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  • Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven was the apex of a lost ninja franchise

  • abeeken 24/05/2015

    @brider Why a remake? Why not something in the Tomb Raider vein where the franchise is revisited from a new angle with a fresh coat of paint? Reply +1
  • Polybius: The story behind the world's most mysterious arcade cabinet

  • abeeken 22/05/2015

    Honestly, a week after I start writing a short horror story based on the myth of Polybius there's suddenly a hive of renewed interest in it online! Coincidence? Or is there something more nefarious at work here... Reply +10
  • Video: The best b-movie games in history

  • abeeken 18/05/2015

    And here the B-Movie game gets a bit meta with a B-Movie game of a B-Movie

    I believe the game came with a VHS copy of the film too.
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  • The 33 Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass

  • abeeken 28/04/2015

    @BlueBotDesign I'll refer you to my anecdote above - you're preaching to the choir. It's not the majority here that are buying things like this, it's the, how to say it without sounding condescending, "casual" audience who think this is the done thing. Who can be told that without this 30 extra, their game is incomplete. Reply +4
  • abeeken 28/04/2015

    Here's a wee season pass related anecdote. I was in our local Game a while back, not sure why. I overheard the cashier telling a bloke who was buying Advanced Warfare he needed the Season Pass because it was "the only way to get the full game" - he ponied up that 20 (or whatever) without batting an eyelid. On top of his 60 game. I then asked the cashier, once he'd gone, if that meant the 60 game was therefore being sold as an incomplete product. You can imagine that didn't go down well. But here's the thing - gaming is now a mainstream hobby. There are people playing games who look at this kind of thing and say "Yes, this is how things work." They can be told that they are buying an incomplete product for 60 and pay up that extra 10, or 20, or 30 WITHOUT QUESTION to get a download key that is a PROMISE for a completed product. A season pass isn't a product - it's a promise. And this argument isn't about wanting things for free - it's about manipulative marketing by publishers to lever as much money out of naive consumers as possible.

    I have nothing against post sale support for products. I respect companies who can increase the longevity of their product while keeping it compelling. But nine times out of ten, modern gaming does not deliver on post sale promises. We buy cosmetic crap, skins that once upon a time would be unlocked by playing the game and completing certain objectives. We buy characters for fighting games that are actually sold to us but are locked away on a disc so that we can pay extra for the privilege of using them. We pay money to make games easier - to cheat. Yes, cheat. Once upon a time we'd have to put in a code on the title screen to unlock things like easy fatalities or extra currency. Now we can just buy them for more money.

    Buy, buy, buy. Modern gaming isn't giving us more for more. It's giving us the same for more, only in chunks that makes it look like we're investing in something bigger. Corporate greed and a struggle to remain relevant in an increasingly diluted hobby has taken over from the delivery of a solid end product - meetings are now focussed not on how better a game can be made but how more money can be leveraged out of the end product. Sell, sell, sell.
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  • abeeken 28/04/2015

    @Cold_Waste I never realised there was a co-op version of RS2 in that. Passed on it because I wasn't a fan of the Hoth demo but might pick it up to do co-op with the kids. Reply +2
  • abeeken 28/04/2015

    To add to my thoughts, here's where I stand on single player story DLC. I've been sucked into that before, kept hold of games on my 360 to pick up story DLC at a later date. But I've always found revisiting a world for a piecemeal chunk of reasonably inconsequential story after having finished the drama of the main arc largely feels unfulfilling. This is why I prefer the GOTY approach. Take Skyrim, for example; the DLC missions are interwoven into the game world. Playing the GOTY makes the story feel organic - I never realised when I was playing DLC content and when I was playing main story content and that felt good. Reply +9
  • abeeken 28/04/2015

    I'll do the same as I did with Asylum and City - wait and get the GOTY in a Steam sale. I've got far too many other games demanding my attention to be bothered with this crap. The story isn't going anywhere. It'll still be the same game whether I play it now or in 2016. Reply +8
  • The next Dirt is PC only, Early Access and out today

  • abeeken 28/04/2015

    Oh be still my beating heart! I never again thought I'd see a proper rally game. :) Reply +3
  • Broken Age Act 2 review

  • abeeken 27/04/2015

    @melnificent That's an interesting definition of the word "con", given that this isn't actually meant to be a completely new game. Reply 0
  • abeeken 27/04/2015

    I got a review code for the PS4 version on Friday to review for NGB (here, if you're interested: http://nextgengamingblog.com/blog/broken-age-review/) and having not played Act 1 I was quite taken with it. Certainly playing it in one go, the difficulty of the Act 2 puzzles does feel like a logical progression from Act 1. The story is wonderfully gentle and the change of perspective of the different locations following the Act 1 twist made me keen to see them again from a different perspective. I'm seeing a lot of negativity towards Act 2 but I'm wondering if a lot of that stems from having played Act 1 and then being made to wait over a year for the conclusion. As I say, I loved it, it was great to sit on the sofa and play with my kids and solve puzzles together and it's so refreshing to find a modern game so full of whimsy and wit. Reply +6
  • Silent Hills is dead, actor Norman Reedus confirms

  • abeeken 27/04/2015

    @Plankton1975 If that's the case they'll be rehiring him within a few months. That's how that works, isn't it? If I punch my boss I get a few weeks off and a payrise? Reply +37
  • abeeken 26/04/2015

    I REALLY want to know what Kojima did that was so bad Konami is now trying to firebomb him and his non MGS projects out of existence! Reply +132
  • Mario Kart 8 x Animal Crossing DLC review

  • abeeken 24/04/2015

    @FuzzyDuck All fantastic games. If you have the remote and chuck I'd also recommend Pikmin 3 which plays wonderfully using that control scheme, as well as Lego City Undercover (although the load times on that are atrocious). Plus Nintendo are doing a presentation on Xenoblade X tonight which should give us a release date so, another promising title to add to the pile. Reply +4
  • abeeken 24/04/2015

    @LifeStream7 So there's nothing else that you'd want to play on it? Not one game from the Wii U or the entire Wii back catalogue that you'd put into the drive? Reply +10
  • abeeken 24/04/2015

    @FuzzyDuck I've only just picked up my PS4 in the last few months but I will admit the game selection on both that and the Bone at the moment is a bit woeful - somewhat lacks the creativity of past generations.

    I don't know if you have kids but I must say our Wii U seems well suited to a family console (although I still play some games on it like Bayonetta, older Wii games like Pandora's Tower and Last Story) and the kids prefer multiplayer on it as the split screen often works to give both players their own screen (one on TV, one on the pad; the Lego games are great for this)

    Then again, I'm a hoarder and still have my old consoles set up in my office, as well as an obnoxious PC game backlog on Steam and GOG.com that I'm only just working through!

    EDIT: Also, that Argos deal is brilliant; if you can pick up a good priced Pro Controller as well, I'd do so. Some games work well with the Pad but some games, particularly twitch stuff like Smash I find more responsive on the Pro. And don't forget pretty much all Wii controllers and games will work with the U! :)
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  • abeeken 24/04/2015

    @kirinnokoshin Has the game downloaded the v4.0 update? You need that to get to the DLC. Reply +5
  • abeeken 24/04/2015

    @FuzzyDuck Why not pick up a Wii U to complement it? Nintendo UK has a bundle on their website right now (pre-order) that contains an 8Gb console (easily upgradable with USB storage), Smash Bros, Yoshi's Wooly World and the Yarn Yoshi Amiibo for 220. Reply +17
  • Mad Catz co-publishing Rock Band 4

  • abeeken 21/04/2015

    First time in years I've actually wanted to get both Rock Band AND Guitar Hero. Changing up the way the guitar works was a smart move by Activision in my book as it differentiates the two games - the six button system is also intriguing to me as it's a different way to play. I can't say I like the Singstar look of GH, however. Can't wait to find out more at E3 and (hopefully) have a play on them at EGX! Reply +1
  • Mortal Kombat X review

  • abeeken 20/04/2015

    @young_nell Same here. I got MK9 at launch but eventually traded it back and got the Komplete edition on Steam; likewise with Injustice. There are very few games I'm actually buying at launch when it's almost guaranteed that they're going to hit later down the line with all the DLC bundled in. Reply +1
  • abeeken 20/04/2015

    @jamyskis1981 Love it. Still one of the best videogame adaptations :) nails the tongue in cheek Enter The Dragon rip off feel of the first game and pays fan service without overdoing it. Still remember getting stupidly excited in the cinema when Reptile finally morphs into his ninja form. In a way Annihilation also nails the ridiculous Power Rangers with blood feel of MK3, albeit with the cheese level ramped WAAAAY up. That one's a terrible film, though. Reply 0
  • abeeken 20/04/2015

    @jamyskis1981 I'll be honest, the Ex games were in a time when I was mostly PC focussed - when I finally got a PS2 and Ex3 hit that I found myself mostly dis-interested as I was getting into Tekken, VF and, to a lesser degree, DoA and SFEx wasn't reviewing so well. Reply 0
  • abeeken 20/04/2015

    @Drendari The story was one of the standout features in MK9 for me and I was glad to see it return in Injustice. Also pleased to see it here. Reply +1
  • abeeken 20/04/2015

    @jamyskis1981 Absolutely; to some extent I preferred things when they had a bit more of a "Virtua Fighter But With Fireballs" feel; I think you can blame SF4 for the resurgence of a more 2D playing field. The ability to sidestep added a lot more ebb and flow to the combat, I felt, and allowed the arenas to feel a bit more organic with the traps and falls and suchlike (I know it's not MK, but I'll never forget the wow factor of throwing someone over the waterfall in DoA 2 and following them down to continue the fight!) Reply +2
  • abeeken 20/04/2015

    @Binba442 I have no issue with DLC; the expansion of the SSMB roster is a welcome one. Day one DLC, on disc DLC (that's to be later unlocked with a download as if it's brand new content) and pre-order, retailer exclusive DLC can go jump off a damn cliff, as far as I'm concerned. If it's on the disc or sold day one, include it in the damn game. At least Mewtwo in Smash is a genuine, fairly sizeable download to add the new content to the game. Reply +1
  • You now have to spend at least $5 to access some Steam features

  • abeeken 20/04/2015

    Not a bad idea - I've had quite a few spammy friend invites over the last few weeks. Reply +64
  • Mortal Kombat X modder makes unplayable characters playable

  • abeeken 17/04/2015

    I remember a time when characters in fighting games could be unlocked through game progression. Once again, MK is showing another facet of how modern games are over monetising. On disc dlc, iaps. It's bloody shameful. Reply +15
  • UK PlayStation Store lists inFamous for PS Now

  • abeeken 16/04/2015

    I still think that any games on your psn account that are available on now should be streamable WITHOUT a monthly membership for Plus account holders. That would then give plus members the option if outright buying the gangs they want to play instead of a separate membership. Reply +7
  • Skylanders-style Lego Dimensions features Batman, Gandalf, Back to the Future

  • abeeken 09/04/2015

    @TomPhillipsEG uses logic and facts in the EG comments section - it's not very effective. Reply +2
  • abeeken 09/04/2015

    Oh no. Oh no no no. You bastards. You found my weakness. I can enjoy Infinity but not obsess over it. I like me an Amiibo when I can get hold of them. But this? You'll start putting the characters in actual lego sets soon as extras, won't you. You monsters. Reply +13
  • Video: We very almost speedrun the Titan Souls demo

  • abeeken 08/04/2015

    How have I not heard of this before? Looks awesome! Will be getting me some of that demo this evening... Reply +2
  • Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate now has a Sonic Palico costume

  • abeeken 03/04/2015

    Referring to a Sonic costume as Nintendo fan service has blown my 12 year old mind. Grab a Flux Capacitor, travel back to the 90s and show a playground full of kids Mario and Sonic coexisting and you'll get lynched for being a heretic. How times change! Reply +21
  • "He suddenly became incredibly sullen, angry and frustrated. He was 10"

  • abeeken 02/04/2015

    @Lionheart GTA3 was incredibly tame in comparison to modern titles - in fact I don't even think it had any bad language in it (at the very least it had nothing worse than "shit", "ass" etc) - to this day I still find excessive swearing in games problematic. As a teen I'm sure I saw swearing as edgy, and cool, but as I grow up it begins to grate and a lot of modern games overuse swearing (which can be a GREAT narrative tool in dialogue if you want to push a point forwards) by giving random expletives to NPC's, making the impact comical at best, awkward at worst.

    In particular I found that I struggled to enjoy Arkham City because every single goon in that game repeatedly and relentlessly called Catwoman "bitch". Also your example of Tomb Raider which was always a bit of a fun pulp adventure lost something in the translation to "gritty reboot" and became just another violent game. There's too many of them. Developers need to learn restraint.
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  • abeeken 02/04/2015

    @lone_wolf_uk I'd be interested to get the perspective on a social worker on this. You're right, there is no law per say but it's a moral issue - perhaps I may allow an older child a sip of wine, but I wouldn't hand them a can of Carling.

    For the record I agree with the intent of the letter but, as the teacher in the article freely admits, it is a blunt instrument. Having received many letters from school they can often be written in a way that makes them seem unnecessarily terse. That doesn't mean that this isn't an issue, however, and something like this needed to be done to spark dialogue.

    I also think there is a vast divide between parental choice and common sense in may instances (although the chocolate in the lunchbox thing did rub us up the wrong way) but in many cases the schools need to be seen to at least make an effort to take action to pre-empt things like OFSTED. I have a number of close relatives who teach and assessments are a horrific time. Any tiny, small thing that the school is deemed to not be doing right can result in a mark down and a reduction of funding.
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  • abeeken 02/04/2015

    @Frybird Absolutely - overexposure to this kind of thing results in desensitization. Yes, kids play cowboys and indians, cops and robbers - whatever. But there's a difference between running around shouting "Pew pew!" at someone in pretend and pulling a trigger on your controller to make a virtual person explode in a shower of gibs. It's a more visceral experience and children don't have the mental capacity to separate it from reality. Reply +2
  • abeeken 02/04/2015

    @lone_wolf_uk Allowing children to consume small amounts of weak table wine, specifically produced for the cultural purpose, is not what I meant. Reply +1
  • abeeken 02/04/2015

    @RobertPaulson I'm disappointed that I can't upvote your comment more than once. I agree with every single one of your points - I've played games since I was 6 (on a ZX Spectrum, no less), used to work for Game and now have children of my own. I've watched the gaming industry develop and blossom to a point where, on the whole, it is entirely manipulative of its intended audience. Not all entertainment is suitable for all age groups, yet more and more we're seeing games coming out that have incredible amounts of violence, swearing and sex in them. I'm not saying that's a bad thing but when almost every new release is a 16 or 18+ game in a hobby that appeals to all ages, there is something wrong.

    Bring back things like Jak, Ratchet, Banjo - lose the stigma against Mario! Yes these games are bright and colourful and appeal to younger audiences, but they are as much a challenge (if not moreso) than shooting or kerb stomping people to death. Gamers have become desensitized - violence is the norm and that should not be seen as a positive.
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  • abeeken 02/04/2015

    @lone_wolf_uk The parent does have a right - but that doesn't MAKE them right. I've got a right to serve my kids alcohol in the home if I see fit. That doesn't make it right, however. Reply +7
  • abeeken 02/04/2015

    @Pickster I think I agree with that - the BBFC system was at least widely recognised from video ratings. Reply +2
  • abeeken 02/04/2015

    I said this in the other article but I'll repeat it here - kids NEED boundaries. There needs to be restrictions placed on what children consume not only to stop them consuming inappropriate content but to give them things to rebel against as they grow. That's a positive and it should be seen that way - allowing them to rebel allows them to make their own decisions about things and builds character.

    The internet has broken down those boundaries - it is anarchy in digital form and giving kids tablets and other connected devices is not good until they can understand why they are using them. It's not a case of understanding HOW to use them but how to use them RESPONSIBLY.

    I've talked in the past about how we restrict our kids online usage to monitored sessions, no online gaming, no friends lists unless we know that these are friends from school and we can corroborate that with THEIR parents. One response to that which stayed with me was "That's unfair - you're shielding them from modern technology and will stunt their development." That is wrong and clearly is the attitude of people who either don't have children or don't give two shits about what their children are doing.

    My eldest son, aged 9, asked me why we did this. He wasn't complaining or anything - just asking. I couldn't talk to him about porn - we want him to bowl the first ball about the birds and bees. So I went the shock site route. "Do you want to see a picture of a dead person? Maybe someone who got run over by a car, or shot?" He went white as a sheet. No. No he did not. "Well I have but not because I wanted to. It's easy to stumble onto something on the internet that you don't want to see and I don't want that to happen to you."

    I love horror movies. I have a strong interest in the technical aspects of gore effects and rarely get scared at things like that. But I never had it shoved in my face by my parents. It's something I discovered for myself because these things were taboo. I grew up in the 80's where the term "Video Nasty" was thrown about by the press. The restrictions were everywhere. Looking at the boxes of horror films felt wrong which made it all the more exciting. They weren't things I was allowed to watch - sometimes my mind came up with things that had no bearing on what the actual film contained.

    We need boundaries. We need to respect that children should be allowed to be children and shouldn't be made to grow up too quickly by letting them have free reign online or play games like GTA and COD. But above all we should allow them to question these boundaries and rebel against them. And when they do rebel, we should be ready to discuss that.
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  • N64, DS games launch on Wii U Virtual Console

  • abeeken 02/04/2015

    @JoelStinty I almost wonder if DeNA are being made scapegoats in this - someone to blame when fans get uppity about price gouging on Nintendo branded mobile games. "Oh, we didn't develop those, sorry!" Reply 0
  • abeeken 02/04/2015

    @JoelStinty I'm hoping that Pokemon Shuffle was simply an experiment - even my 9y/o boy could see through it's money grubbing tactics. Rumble World looks like it has more ways to actually get gems outside of IAP's, but the talk from DeNA about wanting to make millions a month on Nintendo property is disheartening. Reply 0
  • abeeken 02/04/2015

    Here comes the "Overpriced Virtual Console!!" crowd - try finding a physical copy anywhere for a cheaper price, especially DK64. Nintendo should be praised for providing legal ways of playing these games at a reasonable and realistic price in the same way that Sony have their PSOne classics available for download. Collectors will have their carts, casual players will have a folder full of rom's, but these systems are the only ways to legally support the developers. Reply +7
  • abeeken 02/04/2015

    Definitely picking up Sin and Punishment on Wii; missed the disc version when it launched. Pandora's Tower is a great game for anyone on the fence - sort of Zelda like with a time element ala Majora's Mask and a chain mechanic that I find reminiscent of Castlevania. Plays well with Wii Remote but also has Classic Controller support so should work nicely on the gamepad for off screen. Reply 0
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 3D review

  • abeeken 02/04/2015

    Really want to play this but not fussed about getting a N3DS JUST for it. Shame that this port likely means we won't see it drop on Wii U Virtual Console, plus finding a disc copy at a non bank breaking price is nigh on impossible. Reply 0
  • Dirt 3 PC makes all DLC free in Steamworks transition

  • abeeken 02/04/2015

    @Unholy_Witchcraft I'm pretty sure I've still got a cd copy of Mobil 1 somewhere. Love that game. Reply 0
  • Splatoon inks in a May release date

  • abeeken 02/04/2015

    I really didn't think I'd be that bothered about amiibo but, damn it, now I want a green squid and Yarn Yoshi. More so the Yarn Yoshi. Reply +1
  • Super Smash Bros. 3DS and Wii U Mewtwo DLC release date, price

  • abeeken 02/04/2015

    @YorkshireTea If that means Layton amiibo then Nintendo may break my wife. She's already nearly over-squeed at the Yarn Yoshi one. Reply +2
  • Yoshi Woolly World gets release date, wooly Amiibo

  • abeeken 01/04/2015

    God damn it, Nintendo, just have all my bank details! Just siphon the money right out and send me the goods! Reply +4
  • Silent Hills/P.T. page removes Kojima Productions' logo

  • abeeken 01/04/2015

    @grassyknoll I guess that's the beauty of games, though - there's something for everyone. Personally I'm more likely to focus on a game if I'm engaged by its story. That's not always been the case but as I find myself with less time to play I need more reason to play and the progression of a narrative is often the driving force. I'll agree that MGS1 was a very good game - I should really try getting back at MGS3 however I did struggle with it. MGS4 I just didn't get on with at all. Reply 0