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  • Dying Light physical release suffers delay in Europe, elsewhere

  • ZuluHero 19/01/2015

    It means that on the game's launch day, only the more expensive (and non-refundable) downloadable versions are available.
    Suspicious? While Dead Island was actually great, it didn't review that well. Could this be the reason?
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  • Sony says sorry for PSN Christmas outage with five days of PS Plus

  • ZuluHero 02/01/2015

    @carlitoswagon may they be dragged upside down from this court, to a place where their genitals be removed before their eyes, then hung within in inch of their life, before being disemboweled, quartered and beheaded - these parts distributed to the four corners of the kingdom as a warning to all.

    That's how these things used to work, right?
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  • Reader's top 50 games of 2014

  • ZuluHero 02/01/2015

    @addyb Everyone who's anyone owns a Wii-U now... you just didn't get the memo obviously ;) Reply +22
  • Games of 2014: Threes

  • ZuluHero 25/12/2014

    And by odd coincidence it's on sale on android today! After reading this, of course I bought it :) Reply +2
  • Final Fantasy 15 reveals first female version of mechanic Cid

  • ZuluHero 23/12/2014


    I have no idea what you are talking about.

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  • Xbox One vs PlayStation 4: Year One

  • ZuluHero 21/12/2014

    Can someone please explain "next gen gameplay" because I'm struggling to come up with anything. Surly the Wii u has the most delightful and endearing 'next gen' gameplay as even though they play it safe with their core franchises, every iteration makes me grin and giggle with delight!

    Does that mean that the Wii u is actually ahead in terms of 'next gen gameplay'? Maybe DF need to do an article on it? ;)
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  • Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker goes on sale two weeks before official release date

  • ZuluHero 19/12/2014

    I got it reserved at Argos, but I can't play it till Sunday night! What a cruel twist of fate this is! /o\ Reply 0
  • Hasbro and Jagex's Transformers Universe to close down next month

  • ZuluHero 16/12/2014

    Block N Load is not browser-based, is not free-to-play and is not an MMO.
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  • Tekken 7's chief developer doesn't take kindly to mixed Lucky Chloe reaction

  • ZuluHero 09/12/2014

    @2late2die The ironic thing is they'll be even more outraged now that their Takken 7 will have their 'lucky chloe' content cut! ;) Reply +3
  • Suikoden and Suikoden 2 re-release on PS3 January 2015

  • ZuluHero 08/12/2014

    I sold the original Suikoden for ~£100 a couple of months ago. Really great game, i'd like to own a digital copy of it.

    Never played the 2nd one, so will definitely pick that up!
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  • Ralph Baer, inventor of the first home console, dies aged 92

  • ZuluHero 08/12/2014

    92 was a great innings and what a legacy to leave behind! RIP Ralph. Reply +5
  • The next major Assassin's Creed is set in Victorian London

  • ZuluHero 03/12/2014

    @RoryYoungs Maybe Jack the Ripper WAS an assassin?

    /dum dumm duuummmm ;)
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  • Desperately seeking Salty: A WOW fishing tale

  • ZuluHero 26/11/2014

    This sounds a bit like earning the the "Blood sails Admiral" title in vanilla (before achievements were added and you had achievement hunter groups.

    I spent days and weeks killing those goblins for their meagre xp gain. My friends at the time thought I was mad, as it stopped me from entering Booty Bay and Gadgetzan with them.

    At least they gave you a hat and a parrot pet to go with your title, and announced your achievement to the zone. :)
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  • Catastrophe games: How Spelunky and XCOM helped prepare me for an incurable illness

  • ZuluHero 26/11/2014

    Wow, i really don't know what to say. I know you probably don't want a comment section full of well-wishers, or sympathy, but I just wanted to thank you for all the great articles you've written and now for this open and frank piece. I'm glad you've found a way of coping with whatever the future brings through a medium you are obviously passionate about.

    I can only hope that I can deal with any hardships that life might bring with the same attitude. All the best!
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  • This War of Mine review

  • ZuluHero 25/11/2014

    Yeah held off for similar reasons. While the premise and aesthetics appealed, if that is the appropriate word given the subject matter, with all these smaller games being made it is almost impossible to make a call, and as a result often end up missing out. Will definitly pick it up! Reply +7
  • Elite: Dangerous, David Braben and a scale model Cobra MK III

  • ZuluHero 24/11/2014

    @wyp100 Ahh yeah my bad - that'll teach me for skim reading!

    It would have been really impressive to see a Life size model of one.
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  • ZuluHero 24/11/2014

    I always thought the Cobra Mk III was bigger. It doesn't seem to have much headroom! Reply +8
  • Costume Quest 2 is out now on Xbox, coming to Wii U tomorrow.

  • ZuluHero 29/10/2014

    Shame that ps3/ps4 will miss the date. One of my fondest memories of Halloween in 2010 was playing Costume Quest all tucked up in bed with the lights turned off while I hid from all the 'real' trick or treaters. Reply +8
  • Mario Kart 8 DLC trailer reveals a familiar retro track

  • ZuluHero 22/10/2014

    @spazmo Ahh yes you're right!

    I was just counting the upcoming November DLC and not the next year one as well. The £11 I quoted included both DLCs, instead of getting both for £7 each, making it £14 if you bought them individually. My bad!


    Still excited though! :)

    Also, edited my original comment to hide my shame ;)
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  • ZuluHero 22/10/2014

    Looks ace, can't wait! And £11 for 16 tracks, new chara's and karts and bikes is great! Reply +11
  • Dino Crisis is Shinji Mikami's forgotten gem

  • ZuluHero 19/10/2014

    And it's a happy accident that all these things, as they did in Raccoon City, added to the air of panicked tension. These days it's taken as read that this was the deliberate intention of the game's design, rather than the technical limitations they were actually the product of.
    The same effect still happens today with modern survival horror games like alien isolation, and the doors in that, but like with the RE and Dinosaur Crisis games will no doubt form the basis of the most memorable parts of the game in a future retrospective! ;)

    Dino Crisis was great, I always wished for a HD version, much as I wished for a RE2 remake. It's sad to see that there were some really great games in mid 90s that a lot of people will never play. But by the fans, it's not forgotten, it's more a shining example of Mikami's excellent design and vision, in the world of survival horror. :)
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  • Children of Morta's pixel art is truly a sight to behold

  • ZuluHero 11/10/2014

    That looks fantastic, there are some talented artists out there, and I'm really glad there are still games like this being developed. It doesn't all have to be all singing and all dancing 3D! :) Reply +1
  • Alien: Isolation review

  • ZuluHero 03/10/2014

    after a slightly disappointing QTE-lite finale
    Thanks for that! Don't think we needed to know that really!

    Spoiler in case other people are just looking at the score and not reading the review.
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  • Destiny has its first level 30 character

  • ZuluHero 23/09/2014

    @davidpower I believe that qualifies as ill, at least from a technical standpoint.

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  • Bloodborne release date confirmed

  • ZuluHero 18/09/2014

    ---6th February 2015---

    Dear Diary, Today I bought a PS4.
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  • Face-Off: Destiny

  • ZuluHero 13/09/2014

    @CynicalMe3 That's ok, he has both ;) Reply +3
  • Motorola's new smartwatch now has a GoldenEye 007 interface

  • ZuluHero 09/09/2014

    This isn't the first time I've seen this - a guy here in the office has one of those Nexus LG watches (which he has had for months) with the same display on it, i'm guessing it must be the same or similar app? Reply 0
  • Failed Yogventures Kickstarter backers given Landmark key

  • ZuluHero 08/09/2014

    @Zapatero Very good :) Reply 0
  • ZuluHero 08/09/2014

    "Although we're under no obligation to do anything, instead we're going to do our best to make this right, and make you really glad you backed the project!"
    After all the arguments the whole internet has had over Kickstarter, and the output of projects, and what a backer is or is not entitled to, this is the crux of the issue right there.

    While i commend them for trying to 'do right' by their backers we're at the precipice of seeing more failed projects, due to over ambitious goals, and larger backlash towards the whole process as a result.

    Maybe now people will understand the difference between investing and paying for (or pre-ordering) something, because at the time, when Kickstarter was all exciting and new it seemed that some people didn't seem to understand the difference.
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  • Mario Kart 8 getting Zelda and Animal Crossing DLC

  • ZuluHero 27/08/2014

    My daughter now loves Mario kart as much as her two other favourite games - zelda and animal crossing! Nobody show her this page! :) Reply +30
  • Dex Early Access review

  • ZuluHero 21/08/2014

    Wow that look awesome - though with early access its impossible to know when the game will actually get released.

    I would like to play it, but I can't ignore that closing paragraph, sounds like waiting would be the best option - but for how long! Gah!
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  • Tomb Raider, Vita's no-show and the mystery of 10m PS4 sales

  • ZuluHero 19/08/2014

    Great article and very informative.

    He doesn't really bullet dodge issues or the more tricky questions, and non of that cryptic BS either, its really nice to see candid answers.

    It was also nice to see some 2 way questioning going on, as if he understands and appreciates that its impossible to know everything and he doesn't try and pretend to (like some people do). Seems like a down-to-earth guy.
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  • Star Citizen races past $50m mark after selling new space ships

  • ZuluHero 18/08/2014

    Jeez this is getting insane! While i don't want this project to fail, heads are really going to roll if this goes pear-shaped. The backlash is going to be the likes we've never seen.

    It's all well and good to be investing in "the dream", but I wonder what will happen when the dream is shattered and people have to face the cold harsh reality in the light of day...

    I'm hoping it doesn't happen, but given the development length and the spiraling costs, i'm starting to wonder if this will live up to what it's become.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 5's cardboard box gets some peculiar new features

  • ZuluHero 13/08/2014

    @moroboshi Could you please explain why you think this objectifies women?

    The reason I ask is because I think you're getting a bit confused between seeing the image of a semi-clad girl and getting outraged, that instant GoTo, without really understanding why it makes you feel like that.

    And what about the women in question? They obviously thought that it was ok for their photo to be taken, like that, and stuck in the game. They weren't forced to do what they did. They had every right to decide not to take those jobs and not do it.

    Historically there have been strong progressive women that have fought hard for women's rights going through some pretty tough times and situations to get to where we are now, its about knowing the real issues and taking a stand, not just giving in because the 'money was good' or because it's 'what considered normal, so that makes it 'ok'.

    And there are far more pressing issues in the world where women are demeaned, abused, suffer from domestic violence, treated like slaves, are forced into prostitution and other horrible things, and yet you chose to pick up on this?

    Lets try not to focus on the defense, while feigning indignation, of people who already have the freewill to choose what is acceptable and lets try and get the equality for those that do not.
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  • Rise of the Tomb Raider exclusive to Xbox One

  • ZuluHero 12/08/2014

    I only wrote one thing in my diary today. It simply said;

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  • Firefall review

  • ZuluHero 11/08/2014

    I enjoyed it back in beta when playing with friends, but it got repetitive when playing on my own.

    This is partly due to the fact that Firefall is primarily a shooter, not a role-player. Unlike the swords, axes and staffs of a fantasy RPG, guns always tend to have a flattening effect on this sort of thing and, much like the similarly themed Defiance, Firefall struggles to offer genuine options beyond variations on the space marine. For all its premium-rate personalisation, everyone is playing as a human in battle armour and nobody really stands out.
    Oh dear! I wonder how Destiny will fare!*

    (*Still looking forward to it though :))
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  • Not for everyone: exploring the strange pleasures of exclusivity

  • ZuluHero 09/08/2014

    Shatner is cool - I love how in his review of the app George Takei is first on his list for suggested followers (and rolls his eyes) but he chooses instead to follow Robert Downey Jr AND then hides his posts! :cool: Reply +1
  • Watch a fish play Pokémon

  • ZuluHero 08/08/2014


    If i were that fish I think i'd be quite annoyed if i happened to go to sleep in a section of tank that got me killed...

    But then I am putting human feelings in the body and mind of a fish.

    Maybe fish do not care about such things...

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  • Activision notes industry-wide downturn in pre-orders

  • ZuluHero 06/08/2014


    Yeah, there must have been a flood in my area (pun intended) ;)

    I always order from Amazon now (and more cheaply too) and never had the issue since.

    I used to worry about not getting stuff on launch, but its never happened and i'm happy so it's win-win.

    It still counts as preordering mind, just to bring it back on topic ;)
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  • ZuluHero 06/08/2014


    Halo Reach.

    Just to clarify - that isn't the location of my desert island, just the last game that I couldn't get hold of on launch day in a bricks and mortar shop due to not pre-ordering! ;)
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  • ZuluHero 06/08/2014


    I did say that in the past game shops, Like GAME, used to order more copies based on demand.

    If you went into a shop and pre-ordered and they still didn't order you a copy then you must have a crap local ;)

    Anyway, based on the ardent negging of my comment, people obviously are blind (or missed the point), i wasn't defending preorder at all, merely highlighting why pre-ordering became such a big thing in late 20th/early 21st century.

    Nevermind! It's all "moot" now. Though I think I prefer to be mute ;)
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  • Resident Evil 1 remastered for PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360

  • ZuluHero 05/08/2014

    @Kami Yeah it was. And random spawns and AI positions too.

    It would be nice to factor that into mission critical items as well, but I guess that would be too hard to do.

    Still, i'm going to be all over this like i would over a Jill Sandwich(tm)

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  • Sonic Boom has a release date on 3DS and Wii U

  • ZuluHero 25/07/2014


    Team Sonic or Team Knuckles? Filled with a hodge-podge of teenage frustration, angst and brooding? How ever will she decide? Gah! The teenage suspense! ;)
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  • Can last-gen consoles handle Destiny?

  • ZuluHero 21/07/2014

    Probably already been said already, but I was really surprised by the PS3 version. If i were to end up with that version (I haven't decided whether to get a PS4 or hold out a bit longer and just get it on PS3), i wouldn't be disappointed at all.

    To elaborate on my decision, I had planned to get a ps4 for Destiny come September, but this BETA has really made me think twice. It really was that good! :)

    They've done a fantastic job fitting it all onto the PS3 AND maintaining all of the visual bells and whistles. Unless you happened to have both versions of the game running side by side like in that video - I doubt the missing stuff in the PS3 would be noticed at all...
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  • The Last of Us Remastered lets you lock frame-rate at 30fps

  • ZuluHero 16/07/2014


    Dear All,

    Thanks for all the info - when the article was first posted there was very little information explaining the headline. Wesley has since updated the article, so the information is a lot clearer. It probably makes me look a bit dim. Though I was being slightly rhetoric.

    That said, I appreciate you all taking the time to all respond to me. Many times. Many, many times. It's nice to see that TLOU has a lot of well informed and passionate fans. I count myself among you! :)

    Many thanks,


    P.S. Its nice to see you all obviously read each others comments ;)
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  • ZuluHero 16/07/2014

    I'm all for new story DLC. I'd be all over that like a fungal spore.

    I'm a little confused by the article though - why would you want to lock the game to 30 when it runs at 60?

    Considering the article is supposed to be about that there is very little information beyond the first line.
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  • Battlefield turned Payday 2 designer starts new indie studio

  • ZuluHero 15/07/2014


    I understand where you are coming from but its a subjective opinion based on a lot of presumptions.

    While certain people might get the limelight, that doesn't mean that they lack the skills to make games. A lot of the big names you reference cut their teeth as programmers, for example.

    Also, its very wrong to single out designers and have such a dim view on the work they do, without really appreciating (or understanding) how much designers do when creating a game and how wide the spectrum of design actually reaches. Its dismissive, ignorant and insulting to say the least.

    You're probably unaware of this, but there are actually 'programmers', in lead positions right now, that don't know how to code - that doesn't mean that they aren't good at what they do, leading a team with a core vision and ensuring good coding standards - but if these people, people who you deem to be superior in your eyes - started a new 'indie' company, they would be no more than a face of the company than the lead designers you hold in such poor esteem.
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  • ZuluHero 14/07/2014

    @ItsLatch TBH, I would really question what you are being taught to form that opinion at Abertay University as it is either based on early 90s information or just wildly inaccurate.

    Game design and theory are vital for good game experiences, as is being able to hone and balance a game based on the sum of all its parts, not just compartmentalised systems in isolation, something which few programmers struggle with. That’s not a failing, programmers are often very logical people but sometimes maths is not enough. Sometimes even if the maths is correct, the feel of a game is still wrong. A good designer will spot these problems, understanding how each part of the game works with another and adjusts sympathetically with the game experience.

    A good designer will know how to script and code as well – in this day and age technical skills are a must. Which is why you often see designers going at it on their own. Because they can.

    It's also probably worth pointing out that there are a lot of game developers on this very site and it’s also a very small industry ;)
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  • Sega brings Hatsune Miku west on Nintendo 3DS

  • ZuluHero 03/07/2014

    I'm kinda ashamed to admit it, but I love these games. Obviously Sega see us as a viable market for more vocaloid love!

    Really glad to see them coming to Europe!

    /Closet Hatsune Miku fan #107
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  • Dreamfall Chapters Book One: Reborn new video, screenshots

  • ZuluHero 01/07/2014

    I will really have to replay both The Longest Journey and Dreamfall as i'm sure i won't remember half of it!

    Glad to see it continue though! It really has been the longest journey for this series. ;)
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