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  • Face-Off: Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn on PS4

  • ZuluHero 19/04/2014

    It's a great game and due to the cross server stuff you don't really have to worry about which platform you choose to play on, it's the same well populated world which ever you play on. My only gripe is that I wish there were more character customisation options. Of course it's much better than 11 in that regard, but I still grimice when I see an near identical copy of myself running around. Still the art direction and the environment stuff is lovely, and so expansive. The world feels huge and as an explorer it really appeals to me. It was a huge accomplishment to get it running so well on a ps3 at all really. Reply +3
  • The Last of Us' final DLC, the Grounded Bundle, detailed

  • ZuluHero 16/04/2014

    I'd have preferred a whole new Story DLC and would happily pay £11.99 for it again :( Reply +7
  • These are the most popular games on Steam - report

  • ZuluHero 16/04/2014

    I'm so guilty of unplayed games. I keep getting stuff in sales and now I'm in a position where I Have too much to possibly play in the time I have available.

    And oh look - I've just gone and bought Lego Marvel and Lego LotR in today's sale as well. Gah! It too late for me, save yourselves!

    My name is Zuluhero and I'm a Game Sale Addict... ;)
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  • Veteran Halo composer fired from Bungie "without cause"

  • ZuluHero 16/04/2014

    Just thinking out loud here, and trying to see the story from all angles, but maybe he asked for a pay rise too many thinking that as 'the father of halo music' he couldn't possibly be asked to leave?

    I've seen people in other parts of creative industries throw ultimatums around, because of some privilege they think they have a right to, you know the kind "Either give me X or ill leave”. And sometimes they are surprised when a company turns around and says “Well just leave then” falling into the fallacy where they think their position was immune and surprised to learn that it was not. It’s a dangerous game to play, but I've seen it happen a few times.

    Maybe that was the case here?

    Anyway, whatever happened (not that we're likely to ever find out), like others have said, he should have no problem finding work elsewhere with that portfolio. Good luck to him.
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  • X-rayed games consoles are art, look

  • ZuluHero 15/04/2014

    I read that as X-rated - and they are! Look you can see under their covers! I always knew the wii was a dirty dirty girl! ;) Reply +8
  • Transistor, the next game from the creators of Bastion, is out next month

  • ZuluHero 10/04/2014

    Beautiful. In both audio and visuals. Weirdly knew nothing coming in here, now I can't wait to play it! :) Reply 0
  • PlayStation Store Easter Sale has Ni no Kuni for £5.49

  • ZuluHero 09/04/2014

    There are some great games in there: A wolf amoung us season pass, ZOE 2 (and 1) MGS HD collection etc.. not to mention the others already mentioned like OlliOlli and Ni No Kuni.

    I will have to run out and convert some of my saved GAME monopoly money into PSN vouchers at lunch! :)
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  • Stealth vs stealth

  • ZuluHero 05/04/2014

    @shkevin yes, I completed the entire game, the core ground zeroes and all the side ops missions. The bits I blitzed were rescuing ink Chico from the camp on the cliff..I just assaulted the place and killed all the guards there and the many that turned up during the alarm. The next bit I blitzed was after I snuck in to the inner base where the truck goes and the big gate opens. I shot my way all the way to Paz and holed up at the end of the boiler room killing countless guards until they stopped coming. Then I managed to get Paz out to the main drop zone in the centre of the map (the hostile one) and basically fought my way out, even stealing a tank GTA style and blasting my way through another horde of soldiers. And I only died a few times.

    So yes.

    Anyway, my point was more about the fact that the interview pointed at making metal gear more accessible to a wider range of people - and the scenario I described was never an option in past MGs. You could never really go gung-ho like that AND really expect to survive. In MG 1-3 I spent ages watching patrols, the environment planning, trying, failing, trying something else. Because the game wouldn't often let you succeed with anything other than stealth, like mike points out in this article it's more akin to a puzzle game, and you have to really plan your way through, and yes I agree, it often culminated in a cool set piece or boss fight, the core game play was a bout stealth and you approach to it.

    Now roll forward to MGS5, how much it has changed, granted it felt cool doing what I did, and it s awesome that I could choose to do that, but that isn't really what I wanted from the game. Once I found out that exposing myself had really little consequence, when I expected to be stopped pretty sharpish, I let loose and didn't worry too much about my actions. It doesn't matter if I stay out of sight, it doesn't matter if there are loads of guards, because I can take care of them. In the past, even a couple of enemies used to scare the crap out of me if I was hiding ina locker or in some tall grass and they were just a few feet away and looking for me.

    Anyway, I feel you've missed my real point to some degree, while I agree that the games have never been about pure stealth, the games have slowly slipped away from the emphasis to do that. While you see as giving the player more freedom and choice, I sort of wonder where that decision has started to creep in. If someone external to the project is putting pressure on the team to make design decisions to allow for more players to be attracted to the series, players that wouldn't normally give the series a look in because it isn't their type of game (which isn't a a bad thing, we all have our own genres we like) , then that isn't a good thing for the series in the long run. Anyone who works in the industry will tell you that that can happen, and based on the lead designers answers in the article, it seems that even the mighty MGS isn't exempt from this type of pressure. Like I hinted at, I wonder how much the bloated budget has to do with that, there is a lot of pressure on the game to succeed, more than any other MG that has come before it, and that can be a danger for the purity of the design and ultimately the "real" fans of the series.

    Anyway, While I'm happy now, things will change if the direction goes even closer towards action and more away from stealth. At the moment the balance is just about tolerable, but mostly because of my love and investment of the series. And I'm sure I'm not the only fan that thinks that too.
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  • ZuluHero 04/04/2014

    Great read. I think Mike is bang on, if you cater too much for mass appeal you end up with a derivative experience. It waters down your core experience while trying to appease everyone. It can't be done and something has to give.

    Unfortunately I think that KJP are running a risky strategy with the latest game. Metal Gear is in danger of becoming the next Shenmue – where production costs are getting to the point where they are unlikely to recoup their expenditure.

    Yes, I plumped for the Ground Zeroes and yes I enjoyed it, but I was equally dismayed in how god-like Snake had become in his ability to mow down countless enemies with his machine gun and damage soak his way through large portions of the game – which is what I ended up doing because I could. But this isn’t the game that stealth fans want, and I think that the dangerous budget-bloating to give us a definitive evolution of the stealth genre, may in fact will end up alienating the very people it was made for in the first place.

    Purely because some big-wig exec has looked at the balance sheet, realised in horror that the game won’t sell in the volume needed and has frantically phoned the design department, making these mass appeal decisions that affect the design and ultimately that affect the game that we play – and more importantly dictating the way we play – whether its subconsciously or not, because as Mike said, players will inadvertently follow the path of least resistance, and that is at odds with Metal Gear Solid’s legacy.

    I will still buy the game, providing the experience stays true to the ‘demo’ i’ve already played - but It’ll be interesting to see what the future holds for the series, should there be a MGS6.
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  • Gorgeous Mario Kart 8 retro tracks compared to originals

  • ZuluHero 03/04/2014

    Here we gooooo...! :)

    Looks great, and even as a SNES aficionado, the wide looking tracks don't both me at all. I was even glad to see karts barging you out of the way on "that" corner on donut plains. Brought back memories :)

    I may have to get a WII-U...
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  • Nvidia announces $3,000 Titan Z graphics card

  • ZuluHero 25/03/2014

    I'll have two of them please! Reply +2
  • Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z review

  • ZuluHero 21/03/2014

    Series star Ryu Hayabusa is sidelined here in favour of Yaiba, a boorish clod who loses in battle to Ryu in the opening cut-scene, only to have his dismembered body patched together again as a cyborg. What follows is a repetitive and utterly tiresome romp as Yaiba sets off to get his revenge.
    Ouch, based on the score, they probably should have left him sliced and diced(!)
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  • This is how Borderlands 2 looks on PlayStation Vita

  • ZuluHero 20/03/2014

    Actually more impressive than i thought it would be, had some worries as we haven't seen anything and we're getting close to release - never a good sign.

    It'll be even more impressive if they still maintain online play (though I have lots of friends who wouldn't mind some Ad-Hoc at work!) :)
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  • Catherine retrospective

  • ZuluHero 16/03/2014

    Its great that games like this exist. I too saw reflections in myself while playing, even down to the slight wobble in a relationship due to a younger woman who promised to help prolong the bubble and seemgingly gave a choice of being able to stand still a little while longer, but ultimatly turned out to be a succubus in her own right. Maybe she was. Maybe because of that the game struck a chord, and made vincent all the more relatable to people like me? While i was willing to stand still and suffer peter pan syndrone, ultimatly time and the people around us, have a funny way of showing we cant...

    Man, Thats a bit too deep for this early on a sunday morning! :)

    I actually liked the block puzzle nightmares too. While I wasn't sure when I bought the game, as I initially got the game for its style and they seemed out of place, they fitted perfectly with Vincent's struggles and moral dilemmas. And to be fair, their challenge and their design is pretty compelling and actually pretty fun. While I dreaded the closing hours and the last orders of the stray sleep, it was purely from a story viewpoint and the horrors of what awaited Vincent, not because of the gameplay! :)
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  • Xbox Achievement hunter finally hits a million Gamerscore

  • ZuluHero 13/03/2014

    What's a Gamescore? Reply +1
  • Could you survive in a besieged city?

  • ZuluHero 12/03/2014

    Sounds dark and given the current climate, topical too.

    I play games to escape reality, to the point where I don't really like COD and Battlefield, and those aren't even close to reality really, but close enough for me to not be interested in them.

    I'm not sure how I would cope or how I would feel playing a simulation of something that I know that many unfortunate people have to endure everyday...
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  • Watch us play Dark Souls 2 from 2pm GMT

  • ZuluHero 11/03/2014

    Not for me thanks! Going "Dark" till Friday (At which point I will be going VERY dark ;))! Reply +4
  • Disney Interactive lays off 700 staff

  • ZuluHero 06/03/2014

    That's a lot of people :( Reply +9
  • Hideo Kojima explains why Metal Gear's protagonist is called Solid Snake

  • ZuluHero 06/03/2014

    Ever wondered why Solid Snake is called Solid Snake? Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima has taken to Twitter to explain why (it wasn't a reference to Escape from New York's S.D. Bob "Snake" Plissken, apparently).
    Though MGS2 gives a nod to Snake from the Escape films when Solid Snake calls himself "Pliskin" to Raiden over the radio.
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  • ZuluHero 06/03/2014

    @prettyboytim Oh, so that's his middle name! It doesn't come up much in the series! ;) Reply +2
  • Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes is the best, most expensive demo ever made

  • ZuluHero 06/03/2014

    Gran Turismo do this all the time with their 'prologues' which is a fancy name for "demo" yet people quite happily pay for those... Reply +2
  • When will we see a gay protagonist in a triple-A game?

  • ZuluHero 28/02/2014

    But didn't we just get a very very triple-triple-A game that touched on this (and was handled very deftly) recently? (in the form of DLC for said game) Reply 0
  • My heart is breaking: Inside the Dark Souls cafe

  • ZuluHero 28/02/2014

    Were you drawn in wrongly by a sign on the ground that said "Amazing cafe ahead"? :)

    Great article, I really enjoyed the story, you should do more like this.
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  • Lego: The Hobbit gets UK release date

  • ZuluHero 26/02/2014

    We wants itssss, we needs itsss... Reply +6
  • Large-scale Elder Scrolls Online public beta this weekend

  • ZuluHero 25/02/2014

    @dannyboi3459 thanks! Reply 0
  • ZuluHero 25/02/2014

    If you've already been in past betas - can you just join in with this one? Reply +1
  • Blizzard explains $60 cost of World of Warcraft level 90 character boost

  • ZuluHero 25/02/2014

    @George-Roper That said, i've been a core WoW Player since launch and while I really love the craft that has gone into the worlds leveling yet another class through it all fills me with dread. I've played less as a result as i'm bored with my max level main, and i would like to play as another class, but i just can't be bothered to really go through it all again.

    Not sure i would pay the $60, but when the expansion comes im planning on boosting one of my my other classes to 90 to tackle the new content.

    A couple of my wow friends and I were talking about this the other day - we came to the conclusion that its fine but anyone that does it gets a temporary mandatory title like "Noob90" for few weeks ;)
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  • See The Legend of Zelda in first-person on Oculus Rift

  • ZuluHero 21/02/2014

    Well im pretty good on rollercoasters, and play all sorts of fast games and when i tried the oculus for 20 minuites it took me 2 days to get over it.

    foolishly i tried to play a simple game on an ipad a day after my experince, and the nausea came flooding back. I really thought i broke my ability to game for a little while, but thankfully the feeling passed.

    The video is pretty funny and it made me laugh, but would i go back in to experience it? Not likely!
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  • Win a £400 Sony Entertainment Network voucher

  • ZuluHero 21/02/2014

    Fallout 3: Point Lookout - such a great extension to the main game that felt drastically different to the core game. Everything from the boat ride to the approaching the abandoned theme park it only got better and better. Both the narrative and the themes were terrifying in equal parts, exploring fog soaked swampland and Delving deep into 'deep-south' mysticism. Everything was off-kilter and you never knew what was going to be around the next corner. Quite a neat twist too, which gets extra marks from me.

    Probably the best DLC i ever played, behind "Left Behind" of course! :)
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  • Wurm Online dev offering €10K reward for info on DDOS attack

  • ZuluHero 19/02/2014


    It was HIM! Convict him now and give me _MY_ 10k.

    Sorry ThelastProphet! Do not pass Go! Do not collect yadda yadda...

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  • Capcom addresses concern over lack of female characters in Deep Down

  • ZuluHero 19/02/2014

    @Springchicken Oh she has issues alright.

    What a tired, pointless and venom-filled drivel. Really, what is wrong with people? Taking offence over misunderstandings and mistranslations. Talk about knee-jerk.

    Stories like this make me sad for the human race.
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  • Strider review

  • ZuluHero 19/02/2014

    @B-Genius Yep Already have on the Vita! Thanks for the tip though :) Reply 0
  • ZuluHero 18/02/2014

    @onyxbox I was thinking that too! That said i really like metroidvania games, something just clicks with me, and for £12 its probably worth a look. Havent played a decent on in a while :) Reply +3
  • Tengami release date announced

  • ZuluHero 17/02/2014

    It's like Tearaway crossed with Okami, looks great! Reply +1
  • FF14 PS4 beta in two phases, one with character wipe

  • ZuluHero 13/02/2014

    @Shakey_Jake33 Thanks! That chat log looks tiny! Reply 0
  • ZuluHero 12/02/2014

    Will be interesting to see this running via Remote Play - will be one of the first BIG handheld accessible MMOs (discounting the various phone/tablet ones like Order and Chaos etc) Especially interested how the interface will read on the smaller screen. Reply +3
  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 console demos out today

  • ZuluHero 12/02/2014

    PC Demo is already up...

    Steam Store page
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  • Console developers need to look at Dungeon Keeper and learn

  • ZuluHero 08/02/2014

    This has probably been said already, but...

    EA - ($5 and) its in the game!

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  • Beautiful 2D RPG Child of Light dated for April

  • ZuluHero 06/02/2014

    Well boo to you two, i'm looking forward to it :) Reply +19
  • Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition still uses PS2 cut-scenes in Separate Ways

  • ZuluHero 06/02/2014

    Its probably the same reason why final fantasies 7 and 8 didn't have all their backgrounds and CGI rendered out in higher res for their PC ports? I bet there is a lot of missing masters from games from 10 years ago. Reply +7
  • Gunpoint dev shows off upcoming game Heat Signature

  • ZuluHero 04/02/2014

    @Snidesworth That's great, i wasn't sure. Its amazing what people can actually do with the program. I use it for prototyping myself, so am a keen advocate for people using it to make full commercial games. I wouldn't be able to do it myself though! Reply +1
  • ZuluHero 03/02/2014

    This looks awesome! Is he still using Game Maker? Reply +2
  • Ubisoft investigating BT Infinity Uplay problems

  • ZuluHero 24/01/2014

    Someone somewhere said that legitimate services, such as game portals and MMO launchers that use torrents and P2P are being caught up in BTs 'crackdown on piracy'.

    I don't know how much stock there is in that?
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  • Rain World gameplay video shows off stealth

  • ZuluHero 23/01/2014

    This is probably the game i'm most looking forward to in 2014, been following it for a while and it looks really lovely. They've really nailed it with the anims and the creature behavior. Reply 0
  • IGF declares these the best student-made games

  • ZuluHero 23/01/2014

    An error occurred... The Vimeo one works though! :)

    So I declare that one the best of the lot! ;)
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  • Watch Oculus Rift let people virtually swap bodies, genders

  • ZuluHero 23/01/2014

    [Warning: It's NSFW as it contains nudity.]
    It's the only reason I clicked "play"! ;)

    Interesting - though as the other person still has to match your movement it must be a weird experience, especially if the other person isn't completely in sync.

    Next we'll all be controlling surrogate robots with this and just staying at home (nudity optional) :)
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  • OlliOlli review

  • ZuluHero 21/01/2014

    @Oli Thanks OliOli ;)

    Guess i'll have to get this tomorrow then! Got all excited thinking it was up for a minute!
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  • Dark Souls 2: Think you can defeat this lot?

  • ZuluHero 15/01/2014

    I hope the PC version will launch soon enough after its console counterparts, otherwise it won't be soon enough! Shrewd tactics by Namco Bandai to make me buy 2 copies! ;) Reply +1
  • You thought that was it for Guild Wars 2?

  • ZuluHero 14/01/2014

    @Cimeas They never really promised it would be, just like Guild Wars, it was breaking out to do its own thing. Reply +2
  • Codemasters has its own endless runner - with cars of course

  • ZuluHero 13/01/2014

    I may be slightly missing the point here, but there are some appalling traffic laws in that city. Reply +6