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  • Gates praises Xbox 360 reliability

  • Zane 10/01/2008

    Whilst I wont comment on the whole biased issue. I will agree with a key aspect of Calgon's statement. Sony has no domination over any major territory, not anymore.

    MS still has the grip in the States by however small a margin, Japan is pretty much Nintendo dominated these days, the DS is outselling the PSP, the Wii the PS3, and really, MS still has yet to gain a foothold there.

    And as for PAL territories they seem off-hand sales-wise to be very even since the PS2's day, it'll be interesting to see how this one plays out, and if any one format "wins" at all.
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  • Zane 10/01/2008

    I agree. Whilst the Xbox 360 is not the most reliable piece of kit out there, in just 5 years of Xbox brand being out there on the market, it hasnt done a bad job at all. It may not have the household clout the Playstation brand currently maintains but I have to say that grip Sony has his loosening, even if its the combined efforts of MS and Nintendo, the playing field is much more even now.

    Game on. ;)
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  • Zane 10/01/2008

    Plenty hate the guy. But most can't deny despite Windows flaws, it was what made computers mainstream in the home. He's had his influences and will bow out with many successes, despite his failures.

    However, tens of millions using touch interfaces in 5 years? No. Costs wont allow it. I'm betting MS Surface will be a fair few grand when it launches.
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  • SEGA dates Condemned, Viking

  • Zane 04/01/2008

    Hurry up and make Shenmue 3, damn. :@ Reply 0
  • Omega Five next Wednesday

  • Zane 03/01/2008

    Lets hope lives working properly by then for people to actually download it. Reply 0
  • Wii outsells PS3 by 3 to 1

  • Zane 03/09/2007

    "Gap narrowing" nice term if you're hopeful for Sony's machine :P

    Japan isnt the major territory anymore. Proven by Xbox360 still being successful, at least right now.

    But the Wii is certainly doing well, no arguing with that.

    However, I am dissapointed with Sony so far.
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  • Microsoft has TGS plans

  • Zane 30/08/2007

    They need to do something.

    I'm suspecting Konami and Square-Enix will be involved in their plans though. Capcom are already well on board.
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  • GC: Lionhead wants games to be equal to movies and TV - Backer

  • Zane 21/08/2007

    Amusing people commenting on Molyneux speaking when it's Backer. Lol.

    Hype is a curse. They need to be careful they don't do what they did with Fable and raise the expectation to high. The risk of underdeliverance increases greatly.
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  • Uwe hits out at "Boll bashers"

  • Zane 17/08/2007

    He wouldn't be an awful director if he didn't handle everything by himself.

    If he focused on his directing, and took on others for the fundamentals, perhaps his movies would have turned out differently.

    Sadly, he did not focus enough, and still doesn't. And as a result, we have the talentless idiot.
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  • Sony's Indian mythology MMO

  • Zane 09/08/2007

    MMO market is becoming a little... saturated these days. Reply 0
  • Final Fantasy XII

  • Zane 09/08/2007

    Lolz. :p Reply 0
  • Stranglehold biggest this Xmas

  • Zane 03/08/2007

    I played the Blacksite demo. If they're going to back up their words. Strangelhold had better be a good deal better than that. Reply 0
  • SimCity

  • Zane 03/08/2007

    The review is well constructed.

    I would suggest trying out a PC Version though, it's a different experience.
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  • Wii Sports

  • Zane 03/08/2007

    I think the purpose wasn't to innovate but to demonstrate the interaction on social levels Nintendo is trying to market with the Wii. Merely I see it as a demo of their market strategy, hence the "free" part of the pricepoint.

    Online sure would be fun though.
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  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Xbox Live Arcade)

  • Zane 03/08/2007

    It is a classic nostalgic game experience. But if you own a playstation2 I'd recommened the Sega Genesis Collection over this from a pricepoint perspective due to what it offers.

    But if you are a sole 360 owner looking for some retro action, it's a good choice ;)
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  • Guitar Hero II

  • Zane 03/08/2007

    Short, but Sweet. Good summary.

    Games like this, Buzz!, Singstar and DDR are all steps in the right direction for the industry. Offering much more interaction with the game and more on a social level.

    Wii trys to pull this step off as their entire marketing strategy too. Risky but it just might work.

    We need more games like this, offering more interaction to the end user.
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  • Condemned: Criminal Origins

  • Zane 03/08/2007

    It wasn't a total disaster. I think the problem was it didnt offer anything innovative, anything new.

    It was in a nutshell, a bog-standard horror game with a next-gen sheen, and Resident Evil and Silent Hill series had been doing innovative plots and gameplay long before it.

    Hopefully the announced sequel can offer some thrills.
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  • PS3 breaks records in Aus

  • Zane 05/04/2007

    Xmas 2007 will be when "sales figures" actually mean something significant, when all 3 formats are hitting their stride, until then it's all bollocks really. Reply 0
  • NiGHTS Wii confirmed

  • Zane 02/04/2007

    I am put off buying a ps3 to go with my 360 more and more each day. Reply 0
  • Psychological battles in MGS4

  • Zane 02/04/2007

    I want to see more innovation similar to the "switch control ports to fool the boss" Reply 0
  • Grand Theft Auto IV - Trailer 1

  • Zane 29/03/2007

    Certainly looks interesting, just not groundbreaking. It gives me the same kinda feeling Fable 2 does though, that it actually might deliver. Reply 0
  • Elite "legitimises" PS3 strategy

  • Zane 28/03/2007

    I don't think it will happen for various reasons. But ideally i would love to see the Wii fuck PS3 and 360 over sales wise and give them the middle finger saying "You spent loads of money and we still won, 'tards."

    Quite sick of the media war between the two. I am a 360/ps2 owner at present, trying to decide between Wii and PS3, and Sony and MS's constant bantering is leading me Nintendo's way at the moment.

    HDTV needed first though, lol.
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  • PS3 launches in Europe

  • Zane 23/03/2007

    Every console launch looks glam and elaborate. PS3 won't own Europe, in fact I'm inclined to think it will finish a poor third over here unless there are BIG changes, most importantly that price.

    I could have walked in to any shop in my town without a pre-order and bought a PS3 today. Most shops said they haven't even sold half of their allocated stock yet. You can tell something is wrong when a launch dosen't sell out.

    And no, it dosen't mean "Sony just gave the UK plenty of PS3's" either. my local GAME had been allocated 40 machines, and said they had sold just 5.
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  • PS3 not selling out would be good - Reeves

  • Zane 22/03/2007

    Just when with Home the PR/Marketing had gotten back on track.

    Ta David Reeves, sony will be proud of you for screwing it up again.
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  • Devil May Cry 4 on 360, PC

  • Zane 20/03/2007

    that leaves one game i want a ps3 for now :( lol. Reply 0
  • Def Jam: Icon

  • Zane 19/03/2007

    Oh I really hope EA don't get the WWE license from THQ now. Reply 0
  • Thompson wants to 'destroy' Take-Two

  • Zane 19/03/2007

    I'm sorry. But Thompson should be looking more to the fact that violent films can be just as influential if not more so than violent videogames.

    Who's sitting in Cali's governors chair atm? Exactly, and he signed the bill fining minors for trying to purhase these games, yet is happy for them to watch his films.

    Thompson/Schwarzenegger are about as bad as the German government banning Gears of War for sale completely o.O
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  • Nintendo boss says Xbox 360 isn't performing in Europe

  • Zane 19/03/2007

    And UK just happens to be the third biggest country for gaming in revenues right now below Japan and US... and it's clearing up in US.

    Microsoft only needs to pick up in Japan to be a true force to be reckoned with imo.
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  • Sony is 'still the one to beat', says Epic Games boss

  • Zane 14/03/2007

    Home will be

    A) an innovative service, where gamers can gather to enjoy multiple original and exciting functions and gain access to true next-generation online software and services.


    B) a 3d myspace.

    It won't make or break ps3's future or sell mass machines, but if it turns into a 3d myspace it may well put people off ps3 further.

    I wish them luck this gen, they're gonna need it.
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  • Zane 14/03/2007

    "The Xbox 3 will probably be out in a couple of years and Sony just won't have the cash to compete. "

    Sega tried that with Nintendo and ended up being "too much too soon" bringing a new product to market really early isn't a clear cut moneymaker.
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  • Downhill Jam for PS2

  • Zane 14/03/2007

    This is what bugs me about the Wii. It's third-party titles in the main seem to end up ported to ps2 or be ported from ps2 or be multi-platform between Wii and well.... ps2.

    It's next-gen in its innovation but isn't being treated totally by third party devs as a next-gen machine.
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  • PC's Xbox Live service and Halo 2 Vista dated for Europe

  • Zane 14/03/2007

    relying on Vista will be the death of that service imo. Reply 0
  • SEGA quiet on Condemned 2

  • Zane 14/03/2007

    Meh, roll on Silent Hill 5 ;) Reply 0
  • You Are The Colony

  • Zane 09/03/2007

    I may buy one if the price goes down. They have by all means and methods, made a good attempt at GDC to "bounce back" after a barrage of criticism.

    However, being third on the market is going to make their comeback five times harder than it might have been if they'd stuck to their original release date.

    I wish them luck, but it's going to be a hard road. Microsoft have established a pretty healthy fanbase, and Wii is selling really well. Question with Wii is well.... how long for?
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  • Sony Oz boss speaks out

  • Zane 27/02/2007

    Sony/Labour = "We deliver promises if you pay lots of cash"

    Microsoft/Conservative = "Pay less, get more.... apparently."

    Nintendo/Lib Dems = "We don't care about leading, just know that we are capable if we could be arsed to do so."

    Sad that system wars resembles the poor state of UK politics.
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  • Zane 27/02/2007

    "This is a digital hub, that is a games console"

    Well I want a games console so i should spend my money elsewheres then.

    I'm not gonna bash the ps3 it's a good machine and if the games are there...

    But the marketing is ridiculous I've never witnessed anything so poor. They drive themselves deeper and deeper into a bad PR hole.
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  • FFXII holds off Crackdown

  • Zane 27/02/2007

    I bought FFXII and Crackdown, both were worthy of that top spot. 2 very awesome games for what normally is a slow period for AAA releases. I'm too addicted to FFXII to play Crackdown too much atm though. Reply 0
  • GTHD Concept on 23rd March

  • Zane 26/02/2007

    GT5 = taking too long.

    Forza 2 is breaking the innovation barrier racing games have suffered for a long time. It's offering the online auctioning for created car models which is interesting, doing much more than simply razzing round tracks.

    With PGR4 on the way too. Sony are going to have to pull something really special off to edge people to stick with Gran Turismo for their racing fix.
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  • Euro PS3 limited due to costs

  • Zane 26/02/2007

    So we pay more than everyone else, for what technically is a lesser product.

    Thanks Sony? :s

    God i wish FFXIII and dMC4 would switch formats.
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  • PS3 games 40 quid

  • Zane 26/02/2007

    not bad for launch, some 360 games were 50 at launch. Reply 0
  • The Crossing crosses to 360

  • Zane 19/02/2007

    -yawn- another FPS. I'll keep playing Gears and wait for the big Half-life 2 pack and Halo 3

    Not that the game will suck or anything, just I own too many shooters as it is :s
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  • Halo 3 online 'years ahead' of rivals - ex-Bungie dev

  • Zane 23/01/2007

    They won't let a build out of the building?

    How on earth did it get to the soldiers in Iraq then?
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  • Kojima keen on Xbox 360

  • Zane 22/01/2007

    Facts, right ok. 1 developers opinion does not speak for the rest of the industry, lolz.

    Remember that Microsoft is primarily good at software development, and Visual Studio has been around a while. So their tools will probably be slightly better.

    Sony gave their developers new tools to work with, it's going to take time to get used to them. But despite PS2's difficult development process it came out with some outstanding game content.
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  • Zane 22/01/2007

    Not interested in original IP then Jackstar?

    He's making elebits for Wii I see no problem with him developing original content for the 360. Just because it's not a sequel of an existing franchise does not mean it would be shit.
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  • Zane 22/01/2007

    One system is a little bit awkward to develop for, and apparently that makes it dead.

    As for those bashing JediMasterMalik, most of you only ever seem to have positive things to say about Microsoft and nothing else. I'm sorry, but you're behaving exactly the way you say he is.

    It's too early to make any kind of worthwhile predictions on Playstation 3 and Wii.

    By say... Xmas 2007. We might see how those 2 machines are starting to play out, and then can perhaps make a prediction on who might come out of this one as the market leader. Otherwise, its all just speculation right now.

    All consoles require skilled programmers to develop for it regardless of how advanced the tools are.
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  • Zane 22/01/2007

    MGS4 on 360... not likely.

    MGS4 on PC.... could be. Substance was released on PC some time ago and didn't do too badly at retail.
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  • God of War 2 demo plans

  • Zane 15/01/2007

    I've high hopes for this one. Reply 0
  • X360 HD-DVD sells 100k

  • Zane 15/01/2007

    Yeah. I didn't mention specifically for ps3 ;)

    I meant for the future of gaming in general. Hell even films. Being able to store entire boxsets on 1 disk.
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  • Zane 15/01/2007

    It's because for those 4.5million xbox360 owners it's the cheapest Hd-DVD player on the market at the moment.

    Wether this makes any impact on HD-DVD vs Blu-ray remains to be seen. TDK's 200gb blu-ray disk isn't anything to be sniffed at for gaming though for sure.
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  • Woman dies competing for Wii

  • Zane 15/01/2007

    The concept of the competition was stupid anyway.

    They might have warned you not to put your health at risk. But drinking as much water as you can without relieving yourself is always putting yourself at risk, no matter which way you look at it. :/
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