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  • Gran Turismo Sport's first big update introduces a more traditional single player campaign

  • Zerobob 22/11/2017

    Playing this at a friend's house a few weeks ago, we were all shocked there was no real single player content in the game to progress through.

    None of us had a PS Plus subscription we could use to play online, so we sat and did the licences all evening, living in hope this may unlock some interesting race modes, which was about as thrilling as it sounds.

    I sincerely hope this isn't the direction all games are heading, but at least a single player campaign is on the way, to Sony's credit.
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  • On the secret smallness of Skyrim

  • Zerobob 17/11/2017

    I've played Skyrim through 3 times, and I can't say that about a lot of games I own, especially considering the time investment Skyrim requires. I'm now considering making that a fourth time on Switch.

    The thing that makes Skyrim special to me is and always will be the musical score though. It's so beautiful with so many memorable themes that set the mood of the game perfectly. I was even listening to it yesterday on Spotify!
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  • Jelly Deals: PlayStation VR bundle for 249.99 includes Skyrim VR or GT Sport

  • Zerobob 16/11/2017

    So so tempted by this after Ian's positive reaction to Skyrim VR today, but it seems sensible for the newer version 2 of PSVR to come down in price, and preferably a package including the PS Move controllers. Reply +5
  • How well does Skyrim on Switch compare to PS4?

  • Zerobob 16/11/2017

    I thought I wanted the Switch version of Skyrim but, after watching Ian's stream for an hour, I think I've been converted to VR! Reply -5
  • Zerobob 16/11/2017

    @Samael_Blackwing You don't own a Switch do you? The Switch fan can activate at any time, whether docked or in handheld. It frequently spins up during handheld play for me, not because I can hear it, but because I can feel the hot air coming out of the vent at the top. Reply +6
  • Doom's 'impossible' Switch port analysed in depth

  • Zerobob 11/11/2017

    Personally, I'm not into quickfire FPS games anymore, but it sounds like a very worthy port of Doom none the less.

    Really looking forward to a technical analysis of Skyrim later this month because that is a game I'm interested in playing again, especially as I've never touched the DLC. It should be something to behold on the Switch.
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  • Monopoly on Nintendo Switch takes ages to load

  • Zerobob 02/11/2017

    Slightly misleading headline. It's a bug that causes long loading times in certain cases, not long loading times in general. Reply 0
  • Interview with the video game whale

  • Zerobob 25/10/2017

    what they do with their money is their business and if it impacts you in a negative way then you can leave or stop playing that game.
    But it doesn't just impact certain games, does it? It impacts all games.

    By spending ludicrous amounts of money on microtransactions, players are legitimising the publisher's / developer's decision to put microtransactions into their games in the first place. Then, as we are currently witnessing, microtransactions and RNG lootbox mechanics are finding their way into all games, irrespective of the game's initial cost.

    Your behaviour is increasing the price of gaming for all, but more than that, it changes what games fundamentally are for the worse, and changes the way in which they must be consumed.
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  • Nintendo has quietly added GameCube controller support to Switch

  • Zerobob 24/10/2017

    @DampCloth The only reason I don't have a pro controller yet is the price. 60 is 20 too much for a control pad. Reply +20
  • Gran Turismo Sport is HDR's killer app

  • Zerobob 13/10/2017

    I really had written this game off. I'm not bothered about HDR and resolution (I find the mindless clamour towards higher and higher resolutions pathetic and painful to watch) but it sounds like Gran Turismo has had a return to form and is once again a racing game that just feels tight and amazing to play. Reply +30
  • How community coders are remaking the best - and the worst - Sonic games

  • Zerobob 08/10/2017

    So glad Sonic Utopia got a mention. This is the one concept I'd like to see taken further, with momentum-based traversal puzzles added in order to add challenge to the exploration. So much potential.

    I'm not too sold on the Sonic 2 HD remake. It looks a little weird, and I think if you want to play a 2D Sonic game with the exact feel of the originals then you're best off simply sticking with Sonic Mania.

    Also, another video narrated by John full of audio stuttering. For example, at 11:46 "fully up to the task" and again at 12:01 "full game" are just a couple of examples. Might want to look into it.
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  • Star Wars Battlefront 2 looks like a case of being careful what you wish for

  • Zerobob 06/10/2017

    This time out, DICE seems to have moved more towards a more traditional shooter, with more violence felt in the firepower and with more lethal effects
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  • Middle-earth: Shadow of War review

  • Zerobob 05/10/2017

    Wow, I thought a lot of things were going to let this game down, but the last thing I expected it to be was the story. Reply +1
  • John Lewis briefly sold the SNES mini last night - but for some it did not go well

  • Zerobob 28/09/2017

    @Pyromanta The reason why the SNES Mini is in short supply is irrelevant. The fact is it is in short supply and has been known to be in short supply for months. There should be no surprise at this point that websites will get hammered when it comes into stock and sell out quickly. Reply +3
  • Zerobob 28/09/2017

    So? I try to buy Glastonbury tickets every year and experience exactly the same problems, which is to be expected when buying high demand items online. I've still never managed to get tickets, but I don't instantly take to Twitter and start bleating about it. Reply +11
  • Shenmue 3's latest development update shows off a grandma's face

  • Zerobob 28/09/2017

    At this point, I think I'd just be happier playing a remastered version of the first Shenmue, even if I already know where the sailors are. Reply +2
  • True 4K isn't the best way to play Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox One X

  • Zerobob 27/09/2017

    These Digital Foundry videos with John narrating... every single one I've watched recently has had the same intermittent audio bug, whereby the narrating voice stutters every 15-20 seconds or so. Has anybody else noticed this?

    A clear example in this latest Tomb Raider video occurs at the 5:20 mark, where John says "Playstation 4 mind you...."

    I just thought it was getting little ironic at this point, considering these videos are partially focused on pointing out imperfections in digital media.
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  • Shadow of War developer discusses the game's controversial loot boxes

  • Zerobob 25/09/2017

    the microtransactions could be ignored completely, and that they were simply an option offered to players as a way of saving time.
    But by allowing players to save time you are effectively saying portions of the game aren't worth playing, and are in fact worth paying to skip.

    It's there, from my perspective, for people who are protective of their spare time and scared when a massive game comes along that they're not getting to see the full experience.
    Again, playing the game shouldn't be seen as a chore, or a grind, or something you must endure to get loot. Playing the game should be fun and a reward in and of itself.
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  • Divinity: Original Sin 2 review

  • Zerobob 22/09/2017

    By far the weakest element of the first game was the character creator, with very limited choices in appearance, which (bizzarely) wasn't even mirrored in your character's thumbnail image.

    I'd have appreciated a word on the character creation in Divinity 2 because it's so fundamentally important to an RPG.

    Admittedly I may have skipped over mention of it in the review, but I was trying to avoid the many plot spoilers the reviewer felt it necessary to include.
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  • Super Mario Odyssey footage leak shows off Frog Mario and more

  • Zerobob 20/09/2017

    Oh a footage leak. Oh Frog Mario. Oh spoilers in the article headline again for an unreleased game.

    Quick question EG. When my copy arrives in October will there be anything left to discover in the game, or are you going to put any information that trickles out directly into unavoidable article headlines?

    I just need to know whether to avoid the site entirely for a couple of months or not. Thanks.
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  • Skyrim's Switch release date slated for November

  • Zerobob 14/09/2017

    9 weeks from release and we still don't know vital details such as if this version is based on the "Remastered" version, or if it supports mods.

    The only solid information I ever hear about Skyrim in Switch is Nintendo droning on about the Zelda-related in-game items. They don't even seem to bother promoting the fact this version comes with all the DLC, which has been confirmed... I think. Who knows.
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  • Nintendo announces NES mini back in production

  • Zerobob 12/09/2017

    This will not please the people who already paid inflated prices for the NES mini last year.
    An open letter to everyone who paid over the odds for one of these:


    Yours faithfully,
    Maybe some people just wanted a NES Mini to play on now, rather than waiting until Nintendo potentially manufactured more, and didn't mind paying a high price to do so. Next summer is still a long way off.
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  • Nintendo "strongly urges" you don't overpay for SNES mini on eBay

  • Zerobob 11/09/2017

    If there are still stock issues with the Switch, Nintendo's primary focus, over 6 months on from launch, then I can't see them resolving SNES Mini stock issues between now and the end of the year.

    It's no good Nintendo quoting ideals when it comes to the price of the SNES Mini, especially when retailers themselves have been selling it above the 69.99 RRP. People will simply pay what they have to if they really want one.
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  • Last Day of June review

  • Zerobob 31/08/2017

    Seems to me like it should have simply been an animated story, rather than a game. Still, if the puzzles are good enough and the way you manipulate events has depth, then there's likely a decent game here too. Reply -1
  • Oh my god Secret of Mana is being 3D remastered for PS4, PC and Vita

  • Zerobob 25/08/2017

    Looking forward to playing the original on SNES Mini, but why oh why is this not being released on Switch? I don't want to buy it on PS4. Reply 0
  • XCOM 2: War of the Chosen review

  • Zerobob 24/08/2017

    I don't think I can handle the stress of any more XCOM after the XCOM 2 campaign. Bloody great game though. Reply +4
  • Jelly Deals: Up to 20 off games and tech bits from Tesco

  • Zerobob 23/08/2017

    @waggy79 Regardless of who the supplier is, 7.95 is a disgusting amount for a standard delivery charge on a small item.

    Also, why should I care who the supplier is? Tesco should absorb this cost. As far as I'm concerned I'm buying a game directly from Tesco... There is nothing to suggest otherwise on Tesco's website as far as I can see.
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  • Zerobob 23/08/2017

    I bought my Switch and Zelda from Tesco Direct using these vouchers last time. Delivery was free.

    Now Tesco want 7.95 for standard delivery of a single game?!

    This was highlighted on HotUKDeals a few days ago as potentially an error on the Tesco site, but now I'm not so sure.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Skyrim on Switch

  • Zerobob 23/08/2017

    It's a shame this preview was no more in depth than the video from Chris, or indeed the videos which have been on YouTube for about a month showing people playing Skyrim on Switch, but I'm sure Digital Foundry will be doing a proper analysis as soon as they can.

    I'd really like some official details about Skyrim on Switch now. We've known about the game since the Switch was announced, yet we still don't know vital details like will it have any mod support? Is it based on the "Remastered" version? Does it run at 1080p when docked?
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  • Watch: We fought Shadow of War's Balrog

  • Zerobob 22/08/2017

    @Sheetbike I take your point that the Balrog was heavily promoted by the publisher, so fair enough in this case, but I had actually managed to avoid mention of its inclusion, until now. I even watched the Jimquisition concerning the loot boxes!

    I appreciate articles like this exist to offer insight, but really that's what reviews are for. Reviews also have the advantage of offering a rounded opinion, whereas articles like this offer a knee-jerk reaction to a single game feature in isolation.

    The main issue for me is that the article title gives away the detail, so it's unavoidable for anybody browsing the website or RSS feed. I don't see it as mean-spirited, I just see it as inconsiderate towards readers for the sake of generating a few article clicks.
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  • Zerobob 22/08/2017

    Oh... There's a Balrog in Shadow of War. Spoile... oh forget it. I think it's time that I accepted games journalists are the only people allowed to enjoy surprises in games anymore.

    Why do articles / videos like this even exist? Can't this information wait for the review, so I have the option to read it or not?
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  • Shenmue 3 reveals new in-engine footage in Gamescom trailer

  • Zerobob 22/08/2017

    In all seriousness, I really really hope the gameplay focuses on Ryo carrying out menial day to day tasks, detective work, sessions in the arcade, and getting a repetitive job.

    Unfortunately the game seems to be focused around fighting, with no video arcade in sight.
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  • New PlayStation VR experience lets you explore Chernobyl

  • Zerobob 17/08/2017

    This is exactly the sort of thing I've always thought VR should be used for, allowing people to visit places they they normally couldn't go. The bottom of the ocean, the international space station, eventually the surface of another planet. Hours of entertainment. Reply +12
  • Sonic Mania is the sequel we've waited 23 years for

  • Zerobob 15/08/2017

    Thoroughly enjoying this so far on Switch and it looks and plays fantastic. Some of the later levels are getting a little tricky though!

    I can confirm I have the unresponsive home button issue. It sometimes takes about 10 seconds to get back to the home screen while the game is running, and when I attempt to put the Switch in sleep mode it takes about 10 to 30 seconds to comply.
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  • Sonic Mania review

  • Zerobob 14/08/2017

    I'd have appreciated a word on how you progress through the game. Can you save your game, for example, or do you have to play all 12 zones through in one go? Does it record your best runs, or just your best times in time trial mode?

    Still, I can't wait to download this on Switch tonight or tomorrow. I knew it looked good from the first gameplay footage I saw and I've been looking forward to it ever since. So glad it's good \o/
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  • Let kids play video games to "save the country", UK spy chief says

  • Zerobob 10/08/2017

    I'm a web developer and I'd say to work in any branch of computer science you really have to put in the time to learn coding concepts, different languages, system architecture, etc, in what can be a very obtuse and frustrating learning environment at times.

    Even then, standards change, languages evolve, so you're constantly having to learn new things just to keep your head above water.

    I don't think sitting around playing games and playing with user-friendly touchscreen devices would really cut it as "experience" if you're serious about working in computer science.
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  • Middle-earth: Shadow of War has loot boxes

  • Zerobob 07/08/2017

    if character progression was as fun as it should be then why buy a loot box?
    And you sir have hit upon the crux of the issue. Rewards should be earned, not bought, via fun gameplay.
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  • Check out Sonic Mania's bonus stages and time attack mode in action

  • Zerobob 03/08/2017

    It all looks great, and I'll definitely be getting this day one, but I wish the chase the UFO bonus stage didn't use quite so many polygons and used sprites instead, keeping the overall look of the game more consistent. Reply +1
  • Stardew Valley multiplayer plan includes option to marry your friends

  • Zerobob 01/08/2017

    @imagonnawin I know, I hope the Switch version gets released soon. I passed up buying it in the recent Steam sale because I know the game will suit the Switch perfectly. I also hope the price isn't ludicrous, which it easily could be.

    At least Sonic Mania is out this month, but then that might not be the sort of game you can chip away at, depending how similar it is to the original Sonic games.
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  • Samsung Galaxy S8 review

  • Zerobob 30/07/2017

    I really wish Samsung used the thin bezels on the S8 to its advantage and made the device smaller giving it a smaller footprint, but instead they used the space to make the screen even bigger! A 5.5" screen with the footprint of a standard 5" phone would have been ideal. Of course the Infinity Edge display is trivial once you've put the obligatory protective case on your expensive new phone.

    This phone has bigger issues though. A ludicrous price tag, an unusable/annoying curved-edge display, an unnecessary 4K screen resolution which impacts battery life, and an unforgivable fingerprint sensor location. It's a silly silly phone and there are better buying options for hundreds of pounds less.

    Also, a very bizarre time for a review. This phone was released months ago.
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  • PlayStation Plus price hike announced for Europe

  • Zerobob 28/07/2017

    Sony said it will automatically alter the price of a Plus membership from 31st August, so if you're an existing member, all recurring subscription fees payable by you on or after 31st August will be charged at the new price.
    No Sony, not quite. Now that you've changed the terms of the PS+ contract people's subscriptions should automatically cancel until they've had chance to manually agree to the new terms of the contract.

    This is what bothers me the most, putting the ball firmly on the customer's side of the court meaning it's suddenly their responsibility to react, or get charged at the new higher rate, and with only a month's warning.

    Ultimately, the practice of setting auto payments to 'on' by default on any account should be banned.
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  • Jelly Deals roundup: PlayStation Plus, Oculus Rift, Crash Bandicoot and more

  • Zerobob 15/07/2017

    I can't even find that LG 29" ultrawide monitor on the Currys site. Reply 0
  • Nintendo Switch is getting its first video app

  • Zerobob 12/07/2017

    Er...because I haven't got a tablet and I want one. Given that I'd only be using the tablet to browse the web on a decent sized screen from the comfort of my sofa - ya know, as most people do nowadays - adding a browser to the Switch means I can buy the switch instead.
    I see your point, but you have to understand that the Switch doesn't run a common OS environment, such as Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, or Linux, so it can't offer a quality native web browser that has been developed over the course of years and years, such as Chrome and Safari. The browsing experience on Switch is unlikely to come anywhere close to a smartphone, tablet, or PC.

    If you want to browse the web on your sofa I'd recommend using a smartphone, using a tablet, or using a laptop. If you have any interest in playing the latest Nintendo games I'd buy a Switch. I wouldn't ever expect the Switch to act as a tablet replacement however.
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  • Zerobob 12/07/2017


    I didn't assume people would have a tablet. I assumed somebody who posts on Eurogamer would have either a smartphone, tablet, or a PC. I think that's a fair assumption to make.

    My comment only referred to a web browser. Traditionally games consoles have never offered a good web browser, so I was simply puzzled by LittleBigDave's expectation that the Switch should offer one, and that his buying decision is based on the inclusion of a web browser.

    Maybe the tablet form factor of the Switch leads to the expectation that it should offer everything an Android tablet offers. Sure, a web browser is a 'nice to have' but not essential.

    I think they inclusion of a YouTube app, Netflix app, etc would be great though.
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  • Zerobob 12/07/2017

    If Switch had a full functioning web browser I'd buy one tomorrow.
    Really? Why? How often do you use the terrible web browsers on PS4 / Xbox One, when you can simply use the one on your phone, tablet, or PC?

    I wouldn't let the lack of a web browser stop you from buying a Switch.
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  • Thimbleweed Park coming to Nintendo Switch

  • Zerobob 08/07/2017

    Am I the only one who's getting a bit tired of the lack of release dates for all these games that are 'coming soon'
    Yes I really feel like they could have had ports of some of these games ready for the Switch release, or at least by this point in the summer.

    For this reason I'm completely torn whether to pick up Stardew Valley now, dirt cheap in the Steam sale and play it on my laptop, or wait X months and probably pay over the odds for it on Switch, which may or may not be as good as the PC version.
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  • Uncharted 4's Crash Bandicoot cameo made me nostalgic for a game I'd never played

  • Zerobob 07/07/2017

    Spoile... oh too late. Reply +2
  • Jelly Deals roundup: 20 off Amazon Prime, 4K TVs, Nintendo Famicom Mini and more

  • Zerobob 01/07/2017

    Erm no, you definitely shouldn't pick up a 200GB micro SD card from eBay for 54 because it isn't going to be a real one. Reply +7
  • Asus ROG Zephyrus GX501VI with Nvidia Max-Q GTX 1080 review

  • Zerobob 01/07/2017

    I still don't think it's a good idea putting such high performance components in such a small form factor.

    There are surely still heat and noise issues, making it uncomfortable to use anywhere but on a desk, and batteries still aren't up to the task of making devices like this portable for extended periods of time. Plus the fact that you're stuck with the screen attached to the laptop, unless you fork out even more cash for an external monitor, but this defeats the portability aspect of the laptop completely.

    I still just see gaming laptops as a big compromise, unless you have to frequently move your gaming rig between locations.
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  • Micro Machines World Series review

  • Zerobob 30/06/2017

    I knew something looked "off" about this game after watching the Let's Play last month. The vehicle handling just didn't seem right.

    It's inexcusable not to include a single player career mode though. My favourite part of Micro Machines 2 Turbo Tournament was working my way through and mastering the many many different vehicle types.
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