (myself included - again, brilliant hardware with very little purpose on game console) that they are likely to be reluctant to invest in another expensive toy which may have a few interesting games and PoC's to play on it.

    Perhaps I'm wrong, this will be a big hit and we'll all be playing VR games in a couple of years time. I just can't see it. It's okay to get excited about the tech because it is revolutionary, but take a step back and look at your hobby, your life surrounding that and ask - is this REALLY something I need? Will it enrich my experience in gaming or will it just be something shiny that will sit on my side and get occasional use?

    Maybe I'm not the audience here! :)
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  • A new RollerCoaster Tycoon game has been announced!

  • abeeken 17/03/2014

    They do, of course, have a chance to surprise us by releasing a product that we can actually buy, rather than an F2P service that we have to keep chugging money into. Reply 0
  • abeeken 17/03/2014

    Reply +16
  • Next-Gen Face-Off: The Lego Movie Videogame

  • abeeken 16/03/2014

    @Hutchie-ace Lego Marvel is, hands down, one of the best Lego games I've played since The Complete Saga. Having an original script really helps; I thought using voice samples from the movies in LotR was a bit weird. Reply +4
  • Wii Sports Club updated with Sports Resort levels

  • abeeken 14/03/2014

    The fact that they can add to the individual sports makes me hope they can add other sports as time goes on (hint: Table tennis oh yes please Nintendo...) Reply +4
  • abeeken 14/03/2014

    Free DLC? No one can complain about that. Reply +8
  • Yoshi's New Island review

  • abeeken 13/03/2014

    I'll be honest, I wasn't holding out much hope for this. Out of all the Nintendo franchises, Yoshi's Island is the one which never really seems fresh beyond the original. Yoshi's Epic Yarn, however, looks to be the bees knees. Reply +11
  • Play BBC's 30th anniversary Hitchhiker's Guide adventure game

  • abeeken 10/03/2014

    Oh well, bye bye productivity... Reply 0
  • Xbox One controller must be updated for stereo headset adapter to work

  • abeeken 07/03/2014

    If they can patch controller firmware now (something I noticed happening a few updates ago on Wii U, the pad firmware updated alongside the system firmware) I'm wondering why we can't have system wide sensitivity settings? PC games have long allowed for mouse sensitivity settings to be tweaked, as did many Wii FPS games that used the pointer on the Wiimote. So why not controllers? Reply +3
  • Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition comes with a real life Spiny Shell

  • abeeken 06/03/2014

    I WANT IT NOW!!! Reply +2
  • Batman: Arkham Knight revealed, has driveable Batmobile

  • abeeken 04/03/2014

    @Nazo 'dat Batman pack with New Zealand Story and FA-18 Interceptor. My cuz got that. I was always so jealous as I got the Screen Gems pack which was all a pile of bobbins except for Shadow of the Beast 2. Reply +4
  • abeeken 04/03/2014

    Rocksteady back? Please be an AC sequel, please have Conroy back as Bats. Please. Reply 0
  • Now European Commission investigates free-to-play games

  • abeeken 28/02/2014

    Interestingly had a rant about this in my first podcast appearance which we recorded on Wednesday night. I think there are some very good examples of F2P out there - look at Steel Diver on 3DS, free to play both off and online without restrictions, with the full game costing 8.99; this acts more like an extended demo. Then you have the aggressive model of both pricing and restriction like DK and King's games - make the game barely playable and hard to enjoy, all the while dangling carrots in front of the player; very expensive, gold plated carrots.

    Is the issue here that there is now a new audience for these games who are simply not used to the traditional "buy once, play many" way of consuming games? Perhaps Johnny Casual is more than happy to pay a little money every time he wants to excavate a few blocks in Dungeon Keeper. We know this is wrong, and it feels like this is a pure profit exercise to take advantage of those who don't.
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  • Dead Nation PS4 free with PS Plus in March

  • abeeken 27/02/2014

    @menage I have to say some of the games I've REALLY enjoyed on Plus I've since picked up in Steam sales or Humble Bundles so that I have a copy in case I let my Plus sub lapse in the future, or if I get rid of my PS3 (unless of course Gaikai on PS4 can provide me streaming access to my existing library!) Reply 0
  • abeeken 27/02/2014

    Looking forward to Brothers and Monsters for my Vita. Also more games to add to the PS4 backlog for the as yet non-existant console (ask me again in the summer when I have monies) is a good thing! Reply 0
  • South Park: The Stick of Truth censored in Europe

  • abeeken 25/02/2014

    God damn it Germany! It's like The Avengers Blu Ray release all over again! Reply +5
  • Mobile spin-off Deus Ex: The Fall hits Steam next month

  • abeeken 25/02/2014

    "no in-game purchase options"

    Sqeenix - are you feeling alright?
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  • Blizzard explains $60 cost of World of Warcraft level 90 character boost

  • abeeken 25/02/2014

    Blizzard explains $60 cost of World of Warcraft level 90 character boost - "Well, we've seen that you sad sacks will spend 70 on an Angry Birds car so we thought - what the hell!"

    Seriously, rampant monetisation of this stuff is a bad thing. BAD THING! The Unreal Tournament retrospective at the weekend made me remember how far things have come when we now have paid for map packs (of frequently low quality at an increasingly biting price), microtransaction driven perks and annual franchise releases with less focus on cultivating a platform (when I mean platform, I'm talking about things that have a singular release which is expanded on over time - a recent example would be something like Rock Band which was a true investment rather than something you had to start from scratch every time a new release came along)

    Modern gaming seems less gamer focussed and more introvert "How can we get extra cash out of our customers to line our coffers? How can we convince people there is actual value in these products?"

    Cynical? Maybe.
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  • All Gran Turismo 5 DLC will be removed from sale

  • abeeken 24/02/2014

    Hey, Sony - how about releasing an archive edition on disc? That way people can still get hold of this stuff... Oh, sorry, that means they won't be buying GT6 which you absolutely must make them do by any mens necessary. Reply +7
  • Unreal Tournament retrospective

  • abeeken 23/02/2014

    15 years? Blimey - I still remember getting this for Christmas and organising an online game against my mate in between turkey and boring family get togethers. It spawned a love of the map editor - I think one of the most intuitive of its kind to this day and one which fuelled a desire (sadly unrealised) to be a game designer. I am proud to say that said chum did go on to be a red hot level designer in the community, even contributing some official maps to later releases in the series (UT2K4 and Unreal Championship 2) and is still working in the industry. I think it's the influence of this game on our generation - something I don't really think we have these days. It spawned such a vibrant community and led many mappers and modders on to better things. Reply +2
  • OneDrive now nets achievements on Xbox One

  • abeeken 19/02/2014

    I've said it before and I'll say it again - what happened to just playing games. What happened to it? Where did it go? I... I just... I don't even...

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  • No-fantasy RPG Kingdom Come gets PS4, Xbox One nod

  • abeeken 18/02/2014

    "No Fantasy"? What's wrong with saying it's a "Historic" RPG? Reply +5
  • Hands-on with the Steam in-home streaming beta

  • abeeken 15/02/2014

    I've been trying this on and off for a week or so now and I'm getting some beautiful results from my high end desktop streaming over powerline to my couple year old laptop downstairs. The only game that I seem to have major issues with so far is Rage which admittedly can be a bit janky running native on the desktop as is. Seeing Skyrim running with everything at full whack on my TV is a glorious thing. Personally I'll be picking up a "bare minimum" machine to run Steam OS purely for streaming purposes. Reply 0
  • Looks like Rise of the Dark Spark is the first next-gen Transformers game

  • abeeken 14/02/2014

    @photoboy Oh God, I hope not - was hoping for a continuation of the Cybertron series :( Reply 0
  • Wish I was a baller: The making of Speedball 2

  • abeeken 13/02/2014

    While we're talking about the Bitmaps...
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  • abeeken 13/02/2014

    On a side note, I also had a cheapo knock-ish off-ish game called Future Basketball which was also quite fun, although not as polished. Reply +2
  • abeeken 13/02/2014

    Loved Speedball 2 - in fact, loved Bitmap games in general during my Amiga days. The artwork is definitely part of that appeal, almost akin to something you'd see in the pages of 2000AD (something else I was very in to at the time) and the gameplay was never afraid to do something different with tried and tested genres. The Chaos Engine and Gods are also classics. Bitmaps, Team 17, Psygnosis - there was a hell of a lot to love about being an Amiga owner in the 90's. Some brilliant games there which still hold up today. Reply +7
  • Xbox developing TV series based on rapper Nas

  • abeeken 12/02/2014

    [ Goldblum ]Ah, now eventually you do plan to have video games on your, on your video game console, right? Hello?[ /Goldblum ] Reply +2