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  • Jelly Deals roundup: PlayStation Plus, Oculus Rift, Crash Bandicoot and more

  • Zerobob 15/07/2017

    I can't even find that LG 29" ultrawide monitor on the Currys site. Reply 0
  • Nintendo Switch is getting its first video app

  • Zerobob 12/07/2017

    Er...because I haven't got a tablet and I want one. Given that I'd only be using the tablet to browse the web on a decent sized screen from the comfort of my sofa - ya know, as most people do nowadays - adding a browser to the Switch means I can buy the switch instead.
    I see your point, but you have to understand that the Switch doesn't run a common OS environment, such as Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, or Linux, so it can't offer a quality native web browser that has been developed over the course of years and years, such as Chrome and Safari. The browsing experience on Switch is unlikely to come anywhere close to a smartphone, tablet, or PC.

    If you want to browse the web on your sofa I'd recommend using a smartphone, using a tablet, or using a laptop. If you have any interest in playing the latest Nintendo games I'd buy a Switch. I wouldn't ever expect the Switch to act as a tablet replacement however.
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  • Zerobob 12/07/2017


    I didn't assume people would have a tablet. I assumed somebody who posts on Eurogamer would have either a smartphone, tablet, or a PC. I think that's a fair assumption to make.

    My comment only referred to a web browser. Traditionally games consoles have never offered a good web browser, so I was simply puzzled by LittleBigDave's expectation that the Switch should offer one, and that his buying decision is based on the inclusion of a web browser.

    Maybe the tablet form factor of the Switch leads to the expectation that it should offer everything an Android tablet offers. Sure, a web browser is a 'nice to have' but not essential.

    I think they inclusion of a YouTube app, Netflix app, etc would be great though.
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  • Zerobob 12/07/2017

    If Switch had a full functioning web browser I'd buy one tomorrow.
    Really? Why? How often do you use the terrible web browsers on PS4 / Xbox One, when you can simply use the one on your phone, tablet, or PC?

    I wouldn't let the lack of a web browser stop you from buying a Switch.
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  • Thimbleweed Park coming to Nintendo Switch

  • Zerobob 08/07/2017

    Am I the only one who's getting a bit tired of the lack of release dates for all these games that are 'coming soon'
    Yes I really feel like they could have had ports of some of these games ready for the Switch release, or at least by this point in the summer.

    For this reason I'm completely torn whether to pick up Stardew Valley now, dirt cheap in the Steam sale and play it on my laptop, or wait X months and probably pay over the odds for it on Switch, which may or may not be as good as the PC version.
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  • Uncharted 4's Crash Bandicoot cameo made me nostalgic for a game I'd never played

  • Zerobob 07/07/2017

    Spoile... oh too late. Reply +2
  • Jelly Deals roundup: £20 off Amazon Prime, 4K TVs, Nintendo Famicom Mini and more

  • Zerobob 01/07/2017

    Erm no, you definitely shouldn't pick up a 200GB micro SD card from eBay for £54 because it isn't going to be a real one. Reply +7
  • Asus ROG Zephyrus GX501VI with Nvidia Max-Q GTX 1080 review

  • Zerobob 01/07/2017

    I still don't think it's a good idea putting such high performance components in such a small form factor.

    There are surely still heat and noise issues, making it uncomfortable to use anywhere but on a desk, and batteries still aren't up to the task of making devices like this portable for extended periods of time. Plus the fact that you're stuck with the screen attached to the laptop, unless you fork out even more cash for an external monitor, but this defeats the portability aspect of the laptop completely.

    I still just see gaming laptops as a big compromise, unless you have to frequently move your gaming rig between locations.
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  • Micro Machines World Series review

  • Zerobob 30/06/2017

    I knew something looked "off" about this game after watching the Let's Play last month. The vehicle handling just didn't seem right.

    It's inexcusable not to include a single player career mode though. My favourite part of Micro Machines 2 Turbo Tournament was working my way through and mastering the many many different vehicle types.
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  • Nintendo Switch leak reveals potential guest logins, save data transfers

  • Zerobob 29/06/2017

    @Timbercottage True, I suppose what I'm proposing is a form of DRM, so I could understand Nintendo wanting to avoid that shitstorm. I see it more as an additional feature for the convenience of the users who own all their games on cartridge, rather than a stick to beat users with though... users would still have the option to simply use their cartridges as normal. Reply 0
  • Zerobob 29/06/2017

    I'm surprised the Switch doesn't have cloud save data backup, but I really hope the feature is coming. The longer I invest in Zelda the more I become aware that all my progress is saved in one place which could possibly become corrupted.

    I'd also like to see a feature which allows a cartridge copy of a game to be "installed" to the device or micro SD card, so the cartridge no longer needs to be inserted to play, just for convenience.

    I know this isn't currently a feature in order to prevent a single copy of a game being shared between multiple devices, but Nintendo could track the serial number of the game when it is "installed" and disable that particular copy of the game on any other Switches it may be installed on. This feature would require a WiFi connection however, so maybe that would defeat the portability aspect of the Switch.
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  • Nintendo confirms SNES mini, including never-released Starfox 2

  • Zerobob 26/06/2017

    That's actually a decent selection of games, even including Street Fighter 2 Turbo.

    Mario All-Stars and Chrono Trigger would have been nice.

    Why am I even talking about this? It's not like I'll be able to buy one.
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  • Super Mario Odyssey's capture mechanic modded into Mario 64

  • Zerobob 26/06/2017

    Bit late reporting this news EG. I suppose it is only Monday. Reply 0
  • Spider-Man reaches new heights on PS4 Pro

  • Zerobob 26/06/2017

    This game looks phenomenal in motion judging by the recent Digital Foundry coverage. My only worry is that the gameplay will mainly consist of linear set pieces. Reply 0
  • Hearthstone's next expansion will make acquiring new cards a lot easier

  • Zerobob 23/06/2017

    I have to admit I'm completely confused by Hearthstone now and all the different decks, expansions, and game modes. I think I'm too much of a filthy casual to gain anything from the game anymore. Shame because I've built up some fairly competitive decks from just the standard cards and others I've won / crafted. Reply +4
  • Detroit: Become Human tweet swiftly removed after poking fun at Xbox

  • Zerobob 23/06/2017

    How did we become a society in which people take offence and become outraged at such trivial things?
    It was a series of subtle changes that happened right under our noses, but Twitter is almost certainly the culprit.

    Initially the Internet was a place where people could post their opinion, whatever that might be, with complete anonymity on message boards, forums and chat rooms, and that was good enough for everybody.

    Then Twitter arrived. Initially people created accounts that still provided a degree of anonymity, but then people started creating accounts in their own name, posting tweets daily, hourly, so that their constant opinions can be validated by others.

    Then celebrities waded in, realising Twitter was the perfect marketing tool. Then verified accounts became a thing. Then it became possible to actually prosecute / reprimand people for what they say on Twitter, for a throwaway comment on what is essentially still just an Internet forum. It's all quite Orwellian if you ask me, so I stay clear of Twitter.
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  • Super Mario Odyssey: Switch's next big technical showcase?

  • Zerobob 20/06/2017

    As long as it runs at 60fps I don't care about the resolution. Reply +6
  • Xbox One X is $500 - so how much will next-gen consoles cost?

  • Zerobob 18/06/2017

    I think we've had the "golden age" now when it comes to how technological advancements benefit gaming.

    For example, when 3D environments became possible it enabled games to be set in large sandbox environments for the first time, rather than more limited environments with a side-on or isometric view. This was a big step.

    Today, I'm just not sure what 4K graphics really bring to the table, and how they truly advance gaming in any meaningful way, so I suppose I'm not surprised that technological advancements have slowed down, as they offer little benefit to anyone but a small section of gamers with 4K TVs.
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  • Nintendo consolidates an already special year

  • Zerobob 14/06/2017

    After I'm done with Breath of the Wild I'll be picking up Mario Kart 8, then Mario Odyssey, then Skyrim for something to play over Xmas.

    Not sure about the Mario Rabbids game to be honest. I love X-COM, but I just don't think I can get into the whole Mario theme... I prefer the marines / aliens thing.

    What I'm really hoping is Mario Odyssey is stuffed full of little secret worlds to find and explore.
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  • Shadow of the Colossus is getting a proper remake

  • Zerobob 13/06/2017

    Looks absolutely stunning. Great for new players. Not sure I want to play it all through yet another time though. Reply +3
  • Minecraft is getting cross-platform play

  • Zerobob 12/06/2017

    60m and growing in PS4 sales means they don't have to play nice. Their gamers literally don't care.
    I'm a PS4 owner and I care.

    Also, a company's personal profits don't excuse them from poor customer support.
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  • Zerobob 12/06/2017

    Limited mod support for Skyrim and Fallout. Blocking cross-platform play. What have Sony got against progress? Reply +4
  • Skyrim on Switch will have Legend of Zelda items

  • Zerobob 12/06/2017

    I think the release date was announced as Nov 11th 2011.

    I'd really like to play a game like this on the Switch, but couldn't this have been a launch title? It's also going to cost £50, isn't it? Not £30 which would be entirely reasonable.

    The only way I'm buying it for anywhere near £50 is if it offers some serious incentives for me to return to the game again, something better than a throwaway, Amiibo-enabled Link outfit.
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  • Bethesda unveils Creation Club, a kind of paid-for mods initiative for Skyrim and Fallout 4

  • Zerobob 12/06/2017

    I'd have bought Skyrim Special Edition on PS4 by now if it had full mod support, as initially promised.

    That said, I've played Skyrim through 3 times already. Why aren't we talking about The Elder Scrolls VI at this point Bethesda?

    It's as if developers have realised it's much easier and cheaper to artificially extend the life of their games with paid DLC, rather than go to the effort of making sequels, and we should all accept this as a good thing to get excited about. My worry is this will lead to entire franchises like Skyrim and Fallout stagnating for years.
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  • Project Scorpio reportedly set to cost $499

  • Zerobob 11/06/2017

    I think this has £499 written all over it. Microsoft are marketing it as "The most powerful console" which they will undoubtedly view as the perfect justification for a premium price tag.

    Of course, in the process of developing Scorpio, Microsoft seem to have all but forgotten to make some compelling new games to convince people to buy this new hardware.
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  • FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch is the best portable FIFA ever

  • Zerobob 11/06/2017

    Switch is an odd duck, not quite powerful enough to compete with PS4 but crazy expensive and bulky as a handheld.
    By "compete" I assume you mean graphically? You could also look at it another way: Which other portable console offers graphics and power comparable to the Switch, and allows you to enjoy this power away from your main TV?

    In reality, the only competition between consoles is between the available games. I think most people would agree Breath of the Wild "competes" with any offering from Sony or Microsoft, as does Mario Kart 8.

    I agree the Switch needs more games designed around the console though. I think Nintendo should poise the console to be a retro gaming machine personally, opening up their back-catalogue for purchase. NES/SNES/N64/GameCube games could be emulated on the Switch and offered alongside Nintendo's new offerings. I know this won't happen because... Nintendo... but I feel this would be the ultimate direction for Nintendo and the Switch.

    On the Switch price, there's no denying that the accessories are massively, grossly overpriced. The console itself, given it's only a few months old, I'm not so sure. I spent £350 on a premium Android tablet before Xmas and that doesn't have the gaming capabilities of a Tegra X1 inside, or detachable Joy-Con controllers. I recently paid £260 for a Switch from Tesco, so it depends how you perceive value.
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  • A resurgent Nintendo still has questions to answer at E3

  • Zerobob 09/06/2017

    I can't wait to take delivery of my Switch in a few weeks and finally get stuck into Zelda to see if it's really as good as everyone says it is.

    Then by the time I'm done with Zelda hopefully MK8 will be on sale somewhere.

    But then I honestly don't know what I'll play in the Switch. I guess I'll pick up Mario Odyssey, even though it bothers me that one of the worlds has "real" people in a "real" NYC-looking location, which ruins the art style for me. I'm not interested in throwaway games like Arms. Splatoon and team shooters aren't my thing.

    I just hope Nintendo have something interesting up their sleeve for the future. Maybe something strategy based.
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  • How Mad Catz used up its last life

  • Zerobob 03/06/2017

    I remember ordering House of the Dead 2 + Official Dreamcast Lightgun and then my order getting put on hold for months due to shortages of official Dreamcast lightguns. I was willing to wait though. I bought from Amazon if I remember correctly.

    Months later it finally showed up in the post. My patience had finally paid off and I could finally play an arcade perfect version of House of the Dead 2 in my bedroom, happy days!

    My excitement was short lived however when I opened the box and realised the supplied lightgun wasn't the official Dreamcast gun that I'd been waiting months for, but a terrible-looking approximation from Mad Catz. Poor show by both Sega and Amazon.
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  • Buy a 12-month PlayStation Plus subscription, get Star Wars Battlefront free

  • Zerobob 02/06/2017

    So I let my PS Plus subscription lapse about 6 months ago and didn't renew, so I guess I qualify, even though I'm not a "new customer"?

    I guess it'll cost full price at £39.99, but very tempted for Battlefront Ultimate Edition for free and with Elite Dangerous finally out this month I'll be needing a new subscription.
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  • DF Retro: Soul Calibur on Dreamcast - beyond 'arcade perfect'

  • Zerobob 28/05/2017

    I'll never forget how stunning games like Soul Calibur, Crazy Taxi, and House of the Dead 2 looked on Dreamcast. I just used to bask in their magnificence hours.

    With Soul Calibur the animation was also stunning, better than anything I'd ever seen before. It was unbelievable for a home console. Massively looking forward to watching this episode later.
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  • Mass Effect Andromeda fans excited by new hint at quarian DLC

  • Zerobob 26/05/2017

    Mass Effect fans were left excited...
    Which fans were these, specifically?


    I'm not suggesting that Mass Effect has no fans, just that the article provides no citation for this sudden source of excitement.
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  • Street Fighter 5 to get Vega's Spain stage this month

  • Zerobob 26/05/2017

    'member when Street Fighter used to come with this stage for free? I 'member.

    'member when Street Fighter used to have an arcade mode? I 'member.
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  • Divinity: Original Sin 2 release date set for September

  • Zerobob 25/05/2017

    I had to put Divinity: Original Sin on hold after getting about 10 hours into it. I just didn't think the game hung together all that well. Trying to progress quests was always frustrating using the poor quest log, but I did eventually get the hang of walking around and talking to everyone at least twice to trigger the necessary dialogue.

    I also thought the character creation was extremely poor. It would have been nice to have more customisation options, but crucially your character's avatar thumbnail should reflect your character's actual face. This simple addition would have gone a long way to making the game better.

    There's a lot I really like about the game though, so I may start playing it again. I like the fact it's a classic sword & sorcery style RPG, you can choose your team, manage their abilities, and I really like the turn-based combat which can be very satisfying.
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  • Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers review

  • Zerobob 24/05/2017

    There's no speed select. There are no bonus stages in arcade mode.
    Hilariously, Capcom couldn't muster an arcade mode for Street Fighter 5 - and, over a year after its release, still hasn't.
    Sorry for the inelequent and seemingly irrational comment, but what the f**king hell is going on with gaming?
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  • Jelly Deals: PlayStation VR headset with Farpoint down to £299.84

  • Zerobob 24/05/2017

    @elhozzo That's fine if you already have move controllers and a camera. I'm simply suggesting it would be nice if Sony offered an all-inclusive package for people, parents, non-gamers who simply want to buy the whole PS VR experience with no caveats and hidden costs.

    I don't see any cause for you to get upset and accuse me of selfishness. Try to maintain a bit of perspective.
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  • Zerobob 24/05/2017

    @minky-kong Exactly. It drives me mad that PS VR doesn't come with all the necessary accessories to make it work. I'd rather they just increased the price and included the move controllers and camera. Reply 0
  • Watch: Eurogamer takes on Outside Xbox at Micro Machines World Series

  • Zerobob 22/05/2017

    Finally, some more footage of the game. I can't wait for this to be released for the pure fact it offers local multiplayer for more then 2 players. Finally a game I can play with my mates with no messing around. I hope this paves the way for a comeback of local multiplayer games.

    Oh and the best Micro Machines game is clearly Micro Machines 2 Turbo Tournament on the Mega Drive, hands down, end of. You don't forget a game like that with such great playability, and 2 extra controller ports built into the cartridge.
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  • Extra Nintendo Switch dock costs £80

  • Zerobob 22/05/2017

    Some people say this reminds them of Apple pricing, but at least with Apple you're paying for for a quality, well designed product made from decent materials.

    The Switch dock is just a lump of plastic, and badly manufactured plastic too, if the reports of bent docks are to be believed, and a badly designed piece of plastic if the reports of scratched Switch screens are true.
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  • GAME launches unattractive new £36 loyalty card scheme

  • Zerobob 19/05/2017

    In rough terms, you would need to buy 10 full price (£40) games within a 12 month span, all from GAME, to get another game free - and you're still paying for the privilege.
    So really you'd need to buy an 11th game to start seeing any kind of saving, given the loyalty card practically costs the price of your first "free" game?

    Isn't there an independent body that investigates misleading and complicated offers which offer no value for money? Potentially this may qualify.
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  • Rejoice! Danger Zone is Burnout's Crash Mode

  • Zerobob 17/05/2017

    My main complaint is that the vehicles all seem to have the "crash test" logos on the side, as if to legitimise and sanitise all the mayhem.

    The best thing about the crash mode in Burnout 3 was the naughty feeling of causing destruction on actual roads and highways.

    Also, why is all the action taking place underground? Some of the best crash levels in Burnout 3 involved catapulting your car through the air into traffic.

    I suppose my overarching question is why can't the developers simply recreate a game that was perfected well over a decade ago?
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  • Dawn of War 3 review

  • Zerobob 28/04/2017

    I might be on my own with this, with the current popularity of RTS and MOBA games, but I just want a streamlined version of the original Warhammer 40K tabletop game, where players can battle each other online.

    It would have turn-based gameplay, collectable units to build up your army (think collecting cards in Hearthstone) and customisable units in terms of colour and minor aesthetics.

    To keep online matches balanced your assembled army will have a strength value, say 76, and you are matched against players with an army of a similar strength value. Winning battles will give you the chance to get new units.

    Given that Games Workshop are handing out game licences left, right and center at the moment it seems the perfect time for someone to create a game like this. I'm not sure why a game like this doesn't already exist, but it's possibly because it treads on the toes of Games Workshop's main tabletop miniatures trade.
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  • The original X-COM was cancelled, but development continued in secret

  • Zerobob 28/04/2017

    @DMBAR OK, now you're talking about hyphens and the name that the game was released under in North America, yet insisting it's not confusing.

    Trust me, I understand the lineage of the games... I still have UFO: Enemy Unknown sitting in its cardboard box on the shelf in my spare room. The fact is in every country, bar North America, the original game was called UFO: Enemy Unknown, hence initially I didn't know which game the article was referring to.
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  • Zerobob 28/04/2017

    @Kolorabi Isn't it obvious what my point is? The article is misleading. It refers to the "original X-COM" ie. X-COM: Enemy Unknown, yet the game in question is UFO: Enemy Unknown. Reply 0
  • Zerobob 27/04/2017

    Original X-COM? If you mean UFO: Enemy Unknown just say "UFO: Enemy Unknown". The original X-COM is X-COM: Enemy Unknown. Reply 0
  • A three-year-old Elite Dangerous mystery is finally unravelling

  • Zerobob 25/04/2017

    Alien encounters, the introduction of crews, and now this? Please release this on PS4 soon Frontier, because I know I won't have time to play it come June.

    This is exactly the sort of game I've been in the mood to play recently, but I can't justify buying a gaming PC or Xbox One specifically for this game.
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  • Is Persona 5 on PS4 actually a 1080p remaster?

  • Zerobob 22/04/2017

    After the many many things I've read about Persona 5 recently I had no idea it was a remaster.

    .... Sorry, what? It isn't remaster? Well why the bleeping hell does the article title suggest it is?

    I see what the title is attempting to suggest, but it's very misleading. I would say it's simply a multi-format release.
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  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe review

  • Zerobob 21/04/2017

    1 of only 2 games worth getting?


    Fast Racing RMX
    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
    Snake Pass
    Human Resource Machine
    Wonder Boy
    What you've done there mate is list some Switch games, 2 of which are worth getting.

    You also listed Snipperclips twice, which incidentally is a neat little idea, but also a very short game and not currently worth its price tag.
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  • Zerobob 21/04/2017

    I agree, the review provided very little actual detail on the game for people new to Mario Kart 8. Instead we just got a load of hyperbole. Reply +3
  • Zerobob 21/04/2017

    The last of us on Ps4 (Re-release of a PS3 game) its £39.99 on PSN while Halo Masterchief Collection (also Re-release of previous console titles) is £49.99 on Xbox Marketplace. Both titles have been out 3 years but still carry those same high prices and while you can grab cheap retail copies now they both cost the same as the digital prices on release. So Mario Kart 8 is no different to either of those titles in price and re-releases.
    I bought The Last of Us Remastered for £14.39 on PSN a year and a half ago. Before that I believe it was around £25. A quick Google will reveal The Last of Us Remastered can still be bought for around £20.

    The difference is PS4 game retailers offer competitive discounts at release or not too long after a game's release, to the point where RRPs can be practically ignored. Then you eventually have PSN sales. This doesn't tend to happen with Nintendo games.

    Good job justifying Mario Kart 8's price to yourself though.
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  • Here's your first proper look at the new Micro Machines game

  • Zerobob 20/04/2017

    I hope it has the usual vehicle-by-vehicle progression system like Turbo Tournament on the Mega Drive. I bloody loved trying out all the different vehicles. Reply 0