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  • $12,000 castles and $2100 deeds - inside Shroud of the Avatar's booming housing market

  • Zerobob 10/02/2016

    No wonder real-world house prices and rents are so ridiculous if people are willing to pay this much for a virtual property, which is only as good as the game engine it's been built in (not very good in this case). Reply 0
  • Fallout 4's new patch fixes game-breaking glitch

  • Zerobob 10/02/2016

    Glad I finally got the patch last night on PS4 so that my melee damage now calculates correctly.

    Honestly.... put in all that effort to get all 5 Big Leagues perks, and it made my melee weapons weaker!
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  • Tech Analysis: The Division on PC

  • Zerobob 04/02/2016

    So, y'know with PC gaming yeah?... Every time a new game is released, do you basically have to buy a new PC, or upgrade your existing rig, in order to get the best out of the game?

    It's just, the last 2 DF articles I've read (Rise of the Tomb Raider and The Division) have suggested that you need a top spec PC in order to gain the benefits of the PC version. Seems like a mug's game to me.
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  • The internet reacts to The Fine Brothers' "react" trademark - and it's not happy

  • Zerobob 01/02/2016

    They've lost sight of what they're doing and why they're doing it, and I sort of don't blame them in a way, because running a successful YouTube channel is big business these days.

    The problem is, they started doing this for fun and that's still how people see their videos; a silly, throwaway bit of fun entertainment for 5 minutes.

    Delusions of grandeur on their part.
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  • Watch: We play Far Cry Primal's first story mission

  • Zerobob 01/02/2016

    I'm not sure about this game yet. The concept is strong, especially taking psychic control of different animals, but in practice the Saber-toothed Cat riding looks a bit wooden, the base building completely inflexible and shallow, and this first mission seems completely on-rails.

    I'm being a bit unfair as I haven't played it yet, but hopefully the focus is on the companion animals that you can control, as this is easily the strongest concept in the game. I just don't think it's been implemented how I'd hoped.

    I was hoping you'd be able to track and capture a wild dog, which can then be trained to track and capture a Saber-toothed Cat, which can then be trained to track and capture Mammoth.

    Similarly, animals could be used to access parts of the map inaccessible by foot. So your dog could be used to track down an owl's nest. You could then either capture an owl (difficult), or steal an egg and hatch and raise the owlet yourself. When trained, the owl could then be controlled by the player and used to explore.

    Your base could act as your sanctuary for all your animals, which may be attacked by other tribes and must be defended, or animals may be stolen.

    This would all be very rewarding for the player. However, in Primal I suspect the player is just thrown into this stoneage world where they must survive, and at certain intervals must either kill or control certain animals.


    Basically I'd rather wait and play Wild.
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  • New Titanfall game and Mass Effect: Andromeda coming in the next 14 months

  • Zerobob 29/01/2016

    Well I thought Mass Effect Andromeda was due 2016, considering the amount of gaming pundits who've named it as one of their most anticipated games of 2016. Disappointing, as I loved the other games.

    I'm just going to assume everything announced for 2016 is a 2017 release until I hear otherwise. Sick of getting my hopes up for game releases. Some games, such as The Last Guardian and Shenmue 3, have become more legend than an actual realistic prospect.

    Don't at least the shareholders in games companies realise it's almost criminal that games which are known to be massively anticipated and wouldn't even require marketing haven't been released to date?

    I mean, I just can't understand why Sony haven't thrown a heap of money and talent at The Last Guardian, got it finished to a high degree of quality over the last 9 years, or even the last 4 years, and released it. What exactly's holding them back? Perfectionism?
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  • We now have a clearer picture of how Xbox One is doing

  • Zerobob 29/01/2016

    As time goes on devices become simpler and more accessible. Look at what the NES did to the other gaming machines of the time. Look at what the iPhone did to the PDA, which is essentially what it is.

    Why did anyone think consoles would fall out of popularity? They are a convenient and reliable gaming machine / Blu-Ray player / media player / video streamer / social media device all in one, all at a very affordable price.

    Going into the future did people think all consumers would suddenly understand how to build and operate complicated gaming PCs and migrate to PC gaming only? With the state of broadband (in the UK at least) did people think now is the time playing games over an online stream would become prevalent?
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  • It's time for Destiny to show its hand

  • Zerobob 25/01/2016

    Brilliant. 100 odd later and with no more DLC available to flesh out one of the shallowest and repetitive triple-A games ever made, and now is the time you realise the game has become stagnant? Reply +8
  • Someone made Princess Peach's Castle in Halo 5

  • Zerobob 25/01/2016

    I have no idea how difficult it is to use Halo 5's Forge editor, as I don't own an Xbox One or Halo 5, but none the less the flexibility of the Forge editor is pretty impressive.

    On consoles, I wish more games offered easy-to-use level editors that enable you to create something with purpose that other users can jump straight into, as oppose to useless Minecraft or Fallout 4 creations. This is actually really good stuff from Microsoft.

    You may ask What about Trials Evolution/Fusion? The level editor is very fiddly to use, for what it is.

    What about Mario Maker? You are ultimately limited to 2D levels which you have to jump around with 8-bit graphics. Not much variety.
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  • Xbox One backward compatibility: every major game tested

  • Zerobob 21/01/2016

    Games do appear somewhat darker on Xbox One than on Xbox 360, strangely enough...
    I don't think this is that strange. Haven't Digital Foundry mentioned on multiple occasions that the X360 generally gave games a visibly darker image than on PS3 (was it crushing blacks?) and the Xbox One is "guilty" of the same thing?

    This was simply attributed to Microsoft's preference for a slightly darker, less washed-out looking image, I seem to remember.

    So, when emulating the X360 on Xbox One is this darkening of the image applied twice? I think so.
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  • Aviary Attorney review

  • Zerobob 21/01/2016


    Yeah EG really need to sort out the mobile page template for reviews.

    It simply doesn't state what platforms the game is available for, which is extremely important information for any review.
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  • PC's Resident Evil Zero HD remaster shows us how the original game was made

  • Zerobob 20/01/2016

    Sorry, one more time.... Why is this only running at 30fps on consoles?

    No depth of field effect on PC is a strange omission. I bet that changes the presentation of the game more than you'd think.
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  • I have to break Fallout 4 to finish it

  • Zerobob 20/01/2016

    Maybe they should just allow console players to access the in-game console.

    I mean, put it in a sub-menu in a sub-menu in a sub-menu, so less technical players don't accidentally break their game, but still have it in there for when the game screws up and stops players progressing any further.
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  • Zerobob 20/01/2016

    So when is this latest Fallout 4 patch hitting consoles?

    As a web developer I have a lot of technological sympathy when it comes to code complexity and bugs, but I feel like I've been waiting forever since launch for a patch to fix very basic things with this game.

    There's only so long I can hold off doing the later missions in the game.
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  • Star Wars PS2 Classics now available from PS4 store

  • Zerobob 19/01/2016

    Yes I fully completed Rogue Squadron (all golds) on the N64 and I'm aware Rogue Squadron 2 was a GC game.

    But lets assume, for the sake of gamers everywhere, licensing isn't an issue. I don't think a remake of Rogue Squadron 1 & 2 would be impossible on a PS4, would it?

    It would be worth everyone's time and money, lets put it that way.
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  • Zerobob 19/01/2016

    These Star Wars games are not, and have never been, flagship titles, classics, or even good Star Wars games. Why they've been resurrected from the dead baffles me.

    Why on earth can't Sony release a Rogue Squadron collection, which were good games to start with, as well as being fantastic Star Wars games?
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  • Seasons mod makes Fallout 4 look like The Last of Us

  • Zerobob 13/01/2016

    I just thought the foliage was a bit "dead" in Fallout 4 because of, you know, the nuclear fallout ... I assumed only more hardy plants survived, or mutated into new plants, of course.

    I don't think Bethesda forgot to add green trees to the game, which makes me question the purpose of this mod, as well done as it is. Embrace the wasteland!
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  • Payday 2 fans react in surprise at paid-for Goat Simulator tie-in

  • Zerobob 13/01/2016

    The main issue seems to be that they promised free DLC, which has yet to show up, and it's evident it's because they've spent their time developing paid DLC instead.

    Just another disappointment in a long line of disappointments that is modern gaming. Soon people won't bother getting their hopes up about any game, or any announcement, or look forward to anything gaming related. They'll forget about release dates, maybe even forget about games altogether.

    Should we even bother getting our hopes up about VR, if basic promises regarding release dates for huge games are continually broken (The Last Guardian, Zelda Wii U) and games are continually being released in a near unplayable state? Never mind the growing trend that games are becoming mere platforms to sell overpriced DLC and pay-to-win content.
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  • Rockstar North boss leaves Grand Theft Auto developer

  • Zerobob 13/01/2016

    I think it only takes a short holiday, never mind a "lengthy sabbatical", to realise working in the games industry isn't worth the stress.

    Time and time again, high profile and long-serving employees just leave companies under strange circumstances.
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  • Why everyone's talking about Grand Theft Auto 5 single-player DLC again

  • Zerobob 13/01/2016

    I played GTAV on X360 and again on PS4. I've also spent quite a lot of time playing Online, but even after a short time you realise that you're just repeating the same missions, over and over. Reply 0
  • Performance Analysis: World of Tanks on PS4

  • Zerobob 12/01/2016

    I signed up for this beta, but had no idea it was 40GB! I seriously need to uninstall a few games. Reply 0
  • Finally, tide turns in war with PC game crackers

  • Zerobob 08/01/2016

    The way I see it, I want creative games, I want games to keep evolving, to get bigger in scope, to get more detailed, and to run smoother and more efficiently.

    Where is the money going to come from to achieve this if I don't buy all my games?
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  • Star Wars open-world RPG Kickstarter bites the dust

  • Zerobob 08/01/2016

    I conceived something similar to Devin Tripp's concept about 15 years ago. It was a space trading game, which would be a cross between GTA and Mass Effect, with the freedom to explore the entire galaxy, on foot or in vehicles. I mean, of course this would be a desirable game, but it would take about 30 years to design and program!

    Personally, I don't have experience of producing games in the games industry, and I've only ever created JavaScript games, so I wouldn't ever have dreamed of wasting anyone's time and money on Kickstarter. I also wouldn't be naive enough to ever consider trying to make it a Star Wars licence.

    Fast forward to 2016, and you already have games like Eve, Elite Dangerous, but more importantly No Man's Sky on the horizon, which is very close to the game I imagined. Really, Devin Tripp's idea is already derivative of other games.

    What fundamentally annoyed me about Devin Tripp's approach is that he clearly has no experience of designing games, producing games, coding games, and has no drive to learn any of these skills for himself. He simply wants other people's money and talent to create something that may or may not be any good. He didn't even have the fundamental respect to explain his concept properly and check his proposal grammatically.

    I just think the world has too many Devin Tripps already, many of whom reside in top jobs in the games industry.... Oooh Zing!
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  • The 50 most exciting games of 2016

  • Zerobob 06/01/2016

    Destiny 2
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  • Oculus Rift pre-orders open today and you won't be charged for them

  • Zerobob 06/01/2016

    So I assume Oculus Rift will only be compatible with PC? Every time I read about it it's never mentioned.

    So PS4 owners have PlayStation VR, obviously.

    And Xbox One owners have.... ?
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  • PlayStation 4 hack confirmed: watch the Linux demo

  • Zerobob 04/01/2016

    the PS4 itself appears to communicate with the hard drive via USB
    Errm, I may be wrong, but this doesn't seem like the fastest way of hooking up a HDD to a motherboard. Very strange choice.
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  • Eurogamer's Games of 2015 no. 2: Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

  • Zerobob 31/12/2015

    Wow so no Bloodborne yet or Fallout 4.

    I mean, I know it's popular to hate Fallout 4 for being a bit clunky and derivative of Fallout 3, but building a treehouse base in Sanctuary has been one of my gaming moments of the year. To not even get a mention in the top 10 seems a bit pissy.
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  • Battlefield 4's most cryptic Easter egg discovered

  • Zerobob 23/12/2015

    And this is something that's been added to the game for... free?!... for... FUN?!!

    I simply didn't think this type of thing existed in modern gaming.
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  • PlayStation VR's external processor revealed

  • Zerobob 22/12/2015

    Seems a lot of unexpected extra kit, and I expect this will retail for a fair old price.

    Still, as long as this guarantees a solid 60/120fps @ 120Hz I don't mind too much, because nothing will break immersion faster than framerate issues.
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  • Super Mario RPG revived on Wii U this week

  • Zerobob 21/12/2015

    I own the SNES original so I assume it's backwards compatible on Wii U, yes? Nintendo wouldn't charge me again for a game I've already bought, would they?

    I've tried jamming the cartridge into my Wii U a multitude of ways and, although I eventually managed to get the cartridge to fit, there were sparks and my Wii U won't turn on now.
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  • Zerobob 21/12/2015

    Christ, the original box art looks truly awful. Reply 0
  • Star Wars Battlefront misses out on Christmas chart number one

  • Zerobob 21/12/2015

    It's not that incredible, after the smoke has cleared we all realize that Star Wars BF isn't THAT good. It's okay..
    For some people there was no "smoke" that cleared. Reviews were quite clear that the game was lacking in content and people like me didn't even consider buying it.

    I think this is the main reason for poorer sales.
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  • Rare and the rise and fall of Kinect

  • Zerobob 16/12/2015


    I always wanted a go on that game, and graphically it looked very well accomplished.
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  • Destiny launches level boost packs priced 25

  • Zerobob 15/12/2015

    I don't think gaming is going to be a hobby I'll be able to enjoy in a few years time.

    I mean, developers now realise that you don't need to make a quality product to be able to make money anymore. You just need a product with plenty of micro-transactions.

    The worst thing is consumers (gamers) just keep proving them right, over and over again.

    It brings me close to tears thinking how fucking stupid people can be, and what the games industry is becoming.
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  • Star Citizen soars past $100m as alpha 2.0 launches

  • Zerobob 14/12/2015

    I couldn't agree more with everything you said.

    The sooner these games which prey on the young and weak-minded are stamped out of the games industry, the sooner the games industry can start focusing on quality games again.
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  • The Last of Us, Until Dawn are BOGOF on PSN

  • Zerobob 11/12/2015

    Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain on PS4 was 13.85 on 2 days ago. Bargain.
    Really?! Gutted I missed that.
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  • Zerobob 11/12/2015

    I recently bought the digital copy of TLoU Remastered for 14 on a recent PSN sale.

    Regarding this new sale, you'd probably want to pay less than 20 AND get a physical copy, which you can at many other retailers.
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  • Watch a wastelander complete Fallout 3 on Hard Mode without ever healing

  • Zerobob 10/12/2015

    This and the Bloodborne article have made me realise that, despite being a 30+yrs gaming veteran, I'm actually a bit shit at them.
    Being shit at games is one thing.

    Having way too much spare time on your hands and misusing it in this way is quite another.
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  • Fallout 4 patch 1.02 boosts PS4 performance

  • Zerobob 09/12/2015

    The reported glitches have definitely been blown out of proportion with this game. I've had a few framerate issues (PS4), usually when moving into a larger city area, but aside from that not much to report.

    That said, after installing the new patch last night (PS4) I almost immediately got the bug where my Pip-Boy vanished when I tried to look at it. The Pip-Boy came back a few minutes later though.

    What sets this game apart is that you can tell all areas have had a lot of thought put into them. It's as if someone's sat over the Level Designer's shoulder asking,

    "...and what about if the player walks over there into that dark corner, then follows the secluded passage to find the shelves at the end, then takes the time to look at the bottom shelf... should we reward them for that?"

    to which the Level Designer replies "Of course we do!.. A Desk Fan and a Hot Plate should suffice."
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  • I'm late to Mad Max, but I like the balloons

  • Zerobob 08/12/2015

    Yet another game I need to keep on my radar! I thought it looked quite good from the preview Outside Xbox did.

    Am I ever going to get around to playing MGSV, Just Cause 3, Star Wars Battlefront, The Nathan Drake Collection, Far Cry 4, The Last of us Remastered, and now Mad Max? Probably not.
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  • Max Payne rating leaked for PS4

  • Zerobob 08/12/2015

    Max Payne was first and foremost a PC game. It seems strange Sony would endeavour to bring this port to the PS2 emulator on PS4 as one of the first available titles.

    What about God of War, God of War 2, Resi Evil 4, MGS2, ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, Silent Hill 2, Final Fantasy X, Burnout 2/3, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, etc.

    There were a lot of good games on PS2 two generations ago. Why aren't these all launch titles for the PS2 emulator on PS4?
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  • The games of 2015 we (shamefully) missed

  • Zerobob 05/12/2015

    My main misses this year have been MGS5, The Nathan Drake Collection, Star Wars Battlefront and Just Cause 3.

    I've just been happy with The Witcher 3 and Fallout 4.
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  • Report: PS4's PS2 emulation won't support discs or PS3 digital purchases

  • Zerobob 04/12/2015

    I gave away my PS2 and games to a work colleague's daughter years ago, but if Sony insist on selling us old games that many people already own, then they'd better be remastered versions which improve on the original PS2 version in every way. Reply 0
  • Performance Analysis: Uncharted 4 multiplayer beta

  • Zerobob 04/12/2015

    Looking very nice, although I can't see myself playing the multiplayer, so I'm left a little disappointed that the single player only runs at 30fps. Then again, Naughty Dog know what they're doing. Reply +1
  • EA defends Star Wars Battlefront sales after GameStop claims launch "underperformed"

  • Zerobob 03/12/2015

    Regardless of retailers expected sales figures, I put off buying this game for now because of

    a) Fallout 4
    b) it offers poor value for money

    I imagine a lot of others people made the same decision. I could have told any retailer this month ago.

    No retailer should expect to sell large quantities of a game which ultimately costs 80 in total.
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  • Games now allowed auxiliary mini-games during loading screens

  • Zerobob 03/12/2015

    I'm surprised Namco managed to patent this at all, but thanks Namco, thanks for all the years of staring at loading screens. Were mini-game loading screens really a main selling point of your games?

    I always wondered why Tekken 5 had mini-game loading screens, yet so few other games did. Ironically Tekken 5 loaded quite quickly.
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  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas sneaks onto PS3

  • Zerobob 02/12/2015

    Instead of this Android port, Sony should focus on releasing the proper PS2 version emulated on PS4, y'know, Sony's current console. Reply +3
  • Xenoblade Chronicles X review

  • Zerobob 30/11/2015

    Why is it that, once again from Mr Parkin, this seems to be only half a review?

    It focuses almost exclusively on the plot and the world design. Nothing at all about combat, progression, skills, levelling (and other) systems, how the game plays
    I also thought the review seemed quite short after reading, and lacked some information.

    As I've said before, some reviewers fall into the trap of giving you a blow-by-blow account of a game's story, giving away endless details of locations, characters and content, believing this to be a review.

    A review should be a more abstract view of why a game is good, not specifically what is good in a game.
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  • Better than Halo?

  • Zerobob 30/11/2015

    Halo and Destiny feel very similar to me, for obvious reasons. As soon as I got my PS4 and fired up Destiny my only thought was "this feels exactly like Halo."

    Then I got very bored.
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  • Sony unlocks more CPU power for PS4 game developers

  • Zerobob 30/11/2015

    Just like when the Xbox One did this, it's not going to suddenly make PS4 massively more powerful
    Although a 7th core coupled with far faster RAM and a better GPU than the Xbox One may make more difference that you'd think.

    The CPU really is the bottleneck on the PS4.
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