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  • Don't call it a comeback: Xbox One's first year

  • Zerobob 22/11/2014

    I see what you're saying, and I didn't realise Sony had so many exclusives in the pipeline.

    However, how many of these will be 'killer' exclusives? Probably not all of them and regardless, Sony needed killer exclusives now, not in the future.

    I know The Last Guardian won't mean much to the mass market, but I'm a strong believer that great games speak for and sell themselves. If Sony had The Last Guardian ready by now, or another quality game, they'd be giving people a great reason to put a PS4 in their home now, regardless of future releases. I just feel Sony have missed a trick in the time its taken Microsoft to decide what their console is.

    I'm a PS4 owner by the way and I agree with you, Planetside 2 will probably be epic and is a very very good thing for the PS4.
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  • Zerobob 22/11/2014

    I don't understand Sony. All they had to do was get The Last Guardian finished for around now, a year into the PS4 life cycle, by throwing all their resources into it. They would have an interesting (and probably great) console exclusive and a compelling reason to buy a PS4. It would have rejuvenated the gaming branch of the company no end.

    Instead Sony don't seem to have much of a game plan, or really care that they've got no killer exclusives, or that they've given Microsoft a ton of time to get their shit together, finally. Sony seem to be playing the whole thing safely from a distance, concentrating on boring games like Driveclub which does nothing new, rather than on something interesting and innovative.
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  • PlanetSide 2: PS4, free-to-play and leaving money on the table

  • Zerobob 21/11/2014

    I know a few people who are addicted to PlanetSide. I think it'll be a great game when it emerges. I just hope it doesn't cost too much to win. Reply +1
  • Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor gets free DLC today

  • Zerobob 21/11/2014

    After Destiny, Advanced Warfare, and now GTA5, I haven't had a chance to play Shadow of Mordor since buying it weeks ago, apart from a quick disappointing run through when I first got it.

    I'm just hoping it gets better the more you play it, as all I seemed to be doing was stumbling from one Orc Warlord to the next until a Caragor finally killed me due to being defenceless against them. I just couldn't find any structure to what I was playing, such as a safe starting area.
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  • Trials Fusion update adds ability to form teams

  • Zerobob 21/11/2014

    What a disappointment Fusion has been. I don't think teams are going to add anything. Evolution was great, but with some key features missing, such as being able to search for a user track, it was a little frustrating.

    Fusion however, won't even simply let you view a straight list of all the tracks you've downloaded; they just disappear into the ether. The online community is a ghost town of broken tracks. Redlynx don't seem to care this time around about promoting great user tracks. Nothing is right about it.

    Me and a mate have had to revert back to playing Evolution because of the wealth of great tracks still being created in Track Central.
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  • Combat-free exploration-based MMO Wander is coming to PS4

  • Zerobob 19/11/2014

    Wouldn't this be better if you started as a smaller species, such as an ant, and one you've managed and build up enough ant colonies you can unlock bigger or more dominant species, or flying species, and explore further? I'd be interested in finding out more about this game

    This still looks like my sort of game, but I just hope there's still a game in there somewhere... Some objectives or goals.
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  • This Grand Theft Auto 5 next-gen Easter egg sure is a trip

  • Zerobob 19/11/2014

    Of all the reasons to play GTA 5 again, this has to be the best so far. Reply 0
  • Performance Analysis: Grand Theft Auto 5

  • Zerobob 18/11/2014

    I know, there are too many games I want to play right now! More COD, more Destiny, GTA V as of today, Dragon Age Inquisition... I've barely touched Shadow of Mordor yet either!

    Definitely a good thing though.
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  • Zerobob 18/11/2014

    Curious that the article mentions stutter. I thought I saw stutter on some YouTube gameplay videos.

    Hopefully my PS4 copy turns up today and I can find out myself!
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  • Far Cry 4 review

  • Zerobob 14/11/2014

    I really don't like the sound of the constant notifications telling you to do things.

    Hopefully they'll strip the series back to simple stealth exploration again, and allow you to tackle situations when and how you see fit.
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  • Assassin's Creed Unity review

  • Zerobob 11/11/2014

    Well, who didn't guess this'd be the same mediocre rubbish, derivative of the other games, but with prettier graphics?

    I mean, once you do pirates and sailing there's no going back to simply jumping around a city.
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  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare connectivity patch hits PC

  • Zerobob 11/11/2014


    Yes respawning next to enemy players is annoying. What's even more annoying are the higher level players who are familiar with exactly where to camp to take you out as you respawn... I thought this was a thing of the past.

    I could barely move in a game yesterday without being blindsided, and it's not like I wasn't pretty good at other games in the series.
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  • Zerobob 11/11/2014

    "Adjustment to the in-game chat names notifications placement"

    Thank the lord!
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  • Dragon Age: Inquisition review

  • Zerobob 11/11/2014

    I think I'll wait for the next elder scrolls game. It doesn't sound like the game offers much in the way of freedom, exploration, or anything interesting to do. Reply +3
  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare review

  • Zerobob 10/11/2014

    All I know is that, on PS4 at least, the campaign has some spectacular moments and is simply fun. The multiplayer is silky smooth and sharp, different enough to be fun, bit familiar enough to understand.

    I'd rather be playing this CoD than any of the past versions given the graphical upgrades and gameplay additions, even if it is "just another CoD for the chavs".
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  • Face-Off: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

  • Zerobob 07/11/2014

    I know all this in detail EG... I read the two performance analysis articles you've already published.

    Where is the review? Come on, it's been long enough now.
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  • BioWare boss polls fans on potential Mass Effect Trilogy re-make

  • Zerobob 07/11/2014

    New original games please. No more remakes, I can't take it any more.

    I'm hoping all these remakes are just a stopgap while actual new games are in development; I appreciate as games get more complex they take longer to develop.
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  • Gamer Network is now hiring!

  • Zerobob 06/11/2014

    Thanks for this EG. I'm a frontend developer with most of the skills, and also experience of web and UX design, so I might apply. I'm not really enjoying the work I'm doing at the moment. Does mean moving to Brighton though, hmm. Reply -1
  • PS4 software update v2.01 to tackle Rest Mode problem

  • Zerobob 05/11/2014

    What I don't understand is that the Xbox 360 was capable of knowing if controllers were plugged in charging when you turned it off, and it'd go into a low power mode until your controller was fully charged, then turn itself off, no fuss.

    The PS4 isn't even capable of this, meaning you always have to remember to put it in standby/rest mode until your controller is charged, then shut the thing clearly uses some power in rest mode, if only to power the light on top.

    This is by far the most disappointing aspect of my PS4, especially as the controller requires charging daily.
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  • Smaller, cheaper, cooler Xbox One processor in development

  • Zerobob 31/10/2014

    @iceytoa1 I was aware of the philosophy behind the design of the Xbone but, forgetting the size of the thing, aesthetically I think it's aweful, dull, uninspiring, lacking in any essence of design.

    Nearly every single artists concept I saw bettered the eventual design of the console. I know its not an important factor in choosing a console, but it IS a factor.
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  • Zerobob 31/10/2014

    One of the reasons I bought a PS4 was the Xbox One is just so big and ugly, and still has an external power just didn't seem well designed or have a quality look to it.

    But seriously, they're designing a 'slim' version already? Bit of a slap in the face to early Xbox One adopters who will soon have an "old" new console.
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  • Here's what's in Destiny's The Dark Below expansion

  • Zerobob 29/10/2014

    All people have to do is simply not buy this to show consumers won't be taken for a ride.

    This DLC represents horrendous value for money and is extremely hard to palate after such a wafer thin story offering the first time.

    For the sake of the future of gaming simply don't buy it.
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  • Destiny's first expansion The Dark Below takes aim at story criticism

  • Zerobob 29/10/2014

    Well I expect this DLC to be free to make up for the nonexistent story.

    In fact, all but the last "story" mission simply involved delivering your Ghost somewhere to scan something while fighting off waves of aliens. No puzzles, no wonder... Just shooting aliens while you wait for your Ghost to scan something. Bungie should be embarrassed to charge for DLC.
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  • Bungie promises power matters in Destiny's new and improved Iron Banner

  • Zerobob 27/10/2014

    I have to agree, I'm really enjoying Destiny personally. OK so it isn't a huge sandbox, or a graphical masterpiece, but my god it feels good to play and is very addictive.

    It does seem the only people disliking the game are people who don't actually own the game, or even played the game, or haven't bought into the idea of a new next gen console yet.
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  • Sunset Overdrive review

  • Zerobob 27/10/2014

    This game reminds me so much of Jet Set Radio. The graphics and animation look absolutely excellent, it has to be said. I can see the novelty wearing off very fast though as the core game doesn't seem to offer much depth. Reply +4
  • Video: Let's Play Kingdom Come: Deliverance

  • Zerobob 25/10/2014

    I'm actually really looking forward to this; looks like my sort of game. It should definitely fill the void until the next Elder Scrolls game.

    Also, interestingly, it doesn't look like it has a flamboyant clichéd narrative to adhere to, and the game would rather just let you explore and do things, which I applaud. It really complements the non-fantasy approach to the game.
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  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas getting Xbox 360 re-release, leaked Achievements suggest

  • Zerobob 22/10/2014

    Why X360 and PS3? Aren't the Xbone and PS4 the current target consoles, or does this generation not count?

    In fact, are developers even aware there is a next generation of consoles to develop for and there has been for nearly a year now?

    My N64 and Dreamcast had a better LAUNCH lineup than the PS4 and Xbone, never mind after a year in. I'm actually looking forward to buying GTA V again next month. At least Destiny is keeping me entertained for now.
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  • Dino Crisis is Shinji Mikami's forgotten gem

  • Zerobob 19/10/2014

    I was thinking to myself recently it'd be great if there was a dinosaur game that takes advantage of current advancements in gaming tech, making an open-world Jurassic Park style survival game possible.

    I think it'd have to be more than just a survival game to be successful though. Maybe rideable dinosaurs? Or trainable dinosaurs which can help you? I don't know.
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  • Why Ajay Ghale isn't the real star of Far Cry 4

  • Zerobob 14/10/2014

    I really enjoyed Far Cry 3, mainly the rewarding stealth element, but I just can't see Far Cry 4 expanding much on this.

    Instead they've just thrown in a random collection of animals, which will wow people initially, but will probably wear very thin very soon.
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  • Bungie nerfs Destiny Auto Rifles, Vex Mythoclast, Rocket Yard

  • Zerobob 14/10/2014

    Yey, because I'm playing as a hunter I thought I'd do it properly and use only scout and sniper rifles, even though they require a much more skillful hand. I look forward to seeing if the game is finally a bit more favourable towards hunters later on. Reply +2
  • Destiny averages 3.2m players every day

  • Zerobob 13/10/2014

    Don't get me wrong I'm enjoying the game, but I'm only level 12 and all of my competitive crucibal have been very difficult so far.

    I mean, when 3 headshots aren't enough to put a player down, but a single shot from their gun is enough to put you down it's difficult to succeed.
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  • Desert Golfing review

  • Zerobob 01/10/2014

    I agree with the article's take on this game; successful mobile games have to possess that easy-to-access, core gameplay mechanic which everything else is built around. This sort of gameplay mechanic can lead to shallow games though unfortunately. However, if the player is offered a low input / high payoff reward every turn, such as in Desert Golfing, Angry Birds, or even Hearthstone, it helps keep the game addictive enough to keep playing.

    I personally don't like to play games on mobile devices with anything else but the simplest of interfaces, so Desert Golfing looks right up my street, although I'm not sure if the game offers much depth. I still think it serves as a great reminder of what makes a successful mobile game though. I want to play more mobile games with a great simplicity and accessibility to them, but with a lot of hidden depth too, and I think games like this really help pave the way.
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  • Destiny bug reveals expansion DLC

  • Zerobob 29/09/2014

    The more I read about Destiny the less I want to invest time and money into it and the more I congratulate myself for not being tempted to buy a PS4...yet.

    All the weapon balancing and grinding issues aside, I think the game's really problem is that its simply another FPS that does absolutely nothing new.
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  • Destiny review

  • Zerobob 17/09/2014

    This game just seems poorly designed and conceived. It doesn't push the boundaries of gaming in any way, and its core gameplay mechanic is shooting, the most unoriginal thing it could be in a market saturated with better FPS games. It's baffling.

    Mario 64 this is not... or even close.
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  • Destiny UK's biggest new IP launch ever

  • Zerobob 15/09/2014

    @muro It's because the gaming public seem to have been put in a difficult situation due to the way these companies conduct themselves. Microsoft's game plan was to push motion control on customers, at the expense of hardware, and frankly neither console seems powerful enough to future proof itself well.

    I'm hoping both the Xbone and PS4 are having a slow infancy period, but so far there are no compelling reasons to switch to either console; no technical masterpiece or classic system selling game. It's all fairly dire, as if neither Sony or Microsoft even planned or care about the next gen of consoles yet. I don't even know why I'm half tempted to get a PS4. I know I'll just regret it a week later when I get bored, or prices drop.

    Therefore I'm not surprised people are still happy to stick with their X360 for now because it still provides quality entertainment which is lacking on Xbone and PS4.
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  • Blizzard to nerf two popular Hearthstone cards

  • Zerobob 12/09/2014

    But... Starving Buzzard is useful in my Hunter Zoo deck! Noooo! The fact it was easy to kill meant you had to think carefully about when to play it while keeping your deck flowing... that was the trade off. I never ever saw it as an unbalanced card. I guess now it means you can't use it early on to flood the board with minions. Thinking about it, I usually save it till later in a match anyway, in case I get low on cards, so probably not a huge deal for me. Reply +1
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 gets November PS4 and Xbox One release date

  • Zerobob 12/09/2014

    Not sure why the majority of this comments section is related to people moaning about the PC release, but I'm personally hoping the remastered GTA5 is finally a reason to buy either a PS4 or Xbone. Reply +1
  • GTA Online Flight School update lands today

  • Zerobob 19/08/2014

    I'm still confused about what this new DLC essentially adds up to.

    Part of San Andreas recreated in GTA 5?... probably not.

    An extension to the existing GTA 5 Military Base so you can enrol as a pilot and do a Top Gun-style flight school?... maybe, would be nice.

    Some new vehicles and "new" missions... probably. Not bad for free I guess.
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  • World of Warcraft subscription prices will rise in November

  • Zerobob 18/08/2014

    The only reason I've never started playing WoW is the on-going subscription fee, which could easily rack up into the £100s, all for a single game... and now this! Reply -2
  • It's time for your latest update on The Last Guardian - again

  • Zerobob 13/08/2014

    It sounds like they've had to keep re-engineering the game because the target console has changed, which does hint at a PS4 release.

    I just wish they knew that the PS4 would be the target console from the start, if that's even the case! That way they could deliver the game within the next 3 years and it'd feel like a current generation game in terms of gameplay and presentation, and not a hangover from a previous generation.

    I felt like SotC was pushing the PS2 a little too much at times, so it would be nice if the hardware was completely fit for purpose this time. However, if it does ever get released I think we'd all agree Team ICO's magical animation and art style would shine through, regardless of resolution and frame rate. I want to feel the magic again dammit!
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  • Assassin's Creed Unity is more than meets the Eagle's eye

  • Zerobob 13/08/2014

    The sailing and privateering was the perfect glue to hold together the dull as dishwater land-based sections in AC 4, and provided a breath of fresh air when it came to the stale Assassins Creed formula, as well as a variety of goals and incentives.

    Even if they do sort out the clunky free running, and the terrible stealth mechanics, I fail to see where the fun and adventure could possibly stem from in Unity; It seems more of a technical exercise in sandbox complexity to me.
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  • Remembering Double Dragon, a true arcade icon

  • Zerobob 10/08/2014

    I used to love the look of the sprites with the big heads. Wasn't a huge fan of the game though unfortunately. Reply 0
  • What's it like going to a Hearthstone Fireside Gathering?

  • Zerobob 30/06/2014


    I know plenty about the game now. I've won 60+ online games, using all the classes, and not lost many. I understand the advantages of each class and how to use them, but I simply feel that when it comes down to the hard goods, and defending yourself while also dealing damage, the Hunter, Mage and Paladin decks contain a lot of powerful cards.

    I like a Hunter deck because of the minion buffing possibilities, and Starving Buzzard really helps to keep the cards flowing. I usually have all my minions as Beast type when playing as a Hunter, due to the bonuses, but a Warlock zoo deck sounds interesting. I'll look into it.
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  • Zerobob 29/06/2014

    The main "problem" I'm having with Hearthstone is that I keep doing all the challenges, winning loads of gold, buying new packs, then constantly getting Warlock and Warrior cards, or cards I already have.

    Hunter, Mage and Paladin are clearly the best classes (maybe Priest too), yet the game actively seems to avoid giving you cards for these classes. I much prefer to play as a Hunter but I need Unleash The Hounds!
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  • Streets of Rage was much more than a Final Fight clone

  • Zerobob 29/06/2014

    I remember playing SoR 2 co-op with my brother, getting to the final boss, coming within inches of beating him, then all the characters froze. We were both nearly in tears...

    ...then I realised I could still hold 'B' and release to do a kick attack, kicked the final boss in the face, and won!

    Used to play SoR 2 a lot though and that's the only time it happened. If people are interested there's a Streets of Rage Remake for PC; it's pretty good and different to the Megadrive version.
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  • Tech Analysis: Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS4

  • Zerobob 16/06/2014

    Look, all I want are casinos you can gamble in, the same hunting system as Red Dead Redemption, just something to DO in this awesome world Rockstar have created. Reply -1
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One this autumn

  • Zerobob 10/06/2014

    But... I've already played GTA V, and it's not the sort of game that gives you a vastly difference experience upon a second playthrough.

    Come on Sony and Microsoft, give me some real reasons to buy your new consoles. Talking to R* about a Red Dead Redemption sequel would be a good start.
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  • Mario Kart 8 getting Mercedes car DLC

  • Zerobob 29/05/2014

    Is that joke from 1995?
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  • Star Wars 1313 concept art shows what could have been

  • Zerobob 03/05/2014

    I'm convinced all a Star Wars game needs (or movie for that matter) is a simple, fresh "unlikely hero saves the galaxy" storyline. Not spin-offs involving supporting characters that are somehow related to the original trilogy. Reply 0
  • Lucasfilm decrees the Star Wars expanded universe as non-canon

  • Zerobob 28/04/2014

    I think the point Plinkett made was that it would be fine if the prequel films were all about Anakin and his downfall as long as the films were a character study, centred around Anakin as the undisputed protagonist in the films.

    As the prequels stand, Anakin doesn't show up until 45 mins into Episode one, so isn't the protagonist by any stretch of the imagination. The prequel films are also centred around a lot of different characters, with no clear protagonist, which means they're basically terrible.
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