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  • Assassin's Creed

  • a.d.venturer 07/11/2007

    You mean I can't crouch roll across Hyrule^W Jerusalem? I suspect the stand around waiting mechanism will come to resemble the healing mechanism in the Getaway. e.g. pants. Reply 0
  • Hellgate: London

  • a.d.venturer 04/11/2007

    I suspect ultimately we're going to end up with increasing amounts of random level generation in games as the cost of creating content goes up...

    Of course, I happen to have written an Angband variant with a 10,000+ LOC level generator, so maybe I'm a little biased.
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  • The Witcher

  • a.d.venturer 27/10/2007

    I've argued on my blog I don't believe it is possible to role-play in a single player game, and that you are instead making a story up in your head. I don't disagree that this is still valid, but to me role-playing is about taking on a role and playing it. Its a performance art, and without an audience, you aren't actually role-playing. And a computer is not an audience. Sure, you can tell people the story later, but that's the point you start role-playing.

    Having said that, this argument is more about the genre conventions, and with that in mind, genre theory basically says that you're staying in genre if you don't break too many conventions. Breaking a couple, such as not allowing customisation of the character before starting the game is fine, as long as you have other elements in there, such as customisation of the character during the game.
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  • Wizball

  • a.d.venturer 27/10/2007

    What? No mention of the brilliant two-player coop mode - with one of you as Wizball and the other as Catellite...

    The C=64 had some great coop games: this, Druid...
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  • GC: MGS4 bosses unveiled

  • a.d.venturer 23/08/2007

    Anyone simply comparing the bosses between the bosses in MGS1 and MGS4 based on the similarity of their names should well do to read the following formal analysis of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, particularly the analysis of the boss fights here. [link=http://www.deltaheadtranslation.com/MGS2/DOTM8.htm
    Pay attention to the fact that Hideo Kojima likes to mess with your expectation of boss fights, and has done so since the original MGS1 fights.

    I've also written up a wildly speculative table of comparisons at
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  • Wii Fit

  • a.d.venturer 22/08/2007


    Shit, you're right. I'll stick to uninformed speculation from now on...
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  • a.d.venturer 22/08/2007


    I think I half answered your question later. As I mentioned, you can usually increase your lean muscle mass about 1 kg per year, so the weight gained you experienced is unlikely to be solely muscle gain. All of the stuff I've said is pretty much rule of thumb though, and there are always exceptions. However, I suspect you'll find you were eating more calories, which usually converts to fat if you're not using them, plus you'll probably have increased the amount of glycogen (carbohydrate) and water your body was storing in order to help it with the additional exercise you were doing.

    Its quite a common training strategy to mass up and then go lean, then mass up again then go lean etc.
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  • a.d.venturer 22/08/2007

    And if we're going to have a wildly off-topic discussion about diet and exercise, I'd usually recommend that someone starting a resistance based program actually increase the number of meals they eat...

    But that's neither here nor there...

    @lambtron: You can usually increase your lean muscle mass about 1 kg per year, so agreed that it requires a lot of dedication. I disagree with you that it shouldn't be a realistic target. I think a year of regular of regular resistance training (3 times per week) is a realistic target for most people to be able to achieve. Of course, once they get on 'the path', they're unlikely to want to stop after a year. If the Wii Fitness gets them 3 months into it, then more power to Nintendo.

    Btw: While I'm all for weight training, if you think us as a games community is a sad and pathetic community, try meeting some of the hard core gym junkies out there. High prevalence of depression, teenage acne, social misadjustment, anger issues, short-man syndrome etc that makes gamers look like paragons of the community.
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  • a.d.venturer 22/08/2007


    "@ a.d.venturer

    "For losing weight from this particular area with minimum impact gentle sustained exercise is absolutely the best option."

    Pal, you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about."

    I think you'll find I was quoting someone else there... agreed that spot reduction doesn't exist.
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  • a.d.venturer 22/08/2007


    "While you might be right, what you're suggesting is somewhat extreme and not viable for the vast majority of people.

    Most men put weight on their gut first. Hence people who are otherwise thin who have a beergut. For losing weight from this particular area with minimum impact gentle sustained exercise is absolutely the best option."

    Come back to me when you've got a physical education related qualification and actually have some ability to speak in an area you appear to currently know nothing about.
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  • a.d.venturer 22/08/2007


    "My point was that Wii fit will not make you fit, or loose weight."

    Actually there's a good chance that it will. The first 3 months of body building don't actually result in any muscle mass gains, simply because you are incapable of coordinating your body well enough to work the muscles hard enough.

    Instead, the rapid strength gains you experience at the start of adopting a weight training program are the result of increased neuro-muscular coordination. The same kinds of neuro-muscular coordination that the Wii Fitness uses.

    The initial weight loss you experience as a part of training is partly the result of 're-activating' under-used muscle groups, and using them more, which results in a higher metabolic rate. For instance, many people find it really hard to activate their rhomboids (muscle group in the middle of the back) without being conscious of them. Once they've done a few weeks worth of back training, these muscles can be activated more easily and correctly used.

    I think you'll find that these initial gains will also be present for people who use the Wii Fitness.
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  • a.d.venturer 22/08/2007

    @pac, lambtron, other people who don't know how exercise and weight lose work

    "Gentle exercise for a long duration is always > short burts of intense activity."

    "Not sure about that. I think the only way to loose weight effectively is a good diet and regular cardiovascular exercise."

    Actually, you're both wrong. The amount of calories burnt during exercise is dwarfed by your body's post exercise consumption of calories (EPOC). This is elevated more by intense exercise, and even more by modifying your body's metabolic rate by increasing your lean muscle mass. Increasing your lean muscule mass by 1 kg is approximately equal to doing an additional 30 minutes cardiovascular exercise every day for free. So body building ~= sprinting > jogging > gentle walking for weight loss. Of course, jogging is still good for cardio vascular (aerobic) fitness. There's also the additional benefits of skeletal insulin uptake that occurs with intense exercise.

    Can't wait for more uninformed people to speak up on this subject.

    [Edit to fix grammar that made me seem less smart...]
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  • Clive Barker's Jericho - Trailer

  • a.d.venturer 17/08/2007

    Having seen this demo'ed at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival, the team member switching element looks like it works really well.

    You can recover any 'downed' team member by touching, and one team member specialises in ranged recovery.

    And in the fights they were showing, your team mates were going down fast...
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  • Home abusers will be banned

  • a.d.venturer 14/08/2007

    I think people need to take a grain of salt about the comments made by Sony. The Sony representative was smiling and joking when he said it... I don't think this is going to be official Sony policy. (Was there when comment was made). Reply 0
  • Ubisoft to do films, books

  • a.d.venturer 14/08/2007

    I'm live blogging the EIF at http://roguelikedeveloper.blogspot.com for those interested. Its for Gamasutra though... still fun. Reply 0
  • Tabula Rasa

  • a.d.venturer 09/08/2007

    Psychonauts MMORPG anyone?

    Run around other people's heads collecting figments, then build levels in your own head for other people to come play in...

    Now that'd be innovative.
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  • Call of Duty 4 - C4

  • a.d.venturer 02/08/2007

    "That's certainly a weedy explosion from the apparently shoebox sized bundles of explosive."

    Never played with real explosives then?
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  • World of Mods: Half-Life 2

  • a.d.venturer 24/07/2007

    What? No dystopia? http://www.dystopia-game.com/

    Probably the most professional of the mods out there. Mind, you, it might be anti-Aussie bias.

    Edit: And they totally ripped the laser rifle from the Spartan Laser in Halo 3.
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  • Grand Theft Auto IV: New Trailer

  • a.d.venturer 29/06/2007

    "Oh look, it's just like all the other GTA games, just with less pimps/hos and more brown."

    Shiny brown is teh next generation.
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  • EVE Online: Revelations II - Trailer

  • a.d.venturer 27/06/2007

    "Oh, you mean behemoths. Bur-HEE-moths."

    Nice American pronounciation.

    Pity its a European company with an English UK voice over.
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  • Left 4 Dead

  • a.d.venturer 16/05/2007

    Valve put out Half-Life 2, which was delayed from September 30... Reply 0
  • The best things in life are free

  • a.d.venturer 06/04/2007

    So a Norn warrior is going to have this were-bear ability, while a Human warrior will have a completely different ability just as significant - though we're still throwing around exactly what it will be.

    How about double-jump?
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  • HL2: Episode 2 in winter

  • a.d.venturer 07/02/2007

    Dated compared to what? Its still the best looking FPS engine that you can play on the PC...

    But Valve can go fuck themselves sideways. I want TF2 and Portal now. Not to mention Dystopia v1 and Minerva map 3.
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  • Portal - Introduction

  • a.d.venturer 03/02/2007

    Hurry the fuck up valve. Reply 0
  • Windows Vista

  • a.d.venturer 31/01/2007

    Ah, an article that completely misses some major points:

    1. Its likely in the next 6 months that Wine on Windows will be working to the point where you can do the reverse: emulate DirectX 10 on a Windows XP or lower spec machine. So no need to upgrade.

    2. Vista's complete removal for any support for existing Direct Sound hardware, is a significant boost for 3rd party sound support such as OpenAL. There's a great explanatory link here: http://www.openal.org/openal_vista.html. Again, OpenAL doesn't require Vista.
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  • Super Columbine Massacre RPG - Part 2

  • a.d.venturer 23/01/2007

    heflys: "I'm actually enjoying this discussion somewhat. "

    So better than Gears of War then?
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  • a.d.venturer 23/01/2007

    GregorV: "The thing is, being ostracised while at the same time having a superiority complex are not mutually exclusive and often feed off each other. Various art forms (including "games") can help shed light on these and other issues via empathy they can create. It is the prevalent demonization of people such as the Columbine killers, Hitler, Stalin ... that precludes us from actually trying to understand why atrocities such as those committed by the people mentioned actually occurred, and perhaps give us a better understanding towards making sure that they never happen again. Shunning subject matter or art forms a priori since they are considered inappropriate by the majority of the population is nothing but promoting ignorance."

    I think you missed the point of the article I originally linked to. Eric Harris deliberately provoked ostracism in order to feed his ego/superiority complex/psyhopathic behaviour. If it wasn't Columbine, he would have gone on to do something equally bad (but perhaps not as memorable) elsewhere.

    Hitler, Stalin etc. didn't perform monstrous actions because they were unloved as teens. They did them because they were monstrous people, who through their actions, put themselves in a position where they were capable of these things.

    Sometimes bad people are bad. Without explanation. They are not salvageable as human beings.

    "Various art forms (including "games") can help shed light on these and other issues via empathy they can create. "

    You're right. Because the Nazis never wrote anything, created any kind of art or music, and therefore were unable to 'empathise' with the people they marched to the gas chambers.

    Art doesn't create 'empathy'. It may create a 'sensation of empathy'. But that's not the same thing. And after playing SCMRPG, you or I learnt a little bit, but it didn't stop another disaffected teen picking up a gun...
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  • Super Columbine Massacre RPG - Part 1

  • a.d.venturer 22/01/2007

    Biggles etc. "Oh, and a.d.venturer, thanks for the link, v. interesting." No problem. Ironically, the only way I found this article was following the links around this game.

    Generally impressed with the Eurogamer response. A lot of other web forums seemed to degenerate into personal attacks on the guy who wrote the game. Sure, what he says is a bit of an auteur wank-fest, but at least he's trying to be thought provoking, and not e.g. selling in-game advertising, or charging for downloadable content, or even running ads on the original website.

    Now, I'd much rather be interested in a Eurogamer article on "I have no mouth and I must scream", but that game's a little harder to get a hold of. Oh well, back to the Escapist...
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  • a.d.venturer 22/01/2007

    Good article but it is bringing up one of the false myths of the Columbine massacre: that the perpetrators were "two ostracised teens". As the following Slate article notes (http://www.slate.com/id/2099203/), the FBI established that Eric Harris was a psychopath who manipulated Dylan Klebold into a state where he was capable of taking part in the massacre. Reply 0
  • Eurogamer Readers' Top 50 Games of 2006

  • a.d.venturer 18/01/2007

    Go zelda. Any news on where I can get the Game Cube version these days?

    My preorder is still on preorder.
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  • God of War 2 demo plans

  • a.d.venturer 15/01/2007

    "To be fair I only played the original for a couple of hours, but I failed to see what the fuss was about. Button mashing and grainy graphics didn't butter my muffin :("

    I thought the same when I first picked it up... its not until you get to Athens, especially the road to Athens, that it starts to get really good.
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  • X360 HD-DVD sells 100k

  • a.d.venturer 15/01/2007

    "As an early adopter of SKY HD, does anybody know if HD DVD is going to be any better than SKY MOVIES HD? I appreciate the points about ownership etc. but is the quality different as they are both HD sources? "

    Sky compresses their HD content so much that it is barely better than standard digital broadcast quality. So you'll see a significant improvement.
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  • Half-Life 2: Ep Two slips again

  • a.d.venturer 10/11/2006

    The real question is when is episode 3 of Minerva coming out? Reply 0
  • GamesIndustry.biz: Full Steam ahead

  • a.d.venturer 30/10/2006

    I do a lot of gaming on my laptop, and not having to mess around with CDs makes a big difference. Thankfully Relic don't require the CD in the drive as well...

    Does anyone know if I can register my original box copy Psychonauts CD with Steam to avoid the same thing?
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  • Dark Messiah of Might & Magic - Launch

  • a.d.venturer 25/10/2006

    Is it just me or does Source render 'hawt' babes better than other graphics engines?

    Vampire: the Masquerade's twins and streetwalkers, Alex/Dr Mossman in HL2, the Havok-physics enhanced woman in S1n episodes whose name escapes me and the now the girlz in Dark Messiah...
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  • Dark Messiah of Might & Magic - Online

  • a.d.venturer 25/10/2006

    Is it just me or does the source engine render 'hawt' babes better than anything else?

    Dark Messiah, Alex in HL2, and the Havok-physics enhanced woman in S1n episodes whose name escapes me...
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  • Heavenly Sword

  • a.d.venturer 25/09/2006

    "The combat system was in place before GoW came out according to my sources. "

    Which are?
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  • a.d.venturer 24/09/2006

    Sounds like they've lifted the fighting mechanic from straight from God of War. Particularly with the smaller swords on chains and the button-matching finishing moves. Reply 0
  • Half-Life 2: Episode One

  • a.d.venturer 02/06/2006

    Valve still need to sort out the Combine fight sequences... I had to dial down the difficulty to Normal for Lowlife, but have left it up since. The Combine are still just cannon fodder... especially when Valve does their other lazy trick of dumping piles of ammunition and health around.

    If Adam Foster can do good fight sequences for Minerva without having to touch the AI routines, you'd expect Valve be able to.

    Lowlife was a great chapter, and the Zombines with grenades are brilliant tactically - do I take him down and back off or whip out the gravity gun and steal it off him?
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