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  • Thief dev explains why it ditched original Garrett voice actor

  • Zephro 03/04/2013

    @miiiguel Or alternately Devs could stop doing reboots and come up with new IP if they want to do something new. Just a thought. Reply +11
  • Zephro 03/04/2013

    Also wasn't there a long video about how Elisabeth in Bioshock Infinity had a different voice actor and motion capture actor? Reply +12
  • Zephro 03/04/2013

    This game just sounds worse and worse. Reply +7
  • As Valve confirms the Steam Box, Microsoft's Phil Harrison issues a warning

  • Zephro 10/01/2013

    Microsoft can't stop Steam on their own platform as the antitrust lawyers would have a field day.
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  • Zephro 10/01/2013

    Well I doubt Steam are targeting the traditional console market or aiming for a hundred million units. They're pushing the Steam store out to other customers not attempting to create a new console experience. So part of what he said is just irrelevant.

    The other thing is that in the PC sphere the move to put Windows gaming under the Xbox brand has failed utterly, and it seems his lack of understanding or evening mentioning Games for Windows Live is a huge blindspot for a head of Xbox.
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  • Why Xbox failed in Japan

  • Zephro 17/12/2012

    Some notes:
    a) Working for a Japanese company the West and Japan certainly do things differently. Though it did amuse me that the "you're fired" note looks fairly similar to how PlayStation treats its employees in the west.

    Also wrt Sony doing better in Europe, unlike Xbox PlayStation has more officers and developers in Europe doing games and translations for other languages. It's not because Europe is more resistant to US culture than Japanese culture.

    b) Apple as a metaphor doesn't work. Apple don't need to carry all the publishers along with them, they can just turn up, open an Apple store and not care about any other arrangements. Microsoft had to influence the Japanese devs and publishers and it looks like that relationship broke down way before the consumers even made a choice.
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  • Board Games Are Back

  • Zephro 02/08/2012

    We all play at work, I believe Ellie spotted us playing in the Sony canteen a few years back and mentioned it on the podcast. Pretty easy to find people to play with. I've managed to get all my friends into some form of board gaming after an initial struggle.

    Though while I love Paul on Shut Up and Sit Down, the fact that Eurogamer only just noticed this.... makes me want to say "welcome to 5 years ago."
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  • EA: Origin won't copy Steam 75% off sales

  • Zephro 06/06/2012

    I can tell you for a fact Sony and MS are never going to allow people to buy Xbox or PS titles through Origin. Ever.
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  • Sony's E3 2012 Conference

  • Zephro 05/06/2012

    Doesn't David Cage say this every time? Reply +1
  • Forza 4 May Top Gear Car Pack release date, details

  • Zephro 25/04/2012

    More tracks please! I need Spa. SPA! Also Imola.

    Though an Austin Healey 3000 and the Lotus Cortina are true classics I'd love to drive. The Japanese and Americans cars.... not so much.
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  • Phil Harrison: The Real Next Generation

  • Zephro 10/04/2012

    @vizzini No just negligible in terms of SPU usage as I'm fairly sure encoding happens on the PlayTV device.

    Baring in mind that most OS functions during a game run through that extra SPU, most the network traffic is managed by it.
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  • Zephro 10/04/2012

    1 SPU is reserved for yields and 1 is reserved for the OS (a tiny part of which is PlayTV) There's not even enough spare processing to implement cross game chat. Which should give some hint as to how much forward planing Sony put into reserving resources for their own use. Reply +12
  • Capcom's Svensson: tokens will replace discs five years from now

  • Zephro 15/03/2012

    Steam called, he said "Welcome to 2005" Reply +4
  • Shogun 2: Fall Of The Samurai Preview: Gunpowder vs. The Sword

  • Zephro 01/02/2012

    @Nikator Even with the article I don't believe it.

    There is a precision to selecting multiple units, then dragging out the line from a very accurate point to another. Doing that with analogue sticks would be horrible. It could physically be possible, but an enjoyable interface? Not a chance.

    Also I don't think they're concerned about historical settings selling. They're concerned about grand strategy selling on consoles.

    The only serious attempt I can think of is Civ Revolutions which wasn't all that well received.
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  • Zephro 01/02/2012

    @Nikator Because it'd be impossible to control without a mouse?

    You have to click and drag out formations, I just can't see it working properly in real time on a console.
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  • Zephro 01/02/2012

    The first person stuff sounds terrible.

    Though some historical notes: The Last Samurai was not about the Satsuma Rebellion, it's a fictional rebellion which had loose similarities to the Satsuma Rebellion. Following from that, the image of Shogunate Samurai only armies clashing with modern Imperial armies is erroneous as well (The Satsuma were a modernising Imperial faction during the Boshin Wars). Both sides were modernising with Western weapons during the Boshin Wars, which is sort of implied in the article but it also implies the worrying idea of guns vs Samurai which is wrong. :-S
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  • Next Xbox GPU based on £50 Radeon HD 6670 card - report

  • Zephro 25/01/2012

    They will also probably going for a dedicated system on a chip design like AMD, Nvidia and Intel are currently pushing. That plus being able to program to the metal will provide some massive speed increases. Also if it's low power enough it'll be more reliable and breakdown less. Reply -2
  • Is the PlayStation Vita worth £230?

  • Zephro 20/01/2012

    @vizzini No they are just off the shelf A9 cores, having seen the actual developer spec docs. Also once again the PowerPC portability is just madness. Also considering all the PPC PPU code needs to be shifted to ARM, the ability to port SPU code is a waste of time.

    The custom work is on the GPU which happens to be on the same chip. Note how the article makes no mention of the GPU which is also a quad core custom job, that they have extended. That's what IBM will have been brought in for.

    Also I imagine the buses are probably custom or modified to allow higher throughput.

    Oh and the point about NEON was that they perform a similar architectural role to ease porting of engines, not that they have the same instruction width so you don't need to recompile. Because again that would be insane.

    EDIT: For further clarity the SPU doesn't do SISD on 128bits either only SIMD instructions like the NEON. :-S
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  • Zephro 20/01/2012

    @vizzini Erm that's the same article which suggests its just an ARM9. It is just an ARM A9. All ARM chips need to have a group do the chip layout, it doesn't imply they have done any custom work.

    Applying PPC tech to an ARM9 would be insane. They are completely different. The cost and performance hit would be awful.

    A9s can have NEON units for SIMD which are similar in function to SPUs in terms of vector processing, maybe that's where you were confused.
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  • Zephro 20/01/2012

    @vizzini "If I remember correctly Sony said they were custom cores similar to the Cell's SPUs in the Vita's ARM9 to enable easy porting of SPU "

    You remember incorrectly. It's a multicore ARM A9 cortex, it is very similar to an iPad chip and basically nothing like a PowerPC chip. So it'll cost peanuts like most other Arm devices.

    However I note the article and the price spec make no mention of the GPU (presumably system on a chip with the CPU) however that GPU did have custom work done on it by Sony unlike the CPUs. I suspect that the pricing for that "processor" ought to be a bit higher.

    This is all on Wikipedia btw.
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  • Why the Call of Duty brand can't compete with Star Wars

  • Zephro 18/11/2011

    Stop saying proposition! You're not trying to pay for sex with another man's wife! Reply 0
  • Survey finds Japan uninterested in Wii U, Vita

  • Zephro 08/11/2011

    The sample size is big enough, but it is misleading as clearly the early adopters are going to be young (20s, 30s) so have disposable income, interest in games etc. probably also men.

    Basically it's a misleading looking sample method.
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  • MechWarrior Online announced

  • Zephro 01/11/2011

    Do a proper game! I want Mechwarrior 5! Reply 0
  • Face-Off: F1 2011

  • Zephro 06/10/2011

    @Mr_Wizard "Also, saying you have a Core i5 isn't that useful. Could be anything performance-wise from a Clarkdale i5-650 to a Sandy Bridge i5-2500"

    Not really. Either of those chips spanks the CPU on a PS3 or and Xbox360 and the core engine and AI will be unchanged for the PC implementation. An old P4 could probably handle the game. The differences in those i5s is going to be whether the chip is 80% idle or 70% idle.
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  • Kratos, Snake, Ezio star in new PS3 ad

  • Zephro 05/10/2011

    Am I alone in finding it a bit cheesy? Painfully cheesy? It's just not as good or smart as the PS1 Double Life ad. It seems just a bit like fanboy service, spot the character etc. Still interesting to spot how the US PS adverts actively target the hardcore rather than the annoying European ones. Reply -6
  • Suda 51's Lollipop Chainsaw trailer

  • Zephro 17/08/2011

    Wait Buffy was sexist? WTF? Does anyone actually pay attention to Joss Whedon's writing? Buffy is probably one of the least sexist shows ever. Reply 0
  • Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor

  • Zephro 17/08/2011

    I just want another good Mechwarrior game on PC, why not just have an old school keyboard mapping card. Reply +2
  • The EGTV Show: The Future Of PC Gaming Pt.1

  • Zephro 11/07/2011

    I think people should also think about memory. A PS3 has 512MB of memory, that was low for a PC years ago. When you consider that it is shared by video and CPU it's pathetic.Just think about the amount of detail, scope of levels or just sheer scale of algorithms you can hold in memory at once. Take Total War, it's capable of holding the AI information for thousands of soldiers in memory at once. Or destructible terrain calculations. They have real gameplay implications. Deus Ex wasn't possible on consoles at the time because the size and variety just wouldn't fit in console memory. Reply +1
  • Why you can't buy Crysis 2 from Steam

  • Zephro 07/07/2011

    Games For Windows Live is allowed to do that.... Some Paradox games manage their own patches.... previous EA games on Steam required EA validation and buying all the DLC via the EA store inside the game and not via Steam. Ubisoft games do this.

    I sense bullshit.

    Also they should just suck it up as Steam's patching system always works more reliably.
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  • E3 causes PlayStation Home stampede

  • Zephro 16/06/2011

    "But have they remained on Home now that E3 is over?"

    Betting the answer is no.
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  • EA: Origin compares to XBL, PSN, Steam

  • Zephro 16/06/2011

    Steam prices aside, (sales are good, the publisher set prices are bad).

    Valve have gained trust over the years supporting indies, fostering a community, giving away large content updates for free on TF2. They are actually seen as champions of the "PC platform". So even when someone buys off D2D, GamersGate, GoG etc. They add it to their Steam collection and talk to their friends on Steam chat to organise games.

    Can you really see people having yet another user name and password so that they can chat to other people only playing EA games? It's the exact same reason Games For Windows Live never took off, they just don't support the community properly but attempt to impose things on it.
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  • Who Won E3?

  • Zephro 10/06/2011

    Can't I just say PC due to them not having a rubbish overly long conference? Reply -2
  • Live Microsoft E3 Xbox conference

  • Zephro 06/06/2011

    hahaha as if the Xbox submission process can cope with the patching of Minecraft. Reply 0
  • Zephro 06/06/2011

    Argh who the hell did this to King Crimson? EVIL! Reply 0
  • Zephro 06/06/2011

    Give us night racing, weather and qualification rounds or get off the stage! Reply 0
  • Zephro 06/06/2011

    Did Halo change how we played video games? I don't remember this! Reply 0
  • Zephro 06/06/2011

    Wow these graphics are amazing. I've always wanted to see gay porn on my console. Reply 0
  • Zephro 06/06/2011

    Did the Gunsmith thing look like it'd work equally as well with left right up and down arrows? Reply 0
  • Zephro 06/06/2011

    If the game features a genuinely fragile human character it could be more interesting than playing a superhuman man shoot. Reply 0
  • Zephro 06/06/2011

    He looked like he ought to be working in a Casino. Reply 0
  • Zephro 06/06/2011

    So for CoD it's just more of the same, again, once per year, every year.... I can feel despair setting in. Reply 0
  • LucasArts promises to make better games

  • Zephro 02/06/2011


    Ok it was a re-skinned version of a really massively popular game, which every PC gamer already owned pretty much. I don't think anyone failed to get BF1942 and have massive 64 player battles in the desert.

    Also the snobbery was more justified back then. The Xbox had 64MB main memory for storing levels and current state of the world, the average PC back then had 256-512 easily, and lots of games (like BF1942) were designed with PC specs in mind then half arsed ugly console versions were made, or in some cases (Thief 3 I'm looking at you) they were released on PC with all levels having to fit into the memory of an Xbox and therefore making levels smaller than they had been 5 years before in thief 2.

    It is/was slight snobbery. But, especially then, there were technical justifications for getting narked off.
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  • Zephro 02/06/2011


    I'm not kidding. As far as I remember when it came out it was looked down upon as being an awful console kiddy version of a proper team based shooter or at best a re-skinned BF1942 which we all already had. All the PC reviews were 7's weren't they?
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  • Zephro 02/06/2011

    The last good Star Wars game Lucasarts made internally was Mysteries of the Sith or Rogue Squadron 2.

    Though look at the list: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Sta...Even the "good old days" are full off total flops. All those attempts at strategy games... ick.

    Also since when is Battlefront well regarded? It was basically a crappy skin of Battlefield 1942. :-S
    Republic Commando had potential but bad setting (prequels) and it's feeling too consoley stopped it from being worth loving.
    Also Jedi Academy was crap.

    The only recent successes were Jedi Outcast and KOTOR 1 (to a lesser extend 2).
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  • StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

  • Zephro 31/05/2011

    Just FYI I never bought Starcraft 2 as it seemed to only have a third of the single player of say Warcraft 3.

    So +1 for the Single Player only.
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  • PS3 exclusive Starhawk announced

  • Zephro 13/05/2011

    So it's a bit like Giants: Citizen Kabuto? As that was hardly the future of the RTS. Reply -7
  • SOCOM: Special Forces

  • Zephro 12/04/2011

    I quite like the sarcasm in the review, far less bland to read. Reply -3
  • Retrospective: Mirror's Edge

  • Zephro 11/04/2011

    I loved this game.

    Still I didn't find the concept that jarring or feel a need to drop into FPS mode at any point... maybe it's because I played Thief so much?
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  • No pain, no game

  • Zephro 23/03/2011

    As a simulation fan who has spent hours and hours just trying to slim down a laptime by a second I can totally understand this. But it's nothing new. Reply 0
  • Crysis 2

  • Zephro 23/03/2011

    Why was the review on 360 rather than PC?

    I don't just want that to be digital foundry, the control system is utterly different. I found the Crysis 2 demo on a gamepad horribly unwieldy when controlling the suit powers compared to a keyboard+mouse combo.
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