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  • Kerbal Space Program set to land on Wii U

  • Zerobob 27/08/2015

    I really wish they'd start mentioning release dates for this game on console.

    Getting pretty tired in general of having to take game announcements with a huge pinch of salt, a massive slice of hope, and an overwhelming dollop of forced disinterest...

    ...I'd rather forget all about games until they're imminent.
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  • Is it too late to start playing Hearthstone?

  • Zerobob 26/08/2015

    I've been playing Hearthstone from the start, but only the odd game here and there.

    After getting most of the characters up to lv20 in Practice mode, and getting to grips with how to play each character, I then started chancing the online matches.

    I won a lot of gold at first, but it soon became apparent that most people had spent a lot of money on their deck.

    One game for example, I completely had the opponent on the back-foot using a basic Druid deck. I was playing very well. But then my opponent just started pulling out awesome card after awesome card, each of which summoned another 2 minions... I didn't stand a chance.

    I would say that you can't really get into Hearthstone now. Not if you want to have fun anyway.
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  • What's the deal with Metal Gear Solid 5 microtransactions?

  • Zerobob 25/08/2015

    Rather than being notified of pay-to-win micro transactions after purchasing the game, I think it should work the other way around...

    Retailers should be forced to put large stickers on game boxes warning buyers that their 50 doesn't actually buy them the whole game, and put a total price on the game box which includes the cost of every possible micro-transaction.
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  • Digital Foundry vs ultra-wide 21:9 PC gaming

  • Zerobob 23/08/2015

    I'd have thought this would be the way TVs would have gone, rather than simply offering higher 4k resolutions, still at a 16:9 ratio.

    I suppose industry standards dictate the 16:9 format though, whereas games PC games can easily offer the 21:9 feature as an extra.
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  • Kerbal Space Program to launch on Xbox One

  • Zerobob 21/08/2015

    I hope the console versions show up soon. My terrible laptop gets too hot playing this game, as it does with most games, and I just want to sit there on the sofa experimenting with rockets designs, giggling to myself, and wondering where the day has gone. Reply +3
  • Everybody's Gone to the Rapture review

  • Zerobob 18/08/2015

    I want this game to be good, like I want a lot of games to be good, but I can see this game being a little, well, boring if you don't instantly 'click' with the style of mystery the game offers.

    The graphics look great, and being from the UK I'm really intrigued by the location. However, judging by the review, there don't appear to be any characters or puzzles, so you're just left to explore, making what you will of the things you pick up and see, many aspects of the game never reaching any sort of conclusion... A book with no end, if you will.

    It's like an RPG with all of the elements stripped out (characters, story, equipment, etc) apart from a few stray diary entries and collectibles. But far from these being detrimental aspects of the game, they're actually sold as a positives.

    I don't know, maybe I should reserve judgement before playing, but I can't see this game keeping anyone's attention for that long.
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  • Ashes of the Singularity: the first DX12 gaming benchmark tested

  • Zerobob 18/08/2015

    PC gaming is too over-complicated. Reply -3
  • EGX 2015: Star Wars Battlefront first UK hands-on

  • Zerobob 15/08/2015

    Misleading article title is misleading. Reply 0
  • The Witcher 3 patch 1.08 boosts console performance

  • Zerobob 13/08/2015

    PC gamers... What is a PC? My laptop is a PC, but I doubt it would even attempt to run The Witcher 3. A desktop computer with the same spec as my PC would also struggle to run The Witcher 3, but that's still a PC.

    PCs aren't infallible when it comes to running games. I agree The Witcher 3 runs very nicely on an expensive PC, but Eurogamer has even gone to the trouble of building a PC for the same price as a PS4, and reported that the PC delivers worse performance than the PS4.

    If PC gamers are simply trying to tell people that their expensive machine is better than a less expensive machine, then fine, I'm sure everybody would agree with that. You can stop telling everybody now.

    I'm also sure everybody is more than happy with their PS4 or X1. I for one am certainly enjoying the fact I don't have enough time to play all the free PSN games Sony keep dishing out.

    So can't console gamers just be left alone to enjoy them from the comfort of their sofa, without endless comments from PC gamers?

    I normally leave these endless trolling wars alone, but I've just had enough of people with a false sense of entitlement insisting that the current-gen consoles are underpowered not worth people's time, when that couldn't be further from the truth.
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  • Zerobob 12/08/2015


    DOes everyone else have the NPC I've come to affectionately know as "Crazy Crate Guy"? He wanders around ports and harbours holding a crate and doing a brilliantly random high knee skip-canter.
    Yes, I know the guy, absolutely hilarious :)
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  • The unlikely story behind YouTube's most-viewed gaming video

  • Zerobob 12/08/2015

    When the article says "most watched" I would suggest not many people actually watched the video for more than a few disappointing seconds.

    As far as explanations go, I would say almost all of the traffic is generated by people wanting to watch a pirate HD version of Cars 2.
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  • Rare Replay's Nintendo 64 games run at 1080p

  • Zerobob 11/08/2015

    I've been playing N64 games for years at 1080p (or more) on Project64. The results are surprisingly good considering you're running the original unaltered ROM on a PC.

    By contrast, this Rare Replay collection should be perfect, considering the strength of the hardware it's running on, and the extra development time Rare have put in... although it doesn't sound perfect.
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  • Rare Replay studio's first UK chart-topper since Banjo-Kazooie on N64 in 1998

  • Zerobob 10/08/2015

    @Fat-monkey The reason I say this is the best XBO game is purely because I don't recall large amounts of people exclaiming they must buy an XBO for Titanfall, Forza, or any other XBO game. Reply -4
  • Zerobob 10/08/2015

    Ironic: That the best Xbox One "game" is a collection of games 15 years old or more.

    Strange: That it's OK to release a classic games collection, such as Rare Replay, but not OK spend time remastering and releasing games from the last gen.

    Neg away etc.
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  • Digital Foundry vs the Halo 5 Gamescom demo

  • Zerobob 08/08/2015

    I only own a PS4 but I think this looks great in action. 60fps should be something all developers should aim for right now, because the graphical compromises to achieve this are completely worth it.

    However, this also just looks like more of the same old Halo. A bit like Advanced Warfare was essentially just more COD.
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  • The Taken King makes huge and important changes to Destiny

  • Zerobob 05/08/2015

    I hope nobody buys this. Reply +6
  • Rare Replay review

  • Zerobob 04/08/2015

    Sorry to be negative, but just because a game is a "classic" does that mean it's worth playing? Classic games don't age like classic movies; Most games get far worse with age, to the point you either get very bored, or very disappointed... your fond memories of a once great game left in tatters.

    I wouldn't ever want to play Battletoads again for more that 5 minutes, for example, because simple side-scrolling beat-em-ups just don't cut it by today's standards. I would say the same about Streets of Rage 2, a master of the genre.

    Even in terms of the N64's golden age, I'd have much preferred to have seen the absolutely brilliant Diddy Kong Racing in this collection, which effortlessly brought together car, plane, and hovercraft racing, as well as using all 3 vehicles as crafts for exploration around the main hub. What a joy that game was.
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  • Fake swatting prank leads to popular Twitch streamer getting banned

  • Zerobob 04/08/2015

    Ahh, "Swatting". Am I supposed to know what that is?

    I mean, I guessed correctly what Swatting is, because I'm intuitive like that, but the article never actually explains what it is.
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  • New article on Konami paints a bleak picture

  • Zerobob 03/08/2015

    The main issue here seems to be a human rights one, with Konami seemingly taking the decision to humiliate staff, undermine their confidence, and dehumanise them, rather than simply letting them go.

    ... but I also hope none of this impacts MGS 5, especially after the fantastic 'smooth as silk' Ground Zeroes.
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  • Iron Man mod swoops into Grand Theft Auto 5

  • Zerobob 01/08/2015

    The flying doesn't look right. Reply 0
  • PlayStation 4's stunning sales success continues

  • Zerobob 30/07/2015

    This doesn't really surprise me. Right from the start, it was obvious the PS4 was the most powerful and future-proof console, the only real alternative being the Xbox One and its confused purpose.

    Ever since then, it's been article after article of games coming to PS4 (Kerbal Space Program, No Man's Sky, for example), multi-platform Face-Off games being better on PS4, and great PS3 games being remastered on PS4. Not to mention PS4 exclusives like Bloodborne, and a good selection of free games on PS Plus every month. I honestly don't know why you'd buy an Xbox One.
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  • PlayStation Store Summer Sale starts today

  • Zerobob 30/07/2015

    Dragon Age for 25 isn't bad... I guess that's before the 10% discount.

    Thing is, I've still got The Witcher 3 to finish, Rocket League to play, MGS: Ground Zeroes to play, and so many other free PS Plus games, some of which I haven't even fired up yet.
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  • Black & White combined the sublime with the stupid

  • Zerobob 26/07/2015

    @SvennoJ Yeah I got stuck too now I think more about it.

    I needed to destroy a neighbouring settlement for some reason, but kept running out of fireballs to lob. I remember retrying it quite a few times, but couldn't quite get to the required worship level... or something.
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  • Zerobob 26/07/2015

    I could never fathom B&W. Eventually the only way I could find to progress the game was to lob fireballs at another town (?) but you could only throw them from within your area of influence. Am I remembering this right? Reply +7
  • The Street Fighter 5 beta isn't working

  • Zerobob 24/07/2015

    people were shouting and spitting their dummies out like entitled children on Twatter...
    I think that's the general problem with gaming at the moment. It's 2015 and suddenly everybody feels entitled to a Holodeck for some reason.
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  • Rise of the Tomb Raider hits PS4 "holiday 2016"

  • Zerobob 23/07/2015

    I don't really see the point of this delay. Is Tomb Raider a system-seller now?

    None of the TR sequels ever captured the soul of the first game. I also don't really like the action-adventure direction the game has been heading for some time now.

    I preferred the puzzle-platforming which opened up new areas and puzzles. Combat consisted of sporadic chance encounters with resident wildlife, rather than "killing everything for mad hunting skillz" being a main element of the game.
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  • Project Cars gets biggest update yet

  • Zerobob 21/07/2015

    Is Project Cars free on PS4 initially, with optional DLC available? Or is the free version more of a stripped-down trial version?

    I don't really understand the pricing structure, but tempted to give it a download.
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  • Video: Journey - PS3 vs. PS4 gameplay and graphics comparison

  • Zerobob 21/07/2015

    I wish all next-gen versions of games were free the second time, especially relatively recent releases such as Assassin's Creed: Black Flag. Reply -7
  • Rory McIlroy PGA Tour review

  • Zerobob 20/07/2015

    So this and the new Formula 1 game are both half a game?

    Does that mean I'll be able to pick up both games as a 'sports double pack' for the price of a single game then?
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  • Uncharted 4 pushes PS4 tech to the next level

  • Zerobob 17/07/2015

    It was possible for the PS2 to output at 1080p. The console output resolution and a game's native resolution are two different things.

    Also, a game may output at 1080p, but this is an upscaled resolution based on a lower native resolution.

    Mario Kart may output at a native resolution of 1080p, I'm not sure, but there will be a lot of graphical compromises to achieve this at 60fps.

    Aside from anything, you can't compare a game with cartoon-like graphics and simple effects with games attempting to be ultra realistic in practically every way.

    Have you seen Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes in action on PS4? That runs at 1080p / 60fps and looks leagues better than anything on Wii U.
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight's first major DLC falls short

  • Zerobob 15/07/2015

    Gawwwd, I hate the direction games and DLC are heading. Reply +13
  • Amazon Prime day deals detailed

  • Zerobob 15/07/2015

    Amazon really are trying to shove their Prime service down people's throats aren't they. Or the service where you need to commit to a certain number of purchases a month.

    I bought from Amazon on Monday and found it a little tricky to order WITHOUT taking them up on their Prime free trial, due to the site interface.
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  • Video: Can Shenmue 3 live up to its legend?

  • Zerobob 14/07/2015

    If Shenmue 3 was a master class in immersion, and took both graphics interactivity to a new level, I think it could be a great game.

    Maybe even an Oculus Rift game.

    It would need a good story and good incentive to explore though.
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  • This week's free Witcher 3 DLC is...

  • Zerobob 14/07/2015

    These alternative costumes...

    ... I keep downloading them but in some cases, such as Triss, I never even saw her original costume. I think I might get rid of all this extra armour & clothing DLC until, errm, sometime in the future?... until I've completed the game? I don't know.
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  • Rocket League review

  • Zerobob 13/07/2015

    The only problem I have is I might have to buy 3 more PS4 controllers. 120. Ouch. Reply +1
  • Two Witcher 3 expansions combine to equal roughly The Witcher 2 in length

  • Zerobob 10/07/2015


    How the hell have people completed this game twice
    I've had it since a week after launch and have barely gotten to Skellige islands
    Because some people think completing a game is the most important thing about gaming, rather than taking the time to 'smell the roses'. It's about the journey, not the destination.

    I personally never want The Witcher 3 to end.
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  • Grip looks a lot like a modern-day Rollcage

  • Zerobob 09/07/2015

    Used to love playing Rollcage on PC. It was the game I always wanted Wipeout to be...Wipeout's handling felt fussy by comparison and I just wanted a free-flowing racer that was a blast to play.

    Then Trackmania was released :)
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  • New PS4 hardware is more efficient with less fan noise

  • Zerobob 06/07/2015

    To the people who say their PS4 is silent... You don't have a magic PS4 that somehow cools itself. It's just likely you haven't playing The Witcher 3 for hours in a warm living room. I've never noticed the fan while playing any other game.

    What does any of this matter anyway if the new PS4 isn't available (and likely never will be available) outside of Japan?
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  • PlanetSide 2 review

  • Zerobob 06/07/2015

    I didn't really enjoy the beta that much because I found it a bit rough and clunky, and a bit bland. I was a bit disappointed because I know a few people addicted to this on PC

    I'm not sure the full game sounds that much better, but I may give it a go eventually.

    I'm also not completely clear if it's a free game, or just that there's no subscription fee. I assume the latter.
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  • What makes Shenmue 2's open world so special?

  • Zerobob 05/07/2015

    I don't remember Shenmue 2 being that readily available on the Dreamcast. I seem to remember expensive copies on eBay and having to download a self-booting version from the Net in the end, which never really worked that well.

    Great game though, but much preferred the first.
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight Batgirl DLC dated, priced

  • Zerobob 03/07/2015

    If you have the season pass it'll cost "this much", otherwise it'll cost.... No... Stop.

    Everyone stop.

    This stuff used to be free.

    ...Y'know, as the reward for completing the game, or finding something secret.

    ...rewarding the player, not extorting money from them.
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  • There's a new London studio making an amazing looking racing game

  • Zerobob 01/07/2015

    I just can't get excited about racing games on mobile. I don't think touchscreen controls or tilting the phone particularly lend themselves well to 3D racing games.

    I prefer mobile games that involving prodding and pressing the screen.
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  • Come join the cult of Skiing Yeti Mountain

  • Zerobob 29/06/2015

    Ah mentiod of Desert Golfing in the article subtitle. A great game but I was annoyed when a eventually got to a hole that wasn't technically possible. Felt like a very poor end to my desert golfing endurance. Reply 0
  • The latest Witcher 3 patch is... 1.07

  • Zerobob 26/06/2015

    Downloaded the patch this morning.

    They still haven't fixed the stuttering main menu music.
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  • Zerobob 25/06/2015

    The only fixes I truly want on PS4 are for the stuttering main menu music (which is just embarrassing) and the painfully slow navigation of the inventory menus. Reply +5
  • Warner suspends Batman: Arkham Knight PC sales

  • Zerobob 25/06/2015

    @MrBurns14 The problam with testers is they generally don't appreciate the pressure and complexity of the job of being a developer.

    Reporting a bug is a world away from then understanding and fixing the bug.

    Devs don't sit around all day waiting for testers to tell them things. We're generally working on multiple sections of complex code at the same time, all the while listening to testers and fixing things.

    In the case of Arkham Knight, I'm pretty sure all the issues were known to everybody, not just the testing team, but they just released it anyway due to time constraints and contractual obligations.
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  • It gets worse - Batman: Arkham Knight on PC lacks console visual features

  • Zerobob 25/06/2015

    This just goes to show that optimisation of code is king.

    Optimisation is much easier on set hardware (PS4, Xbone, iPhone) than the ever-changing landscape of PC gaming, where no single person or company is ultimately responsible for the hardware, or if games run well on that hardware.
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  • Destiny: The Taken King director defends 40 expansion price tag

  • Zerobob 23/06/2015

    I got bored of Destiny months ago because it's one of the most shallow games I've ever played but, if you still play it, please don't buy the expansion. Please.

    If you do, you're legitimising this sort of disgusting pricing structure for other future games.
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  • Sony announces lighter, less power hungry PS4 hardware

  • Zerobob 22/06/2015

    My PS4 is more or less silent most of the time... unless I've been playing The Witcher 3 for a few hours. That game really pushes the hardware, as it's a great looking game outputting at 1080p.

    But then what do you expect? The PS4 offers more powerful hardware in a more compact case, yet somehow it's still not as noisy as my X360.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Batman Arkham Knight

  • Zerobob 19/06/2015

    Haha, apart from falling through the gameworld while in the Batmobile, everything else is fine.

    But joking aside, sounds like Rocksteady have done a great job.
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