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  • The Legend of Zelda Wii U delayed until 2016

  • abeeken 27/03/2015

    Fair enough. Everything feels so rushed to release at the moment anyway. Let's let stuff stew and release it in the best state possible. Will give me time to get through Xenoblade Chronicles X and my Steam and PSPlus backlog. And my Wii backlog for that matter - I've still got like three or four games from that system I never finished. And my GameCube backlog. And my PS3 backlog. Probably shouldn't plan on picking up the Gears of War games like I was planning on doing (but they're only a few quid each in CEX - NO! STOP IT!) Reply +3
  • Nintendo might be making the most exciting online shooter in years

  • abeeken 23/03/2015

    @MccyMcFlinn If that's the case then that's just sad. Some gamers need to stop being so bloody insular. Reply +3
  • abeeken 23/03/2015

    @rubberducko I think those who complain that games like this are too "childish" and "not for adults" are often not that adult themselves - I wouldn't be surprised if this lovely chap fell into the 15-20 y/o age bracket

    "I'm, like, so growed up now, super hardcore, adult, yo!"
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  • abeeken 23/03/2015

    @OurDogFudge Local 1v1 and, yes, there is a single player campaign with a story and everything. Reply +3
  • abeeken 23/03/2015

    @Pulford I want to get excited for Witcher 3 but Assassins of Kings just took too long to get going for my liking. I loved the aesthetic and gameplay but the beginning felt like a real drag. Kind of opposite to The Witcher where I turned off after the opening in the village - I just wasn't keen on the slow meandering around the city. I know CDPR have said W3 will be a bit more immediate and broad, though, so I'll likely give it a go. I do like to support them as they've done some fantastic things for PC Gaming with GOG.com. Reply -12
  • abeeken 23/03/2015

    @Big-Swiss As an adult with working mental faculties I'm hyped as hell for this. Oh noes. What will I do. Reply +44
  • abeeken 23/03/2015

    @Pirederas It's never too late to release a decent game. If you enjoy something, enjoy it - to hell with this perceived status quo. Reply +5
  • abeeken 23/03/2015

    @Uberheertje Domination in UT2k4 was ridiculous fun. Reply +1
  • abeeken 23/03/2015

    @Ceatlan I think there is, but it's limited to 1v1? Let me go find a link...

    EDIT: Here you go: http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2014/06/dont_worry_splatoon_will_have_a_local_multiplayer_mode_too
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  • abeeken 23/03/2015

    Very much looking forward to this as the first competitive shooter I'll be able to play with my kids. It also looks fun as hell! Reply +4
  • God of War 3 Remastered announced for PS4

  • abeeken 20/03/2015

    Damn, son - where's all the new games this gen? Reply +7
  • Use your remaining Club Nintendo stars on digital 3DS, Wii U games

  • abeeken 20/03/2015

    @OnlyJoeKing It is a shame the GBA games never came properly to 3DS. I have them as an ambassador but it's a missed opportunity to not bring them over. Cross buy would have been an amazing thing for Nintendo on Wii U/3DS but... ah well. Reply +3
  • abeeken 20/03/2015

    I should probably copy down my Club Nintendo history for posterity - my first registration was Mario Party 4 on 16th Feb 2004. Over 11 years ago! Wow! First thing I got from the catalogue (they were called treasures back then) was the Zelda Memories of time Audio CD on 11th March 2004 - I think I went through a binge of registering all my GameCube and GBA games when I realised you could actually get some cool stuff through Club Nintendo.

    Actually quite sad to see this end - marks the finishing of an era for me. I was always quite eager to register and spend my stars. I've got a Yoshi keyring, a Red and Blue Mario GameCube controller, a few other trinkets including some silly desktop wallpaper and icon sets. It kind of reminds me of when games and game culture used to be a bit more fun and bereft of a lot of the bullshit we've seen in recent years.
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  • abeeken 20/03/2015

    Banked all my stars at the weekend and was looking at getting some Wii VC credit til I logged in and realised most of the games in Wii mode VC have been removed from the shop! Glad I waited, picked up Advance Wars and Duck Hunt through this last night. Reply +1
  • With the announcement of the NX, Nintendo admits defeat with the Wii U

  • abeeken 18/03/2015

    @Grief51 Should we care about "Gen's" any more? We argue semantics far too much in this hobby. Let's all just play some goddamn videogames, eh? Reply +5
  • abeeken 18/03/2015

    @Dantonir As much as I always praise Nintendo for their commitment to B/C, I do think you're on to something. Building a videogame ecosystem around a piece of hardware which is both portable but able to be plugged into a TV seems to be a sensible move; tie it into a Steam esque system and you have a potential winner on your hands. The only thing is that Nintendo's pricing for AAA releases on WiiU has been fairly obnoxious, however if they DO go digital only then they don't have the bricks and mortar shops to contend with - perhaps that could bring down the price of entry? I don't know, it's all speculation til 2016... Reply +2
  • abeeken 18/03/2015

    @Sid-Nice One of the nice things about Nintendo is that, since adopting disc media at least, all their consoles have been one generation back compatible. Hell, they've been doing this since the GameBoy days! They didn't need to put a GBA slot in the DS, but they did, because they think about the consumer (believe it or not) Reply +5
  • abeeken 18/03/2015

    I know the article is, overall, positive, however...

    Nintendo has now quietly reserved a place in the graveyard for the Wii U.
    We should never "reserve places in graveyards" for our videogames. We should preserve our heritage and enjoy them going forwards, remembering them as much for their positives than their negatives.

    The main go-to consoles for my kids in the Retro corner are the GameCube, N64, PS2 and Dreamcast. We have libraries of bright, fun varied game experiences across those consoles and they appeal more to them than the current generation of consoles.

    I see people arguing that Nintendo never "Moved with the times" - why should then when the "times" are so dull and cookie cutter. Yeah, sure, I've got a PS4, but there is currently not really anything on it that differentiates it too much from an XBox One. Online gaming has pretty much killed couch multiplayer and genuine social interaction, something Nintendo machines are built on. Most games are open world, racing, shooting or some kind of combination. Microtransactions are becoming far too normal for my liking. Games are being released in such a broken state that playing them in years time may be almost impossible if we no longer have access to the patches - something that is a very real possibility in the realm of videogames. Indies are good and all, as are Kickstarter funded projects, but those coupled with things like Early Access are leading to the market being flooded with more shovelware than the PS2.

    I don't know what the future of gaming brings but I'm finding myself looking more to the past for inspiration as to where I hope things will go.
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  • Here's a trailer for Adam Sandler's arcade game comedy Pixels

  • abeeken 18/03/2015

    @Retroman Shame that's not the real Iwatani (probably couldn't pull off the acting), but props to the writers for actually acknowledging Pac-Man's real creator instead of making up a random amusingly named Japanese character. Reply +2
  • abeeken 18/03/2015

    I dunno - could be fun? Depends on how the humour skews. I find a lot of modern comedy to skew too adult and crass (which is the main reasons I have reservations about the new Ghostbusters - nothing to do with the cast, I think the tone will be off) but something like this, my kids would love it. It could work well as Wreck It Ralph by way of Ghostbusters. The trailer doesn't give the tone away but if this comes out as a good family action comedy it could be worth watching. Chris Columbus tends to skew to family movies so I have some hopes.

    As for Sandler, when I like him, I like him - but he has made some terrible movies. Dinklage is pretty good at comedy (see his wonderful turn in Elf) Overall, my motto this year is to not judge films based purely on their trailer (although Terminator Genisys is seriously trying that one!) and to make judgments only on the final product. I think there's too much pre-judging on the internet these days so, you know - why not wait and give it a go before slating it?
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  • A new, Rare-approved Banjo-Kazooie game was shown off at the weekend

  • abeeken 16/03/2015

    I should also add that Rare have been with me longer than any developer I care to think of - I had many of their Spectrum titles from when they were Ultimate Play The Game. Let's see something happening with those, eh? Maybe an open world Saber Wulf, or a Dark Souls eqsue Attic Attac? Reply +3
  • abeeken 16/03/2015

    A solid slew of Rare IP's on XBox One would convince me to get a console. For the moment there's only Sunset Overdrive on the machine that I actually want to play - I'll get my crossplat joy from my PS4. That's not to say that I don't dislike the One, before some of you jump down my throat; it's a perfectly decent piece of hardware. The exclusives (what few there are) available on PS4 are more appealing to me, however.

    I do hope Phil Spencer can pull things round at Microsoft. I jumped from a PS2 to an XBox 360 last gen, only getting a PS3 when the price came down and there was a decent enough catalogue - I still got multiplats on my 360, though, because I'd invested more time there. I do feel that Microsoft now need a stronger line up of flagship games that AREN'T Forza or Halo, however. Sony need the same, and I hope that the both of them will dip into their existing IP's, however MS have a chance to get things like Banjo and Battletoads back in action - I feel like there is an opening for bright, colourful games that would appeal to a young to teen audience which isn't being tapped into. Stop striving for realism, dev's, and build something beautiful!
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  • Lego Hobbit will not get Battle of the Five Armies DLC

  • abeeken 13/03/2015

    There are no plans to develop DLC based on the final film of the trilogy.
    ...doesn't mean that they're not going to double dip like they did with Indiana Jones. As much as I enjoyed the Hobbit, I thought it tried to overcomplicate things too much with the loot and crafting - my kids actually managed to get stuck on a level because they didn't collect the requisite amount of materials to craft something key and had to start all over again. Kids don't need that. The Marvel game is probably the most fun we've had so far - a funny, original story with a great overworld. Lego City WOULD come a close second if it had multiplayer (I still don't understand why that was left out considering it's a staple of the series).
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  • Discworld author Terry Pratchett dies aged 66

  • abeeken 12/03/2015

    Very sad news indeed - I started reading Discworld at 14 and never stopped. My wife and I bonded when we were 17 over some pewter Discworld figures our friends had got her for her birthday - we're now both 35, so we've been together for nearly 20 years. I've always held Sir Terry is partially to blame for that. Wonderful man - I met him at two signings and we're just introducing our children to his work. To know that said body of work is now finite has a strange and hollow ring to it.

    Still, I'm sure he wouldn't be happy if we spent all our time moping around so I'll leave this here:

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  • Project Cars delayed again

  • abeeken 11/03/2015

    Looks like the slew of undercooked games last year gave developers and publishers a much needed kick. Better to polish and release than release to shitty scores and a bad reputation. Look at DriveClub; excellent game, but a terrible release has haunted it (and rightly so, I'd say - it may be great now but it's poor show to put out an unfinished game) Reply +7
  • Apple Watch prices range from 299 to 13,500

  • abeeken 10/03/2015

    Maybe I'm just, like, so out of touch with modern tech, but this seems to be a very redundant extravagance. You still need the iPhone, right? What advantages, other than not having to take your phone out of your pocket, does this have to justify the 300 price tag? Reply +9
  • The best Wii U games

  • abeeken 09/03/2015

    @SpaceMonkey77 The CPS2 is certainly a lovely looking device, however given that many arcade boards have built in kill switches in the form of limited lifespan batteries (something I only learned from reading the comments on that article) I think there needs to be a bit more acceptance of the grey area that is emulation and ROM dumping from an archival perspective. It's still frowned on by many people and there's still a push to pursue copyright claims on titles that often are simply not even available any more.

    I know this is now getting wildly off topic, but I wrote an article for NGB last year on my thoughts about how the cloud has impacted gaming both for better or worse http://nextgengamingblog.com/blog/faith-cloud/
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  • abeeken 09/03/2015

    @SpaceMonkey77 It is nice to have a civil conversation :)

    I certainly do archive my old systems - a couple of months ago I finally got my retro space put in my office which I'm inviting the kids to explore. We've got an N64, GameCube, PS2, PS3, 360 and Dreamcast so far, as well as a selection of games from all systems (plus PS1 as they're compatible with the PS2 and PS3) and I'm angling to get a Master System and MegaDrive.

    I think you're right in that kids are more savvy with technology - it was the same when I was younger and learning how to use a ZX Spectrum; it gave me foundations I've carried into my career as a developer. However, on the flipside of that, kids are also immature and don't understand how to handle online interactions. Case in point, the kid that had his Destiny account wiped - I don't blame the kid because I know as a parent that he didn't know better. Kids are naive and all the technical knowledge in the world won't overcome that. So definitely, parents need to get involved more in what their kids are doing, how they're using the technology at their disposal. I think to a degree schools have a duty to educate both children and parents here (a friend of mine hosts online awareness evenings at schools across our county and he's frequently stunned at the lack of knowledge displayed by adults the same age as us)

    Moving away from the kids, my wife and I were talking about media archiving this morning (she's an academic librarian and I'm currently working with institutional repositories - geek marriage, I know) and we got onto the subject of videogames. I'm concerned that there are a lot of digital only gmaes, or games tied specifically to digital account systems which are simply going to be unplayable in the future. That's quite a sad thought - to my mind, the last properly archivable generation is the XBox, PS2, GameCube. By tying games to online systems that mean they cease to work when the servers are turned off, especially in the case of console games where they cannot easily be patched, we're losing masses of culturally significant media, turning games into a throwaway form of entertainment. I can go back and watch Fritz Lang's Metropolis which is 90 years old because it has been preserved over time. In 90 years will a new generation be able to play and study, say, Destiny in the same way? I doubt they will.
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  • abeeken 09/03/2015

    @SpaceMonkey77 I'm going to have to side with @grassyknoll on this one - I think the loss of local multiplayer is disappointing in many instances. I certainly recognise that there are technical limitations, however putting on my tin-foil hat I also think that there is an ulterior motive to force online play for a lot of games to ensure that everyone has to pick up a copy.

    Case in point - game nights for me continued pretty much until 2005 when we had our first child. We'd play a lot of split-screen; games like TimeSplitters, Burnout, Mario Party and Monkey Ball were our favourites. We'd each bring new games to the mix - consider there were four of us and we'd only invest in one copy of the game, you can see why publishers would want to curtail that.

    Jump forwards nearly 10 years, both of my kids are approaching the age where they want to get more involved in complex gaming. For me I want to do that by using couch co-op/multiplayer to ease them in and introduce them to some of the harsher areas of gaming - yes, multiplayer is harsh.

    Online gaming certainly has its benefits and I hate to pull the "Think of the children!!" card but I do think it's the younger generations of fledgling gamers who are likely to miss out if they're forced only to have online interactions. Play with your friend next door? It would be better to take a controller round and do that face to face, get out of the house and interact in person rather than play online. I also don't want my kids to grow up too quickly and restrict their online access in what I see is a fair way.

    I do have a different outlook on these things and perhaps I'm from a different generation but I lament the waning of offline multiplayer as much as I lament the loss of arcades.
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  • abeeken 09/03/2015

    @seeyoshirun Definitely - we always get the Lego games on Wii U as they support two screen multiplayer. For the kids that's a godsend as it lets them feel like they've got their own screens (although we do get the occasional squabble over who gets the gamepad). Also for Disney Infinity, being able to use the touchscreen for the Toybox stuff makes it more intuitive. Reply 0
  • abeeken 09/03/2015

    This only serves as a reminder that:

    * There are some fantastic games on Wii U
    * Bayonetta 2 deserves another play through, something I don't often say of games
    * I still need to pick up Rayman Legends
    * I REALLY need to get my arse into gear and complete SM3DW, Pikmin 3 and ZombiU

    Also - wot no Wonderful 101? That game is unique!
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  • DriveClub Lamborghini expansion due later this month

  • abeeken 09/03/2015

    Really need to sink some time into this game - so much content and I'm still only half way through the standard season! Also my club members seem to have abandoned me of late and aren't helping unlock the club cars. The swines. It's almost as if they have better things to do! Reply +3
  • Batman: Arkham Knight M rating summary revealed

  • abeeken 09/03/2015

    Gobsite in Batman VS...

    At least the Gobshite is likely to be used in context...
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  • abeeken 09/03/2015

    @spamdangled Yeah, I'm no prude but the overuse of the word did make me feel a bit uncomfortable. Use it in cutscenes to make a point, just don't give it to the AI grunts to bark out every few seconds. Glad I didn't play this in the company of my Mrs - she'd have had a field day with the portrayal of Catwoman in that game. Reply 0
  • Meet the console which brings Capcom's golden era to your living room

  • abeeken 08/03/2015

    @lostmuppet I think a lot of people like to act a bit high and mighty regarding the grey area that is emulation. Personally I will always go the legal route to play games if one exists, however sometimes a game is either impossible to find or out of my price range for casual play. Unfortunately, to keep those games alive, sometimes the grey area needs to be explored. Reply +4
  • abeeken 08/03/2015

    This only solidifies my lament for the arcade. How I miss those places. Those rows of cabinets. Modern arcades are just stuffed with racing and gun games and prize machines. There's no character to them. The best place I went last year was Disney Quest in Orlando. We were staying at the park so had unlimited entry to all you can eat old school arcade games. I spent a day in there with my boys, educating them. We all loved it and now they also want to see a return of the proper arcade. They're 6 and 9. Goes to show that not all kids are into phone games and Minecraft. Reply +8
  • abeeken 08/03/2015

    @suffolkbumpkin I never had a SNES - I had to get the Amiga version. I knew it was terrible, but I didn't care. I was still playing Street Fighter 2 at home. The Amiga port of SSF2 was far better, though. Reply +3
  • abeeken 08/03/2015

    @Bagpuss The only way to play old school 2D games. I really don't like the way modernised versions are expected to be smoothed. Harsh pixels look far better. Reply +3
  • Valve's missing Link

  • abeeken 05/03/2015

    @manapause That's cool! Is that streaming through the desktop (on the client) or via Big Picture? I'm guessing the Link uses the latter. Reply +1
  • abeeken 05/03/2015

    @Mr-Writer 360 pad for action games, Steam controller for games that traditionally use the mouse (i.e. Sim City, Civ etc...) or have no 360 pad support? That's what I'm likely going to aim for. Reply +3
  • abeeken 05/03/2015

    @zoidberg Gamestream is rather limited in comparison to native Steam Streaming. I've tried it through Limelight on my Galaxy S4 and, while it works, there are discrepancies in the way it handles the controller input stack. For example, Gamestream will not recognise controller input from my 360 pad on Hard Reset, however when I run it from native Steam Streaming on my laptop it works fine.

    I think native Steam also handles network latency better and scales the image to account for temporary drops in speed - Gamestream seemed to simply judder.

    Finally, Steam native takes advantage of the Steam overlay - press the XBox button on a 360 controler (or the Steam button on a Steam controller) and you pop up the Steam guide which allows you to chat, join games, hit up the shop, switch games etc.

    One thing I've not tried yet is sideloading non-Steam games in Steam Streaming; Gamestream had big issues with this and simply crashed back to the menu requiring a full app quit before it would actually load ANY games.
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  • abeeken 05/03/2015

    I really hope the controller works as well as it looks like it should. I'm currently aiming for a Link but may get the controller bundle too. Couch co-op on traditionally mouse based games would be immense and the fact that it essentially seems to work on a Joy2Key type system where functionality can be remapped to the game controls sounds awesome. It'd also be interesting to know what compatibility Link has with other hardware, such as 360 and One pads, seeing as those are fairly standard PC gaming tools. Would be tempting to pick up one of the wireless hubs to connect my spare 360 pad to the wee device (currently using a wired 360 pad on my office desktop which is the gaming PC) Reply +1
  • Rock Band 4 announced for PS4 and Xbox One

  • abeeken 05/03/2015

    @Zomoniac I agree, but I don't think I'd be too disappointed if they weren't. I still have my 360 set up as a retro machine so I'd play them on there if needs be and focus on the PS4 being a fresh start with a new library. Reply 0
  • Project Morpheus release will be in the first half of 2016

  • abeeken 04/03/2015

    Interesting. I hope this works out, but not because I'm excited about VR. I think it's an interesting technology that I'm yet to see a compelling argument for having in my home. My main worry is that Sony's track record for keeping new tech isn't all that stellar - Move, Vita, both technically abandoned by Sony as far as producing games which demonstrate their strengths. EyeToy at least had quite a few games released for it and was also supported by other games (I remember using it to map my face onto my skater in one of the Tony Hawks games) so fingers crossed this also gets some compelling use. Reply +1
  • Valve announces the Source 2 engine, which will be free to developers

  • abeeken 04/03/2015

    Very tempted by one of those Link boxes. My gaming PC is in my office and I do occasionally use a laptop for in-home streaming however it's a bit of a faff to plug it in every time. Something that could snug away under the TV and be always on hand (the office PC is on most of the time) would be a big help. Reply 0
  • Mortal Kombat X: Mobile announced

  • abeeken 02/03/2015

    Will they never learn...
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  • Trine 3 announced with gorgeous debut trailer

  • abeeken 02/03/2015

    Ooh, some free movement sections - interesting! Hopefully this will see a Wii U port as with Trine 2 - that pad screen is great for local multiplayer, meaning the game doesn't have to restrict the players to either a single screen or a split screen. Reply +3
  • Dracula unbound: The story behind the first 18 certificated video game

  • abeeken 01/03/2015

    Great read! Growing up in the 80's I find things like this utterly fascinating - I was born in 1980 so a lot of the cultural significance passed me by but I have lingering memories of these games and the lurid VHS covers of the era. Ironically I was only last night watching Jake West's superb documentary, Video Nasties: Moral Panic, Censorship and Video Tape which is fairly essential viewing for anyone interested not only in the era but of the developments in entertainment media and, indeed, the rise of the BBFC from being a censorship office to being a classification office. Reply +2
  • abeeken 01/03/2015

    @ghostgate2001 One of my breakthroughs in secondary school was figuring out how to load bmp images to screen in basic - I could finally illustrate my text adventures! With what I've learned since then regarding proper object oriented scripting, plus my love for writing, I do often feel like building web based text adventures. It's more the time it takes! Perhaps I could work on something episodic... Reply 0
  • Future Assassin's Creed games will have "more robust modern day" than Unity

  • abeeken 27/02/2015

    @Cheeseasaurus I was pleased that the loadout system went back to commerce rather than the hunting system like 3, 4 and Rogue, but I'd like to see it developed into a more robust RPG like system where you can effectively spec your Assassin. However, I'm not sure this would happen given the general linear nature of many of the missions in the franchise (although the assassination missions in Unity were loads of fun) Reply 0