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  • The Division has graphics settings we're not used to seeing on console

  • _LarZen_ 07/02/2016

    It's more clear then ever that the performance in today's consoles and envision game creators have for their games do not go hand in hand.

    When console games are getting options to turn down effects for more stable or higher framerate it just empowers what we are seeing in today's games on consoles.

    And it is sending a worrying signal on how things will be in the years ahead for the XBO and PS4.

    Personally I belive it's time for two versions of a console. One cheap entry model like we have today. And one performance model that is more in line with the vision game creators have for modern games.
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  • Reality check: what SteamVR gaming actually offers

  • _LarZen_ 06/02/2016

    @ubergine If you had tried new modern VR. Then you would get a other type of boner sensation.... ;) Reply +3
  • _LarZen_ 06/02/2016

    @golem09 "Do I want them with motion controls? NO! Why would I?"

    Because in VR motion controls feels natural. You want to move your arms and hands. And when you cant you feel constrained and lose some of the immersion.
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  • _LarZen_ 06/02/2016

    When it comes to space required I don't think it will be a big problem. The developer of Hover Junkers made this video about required space. You should take a look at it.


    That said I must say that the VR games or experiences shown for Vive and Rift are not that exciting. I know they will be fun in VR. But for how long? How long will your expensive PC upgrade and expensive Vive or Rift be fun with these games/experiences?

    We all know that bigger things are coming. And that we early adopters just have to have a little patience.

    What Sony have shown for the PlayStation VR has me much more excited when it comes to the content they have shown. It's more meat to the bones of what has been shown I think.
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  • Tech Analysis: The Division on PC

  • _LarZen_ 04/02/2016

    @321- Well I cant speak for others. I can only express my experience as a PC gamer. And my experience is that many PC games are better to play on a controller.

    My PC is beside the livingroom and I have a HDMI cable running in to the TV. I find myself more often then I thought when I did this. In the sofa playing PC games.

    The Division was one of those games. I was just as good and capable as my team players and enemies in the darkzone.

    But each to his/her own... I'm having fun playing PC games just as I want :)
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  • _LarZen_ 04/02/2016

    @PSfourskin Everything is correctly calibrated on the TV. If I had turned it down the PS4 image would become to dark.

    But this is not just happening on the TV. But on the monitor also. So that makes me wonder if there are something. some filters etc on PC that makes games look more vivid?
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  • _LarZen_ 04/02/2016

    @321- That's just not the case with many games. Many games are from my experience actually better to play with a controller. And The Division works fine with one.

    The aim assist is just right. Not to much and not to little. Making you just as capable as any player.

    That's the beauty with PC. You have options.
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  • _LarZen_ 04/02/2016

    I have a question that I cant find answers to. And that dont see others ask when it comes to comparing PC and consoles games. Hope someone can shed some light on it.

    What I am experiencing and seeing when comparing PS4 and PC games for myself on my setup is that PC games tend to have more vivid colors and contrast. Everything just pops more then on the PS4 version of games I test.

    I have a calibrated TV and a PC monitor that I test on. PS4 is set to limited when on a TV. And full/automatic when on a monitor. I use the same TV picture settings at all times.

    Why is it that PC games looks more vivid in colors and contrast? Is it something on my end or is it that PC games has this edge?

    Hope someone can clear this up for me.
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  • The Division on Xbox One uses dynamic resolution scaling

  • _LarZen_ 02/02/2016

    No a big surprise to be honest. Even tho Ubisoft went for a console parity the XBO cant magically become more powerful. So we get these tricks to make it possible to run.

    That said it's a shame the game is running in 30 fps as so much information is distorted when moving the camera and character. And the inputlag on the console version makes the PC version feel so much more responsive.

    I had hoped DigitalFoundry would talk about this inputlag on the console version?
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  • What's different about Dirt Rally on console? Thankfully, not much

  • _LarZen_ 02/02/2016

    @DX12 I enjoyed clicking the disagree button. Thanks :) Reply +27
  • Performance Analysis: The Division beta

  • _LarZen_ 30/01/2016

    Been testing it on PS4 and PC. And it really does look great on PS4. Not surprisingly the PC version looks and performs better if you have the hardware for it. My experience is that the added sharpness and boost in colors and framerate makes it a much more pleasent game to play.

    There is also input lag on the PS4 version that is non existing on the PC version. Making everything more responsive. Most likely because the game is running at a higher framerate.
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  • Face-Off: Rise of the Tomb Raider on PC

  • _LarZen_ 27/01/2016

    I must say I expected the PC version to look even better. Don't get me wrong! It looks great! And the boost to 60+ fps will be a welcome addition.

    But on high-end system I expected or hoped the game would impress more.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands on with Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

  • _LarZen_ 20/01/2016

    I really enjoyed the beta on PS4. But the fps drops when there is allot of characters and effects on screen really took away from the experience for me. Hope it is something they can iron out in the time ahead. Reply +3
  • Star Wars PS2 Classics now available from PS4 store

  • _LarZen_ 19/01/2016

    @Abdu@EG Bow? As far as I can see these games are not on Steam? Reply 0
  • _LarZen_ 19/01/2016

    @Pulsar_t The same reason you buy any game? Reply 0
  • _LarZen_ 19/01/2016

    @berelain Then buy a old PS2 and hook it up to the TV. Get a hold of the games and start playing in sub HD.

    Personally I'll stick with my PS4 and play these games in HD.
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  • Is your PC really VR-ready?

  • _LarZen_ 16/01/2016

    Getting PSVR this year and hopefully a VR headset for my PC in a year +++ when hardware prices comes down. Reply +1
  • The 50 most exciting games of 2016

  • _LarZen_ 06/01/2016

    Dreams from Media Molecule should most definitely be on that list. Reply +33
  • Valve's virtual reality headset adds a front-facing camera

  • _LarZen_ 05/01/2016

    @DrBeardface Nah it cant be... They said that it was a and I quote "a very, very big tech breakthrough".

    Guess we find out later today or something? CES is in full effect now :)
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  • _LarZen_ 05/01/2016

    Is that the huge breakthrough they talked about? They delayed the Vive because of this breakthrough and are supposed to show it on CES. Reply +4
  • PlayStation in 2015: Goodwill ensured that the party continued

  • _LarZen_ 31/12/2015

    @CaptainKid Well it depends on what type of games you like ofc. But games that comes to my mind that I enjoy on PS4 that is not on my PC are:

    The Order 1886
    Until Dawn
    The Last of Us
    The Nathan Drake Collection
    Killzone: Shadowfall
    God of War 3
    inFAMOUS Second Son
    inFAMOUS First Light
    Everybody's Gone to the Rapture
    The Unfinished Swan

    And then there are games that I prefer the console version over PC. For example Diablo 3. A game I enjoy much on PC. But the console version and with the use of a controller is just right in so many ways for that game. My opinion anyways.

    And Ubisoft titles I usually just stay clear of on PC.

    Probably other titles I have forgotten. And there are allot of nice looking games coming in 2016. I'm really excited for Dreams.

    So PS4 and PC is a nice fit for me :)
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  • _LarZen_ 30/12/2015

    @Episode13 Yeah. If I had the WiiU I would have a perfect combination in my opinion. But trying to hold out for the NX. Reply +8
  • _LarZen_ 30/12/2015

    Personally I'm really pleased with the PS4 and the games it has. It's a great supplement to my PC. So much that I sold my XBO yesterday. Reply +56
  • Xbox in 2015: A textbook year, but it's time to innovate again

  • _LarZen_ 31/12/2015

    @Malek86 Ahhh, I misread it then. My bad.. :/ Reply +3
  • _LarZen_ 31/12/2015

    "as near as makes no difference, technically competitive with its PlayStation rival"

    This is just not true. So many games looks and performs better on the PS4. It's been like this since day one and things are not changing.

    The latest in a long list is Star Wars: Battlefront. That is running in 720p on the XBO and 900p on the PS4. It's a huge difference and it's just one example of so many many games.

    Edit: Seams I misread it. Nothing to see here. Move along! ;)
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  • Subnautica is being developed for Xbox One

  • _LarZen_ 23/12/2015

    It still baffles me why some developers decide to just port over to the XBO. Besides PC, why not aim for the console that has millions on millions of more potential costumers? Reply -25
  • PlayStation VR's external processor revealed

  • _LarZen_ 22/12/2015

    @UncleLou I guess only time will tell. One thing is for sure. Exciting times ahead! :) Reply +3
  • _LarZen_ 22/12/2015

    @UncleLou With the average gamer at the age of 32 years old I don't think the price is the deciding factor. But VR is a hard sell.

    People that are skeptic need to try it. And I belive that when they have it will result in a purchase.

    VR is going most likely to start of slow. And will have a snowball effect. The interesting thing will be how long it will take before VR becomes a global phenomena. Not if it will become one.

    My opinion ofc....
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  • _LarZen_ 22/12/2015

    @UncleLou "Frankly, you'd be mad to buy into VR of a proprietary tech party like Sony at this point."

    You make it sound like you are buying a expensive car. When were talking about a couple of fun nights on town...
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  • _LarZen_ 22/12/2015

    @SwissTony1994 Most people are susceptible to motion sickness and especially in VR. That's why I'm trying to convey that in many cases it's because of games/applications not running as they should for VR.

    Developers are only now slowly getting grips on how to make a comfortable VR experience. My guess is that many that have tried Oculus DK1 and DK2 have tried and gotten sick. And have derfor more or less dismissed VR as they got sick.

    Understandable reaction but it's then most likely due to a poor VR experience. And that they should give it a new go when VR is coming in 2016.

    If you are extremely receptive to motion sickness that you get it while playing normal games and while driving the buss/train/car etc. Then I totally understand that VR is not ideal.

    Hope you get to try some commercial VR with some good optics and software that are designed for VR. And that it will turn out to be ok for you :)
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  • _LarZen_ 22/12/2015

    @A_FAN That's correct. I just think it's important to point it out for those who had a bad VR experience. :) Reply 0
  • _LarZen_ 22/12/2015

    @pigsy2400 Don't dismiss VR because of some bad experience. Different optics and most importantly the games is key. Many VR games I have tried are badly designed VR games.

    And they will mess with your eyes and head. But a good designed VR game does not.
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  • _LarZen_ 22/12/2015

    I don't understand why this is news now as pictures and news have been out for months and months? And why so many are not reporting what it actually does?

    It's a HDMI splitter. It translates the data from the PSVR to a USB signal that goes to the PS4. And it handles the 3D audio.

    There is no CPU/GPU for more performance in games.
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  • Hacker group Phantom Squad launches DDOS attack against Xbox Live

  • _LarZen_ 18/12/2015

    @GameChampionz There is no prevention of DDOS attack. If it don't exist it's kinda hard to buy it regardless of how many millions you have. Reply +44
  • _LarZen_ 18/12/2015

    @charliegould Bingo! Reply +28
  • _LarZen_ 18/12/2015

    If they are so concerned about the security. Why are they not taking down Steam also? EDIT: Don't misunderstand! I don't want them to do that. It's just that their reasoning for doing it is idiotic. Steam has a serious security problem. So why don't they threaten that service also? Maybe because they are PC gamers...? Reply +47
  • PlayStation Experience 2015 keynote live report

  • _LarZen_ 05/12/2015

    Hey PlayStation Nation! So whose pumped for PSX? :) Reply -2
  • Watch: You can tame wild animals in Far Cry Primal

  • _LarZen_ 04/12/2015

    Looks great! Reply -1
  • EA defends Star Wars Battlefront sales after GameStop claims launch "underperformed"

  • _LarZen_ 03/12/2015

    Not many playing atm...the highest peak of players I've seen is 320.000 players on all platforms. But that was in the first days. From there on it's gone down hill.


    Personally I like the game. It however lacks content and incentive to keep on playing and leveling up. Don't think it will keep me hooked for much longer.
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  • Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is 60 FPS on PS4 but 30 on Xbox One

  • _LarZen_ 01/12/2015

    It's pretty obvious that they don't see it worth using time and money on optimizing the XBO version. So they do it for the PS4 as it has xx millions more machines in circulation.

    Sucks for XBO owners. But makes perfect business sense if money is an issue.
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  • Microsoft, Square Enix "very happy" with Rise of the Tomb Raider, despite reported sales

  • _LarZen_ 30/11/2015

    Reading between the lines it sounds like they are not that happy about the sale numbers. And if it was good they would have bragged about it by now. Reply +56
  • PS4 shoots through 30m sales mark

  • _LarZen_ 26/11/2015

    @CaptainKid And that's why your name is CaptainKid. And not Captain. Reply 0
  • Gauntlet and King's Quest are your PS4 PS Plus December games

  • _LarZen_ 25/11/2015

    It's hard for PS+ to compete with Gold on XBO from now on when the X360 games can be played on the XBO.

    Gold members get's The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing and Thief. Not that exciting. But when they get Castlestorm,Sacred 3 and Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising and all of them can run on the XBO and with Achievments and better performance and to some little degree better visuals.

    It's safe to say PS+ will have a hard time competing if this is the trend from now on.
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  • Watch: Are we getting tired of re-releases?

  • _LarZen_ 21/11/2015


    The thing is that many..if not most gamers don't play every game that comes out. I would say it's a tiny percentage of gamers that buys and plays almost every new game that comes out. There are more things to life then playing games....or so I heard. So that people that either did not get around to play these games on the PS3 or those who did not own a PS3 and now own a PS4. It's great that they have the option to experience these games.

    And let's not forget its consoles were talking about here. It's not like on PC where you can play every game that has been made. Tho with some tweeking to get the oldest to run.. It's important to re-release games so that newcomers get's to experience some great games. If it was up to me allot and I mean allot more games would get a remake or remaster.
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  • Xbox Preview Programme members rewarded with ninja cat

  • _LarZen_ 20/11/2015

    @ChromeMud Don't be a tool now. Reply -1
  • _LarZen_ 20/11/2015

    @ChromeMud Lol, and how in Gods name do you know if I like my XBO or not. You can be critical towards a brand and still like it. Reply -1
  • _LarZen_ 20/11/2015

    Some of you fanboys really need to get those splinters out of your behind. I think it's crap what they gave. You don't have to go all Donald Trump every time someone don't agree about your precious little box. Reply -2
  • _LarZen_ 19/11/2015

    After beta testing the XBO for 2 years then yeah I expected more to be honest. Sure it was voluntarily but still. 2 years some of us have been beta testing their OS. They could done better by us... Reply -10
  • _LarZen_ 19/11/2015

    To be honest I expected something nicer after being a beta tester for months and months. Reply -24
  • Star Wars Battlefront review

  • _LarZen_ 20/11/2015

    So far it's one of the best gaming experiences in 2015 for me. Reply +7